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10Foreword is a reporter, columnist and writer. He has been writing for more than 30 years for organizational crimes. My main rhythm has always been a tradition of organizational crimes submitted to the Federal Research Office (FBI).In the official judicial documents, the Federal Investigation Bureau determined that the organization was Nostra (LCN).Most Americans know that Mafia (MAFIA) is the HBO series that has won the award -winning HBO series in recent years, Sandranos and the anthropomorphic Italian American criminals in TVs in Supranos and Film movies.Classic works such as Godfather and Goodfellas.In New York, I have its foundation throughout my career. In other places, I also reported that other races have organized criminal groups, including some people with gloves with mobs.Including gangsters, their descent is Russia, Asia, Irish, Cuba and African Americans.I also wrote articles about Columbians, Mexico and Dominica drug dealers, as well as other ethnic gangs with alliances with the Mandarin, a violent Vietnamese gang.In 1997, I went to Hong Kong and interviewed a semi -retired member of the semi -retired member of the 15 three -in society of the previous British colony mixed with the blood of the chicken.An hour ago, his neck broke.I learned that the rules and the structure of the three -in -one structure are similar to the rules of LCN.The boss, called Dragon Head, is 438.No. 2 2 is equivalent to the black -handed party at the bottom. It is a master of incense, or 443. It is the lowest 443 induced member. The blue flashlight or 49 years old is equivalent to the black hands.Corleone's black -handed party, Salvatore RIINA, was later captured and condemned for the bombardment of the two men, and Rosario Mule, the head of Camporeale Mafia, was a small city in a small city in SEISA., From Palerma, my grandparents will immigrate to SEISA for 100 years, but how this book is revealed. In my career, I have almost no events from global organizational crimes.Strang over the surface.In the organizational encyclopedia of the organization, it will go from Terry Adams and John Gotti to various players to various players London by Clekenwell Crime Union in the United Kingdom.Directed until the all -around Latin King (King of the King) is a loose network of Spanish gangsters.Texas and Wisconsin.It will discover that the Paradise and Earth Association is an organization that starts with patriotism. The organization began in the development of Fujian Province in the 17th century.Organized China, Japan, Russia and Vietnamese in Australia in Australia. The author describes the Naples women Maria Licciardi and Rosetta Ice Eight, Akeesya, New Mexico, Washington, Colorado,State and South IX

11There are encyclopedias that organize international crimes.The surgery from Durango, Mexico to Chicago to Chicago, and arms, and in Inagawakai, it is said to be the largest gang in Tokyo with more than 8,000 gangs.As expected, many internal struggles and violence have many internal struggles and violence.However, as the author Karlo Devito pointed out, organized criminal groups often enjoy labor relationships with others.And the former Soviet gangster has a labor relationship with Genovese.EN Montreal, Hell Angel, Mandarin Party, and Irish Gang in Western District established a consortium to regulate drug trafficking in its city.Many motorcycle gangs from North America and several infamous prisons, including the low -altitude pilot organization of the Yalian Brotherhood and the Nazi white racists, are the gangs from California prisons and Spanish prisons. These organizations begin in Puerto Rico.Rio Pedlas Prison.In Devito's first "Crime", organized crimes, but the international organized crime encyclopedia will provide you with a wide range of knowledge about organizing crime groups with various and dangerous groups.In the endless struggle of their legal application agencies.The complete guide of "The Idom of the Black Party and the Wise" is the worst thing.This is the story of the three books about the Black Party: Murder, Star of Murder: John Gotie and Gotie: Rise and Autumn.

12Introduce many people today, especially in the United States, the Mandarin Party is synonymous with organizational crime.Novels, of course, other types of criminals do not exist.The convergence of troops has greatly changed the criminal landscape of the United States and the world.With the suppression of DEA, the FBI and the Office of the General Admission of the United States, the Office of the U.S. Prosecutor's Office passed the Rico regulations, and the well -known traditional blacks have been severely paralyzed.Many major bosses are in prisons or facing judgments.Another problem is the composition of new immigrants.Row.This is also based on the second one.-The descendants of the second and third -generation immigrants rarely have members of poor families in other races seeking evil organizations.Between the second -generation and third -generation mobile families in Italy is a problem of recruitment, and there are problems to fill their ranks.In the crime world, the most powerful new immigrants are Asians and Russians.These criminals are now competing for power in the city of our country.The Chinese have three -in -one and three -in -laws. The Japanese have the famous Yakuza, and the Russians have the black party of Russians.Other groups include the south and Central America and the Caribbean.These groups are ruthless and forced the black hand territory and money.This is not the case.However, these are not new organizations.These groups have been afraid of legal citizens in other countries in the world.Southeast Asia has a triple meeting.There are fixtures in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.Japan has Yakuza.Caribbean (Caribbean) has a group of teeth and POSSE.Rusia has its black hand.Latin Americans have posters.These organizations, illegal luxury bands work in the world.The Interpol Member State Conference passed in 1998. As follows: Any company or a group of people or a group of people involved in continuous illegal activities is its main goal, regardless of national restrictions.COC branches are dealing with certain criminal organizations.Concentrate, evaluate and analyze information about international operating criminal organizations and its activities.It makes people particularly interested.The biggest criminal organizations include Trinity, Grasson, Yakuza Group, and organized the Russian Alliance of the former Soviet territory, the Italian Misked Party, the South American poster, and the motorcycle gangs outside the law.Only the main criminal activities are organizational crimes, fraud, theft, theft, armed attacks, drug trafficking, trafficking weapons and radioactive substances, XI

13The encyclopedia organized by the international criminal transportation organized in humans and smuggled foreigners through prostitution, smuggled precious and old products, ransomed protection funds, opportunities for games, misappropriated currency games, misappropriated the infringement and control of private and commercial banks of industrial and financial institutions, as well asBusiness, business and control of the black market.XII

14Acun, Arturo Ver Fochunt.adams, Patrick Patrick Adams may be one of the most violent organizational criminal figures in the history of organizational crime.It is used in high -speed motorcycles, especially experts, and they are very dramatic and creative.Adams (Adams) defended Terry Adams, the leader of the family ring in almost all companies;For Adams's hand. Although Frazier was spared to murder, he refused to discuss this incident publicly with the press. After a drug agreement, this meeting made David hold him in himSome of the ears, to warn not to cross Adam again. Therefore, the luck of other criminals is not suspected of suspected at least 25 times as doubtful. The murder is 3 years. The huge criminal conspiracy is Terry Adams, 48 years old, 48.A person is so secret that his public photos are extremely scarce to the shoulders, and it is an impressive 6. Terry Adams is the indisputable leader of Claire Kelle (Terry Adams)The criminal alliance is only known as the company. Former colleagues and former surviving employees described him as the rulers of Makiavilia, and he exercised control through cunning and violent power when necessary to establish an undoubted authority.The British media noticed its love of antiques, delicious drinks and elegant cars (their favorite is Cadillac and custom Binles. British underworld. I even even legendary British gangs, especially the most famous, craziest, the most crazyOne of Frankie Frazier, whose disposal of any theme is famous for its disposal of any theme, his son David is with the so -called Adams inAdamses) Lost the ears long black layer and white leaflet 1 after the conflict

15Adams, Tommy shirt.In the underworld in London, he is John Gotti closest to John Gotti.Please refer to: Adams, Patrick; Patrick; Tems, Tommy; Criminal Well Criminal Group.Clerkenwell's crime was directed by his brother Terry Adams.He is also the most famous of the three Adams Brothers.In 1985, Tommy's favorite Fleet Street Tommy survived a very open trial and was unlimited.The profit of washing.According to the union, Tommy is currently serving a sentence for 7 years to create a large hash woodin.Agcca said he was a member of the popular front of Palestine's liberation, and then admitted that he became part of Pajaro/KGB, because he supported Poland's solidarity movement.Ugurlu authorized to pay $ 1.7 million, crimes and CCC murder.He returned to Turkey, where he was imprisoned for murder the newspaper editor.In 1979, Mehmet murdered the main editor of Milliyet of Abdi Ipekci.; Ozbizerdik, ONUR; Ugurlu, Abuzer.aglieri, Pietro (also known as Signurinu; Little Gentleman) Pietro Aglieri occupied Corleone Giovanni and appeared on the Corleone clan chief.One of the most scared and most striking criminal clan in Italy.Its control of power limits an extremely rapid rise and has reached an extremely rapid rise.Italy has organized crimes.Aglieri killed one of Italy's most infamous criminal figures, and was also a competitor of the Croleone family.Crown time, Aglieri was three years younger than his predecessor, and he wrote a union.Despite his youth and his misleading nickname (gentleman), Aglieri was violent like other Corleone bosses.Since the Italian authorities have captured Evsei (EVSEI (also known as a small gift), Evsei Agron) Since arriving at Kennedy Airport on October 8, 1975, Agli has proven to be one of the shortest registrations. The 5,200 Soviet Jews who fled Russia and arrived in the United States that year.Crickburbon was expelled from the hard black gang. He left Russia for the first time in 1971 and went to Hamburg, Germany, where he performed excellent prostitution and competition. In the Brighton Beach in New YorkWho is: his reputation and his reputation and his friendship with his brotherhood, making Agron the most fearful person of Brighton Beach

sixteenAgron, Evsei, and if they have any unbelief, he plans to change his mind.Agron did not attract much attention at first.He has an office in the El Caribe Rural Club, where he runs a cruel organization from there, extorting tens of thousands of dollars from the community every week in the 1980s.Agron's group squeezed money from all Russians, from doctors and lawyers to shopkeepers.Agron once threatened that if her father did not pay $ 15,000, he would always pay for a Russian daughter on the wedding day; they knew what would happen if I rejected a follower of Agron to visit them, and Agron’s’s from Agron’s’sThe fame is the same as Agron.Two of the Nayfeld brothers are gangsters from Gomeli, Russia.Brother Benjamin was a member of the Russian Olympic Weightlifting Team.He once killed a Jew in a group of parking lots in the Brighton Beach in front of a group of law -abiding Russians: Benjamin grabbed him with one hand, raised him into the air, pierced his heart with a knife, and pierced his heart.EssenceThe victim was said to have insulted Benjamin's girlfriend.In the trial, 18 people confirmed that Benjamin said that he was attacked by the victim; he was a free man.His brother Boris was even more terrible.Many Russians say that his eyes are completely white, which is a sign that he has no soul and devil's possession.These are just two employees of Aglo, and the Russians of these three hate Agron the most.As we all know, Agron will transport electric cows to torture his victims.Compared with most Russian VOR members, Agron finds that fear is more important than respected.One night in 1980, when someone fired, Agron was passing through Connie Island and he was on his stomach.He was taken to the Connie Island Hospital where he was taken care of by a former police officer hired by the Ginovis family because Aglen was in touch with them in the 1980s.When the police asked Aglen if he knew who shot him, he replied, yes.The police then asked him to identify the perpetrator so that they could arrest the defendant.Agron replied, no, I will take care of him.Many people want Agron to die. He used to be a greedy person in his organization.No matter what the reason is, no matter who is behind the attack, Aglo has recovered his life without any matter.His men returned to the street, and the rampant truck hijacking became the most popular criminal activity.He even bought a Russian newspaper company for himself to provide daily news for Russians on the Breeton Beach.Now they will read what he wants to let them read.Now, Aglo is reaching the pinnacle of his game. His status in his ruthless Russian thugs cannot be challenged and even expands to six major cities in the United States.Aglen received the support of two very powerful allies: the Ginovis family and the active Jewish Libnad Geldon Wald.As exchanging their friendship, the Italians accepted Russian workers and expanded their actions to enter the Russian community.The friendship with Italians is very important for Agron: Italians have huge military and political relations, which can get criminals get rid of the predicament.But even if they made a lot of money together, there were friction between the Russian gangs and Italian gangs.Most Italians live a humble life and try not to attract attention. On the other hand, the Russians like this concern and show off their wealth.The Russians do not have the same code as the Italians as Italians: Italians do not kill civilians. Even the family members of mobs who have made mistakes to mobs, but the Russians do not have this rule.By the mid -1980s, Agron's robbery scale was larger than ever, and more money made than ever, but even with the godfather of Aglo, the Russian group near him was still rampant.Gelon has power on the Byton Beach, but it may still be killed at any time because there is no structure and no control at all.In January 1984, when he walked to his doorstep, Aglen hit again.He was shot twice by a killer, once on his face, once on his neck, all close.Aglen was taken to Connie Hospital for the second time and survived, but his face would be injured.In his rest of his life, he seemed to be smiling, a strange smile.He told the police again that he would deal with business.The main suspect behind the scenes who may have some thoughts on who may have some ideas is that the former Israeli officer Borce Goldburg from the former Israeli officer from Russia and the criminal head David Napoleon Schuster led a group of criminal GoldThe third group of the castle

17Agueci, Alberto G. and VITO have huge hidden firepower.Between weapons, there are weapons with a muffler, grenade box, and plastic explosives with detonators.The group sells Kaine dealers to Alley., Owner of the top apartment.Who will it belong to the area, but every time something goes wrong.After the failure of Agron in May 1984, Agron called Goldberg by 50 silent and armed Russians, sitting at the round table meeting. At the fierceness, they were fierce.During the discussion, Aglen asked Goldburg whether it was behind, and the incident began to get out of control. Gagron did not believe in Goldburg. I wanted to kill Goldburg and say: If you want a problem, ... I'm ready. The armed personnel run. Grandon decided to stay like this, without blood sitting. The enemy hopes that he will die. On May 4, 1985, Agron (Agron was done in this way, Agron felt that he also felt that he tooYou can discuss some businesses. Starting from his apartment. It may be the first Russian godfather to establish an organization in the United States. This is not the last. It is also: the crime Genoa family; the Russian Mafiya.davidamoruso.evseiagron.gangters.gangers. Gangers.Gangers. Magaddino was arrested by anesthesia in July 1961. He went to Magidino's house and threatened to kill him. Later, Margardino taught him and he and Agueci.Those who have seen a class and sent two executors. In November of the same year, Agueci's limbs were discovered. [I still live] Thomas L.Before his mouth, he had been tied to a tree. In a short time, a US gangster named Joseph Vallaci, Jones. "Death of Light: Joseph Valrachi WallachiStory court TV network LLC LLC LLC.

18Almighty Latin King Nation was sentenced to one year and one day for failing to register as a publisher with the gaming device. Travel to Kansas. The legal limit is 24 games. He became head of the Mafia in 1971 and was sentenced in 1985 for deciphering Las Vegas casino profits. He was murdered in prison at the age of 89. See also: Andricchi, Joseph; Carlisi, Samuel; John; Lapietra, Angelo; Rumba Lombardo, Joseph (1940) tried to overcome racism and prejudice. The founder wanted members to rise above racism and create an organization of kings who could fight injustice, thus bettering themselves and their communities. The irony is , most of its members have been imprisoned in serious crimes. Alkn tends to use crowns. Many crowns can be built from the five jewels, representing love, respect, sacrifice, honor and obedience. In graffiti and tattoos, crowns can accompany LK Acronym and some form of symbolism inflammatory, intended, for example, for opposing gangs, to fork holders as an insult to civil unions. Documents and graffiti can include lions standing on anchors and crowns. Formal Documents, such as letters, consist of a coat of arms, which may include a coat of arms containing two crowned lions flanking a crowned battle shield with a cross engraved on it, and various inscriptions. Although they are uncommon, in tattoos Lions were also observed. Organized crime at a hearing in Trenton, NJ. Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Puerto Rico, Texas and Wisconsin. Compared to most street gangs, Latin Kings are usually More structured and organized. The rules of the gang apply strictly, the gang has a written constitution. They have a mentality. It's all about the motto is the king and always will be the king. Those who break the rules are punished by fellow gangsters. These rape cases can be Suspension, termination of membership, physical assault or death. This is one of several gangs that women accept. Members celebrate January 6 as the King's Holy Day and the first week of March as King's Week.

19It is said that Amezcua-Contreras, Jesúsamezcua-Contreras, Jesús, AMEZCUA-Contreras Brothers, AMEZCUA-Contreras brothers operated abroad outside Gwadahara, Mexico, are responsible for the full MetamPheamine. The heads of ball production and traffic organization Adam and Luis brothers.At the age, he is one of the current leaders Thriumviratos. It is said that he and John No Nostric and John No No Nostric (Joseph Joey The Clown Lombardo))Together..sari was former resident of Laraapur, India, and worked with the terrorist organization headquarters in Pakistan to perform operations for Ibrahim.Met Met ASIF RAZA Khan is a trafficker of Indian Islamic student sports explosives. It turns out that it is an excellent ally.In early 2001, Ansari and Khan began working together, and Khan provided changes to Ansari Armas and powerful men.Some of the profits of some kidnappers.Some profits finally found on the way to Mohammad Atta. Mohammad Atta was one of the attackers in the New York City World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001.Please refer to: Noor (Noor);, Irfan; Ibrahim, Dawood; Rajan, Chhota; Chhota, Chhota; Singh, Sanjay.praveen Swami.Disappear area.Frontline 19, No. 3, No. 3 (February 2, 2002).line.url: htm.On November 24, I consulted Benjamin's brothers Francisco and ARELLANOFéLix of Ramónarellanofélix. All of these shared the responsibility in the implementation of Tyava.Located in Mexico, Mexico, Benjamínarellanofélix, on May 2, 1989, was charged with Santh Insannjamínarellanofélix on May 2, 1989.Diego is in the position of continuous criminal companies involving cocaine imports and distribution.ARELLANOFéLix often sees it in Mexico without being arrested for these positions.Located in Mexico's Timener Drug Poster.(AP) 6

20Tijuana's poster is one of the most violent organizations in Mexico. Mexican officials are linked to the violence of the violent death of the cardinal bishop JuanjesúSposadas-OCAMPO.Dividedly killed.During 1994.This group is committed to hasty on San Diego's methylenezate territory.In the summer, the Ventise murder was committed in summer, and competitors were fighting for traffic in areas.Please refer to: Arellanofélix, Francisco; ARELLANOFélix, Ramón, Ramón; Titianer Organization.Thomasa. Constantine.Drugs and other issues related to drug control policies.The audience of the Coast Guard Group Committee and the Maritime Transportation of the Transport and Infrastructure Committee, the 104th Parliament, the Second Session, the Second Session, September 12th, and joint hearing with the International Anesthesiors of the Core Group of the Senatemeeting.Benjamín and Ramónarellanofélix, when they guided Tijuana organizations, they were responsible for their responsibility. This is a drug logo, which is Mexico, Mexico's headquarters, and Mexico.In 1980, he was accused of being accused of having and conspiracy to have cocaine in San Diego, and has not been arrested.Located in Mexican Tyner.Participate in the ransom, drug operations and violence of correction facilities; many members have fascination and Nazi SS thunder recognition tattoos.The Alias nation also published the "Path" and "Prison Bulletin".Its purpose is to provide good sources of Bible research in Israel's identity information and stories, stories, stories, stories and stories, and its stories, and its stories, as well as related policies with criminals.Event sisters.I do n’t know, the friendship of hate and sigh of brothers will be as organized as other gangs (such as blood, CRIPS, or Mexican blackman), but its reputation has been fully recorded.In April 1997, John Stojetz, the leader of the Brotherhood in Ohio Prison, was convicted for a 17 -year -old black prisoner for murder.In October 1994, Donald Riley, a member of the Brotherhood, was sentenced to life imprisonment.Black sailors recently returned to service from the Persian Gulf War.Since 1996, the prison in the Pelican Bay of California is related to the internal war in the Alia Brotherhood.The local prosecutor describes the situation of the prison as a characteristic terrorist rule.In the Pelicans Safe Housing Bay, as many as 50 prisoners were reported by the group.In the 1980s, members of the Brotherhood ARIA questioned that prison prisons for prohibiting Missouri prisons obtained literary works from Alias and similar groups.They confirmed the ban.Missouri prisoners are also members of Christianity organization, the Christian Church of Jesus Christianity.Members of identity exercise confirmed that Anglo -Jews, not Jews, not Jews, Bible people chosen in the Bible, non -white people are animal -level mud, and Jews are Satan's children.According to reports, he was killed James Byrd Jr..

21Aryan National Confederate Knights of America.c.k.a.Like the Jamilian Brothers' Association, Supreme Gang WHITE GANG NAZI BOOTS (NLR) originated in a prison system from California, but there are also members of the prison.Singing in prison seems to be a requirement for members.The gang is controlled by his predecessors. All these people have become members of NLR for at least five years and voted by other predecessors.Only seniors can absorb new members, and they are responsible for educating their recruitment members.There are reasons to believe that the Jamien Brotherhood ended with NLR in the late 1970s or early 1980s. At that time, the California Correction Department began to fight against the members of the Jaman Brotherhood;Isolate.NLR is still an independent gang, but it helps to promote the interests of the Aryan Brotherhood in the prison system.Like the Yalian Brothers' Association, NLR gathers its members around standard racist propaganda and remarks, which has strengthened white pride, and at the same time blame most of the problems in the United States on Jews, blacks and other groups.Nevertheless, their activities are not limited to racial bait: NLR members try to control a large part of prison drug transactions and other criminal activities.Outside prison, members of NLR participated in drug trafficking (especially methamphetamine or speed) and were responsible for many attacks on blacks.The Yalian Brotherhood and Turner Journal hated the newspaper in Jasper, Texas, Cruel and June 2nd, James byrd Jr.The murder of racial motivation became headline news. The three men were accused of the murder claimed by the members of the Aryan Brother Hood.On the background, Berd's body was tied to his truck, and one of the suspects said that we reported that the Turner diary has been started long ago.Turner Diary is a self -published novel, of which blacks and Jews have become the goal of murder of white suprematicians.Turner Diary Turd Diary was in charge of the national alliance in the United States in 1978 by William Pierce, one of the most stringent new Nazi organizations in the United States. The novel became the Bible of the right -wing extremist.And non -white people.According to reports, Pierce's book inspired many people related to malignant crimes, including Timoshi Mcves, who was convicted for exploding the Federal Building of the Alverd P. Murra of Russia.Aryan Nations, headquartered by the Council of the Anti -afraid of the Council. The Aryan Nations, headquartered in the headquarters of Hayden Lake, Edaho, was founded in the mid -1970s.It is established around the Butler Christian Church of Jesus Christian, one of the hundreds of churches related to Identity, which is a pseudo -theological hatred.Identity believes that the Anglo Saxon, not Jews, the voters in the Bible, non -white people are animal -level clay, and Jews are children Satan.The organization has hundreds of followers.Members of the Yalian State advocated military against anti -Jewie and the establishment of white racist countries.Although the Aryan country of Butler is mainly a group of identity, it reflects Nazi philosophy; Bartle himself praised Hitler in the 1980s, several followers of Butler, members of the New Nazi National Alliance and some split KKK groups.A secret organization called the Silent Brotherhood, also known as the church, plans to overthrow the US government.In order to raise funds for the revolution in their plan, members of the association participated in a series of criminal activities, including murder, forge, robbing banks and confiscation of armored vehicles.The organization's activity ended with the death of Robert J. Matthews, the founder and leader of its founder and leader.As mentioned earlier, anti -Jewie is the core purpose of the Aryan national ideology.The organization in Oregon's state coordinating official Dennis Hilligoss recently said that the Jews were like a destructive virus that attacked our race body, destroyed our culture and the purity of our race.8

22The founder of the Alias national denomination, Arias Richard Butler Nations in 1996 at the assembly of the Arias countries in 1996.Website web.This statement determines that everyone is equally played with the eternal natural law.EssenceEssenceThe busy people of the United States are busy with the history of repeated injuries and usurping. All these are direct objects that have established absolute tyranny about these countries; they are also worldwide.In the council, the representatives of the Yalian people called on the people of our people's highest gods with their will ... published and solemnly announced that the people of the United States are the rights of freedom and freedom; all loyalty to the United States of AmericaNon -guilty, they must be completely dissolved with all political connections with the federal government; and, as a free and independent country, they have sufficient power to end the war, end peace, hire alliances, establish trade, implement independence independenceAll other behaviors that the country can do.The conclusion that the statement comes is that we must ensure the existence of our people and the future of white children.In order to help recruitment, the country held many racist activities during the hatred of the summer season, called the Alias World Conference.At these meetings, the Bartle organization provided urban terrorism courses and guerrilla war.Many extremists have led themselves to ARIA's meetings.The country was an outstanding speaker of Congress in 1990, and later became the leader of Montana Mongolian militia.9

23Since 1979, the Yalian nation has been engaged in prison exterior work.This is an important aspect of the Jacryan National Aired Aired, because many monks and the Yalian nation have been serving sentence for a long time.The Aryan nation has been published by Aryan Nations in 1987. Aryan Nations has published a prison exterior communication called The Way, which promotes the recruitment and connection between Aryan Nations and its descendants and prison gang members network.Due to Richard Bartle's poor health, and it is increasingly unable to prove that he is a feasible leader, the Ohio Branch of the Aryan National Ohio seems to be positioned as the possible new headquarters of the organization.On February 16, 1997, the Jesus Christian Church of the Jesus Christian Church of the Jesus Christian Church and the Three -K Cavaliers in Ohio, Ohio, organized a rally at the State Congress of Columbus, Ohio to protest the black history of the black.The organization's existence in the region was revealed to be publicly demonstrated by the two brothers and the police with the Aryan and the police after a shooting nearby.The two may be on the way to the rally.At the end of 1997, members held a rally in several cities in Ohio and distributed anti -black and anti -Blacks and anti -Jewish orders in northern Kentucky and southwestern Ohio.One of the leaflets is specifically targeted at the local Rabbie and Jewish churches in Ohio.In November, about 100 supporters from the Aryan nation participated in fundraising activities organized by the Ohio Branch.In September 1997, Ohio Leader Harold Radfrine was sentenced to six months in prison for carrying hidden weapons.Other background Bartler once called Hyeng Lake as the Peace Community of White International Headquarters.In the 1990s, Batler's organization suffered internal difficulties. Carl Franklin, Chief of Staff of the Yalian National Staff, left in 1993 due to disagreement with Bartler's opinion. Batler had previously appointed him as a successor.In the late 1980s, he left with Franklin.They and two other members moved to western Montana, and established their own white suprematic groups, called the Christian Church of Jesus Christian Church in Montana.After these departure, the other two major members of Charles and Bettet left their son -in -law Kircock Leonos, a lawyer in North Carolina. He had defended the right -wing extremist and said that he was their career.Active supporters.In addition, Freud Corchon, the only official of the Yalian nation, has resigned from the organization and abandoned anti -Jewie and racism.The increasingly serious leadership crisis became more obvious at the Jamilian National Annual World Congress held in the Group's Courtyard on July 21, 23, and the number of attendees was about 125.About 25 of them are bald parties, including members of the bald party gang headquarters, headquarters of the Task Force, The Skinhead.Israeli army.A battle broke out for allegations.The chief of staff Tim Bishop's wife stole money from the organization.These failures led to Bishop decided to resign and leave the Kansas Courtyard. Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon stood.In addition to the leadership crisis, the health status of Butler has declined significantly. In addition, his wife died in December. The Aryan nation and one of the incidents about the government conspiracy against citizenship in 1992 were subsequent confrontations. Waver's wife and wife andHis son and an American deputy marshal were killed.During the siege, the party groups from the Aryan country, and the Bald Party and other new Nazi molecules to support Waver near his hut.The Yalian nation has been organizing youth gatherings in the rural courtyard of Edahea for many years.These activities are usually held in April, which coincides with Hitler's birthday and attracts countless bald parties.The position of Batler's successor is still vacant.However, it is believed that Louis Beam, who has been touted as the heir of Butler in the past, may fill this vacant.Beam is David Duke's KKK GRAND DRAND DRAND S TEXAS in the 1970s. He has been the ambassador of the Aryan country. He bought real estate in the narrow area in northern Aida, the national headquarters from the National Headquarters of Haeadon Lake.He participated in a rally of gun rights. The sponsor was the review report of the Spokan spokesperson, including members and supporters of the militia.

