NYC's Best Healthy Restaurants That Are Anything But Boring | good + good (2023)

YYou know the drill: You're texting with a friend, developing plans, when he texts you the most unanswerable question:Where will we go?Next thing you know, you've ventured down the Yelp rabbit hole trying to figure out what's nearby, offers vegetarian options, has aSuitable for InstagramEnvironment,yTastes good.

We've got your answer: after scouring the city trying out the best healthy restaurants like it's our job (which it really is), we know the places that live up to the hype, are worth the wait, and the subway is worth the Bahn- tedious journey. And now we've compiled it all into a handy guide to the best places that are new, opened a new location last year, or are growing like crazy.

Think of this as your healthy bible where you can grab lunch, grab a quick bite, have a healthy dinner, or grab a juice no matter where in town you are. Live it. I'm lovin 'it.

Read on to see the best places to eat healthy in New York City right now.

NYC's Best Healthy Restaurants That Are Anything But Boring | good + good (1)

00 + co

New Yorkers are picky about their pizza, but Matthew Kenney has proven to be a raw food genius, serving up vegan and plant-based pizzas. Eaters of all persuasions will have a hard time deciding what to order (but whatever it is, be sure to snap a photo before you cut).

00 + Co, 65 Second Ave., New York, NY 10003, 212-777-1608,


Get your bone broth to go at this takeout-only spot connected to the more spacious Hearth Restaurant. Choose from grass-fed beef with ginger, organic chicken, or the signature Hearth Broth (made by cooking two whole turkeys, 40 pounds of beef leg, and 15 braised chickens).

Brodo, 200 1st Ave., New York, NY 10009, 646-602-1300,

NYC's Best Healthy Restaurants That Are Anything But Boring | good + good (3)

From Chloe

Cloe CoscarelliThe famous vegan restaurant is well worth it. You may have to stand in line (okay, you'll almost certainly have to stand in line), but the quinoa tacos and guacamole burger are worth it.

From Chloe, 185 Bleeker St., Nueva York, NY 10012, 212-290-8000,

Cafe Klee

Everything on the Cafe Clover menu is nutritionist-approved, so you know you're doing your body good no matter what you order. The menu changes seasonally, but you can always expect superfoods like cauliflower, beets, and greens to appear, along with sprouted grains.

Clover Cafe, 10 Downing Street, New York, NY 10014, 212-675-4350,

Cafe Henrie

Café Henrie's macrobiotic dragon bowls are packed with grains, greens and cucumbers – your intestines will definitely be happy. Also on the menu: onigiri (rice balls) with innovative ingredients like caper mayonnaise, turmeric salmon, red plum pesto and wasabi matcha.

Café Henrie, 110 Forsyth Street, New York, NY 10002,

Cafe Madeleine

The secret is officially out at this tiny restaurant in Ditmas Park, which offers an extensive menu of smoothies and imaginative concoctions like cardamom porridge and turmeric latte. Only free-range eggs and meat from grass-fed animals are used, and everything is organic. Food is served throughout the day, but breakfast is definitely the highlight.

Cafe Madeline, 1603 Cortelyou Rd., New York, NY 11226, 718-941-4020,

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Wheatgrass margaritas are just one innovative concoction you'll find at the minimalist Dimes restaurant. The food won't let you down at any point in the day, but it's the brunch offerings like the pitaya bowl and avocado-stuffed breakfast tacos that are really worth your time.

Dimes, 49 Canal Street, New York, NY 10002, 212-925-1300,

NYC's Best Healthy Restaurants That Are Anything But Boring | good + good (4)

dirty candy

Even meat lovers flock to this vegetarian restaurant (as of last year, in much larger digs on the Lower East Side), which fills its menu with things like Shanghai roots with fermented black beans and crème fraiche, and spaghetti with black radish. Pro tip: go with a group and share the brussel sprout tacos. (Trust us on this one).

Dirt Candy, 86 Allen St. Nueva York, NY 10002, 212-228-7732,


Stay tuned for a nutrient-dense meal at this clean, sustainability-focused restaurant (which is also the main hub for bone broth to-go).hot). Added bonus? The grain is milled in-house and only natural sweeteners are used.

Home, 403 E. 12th St., New York, NY 10009, 646-602-1300,

hello kitchen

With the tagline "Food for Humans" ("Hu" is short for "Human"), you can be sure that Hu Kitchen only serves clean food: nothing processed makes it onto the extensive menu (filled with everything from convenience foods). - Order everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes to freshly squeezed juices). And now you don't have to go to Union Square to visit the Mash bar or buy raw chocolate: A second location on the Upper East Side opened earlier this year.

