The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (2023)

Traveling to New York will literally take you to food heaven or hell, depending on how you look at it. I like to think it's food heaven because the food is delicious, but it could also be hell given the amount of fundamentally unhealthy food you'll be eating during the time you're there. Here are the best foods you MUST try in New York.

Why should I know?I grew up and currently live about two hours from New York, but that doesn't make me an expert. I also lived there for a while, but that was in 2013, so I'm definitely not in touch. So I asked two of my old local foodie friends for some recommendations and they were very enthusiastic. I went to New York City for 48 hours and ate more food than a human being should eat and I got on this list. True story, I didn't eat for two and a half days after my trip.

13. Sabrett-Street-Hotdog

I'm not sure where you're from, but in America we love hot dogs! What's not to like? They are fucking delicious!

That's why we recommend the (self-proclaimed) most famous hot dog in New York; a sabrett hot dog. You'll see an umbrella at every hot dog stand that Sabrett's sells, so don't worry.

nervous aboutwhat fits in a Sabrett hot dog? Well, a lot less ingredients than you might imagine and nothing crazy, it's mostly your usual stuff like beef, salt and spices. They are wrapped in sheep intestines, but that has been the practice for any type of sausage for centuries. It tastes good, it makes better use of the animal and in Europe there are laws that say that meat can ONLY be wrapped in natural casings such as intestines.

We think the Sabrett makes the best mutt, but there are some off-street options as well. Moneygray papayaoCriff Dogsif you're looking for a heart attack.

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The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (1)

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Local Food Tour in Greenwich Village, New York

Embark on a culinary journey through the heart of Manhattan. For centuries, New York has been a melting pot of cultures. Discover the wonderful dishes that this melting pot has prepared with your friendly expert guide. From pizza and bagels to modern takes on classic European desserts, enjoy some of New York's best dining and street food.

The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (2)
The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (3)
The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (4)
The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (5)
The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (6)


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The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (7)

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Half-Day E-Bike Tour of New York

Pedal your electric bike through the streets of Manhattan with your local guide. Meet at the top of Central Park and cruise through the green oasis surrounded by skyscrapers. Visit Times Square, Broadway, and more as you see the best of New York City. Bike rental included.

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12. Halal street food @ „Rafaqis“

First,What is halal food?In Arabic, the word "halal" means "allowed" in reference to a specific dietary standard that Muslims must follow as part of their belief system.

What is allowed?There are many things that we will not go into here, but basically Halal foods are permitted foods that are processed (cleaned, crushed, cooked, and stored) according to cleanliness standards defined in Islamic law.

What is halal food for those who are not Islamic?It's delicious Middle Eastern food and the perfect cheap quick lunch in New York and other major cities. Rafaqis is an amazing food truck serving amazing halal food that was brought to my attention by a former team member from our Rome office who now lives in New York.

What are you getting? If you have no dietary restrictions, go for the half chicken and half lamb combo with lots and lots of white sauce. My pleasure.

104 E 40th Street

11. tacos

When tacos first got their start in the US, they were those typical Old El Paso paper bag tacos (sorry Old El Paso, we still think you're great) that you make at home with ground beef. But ground beef sucks and tacos aren't, so authentic Mexican tacos finally stuck around and now you can get them in every major city.

(Video) Best Late Night Food in Downtown NYC with Jonnyshipes

What is authentic? You need to start with the small soft corn tortilla first. Flour tortillas were used quite a bit in northern Mexico, but corn is the predominant crop and they taste much better in my opinion.

From there, you'll typically see pork (carinitas), chicken, beef (BBQ), or seafood protein, but rarely ground. They slowly cook the meat until it tastes so amazing that you eat until you feel uncomfortable.

NYC has some AMAZING places that I recommend for casual tacos.

10. Have a Manhattan

A Manhattan is a rye drink made with Angostura and sweet vermouth, traditionally served with cherry or orange zest. They are delicious and powerful, so get ready for a fun night. Where should you get yours?

For spectacular views, check outHarriets Lounge and Rooftopnot Brooklyn.

If you want a really cool "aristocrat" attitude, give it a try.The Beekman Hotel bar. The Bar Rooms is so cool, it's actually hard to choose between it and a rooftop bar overlooking Manhattan.

9. American coffee

New York is full of coffee places as the city seems to thrive on this "oil" for the people. You can get it anywhere and you can definitely grab an iconic blue and white cup of Greek coffee for a photo, but when you're done, have an amazing cup at either of these two places.

Mud Truck is a big orange food truck serving delicious coffee and you can find the trucks everywhere.

Unless,Dove, which is based in my Philadelphia, produces some of the best Java in New York City.