24Atobrah gang attented a reception world connector of arias. With the actions aginst the perceived engine, Ión league.billin.lobos lonely align.spakane spokesman review, september 10, askolar, sunil sunil askolararOriginally the young Gofer, the famous Indian mighty party Downsch Manchekar and Guru satellites, provided tea and cigarettes for the infamous Notorious Dons.When the two Dons acted together, he followed Manchekar.Chintya Zaukar failed in 1992, but his second attempt for the second year was successful.This and other success in 1993 and 1994 won his reputation, making him more lead the organization.Askolar and other black -handed parties were forced to force him underground.Suppression, but proven to be incomprehensible.dey.askolar: From a small message to horror.On September 10th, the Indian Express (Atobrah Gang) was the serious and organized criminal group of the majority of the police, bringing one of London's largest drug ring, and he handled millions of cocaine.The weight of the cracked crack in Kakin is using eight -year -old girls, like runners.In conspiracy.On November 1, 2002, the court of the royal family of Midelsex ordered that the total value was 4,595,000 assets, representing the profit obtained by the members of the gang 49 -Year -OLD Atobrah leader, 34 Mountbatten Close, GYPSY, Gypsy, Gypsyhill, will be sentenced to 18 years in prison at MiddLesex Guildhall Crown Crount, and announced at a value of 2,940,000. The order of her assets was 2,940,000 conspiracy. On February 27, Joseph Dati (Joseph Dartey), Joseph Dartey, 48 years old, Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant, ATOBRAH, announced that he was guilty of conspiracy on January 25, 2002, and was sentenced to 14 -year -old in prison and sentenced to order.EssenceMake assets at a value of 500,000.SUS distributor: Patrick Reid, 59, at the 36 Greenwood Terrace of Harlesdon NW10, announced on April 23, 2002 that he had a conspiracy and was sentenced to 12 years in prison and was confiscated.The 38 -year -old Michael Dewer of Winbuli NW10 is worth 500,000; Michael Dewer announced on April 19, 2002 that he had committed a conspiracy and was sentenced to 7 years in prison and was 85,000.Value confiscation of assets.The 170B Hannover Road (170B) of the 170B Hanno Road (NW10) of the gang's main businessman NW10 was confiscated by the 30,000 value of value; Delroy Abrahams announced on August 2, 2002 that he had a conspiracy and in 2002June 7 was sentenced.By 12 years.Delroy's girlfriend Sandra Lyndsey, 40 years old, was sentenced to a conspiracy at the Wood Green Crow Court on May 14, 2002, on January 7, 2003, 2003.He was sentenced to five years.On February 19th, a series of suspects in a series of dawn raids in London were the result of arrest and the result of long -term undercover operation. During this period, the suspect monitored 18 months.The cocaine issued by the gang originated in Colombia and from Colombia.Arrange the United States and 11 through the United States and 11

25Australia and organized European crimes.Then, drugs went to Abraham in the northwest of London, especially in the region of Stone Bridge Park Manor.It is evaluated that the gang is distributed between 100 and 200 kg of cocaine, and it is worth 3 million to 6 SO7 detectives (2) millions of millions from a cargo container in Ghana.And house.Another conspiracy, Wealdstone, 52, was sentenced to 12 years in prison in January 2001 in January 2001 in January 2001. The purpose was to be sentenced to 2.5 kg of cracks after being arrested in crime.EssenceThis is a trusted lieutenant.Atobrah's confidence was until he was arrested.Last year, it was also a confiscation of his 220,000 assets. We successfully defeated one of the most important operations responsible for the import and distribution of crackers in London.The operation was particularly successful.Because we have removed the crack distribution network from top to bottom.Prayer reflects this, this is an important sign of the metropolis metropolitan team in London to crack down on drugs and gun crimes in London.Who complained to crimes and funded their illegal lifestyle sale and imported drugs ... withdrawing the main actors from the equation and putting it and its network in such operations.EssenceThe last two members of the crack gang.The more mature Chinese gangs, Japanese gangs and the nearest Russian gang Australians so far.All kinds of matters, including the import and distribution of drugs, illegal games, illegal prostitution, extortion, immigration and money laundering bad customs.A relatively new field, people believe that the Chinese are outstanding credit card fraud.Chinese drug trafficking activities can be called heroin imports to meet the needs of the Australian market. The main source areas (the regularity of the offer) is Southeast Asia.The statement has no intention of reducing the importance and is well known that a large number of heroin has been obtained from southwestern Asia and the Middle East (although the results of seizures show that these areas are 5 % to 10 % of the general supply, the actual order order is higher than this.In 1988, the Chinese liaison officer of the National Criminal Bureau was cited, saying that China has been related to all important Harolin epileptic seizures in the past two years. It has a total of 63 kilograms. It is estimated that 96 % of the three -in -laws in Australia and allegations of organizational crimes are estimated to be in Australia.Obviously, there are a few three -in society. Just like in Hong Kong, they provide local links for criminal companies. Australian residents are members of the three -in -laws in Hong Kong or other abroad.12 foreign colleagues

26Australia and organized criminals are preparing to assist criminal activities.Some people claim that some triple -in -law organizations in Australia operate by setting up gambling and protective rackets, but may also be that criminals use trilateral activities to perform their activities.Practice private interest and activities outside the organization.In Japan in Australia, the increase in criminal underworld violence is just as all the traditional gangs income lines have been declining.The business of loans, gambling, drugs and brothels has declined sharply.The speculative golf club and a large amount of real estate projects invested in a large number of illegal molecules have closed down, so they have carried out other money laundering operations and investing in the market credit quota. It has been easily obtained from banks and agents, and it no longer exists.Moreover, after experiencing a series of scandals, the top politicians and businessmen traded with Yakuza and helped overthrow the Japanese government. The company has been working hard to clean up and reduce the connection with the underworld.At least since the mid -1980s, the law enforcement agencies have repeatedly warned that Australia has been, or that the goal of the group may have claimed to conduct Yakuza activities in Australia since the mid -1980s.Although the earlier visit records were in the case, it has attracted the attention of wrestling agencies and media since the mid -1980s.There seems to be no accurate statistics on the number of Yakuza visits. Although a media report in 1994, the Australian police are now determining that the number of members of Yakuza who arrives in Australia is about 40 times a year.Of course, this does not include the number of visits of members of Yakuza who has not been recognized as such.According to reports, many gang members have given up their unique dressing, hairstyles and behaviors since Japan's suppression of Yakuza.This will make it more difficult for them to be discovered at the customs pass.Intelligence surveys show that there are coercive business behaviors among local Japanese businessmen currently engaged in the tourism industry. For example, Japanese tourists are introduced to Japanese private souvenir store travel agencies, and in turn, commissions are charged.In fact, some souvenir shop owners have sought cooperation with tour guides.Several Japanese gangsters and Japanese gangsters have been determined to be visiting Australia.Some gangsters were found to violate the immigration law because they failed to declare their previous criminal records when applying for a visa.Cooperate with the Ministry of Immigration, Local Government and the Ministry of Ethnic Affairs, AFP's Yakuza officials monitor them to leave Australia.On March 21, 1994, the Australian Financial Review News reported that Japan's organizational criminal groups are entering Australian industry and aimed at legal companies because the crackdown on domestic gangs has prompted them to find new opportunities abroad.Federal police have recently launched five independent substantial investigations on Yakuza's investment and crimes in Australia.Four of them involved investing or extorting money in legal companies and entrepreneurs who were trying to operate in Australia.According to a report from the Australian government, there are signs that the Japanese consortium is trying to acquire the mature export industry in Australia to provide channels and cover for the main international drug transfer route.Japanese gangs have also been transferred to the construction industry in Australia, including the complex efforts of extorting bidding information for specific projects.There is no large -scale, geographical concentrated Japanese community in Australia, which makes it less likely to use Japanese and Chinese criminals that Japanese and Chinese criminals are said to use their own (larger) ethnic communities in Australia.In addition, the narrow interests of Australian law enforcement agencies for Yakuza visitors and the advertisements of Yakuza's participation in the media may have discouraged visiting Yakuza as a holiday destination.In the past few years, Australian Vietnamese gangs have expressed concern about the growth of Vietnamese's organizational criminal activities in Australia.The media's attention was originally concentrated on the criminal gang.Media sources have observed that more and more armed Vietnamese gang members have begun to get involved in drugs and gambling, establishing contact with Australian criminals and participating in their own zippers.Police believe, 13

27Most groups of crimes in Australia and organized crimes mainly participate in crimes against their own communities, including murder, extortion, theft and trafficking small drugs. Shocking and extortion are the most common.As we all know, Vietnamese gangs are very flowing.Vietnamese gangs often commit various criminal acts in a short time.DICS gangs used in several American cities in the Southeast Asian refugee camps.They are considered to be well -organized, but they have less organization than ethnic groups, but they are more violent.Some groups, such as New York's BTK gangs (born in murder), have an exact leadership level structure.-The custom is usually the connection between Vietnamese gang members or criminal groups in Vietnam.Vietnamese criminal groups participated in extensive criminal activities.Witnesses have determined the main areas related to Vietnamese such as ransom, fraud, car theft, terrorism (political and criminal), high -tech theft, gambling, prostitution, transportation, anesthesia and robbery.It attracted legal attention in Australia.In some states, these groups have played an important role in the organization of criminal activities.The operation areas include the distribution of heroin, the organization of ransom and illegal game operations, and armed robbery with companies and private houses.At the same time, it is obvious that several of these Vietnamese people are independent or in heroin transportation with the establishment of Heroin transportation operating with China.More and more heroin, more and more heroin arrived in Australia through Vietnam.Drug trafficking activities Vietnamese trade unions seem willing to participate in the imports of Harolin at all levels on the streets.They are also willing to buy from Chinese importers. Whether it is the heroine imported from Vietnam through Vietnam, Vietnam is obviously experiencing greater opium production (drugs that occur in heroin) and a larger heroin transit produced in other areas of the region.It is believed that the more the trade unions have a small amount, perhaps 5 % of the total imports of Australia's headquarters in Australia in recent years.Intelligence and convulsions show that the number of importers of Vietnamese importers compared to the small number of Chinese peers, although this may begin to change.Melbourne was caught in November, and this goods were obviously imported by a family.Vietnamese Group.The network revolves around the main 5T gang, and is committed to providing a large market in the center by providing the same price by providing the same price by providing the high -quality Asian heroine (from 65 % to 75 % of purity from 65 % to 75 %) at the same price.Sell low purity.In another place (limited to 0.03 grams, the price on the street is $ 40).This attracts the drug users and distributors of all parts to organize their own heroin imports (usually immerse in the fabric or return from Vietnam by email).Dependence (and general expenses).The 5T gang also cut off the intermediary agency and sold it directly to the street.Kai; Sumiyoshi-Kai; Yamaguchi-Gumi.In Australia, the discussion documents of the parliament committee: Australia and organized crimes.14

28Gaetano Gaetano Badalamanti Badalamanti is CIUCULL de Palermo, the main person in charge of, called Mamasantissma or Main Boss, and became a knowledge author of pizza connection in April 1984.This ring is so successful.He was finally arrested and sentenced to imprisonment, and hundreds of people were suspected of participating.Baksh was arrested by the Indian police.Baksh is said to be a gang member directed by Dawood Ibrahim.Dwivedi's attack on Chota Rajan told the Sharaat Pradhan News A abroad on October 6 that the arrest was specially specially specially specially specially specially special in India.Caused by the dispatched troops (STF).Sharat Pradhan. Gangster admits to attacking the so -called Mumbai Chhota Rajan.Indian News Agency abroad.On October 6, the gangster, the motorcycle club was established in Houston in 1966. After watching TV advertisements with registered French fries with Donald Eugendhaus and registered fans, he Hell sells fried fries.The band's gang, and used the color of fat cartoon denim, machete and guns as the color of the club.Bandit, also known as Bandido National, is Bandido National. Among the fastest growing laws in the United States, there are about 30 chapters and 500 members of the motorcycle gang.The tolerance has an Australian branch and obtained a lot of blood.The club is concentrated in Texas, extended to Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, new Mexico, Colorado, South Dakota and Washington.The bandit is a maternal branch consisting of presidents, four regions and local chapters.The band participates in drug trafficking, prostitution, contract murder, fences, ransom, robbery and weapons, the operation of scamming in Jinghe Bank, and the fire caused.Most of the 15 people riding a bicycle

29Made in the manufacturing and sales of bandits/rock mechanisms of methamphetamine.Clubs and colleagues clubs, these clubs are colleagues who smuggle drugs and weapons on the border and national lines.Nomads are responsible for the bandit's security, anti -intelligence and internal disciplines.It is composed of founding members who have worked in the club for more than five years.Although many members attracted Lubbock in Texas.Consider the enemy.In 1978, the Bandid Alliance with the Outlaws motorcycle gang was expanded to expand its drug network.Outlaws provides cocaine bandits to buy Columbia and Cuban suppliers.The club is socially controlled by the city controlled by robbers.Oklahoma City.The club is regarded as sisters and tattoos./Rock machine in 1980, a rock motorcycle gang in Canada, Richardlagacé, Serge Pinel, and Johnny Plescio.Quebec is a large part of the drug trafficking of Coco.This angered the most important motorcycle knight gang in the city, the infamous hell angel, and they asked for part of the cake.However, rock machines and other independent drug gangs refused to go to the gang to murder the supporters of Hell Angel Pierre Daous on July 13, 1994, and began the most brutal gang war in Canada.The murder case continued.Rock machine became the official motorcycle Cavaliers gang in 1999 on June 2nd, which revealed its color in the celebration of the bandits in New Mexico.The organization expanded to Ontario Province, created three other chapters, and also established a puppet club, namely Palmers, which are active in Montreal and Quebec.The rock machine became a test bandit on December 1, 2000; the date after one year, they became the official members of the club bandit.The club expanded its influence and established several puppet gangs in the province.Hell angels killed more than 150 people and were angry on the streets of Quebec.In June 2002, the police arrested a series of raids/bandits among more than 60 gang members and colleagues in the province of Quebec and Ontario.All members of Quebec.

30Gary Francoeur Credit and Trade Bank.Bangdos/Rock machine.Chiseguywally.In the summer of 1991, Bank of England took unprecedented steps and ended one of the world's largest banks, namely Credit and International Trade Bank (BCCI).Then, the prosecutor Robert Morgenthau of Manhattan region put forward criminal allegations to the bank's senior officials.BCCI is related to some of the richest chiefs of the Persian Gulf, and is described as the Secret Fund (CIA) of the central intelligence agency.EssenceThe first fact is a very close alliance between BCCI and some stronger financial institutions in the UK and noble families.The second fact is created by BCCI by BCCI, and then a world -class bank, mainly to manage the secret war of undercover funds in Afghanistan.The BCCI is in the efforts of Afghanistan. The effort is the fact that the central bank is used for the millions of rich man Jin Xinyue. The bank uses illegal weapons to trade. The weapon multiplied by the last Red Army in FebruaryThe withdrawal Kabul took the huge action plan of Yingle Derse and Americans in February 1989 to support the Afghan Holy Warrior.BCCI lost the reason for existence and followed the road (iOS) of investors' diplomatic services in the 1960s, as well as Nukin Burger Bank of Australia and Australia in the Vietnam War: This money was transferred, and an interesting scandal was closed.In the ten years of the Afghanistan war, BCCI's assets grew up from US $ 2.5 million to $ 4 billion in 1980 to $ 4 billion from the initial capitalization of 1972 to the amazing $ 23 billion when they moved to the Bank of England to close it.Most of the $ 23 billion disappeared, and it has not yet been calculated until today.During the rising meteor in the 1980s, the British King Guan was all the third World Bank.His real business in London.His use of billions of dollars per year for a laundry was sued by hundreds of heroin laboratory (NWFP) in the Pakistan Border (NWFP) province in the Northwest.The central bank flows to the central bank of Mujáhideen Afghanistan.BCCI has become the crown of the British hot currency system due to the connection with the city of London.In 1976, BCCI established a Swiss base to buy 85 % of the business (BCP) locations in Geneva.The remaining 15 % were retained by the primitive owner Besarus Continental Securities Corp., and the Swiss Union Bank (UBS) subsidiary (UBS)., BCP was managed by Alfred Hartmann, former UBS.INDIONS.Although he is a BCCI man in Switzerland, Hartmann has always represented Rothschild on behalf of Rothschild.Children in Rothschild and London.Swiss branches, the Caribbean region of London and BCCI was an important part of the parallel government led by Bush in the 1980s.According to the testimony of Congress, Leslie Aspin, a testimony of Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Noss and British Conestions, opened 17

31Bargarella, Leoluca's four joint bank accounts on the BCCI Paris Branch. When the Columbia Madele Press invested 10 million US dollars in the Bush Secret Box, the funds passed one of the Swiss account Rappaport, Bruce.Former Senate Researcher Jack Blum summarized the BCCI case of the Congress in 1991: This bank is the product of the Afghan war. The people who are very close to the Holy warriors said that many Pakistani military officials believed thatThey are their support to participate in helping and supporting the Afghan rebel movement movement to steal our foreign aid funds and use BCCI to hide their stolen money; sell the weapons they will deliver, these weapons will be delivered to their stolen weapons;The funds brought by marketing and management and management are obviously sold by heroin designed by the jihad organization.Re -impressed by the permission of execution of intelligence reviews.It was originally published by Bill English and Jeffrey Steinberg as the real history of BCCI. On October 13, Bill Engdahl and Jerry Steinberg.BCCI.The real history of execution of intelligence reviews.On October 13, after a permission of administrative intelligence reviews.Barella, LEOLUCA Leoluca Leoluca Bargarella is one of the most violent and cruel killer in the history of the Italian black player.In July 1979, he murdered Boris Giuliano at the Palerm Mo Police Chief. Before he was promoted to the top of Korionis, he had made friends with his brother a long time ago.Organized crimes and Endes.The news of his promotion in the world's crime has made many observer in the underworld believe that the Crolene clan will continue his murder and may reverse the level of violence in the previous unparalleled proportion.It does have no control, no control, no control.This contempt for modern civilization procedures has rejected a country full of black -handed people.His street operations were immediately under pressure from the Italian authorities, and the latter quickly established a revenge and defeating the Netherlands in Sicily.The Italian authorities were not scared to death, and Bagrat was captured in just two years, ending his greedy and fallen belt.He was sentenced to life imprisonment in June 1995.BENEDETTO.BARNES.Based on the writer of the famous writer Jerry Capeci, King Harlem Harlem, Harlem,Harlem's legendary drug dealers and criminal leaders.In drugs, he was spared.Harlem Church (Harlem Church is one of the largest heroin distributors in New York City. His supplier Matthew Madonna, a system that has never been bankrupt, involves replacing a series of cars parked in municipal parking lots; these cars are full ofCash or drugs. The two will change the keys, identify the location, and then conduct on a separate road. Madonna was arrested for drug trafficking, but Barnes found a new supplier and continued to be very successful. He was often here. He was often here.The city was shot and drove Citroen-Maserati.

