What can I do with a TEFL certification? (2023)

TEFL certification

What jobs can I do with a TEFL certificate? What can a TEFL certificate allow you to do? Find out how earning a TEFL certification can truly open up a world of opportunity for your personal and professional life.

Written by: Juan Bentley|renew:June 29, 2023

Written by: Juan Bentley

renew:June 29, 2023

What can I do with a TEFL certification? (1)

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Are you considering teaching English abroad but wondering if getting a TEFL certificate is worth it? Do you want to know ifTEFL certificationCan it really open doors for you professionally and personally? In fact, a TEFL certification can provide you with the skills and qualifications to understand the world and function as an English teacher at any stage of your life.

You are TEFL certified. what to do?

With an accredited TEFL certification, English speakers can get paid to teach English in as many as 80 countries around the world, from Costa Rica to South Korea. You can also be hired to teach English online, start an English tutoring business and volunteer to teach locally or abroad.

What can a TEFL certificate be used for?

Now let's take a closer look at the jobs you can get with TEFL certification:

  1. Get Paid to Teach English Abroad

  2. teach english online

  3. Start your own English tutoring business.

  4. earn extra income for retirement

  5. Make a difference by volunteering or joining the Peace Corps

As a TEFL-certified speaker of English, schools and students around the world seek your services and guidance as a professional or volunteer English teacher. Let's dive in for more details.

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1. Earn money teaching English abroad

Of course, the first question everyone thinks of should be "Where can I get a TEFL certificate?“Or more precisely, where can you teach with a TEFL certificate? So, what if you were paid to live in Costa Rica, Spain or another country?Japan? have more than1.7 billion people worldwide learn English, the demand for native English-speaking teachers is so high that almost any native speaker (and many non-native speakers) canteaching english abroadProfessionals with an accredited TEFL certification. Even without educational experience or a college degree, the question is often not whether you can find a job teaching ESL abroad, but which job in which country is best for you.


If you are looking for short-term opportunities, there are manyEnglish summer campFind certified TEFL teachers worldwide. You can also find plenty of volunteer opportunities abroad and in the local community (see below).

What can I do with a TEFL certification? (2)

Can I teach English abroad without a university degree?

Even without a college degree, native English speakers with an accredited TEFL certification can teach English online in up to 50 countries around the world.Download the free Non-Degree Teaching Abroad Guidelearn more.

How Much Money Can I Earn Teaching English Abroad?

Salary and Benefits for English Teachers AbroadThey vary widely based on job type, country, experience level, and other factors. In general, beginning English teachers earn enough to live comfortably, although not that much based on the local cost of living. Many teachers offer private lessons and teach English online to earn extra travel money.

For those looking to make more money, countries in East Asia and the Persian Gulf region tend to offer the highest salaries and benefits for teaching English abroad. existSouth Korea, a first-time English teacher usually earns enough to save$1,000 per month after fees, plus benefits like free housing, paid vacation, and airfare insurance.

documentTop 5 Countries To Make More Money Teaching English Abroadlearn more.

What are the benefits of teaching English abroad?

  • get paid to travel: Teaching English abroad gives you the flexibility to go abroad and explore the world while earning a sustainable income.
  • cultural immersion: Traveling is great, but if you want to immerse yourself in a foreign culture and challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone and experience tremendous personal growth, you need to live abroad.
  • Enrich your resume with international work experience:perfect your resumeGain valuable foreign experience and demonstrate your adaptability to work abroad.
  • learn a new language: Whether it's Spanish, French or Mandarin, the best way to learn a foreign language is to live in a country surrounded by it and use it every day. While you will be teaching English, you will also be fully exposed to the local language of the country where you teach abroad.
  • Improve your chances of entering an excellent graduate program: Graduate schools, including law schools, medical schools, and MBA programs, look for applicants with "real-world experience." Teaching English abroad provides just that!
  • make a difference: As an English teacher, you will have an impact on the lives and careers of your students, many of whom see learning English as a path to better educational and career opportunities.

What can I do with a TEFL certification? (3)

2. Online English teaching

With the soaring demand for online English teaching around the world,Online English TeachingOffers TEFL-certified teachers the opportunity to earn an extra salary virtually anywhere in the world, including their own home. Most new teachers start at $10 to $20 (USD) an hour, with very flexible hours. However, online English teachers can make more money as they gain experience, especially when recruiting their own students as independent contractors.

If you plan to teach English abroad, you can earn extra money and build experience for your resume by teaching English online before traveling abroad. You can also teach English online to supplement your income while teaching English abroad. Many TEFL-certified English teachers even teach full-time online because they can earn enough to support themselves and move from country to country because they can teach almost anywhere. As an online English teacher, you may start out teaching English for online teaching companies, but at some point, you may decide to become a freelancer.

