The 26 Best Healthy Restaurants in New York Right Now (2023)

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The 26 Best Healthy Restaurants in New York Right Now (1)

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Posted on Jan 9, 2023

Look, we made it. Want to eat nutritious meals but just don't have time for a snacklegumes, roast chicken, steamed sweet potato, makesalad dressing, and so on. Especially when even after all that effort, you often end up with a dish that Here's an idea: instead of spending Sundaysmeal prepA week of recipes for your new favorite diet (paleo?Entero30?paper japanese diet?), eat deliciously at these healthy NYC eateries, from packed lunches to late-night dinners, that will help you feel better (while keeping your free time intact).



The 26 Best Healthy Restaurants in New York Right Now (2)

divya's kitchen

1. Divya's Kitchen

Even non-vegetarians love the Ayurvedic-inspired Divya's Kitchen. While food balance and compatibility are key ingredients on the menu, diners crave the seasonal kitchari, cashew curry with vegetables, lasagna, dairy-free chai and coconut carob cake. Plenty of old-fashioned alternative grains like homemade sorghum, spelled flour and amaranth appear on the menu, as well as natural sweeteners like dates and sucanat.

25 First Avenue;

The 26 Best Healthy Restaurants in New York Right Now (3)

the botanist

2. The botanist

Following the motto "food is your medicine", Le Botaniste, based in New York, is 100% botanical (akabased on plants), 99% organic and gluten-free. Le Botantiste delights with tasty "recipes" like the Tibetan Mama Rice Bowl (peanut butter curry sauce served over brown rice with steamed vegetables and kimchi) and Pasta Bolo, a gluten-free fusilli with botanical bolognese, leafy greens of herbal oil and a mixture of seeds. . Additionally, they are the first organic plant-based restaurant to be certified CO2 Neutral.

Various locations;

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The 26 Best Healthy Restaurants in New York Right Now (4)


3. Burger

Bareburger's organic burgers definitely make the cut when it comes to staying on track. From grass-fed, antibiotic-free, hormone-free lean proteins like beef, elk, bison, turkey (check out The Supreme, The American, and The Duke), to sprouted grain breads and kale wraps, plant-based proteins on Impossible ™ Burger, dairy-free alternatives, we are not going to eliminate burgers from our new diet plans.

Various locations;

The 26 Best Healthy Restaurants in New York Right Now (5)

pure grain barbecue

4. Pure Grain Barbecue

pure grain barbecueis rocking barbecue with its 100% vegan and gluten-free menu, which offers all that melt-in-your-mouth smoky flavor, minus the meat. The restaurant where fast food meets health offers family barbecues like coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans and macaroni and cheese, as well as a selection of main dishes. But the real star of the show is the smoked Impossible cut, a brisket substitute: it's flavorful and tender, with just the right texture to shred with a fork. Topped with the restaurant's signature barbecue sauce, the dish is tangy and sweet, and won't make you miss the original one bit. Especially when you like to feel light and upbeat after your meal rather than sluggish and lethargic like you often do after a 'meat suggestion'.

Avenida Lexington, 36;

The 26 Best Healthy Restaurants in New York Right Now (6)

ponte heidi

5. Lekka Burger

Tribeca spot Lekka (which means "delicious" in the South African Afrikaner dialect) is the plant-based burger concept of chef Amanda Cohen (Dirty Candy) and her partner Andrea Kerzner, a longtime vegan. Vegan burgers are made fresh every day with whole ingredients to create their unique texture. We're drooling over the Peri Peri Burger with Peri Peri Sauce and Vegan Mayonnaise, Guacamole Burger and Masala Burger with Cole Slaw with Coconut Chutney and Tamarind Ketchup. They also serve side dishes like broccoli Caesar and oatmeal milkshakes and shakes.

Rua Warren 81;

The 26 Best Healthy Restaurants in New York Right Now (7)

front of the house

6. Beetroot coffee table

Little Beet Table is a 100% gluten-free restaurant. The menu includes nutrient-rich small plates, starters and side dishes. Try the Roasted Shrimp Salad, Black Bean Mushroom Burger, Crispy Spirulina Rice and Roasted Beet Falafel.

333 Park Ave. South, New York, NY 10010;

7. 12 Coffee Chair

The popular Middle Eastern neighborhood eatery has two locations (Williamsburg and Soho), both of which seat 12+. Some companies include their hummus options that come topped with mushrooms, falafel or mixed meat, as well as other dips like babaganoush. For mains, we love the whole baladi aubergines, their famous shakshuka, or the lightly fried schnitzel for a little indulgence (because what's life without a little balance?).