32Fighting, Josémiguel (Josémiguel) after internal income service evading evasion of income tax (Barnes) paid $ 250,000 in income tax with different income). In 1977, Barnes (Barnes)Finally arrested.Barnes' reputation.The trial ordered the first anonymous jury.It was announced and sentenced to 20 years of life without probation.Until 1981, Barnes had been involved in his previous actions until they started to break in.Girlfriends and partners, as well as more than 50 drugs and other colleagues.They worked hard to move their efforts to the situation in the Hospital prison in Ottisville, New York.He cooperates with many senior legal officials.Twenty -year after the bar, Barnes was released in August 1998 at the request of the authorities and relocated according to the federal witnesses protection plan.Free POR Fin.New York Daily News, 15 de Marzo, Cartel de Barranquilla, Estaopracióndeldel Cartelsecentróenbarranquilla, Colombia.Instead of Medellíncartel (Medellíncartel, this puts cocaine on the plane. Cocaine was taken to the US military base.The south of Barranquilla wrote to the reporter of San Jose Mercury in his book "Dark Alliance" in the south of the book, Gary Webb. Co -Driver, Wallace Buzz Sawyer, 1985.One of the southern aviation pilots on the flight on the flight on October of the year. Sawyer's trunk, they recovered from the accident, and then confirmed that a plane flew to Barranquilla in early October, and then flew to Barranquilla under the pressure of the pressure.On the Madele Press, this is the Organization aircraft, fields and safe Barranquilla Group. It also took away from the business. Consortium notification. Two new books countcoke.elel independent news alliances (July 9, 1998). And Allah.The good friend of the Kilic competitors of Alaatin Cakici Kilic. In the end, he was arrested and jailed for attempted murder;But Basak has escaped. According to the crime of crime and Turkish investigation 361, he is related to several famous businessmen, Turkey Daily Daily News 361. Castro was born in JosémiguelbattSaid, this battle controlled the racket of New York to Florida. 19

33In the 1980s, the Babas Clan campaign moved to the Miami region in Florida, New Jersey.In 1985, the Presidential Committee of the Crime was estimated that the annual profit of the New York company was $ 45 million.The authorities believe that the authorities believe that the main part of combat wealth comes from rackets called Ball, which is very popular in the Spanish community and other game operations in the stores in New York.The battle has a 30 -acre ranch.In 1986, the battle appeared as one of the richest people in Dade. He was arrested for rape of passports in 1997 (he was finally convicted). In his local battle, he also owned A shotgun.1977.The 68 -year -old battle was sentenced for a second sentence in 1997.He was detained under the government's guardianship by the Jackson Memorial Hospital, and he was undergoing kidney disease., 1993) shows that the Babasin family conducted extensive heroin transportation operations between Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and Spain, and a large amount of money laundering in Europe.The Clan head was Hussein Baybasin, who was born in a lice in 1956, collected 11 kilograms of heroin in Istanbul in 1976, and then in the UK with the same drug of 6 kg in 1984, so he was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment.The clan also includes Mehmet Emin Baybasin. Born in the lice in 1942, Hussein's uncle in February 1994 wanted a laboratory in Turkey, which was not far from lice; here, the police found that the police found67 kg of heroin.Nedimbaybasin, born in lice in 1965, was born in 1965 and the son of MEHMET EMINS.1944) The heroine of 32 kg was later sentenced to 13 years in prison.Baybasin's uncle and so on.In the records of several European countries, similar exploitation can be filled in a book.Contemporary crime threat.Two typical fallen guerrilla groups: the liberated tiger and the Kurdistan worker party of Emiram Elam Elam.Notes and Etidis (special terrorism and political violence) 32 (June 1996).Although the CECO committee (CECO) committee said that Jacques Boudou is the true informal leader of the band.When Gitans became hell angels, Beaulieu was still the leader of the organization.His leadership plays an important role in development.The Sherbrooke Branch will be in a structured and influential organization.Police suspect that members of the Sherbrooke Branch were suspected of participating in the massacre of five members of the northern part of March 24, 1985.Before these men were killed by Gang Slennoxville.días in Casa Club de, Beaulieu bought a bunch of sleeping bags in a sports shop.Before Ríost.lawrence.beoulieu, the sleeping bag was placed on the members of the northern part of the northern part, accompanied by Gilles Lachance and Luc Luc Michaud, the Monterea and Roncine McDonald's Branch of Harry Fax Branch flew to the Harry Fax Branch.Vancouver explained the murder to the members of the British Colombian chapter of the hell angel.A week later, on April 17, Beaulieu, Charles Charles Cash Charles Cash Cash (Jean-Yves Boule Tremblay), Gey Mouski Rodrigue, LouisLouis Bidou Brockh Lele occurred in the northern part.

34Belzil, Jefeng, began to arrest the corpse, besides fish outside the river.FUE extradited back to Canada, where he announced that he had five murders and was imprisoned.Beaulieu was arrested on ACAPULCO in Mexico on April 3, 2001, and hell angel Jacques Rodrigue and Guydubé, Richard Lock, and Guydubé.Jacques Benoit, Alain Saint-Gelais, and Mario Bonce.Eight men are considered impossible and returned to Canada.Dubé (Dubé. Pennsylvania's committee, with the University of Rogers. At a very young age, he always carried the reputation of a gun. The fabrics were sperm everywhere. When the government closed the bar four years later, Belzil and DuboisLost a good money manufacturer. Each of them won about $ 800 from the club every week. The two and Claude Jodoin and Claude Jodoin set up Big One. In May, Belzil (Belzil DuboOne year later, Claude Dubois was enough and decided to kill Déormiers. The contract was signed to Belzil, Claude Dubeau and Donald Lavoie. Manager Jacques Ada cloth clothJacques-Adébourssa several times. When this happens inside, Belzil's girlfriend Claude Dubois and his wife, ClaudeJodoin spent two weeks of vacation. Montreal Police Claude Jodoo, a member of the leader who later became a lineman, said that Belzil (Belzil (Belzil (Belzil opened a very close to Claude Du Du DuThe escort service of the Claude Dubois institution. I was hired to hire a criminal Raymond DuClos. He is a criminal of criminals.CECO testimony and work in the agency. This is a real slap. Dubois.21

35Berger, Claude The Dubois Brothers ordered Belzil to close the door of his escort agency.Belzil was very angry. One afternoon at a gang meeting, according to Jodoin, he jumped to a gang member named Petit Louis and knocked him down.Inability to fight.Claude and Jean-Paul Dubois broke up quickly. Claude threw Belzil on the wall and used a powerful upper handcut to raid him to the ground.Belzil got up and left, threatening even with his brothers.The meeting arranged to try to solve the problem the next day. However, as the police's pressure was getting stronger and Belzil was panicked, he left Montreal to go to his hometown Trois-Pistoles that night.From there, he and his associate Raymond DuClos went to Abitibi. When they were waiting, they lived in Belzil, the farm returned to Montreal in October 1980, and asked Claude Jodoin to arrange to meet with Claude Dubois.The two met and agreed to settle the difference.When Donald Lavoie became a police line, he was said to have various conspiracy to shut him up.One idea was to bombing him and his police with a rocket launcher when he and his police arrived in the court.Belzil also suggested that his wife and children were abducted. Despite this, Lavoie still agreed to accept opposition and they would be tortured and killed.On April 8th, Lavoie's criminal information once again plagued Belzil, and the police raided his home at De Saint Leonard and arrested him.Claude Dubois was also arrested at his home in Lake éCho.They were charged with Richard Désormiers and Jacques-ADré Bourssa.Claude Dubeau, who has been in prison, has also been charged with murdering Lavoie and Claude Jodoin to testify.The three were convicted on November 12, 1983 and sentenced to life imprisonment.The Quebec Court reduced their sentence to 10 years in 1989 because they ruled that the murder of Jacques-André Bourssa was not premeditated.Belzil was released from prison in the early 1990s.Please refer to: dubois gang; lavoie, Donald.gary Fraancoeur.yvon Belzil.wiseguyWally.available Online.url: yvonbelzil.html. Born in 1949On May 8th, he grew up in Shebrook, Quebec, Canada.When he was in his teens, he began to associate with people riding a bicycle. As he grew age, he won the respect of criminals in the city.He soon became a member of the Gitans motorcycle gang. In 1984, when the club was absorbed by the hell angel, Berger became a member of the infamous motorcycle gang.In addition to a hardcore driver, Berger also has another hobby: music.Before he was replaced by the third hand in the Quebec Symphony Orchestra more than 10 years, he was also a member of the rock BB blue.Police raided a bar owned by Berger and Hells Angel Gilles Dumas in 1995 and seized illegal video poker machines, cocaine and marijuana, and a shotgun.The four were arrested during the half -body statue, but did not ask the two owners.What is shocking and public is that Berje and Dumas will get a bar renovation subsidy two years later in cities worth $ 71,000.On April 22, 1997, after the police searched a bar, Boje was accused of illegally holding guns.Officials said they saw him escape from the bar and tried to hide their weapons.He was arrested, but on November 5, 1998, the police arrested Berje in the home next door of his Hell Angel Lorexville Club Club, accusing him of producing and conspiracy to produce marijuana and nine herself.Crime.The other twenty -one members including Gilles Dumas and MARC Bordage were also arrested and accused of crimes such as drug trafficking to attempt to murder.Berger was released two weeks after the insurance.Police seized more than $ 3 million in asset drugs, fake US dollars worth 45 million US dollars, six weapons, two stolen vehicles, and a seaplane that was credible to transport drugs.Berger's illegal behavior continues.An unsuspecting driver parked his car at the Berger space on September 18th. When the civilians returned to his car, he met a man, and the man told him not allowed to park there.The driver was escorted to the club, and he claimed that Berje complained that he was issued 22

36Bigs, Ronald's parking fines were because the man occupied him.Berger and three other bicycles surrounded the man and forced him to sign a check fee of $ 50 to pay the ticket fee.The victim's son quickly warned the police that the police arrested police Berg.Hell's Angel (Canada).Gary Fraancoeur.claude Burger.claude Burger.cassguywally. It is also known as Juvenal).From Colombia to Melton Cocaine in Mexico to the United States.Once or demolished.To national drug control policy.In the maritime transportation of the Coast Guard Group Committee and the Transport and Infrastructure Committee, the 104th Parliament of the House of Representatives, the second session, and joint hearing with the Senate's core group on the core group of international anesthesia on September 12.Like a large circle gang; the large circle gang is sometimes called the three -in -meeting meeting of the Chinese Red Government, and these camps are identified as the big red circle; therefore, these camps are determined.Debate, but left Hong Kong to China.Members of the big circle are particularly violent, specializing in jewelry robbery in Hong Kong, as well as heroin traffic.Technically, Big Circle GANG is not a triple -in -one, but that most Big member circle gangs are also members of several triads.The group extended from the jewelry theft in Hong Kong to the global heroin network.All colleagues of Kons Big Circle are also members of the other triads.Asians in Australia, this is a discussion document gathered by the National Criminal Agency Council: Australia and organized crimes.11 members who stole the London train to the Glasgow train

37The big sword operation was successful: the group brought home more than $ 4 million and became a member of the celebrities.He underwent cosmetic surgery to change his appearance and slowly go to Australia, and his wife and three children also joined his ranks.He would call him.In order to interview and accuse the tourists drinking beer with him, and received a shirt of a reading: I found Ronnie Biggs in Brazil ... I stayed in the court for eight minutes, and then he recoveredThirty years of judgment, he is only 15 months old. The violent Asian plot in American history. The murder is considered to be cruel and violent, and the number of health is rapid.Represented Tong War's office in the outbreak of D.A.S in San Francisco. The influence of the guest holes was tried and convicted in the Kingman in Arizona in the 1920s.A solid alliance, the police authorities have nothing to do with organized crimes for a while.It aims to investigate the participation of the gangsters (BGD) disciples to participate in several drug murder and sales.The government found that the gang earns more than $ 100 million illegal sales of drug sales each year.Senior people were condemned and achieved life imprisonment.The gang made several attempts to legalize their image.Some members left B and began to claim to be a gangster's disciples or GDS.Start covering Chicago City, trying to register voters in the city center.Subsequently, they encouraged newly registered voters to vote to faithful candidates for their career.When they were imprisoned, the disciples of the gangsters would join the Allied Gang to the appearance of the fighting brothers (BOS).The gang continued to participate in large -scale drug trafficking, murder and white -collar crimes.The disciples of gangsters were formed on the south side of Chicago.In the late 1960s, David Barksdale, the leader of Gonzanto's disciples, and Larry Hoover, the leader of the highest disciples.Two groups joined the gangsters (BGDN).David Bachl (BGDN) became a leader.He was loyal to Barksdale and never wanted these two groups to join first. He established a parallel leadership position with Hoover.Due to the results of this department, the two different groups come from BGDN.FREEMAN.Her black disciples or BD, and Hoover changed her name, the black gangster or BGD.These two gangs are sometimes bitter competitors.The number of disciples black people is relatively small, and there is no branch like BGD. 24

38BGD uses a six -point star (David's star) as its symbol, represents life, loyalty, understanding, knowledge, wisdom and love.The heart with wings.The tattoos used by BGDS include the tail of the devil and the cup hat on the upper part of the employee. There is a twisted rack on the upper part of the employee, three of which, six, zero numbers, and a off -road deputy at the bottom.The clothes of Auckland raids are common, and white Bang BGD often exists throughout the United States.His leaders are located in Chicago and have strong existence in most cities in most cities in the Midwest.BGDS is one of the largest criminal organizations in the country.Black gangster.Black guerrillas or BGF were established by former Black Panther George Jackson.originally in 1966. The BGF is called "black family" or "black pioneer", which is linked to the Black Party.Army, symbiotic PLA and underground organizations.BGF is the most politically -oriented among major prison gangs.It is composed of Marxist/Maoxist/Maoist/Leninist Revolutionary Organization. It has specific goals to eliminate racism to maintain racial discrimination and maintain a attitude of dignity.Prison and overthrow the US government.All members must be black.In terms of quantity, the death vow of BGF is very strict and needs to be loyal to gangs.Members must be nominated by existing members.BGF usually uses different versions of the dragon around the prison tower, and holds a punishment personnel in the clutch.Members will also use rifles and Cross Machete or BGF letters.BGF has members of the country and federal prisons.Black and black blood and disciples.Recently, the literature (CRIP) and blood (blood) literature with pigeon life (CRIP) and blood (blood) and blood (CRIP) and blood (blood) have created various CRIPS and blood.BGF encountered documents in a group named signature.It is believed that the company is a working alliance between Gangs 415 and BGF.BGF is currently encountered internal conflicts between ancient and new federal guardians.The new version of the gang is called the new woman/new woman, or the northern structure of BGF.The members of the New North structured structure believed that the old members of BGF no longer focused on the correct group tasks and were going out.Members of the northern structure believe that BGF, basement, blood and 415 will lead CRIPS to continue to support the old members of the BGF or the southern structure, and the current intelligence of blood and 415 standing shows that the national members of BGF continue to support federal supervision rights in the control of federal supervision rights.Former BGF member.BGF also created a political and quasi -military sub -group, known as the new revolutionary country Afrikan or Narn.The purpose of the group is to collect and analyze data to improve the practice and security education of BGF.Know the gang.Black guerrilla family.His defense was the American Revolutionary Party established in Auckland, California in 1966, by Huey Newton and Huey Newton and Bobby Seale.He is the party's state chairman and Newton is the Minister of Defense.The original goal of the organization was to protect African Americans living in slums through military positions.

39Police atrocities in the Black P-Stone country.Slavery.In California, Chicago, New York, Baltimore and many other cities, they finally told more than 2,000 members on their peak.However, the team eventually became the enemy of Marxists and became a federal research in the office.This stems from several interference from the Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI).With M-1 CARBINE, which made them a patrol, they satisfied his patrol sentence, and was killed by a young drug traveler at Bobby Seale, and he was killed.He was tried as part of Chicago 8.During the trial, he was tied to a chair in court.Barbecue sauce and kitchen books.Black Panther started with a good willingness, but people who were reported by those who reported altruistic organizations as evil activities infiltrated Illinois's independent base voters.In the 1960s, under the leadership of Jeff Fort, they were called Black Ranger.The expansion of funds and work in educating children in the city center.In 1969, Ford received an invitation to the inauguration of President Nixon.At the same time, the fortress merges about 50 Chicago South Chicago Street.In the early 1970s, it was found that the funding of the right government government was convicted and was sent to prison.Black Kingdom P-Stone is a multi-type gang and multi-person.The common identifiers include five -star five -star, with 21 blocks (symbolizing 21 primitive members), one eye, BPS abbreviation, and other symbols of other countries (another gang with them).It is estimated that BPS has more than 20,000 members in the Chicago region.The gang has factions throughout the west and the east coast.Know the gang.Black Kingdom P-S.Mission group at the Federal Federal Federal Federal Federal Drug Control Office/Federal Federal Working Group.The black golden tuna gang obtained a radio code for a mysterious Columbia drug producer and drug producer Raul Davila-Jimeno. He is the main supplier of the organization.The gang member wears the solid gold medal of the black tuna badge.As a amulet, it is a symbol of their members in this smuggling group.With the help of this small private army, Davila claimed that it was an exporter as sugar, coffee and oil exporters, which actually ruled the Columbia Santa Marta in Columbia.This is a highly organized ring, and the gang members maintain a secure and monitoring of the wireless electrical frequencies used by police and customs officials in the United States.Black tuna gang runs a black tuna gang in a suite.The FontaineBleau Hotel, Miami Beach, organized a batch -to -float house to be carried.

40Brass, Richard can transport tons of marijuana without sitting suspiciously in the water.The prohibited products are transported on these modified ships and uninstalled in a series of seaside punching shops in the luxury community.The black golden tuna gang has carried out carefully planned operations, and the trucks equipped with electronic equipment are used to maintain contact with the freighter and monitor law enforcement channels.They are also very creative: as a sign for their drug transactions, smuggles gave Davira a box of disposable diaper.This means that the baby is ready; send it to the mother.In the end, a partner of a second -hand car sales shop in Miami was accused of committing the most and elegant gang prosecutors found by Maestro de Maestra de La Ganga de Tuna La Negra.This is the detailed work of DEA/FBI's investigation by Bank of Florida as Operation Bank. The survey began in 1977. The investigator was brought to a car dealer and eventually caused the BlackFin gang to collapse.Operation Bank tracked the group's drug income through Bank of South Florida until the member of Blackfin deposited a large amount of cash to the Miami Beach Bank.As the first investigation of the drug profits behind the marijuana trade, the case was noticeable.U.S. Disas -in the US Department of Justice.Excellent tradition, DEA's historical website: pubs/history/index.html.Downloaded on July 28th, Boras Richard (also known as a cat) Richard Cat Boras was born in the Rossmont District of Montreal in 1945.He will receive a well -deserved nickname because he can escape death.Like a cat, he seems to have nine lives.Since childhood, Bras is famous for violence.After losing to an amateur boxer Michelle Guyin in a boxing competition, Brass attacked him with a knife.He was arrested and acknowledged the crime of beating.He stayed in prison for a day.The more he got involved in the crime, the more he began to hate the black hand.The Italians completely locked Montreal's racket in the 1960s.Brass was tired of having the residue of only them, and led a rebellion with a small group of followers.He was particularly hateful to Frank Cotroni and Di Maco brothers Jos and Vincenzo, and they began to receive death threats on their mobile phones.On May 7th, in 1968, Blas and his right Robert Arad planned to ambush Frank Cottoni outside his house.A policeman saw them driving on the street and chasing up.They managed to lose the police car, but gave up their conspiracy at night.The frustration was that their conspiracy to Cottonini failed, and Brass and his gang turned their anger to the first Italian they could find.The 20 -year -old soldier Giuseppe Colizza had no crime. He played five times in his head on May 27, and then it was Francesco Grado.Grado was a well -known credit person who was found to die in the car in Rue Rousselot.The car was covered with bullets.On June 9, another innocent man was violently ambushed by BLASS S GANG.Giuseppe Dimarco, A who was not arrested, was shot many times in his car.He was spared, but he was paralyzed.The mobs then turned around.On August 24, 1968, when two assassins entered the bar, Brass was drinking in the bar. Blass saw the danger in front and left the bar.When the SC man chased them and fired at their target, he rushed down the street.BLASS lost them in the crowd.A few weeks later, BLASS almost did not escape from death. When he stayed in a motel, Le Manoir de Plaisance in Saint-Hypolyte was burned.The two men and a woman were killed in the fire, but Brass escaped in time.The corpse official concluded that the fire was intentionally arson.This is a marked person.One month after LeSS, in October 1968, a third assassination attempt occurred.Bras and her associate Claude Ménard was ambushed by armed personnel when driving to a garage in San Michelle.Menard may be sent to the emergency room of the Jean-Talon Hospital by hitting the car into the garage, where he was treated in the emergency room of Jean-Talon Hospital.Back.He was spared and won by his underworld in Montreal's underworld. He refused to disclose the identity of the attacker.But he vowed to retaliate.Two months after he was discharged, in January 1969, Brass was arrested after 27 failures

41Sherbroke's blood and CRIPS Bank robbed case, he fired at the police when he fled the streets of the city.It was sentenced to 10 consecutive imprisonment periods for 10 consecutive years.On October 16, 1969, BLASS and other prisoners were from Bordeaux prison to the judicial palace. The faint Blas and eight colleagues drowned the guards and escaped.After the short human hunting, all the shortcomings were captured.He was arrested after an anonymous person with the instructions of the apartment after an anonymous person.The fugitive hid with his wife.Blas (BLASS) broke into prisons in the prison during October 23, blasting the cup, breaking the glass, and separating tourists from prisoners. A female visitor provided a faint gun andThe other four guns.They forced them to escape and escape outside.Again, a fugitive, a faint revenge.The man was his partner in the sideways of the Shebruck Bank in 1970, and the faint partner was painful because they were not imprisoned.These men locked up to 10 men and 3 women in the locker, blocked the door with a record machine and burned the door to the building.13 people died.Police finally tracked BLASS on January 23, January 23, January 23.He and 28 -year -old Lucienne Smith had refuated in a villa in Val David in Laurentians.The police surrounded the cabin and asked him to surrender.The cat refused.The two policemen broke into the door at 4:30 am on January 24 and exchanged.Shoot with fugitives.He hit 23 times and died.He has only 28 years.Gary Francoeur.Rakad Le Chat Blass.wissguywally.They will easily improve their skills to easily recognize the potential risks of these gang members in the streets and our correction facilities.CRIPSANAND BLOODS started with violence. Local, mainly black and Spanish streets. Now, the gangs in southern Los Angeles, California are active and successful in drug trafficking. The members of these two groups are now trying to control local drugs in many other cities and states.Discovery of the trafficking state.Both gangs also have female members.Several beliefs about how CRIP names appear.A popular thing is that CRIPS originated from a horror movie, entitled "The Story of Diwo".The original member of "CRIPS GANG" told the word because the primitive member began to be disabled.Since he is a lie, they shorten this term to CRIP, and the name is for honor.Recently, the most reasonable history has a word, which is developed by members who are looking for the most difficult facts.Therefore, it is unimaginable; therefore, they happen to Superman, and the only thing that may hurt him is the Kui Shi to shorten the CRIP.The reaction, other gangs formed to prevent the protection of CRIPS.These are called blood.The first gang.A group of known blood is composed of Piru Street in Piru Street, California.Cumpton gang belongs to blood.These competitions have caused gang war gangs.The use of guns regularly has increased in the attack and killing of the shooting.Chicago philosophy.Located in Chicago or affected gangs show a unique and unique mentality, completely dedicated to their scenes and countries.Most behavior criteria need to be loyal to the group's life.The group has a series of strict laws that cause violations to destroy these legal rules.The group leaders issued internal discipline sanctions for violating the established rules.28

42CRIP's symbol/recognition agent CRIPS uses blue to distinguish their clothes from other gang members.Red and began to use the term blood recognition.In the hidden nest component, blue is still the main color.However, other dark (such as black, brown and purple) can also mix to identify certain sets.In most cases, blood still uses red as the main color.However, if other colors are important, other colors can be used to facilitate its name gang, such as the fear of limestone streets.Known for its legal name.The nickname is important because it can provide information about his own members, indicating his physical description and helping graffiti -based identification.The real name and the first word of the gang are usually used for scratches. They have their own rules to speak or write to them, which is another name for gang members.There are some common rules, such as the basement does not use letters B; the blood does not use letters C and B instead of B.Communicate territorial restrictions and warn or challenge other street gangs.The challenge proposed by a gang is the challenge proposed on another territory.This can be considered a crime to kill gangs, but it is just a graffiti that crosses other gangs and retaliates seriously.Ageti is a effective form of CRYPT (AP/AP/California's AP/Corremions of AP/California).The crispy skin and blood of the enemy/opponent and its scenes and their scene alliances are competitors. In view of CRIPS and Blood, they are related to folk and villages, respectively. They are all competitors of all collections and crowds.One of these alliances is actually hundreds of separate collection or gangs.These alliances and competition are constantly changing and should be reviewed frequently.For the basement, allies are any gangs who consider enemy blood, and vice versa.From the organization, they discovered a centralized leader in New York and New England, and 29

43Members of blood and CRIPS CRIPS show their signs.geography.This dispersed makes these gangs more difficult to apply legal track and recognition.The basement and blood are led by gangs with gangsters that constitute folk countries and towns.Each gang.Called collection, especially CRIP sets, usually form a affiliation (group set) in geographical areas.For example, Conopon CRIPS (up to 20 separate kits); Hoover CRIP (about 10 separate kits) East Costa (many sets).The established group is also based on a specific city that can be found;The region and communities quickly determined itself as a graveyard or bloodland, with about 200 known CRIPS gangs and 70 gangs in Los Angeles.Colleagues will agree with their gang members, but they rarely participate deeply with gang activities.Drug suppliers will be an example of colleagues.The peripheral person is to protect or benefit from the gangs who are identified with the gang.This group is mainly composed of women.Although women's gangs have also appeared, they are used to change members or drugs for drugs or drugs.

