The new Rock + Metal albums leave today (January 13) (2023)

With so many new metal and hard rock albums that are thrown every week, it can be difficult to follow.We are very facilitators of things, following all the launch of 2023 in a convenient place.

Return frequently or mark this page as a favorite, because this list is updated regularly.The dates are provided by registration stamps and are subject to changes.

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(Video) Great new black metal ! The new releases 13 Jan 2023

January 20, 2023
Atrocity -October III(Slaughter)
Big city -Sun wind sail(Borders)
Black Star Riders -Wrong side of paradise(Earache)
Celestial Assistant -Winds of the cosmos(Scarlet)
Dryad -The abyssal plain(Prosthesis)
Gypsy Goliath Chief/End of age -He turned to Stone Chapter 7Divided (wave)
Half life -Like a jungle(Club Inferno)
Heroes and monsters -Heroes and monsters(Borders)
Empire Dekandez -Always in sadness(Napalm)
The same -Japan lights(Borders)
Catastrophe -Empty Star Sky(Napalm)
Laura Cox -Head over water(Earmusic)
Maneskin -Press!(Epic/Sony)
Night -Night(Border circle)
Riverside -Identity(Inside out)
Seether -DisclaimerRE -Gain (ArtesanΓ­a)
Places -Distance(Dark essence)
Dez -Something bad comes in this direction(Borders)
Maremotto -You know(Curling)
Tribunal -The weight of memory(20 buck turn)
Twilight force -In the heart of Wintervale(Nuclear explotion)
UFO.-Without heavy petsRe -Gain (CrisΓ‘lida)

January 27, 2023
... and oceans -As in the gardens, then in tombs(Flow season)
Anzillu -You are welcome(m-teeria)
Arctic rain -Unit(Borders)
Conjured -The parasitic cameras(Dry
Crowne -Phoenix operation(Borders)
Dark -The way of being(Auditory)
Dock -Elektra albums 1983-1987Set of boxes (BMG)
Dust prophet -One last look at heaven(Auto)
MOBA ELECTRICO -2 Make you cry and dance(Borders)
Girish and the Chronicles -Go back to earth(Borders)
Girls School -The 1978-2008 school report(HNE)
Green Day -NimrodDelee (Warner)
Holocaust -Mania de Heavy Metal: The Complete Recordings Volumen 1 - 1980-1984(HNE)
Penance time -MyotheismRe -Gain (agonΓ­a)
Knogjarn -Most impressiveEP (indie)
Life and -Sometimes yuga(Powerful)
Gang Love -Media(Heavy psychological sounds)
New miserable experience -Philosophy on pessimism(burding from Translation)
Obelisk -The final grace of God(Exile in the mainstream)
Sinister writings -Mass self -generating rituals(Willowtip)
Drilling wound -We serve cowards(Exciting jockey)
Pelican -Echoes cityDelase (Jockey Thrill)
Ron RomeroCreated on Heavy Radio(Borders)
Crushing pumpkins -Tuna: a rock opera in three acts: act two(Martha/Trinta Tigers music)
Say -CognitiveRe -Gain (Silver Coating)
Say -DeadlinesRe -Gain (Silver Coating)
Steve Vai -GO/GAST(Mascot)
Mudanza -Infinity(Atomic fire)
Tangent -Pyramids, stars and other stories: The Tangent Live Recordings 2004-2017(Inside out)
Uriah Heep -Chaos and color(Silver lining)
White Reaper -Asking for a walk(Elektra)

February 3, 2023
Fvnerais -Let the Earth be silent(Prophecy)
Lansdowne -Medicine(AFM)
Leper -AppealTour Edition (Insideout)
MemoryRide up(Reaper)
Mithridatum -Distressing(Willowtip)
Nervochaos -Ira what(Emancipation)
Russo -POLCA TURBO Festa(Napalm)
Sanguisugabogg -Homicidal ecstasy(Century Media)
The Bodega Dogs -III(Three dogs)
NoO Orchaostre(Pelagic)
Xandria -Wonders still waiting(Napalm)