8. Austern @ Jeffery's Grocery

Jeffery's Grocery is a small kitchen institution on the American East Coast. Burgers, sandwiches, and then tons of seafood. I mean tons of seafood.

If you grew up on the northeast coast of the US, you probably grew up eating oysters, clams, lobsters, and shrimp, then went back to eating the leftovers in a bowl of soup!

If it piques your interest, Jeffery's Grocery has just what you need!

172 Waverly Pl

7. Pork Buns

When I was seven years old, my Uncle Steve took me to New York and we had pork buns. I don't think he had ever been anywhere other than Philadelphia at the time, and I immediately realized that there was so much more to discover in the world.

Now when I go to New York I always go to a Chinese bakery and buy my homemade steamed pork buns. What beautiful and great memories! Where from?

Famous foods of Xi'anIt's the place. They have locations all over New York City, but China Town is more authentic!

6. Gives

Donuts may be the only thing more American than hot dogs (I'm sure both were invented abroad, ha!). Home Simpson may have made her famous wherever she lives, but the best ones are arguably New York and Los Angeles.

Hit in New York"TimeDonuts near Union Square (14 West 19th Street). They are just amazing and the best part is that they are good for you! Well, maybe it's only good for your soul.

5. Red Velvet Cake

What is red velvet cake? Basically chocolate cake with vinegar and cream cheese mixed into the frosting. It doesn't seem like a brilliant invention because it was probably an accident, but you'll thank whoever discovered it because it's delicious!

In New York, it's usually eaten in the form of a cupcake, but still. This is where to get yours!

4. Blanco de Kossar

A bialy is a time-honoured New York tradition, and none beats Kossar's bialy, which has been on the LES (Lower East Side) since 1936.

They specialize in "old world" Jewish specialties loved by New Yorkers everywhere. A Bialy is not a bagel and if they had the means to make it, Bialy would be offended if he said such a thing. The bagels are cooked, but the bialy's are just baked AND have delicious onions in the middle.

(Video) How To Cook The BEST New York Strip Steak | Step By Step | Cooking Is Easy

Bialy are a breakfast dish and nothing better than onion to start the day!

367 great streetthe lower part to the east

3. Ess-a-Bagel

Bagels are one of the most delicious breakfast items around, and NYC is the place to get them. A Jewish specialty like no other outside of the Northeastern United States and possibly outside of New York City.

Where are you going? Ess-a-Bagel has my vote!


2. Dumplings @ Joe Shanghai or Nom Wah Tea Room

You literally can't visit New York without going to China Town. It gets bigger every year and the food is delicious. When you're there, you must have some dumplings.

If you're just looking for dumplings,Vanessa's dumpling houseIt is a good choice. They have a few locations including China Town and the Financial District.

If you want something a little less casual, give it a try.joe shanghaioTeesalon Nom Wahboth are quite famous and delicious.

1. Katz Deli Pastrami Sammi

Nothing screams "New York City" like pastrami in Rye, and Katz's Deli is the place to get it. According to his website, Katz opened in 1888, but Katz wasn't in the game yet. It was opened by two brothers from Iceland and it was called "Island Brothers" and it was a delicatessen. Iceland Bros was purchased in 1910 and has been Katz Deli ever since.

In 1917, the deli moved across the street to its current location, where it has remained ever since. It is a Jewish specialty store famous for its pastrami sandwich on rye bread.

They pick their pastrami themselves, making it the best in the world. Go ahead and pay $20 for a sandwich and decide for yourself! I recommend sharing it with a friend.

205E Houston St

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The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (13)

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Small-Group Bike Tour of New York City's Central Park

Central Park stretches for almost 10 miles and is lined with skyscrapers that line the entire perimeter. It is an oasis in the concrete jungle of New York. Hop on a bike with your licensed guide, strap on your helmet, and prepare for a ride down the avenues, bridges, and avenues of Central Park. See famous statues and fountains, as well as hidden gems only a local insider would know about. The best way to get to Central Park is by bike. Join us for an amazing experience.

The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (14)
The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (15)
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The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (16)
The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (17)
The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (18)


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The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (19)

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Hell's Kitchen "Locals" Food Tour in New York City

Join your local foodie guide on a journey through Hell's Kitchen. Once a rough neighborhood, the neighborhood has become one of the city's premier neighborhoods thanks to the influence of artists and immigrants. In a small group, visit our favorite hidden gems of an area where foods from around the world are found.

The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (20)
The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (21)
The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (22)
The 14 BEST FOOD & DISHES to EAT IN NYC in 2023 | The tour boy (23)
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