44Blood and CR are people who claim to be a gang member, trying to affect the regions other than gang control.Especially gangs.These people are the recruitment team of new members of the 18 -year -old group, and they seem to be the most violent.This is the time for new members to try to prove their value and increase their position in the group.In the gang, in general, the three groups: old gangs or OGS may be the creator of the scene; the gangster of the core members; and BGS (baby gangs) or TGS (small gangs), is children and minorsmember.They have won their reputation and usually control the youngest members; for the youngest members; for this reason, they are called people they call them.Their regulations need to recruit/recruit these gangs to recruit/start, and they are usually pursued in a very aggressive way and persistently.Recruitment usually means the memory of alliances and established history. Organization and myth symbolism are called knowledge.This kind of knowledge is often written and spread by members/possible members.The works are usually encoded or hidden in specific letters.To gangs, this will give your life a gang and love gangs.This is the most common starting form when walking along the line by ordering crimes.The prospect was informed that they would walk between the members of the two lines, and their hands were behind them, and the members hit and kicked him. The goal was to reach the end of the gloves.A personal knee touches the ground, and he/she must repeat the process.The threat of the destructive behavior of schools and prisons observed that educators and school resource officials in the education system in the country have also observed many behaviors listed in this section, regardless of location or public or private schools or private schools.EssenceThis includes large, cities and rural schools.When gang members registered or were placed in the general prison population, serious problems have been developed.Teachers, students, and punishment are attacked with more and more frequencies.Norgan prisoners often invade in efforts, attacking or killing agencies to establish grass or drug attacks in the institution.In schools, violent activities often occur in people with gangs. Special schools of school land detection and search usually produce anesthesia or weapons.The graffiti in the verification school or prison usually brings a potential blow to another student, a teacher, a prisoner, or an official.Metering the prison population is more saturated among gang members. Officials will need to monitor more emerging prison gangs, such as Death Power (RDC) and Joint Hematology (UBN) or copying Kiras (CK).In prison, more and more members are condemned.From the New England region, he confirmed that these gang members are mainly black; however, blood has accepted other people of the gang.Spanish, white, Greeks, Greeks and Chinese members have been determined.About 9 % of the blood in New York City is Spanish.These people participated in activities such as drug sales, robbery, theft, extortion, extortion, violations and murder.To be accepted by the gang, individuals must ensure that they must overflow from someone's blood or overflow their blood.But blood must be removed.

45Chicago's blood and CRIPS Chicago and Los Angeles are common.In New York City and New England, blood showed a tendency to violent attacks on unknown victims.There was almost no warning attack on the face.In New York City, the 77th wall (Crown Highland) in Brooklyn, the closed type (far rock) 100 (far rock) and the 28th (Street 11) in the Queen's District;In the Queens of New London, the 28th seal (No. 11) in Queen's District has determined the blood., Connecticut; Provedenus in Rhode Island.In New York City and New England Prison, blood is famous for its reputation of malignant gangs, especially the brutal stabbing and cutting of the entire correction department.Blood (about 500) they are now surpassing the number of King Latin (about 350) and ñ Entas (about 350).It refers to the combination of descent, which covers these blood in the New York City prison: nine types of Trey Gangsta Bloods (NTG); Miller gangbon blood (MGB); young blood; blood of lover dogs (MDB);(183); crazy stone blood (MSB); gangsta killing blood (GKB); five 99 nine brims (5 9 birs); murdering Murser (BSV).Blood can be identified by tattoos: two burned points on a burning point.This represents the leg of the dog, and the blood is called a dog.In addition, blood uses red or red or red colors or clothes recognized with the Chicago Bull Basketball Team.In addition to tattoos and clothing, you can also speak and speak with code.One of these signs is to curl the thumb and index finger until they are found from a circle.Stretch directly.This hand is placed in the stomach, and the palm face of the palm of the hand touchs the stomach (the sun busy area).Round movement, turn the palm of your hand to the back of your fingers and wrists to the Zhongzhu area.With the completion of this process, the blood will say 031, which is transformed into my love you, blood.Blood changes its code regularly, and usually returns from the new code to the old code.Some code changes its time.It helps to supervise the scene and serve as a disciplinary officer.Supervisor.second.The operation of information.Support information about the scene and its religious beliefs.Between the safety between the lieutenant.Chief Lieutenant.Continue to fight (fight with the enemy).The blood of the enemy.Equiva follows this structure, and each position has a certain individual.In prison, leadership is strong; however, people try to form a new scene so that they can assume that leadership talents can be assumed.This is the existing collection."The Concept of Blood War" is to listen before speaking, and look before walking and wrapping before walking.Knowing better than you.32

46Big Poster Poster will never make important decisions at the same time, because the unrepaired nature can make people find the brick wall.Putting time rationalization.The pain of soldiers is nothing more than privileges; pain and pain management are the measurement standards of fighters, because they know that victory knows failure.The damage to the enemy should be regarded as a vicious behavior of terrorism, so that the damage caused makes the enemy never consider revenge.Never let the enemy survive in your environment, because one day you can stand up and make a mistake.One must be a fox to know the trap and the lion to fight and intimidate the enemy.The best defense is usually a good attack.In war, ignorance has not been greater sin.There is no space for the war for diplomacy; the war is definitely vicious.Strive to make the enemy harmless, interrupt the enemy's alliance and attack before being attacked.Silence and observation are the main weapons of defense.During war or peace, it is wrong to never let their priority matters.The 1990s.At that time, Blouin had already appeared in 10 different occasions.Police arrested Broin at a Bouchaville Hotel on July 14, Fred Faucher, Andrésauvageau, Normand Baker, and Normand BakerThe Guy Langlois bomb and 12 -pound explosives brought a conspiracy of conspiracy and conspiracy to murder and hold guns and explosives to five rock members. It was sentenced to 30 months on February 3, 1995imprisonment.The rock member machine was tired of sitting in the prison cell, and he broke out in September that he was not on the street: less than a week later, the police drove at Lafleche Street in Bai-Comeau, Bai-Comeau., Just picked him up.In their car, the police found a 9mm gun and knife.WiseguyWally/Martinblouin.html.Descargado, G.F.Blue Lanterns was the ambitious members of the Chinese Trinity, but not a formal member of the Trinity. Until the possible recruits were accepted as Cartel, Cartel, Cartel, Cartel, Cartel, Cartel, Cartel, Cartel.Cartel, Cartel.It was directed by Justo Perafan's pastor for many years.From 1988 to 1997, the BAJO PERAFAN poster sent more than 30 tons of drugs to the United States; more drugs were sent to Western Europe.A violence and amazing lifestyle.He was sentenced to no more than 30 years in the federal court in New York.33

47Bonanno's criminal family poster enjoyed the second smaller life under the leadership of Alejandro Bernal-Madridrid.In October 1999, he was still in prison.This is actually the end of the Boge University Cartel.Members were captured to sell drugs and were penetrated by the famous Donnie Brazco: Joseph Pistone, secret federal investigation agent, helping determine the crime of Bonannofamilia.But they are returning.About 150 members of the family.The first one of the Tang family was Joe Bonanno.The main sources of BonanNOS income include the traffic of anesthesia, porn products of domestic videos, pizza chamber and concentrated coffee.The current famous person in charge is Joseph Massino, 57, is currently the owner of the famous Casablanca restaurant in Queens.The authorities said that the New York Mandarin Party was the New York Mandarin Party.His main source of income is the king's catering service provider, which is a long business island that provides food for street hawkers.-In -Law ofmassino.Amoruso.bonanno. gasSINCOMPORATED. POONONONABLE Inline.url:, d.A. He was killed (also known as BTK), and was also known by his Anagram BTK.A famous and vicious Asian American street gang composed of refugees.The gang first appeared in the Chinatown of New York City in the 1980s, and was soon infamous by the infamous people.Under the leadership of David Thai, psychiatric patients, the malignant cruelty and random behavior of the businessmen and citizens of Chinatown.EssenceFrom the crime of funeral in Japan, the National Police Department of Japan (such as Buryakudan) mentioned violent means.helpless.Other criminal partners.Buryakud has applied a huge influence in Japan, has penetrated many aspects of Japanese life, has obtained a large amount of illegal profits and invested in many legal companies.One -third of them comes from drug trafficking activities each year.The root of Boryakud.It was traced back to the beginning of the seventeenth century, and there was a series of independent samurai soldiers at the time.These legendary characters have always been the theme of many Japanese stories, and can make the bandit heroes and Robin Hood (Robin Hood in the eighteenth and 19th century street slopes and other two groups of the street gangs evolved. The street hawkers on the street are inOrganized in gangs with complex organizational structure emphasized the entire loyalty. The gang is called Bakuto. The signs of S regrets when the specified task is not executed. This is also a certain secret graduate in each group.. In the twentieth century, the expansion of BORGEOCUDAN's activity corresponds to the growth of the Japanese economy. The funeral has entered a variety of varieties, especially architecture and transportation. There are many audiences 34 34

48The incidents reported by Boryukudan suggest that Boryokudan was involved in public corruption and implicated high-level figures in industry and finance. For the past 30 years, Boryokudan has been steeped in real estate development, corporate organized crime and mass assaults. Much of their extortion facilitates business activity, and Boryokudan leaders often use hardball tactics in business transactions of all sizes. Japanese crime syndicates were allowed to operate in the open, and success in the rear was made easier. Boryokudan has operated primarily as a public corporation, with offices displaying their group logo and even carrying business cards identifying their gang. Boryokudan, until recently, did not submit membership lists to the National Police Agency (NPA). While Japanese police have recently used a large intelligence base to generate efforts to expand anti-riot regiments through these lists, a considerable number of Japanese police have traditionally treated gangsters with a certain degree of respect. Breaking from the past acceptance of riot corps, on March 1, 1992, the Japanese government began to enforce the new anti-riot corps law, the Boryokudan Counter-Act. The Japanese government has also enacted new money laundering regulations, which will take effect at the end of L992. Over the past three decades, Japanese organized crime has expanded overseas. While Japanese crime syndicates have been active in Korea since the end of World War II, Borneo prostitution in Korea expanded significantly in the 1970s. During this decade, the Borneo group became deeply involved in the international sex trade. The prostitution, pornography and pornography of Borneo spread to places like Taiwan, Philippines and Thailand. Later, members of the Boli Group recruited American women from Hawaii and the West Coast to prostitute in Japan. The activities of the Boli Group in the United States in recent years include guns, drug trafficking, gambling, extortion, immigration fraud, securities violations, and money laundering. The Boryokudan gang is currently playing a major role in bringing methamphetamine, also known as ICE, to Hawaii, and law enforcement now considers it the number one drug problem. Japanese criminals frequently visit Las Vegas and, to a lesser extent, Atlantic City in gambling jackets. In addition, Boryokudan members have been linked to illegal gambling operations in the United States. Boryokudan members have kept a low profile in blackmail operations in the United States. Although Boryokudan’s Corporate blackmailers, known as Sekoiya, showed up at corporate board meetings for companies like Bankamerica and Chase Manhattan Bank. By the early 1980s, these visits had little effect. There is no record of recent attempts by American strongarm chip companies. Boryokudan Extortion on the Streets - Activity that has been reported in Hawaii and Southern California in recent years is minimal compared to the high level of Boryokudan extortion in Japan. Currently, the focus of U.S. law on Japanese criminal groups is on money laundering. There have been numerous cases of individuals purchasing U.S. real estate with links to Boryocudan. U.S. law enforcement authorities are confident that significant amounts of money are still being successfully laundered in the United States. The three largest boryokudan groups are Yamaguchi-Gumi, Inagawa-Kai, and Sumiyoshikai, and in 1992 between them accounted for about half of the total membership. The Kobe-based Yamaguchigumi are by far the largest group, with (as of 1992) 944 affiliated gangs and 26,200 yakuza. These gangs have been able to expand through tribute from affiliated gangs without being directly involved in the gang's illegal activities. Furthermore, most of the illegal activities in these gangs are not run by top management. In some ways, the day-to-day operations of Way Gang resemble a pyramid-shaped franchise structure. Subordinates pay regularly to those above them. In exchange, they can use the organization's name to provide the fear and intimidation necessary to support their own independently organized criminal activities. However, the gang as a whole is able to operate as a unit, controlled at a high level, for example, to respond to attacks on its members if necessary. Higher ranks also have the ability to mediate turf disputes between competing gang subunits. 35

49Bouchard in Conrad, a media report in 1994 that many Yakuza groups tried to avoid countermeasures by re -joining the industry, political and even religious groups.Yamaguchuchi-Gumi has obviously restored part of its organization. For example, in order to purify the earth, a non-profit-making beneficial organization is obviously committed to eliminating drug abuse.The second largest gang Sumiyoshi-Kai has become Hori Enterprises.Inaagowa-KAI, is now the third largest industry in Inagow.However, some are Inagow's industry.Members of Yakuza have obviously become the increasing increase in the National Criminal Bureau.Australia's Asian organizational crimes are discussion documents from the Parliament Committee of the National Criminal Agency: Australia and organized crimes.Russia's Stepanoff and Giuseppe Pep Cotroni, in drug trafficking, armed handmade robbery and theft of fence.Montreal's Canadian company was rented at a price of $ 269,000 when he met with drug traveler at New York City.Bouchaard was also accused of armed robbery 723,000 US dollars in a Banco de Laval north of Montreal, and was part of the robbery of another bank.The crime was sentenced to 30 months in prison.Budsad was arrested again in June 1969, and was accused of conspiracy to make and distribute thousands of five -fifth -fifth -to -five -cents forged seals.When he was on him, things worsened.Bail, he was involved in a complex scam of one million US dollars, involving one bank and two companies.All of his legal expenses sank more deeply in drug trafficking, but the police tracked all actions and took notes while meeting with known traversal trafficking.Singing Schubert's street at Maryia at the ceremony.Police kept pressure on Conrad Bouchard, and an agent managed to infiltrate his network in his anesthesia network.The evidence of the gangsters is even more harmful. In 1974, Bouchaard was in addition to rehabilitation and rehabilitation, rehabilitation and rehabilitation.He was sentenced to life imprisonment.At the age of 21, he was in the Hochela-Maisonneuve de Suffer in Montreal. When he was very young, he was fascinated by nearby criminals.He was arrested for stealing $ 200, but managed to avoid prison.However, he was not lucky in 1976, when he was sentenced to 40 months in prison for armed robbery.Salvatore Cazzetta is a member of the SS motorcycle gang

50Boucher, Maurice World's most famous motorcycle gang Hell Hell Angel on May 1, 1987, Hell Angel awarded Boucher's color. A few days ago, Martin Huneault, chairman of the death knight gang, was shot shot in the Laval Bar.The murder allowed Hell Angel to control the drug transactions of Rawal and Lawrence.This also paved the road to the peak of Bobe's triad to Quebec.Bobe avoided the spotlight. By the early 1990s, he became the chairman of Montreal's Hell Angel Branch.He also led the motorcycle gang of Montreal Rock Band, which is rumored to get $ 500 per kilogram of coca Caine in the city.French Canadians.But this is still not enough for the monopoly Buxie.He wanted to share a share from the Rock Machine Center's drug profit.Rock Machine refused and started attack.On March 24, 1995, Boucher was on the way to Schuruk, when the police arrested him for allegedly sucking marijuana.An unregistered 9 -millimeter pistol was found hidden in his belt.Mom acknowledged the two guns and was sentenced to six months in prison.He was released after nearly four months in his sentence.Bao Che and eight other influential members together formed the Angels' Nomads chapter on June 24th on June 24. The New FACTION and BOUCHER are their undisputed leaders.The drug market and destroy the rock machines of competitors.Although it was probably suspended for having a gun, Boucher heard that hell angel supportist Steven Betland attacked someone with a baseball stick on the phone.The police issued an arrest order, surrendering at 5:30 pm.On October 25, the judge ruled that the prosecution failed to prove that Bao Che pose a threat to society, so his mother was released.However, the police knew that Bao Che was the key to the Angel Angel of Quebec Hell and arrested him again on December 19. He was accused of murdering two prison guards.Dian Avril was shot dead on the way home from the Syldo Prison in Montreal, and Pierre Rondo was killed behind the steering wheel of the prison shuttle bus.The security measures in the prison room are tight.In court, everyone who entered was StéPhane Gagné acknowledged that he participated in the killing under the order of Boucher, and he testified that he opposed the terrible hell angel leader.But the defense weakened his credibility, so that the jury ruled that Gagné had no credibility.On November 27, 1998, he was shocked when the jury ruled that Bao Che was innocent.When he was dragged out of the court, his friends applauded and cheered.With the bodyguard accompanied by the bodyguard, he walked through the first free night of watching the boxer at the center of Montreal Morton.The 18,000 fighting fans in the building welcomed Boucher and applauded.Boucher met on October 8, 2000 at the Bleu Marin restaurant in Montreal and Frederic Fred Faucher, the leader of rock machine, to conduct a peace agreement between the two gangs.A police reporter from the French tabloid Allo was invited to have dinner and took a picture of the two handshake.But peace has not even lasted for two months. When the rock becomes a bandit on December 1, 2000, the killing is heating up again.The legal issue of the hell angel leader continued to trouble him.After the Quebec Court rejected Bao Che's innocent judgment in 1998, he was arrested again on October 10, 2000 and agreed with a new clue.Bao Che was detained by the police when he left a restaurant.Bao Che was placed in a isolation cell of the Tanguay Women's Prison.It is forbidden to contact ordinary people.The unit has two televisions, a radio, portable, Nintendo entertainment system, washing machine and dryer.On March 28, 2001, as part of the spring of 2001, Bao Che learned from the cell that he would be charged with other 13 murder and the crime of drug trafficking, drug crimes and gangsters.Bao Che was accused of murdering the second trial of the prison guard Dian Lavini and Pierre Rondo began in March. He was also accused of murdering Robert Korivo, a injured in the same attack.The prison guard killed Rondeau.The main witnesses of the prosecution are again Stéphane Godasse Gagné.He testified that he and the bicycle Paul Fon Fontaine and Andre TOOTS TOUSIGNANT were personally ordered to kill the guard by Boucher.Defense lawyer attempts to destroy the credibility of Gagne by describing him as a 37

51Battle, Victor Batter and liar.The jury began to review his review on April 25th (after eleven days): guilty.This is shocking because many people think that hell angel is impossible.Dushanbe in Tajikistan on January 13, 1967.He didn't know his early life, but once he joined the army, training began to be a navigation after working at Vuebsk's Russian military base.A few years later, he expanded his duties and trained the Russian Air Force command.In 1991, he graduated from the Moscow Military Academy and could fluently speak six languages; now he has expanded his duties in the army and became the translation of the Russian army. However, in Angola in Africa.However, in the same year in 1991, the military base I worked was dissolved due to the collapse of the Soviet Union.Moreover, more important peace maintenance in Somalia, Africa.In fact, from 1992 to 1995, the battle provided ammunition and weapons of several Afghanists.With the money of obtaining these agreements (it is said to be $ 50 million), its empire has expanded.March 1995.The company began in the Belgian city of OROSTENDE (Ostende).The company encountered difficulties from the beginning. At that time, its main customer Afghan North Alliance was driven out by the Taliban.May 1995.The intercepted aircraft that Taliban was intercepted was full of weapons and ammunition as the northern alliance in Afghanistan.The crew had been captured until August 16, 1996, and they managed to escape.Soon after, Bout had a new customer, Taliban.It was not his first contact with Taliban: I have sold their weapons before, but I have not sent to them now.The business is very good; Bout enjoys his life in Ostenda, Belgium: he bought a luxury home and a few expensive cars; Moscow, he bought an apartment in one of the most unique communities.But Life in Belgium has not maintained sweetly for a long time.In 1997, the Belgian newspaper published a report on shadowing. When the Belgian authorities began to investigate their business, they moved to the United Arab Emirates.His Arab Emirates Company was also established in 1995. It was first located in Shatga. After 2001, he was in Ajman, which will be his main foundation.This battle: This is an important financial center and the crossroads of trade in the east and west. With its bank confidentiality law and the free trade zone, it is a paradise on the earth of any weapon trafficker.The Empire also included Africa in 1995 in 1995.The people they provided paid the money.The Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, Liberia, Liberia, the Congo Bla Charlie, Rwanda, Rwanda, Sierra Leine, South Africa, Sudan, Sverland and Uganda.Most weapons arrived in Africa came from Bulgaria. By the time, between 1995 and 2000, people often travel.In July 1997 and September 1998, the combat organized 38 flights, and the transportation value of weapons was about $ 14 million.In the middle of 2000, four planes landed in Liberia in Liberia.38

52Bowman and Harry Joseph tried to knock him down, which was much more difficult than the initial imagination.When the whole world knows this battle, he has returned to the home of the Arabian chief, Sarage, and has achieved successful political relations and money to make it almost impossible.The most important thing is that the law enforcement department has no evidence.The S empire is a man, a company, an airplane and a maze.It is impossible to verify when the plane is flying and which planes belong to him.Bott has been moving himself and his company, and nothing registered in his own name.When they finally accused him of evidence, Bott was protected by senior UAE royal officials and officials to protect Sudan Hamad, saying that Nassir Al Suwaidi, a consultant of the Sarage ruler, was obviously a common owner of one of the companies.The authorities wanted him, but when he seemed to be out of time, he was interested in seizing him and calming up, and he was pursuing the intensity.But then on September 11, 2001, this changed the priority of everyone.On September 11, 2001, the base organization terrorists attacked New York and the entire free world.The base organization is the extreme Muslims close to the Taliban in Afghanistan, and he confuses the organization with combat weapons.So after 9/11, it became the priority of the United States.Old evidence was removed and collected new evidence.It seems that Lonia's time has been determined.His name is everywhere, on newspapers and television; everyone knows the conspiracy of Victor's arms empire, but no one knows where the battle is or how to catch him.A is now looking for the United States and Interpol, but I can't find it; the UAE hesitates whether to cooperate, but in the end, although people can only guess whether they really cooperate, even if they cooperate, you are always in his motherland and Russia.It is safe, and the corrupt officials there know how to hide a person like fighting.The United States and International Interpol required Russia to provide battle; when the tension was the worst, Moscow decided to hold a press conference, saying that the battle was not in Russia.As a result, this is a huge mistake, because at the same time at the same time of the Moscow press conference, But gave his speech on Ekho Moskvy, Moscow Broadcasting Station, and interviewed a person who claimed to be innocent and told him that he was innocent.EssenceIt was just a businessman. Victor Bout is still running away and is still out of the way. At this time, the situation of his military fire empire is unknown, but with all the money and connections he had earned in the past, Bout really didn't need to continue his business.David amoruso.Victor Fights.Gangsters incorporal.Provide online.URL: Victorbout.html.Downloaded on July 19, D.A. Bowman, Harry Joseph (also known as the Chairman of the International Illegal Motorcycle Club Bowman, said that he has participated in several violence. Decision, Bowman launched Outlaws in more than 30 cities in the United States and was at least four.There are about 20 branches in other countries/regions. OUTLAWS is in Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennessee, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, New York State, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Kentucky StateWith Michigan and Canada. Overseas, criminals have established branches in Australia, France and Norway. Bowman has a close relationship with Michigan.Trlandon Beach, in 1982, Donald Ferg was in Indiana. He was also charged with Raymond Chafin. He was the president of the kinga competitors of the motorcycle club.Edgewater of Edgewater of Edgewater of Edgewater Edgewater, Edgewater, nicknamed Taco, was also accused of creating the explosion of the WARLOCKS Club from Orando, Florida, and the HEL S HENCHMEN Club in Cook County.Illinois. At the age of 49, Bowman was wanted by the Federal Investigation Bureau for many crimes. It includes murder, attempt to murder, drug distribution, explosion, extortion, robbery, and violation of guns.Dangerous. The $ 50,000 reward order was provided to the information that he was arrested.Farms residents, Michigan. He was arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency and the police at the Steligen Sterling Highlands of Michigan on June 8, 1999.