Various locations;

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8. Front garden

This all-vegan East Village spot doesn't skimp on flavor, eschewing the notion that vegan food is less complex and less layered than meat-and-dairy-heavy meals. Paella (real merguez trumpet, almonds, red pepper cream), artichoke toast (artichoke and spinach puree, black truffle vinaigrette, jicama, cashew) and wild chicken (mushroom puree, kohlrabi, shimeji Canned).

130 E 7th Street;

The 26 Best Healthy Restaurants in New York Right Now (8)

beyond sushi

9. Beyond sushi

Best known for its vegan sushi and meatballs, healthy quick-and-casual dining favorite Beyond Sushi has multiple locations around the city. Recently, they've added many exciting new dishes to their menu, including Jackfruit Crab Cakes, Pumpkin Tortellini, Hickory Smoked Burger, and Marinated Mushroom Tacos. Their globally inspired dishes are perfect for vegans and non-vegans alike.

Various locations;

The 26 Best Healthy Restaurants in New York Right Now (9)

the social club

10. Hahaha Mexican plants

Mexican but make it vegan. JaJaJa's dishes are all prepared with plant-based ingredients. An homage to traditionally plant-based Mayan cuisine, enjoy dishes such as pumpkin and beet empanada, coconut quesadilla with sautéed coconut meat, heart of palm ceviche and more. The restaurant also serves over a dozen options to accommodate all dietary and lifestyle restrictions. Open for take-out, delivery and indoor dining.

Various locations;

The 26 Best Healthy Restaurants in New York Right Now (10)

honey brains

11. Honey Brains

Honeybrains may be the only restaurant in New York dedicated to serving foods and beverages that are beneficial for brain health. Fact: Every dish is examined by a neurologist and nutritionist to make sure it's nourishing for your brain. Feed your brain (and body) with their popular daily catch bowl (daily Atlantic salmon or whitefish, kale, sweet potato, crushed peanuts), roast beef bowl (grass-fed sirloin steak, pinto and black bean medley organic, watermelon, Himalayan ruby ​​rice) and smoked salmon Dr. (labneh, cucumber, dill and lemon zest on sourdough).

Various locations;

The 26 Best Healthy Restaurants in New York Right Now (11)

Courtesy of Pizza Oath

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12. Oath Pizza

Known for its "feel good" pizzas made with a grilled crust sealed in avocado oil, Upper East Side Pizza Oath includes plant-based, dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free pizza offerings (as well as a new of cauliflower crust available with any pizza)! Favorite menu items include: Bella with Mozzarella, Luau (like a Hawaiian pizza), and Muffled Trushroom (that's not a mistake!). Don't skip the chocolate chip cookies - they're understated and some of the best we've ever had.

1142 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10065;

The 26 Best Healthy Restaurants in New York Right Now (12)

jessica nash

13. The Butcher's Daughter

The self-described "vegetable slaughterhouse" treats fruits and vegetables like a butcher would meat: slicing, filleting and slicing the fresh produce into healthy vegetarian dishes. The seasonal menu that changes daily is 100% vegetarian, with plenty of vegan and gluten-free options. Favorites at the West Village and Williamsburg restaurant include the butcher platter with roast potatoes, harissa aioli, maitake mushrooms, spinach, fennel "sausage" topped with poached egg and cauliflower cacio e pepe served with pecorino and vegan butter.

Various locations;lacarnicerí

14. Souen

Vegetarians, vegans and fishermen will find something at this East Village Japanese restaurant, with a diverse menu of organic and macrobiotic dishes, including vegetable dishes, ramen bowls and extremely fresh seafood and sushi. Health-conscious people will also appreciate that everything on offer is free of preservatives, chemicals, refined ingredients, dairy and meat.

326 East 6th Street, Nueva York, NY 10003;

15. Mel

Check out honeygrow's plant-based stir-fries, made with egg whites or whole-wheat pasta along with all-natural protein—no antibiotics or hormones. Sweet five-spice soy, a bowl of brown rice and togarashi-spiced turkey with green beans, red onion and sesame seeds are sure to satisfy.

194 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201;

16. elastic bone

A "Paleolithic-inspired" restaurant in the West Village, FiDi and Williamsburg, Springbone is famous for its bone broths rich in amplified collagen (get the signature Liquid Gold, a classic chicken broth with coconut milk and turmeric). While not strictly paleo, the nutrient-dense mix-and-match menu is flexible, so even the most hardcore paleo crowd can tweak it as needed. The Mexican bowl is a fan favorite.

Various locations;

The 26 Best Healthy Restaurants in New York Right Now (13)

vegetarian grill

17. Vegetarian Grill

Veggie Grill has two locations in the city, Flatiron and Midtown East, and is the largest 100% plant-based fast casual brand in the United States. All menu items are free of meat, dairy, eggs and other animal products (i.e. free of antibiotics and hormones!). Seasonal menu items include the Masala Curry Bowl and the Tuna Melt made with Good Catch Tuna.