(Video) Top 10 BEST METAL ALBUMS of JANUARY 2023

February 10, 2023
Delain -Dark waters(Napalm)
Distant -Patrimony(Century Media)
Sin lateral -The architect(Inside out)
Infinite and Divine -Ancestry(Borders)
On fire -lost(Nuclear explotion)
Jenner -Living is sufferingRe -Gain (fighter)
Chimera -Hold your floor(Borders)
Luger -Sacred skull revelations(Heavy psychological sounds)
Black Reason -Chestnut(AFM)
Carvalho -Disintegrate(Flow season)
Paramore -Because(Atlantic)
Drill the veil -The claws of life(Bold)
Torment -Endocannibalismo(Prosthesis)
Disclosure -Alma el Grande(Borders)
Ask you -Out of darkness(Borders)

February 17, 2023
All my shadows -Strange monsters(Borders)
Avatar -Dance Dance Dance(Thirty tigers)
Mourn -The same: the same: the same is: ITSS himself.(Borders)
Darkspace -Darkspace IDelete (floor station)
Darkspace -Darkspace IIDelete (floor station)
Darkspace -Darkspace IIIDelete (floor station)
Darkspace -Darkspace -iDelete (floor station)
Darkspace -Darkspace III IDelete (floor station)
Decide -Bible bashers(Dissonance)
First sign -Face your fears(Borders)
Half of me -Soma(Emerging of the Empire)
Save the void -Bosque(Curling)
Hellripper -Warlocks Grim & Witred Hags(Peaceville)
Jack Harlon E the Dead Crows -Salve AO Underground(Funeral blues)
Motley Crue -CrΓΌcial CrΓΌe: The Studio Albums 1981-1989(BMG)
Robin McAuley -Vivo(Borders)
I see you next Tuesday -Distractions(Good fight)
Power victory -This is tomorrow(Metal blade)
Pan -Dominio: Destiny DayDeluxe Edition (Atlantic)
Tithe -Rapture(Landa Deep)
Tramalizer -Rojos Beetle Smoke(Soulseller)
Transactlantic -The final flight: Live in L'Olympia(Inside out)
Ulthar -AntronomicΓ³n(20 buck turn)
Ulthar -Helionomicon(20 buck turn)

February 24, 2023
Air Strike -Fatal meeting(Great boyfriend of Council)
Big | Coldness -Life of death(Exciting jockey)
Death pill -Death pill(New heavy sounds)
Narcotic -Blood Money parte zer0(Auto)
Godsmack -Illuminating the sky(BMG)
Heath -Return(Napalm)
Host -Ix(Nuclear explotion)
Hypno5E -Sheol(Pelagic)
Insomnia -Anno 1696(Century Media)
Motorhead -Magic Magic: Very bad magic(Silver lining)
No bloodshed -Eye at night(For that)
Omega Infinity -The anticorenter(Flow season)
Siena's root -Revelation(Atomic fire)
Steel Panther -Mouse Pad(Auto)
Drugged -Boogie for Baja(Heavy psychological sounds)

March 3, 2023
Enslaved -Heimdal(Nuclear explotion)
Eyes -Cheers(Indisciplinarist)
False names -Costs(Epitaph)
Hook -Fauna(Inside out)
Sr. Sonny El Unifier -The newest creator of Success in America(Interstellar smoke)
Stargazer -Life will never be the same(Powerful)
Seductor -Thoroughly(Metal assault)
Tragedy -I'm a woman(Napalm)
Ioannina City Villas -Through space and time (live in Athens 2020)(Napalm)

(Video) ➀ SKULLDOZER - Hatesworn Shitstorm-☠(π“π‘π€π‚πŠ ππ‘π„πŒπˆπ„π‘π„ 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟯)☠