53Boyd Gang Bowman on the phone and knew that the house was surrounded.The public committee caused Bowman to be arrested.In this case, the initiative and work of the Police Department of the Starlin Highland are outstanding.After a good bank robbery and two infamous Toronto Tang prison.Boyd's bank counter jumping style, thunderstorm and Toronto's thunderbolt residents.Although his gang rule was his gang rule was the most infamous criminal in his gangs, Canada, Canada was only 10 months short, and his escape was legendary.The man was a local hero, until the two members knocked down two detectives with cold -blooded detectives and killed one.The gang consists of four members, Edwin Boyd, Willie Jackson, Lennie Jackson and Steve Suhan.It has nothing to do with two Jackson.He stole the first bank in September, put on his face on his face, and covered his cheeks with cotton to cover his appearance and escaped the loot, but the fact that the bank manager was empty in the thief's thief.His left wheel pistol.Boyd decided to see the working conditions of his clothing, so one day or two days later, he boldly boldly boldly like brass. He entered the same bank and changed the invoice of $ 20 with the stolen cashier.successful.Barco's manager grabbed the gun from the desktop, and came out of Boyd some fire.He has no choice but to turn his tail and run, but this time there is no warrior.On another occasion, Boyd was stolen by an employee of the bank by a bank that was persecuted by his car, and almost no escape.In the end, his luck was over.In his last attempt, everything was wrong. Although Boyd escaped, Gault No. Gault broke under the police inquiry and sprinkled beans.Both of them were behind the hardcore of the Tang prison.During this time, another gang attracted the city and the bank project around them.They are more violent, carry heavy weapons, machine guns.The head may be launched on the wall to convey their point of view.The two members of the gang are Steve Suhan (Steve Suhan (real name Valent Leso) and Lennie Jackson.suchan. And like a large amount of cash, these cash extension is better. It does not need to spend very much.Only for a long time can you make career changes and launch with them. However, unfortunately, for Jackson, the police have passed some criminal tests to collect this crime of Boyd.. Boyd's Toronto de Cabbagetown in Toronto Jackson (Willie Jackson) has a long history of robbery in the course. Willie Jackson is a clowns and a clown and a clown., Soon became friends with the other two people. It caused seven years of robbery for robbery. He walked vertically, but it was also suitable for hiding things such as Sera leaves.

54Boyd gang Observe the iron railing from the window to the outside.On November 4, 1951, the three slipped into the prisoner sports field below from the entrance.Walls, they climbed to freedom.Steve Sukan organized a safe house in Cai Cai Town, and they could reach and organize quickly.Later, Lenny Jackson and his girlfriend An Roberts moved to Montreal, and Sukan followed.Boyd and Willie Jackson landed in the home of Steve Suchaan's parents in the West.I realized that they needed money to hide for a while, so they robbed a nearby bank.A few weeks later, they completed the biggest robbery in Toronto's history.Lennie Jackson and Suchaan divide the money and return to Montreal to keep low -key.Boyd and Willie Jackson hid in Suchaan's parents' house.Steve Suchan's father came up with a good idea: he built a small hiding place on the wall, and the children could store their money safely.The next morning, the old man disappeared, and most of the warrihoods were gone.Then the entire gang took his wife and girlfriend to Montreal to hide in Quistas.Wili Jackson was arrested for carrying weapons and was quickly returned to Toronto, where he got additional escape for two years.The rest of the gang also returned to Toronto, but under their own steam.On March 6, 1952, the detective Edmund Tong and Roy Perry intercepted a black Mercury Monarch car.Tong is unlikely to know that there are Suchan and Lennie Jackson on the car, otherwise he will have prepared the left wheel pistol long ago.When Tong was close to the suspected vehicle, he was shot dead and fell to the ground.The muzzle was aimed at the police car, and Perry was carried on the car and fired with bullets.Although Perry's arm was hit, he was very lucky to escape his life.Tong died a few days later, but died before the murderer of his name.The search operation is in progress, this time it is Suchaan and Lennie Jackson returned to Montreal without any damage.Although he had nothing to do with the shooting, Boyd felt the heat.His photos were on the Toronto newspaper again.It was not until this time that Boyd and his wife could go out of the house to watch movies at least after dark, but now they must be completely far away from the town.View.At the same time, in Montreal, the police waited for him to go home in Suchaan's apartment.When he entered his residence, the police asked him to freeze; he reached out to get his gun, and before he had time to tear his skin, he was knocked down.A few days later, the police moved into the apartment of Lenny Jackson due to the community committee.The second arrest was not so easy, and a long time of gunfire occurred.In the end, dozens of tear gas cans burning his eyes and lungs, and Lennie Jackson had several bullet holes.The two were spared to be difficult and will soon be returned to Toronto.Boyd is now the only arrested gang member.Dolph Payne has been monitoring Boyd's brothers and found that he had rented a apartment on Henne Street, but had not moved in.He got the key to the back door from the landlord. Payne then saw Boyd moved into the apartment from his neighbor's house.To avoid gunfire, he kept waiting for him to fall asleep.At Liming, the police secretly slipped into the house and captured Boyd and his wife. At that time, the younger brother who was still sleeping in another room in bed was also discovered.No shot, no fight, or even moaning.Boyd became the resident of the Tang prison again. What was happy to make him happy is that the other three gang members soon appeared to be incredible that the power in DON was dedicated to all the four in the original empty cell of Deathrow.personal.Soon they had a piece of metal, a knife, and a saw blade for smugglers.Observing the key to guard, they can give that metal to something that looks like the key, but it does work.Now they can leave the jail for about half an hour, and all guards are supervising the prisoners to the court of Toronto City Court.It took a few days to see through the railing, but they were finally ready.Before Liming on September 8, 1952, the four of them slipped in the railings on a convenient wall outside the window.What was frightened was that a policeman was stationed on the wall.They lay on the wall for a few minutes, watching the police, and wanted to know what to do next.Suddenly, the police passed through the lane and sounded a back door of Riverle Hospital; it took a long time to fall to the ground, and then they disappeared under the mountains and disappeared in the wilderness of the Tanghe Valley next to the prison.41

55A Mustang Magazine on Anthony once again had a large -scale human hunt again.As a result, the information occupied by the gang reached $ 26,000, causing hundreds of calls and calls for the police.Most of these potential customers are caused by false.EssenceBut some people suspect and report to the police.On September 16, 1952, the police closed the barn and were surprised by the gang.They had nothing to take care of and finally returned to Tang's pre -family prison.There is a new legal identity in the probation and moved to western Canada.Willie Jackson received a total of 31 years, including the time he had given in his previous conviction.He was also at Lennie Jackson, Lennie Jackson, and Edmund Tong.The contact between other non -members of the gang and criminals was sentenced to imprisonment due to crime, from receiving criminals to armed robbery.Fall at the end of the sag.They officially announced the death of Gutman in the house of Slobotkin, Philadelphia at 1:00 am at 1:00 am at 1:00 am at 1:00 am.In the state's correction facilities, the recent information also noticed the existence of the Brotherhood in other New England. This gang is a transition black gang black man in the folk groups of civilians. Member qualifications are mainly black and black Spanish men.The established hierarchy and a series of commanders. Members of folk national gangs use symbols and identify clothes on the right side of their body, such as David or six o'clock crowns, heart or torch or torch., The color of the doll on the neck, the white account agrees with each other. Members of the Brotherhood can also use the black and white account to determine. The members of the Security Minister team use the white band on the ring finger.The cross form appears in the previous X brand and tattoo similar to the graffiti. Members also greet their hands. He is ñETA. Although it is imprisoned, members can agree with BOS. Competitors include 20 LUVs, solids and BCB.The main brotherhood companies include drugs, beatings, threatening, intimidation, intimidation, extortion and murder. The Brotherhood complies with 15 rules and regulations, qualifications and position functions 42

56Brother friendship who classified members, and the formal commitments and oaths of all members in the friendship of brothers when they entered the friendship.They also abide by sanctions and illegal rules, including sanctions and illegal acts.The reputation of violence, such as attacks, ransom, attempts to murder and murder competitors gang members, civilians and prisoners refuse members or do not respect their gangs.White and civilian.These funds usually come from the weakest prisoners, students, students and students, students and civilians.Demonstration of civilians or illegal drug activities.The established level system is as follows: President, Vice President, Security General, Minister of Security Team, Lieutenant, Representatives, Communication Ministers, Roots, Researchers and Treasury.Three military supporters belong to the black gang disciples from the Greater Lagos Base in Chicago, Illinois.In Illinois in the 1960s, he was a disciple of Chicago Black Gangs.Brothers' friendship in New England is based on the streets of British Potter, on the streets of Norwalk, Connecticut, in the mid -1980s, in the mid -1980s.There are also reports on members of the City Brotherhood of Tanbird and Waterburi.Mainly black people. The Brotherhood has a established hierarchical system and a series of command chains: president, president, vice president, president, president, lieutenant, representative, communication minister, communication minister, communication minister, root, researcher and spokesman for the Ministry of Finance.In fact, the 15 regulations that members follow, and the commitments and oaths accepted by all members when they entered the gang.The band in the band, sometimes the black/white account is the color of the gang.The members of the Brotherhood showed David's stars. The abbreviation was that sometimes they turned around and turned right.They have alliances, gangsters, King Latin, bombs, ñEta, country, and sometimes arched disciples with their popular countries.The gangs of competitors include 20 love gangs, solid black gangsters and BCB.Weapons, extortion, attack and intimidation.The members of the Brotherhood showed violence in both the punishment and streets.The violence includes the attack on the staff, prisoners and gang members who do not comply with gang rules.The members of the Brotherhood also attacked prisoners who refused to join the gang.The main source of income of the Brotherhood is the funds they obtained from drug transactions and extortion.Brothers' friendship is organized by the level structure, including the president, vice president, deputy president, security general, lieutenant, representative, communication secretary, secretary, root, researcher and Ministry of Finance spokesman.most).These members were found in the restaurant, entertainment area and housing units to protect other members of the competitors' gang members.The Brotherhood also signed a peace treaty with King Latin and Pumping State and ñETA.Our facilities show that the brothers will respect the treaty by supporting these gangs in the riots by supporting these gangs in riots.Historically, the friendship of the combat brothers was formed in the prison system in Illinois in the 1960s, and it was a disciple of Chicago Black Gangs.In Chicago, B.O.S. and B.G.D. they are almost synonymous.New England gang members are called B.O.S. CONSIDERE and call each other as gangsters.Use the abbreviation B.O.S. Reference to the combat brother friendship in the graffiti, the imprisonment brother 43

57Bruinsma, a member of Klaas Hood, is currently fighting with the punishment system.Brothers' friendship is sometimes called the sibling, and their graffiti proves the Brotherhood.The open belt strap is turned right, and the legs of the right pants are rolled or let the Chicago handkerchief Chicago form a gang country to appear back to the gang in the area.David King Barksdale was injured in a ambush in 1969 and died of insufficient kidneys in the combat brotherhood.For his honor, the Brotherhood was exhibited on the streets and facilities.; Also informed the violent incidents of brutal attacks including employees, prisoners and citizens; and ransom.Inspection, recruitment and weapon property have been learned.The regulations of the Brotherhood follow a set of 15 rules and regulations. Among the classification members, the formal commitments and oaths that will be of the brotherhood must enter the Brotherhood.fighting.Throughout the land, most countries /regions have been banned or sought in many drug transportation.On October 6, 1953, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands was in a wealthy world: his father was an important executive director of a Dutch beverage factory, and his son made a small pen when he was born.Who will give birth to her four children, including Kras.But the marriage did not last. The woman left them and returned to her motherland England.After this third divorce, Bruinsma established a romantic relationship with his maid Fox.Want to harden the children in the future and have their own ideas for how they show their fear.Clas seen by ton is the focus of tough.He ordered the child to climb into a bicycle and get the parcel. When both of them knew that they would be delivered the next day, it was difficult to do this.Sailing in the storm, Klaas likes it.In adolescence, Klaas left a good school, often absent, and went to a lower education school.And treated between colleagues.On September 4, 1970, Klaas was first arrested for the first time.When he opposed Klas, he left home and moved to his grandmother.This is a new school in Amsterdam and continues his cannabis business.In 1974, Kras was expelled from absenteeism.He rented an apartment in Amsterdam and decided to invest in drug trafficking.Through his franchise operator Thea Moare, he provided drugs (marijuana and marijuana) to several cafes and cafes.Bruinsma and Morrell finally started cooperation and eventually became partners in 1976. Bruinsma was arrested at a drug agreement of 44 kg per 100 kg.

58Bruinsma, Klaas Hashish.He was sentenced to six months in prison, three of which were probation.When he was released from prison, the police believed that Bruinsma had learned lessons because they no longer received news.But Bruinsma has changed its identity and he is now called Frans Van Arkel.He is more active than ever.After Thea Moear left her husband, Hugo Ferrol operated most of his drug business and joined Bruinsma.They founded this organization that would live today.In early 1978, Bruinsma and MOEAR added two new members to the organization Etienne Urka (born in Suridan Para Marbo), and the new boxer Andrei Brillman.Bruinsma and MOEAR also purchased two buildings at Amsterdam, with a total of about 300,000 guardians ($ 150,000), repairing them and adding safety.They also opened a few coffee shops.In 1979, Bruinsma was arrested as a planner who transported 1,500 kg of cannabis from Pakistan to the Netherlands.He was sentenced to 18 months in prison, but 12 months later, he was finally released immediately, and he continued to expand his organization.The office is ready: the first floor becomes a venue for the bodyguards and executives of the training venue, and the other floor becomes a room where the meeting can be held.Bruinsma also added a bodyguard/driver Geurt Roos to his private staff..Bruinsma also expanded his customer list.He now supplies drugs from Germany, Belgium, France, Scandinavian Navia and Britain.Bruinsma's client in the UK is Roy Adkins.As Bruinsma's illegal empire continues to grow, he has also begun to build front lines and build buildings in order to wash away all his dirty money.By 1983, Bruinsma had proved that he was a relatively good boss.His bodyguards and law enforcement officers were involved in several violence and achieved success, and Bruinsma won in business competition with Hugo Ferrol and the necessary violence alleys necessary for corporate survival.But even after all, Bruinsma is still considered by Amsterdam ’s underworld as a child of a rich mother.Some people even think that it is not BRUINSMA but Thea Moear is in charge of everything, which is incorrect.With this rich reputation, Bruinsma continues to become the acquisition goal of certain criminals.Things will soon change Bruinsma to prove his toughness in the gun battle of one of his former soldiers and the four other criminals.The soldier was Pietje Pieterse, and he was very dissatisfied with Bruinsma because he felt that his salary was too low.As a result, Pietje stole two marijuana with 600 kg of Bruinsma.Pietje invited Bruinsma to his house.He told Bruinsma that he had three people who had three people and told Bruinsma's stolen goods.In the subsequent quarrel, Bruinsma fired and hit Pieterse's hips.The three law enforcement officers immediately shot a shooting warning in the air, but the first law enforcement rushed to him.Bruinsma fired again, and the man fell to the ground.Another attacker then fired three shots to Bruinsma, hit all of them and sent him away.One of the men choked Bruinsma's neck.Bruinsma shouted: No police.No the ambulance.After more battles, this is exactly what happened.The boys who could escape ran away; others stayed in their blood.With a doctor, detective, a corpse, and pieterse injured, a shot of Bruinsma said to Pieterse before the doctor took him away: JES Christise, why is your family always messy at home?A few months later trials, on January 31, 1984, Bruinsma was sentenced to five years in prison, although he was later sentenced.The mobs participating in the shooting are included in the kill list of Bruinsma.One of them was strangled twice in prison and was strangled when he was waiting for the sentence. After the trial, he fled to the United States for many years, and Bruinsma's fine was reduced to $ 600,000.For the first time after the incident, he agreed and applauded by the bodyguards a few seconds after he applauded. Have you seen this guy?Remember this face, because this is a person who must pay.Pitters fled from the Netherlands to Switzerland, and his death sentence will be reduced to a judgment that can only sit on a wheelchair.On December 19, 1984, the Dutch court sentenced Bruinsma to three years in prison and two years less than the original sentence.In prison, Bruinsma accepted the visits of his father Ton. Seeing this scene like her son, she cried. Klaas later said how weak it became.April 30 that year, about 45

59Bruinsma, KLAAS visited his son for a few months, Ton Bruinsma died at the age of 63.When Bruinsma was released from prison, he decided to be a professional criminal. Rather than having a stable residence, it was better to enter the hotel.Going down to the lobby, barefoot, wearing only his robe.Around his eight to ten bodyguards, wearing a brand -name suit and spoke through the intercom.When the hotel asked him to reduce his false performance, he left.After leaving, in Okura, Bruinsma took the famous Hotel Amsterdam Amstel as a home.And safety inspection.Bruinsma also strengthened his safety.At this stage of his career, Bruinsma could not leave the Netherlands: he was expelled from the United States, and other countries also asked him to arrest him.Bruinsma also re -adjusted his staff: his deputy boss Thea Moear was surrendered, and her position was replaced by Etienne Urka.He also formed his department: the drug department was led by Roy Adkins.He then arranged a staff member who specialized in handling all drugs and money laundering.He established a departmental compliance that consists of a contract or a person who transmits it to the ladder.A public relations department is also organized to keep the organization away from the spotlight and deal with media relations when the organization receives negative news.Add the gaming department (slot machine and game) led by Sam Klepper (later died) and his capable assistant John Mieremet.After everything was ready, Bruinsma exerted his power.From the prison, Bruinsma ordered his former soldier to freely fight him, Andre Brilleman, to fight him.Brilleman was found in a steel barrel full of cement, and his face was shot close at close range.Later, it was discovered that Brilleman was seduced to a safe house, where he was beaten by six people who wielded the baseball stick.He was then taken to an abandoned warehouse, where he restored his consciousness.When he was still alive, he cut off his genitals and saw his leg with a saw.Then put him in the steel barrel, they filled the cement and poured it in the river.Since then, Bruinsma has been fully loyal to many underworld people on the street.By the late 1980s, he completely got rid of dirty work.His organization has developed to having 200 full -time employees.It is a leading drug supplier earning millions of dollars in Europe.Everything went smoothly, and Bruinsma began to consider retirement.But before he retired, Bruinsma wanted to make the last batch of big goods.This batch of goods is 45,000 kg of marijuana, which is estimated to be worth 400 million Grendi (about 250 million US dollars).The transaction failed, and he became more and more attached during the waiting process of Bruinsma.His people treat him as his original face, a lot of goods and a lot of money;The goods arrived and were taken to a warehouse, where it was stored until further distribution.Police found hidden drugs.The entire pile of 100,000 pounds was burned by police.No one was arrested.Since then, Bruinsma has been fined Roy Adkins, which eventually caused a fierce quarrel with Adkins and Bruinsma.They shot guns in Yab Yum, an upper -class social brothel in Amsterdam.Bruinsma is very upset.He has always expected the goods that have been lost now.He declared war on the entire Amsterdam underworld and ordered each coffee shop in Amsterdam to use their slot machines.If they refused, as a policeman said, he would send some Lady Yugoslaes and Uz.He also made his red light district move.Bruinsma is paranoid and drug addiction, including shooting bar and beating his prostitutes.This kind of behavior has more enemies. He does not need it. He quickly lost the attention of supporting Bruinsma and the Dutch Taxation Bureau and the Investigation Board.Bruinsma knows that his end is coming, but does not seem to care.Bruinsma has now become the main risk of the organization.In September 1990, Roy Adkins was shot shot by a gangster while drinking in the bar.Although most triad sources believe that Bruinsma is hunting him, the murder has never officially cracked.The position of mixed with cocaine and paranoid Bruinsma is increasingly replaced by Etien Ulka.Ulka won the respect of the army, I am 46 years old

60However, Yves performs most of daily operations.Police concentrated all power in Bruinsma, and as an additional pressure applied by the triad competitor organization, someone decided to take away Bruinsma from his hands.The organization.Bruinsma is gone to see his disappearance.On the evening of June 27, 1991, Bruinsma was having fun in a bar in Amsterdam Hilton Hotel.In the room, I was talking to several characters in the underworld, and Martijn Hoogland was a vicious and former police officer who worked with a group of Yugoslavia.The person in charge of the group was beaten by Bruinsma.During the conversation, Bruinsma told Bruinsma that I would also eat you.I also eat you.The conversation continued until 4 am.At that time, when some people he had been talking about told him that they would give him an elevator.Respect, who do you think I am?Following: I don't expect me to scare me because you are a former policeman.Then hear the gun.Bruinsma, hitting her chest, fell from 50 cm and fell on the floor. The short distance below his chin left the second shot.The third shot was triggered from the short distance behind the right ear.At the age of 37, the first Dutch sponsors Klaas Bruinsma died.During the rule of Luciano Liggio and Salvatore RIINA, senior soldiers and followers of the Croleone family.Brusca ruled violence and blood, and squatted down with declining eyes.His rule was murdered by murder, bombs and abductions caused a sign that broke out worldwide.When the Italian authorities were murderous, when they were murdered, they suddenly tortured the son of the black hand party in their most infamous butcher shop, and then excluded evidence in acid.Jovani Falkone, the Italian finance (Italiano to fulfill his lifelong prison. Despite his hardships, violence and anti -social behavior, he finally became a line person after the bar. As Montreal and the whole of Canada, CanadaImportant forces. In the mid-1970s, he served as president. On August 14, 1976, 25 years old, but at a hotel in a hotel in Saint-Andre-Overy,One of the 50 buildings entered and destroyed this place. Montreal's most powerful motorcycle club club Popeyes became the first chapter in Canada's hell angel on December 5.Barger) gave Buteau's only authorization in Canada to use the international title of the Angel Angel. On May 9, 1979, three bicycles were planted on Outlaw's Outlaw bicycles, and a bicycle was planted.On May 9, 1979, a bomb was planted on the Outlaw bicycle in Verdun and detonated her. The 30-year-old-age-Buteau served as the president.Many of the motorcycle gangs in various places have established contacts. These clubs have finally become the chapter of other hell angels in Canada. Shebruk's small drugs and atomic drugs have expanded the club's drug network. A group of beer fighters with organized crime empires. Members who were executed. GoodReau Gaudreau

61Buteau, Yves Buteau's rule on September 8th, but but, but, but his Hellland, Angelrenélamoureux, is in Le Petit Bourg Bar) Speed overnight, Satan's member of the guy Guy French Gilbert.When the group left the bar, Goudreau tears in the chest of Hell Angel President and kills him. He has time to pull his weapon.

62C Caideo-Tascon, Giovanni Giovanni Caicedo-Tascon is an established cocaine trafficker, associated with posters in the northern valley and Cali. In 1998, the organization directed Columbia's cocaine laboratory and transported Domiton's cocaine for distribution in the United States. Caicedo-Tascon's organization is particularly active in the New York City area. SEE ALSO: Poster by Cali; organize; organize; organize; organize; peace, narcotics and terrorism on international organized crime unions and their impact on US congressional hearing, US Congress, February 26, Kakey Arrested in August 1998, Alaatin Cakici is one of the most powerful presents in the history of the mafia through extortion, heroin smuggling and murder to the top of his country's illegal world. He set foot in the Turks when he married the famous daughter of Ugr Dundar Kilic. Had an adventure during the federation. Even for the reason, Ugel was slashed by a bullet by a man who had been her husband's driver. He has arrived. He faces a total of 384 years in prison. However, fate smiled on the notorious mafia. The Turkish government has just suffered a nightmare about the bas-relief case, including a parade of disgraceful officials condemned to ostracism in the press. Court via link via link Abdullah Catli. Many administration officials don't want to see another scandal-plagued administration official. kakiki is worth it all

63Cali Cartel was expelled from France on December 13. Will Turkish politicians contact the contact?If I speak, he said immediately after he was arrested in France that an earthquake would occur in Turkey.Hoehler reported in FrankFurter Rundschau (December 26, 1999).Cakici was sentenced to an absurd eight -year imprisonment.Although the official court is friendly to CAKICI, the public opinion court in the triad is not good for him.Behind him, Cakici brought USAK problem to USAK.prison.But there, the local illegal empire was directed by the brothers of Ergin.In prison, Cakici is facing a new threat.With the presence of the famous gangsters among them, Ergin (Ergin was imprisoned abroad, Kakich's brother Gongbei, and several nearby colleagues were expelled by his former father's new members.. Mionevian party politics. The Colombian government has led the Colombian authorities to take serious actions, which led to the last failed poster. In the early 1990s, Madelene drug traverser was killed or imprisoned. The cruel and violent Carter was observed.In the leaders of Medellín, the leaders of Medellín, Cali leaders died of law respecting entrepreneurs, invested in the future of the country, won the public's respect and the economy of Cali.Control. On the global beach, the poster extended its market to Europe. After the Soviet Union fell in 1990, they quickly moved to Eastern Europe, using political and economic confusion, and using these freshly created democratic countries (such as the rear) to transfer it to Western Europe to Western European EuropeThe gate. For example, in 1992, in Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary caught a lot of cocaine. The Russian authorities caught a 1.1 tons of cocaine and hidden in canned meat.Install meat. And destined to go to the Netherlands through St. Petersburg in Russia. In the Cold War of Europe, there was no control border, the eastern border blocked communism, and international enterprises and world governments were threatened by Colombian drugs. In the early 1990s, drug control managementThe bureau estimates that they are exported from 500 to 800 tons of Cocaine from Colombia each year. The structure and operation of these organizations are the main international companies. In order to buy the best legal thinking, the most advanced technology and the most qualified financial experts.Between Cali's main drug traffickers, Rodrigus Oliguezorejula Gilberto and his brother Miguel were called transport experts.Other countries. Gilberto is responsible for long -term strategic planning. Miguel is the actual manager who guides daily operations. Hese San Cruise London London is responsible for establishing a distribution of centers in the United States. A very complex and highly structured drug trafficking organization, It is strictly controlled by Cali's leaders. Every day, the load of currency and the details of the goods are electronic to require the leader of the cocaine cell.