Hu Kitchen, 78 Fifth Avenue, between 13th and 14th streets; 1536 Third Avenue, between 86 and 87 streets,

NYC's Best Healthy Restaurants That Are Anything But Boring | good + good (5)

on label

Inday's catchphrase is "Good Karma Served Every Day", and who doesn't need a little more good karma? Customers create their own Indian fusion bowls using ingredients like cauliflower rice, sprouted lentils and coconut chutney, all quick and easy to prepare and ready to go. Save room for dessert: the avocado cocoa pudding is heavenly.

Daytime, 1133 Broadway, New York, NY 10010, 917-521-5012,

Saft Generation

Juice Generation's offerings are supercharged with juices infused with activated charcoal and probiotics. However, the newest item on the menu brings this oldie but goodie back to life: acut offSmoothie, which will be available later this month.

(Video) Healthy NYC Fast Casual Restaurants | Eating Out & Counting Macros

Juice Generation, various sites,

NYC's Best Healthy Restaurants That Are Anything But Boring | good + good (6)

crazy noodles

Healthy Italian? Yes. This family-owned Cobble Hill restaurant has mastered it, focusing on ancient grains like farro and kamut to anchor its hearty dishes.

Pazzi-Nudeln, 222 Smith St., Brooklyn, NY 11231, 347-916-1076,

NYC's Best Healthy Restaurants That Are Anything But Boring | good + good (7)

Clean ingredients are a must at this grocery store and restaurant. Fill up at the buffet bar (the grilled avocado is a dream) or try something hot like organic, grass-fed meatballs. The Flatiron location opened earlier this year and is a good place to startTaller Belaborate.

Mulberry & Vine, 55 W. 27th St., Nueva York, NY 10001, 212-252-8468; 73 Warren St. Nueva York, NY 10007, 212-791-6300,


It is no coincidence that the vegetarian restaurantNothingit is just a few steps from Union Square Market, where many of the products come from. The menu changes seasonally, as the chefs seem to have fun creating beloved meat dishes using only vegetables, such as “cacio e pepe” shiitake with salsify and heirloom polenta. Oh, and bring your camera - the food comes out Instagram-ready.

Nix, 72 University Place, New York, NY, 10003, 212-498-9393,

Screamers Pizzeria

Brooklyn's First Vegan PizzeriajustOpen in Greenpoint. It's small but essential, with a variety of cakes to order by the piece in the old Champs Junior area. (It's a joint venture between Champs and Philadelphia's Blackbird Pizza.)

Screamers Pizzería, 620 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11222,

cocina springbone

This newly opened bone broth restaurant is a Paleolithic dream place. Imagine smoky pork broth poured over a free-range egg, or zoodles and meatballs paired with a tomato sauce and beef broth.

Springbone Kitchen, 90 W. 3rd St., Nueva York, NY 10012, 917-301-8263,

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NYC's Best Healthy Restaurants That Are Anything But Boring | good + good (8)

superiority burger

What started out as a highly successful veggie burger pop-up has a permanent fixture in the East Village that will satisfy even the pickiest of veggie burger connoisseurs, let alone carnivores. (Exhibit A: the snake coming out the door). It is small, so taking it with you is the best option.

Superiority Burger, 430 E. 9th St., New York, NY, 10009,


Deluxe Salad is seriously expanding, and that's a good thing considering the variety of locally sourced, organic options. If there isn't one near you yet, there probably will be soon. When in doubt, order the Spicy Sabzi.

Sweetgreen, various locations,

NYC's Best Healthy Restaurants That Are Anything But Boring | good + good (9)

the butcher's daughter

Whether you're looking for a quick shot of elixir or want to have lunch with friends with a stack of quinoa pancakes, this vegetarian juice and coffee bar has you covered. Try the brick oven pizza menu in the new West Village if you want something substantial.

The Butcher's Daughter, 19 Kenmare St., New York, NY 10012, 212-219-3434; 581 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10012, 212-219-3434,lacarnicerí

Two hands

The Aussie chefs and owners behind this highly Instagrammable cafe have arguably one of the healthiest menus in town: gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and with no added sugars, and it's all still delicious. He proves that you can be simple and innovative at the same time. The best? The new Tribeca location also serves dinner.

Two Hands Tribeca, 251 Church Street, Nueva York, NY, 10013,

All of the restaurants on this list serve healthy and delicious meals, but what about the places that offer the most Instagrammable dishes?This is where you can go to make your followers jealous.. Or make your own amazing meal in about 10 minutes.This Genius Hack for Cooking Sweet Potatoes.

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