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read more: How to Teach English OnlineWhat can I do with a TEFL certification? (4)

3. Start Your Own English Tutoring Business

In a recent survey of International TEFL Academy alumni, more than40% of respondents said they had worked as a personal tutor during their TEFL career.. because? There is a huge demand around the worldPrivate English lessons availableGenerate billions of dollars in business every year. From Costa Rica to Japan, millions of parents, students and businesses are investing in private English lessons to succeed. In many countries, admission to key universities or eligibility for high-paying jobs often depends on English proficiency. This demand will only increase as more students seek independent study alternatives to the traditional curriculum.

It is also worth noting that non-English-speaking countries also have opportunities to teach English abroad. In the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other countries, a large number of immigrants, refugees, international students and other non-native speakers have created a huge demand for English teaching, especially private tutoring.

As a TEFL certified English teacher, you will be well-positioned to take advantage of this demand, whether abroad or in your home country. Many English teachers abroad earn extra income on top of their main job by hiring private students online or in person.

Others may work full-time as private tutors, tutoring online, in person, or both.English teachers abroad often find that they can make more money per hour as private tutors than they can working in local schools.

The advantage of starting an English tutoring business is that you can control your schedule and make more money. Still, it involves some legwork, including recruiting students (often using social media, job boards, and referrals), organizing your own classes, and dealing with things like cancellations and refunds.

Have a nice date!International TEFL Academy students and graduates can enroll in exclusive ITA courses.English TEFL professional course tutoring. This specially designed course not only incorporates the academic elements of tutoring, such as teaching practice and material development, but also provides guidance, tools and resources to help you build your own English tutoring business!

4. Earn extra retirement income

Would you like to spend your golden years at the beach?costa ricaPanama or Mexico? How about in sunny Arizona, Florida, or even Spain's Costa del Sol? Whether you retire abroad or somewhere in your own country, you can almost always earn extra income and become more involved in your local community by teaching English. You can usually provideprivate lessonsto local children and adults, or maybe you couldPart-time or even full-time teaching at local language schools. You can almost always find opportunities for independent teaching.volunteer service

What can I do with a TEFL certification? (5)

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Photo credit: Clayton Stark.

ITA graduate Clayton Stark shared his experience:

"I took a TEFL certification course at the International TEFL Academy and planned to get a semi-retired teaching position in Guatemala after 25 years in another field. I was the oldest person in my class and I was a little nervous, not only worried about the progress of the class, And worrying about getting a job in Guatemala. After four years here, I taught in two non-profit schools and one private school in three different cities.

As a certified TEFL teacher, I've always felt well prepared and received good reviews. The training I received from ITA and the positive experience it got me started has helped me continue my studies and now I am opening my own school. I am very satisfied with my experience with ITA. I am also willing to help anyone who is interested in coming to Guatemala to teach. No matter what you read in the news, Guatemala is a wonderful country full of happy and friendly people. A growing middle class supports a huge demand for English teachers. We, I, need your help!

What can I do with a TEFL certification? (6)

5. Make a difference by volunteering or joining the Peace Corps

Let's say your primary goal is to contribute to an underserved area or local community abroad. In this case, a TEFL certification will give you the skills you need to provide quality English language instruction in a community service or volunteer role. andpeace corpsTeaching English offered Americans the opportunity to serve underserved areas around the world in a variety of ways, and it quickly became one of the most common ways for Peace Corps volunteers to serve.

Many other foundations, programs and charities offer voluntary opportunities to teach English abroad and at home. Some resources for finding volunteer programs includeOverseas Travel Network,go overseas, yVoluntarioParaSiempre.com

If you live in an English-speaking country, you can still make a difference by volunteering to teach English to newcomers, refugees, international students or other non-native speakers. These individuals often seek to learn English to enhance their professional and educational opportunities. You can often find opportunities at local community centres, charities, universities, churches and other religious organizations that serve such groups. If you are willing to find students yourself, you can also find students who are willing to tutor themselves.

To learn more about getting TEFL certified and teaching English abroad, check out these top resources:

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What can I do with a TEFL certification? ›

With an accredited TEFL certification, an English speaker can get paid to teach English in up to 80 countries worldwide from Costa Rica to South Korea. You can also get hired to teach English online, start an English tutoring business, and teach locally or abroad on a volunteer basis.

Can you teach with just a TEFL certificate? ›

You do not need a Bachelor's degree to teach English abroad in many countries. Having an accredited TEFL certification is all you need to teach English in numerous destinations throughout South America, and in some parts of Europe and Asia -- no 4-year degree required.

What can you do with a 120-hour TEFL certificate? ›

A 120-hour TEFL certification course is widely regarded as the basic international standard for gaining employment as a paid English teacher abroad or teaching English online, even without prior experience or training in English language education.

How useful is a TEFL qualification? ›

Although not every position or teach abroad destination requires it, a TEFL certificate is a surefire way to increase your employment prospects, earn a higher salary, and feel comfortable in the classroom. Not only that, but a TEFL certification provides essential professional skills that are useful in any career.

Is a 120-hour TEFL course enough? ›

How many TEFL hours do you need? Based on what we see come in through the TEFL Jobs Centre, the majority of employers ask for a 120-hour TEFL qualification, which is the industry standard. Taking a course with fewer hours will put you at a disadvantage and make it much more difficult than it needs to be to secure work.


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