64Cali poster in the United States.Cali drug dealers know how, when and where to transport Katain to the brand in the packaging.Chief Cali established production targets for cocaine. These goals are to communicate and participate in the cocaine communication intimately at each stage of production, transportation, financing and business.Each organization has its own leadership level. Their distribution network and customers in all countries in the world are divided into separate cells.Each cell is always guided by the Director of Colombian citizens directly notifying Colombian drug dealers.Organizations are indeed efficient and international.Harold D. Harold D. Karry Chief Josésantacruz Londono ordered an outstanding journalist in New York to order in March 1992.Representative Cali Cartel is responsible for three other contract murders. In the late 1980s, Cali Group had more and more power activities to guide his organization of criminals from Cali., Work on the excuses of legitimacy, which makes their professional obligations realize them. Buitrago has accumulated fate and instructed their millions of rich people. In Mexico, they can escape the execution of American law and transport and distribute with Mexico and distribute with Mexico.Officials for the alliance, Mr. Thomas A. Constantine, the DEA administrator, continued to say that in 1995 and 1996, the brave men and women of the Columbia national police were applied to the brave men and women of Columbia Police.Application by General Serano and other CNP officials completed the promised testimony 51 51 51

sixty-fiveCamareana, Erik and Colombian law enforcement officials' dedication of the government in the face of huge personal dangers and leadership filled with drug corruption.Please refer to: Kaiserdor-Taskan, Jvani.Camareana and Enrik may have no incident on the major influence on the Drug Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Drug Bureau (Dea).Agent Camarena is known for his belief that everyone's behavior will affect the drug war.He was assigned to the Gwadarahara resident office of Mexico Dea and was committed to finding the main characters that were captured by drugs on February 7. When he left the office and his wife had lunch, a new car parked in CamarrayNext to Na, the four men grabbed him, threw him to the back seat of the car and left quickly.A few hours later, Alfredo Zavala Avelr, a pilot of the Ministry of Agriculture, Mexico, was also abducted.After Ms. Camarina reported her husband's disappearance, the resident of the anti -drug bureau Guadalahara immediately tried to find him.After determining the disappearance of Agent Camarina, there was no innocent explanation. He was responsible for the resident agent James Kencher quickly notified his superiors and tried to win the support of the Mexican police.Camarana Mexican national military officer Edward Herte requested the United States Ambassador to the United States to assist in the assistance of the United States, and Garvin called the Mexican Chief Prosecutor to ask him to assist him in resolving the disappearance of agents.Subsequently, all national agents of DEA (SAS) and the attacks from Latin American countries were informed of the missing agent and asked to consult all the known sources of the Mexican trafficking organization to obtain any intelligence that could cause them to be rescued.The Dea headquarters then quickly established a working group to coordinate the investigation and sent 25 special group agents to be sent to Guadalahara to help look for agents Camareana.Director Laine's widow GineBra Camarena.In February 1985, Dea continued to find Kamarena.The witnesses were interviewed, and they tracked many clues.Search for several houses and pastures in Mexico.According to the information obtained, DEA requires the Mexican Federal Judicial Police (MFJP) to bring Rafael Caro-QUINERO, Miguel Félix Gallardo and Ernesto Fonseca-Carrillo as the suspects of the kidnapping case. These three are the infamous Gwadalaharahara drug dealers.It is believed that they have resources and motivation to implement such acts.On February 9, 1985, Rafael Caro-QUINERO was preparing to confront MFJP officials with MFJP officials at Guadalahara Airport to take private planes with several associates.After the armed conflict, a Mexican officer, an MFJP commander who talked privately with Caro-Quinero, and later allowed him to leave with his associates.Subsequently, a local farm worker was near a field near the busy highway about 1 km from Mexican Miman.Obviously the corpses abandoned there were confirmed to be Camarena and Captain Zavala.The FBI special agent from the soil sample collected from these two corpses showed that the corpse was buried elsewhere and then transferred.On March 7 and 8, 1985, pathologists and American coroners analyzed and carried out autopsy.The discovery of pathologists made a positive identification and stated that dying in both cases was due to blunt damage by the head.On March 8, 1985, the body of Agent Camareana was transported back to the United States.For DEA and the US public, the torture and murder suffered by Agent Camarena in 1985 marked a turning point drug war.His violent death caused the public to face the cruel behavior of drug trading.See another: Caro-QUINERO, Rafael; Félix Gallardo, Miguel.U.S. Disas -in the US Department of Justice.Traditional excellent, DEA history can be obtained online.URL: GOV/PUBS/History/Index.html.Download on July 28th,

66Caro-Quinero, Miguel Angel Carbone, Paul Bonaventure Paul Bonaventure Carbone and their organized crime associate François Spirirto were France's first modern gangsters. Marseille helped organize the fascist shock troops to aid the French fascist movement in the 1930s. Locally, Spirirto and Carbone engaged in violence and chaos to fascists and local leaders, when Communists demonstrated. and was a runner during the Spanish Civil War. During World War II, Carbone and Spirito worked with the German occupation forces and had strict ties to the Fascist movement in France of the previous years. During the war, Spirirto and Carbone reported on bands among the French resistance fighters who killed several German collaborators and Frenchmen who directed things in Marseille. Carbone died shortly thereafter when the train he traveled to Marseille was flown by the French Resistance. Like Sam Wings) Sammy is Sammy's driver Chicago boss ex-head Joey Aiuppa takes his Nick Capo series, the series has cancer. Surrendered Michael and Tony Spilotro to Ferriola's sub-grocer. and several illegal gambling operations in the Chicago area and western suburbs. He was sentenced to prison, where Jimmy Marcello Jr. died, his driver and Hench. Mimimes Andcatos reports, founder of Rafael Caro-Quine presentation to Miguel Angel Caro-Quinterro. Miguel Miguel quickly established the dominance of his brothers Jorge and Genaro and rose to the top of the group's business. Miguel Angel is the head of the Caro-Quintero organization, highlighting the Large quantities of marijuana, heroin, and cocaine, and has been involved in the production, production, and manufacture of methane powder. Miguel escaped the DEA on two federal charges filed in Colorado District Court in 1988 and 1993, and in 1994 Two were issued in the area. Courthouses in Arizona. Miguel updated the political payment scheme in a situation that resulted in better protection and great economic success. In the early 1980s, the gang was a major exporter of sinners, daily Nearly four tons of the border's largest border, according to DEA testimony, was received on Oct. 27, 1997. A federal judge in Hermosillo, Mexico, dismissed the charges against Miguel Caro-Quinero in 1992 after accepting a bribe on Oct. 27, 1997. Operations. Freely in Mexico. Subject of numerous U.S. charges and Mexican provisional arrest warrant issued in U.S.. Offered a $2,000,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest and condemnation. Like his brother, MiG Miguel was captured on December 20, 2001, as the Mexican government came under intense pressure from the U.S. government, organized crime and organized crime and. Miguel is currently in Mexican custody and faces extradition to the U.S. for his involvement in the Arizona State and Colorado Union imports face trial.

67According to the report of the Drug Control Bureau (DEA), about luxury drug traffickers (September 1999), Rafael Caro-Quinero (Rafael Caro-QUINERO, heroin and cocaine from the United StatesMexico. Raphael expands the impact of his family network by providing expensive seedless marijuana at the wholesale price. At that time, Sinsemilla sold each state at Manchester United at a price of $ 2,500 per pound.One of the most powerful traffickers ... In order to protect, the expensive champion provides a large amount of payment to the Federal judicial police and federal society to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of the political investigation office of its assets.The political investigation office of the Intelligence Agency (CIA), which is deeply intertwined in a secret war in Central America. With all its strengths, money and influence, expensive expensive and expensive in the poster's other leadersAmong them, he ordered the abduction and assassination of the US DEA agent in the secret American operating partner. They believed that Camarena would use the well-known international drugs with the cover that CIA participated. However, drugs.It soon disbanded, and the boss was forced to escape. The search for Elgreñas was over. At that time, the agent of Mexico and the United States Dis found Caro-Quinero Living in Costa Rica.Caro-QUINE. Fael Caro-Quinero was sentenced to 34-year-old prison sentence at the age of 36 on September 24. Rafael was 36 years old.Rafael Caro-QUINE in July 1988, the Great Jury from Arizona accused Rafael Caro-QUINE-HINERO, Rafael Caro-QUINE-HINER,Murdering the federal agent, helping and inciting and attachment after the facts. In January 1997, the Mexican government issued a temporary arrest to require gorgeous justice. He was a Mexican organization.Drugs were transported to the United States to the United States by drug traffickers. He was called the king of heaven. He was persecuted by the United States and the Mexican authorities. Police eventually seek cosmetic surgery to change its appearance.Halifax (HaliFax has attracted the attention of hell angels from the 130s in the 1980s. Angels were impressed by the 13th tribe. On December 5, 1984, after 54 years, after 54 years

68Paul's exploration period, Castellano officially became a chapter of Hellfax, Hell Angel.According to the police, CARROLL and Halifax Randall Blondie Mesereau, Patrick French Guernier and John ChrisJohn Chirsensn, Mesereau, Mesereau, Mesereau and GUERNIER were convicted.The prostitution activities on May 30 were sentenced to one year in prison.According to police, Wolf passed the late 1980s and early 1990s, expanding its ten -year expansion and increased influence.On June 24, 1995, it left the Harry Fax Branch for the Quebec nomads. Carroll was one of more than 100 members of hell angels and was accused of being charged in the impression of arrest and still hidden.It's right.It is facing the position of murder and gangs.Wolf Carroll.Once he came out, he was celebrated as the hero of Carlo Gambino; this marriage could almost ensure the glory of the Spanish black party.In 1957, Castilian went to Apalachin at the Apalachin, a signal, and more importantly, the people of Carlo Gambino were approaching the peak.This is the best time in Spain so far, but it turns out that this is a disaster, which has won his second touch of law and the second prison.A jury in New York remained silent and was announced as contempt.The crime was five years of imprisonment, and he was sentenced to seven months in prison.In his release, his figure grew again.Winning respect, once again showing that this is a kind of foot.Soon, the situation returned to normal, and Castrican and his Spanish meat company Paul (also known as Da Paul) Paul Castilian (Paul Castilian) Born in Brooklyn's Constantine Paul Paul SpainOn June 26, his parents came from Sicily and immigrated to Manchester United.The eighth grade school became a meat knife with his father, and helped him perform the game.Participated in the game and booking book Castilian was forced to contact heavier crimes. At the age of 19, he committed the Spanish with two friends, and he participated in the armed robbery.His two black hands Paul Castellano (AP) 5555

(Video) The power of the drugs mafia - Cocaine and the Netherlands | DW Documentary

69Catli (Catli) of Abdullah is called Blue CarCons.Who wholesale is a very successful meat, which is due to the influence of the Black Party, only a better life.Castellano lives a wonderful life.As Carlo Gambino's health has deteriorated, it is clear that he needs to appoint the successor.For Carlo, he left his Neil Dellaslce and Paul Castellano.Carlo chose Spanish and did the fate of the Spaniards, and broke the Gambno family with two characteristics.In 1975, a meeting discussed Gannino's decision.As a result of the meeting, the Castilla will be the boss, and no one will move forward.It is now the person in charge of the most powerful black party in the United States.Spain's rule is quiet.Castrano did not have amazing people, far from the daily work of the street.Worth $ 3.5 million and nicknamed the White House.In his mansion, the Spaniards were isolated and instructed his criminal empire, away from the soldiers on his family and far away from the difficult streets.He contacts the streets and basic rules.To win the dollar, he never showed respect at home.From the beginning, it has been dissatisfied with Spanish, and things will deteriorate.On February 25, 1985, five leaders of these five families were accused of in the famous are evidence every day to show the errors in the Spanish mansion.Insects have not performed well on Castrician.Legally, they are criminals. On the street, for soldiers, they now look like a brand.The rebel faction was stimulated again, but they were still arrested by UnderBoss Neil Dellas.However, when DellaCroce died, Castilian's location seemed to be weak.The rebels were directed by John Gotti and John Gotti never liked Castilian. He always wanted DellaCroce to follow DellaCroce to follow.Gambino.gotti was arrested by Dellas, but now there is a dead Dellas, there is nothing to stop him.Gotti began to support Will Castellano.When the Spaniards did not participate in the Wake of DellaCroce, GOTTI did not support it.The plan was formulated, and a successful team gathered together. On December 16, 1985, Paul Castellano and his newly appointed Zi BilottiParks steak house was shot in front of Sparks Steak House.Castilla ended the black hand party in a typical way: violent death.EssenceTürkiye in the twentieth century.Among the same cars, we are Gongca, we are the Turkish beauty pageant, and they are linked to the Turkish Mom Party.Controlling the Westvilk Valley between the city of Dialbaki, the guerrilla team of Huseyin Kocadag, the Dean of the Elig Police College, is closely related to the cracks operating by Kurdistan.These guerrillas specifically caused the death and suffering of the Kurds who were unwilling. On November 3, 1996, on Sunday, trucks, trucks hit cars they drove in Su Surux, a city in western Turkey. November 3, 1996,On the day, Mercedes-Benz overturned the weird scene of the Turkish country in a traffic accident. He overturned in a traffic accident.

70Catli, Abdullah, the leaders of the international smuggler and fascist gang Abdullah Catli (right) and two Turkish policemen (AP/Hurriyet) AbbAbdullah Catli condemned.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceOn the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, when the murder is scored.At that time, Catli MHP (National Action Party). In Catli, it is also coveted Turkish passport green, usually issued to senior officials to avoid the demand for visa requirements. In the trunk, there is an Arsenal:Weapons, mufflers and ammunition, weapons, mufflers and ammunition, the network reports information Kurda American.abdullah Catli since the end of 1970, the Gray Wolf Presidential Party of Ankara, October 9, 1979; 1979, in 1979,Milliyet, the chief editor of ABDI Ipekci was killed by Mehmet Agca. When Agca was arrested, the police had discovered a false passport on behalf of Mehmet Oezbey, which belongs to Abdullah Catli.) It is related to the attack on the Pope. The Interpol has released international orders to arrest Abdullaka Cartley Asala.(Azerbaiyan) after the coup in Aliyev's Aliyev, he appointed one of the responsible names he emphasized was Abdullah Catli.Participated in the order to prove that he was in drug trafficking, but he received Abdullah Catli, but police passports and weapons permits. Although he announced nationalist political speech, Cartley was even in drug problems.It exists on the top. Now it is obvious that Cartley uses nationalist speeches and promotes international travel 57 57

71From Giovanni, Cazzetta transports the drug route of heroin from Turkey.In the remaining ten years, the world.Catli's death is a trigger factor for the recruitment of police and the Turkish government in that country that has never been seen before. In the history of that country.Despite the violence and crime, Cartley's death also imagined his career and the king of his underworld than him or anyone else.Citizens have been assumed between local police and international drugs: it has been decades in that country.However, knowing that the drug gang and the national government's upper levels are so complicated to interweave, these blackmail parties are shameless. It is shocked by officials in public in public.On the navy, just like Italy's death of two judges against crime, protesting deafening.The incident opened huge cuts in the government, and recorded several ministers in the video to leave their office handcuffs.It is called the Sureluk scandal, named after the town where the accident occurred.Brother, he was born in the mid -1950s.Born with his brother.Rock motorcycle driver.With the Italian Matrix, Western Gang and Dubois.giovanni.giovanni.giovanni.giovanni.giovanni.giovanni.giovanni.giovanni Offer.Gadtata gang occupied the second place.His brother Salvatore's solo solo influenced the spring of 1993 and was sentenced to four years in prison.From May 1997, a policeman pretended to be a rich Calgary merchant. He tried to import 15 kg Cocaine to Alberta Province and tried to establish a drug transaction with Cazzettas, but the person in charge of the rock machine was so outstandingEssence$ 39,000 per unit.Police rented a apartment on Sanbien Street for transactions and were equipped with microphone and hidden cameras.Mattix sent couples Frank Bonneville and Donald White to collect the drug agreement to participate in the drug agreement.Anesthesia and combined drug traffic.Matticks, Bonneville and Waite announced on June 17, 1997, and sentenced himself to three, four and two years.Participated in the trial.He was sentenced to nine years on April 14th, and at the same time as he was imprisoned, Gaddata was sentenced to establishment of money for money laundering.Cherokee, Corvette in 1959 and Lexus in 1992.

72Chan, Wing Young 1984, Cazzetta decided to follow his own path.The organization will be like any other motorcycle knight gang, but there is no patch.This means that fewer public infamous and the pressure of the police.In their positions, members will use special gold rings to identify themselves.This gang is called a rock machine.The two brothers established their network. In the early 1990s, Los Angeles Rock Machine had 10 members in Montreal and opened a branch in Quebec.It is said that more than 100 other drugs work for them and allocate millions of dollars of drugs.Gaza is a cunning businessman who is promoted to success and learned that the best way to survive and prosper in underworld is to get in touch.Participate in the land suspected of participating in the Drug Control Bureau (DEA) in the plot.He was sentenced to drug mosquito allegations./Rock machine.The case of Abdi Ipekci was sentenced to prison for threatening the use of weapons to threaten textile industrialists.CEIK could not pay 500 million seven -string piano bail and was placed in Urkanier prison.Once extended, he did fall into a difficult period.Oral Celik (Celik) is related to many events, including the pope's murder attempt, Turkish Daily News announced on January 24 that Oral Celik's attempt to murder the pope and kill the reporter Abdi Ipi PippiThe teachers of the base (Abdi Ipekci) and Malaatha were released by the prison. International and super nationalist mighty party. Beliefs and money. People believe that Selik also passed his distance with Catli with Abu Uglu.(Abuzer Ugurlu) is linked to .CEIK participated in the pope's life attempt. If many people believe that he has a close understanding of the conspiracy, then he has the ability to connect the connection between the state ministers in New York and the Turkish blackman party in New York City, Chan is the person in charge of the Leong Merchant Association, originally the beginning of Disherwasher. According to the organizational striker Mark C., as a human transport, he brought illegal foreigners, illegal foreign countriesIn addition to providing London in the Port of Ronglong, he also provides a sex slave from mainland China.

73Charron, Alain Mark C. Gribben.Festival of the Moon.Near the younger Donald Lavoie will be described as the brothers of "Blood DE Charron", the smallest of the smallest of the nine Dubois brothers and Donald Lavoie.Police raid Charron S Notre Dame Street on October 4, 1974, some ski masks and wives.But due to lack of evidence, they were released later that night.Charron and Donald Lavoie were accused of the murder of Henryfernández and Linda Maiore, Henryfernández, alleged that Fernández was allegedly levey on the police in CHARON's apartment.According to Donald Lavoie, the two were released in the winter of 1978.His dog.When Lavoie became a government line in 1980, Charron retired to Laurentian small house near Claude Dubois's home. He also began to serve as Du DuDubois bodyguard., I decided to leave the pressure they faced by Lavoie's dropout and then went to the United States.There is a false identity certificate because they are not allowed to leave the country, and they have reached the real identity document of Dubois and his wife.The two were retained for several hours and they returned to Canada.Charron and their girlfriend can enter. Two days later, with the help of two gang soldiers Dubois, his wife entered the United States two days later.Florida's four holidays lasted for three weeks and then returned to Montreal.Lavoie revealed to the authorities in January 1982 that Charron was responsible for letting Jean Carreau murder Jean Carreau.charron.A luggage containing Miami's 50 -pound marijuana was sent to SchedEctady, New York, where it should be sold in Canada, but the license was lost in the email. Charron went to New York to New York drugs deteriorated.In May 1983, Charron was arrested in West Palm Beach, Florida in May 1983.A few months later, he made an appointment with the doctor and was officially accused of a CARREAU murder on November 9th. The trial began Jean-LUC Dutil in June in June to refuse to allow Charron's lawyer to ask the liner Donald LavoieChallenge the judge's ruling, but the Canadian Supreme Court finally imported 53 tons of marijuana.marijuana.Cocaine, hidden in the leased Cadillac's secret box.The United States accused him of suffering from Bafafaro's seizures 10 days later.The situation of Charron deteriorated.His name was related to a popular tavern in San Suville in March 1996.The bar is seven places (Royal Mading Police), a place where the Royal Canadian monster police is beaten in Lawrence, oriental municipal authorities and Montreal.

74Cocaine and crack in Val-Morin are also raids.Police confiscated $ 20,000 in cash, computer system, a $ 20,000 coin collection, more than 100 boxes of documents and Bentley in 1946.From Charron to March 17, his lawyer appealed to the court's ruling, but did not succeed.Charron was sentenced to eight-year imprisonment in June 2002, and he was transferred to Sainte-Anne-De-Plains, Quebec.In order to complete the judgment of the Cocyin traffic judgment, the allegations are still waiting for the bust of 1992.: Dubois gang; lavoie, Donald. Gar, and FraanCoeur.alain Charron.wissguywally.disponable Inline.url: Wing has been known as the Clehlinl Crime Alliance since the beginning of the 1980s). MostPowerful crime group Britain.According to the Adams family, important gangs in London crime are specializing in drugs and extortion.The gang's reputation is to hire African -Paribbe people to murder and competitors.In July 1991, Frankie Fraser, a former will of Richard Gang, when he left the Adams family's order, he left the NITE club of Clair Kellywell, London, at PointBlank's scopeKilling inside.EssenceColombian drug trafficking organizations continue to control the production of Coca -Cola and cocaine, most of which occur in Colombia.Colombian organizations and their alternative control through the transportation of the Caribbean Corridor, while Mexico Organization Mexico Organization, which allows them to control Mexico's Mexican organizations on the southwestern border through Mexico flow through Mexico.The establishment of the transportation center and distribution center system allows Mexico and Colombian organizations to manage cocaine to markets around the United States.Media, although the Columbia organization is still participating in it, it seems to have a certain responsibility for the transportation and wholesale distribution of other groups in the eastern United States (especially Dominica) ... Although the Mexico and Dominica organizations dominate the recognized groups,Status retail distribution levels, including African -American, independent distributors including African -American, Caucasus technology and Spain, seem to be standard.The production and availability of cracks are directly related to the availability of cocaine powder.According to production, with the distribution of production, the needs of the two continue to continue to be high.Information provided by the Federal, local and local institutions and organizations to the National Medicine Intelligence Center (INDES) shows that the transportation, distribution, abuse, and criminal activities related to cocaine in dust and cracks continue to constitute the biggest threat of drugs in the United States.