March 10, 2023
The Athomic Bitch Cerita -Live No Freak Valley Fest(Heavy psychological sounds)
Blackmore Night -Moon shadow25th anniversary (Earmusic) edition
Duel -Lively in hellfest(Heavy psychological sounds)
Great -Arrival(Of the coffers)
Steel nanocable -False metal disgust(Napalm)
Secondly -Gawcollinoire(Mascot)
Outskirts -Periferia V: Djent is not a gender(several)
Roadrunner United -Star sessionsRejoice (Roadrunner)
Roadrunner United -The concert(Roadrunner)
Seventh Crystal -Wonderland(Borders)
Suicide silence -Remember ... you must die(Century Media)
Conflict -Endless drop in perdition(Flow season)

March 17, 2023
The answer -Of sunset(Robot of gold)
Grin de Chelsea -Cielo(Onerpm)
Static vision -Live in Duna Jam(Heavy psychological sounds)
Entropy -Total(Agony)
Gideon -More power. More pain.(Equal Vision)
John Diva E OS OS Rockets of Love -Great easy(Steamhammer/SPV)
Kamelot -The awakening(Napalm)
Kruelty -Ulthopia(Landa Deep)
Lords Altamont -For hell with tomorrow you are now(Heavy psychological sounds)
Night demon -For(Century Media)
Phantom Elite -Blue blood(Borders)
Rpwl -Dinner crimes(Soft art of music)
Pop Times -Skeletons(Heavy mnrk)

March 24, 2023
August Burning Red -Death below(Sharpton)
Babymetal -the other(Auto)
Dawn Ray'd -To know the light(Prosthesis)
Piso JansenSampler(Auto)
Liturgy -93696(Exciting jockey)
Mork -Deep(Peaceville)
Do not forget -Exul(Flow season)
Saxon -More inspirations(Silver lining)
Seven Pinacles -Live No ProgPower USA xxi(Borders)
Metro para Sally -Ride up(Napalm)
A Deadman's theory -Dinosaur(Roadrunner)
Oh my -Throughout the sinuous evidence, they remodeled the axis of harmony(m-teeria)

March 31, 2023
To infinity -Chapter III - Downfall(Napalm)
Enter tomorrow -The seventh sun(Music for nations)
Sleeping -Sleeping(Lifting)
Nervochaos -Ira what(Emancipation)
Puscifer -Existential cut: reformulated(Puscifer/Alchemy/BMG)
I'm under the -Apocalypse(Flow season)

(Video) Metallica: If Darkness Had a Son (Official Music Video)

April 7, 2023
Powerwolf -Interlude(Napalm)
Corsary -Chaos judgment(Auto)

April 14, 2023
Los Inmavnos -Black jug sunset(Napalm)
Lucifer Star Machine -Satanic age(The signal)
Metallica -72 seasons(Entegrecido)

April 21, 2023
40 watts sun -To internal roomRe -Gain (negro)
40 watts sun -Wider than heavenRe -Gain (negro)
Between Hunter -A kiss to the whole world(SO/Reality of ambush)
Pleasur positions -Plagueboys(Century Media)
Crushing pumpkins -Tuna: a rock opera in three acts: Act 3(Martha music)

2023 Albums already released

January 6, 2023
Against the flag -Lies say our children(Spinefarm)
Serenity -MemoryDVD/CD (Napalm)
Children of Adoration -Back to the beginning(Xtreem)
Throat lobster -Dragged by the glassEP (yo)
Correct -ForewordEPP (M-Teoria)

(Video) X Invictus X - Ablaze [2022 Death Metal]

January 13, 2023
Ahab -The tombs of the choir(Napalm)
Antimezdebeast -Vista(Auto)
Anubis -Decree dayEP (yo)
Beyond black -Beyond black(Nuclear explotion)
Crom -The era of darkness(Of the coffers)
Challenge the curse -Horrors of human sacrifice(Hammerheart)
The Dragon -Black book(Majestic mountain)
Time cosmic for the end - Cosmic -Doom Sessions Vol.7EP (Sons Psych Heavy)
Jared James Nichols -Jared James Nichols(Black Hill)
Commander -Titan Hammer(ATMF)
Obinary -Dying everything(Relapse)
Higher -Influential(Steamhammer/SPV)
The tormerian cattle -Nonveny x(Nuclear explotion)
VILLO VALO -Auxiliary neon(Spinefarm)

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