12 West 23rd Street, Nueva York, NY 10010;

18. Malibu Farm

Farm-to-table fare (with the best views in NYC - hello, Brooklyn Bridge!) is made with organic produce, grass-fed meat and fresh fish from small farmers close to town. Enjoy cauliflower-crusted pizza, vegan salads, butternut squash lasagna and grilled salmon. The beverage menu includes simple craft cocktails infused with organic agaves, fresh juices and local produce.

89 South Street, New York, NY 10038;

19. Spa Kitchen

Come for the body nourishing meal, stay for the sweat session. williamsburgspait's housed in a refurbished 1930s soda factory (pretty cool) and combines elements of Eastern European spas with an atypical lineup geared toward athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Its restaurant arm, Bathhouse Kitchen, is attached to the spa and offers some of the best food you can eat in a bathrobe. Seriously: Balneário guests receive luxurious bathrobes of their choice for dinner. Executive chef Anthony Sousa's (EMP, Chez Ma Tante) menu is completely free of grains and refined sugars. Highlights are the raw scallop, fennel sausage with fairy tale eggplant, delicate pumpkin with ricotta and pumpkin seeds.

103 North 10th Street, Brooklyn, Nova York 11249;

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20. Playa Bowls

No matter the freezing temperatures, we willforeverget ready for an acai bowl. The original Jersey Shore Acai shop now has 15 locations in New York City. Choose from their creative menu of bowls or create your own from a variety of bases made with superfoods, including pure acai, dragon fruit, chia seeds, coconut, kale and banana. Then place on top of your toppings such as fresh fruit, seeds, nuts, granola, dried fruit and nut butters. They also have oatmeal bowls, fresh juices and smoothies. Bonus: Playa Bowls can be vegan, gluten-free, and tailored to suit Whole 30, keto, and paleo diets if you like!

Various locations;

The 26 Best Healthy Restaurants in New York Right Now (14)

Roberto Bredvard

21. Café Kitsune

This Paris meets Tokyo restaurant is a modernist reinterpretation of the classic Parisian cafe and wine bar, with two locations in the West Village and Boerum Hill. It's a blend of Japanese flavors and ingredients prepared with French techniques (executive chef Yuji Tani was born and raised in Kyoto and began his culinary career at French restaurant Le Bellecour). The menu reflects Chef Yuji's culinary style of taking French cafe essentials and adding a light, healthy Japanese twist. Order the Green Green Salad (roasted broccoli, fried kale, Greek yogurt mousse), Chiks on Green (chicken, escarole, mixed greens, baby potatoes, hard-boiled egg, croutons and Dijon vinaigrette) and Edamame Hummus (chick peas). beak and sesame).

Various locations;

22. ABC

Head to Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Flatiron ABC complex for dinner at ABCV, the head chef's first vegetarian restaurant. You won't find any imitation meat or tofu on the menu at this elegant spot, and you won't miss it either: head chef Neal Harden, himself a vegetarian and avowed animal lover, combines seasonal produce, farm-fresh eggs. and whole grains with bold flavors that will take your breath away.

38 East 19th Street, Nueva York, NY 10003;

23. Loving Cabana

This vegan gem in Williamsburg has plenty of options. The sheer size of the menu, which ranges from Asian-inspired dishes like Malaysian curries to cheeseless, meatless macaroni and cheese burgers, will surprise you. Fortunately, the same can be said for expertly prepared food. If you're into vegan meals, Loving Hut can be relied upon to serve up something tasty from nearly every continent.

76 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211;

24. hot

Marco Canora was serving bone broth at this incredibly popular East Village storefront before bone broth was on anyone's radar. Now, the man at the forefront of this keto, paleo-friendly trend has turned Brodo (i.e., his brainchild) into a restaurant complete with multiple locations where you can warm up with a bowl of frothy, nutritious broth, complete with an array of healthy supplements. of your choice.

Various locations;

25. Atlas

The Mexican and Central American cuisine at this NoHo hotspot is an ode to minimalism and culinary refinement. In fact, people don't come to Atlas to satisfy a late-night Tex-Mex craving; They come for the perfect combination of fresh ingredients and authentic flavors. Expect innovative small plates like arctic char tartare with tomato and habanero kosho and masterfully executed classics (think: suadero tacos).

373 Lafayette Street, NoHo, NY 10012;

26. Bunna Coffee

Gather a group of vegan friends and make a reservation at this casual Bushwick restaurant, where you'll enjoy a giant plate (or several) of fresh, plant-based Ethiopian food. Each dish arrives dripping with one exciting sauce or another, so get yours.injerabread and don't waste a morsel.

1084 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237;


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