75Cocaine and cocaine cocaine, and captured the weapon of a cocaine laboratory in Wakent, Florida, the Florida, and western Miami (Associated Press), which is one of the largest drug threats in its region.Each state, Columbia Special Economic Zone, Guam and Guam, Guam and Guam, and Guan Guan, Mariana Del Norte, considers Cocyine's problems in its stable area, but at a high level.Only 80 institutions have stated that the problem of cards has increased due to the problem, and 20 explanation problems are decreasing.Despite Cocaine traffic, cocaine traffic, abuse and related criminal activities cover the country, the country's problems in some regions of the country are even greater: New England, New York/New Jersey, Midwest, Southeast and Florida/Caribbean SeaEssenceMethayzhenylene has overcome cocaine in the western and western western and western regions, but the application of laws in the application laws across the country and the southwest border is still considered a huge threat.Cracks are an important issue in urban areas.Most people think this is the biggest threat.Cocaine's availability and the actions of street gangs are beyond the traditional operating field, resulting in cracks spread to many suburbs and rural areas.Law enforcement agencies in many regions have reported that abuse and distribution of cracks have a serious negative impact on society, which has led to violence and other criminal activities, which are mainly due to street gangs.Violent crime.In these institutions, 53 emphasizes the relationship between cracks and violent crimes, not any other drugs.The agency highlights the main impact of crack traffic.The United States is about 300 metric tons, accounting for 35 % of the estimated year year

76Cocaine and cracks potential production and about 50 % of the world's demand.3.6 million each year.State studies have shown that the use of cocaine or oxydrochide is relatively general stability.In 1999, Kekaine was the second illegal drug (after marijuana in the United States. In 1999, the National Drug abuse survey (NHSDA) showed that about 25 million people over 120 years of age reported the use of cocaine, about 4 millionPeople reported last year's use and 1.5 million other reports reported their current use. In the age group, the prevalence of Cocaine used is very different: among young people aged 26 to 34Among young people aged 18 to 25, the usage rate was high last year. Cocaine's admission year (the number and percentage of percentage and percentage) non -hybrid 63.002 60,405 66,777 69,421 76,322 75,860 smoke (crack) 170, 170 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, service health, abuse of mental sanitary substances and serving national drug abuse therapy services, indicating that Kakin accounted for 15 % of all enrollment of public funds. Public funds in 1998.A speech was delivered at a press conference in January 2002, announcing the rupture of the money laundering network serving the Colombian drug organization. Hundreds of pounds (AP) 63

77Cocaine and cracks have the average age of white white Spanish in the hospital for women and women.% 32.8 smoke (crack) 170 170 170 170, % 41.9 % 100.0 % 33.1 % 59.3 % 5.6 % 1.9 % 100.0 % data Source: Human Health and Public Service Department of the U.S. Treatment Incident, the percentage of the eighth and twelfth grades. Last yearAnd current life, use, use last year's Cocaine's life. Last year, 82, 10, 10, 10, 10, 12, 12, Source: U.S. Health and Public Service Department, National Drug AST Typical Typical TypicalIn the treatment of public funds in the Cocyine Forest Institute, it is white, men and 32 years old (see the top left table above).The result of the drug abuse monitoring plan (ADAM) continues to prove that cocaine is the drug that the arrested person is more frequent among the arrested people, but the percentage of the arrest of positive cocaine in many places has declined.Data warning data (dawn), including cocaine powder and cracks, indicating that cocaine is the most commonly mentioned drug in the emergency room of the hospital. It represents 30 percentage in all seizures mentioned in the past five years.Stablize.The 42 metropolitan regions surveyed by Dawn are still the most commonly mentioned drugs mentioned by doctors, although the Kakin medical examination is relatively stable.Generally, seven cities have reported significantly in 1998, while four cities report that unlike Kakin powder, the use of cracks has fallen sharply. In the past five years, the use of cracks is greatly different.There are 650,000 differences in the number of crack users in the United States.From 1996 to 1999, 413,000, but there was no estimated demand level.NHSDA data in 1999 showed that nearly 6 million people reported the use of life cracking in 12 years, and about 1 million people reported the use of cracks.Last year, about 413,000 reported the current purpose.Although Cocaine and cracks only accounted for 15 % of the enrollment rate of public fund therapeutic facilities in 1998, most 73 % of cracks were crack treatment methods.TEDS shows that typical crack users are admitted.The treatment of public funds is black, men and 34 years old.34 % of Pink Tyrin income.Use every day.The output of Coca -Cola is mainly grown in Colombia; the country accounts for about cocaine powder that can be used in the world consumption.Peru and Peru and cocaine powder.Bolivia, which accounts for 21 % and 12 %, are the only other countries with important sources.CONVERSION's conversion is decippy to go to school. Cocyine grade senior high -level senior senior senior high -level senior high -level senior high -level high -level senior high -level senior high -level high -level senior high -level senior high -level high -level high -level senior high -level high -level high -level high -level high -level high -level high -level high -level high -end twelve -finger intestine (6 12) Data Source: Parent Resource Research Institute: Drug Education Survey, please note: data is used for cocaine and cracking

78Cocaine and cocaine appear almost completely at the retail level of the distribution area of the cocoin.Coca planting is estimated to support 765 metric tons of 100% pure cocaine in cocaine that is transported to the United States, which shows that the average purity of the wholesale transportation is 80% to 90%.Among the 587 metric tons detected from South America in 1999, it was believed that 512 metric tons were transported to the United States.From this number, 76 metric tons were arrested during transportation, and the other 56 metric tons were seized at the US border.The transportation of federal, state, and local law enforcement information shows that there is a complete logistics system.A coordination system that spans the United States allows large drug trafficking organizations in Mexico and Colombia to manage cocaine flows to markets across the country.These organizations control the cocaine from the natives of the country through various entry points, the transportation hubs through the southwest and southwestern regions, and their transportation from the distribution center to the market to the United States.Analysis of institutions showed that since 1998, the use of the main transportation corridors (Mexico, Mercedes America, Caribbean and directly to the United States) has undergone moderate changes in the United States).The annual data of 2000 indicates that the use of Mexico has increased, and it shows the liquidity of Cocyin trafficking and the flexibility of controlling its organization.In 1999, Mexico was still the main channel for cocaine to the United States, accounting for 54% of the detected mobile (59% in 1998).However, in 2000, about 66% of cocaine that was shipped to the United States through Mexico transit.In 1999, the Caribbean Corridor accounted for 43%of all transportation of all transportation (30%in 1998). Haiti and Puerto Rico still transported the main destination of cocaine through the Caribbean corridor.Data in mid -2000 showed that the use of the Caribbean corridor has decreased, especially in Haiti and Puerto Rico, accounting for 33%of the detected mobility, but the goods that are shipped to teeth seem to increase.In 1999, only 3%of the detected freight volume (11%in 1998) that was shipped directly to mainland the United States.Drug trafficking organizations in Mexico and Colombia continued to control most of the Cocaine transportation into the United States.Mexican organization control is mainly transported by vehicles (commercial trucks, private vehicles, bus, buses and taxis) and walking courier through the Southwest border through the entry port (POE).The Mexican organization also uses private vehicles, courier, packaging animals and private planes to cross the boundary between POES.Colombian organizations cooperate with Dominica, Jamaica, Bahamas and Haiti Group to control the Caribbean transportation.Container cargo, aviation aircraft, Gofast ships, fishing boats and coastal cargo ships are used to transport cocaine between the Caribbean islands and ship them to the United States.Transportation law enforcement information in the United States shows that Mexico organizes the United States' cocaine transportation, especially in the Pacific, western, southwest, Dahu District, and southeast.Some institutions in the Central and Atlantic regions also pointed out that Mexico participated in the Cocaine transportation.However, many institutions across the country, especially suburban and rural areas, claimed that local independence was mainly the same as that of the Gaoplaso distributors almost the same as the Mexico organization.Colombian organizations continue to participate in it, especially in the eastern United States, but have begun to rely on the Caribbean groups, mainly Dominicans, sea -land people (especially Florida) and Jamaica to transport cocaine.Organized gangs, including motorcycle gangs (OMG) and street gangs, seem to be more prominent in cocaine transportation than before.The national drug threat survey provided by the Elpaso Intelligence Center (EPIC) and the response to the state -induced information recorded the logistics systems that the management of cocaine flows to the US market.This system allows traffickers to supply directly between transportation centers and distribution centers, supply multiple markets through alternative routes, and may supplement cocaine supply in 65 areas

79Cocaine and crack experience are caused by seizures and other applicable legal activities.The Mexican Organization of Puerto Rico controls the operation of the mobile transport center of the banner of cocaine to the Southwest.And the market with Philadelphia and all over the country.Colombian organizations control the flow of cocaine to Miami, Miami and Puerto Rico, as well as the flow from some cocaine to Houston to provide services to the entire eastern and eastern United States organizations.Dahu District.Los Angeles: The main source of Cocaine in the Los Angeles area is Mexico, passing through the southern California (San Diego) and El Paso in Texas.The Hidta's high -intensity drug trafficking area has established Mexican drug trafficking organizations to send smaller cocaine to angels at the same time to reduce the loss of seizures.From Los Angeles to Mexico Organization to provide cocaine to other Mexico organizations in Chicago, to provide cocaine to Chicago, Detroit and Dominica, and Colombian organizations in New York.The Mexican organization headquartered in Los Angeles also provides colleagues from cities in northern Los Angeles, which shows that some maritime transportation from Colombia to Los Angeles does not indicate the continuous existence of Columbia organizations.It is recommended that they can directly control some goods in Los Angeles and may be controlled to the goods organized by Colombia in Auckland, San Francisco, Seattle, Seattle, and the West Coast of the United States.Provide one or more distribution centers.The transportation center also acts as the distribution center.Distribution center: cities that provide drugs to local markets inside and outside the state.Transfer power: The cities or regions that temporarily store drugs will eventually be transported to another place for distribution.Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Mingni Apolis and New York, and several cities between Arizona and Dahu District.Step: Mexican organization in Delrio, Texas.In addition to providing cocaine to LOS, the Mexico organization located in the Houston Pass, which is provided by Mexico's land through the border entrance points of Delrio and Brownville and the maritime.Go to Dallas, Chicago, New York and North and East.Cocyin, which is directly from Colombia and the Caribbean to Houston, may be most of Houston's market share in Houston.From Houston, Cocin, Kakin was sent to African Americans, Columbians, Dominicans and Mexicans related 66

80Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Rochester (New York State) and Tampa's cocaine and Kuaike organizations.Miami: Miami is one of the most important transportation hubs in the eastern United States.Colombian organizations control the cocaine mainly transported from the Caribbean Sea to Miami, but according to the Tanpa Police Department, Tanpa is also the source of some cocaine shipped to the Miami region.The Miami Police Department reported that New York City was the primary destination of the cocaine from Miami.Other information from law enforcement agencies show that cocaine smuggling on the coastal cargo ships has increased significantly.Puerto Rico: Colombia Organization and its Caribbean have controlled directly to Puerto Rico from northern Colombia and Venezuela coasts or indirectly through the Republic of Dominica, Haiti, Trinida and TOGO, ST. Croix, SINT MAARTIN/SINT MAARTEN and and and and and and and AndAnd and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and that DAnd and and and and and and and and and and and and and sint and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and, ickerstrafficker Smuggle Smuggle 100-Mg multi-stock Cocaine uses various air transportation and maritime methods to directly ship into Puerto Rico, including commercial and cargo aircraft, almighty ships and container goods.However, there is a serious lack of information about the use of container goods.The traffickers also transported cocaine from the island to Puerto Rico in conjunction with the use of Go-Fast ships, cruise ships, ferries, fishing boats, private yachts and mothers.There are signs that due to the increasing Republic of the investigation and monitoring activities near the Haiti and the Dominica Islands, the airdrops in the waters east of Puerto Rico may be increasing.From Puerto Rico, smuggles use commercial flights, air freight, container cargo, private ships and cruise ships to New York, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, and New Sawak.Florida Jacksonville and Tanpa: These cities are the main sources of other cities in the United States, but without sufficient information can be classified as transportation hubs or distribution centers.Colombian organizations directly shipped Kakin to these two cities. Jacksonville seemed to lack the extensive influence of major distribution centers, but Jacksonville's criminal organization supplied cocaine in northern Florida, Georgia, New York and Illinois.The Federal Investigation Bureau Jacksonville Foreign Service noticed that the activities of smuggling cocaine through the port have significantly increased Jacksonville.Tanpa's influence as a distribution center seems to be even lower than Jacksonville, but it can supplement the supply of Columbia and Central America in Tanpa supply, and is supplied by Houston and Miami.The Mexican organization continues to lead the wholesale cocaine distribution, especially in the Pacific, Southwest, Midwest, Dahu District and Southeast.However, information from law enforcement agencies show that Mexico organizations are establishing business in eastern United States and gaining market share, especially New York and Philadelphia.Colombian organizations continue to dominate the wholesale distributors in the eastern United States, but obviously abandoned the responsibility of partial wholesale distribution to Dominica and Jamaica partners in New England, New York/New Jersey and Florida/Caribbean.The wholesale and distributors of Columbia also occupy the largest market area in the United States.According to the response to the national drug threat survey, local independent distributors, especially the Caucasia, are almost as prominent as Mexico organizations in the wholesale cocaine distribution, especially in the suburbs and rural areas.The survey response also shows that although the Mexican organization is maintained in the retail distribution, they transfer the leading rights to the local independent wholesale distributor: the distribution level purchased directly from the supply source or the importer's office, usually with pounds, kg or more pounds.The price is sold to intermediate distributors intermediate: the distribution level of other intermediate dealers or retail dealers is purchased directly from the wholesale dealers and sells drugs directly from the wholesale dealer and sold for other intermediate dealers or retail dealers.Retail: Level drugs are directly sold to users' distribution channels.67

81Cocin and Kuake (including Caucasus, African Americans and Spain) and street gangs.Independent local dealers and street gangs continue to dominate the quick distribution, almost all of them occur at the retail level.Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies report cocain dealers are more willing to transport cocaine in the local area and convert them into cocaine to avoid more severe punishment related to camin trafficking.Among the 412 states and local institutions responding to the national drug threat survey, nearly 300 institutions believed that cocaine was a problem in their region, of which nearly 80% of the fast -gram of fast transformation occurred in the local area.Local independent drug dealers, African -American groups, and street gangs are considered to mainly participate in the transformation of Kakin to Kuaike.They also pointed out that Mexico, Caucasian and Dominican groups participated in crack transformation and distribution.The crack distribution mode is similar to Kakin: street gangs and local independent dealers control the distribution of cracks to associates inside and outside the state.Among the 412 respondents in the national drug threat survey, 270 institutions identified local independent dealers and determined the street gang as the main drug dealers in their region in 190.The most commonly mentioned is the Caucasian, which is determined by 122 different institutions, and Mexicans, which are only mentioned by 49.Colombian criminal organizations use many other cities in the United States as distribution centers to provide cocaine that supply and supplies the number of wholesale in inside and outside the state.In the distribution center, the most prominent regional influence and importance are New York, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Deton and Philadelphia.Other distribution centers may be Columbus, Ohio; San Louis, Missouri; Minne Daminiah and San Paulo; Seattle, Washington; Denver, Colorado.The information of law enforcement agencies and EPIC indicates that the amount of cocaine flows through these cities, but there is no enough information to determine their importance as the distribution center.New York: The Cocyin Trafficking Organization in New York is one of the largest cocaine markets in the country, providing almost all available transportation methods: cargo through sea transport containers, land transportation from the southwest border and southeast region, through air transportation (especially postal services) and various typesPackage service.Most of the Los Angeles, Elpar, Houston, Miami and Jacksonville's Mexico and Colombian organizations control most of Kakin to New York, but according to the New York City Police Department, Asia, Dominican and Jamaica organizations also participated.Colombia and Dominica organizations control most of New York wholesale and intermediate cocaine distribution, but there are also signs that Mexico organizations are getting influence.According to the New York Police Department, local independent dealers (white and African Americans) and street gangs, as well as organizational criminal groups in Asia, Central America, and Italy also participated in wholesale distribution.Organizes the market supply to some densely populated areas in the United States.The influence of New York City as a distribution center extends to New England, New York/New Jersey, and the Central and Atlantic regions, and to the southeast and five large lakes.Chicago: Mexico and Columbia Organizations and Chicago's Mexican and Columbia partners in coordination coordinated from Los Angeles, Central Arizona, El Pasau, and Cocaine of Houston.The national drug threat survey showed that some Cocyin arrived in Chicago from Jacksonville, Florida.The Mexican organization dominates the wholesale and mid -level distribution of Chicago, but the Chicago Police Department also found that Colombia and street gangs participated in wholesale distribution.At the retail level, Mexico Organization also led distribution, but street gangs, local independent dealers, Caucasus, African Americans and Spain all participated in it.From Chicago, Mexico organized coordinated distribution to the southeast and west of the market in the entire five large lake areas and the market center of the United States: the main sources of cocaine in the Dallas Metropolitan Area is El Pasau and Houston, but some Cocaine seems to be directly transported 68

82Cracks between Cocaine and from Bryneville and El Paso.EssenceMexico, street gangs, independent local distributors (especially Caucasian) and Asian groups participating in retail allocation.The influence of Dallas, as a regional distribution center, will occupy El Paso and Houston in this area as a regional distribution center and will be occupied by El Paso and Houston, and will be in the State of Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma.The Dallas Police Department said that in the past few years, it has increased through Dallas through cocaine transfer.The Atlanta Police Department has determined the source of Miami, Brysville, Texas, Texas and Texas, and Savana, Georgia, such as the source of cocaine.The region, but the Jacksonville and the Houston Police Department also determined that Atlanta is the destination of the cocaine, so that a large number of Cocaine sources in their judicial jurisdictions to Atlanta, and a large number of cocaine in the origin of transit, which indicates that the number of cocaine is transported to the adult Atlanta.According to the Atlanta Police Department, the Mexican organization, the local and street gangs of independent merchants dominate their wholesale.Mexican groups participated.Atlanta's influence seems to be limited to the southeast region, especially in Alabama, Georgeia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, but including these cities with the largest population in these states., Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Texas provided cocaine in the organization of Detroit.Detroit, Colombia, Mexican and Jamaica organizations, and Caucasian organizations have participated in wholesale cocaine and medium levels.Based on the distribution of Detroit Police Station., Street gangs and local independent franchise operators dominate retail distribution.The influence of Detroit as a regional distribution center overlaps, but it is more restricted.Detroit's organizational processing of cocaine throughout Michigan and Indiana Indiana, Iowa, Iowa, Iowa, the market distribution of Kentucky, Ohio, western and Western Pennsylvania, and Virginia.The group includes Dominica and Colombian organizations, street gangs and local independent businessmen, including African Americans, Asia and White.Participate in the distribution of retail first -level cocaine.The organization headquarters, especially Dominica, distributed Kakin to the entire group of Pennsylvania, as well as the entire group of Pennsylvania, as well as Terlawa, Maryland, Massima, Massachusetts, Massachusetts, Virginia and Washington.Other possible distribution centers include Columbus in Ohio; San Louis, Missouri; San Paulo in Minnespois and Minnesota; Seattle, Washington; and Denver in Colorado.Drug trafficking organizations in these cities in these cities are allocated to local and independent groups and distributors.However, the impact of these cities seems to be inconsistent with the impact of the above distribution centers.According to the information provided by the police offices in the police department and each city, Mexico organizations are very involved in the transportation and distribution of cocaine along the southwestern border.In Columbus, Dominica and Jamaica Organization occupied the distribution of cocaine with New York and Florida.In the area of Minnesparis and San Paulo, Cocaine is a local street gang and has contact with Chicago gangs. Mexican groups have established contacts with the Mexican organizations in Arizona, California and Texas.69

83The Crown Criminal family has clearly maintained the connection with other independent organizations and distributors inside and outside the state, and more information is needed to characterize the wholesale and retail distribution models in these fields.These predictions almost all national indicators point out the usability and abuse of the general stability of general stability and cracks, but at a high level.Although there are general stable signs, some changes in cocaine and cracks may cause challenges in the drug control work near the future.Cocaínaand crack.The National Medicine Intelligence Center, the state's drug threat evaluation of domestic views in 2001, in October of the criminal family, Coronapa, the family of Corlan's crime was controlled by his father and Prince's son;Put members in 100.The first gift of the family was Joseph Profaci.The main activities of the family include anesthesia, gambling, loan levels, smuggling of smoking, pornography, forgery, abduction, bankruptcy fraud, and so on.In the Colombo family, it maintains impressive influence in various criminal activities.The current person in charge is Carmine the Snake Persico, who is currently murdering and extorting.It is said that in February 2000, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison for illegal weapons in Miami, but his grip was weak.The current leader of the agent is Joe Joe Joe Waverly Cacace.Coronaph's crime family was founded by Joseph Profaci, a close friend of Joseph Bonanno, and is the head of the Bonano's criminal family.At the end of the twentieth century, the son of Persic was the family leader, but when the new millennium arrived, Alphonse cooled in the federal prison. It was formerly a former Subborte William (Bill (Bill (Bill (Bill (Bill) Cutol exit.The person in charge of becoming the Kelunbo family is not as attractive as before.Many members were imprisoned, and internal warfare caused huge and lasting distrust, and lost huge income due to important labor withdrawal.In addition: Bonanno's criminal family; Los Angeles; Gandono's criminal family; family with enthusiastic crime; on July 19, the committee is a ruling institution composed of five major people in New York, including Bonnano, Columbino, Gambino, GenoveseAnd Lucchese family.The committee was created by the leaders of five families. They can judge the differences between families and understand various disputes without causing violence.For other groups and organize their evil activities.Davidamoruso.laangtersters Incorpolet.Gang, also known as Mrs. KILAR.It is believed that this group is an application agency of the United Nations Empire.The gang is determined to be blue and black when using it.Account chain represents range 70

84Corperlan, Pedro Del Personal Member. The killer uses an all-black account, while the aggressive test member uses a blue account. All other members use six black accounts and six blue accounts. Popular signs that also identify the gang members include cracked police badges and Calvin Klein clothing. The current squeeze by the police is unclear at this time. Police are in partial alliance or allied with different gangs in more than 47 states. Other loose alliances include ñeta, Fraternity, Family (NY), Deputy Master (Ohio), Latin Kings (NY), Pump Nation and 20 love. COPKILLAS rivals include states, including the mighty Latin kings, queens, and charter states of the nation, as well as the Crips, and of course all agents of the law. Killas Police received the blessing of the Brothers of Blood in the winter of the Brothers of Blood or Empire Brothers United in Connecticut, creating one of the largest gangs to be in an area with over 2,000 members to date (825 BB and 1,235 CK). In March, CK continued to 21 states and continued to actively recruit. COP KILLAS members are known to use physical violence, firearms, and motor vehicles through assaults, intimidation, and homicide, with the money coming from a professional frontal business run by the Imperial Brothers of the United Nations to fund the organization. Report to the commander in his area. Some members can still identify themselves as police kiras, and authorities have stopped following the gang as a group or organization. Group Gang Activity (SEG) in Southeastern Connecticut. URL: Org. Knocked out on July 19, the most powerful Sicilian Mafia clan was an easy melting point for his energy and a powerful ally. Previous bosses included notorious leaders like Dr Michele Navarra, Dr Luciano Liggio and Salvatore Riina. Bargarella, Leoluca; Strupp, Giovanni; Falcone, Giovanni; Palazzolo, Giuseppe; Provenzano, Bernardo; Riina; Riina, Salvatore; is a member of Krichards, a child of Krichards tw Twins. Richardson and Ronny Kray, as adults, can't help themselves to Krays' childhood connection, Richardson's timely conversation with Krays. As it turns out, this is the only personality of the underworld, the character comes out during a shooting at a bar called Mr. Smith and the Witchdoctor where cousin Kray D Dickie Hart is killed. Second, Cornell allegedly allegedly insulted Ron, according to reports. In 1965, at a public house known as Windows, Ronnie Kray, with his partner, calmly entered the bar, took a gun and shot Cornell in his forehead, killing him, killing him , Witnes was about to determine he was the shooter and be released. Written on February 9, 1994, the New York Drug Control Task Force (NYDETF) now enjoys a cultural hero status in the Dominican community of Washington Heights. Owner of a local business and author of several anti-drug publishers71

85The company is an El Diaario company published in the newspaper.He used aliases Pedro Cabrera, was arrested twice for carrying weapons, and delivered one million dollars ... To a undercover detective in T-12 group, he was stored in the operation in the operation.In the scope of international business, Nydetf can only do a lot of things to chase the company.The company is passing some of its drug business to PEñA-Gómez, and the president's offer of Peeña-Gómez has been supported by the Clinton government.FIQUITOVásquezadministration was the allies of the company. He determined that the company's heavy drug trafficking person in New York City, New York City, that year, has never been charged with any crime.9 (April 28, 1997).It is believed that the company is the larger Spanish criminal alliance in the United States.Cuba, the company extends from the Metropolitan area of New York to Pongta, Florida.Violent crimes come from the number of executors, extortion and many other illegal activities.Please refer to: Battle, Josémiguel. However, although Dapper Don Reign is shocking and resistant, Corrozo is short.A child was born in Montreal and follows his brother VIC 50 is easier to speak than Italian, easier than Italian. Montreal and destroy this place. 60, in the south of MontererDig a tunnel, on the vaults in urban savings cities and Montreal regions. After completion, the stolen goods will be close to 6 million US dollars and have never been stolen. Although several men are declared guilty, COTRONI is released innocently. 1971 1971. 1971.On February 1st, when he was on vacation in Mexico, he was still arrested and imprisoned by the police in a complaint against ACAPULCO jewelry dealers. This is a $ 2,080 jewelry. These jewelry have been purchased on the stolen credit card.All test proof is misunderstanding, but COTRONI has to spend 12 days before the girls spend 12 days before clarifying the disaster. In 1972, Kutrani was in court again.(Frank Cotroni) work, but the case collapsed. At that time, on the second day of the testimony, the owner of the above restaurant suddenly fell down due to amnesia. Cotroni retired. These problems continue to affect COTRONI.Drug trafficking charged when the brother VIC met. The case was submitted to the Supreme Court of Canada and was extradited to the United States for trial. 72

86Cotroni, Francesco, Jr.'s main witness, Sicily drug dealer Giuseppe Pino Catania persuaded the jury to identify COTRONI guilty. Cottonini was sentenced to 15 years in prison and fined $ 20,000.After the release of COTRONI, it was released on April 25, 1979. After serving one -third of the sentence, he returned to Montreal to continue his criminal empire immediately.He managed to keep it low for several years, but Frank was in trouble again.With the police.He was arrested on August 30, and in 1983, after the Federal Grand Judgment of New Hya in Connecticut, he sued him in the San Lennad restaurant.Frank's brother and the godfather of Montreal's criminal family Victoroni died of cancer on September 19th. Frank was detained in a PARTENA prison in Montreal when fighting a struggle.Réal Simard, who supervised Frank in Toronto, was arrested for murder and decided to prove his boss in court.Simard told the police that he played a role played by a drug dealer from the distant region, and the drug dealer had been in a poor situation in COTRONI.In June 1981, Giuseppe Montegano was hit four times in a private club owned by Cotroni's son Francesco.After December 8, 1987, Cottonini pleaded guilty and was sentenced to eight years of imprisonment for negligence killing.His son Francisco and two associates also pleaded guilty to the crime.At the same time, Cottoni was sentenced to six years in prison in the Connecticut.During the two crimes for those people, Kotrani accepted the reporter's interview with the reporter in the prison courtyard condemned his crime. When he took expensive cigars and watched the prison battleball game, he went toThe world guarantees that he will be straightforward.Kotrani, his son Francisco on April 17, 1996, and the other 22 were arrested in a huge joint drug gang between the Italian Mat Party and another criminal gang.Police claim that the gang was responsible for importing hundreds or even thousands of kilograms of cocaine to the country.Cotroni allegedly operated a ring with Daniel Sero, he was imprisoned again, this time it was seven years in prison.During his imprisonment, the Karabrian gangster received some bad news on May 19, 1999: his son Paul was shot 69 -year -old Vincent Melia's funeral in Paul's funeralBefore the beginning, the face was shot in a bar, and the police thought it was revenge.On October 30, 2001, Cotroni was 70 years old, and it was spent in prison for nearly 30 years. It was parole from Lavar's minimum security prison.He has served two -thirds of his sentence, and the police promised to pay close attention to him.Frank Cotroni died on August 17th, Gary Fraancoeur.franceSco Frank Cotroni.wiseguywally. Brain cancer was found in his Montreal's house.Can be obtained online.URL: Wiseguywally/FrancesCocotroni.html.Downloaded on July 19, G.F.CORONI, Francesco, Jr. Francesco Cotroni Jr., six children of Frank Cottoni inherited his father's legendary footprint and were involved in crime career.In April 1981, Francisco broke out with a small poison Josepe Montganano, which was said to be due to the cocaine transaction.The two of them argued at a bar owned by Francesco Agrigento Social Club due to drug quality.Frank Cotroni Sr. discovered the incident and handed the murderer to the Simard men to investigate the conflict.Simard met with the two and listened to their opinions.Francesco explained that the quality of drugs he bought from Montegano was very poor.Montegano claimed that the young COTRONI returned Cocaine, claiming that he was not very good, but he cut it first.SIMARD conveyed the information to the old Frank, and the Karabridians released his decision: Montegano must be removed from office.Montegano was invited to Francesco S Bar on June 14, 1981. The excuse was that they would pay him to the drug money that he owed him.Réal Simard, Francesco Rao and Daniel Arena planned a conspiracy that kidnapped him and killed him elsewhere, but Montegano became suspicious and then struggled.Simard took out his pistol and fired two shots at him.Robert Hétu was sentenced to life imprisonment on November 30, 1983. He chose to become a line person and provided police with devastating evidence for Frank Cotroni and its subordinates, including details about Montegano murders.Earlier on October 10, 1986, the police started SIMARD-COTRONI's Si-CO operations.

87Cotroni, Giuseppe suspected Francesco to be arrested at his home in Anjou.His father Frank and his associate Daniel Arena and Francesco Raso were also arrested.Everyone was charged with a first -level murder GiusePpe Montegano.Francesco was released with a $ 100,000 bail. He lived with his sister Rosna and continued to work on Ital-Video Poker on Jean Talon Street.Their trial was determined to be held on January 5, 1988, but the defendant acknowledged that he had committed a loss one month before the start of the trial and shocked everyone.Before the judge sentenced him to three years in prison on January 15, the judge allowed Francisco to spend the Christmas holiday with his family with his family on January 15. Old Frank was sentenced to eight years in prison, Laoso was sentenced to five years in prison. Arraina was being sentenced toSeven years in prison.Francisco and his daughter Milina Dimelo's wedding high-end black-handed party Jos Di MAULO was held in the summer of MARIE-RIINE-DU-Monde in Montreal.The members participated in the event that the couple had two children, but their marriage ended in divorce. Until he was released from prison, Francisco took charge of cyber drugs from his father.He went to Columbia in February 1995 and met with Gilberto Rodriguez Orajala and Miguel Rodríguez Orejula (Miguel Rodríguez Orejula).Kalicat leader.Someone also saw the major drug dealers in the Somorito Villa Hotel, which Francisco co -owned by his father.Out of prison on September 28.On April 17th, Francesco and his father were one of the 24-year-olds. They were arrested in the joint operation of RCMP-MUC. The goal was the Italian Misked Party and another Montreal gang member.COTRONIS and Daniel Serie Alliance, a major drug dealer, imported a large amount of drugs.170 kg cocaine was seized in the half -body image.When Francisco was picked up, the police found a manual bomb manufacturing facility in his home.Martin Tremblay, a lawyer in Francisco, tried to support the jury to believe that his client played a supporting role in drug import gangs.They did not buy him and sentenced him to eight years in prison.His father was sentenced to seven years in prison.In March 2000, Francisco was transferred to go home halfway because he performed well in prison.A few months later, he was released from probation.He told officials that his father had always worked hard to let my brothers and sisters go directly to me.He also denied that he was a criminal organization: I did not belong to any family.I know many people, including Vito Rizzuto, but I don't belong to any gang.His probation was rejected.Seven months later, in October, Francisco's parole was released.His father was Gary Fraancoeur.franceSco Cotroni Jr. Wiseguywally.Website: WiseguyWally/FranceSCOCOCOTRONIJR.HTML.Downloaded on July 19, G.F.COTRONI, Giuseppe Giuseppe Pep Cotroni, Vic's brother, born on February 22, 1920 in Karabra, iTaly.when He was only 4, The Family Immigranteed to the Italian Section of MonTreal.MADE HIS NAME Primary as Experienced as Armed RobBBERY and Fencing of Stolen Goods. By 1937, PEP, as he usually said, has become eight crimes.In 1949, Cottoni was imprisoned for receiving the stolen bonds.Nearly four years in prison, he was released from San Vincetand Paul in April 1953.However, in prison, it did not change Cottonini's view of this crime, and in the fall of 1954, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) learned that he now cooperates with Lucien Rivard to conduct heroin trade.Montreal tissue will import drugs and smuggle them to American customers in Montreal.PEP's elder brother Vic and Luigi said that Greko was his main economic supporter in heroin business.Part of drugs and income.Cottoni went to Paris on March 14, 1957, and the agent of the Central Anesthesi Service followed him.They took him to Le Fran ais in the bar, but PEP must have noticed the wrong, and left after a moment.A few minutes later, the police noticed that the Kosaya drug lord Jean-Baptiste Croce entered the bar.On November 14, 1957, PEP COTRONI and Luigi GRECO represented Montreal at the infamous Apalachin hacked party meeting.When a New York State Police soldiers noticed a large number of black luxury cars in the area, the meeting was interrupted.60 men were arrested while trying to escape, but almost the same many people, including two Montreal people, escaped. COTRONI, accompanied by some employees of LUIGI GRECO and some of the Bonfire restaurants, at the age of 74

88One weekend, COTRONI, Paulo Cottage from Sainte-Adle north of Montreal.They have no enemies and no one is arrested by law.When he met Mafioso.cotroni, his suitable person Renérobert met with Smith and BIASE. He agreed to sell two kilograms of heroin at a price of $ 7,000 per person.Other agreements have also been reached.Charges of drug trafficking.In November 1959, Pep Cotroni, 39, was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined $ 88,000.Renérobert, 31, was sentenced to eight years in prison at the age of 31.He was sentenced to seven years in prison and sentenced to continuously.On May 18, 1960, the stolen link was sentenced.Bonds are during the robbery of Brockville Trust & Savings Company, during the theft of 3,750,000 US dollars. According to the police, this is one of the main leaders of Cotroni and Peter's behavior of Russia.Stepanoff.In April, he returned to criminal activities and continued to accumulate impressive wealth through the transportation of anesthesia and its various legitimate interests.Paul Cotroni is the second of the five children of Frank Cotroni, born in the mid -1950s.His father continued his family heritage.According to the police, Paolo Cotroni directed a favorable anesthesiologist network that sold drugs and bars controlled by clubs and bars controlled by clubs and bars.He is also known for its firm connection with Hell Angel and his two puppet clubs, rock singers and death runners.August 21 is the company.He spent the night in prison and appeared the next day in front of Joliette Court judge Michelhétu.Police associated it with a fire, and the fire burned the Oscar nightclub of San Lenad.Since Paul's girlfriend Michele Veilleux has been fired, the agency has been the purpose of several incidents.On August 23, 1998, after returning to the dinner house at the house of his brother Jimmy, Cotroni (but they got on a car waiting for and quickly moved away.Well's Sacré-Coeur Hospital, where he got the support of his life. All the COTRONI families were present, except for Paolo's father Frank and his little Francesco Jr..69 years old. The victim was taken to the hospital and survived.

89Cotroni, Vincenzo Cotroni, Vincenzo Vincenzo The Egg Cotroni was born in Karabrida, Italy in 1911. In 1924, he and his family immigrated from Montreal.Ontario and Saint-Timothée street.He did not go to school, but was a carpenter briefly, and then became a professional wrestler in the name of Vic Vincent.But Cotroni discovered his true mission as a criminal. This is the road that his brother Giuseppe and Frank will follow closely. By the age of 20, he accumulated a long -term lighter record.The allegations include robbery, holding fake coins, illegal sales of alcohol, beatings and beating.He was sometimes called eggs and was accused of rape, Maria Bresciano, but was allegedly revoked. The victim was allegedly the wife of Cotroni.She will accompany him faithfully until his death.Although the underworld in Montreal is already a very successful and politically connected person, the biggest opportunity for Cotroni to appear in Carmine Galante is a member of the influential member of the Bonanno Crime family headquarters in New York.The Brooklyn gang nicknamed Lilo arrived at Montreal, and plans to make Montreal a hub imported from foreign drugs so that he can distribute states in New York City and the entire United States.Galante also levied street taxes to casinos, nightclubs, salons, prostitutes and illegal abortions after get off work.Cotroni became the intimate partner of the terrible Bonanno gangster, and eventually became the godfather of a child of Galante.When the Salvatore Little Sal is responsible for the Bonanno family's interest in Canada's Bonanno gang Giglio, the police seized 240 illegal Cuban cigars and 880 unprepared American cigarettes, and COTRONI gave him a heavy responsibility.In the 1960s, Montreal's godfather never learned to read or write, got up and enjoyed life.He has a luxury car, a duplex apartment located in Rothmont and a new home in Lawaltri.This house has a beautiful marble floor with a huge conference room, an industrial -scale step -entry refrigerator, built -in movie screen, six bathrooms and expensive crystal chandeliers.Cotroni also donated a lot of funds to Montreal's churches and charities, and was the father of two children; a daughter and his wife Maria, a son and his French-Canadian mistress.Cotroni likes to keep a low -key. When the Canadian magazine Maclean S called him Montreal's godfather in one of the articles, COTRONI did not appreciate it.Cotroni and lawyer Jean-Paul Sainte-MARIE sued the magazine to ask for compensation for $ 1.25 million.The judge concluded that DE COTRONI's reputation was contaminated, and he only sentenced him to $ 2 an insulting Maclean S English version and another French version.By the 1970s, COTRONI further slipped into the shadow and transferred the family's daily activities to his apprentice, sexy Paulvio.Cottoni's role has become a consultant to young Karabria.In 1974, Cottonini was summoned to investigate organizational crimes at the Quebec Police Commission.He was sentenced to one year in prison for contempt of the court, because the committee concluded that his testimony was difficult to understand;His lawyer finally won reversal, but he had spent a few months in prison after Cotroni.On April 30, 1974, some people heard the police eavesdropping the wire head threatened the Hamilton Mattrophist Party Johnny Pops Papalia.Papalia used two names of Montreal gangs in a $ 300,000 ransom conspiracy, but did not notify or cut them on the score.The two convened him to meet and ask for $ 150,000.Papalia argued that he only received $ 40,000, and Cotroni returned to hope that S is because, uh, we will kill.The three were sentenced to 6 years in prison, but their judgment was revoked in appeal.On January 22, 1978, Paolo Violi, the heir of Cotroni, was shot by Nicolo Rizzuto by Nicolo Rizzuto.After Cottonini was still a murder of asylum, he stayed in Rawaltri's home for a few weeks.The godfather may be at least approved to crack down on Vori.Vincenzo Cotroni, a former black -handed party, established a strong organizer and accumulated wealth. He died of cancer on September 19, and he was 74 years old.His funeral is characterized by the flowers on 23 cars and the copper tube band of 17 people.When his coffin was dropped to the ground, it rained, and many people mourned the death of the city's most respected legend.76

90Cracks: cracks in the 1980s.-Gain is located north of Quebec.The gang is mainly active in the field of drug trafficking and prostitution, and is known for its extremely malignant behavior.Mushel and other local motorcycles and Conquerros, Los Lacmas and Hondix, and several local motorcycles will eventually do bigger and better things.Lucsam Sam Michaud, Jean-Yves Boule Tremblay, JOcelyn Le Pros Girard and Marcel Polpon Blackburn will become hell angels.Boucher and Salvatore Cazzetta.With his extensive criminal records with him, he brought his extensive criminal records. His extensive criminal records brought his extensive criminal records, and he brought his extensive criminal records.These include the judgment of drug bossescence, contempt for courts, suspended rape, theft and attacks.The SS dissolved in 1984, and Coulombe was associated with the Hell Angel Monterea Branch like his previous missiles.In 1985, he contacted him in 1985.The club is a prospect.On March 23, 1985, Koronbe said that he was from hell angel Robert Tiny Richard, Denis Pas Fial Houle, and Jacques Lay Peltici (Jacques La Pelle Pelletier picked up the gun and gave it to the Lennoxville Club.The five members of the northern part were sacrificed inside.According to the command of Zig-Zag Lessard, they rented two large trucks and emptied the northern part of the house and the dead angel apartment.On June 26, 1985, they rented two large trucks.Someone told Kuron that he would receive his own color, and he will start at the club the next day.He called Hell Angel Gaétangaetgaet Proulx and Jean-Paul Donat Ramsay. He was close, but he knew nothing about it.success.EssenceThe information provided by Coulombe and the later Yves Apache Trudeau and Gilles Le Nez Lachance, 17 Hell Angels were first accused of murder on October 2nd. Gerry Coulombe testified his former comrades and lived under a new identity of Canada.In the early 1980s, most cocaine was sent to the United States by Bahara.There are a large number of cocaine dust printed in these islands, which led to the price drop to 80 %.Before the decline price, in their illegal products, drug dealers made a cunning marketing decision to convert dust into a form of cocaine.It is cheap, easy to produce, ready to use, and can use and obtain high profits of distributors.The average purity level of the crack exceeds 80 % of the same price.In important cities such as New York, Detroit and Philadelphia, the crack dose unit can be obtained at only $ 2.50.With such low prices and so pure prices.The Caribbean immigrants taught young people at the age of 77

91Cocaine: In the 1980s, Cocaine became popular in Miami to produce cocaine, and then carried out business in the United States.With the influx of dealers and cocaine, South Florida has become the main area of the drug laboratory.Converted, used to convert cocaine into cocaine hydrochloride, which is the form of cocaine.Most of these processing points were discovered in South Florida, but they also appeared in other parts of the country, which showed that Colombian trafficking activities were expanding.For example, in 1985, four New York states seized the transformation laboratory, four in California, two in Virginia, and one of North Carolina and Arizona.A year later, the United States seized 23 transformation laboratories.Although the first drug laboratory was in Miami, this form of Cocaine was not fully recognized as a threat because it was mainly consumed by middle -class users who had nothing to do with cocaine addicts.In fact, Crack was originally considered a pure Miami phenomenon until it became a serious problem in New York City. It first appeared in New York City in December.Long Island, New Jersey's suburbs may be mainly white or middle -class young professionals on the upper levels.Category of Wheel County.However, part of the reason is that the price of cocaine is as low as $ 5 per block, which eventually spreads to a less wealthy community.Cocaine's popularity has significantly increased the number of Americans addicted to cocaine.In 1985, the number of people who acknowledged the conventional puppet cocaine was based on the national family survey of the US Department of Health and Public Service.Similarly, according to statistics from DAWN (drug abuse warning network), in 1985, the emergency situation of hospitals related to cocaine across the country continued to increase.In 1985, the emergency hospital related to Kakin increased by 12% to 26,300 from 23,500; in 1986, they increased by 110% to 55,200 from 26,300.From 1984 to 1987, the Cocaine incident increased four times.At that time, Madling Carter was in its heyday its power and controlled cocaine trafficking from Colombia's conversion and packaging process to the first -level wholesale distribution in the United States and the US community.Although Madling Carter has established a foothold in the US community, its competitors, the Kali Malf Party began to dominate the Northeast market.Compared with Madling Carter, the Kali Mom Party is less conspicuous, not so violent, and more commercial.The Kali Malf Party operates through the cell system, and members areolate each other. The Kali Malf Party began to establish a far -reaching network, and finally ensured that they led cocaine trade within ten years.By early 1986, Crack had controlled the slums in New York City and was controlled by drug dealers and dealers from the Republic of Dominica.The Crack distribution and abuse broke out in 1986. By the end of the year, it was available in 28 states and Columbia SARs.According to the report of the National Anesthesia Intelligence Consumer Consumer Committee, Crack is available in Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, and New York. NEWARK, SAN Francisco, SEATTLE, St. Louis, Dallas, DENVER, Minneapolis and Phoenix.It has obtained approximately 5,000 pounds of Catoma, worth $ 250 million, and cocaine is smuggled in 130 banana boxes.The Cocaine obtained by the previous figure, from left to right, Chicago Asac John T. Peoples; Sheriff Fred Rice; Minister of Justice Edwin Meese III; Chicago Sac Philip v. Fisher and Asac Garfield Hammonds, Jr. reported in 1987. According to reports, in 1987, Cocoaine was reported in 1987.Columbia Special Economic Zone and all at least four states in the United States.At least 19 cities in 13 states include Crack: Texas (Dallas), Oklahoma (Talza, Oklahoma), Michigan (Detroit), California (Los Angeles, River, River), Florida (Miami, Lawdierburg, Tanpa), New York (New York City), Oregon (Portland), Washington (Seattle), Mississi (Kansas City), Minnesusida (Mingni)Niapolis), Colorado (Denver), Nevada (Las Vegas) and Maryland (Hegston, Salzbury)).By 1988, Kakin had replaced heroin as the biggest problem in Detroit and could buy several kilograms in Los Angeles.At the same time, the wholesale and retail prices of Cocaine decreased, while the level of purity at the drug content of the kilograms has remained at 90% or higher.The purity of the street Gram's purity rose from 25% in 1981 to 55% in 1987 to 70% at the end of 1980 to 1980, and more than 10,000 gangs took medicine from Balt Mo to 50 cities in Seattle.Cocaine Trade has caused violent triads in many major cities and murders related to Katain 78

92Culiacán rose sharply.For example, a study by the Judicial Statistics Bureau in 1988 found that in New York City, 32% of the murder and 60% of drug -related murders were related to the use of the use of drugs.The daily evening newspaper reported that violent incidents driving and fast -catch users trying to make money for their next blow.Can attract a group of new users, especially women, because it does not have a sense of shame related to needle or heroin, and because it is absorbed, many mistakes are equivalent to marijuana.As a result, an addictive child was born and was abandoned by the mother who was often used.By the late 1980s, about one -tenth of the newborn (375,000) in the United States was exposed to one or more illegal drugs in the uterus.In October 1986, the chief prosecutor Edwin Mis explained the US anti -fasting strategy: reducing the most effective long -term way to reduce the transportation of fast trafficking is to reduce the number of cocaine entering the country.The highest anti-Cocaine priority of the federal government is reducing the production of the source country, which hinders the goods entering the United States and destroy the large-scale trafficking gang.Smolding to the United States Medalin and Calikatle United States.To help achieve this goal, the 1986 "Drug abuse method" allocated $ 8 million for domestic cocaine law enforcement.Part of the budget is used to establish the Dea Crack group.Each group is composed of two DEA agents. They assist institutions and local law enforcement officers to investigate large -scale criminals and inter -traffic gangs.Examples include Arizona, which is easily influxed by the cocaine traffickers from street gangs in Los Angeles, and Louisiana, where sea -land traffickers are treating immigrant workers in rural areas.Another important source of supporting cocaine personnel is comprehensive crime control in 1984 the bill stipulates that the state and local law enforcement agencies exchange assets and breaking cloth.In 1986, the Drug abuse bill was later provided to the Judicial Aid (BJA) Urban Law Enforcement Agency with 44 million US dollars, and received $ 1.5 million for funding to be built in Los Angeles, Houston, Minne Bolis, Denver, and Detroit.Established five special working groups.DEA information through mutual exchanges with drug trafficking organizations and meeting regular working group meetings.In the late 1980s, DEA Coco Cakin domestic law enforcement activities were carried out through three multi -approach measures: Dea Crack Crews, Crack of the Ministry of Justice, and state and local work groups.In addition, DEA supports 40 states and local special working groups and 11 special working groups for investigating intermediate and drug criminals.Cocaine investigations dominated DEA law enforcement activities because Cocaine's arrest accounted for nearly 65%of the total number of DEA arrests, and the DEA's quantity increased significantly.DEA only obtained 200 kg cocaine in 1977; but the quantity rose to 60,000 kg because it can also be seen: cocaine and cocaine.U.S. Disas -in the US Department of Justice.For the excellent tradition, the history of the dea can be obtained online. Url: gov/pubs/history/sendex.html. Download July 28, crips read the blocks and crps. Cliacán, what call the medlletllboard tasks, cases, Affers, Sinaloa is for mexico's drag trackers, Culiacán IS ITS, Mexico's largest city.Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Madre Mountains in northwestern Mexico, this drug is only two days away from the US border.Former Mexican Federal Police Commander Guillermo González Calderoni said that Sanroa was the largest trafficker in Mexico.For decades, Sinaoa has been the granary of Mexico.Its fertile land produces a large amount of soybeans and sesame.There are also a large number of marijuana and heroin to the US market.The poor farmers of Siroa make it bigger, an increase of 79

93Cupilacán and selling these drugs and the establishment of the network from the foothills of the Madre Mountains to become the main participants in Mexico Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, Manuel Salcido Uzeta A.K.a.el Cochiloco and Arellano Félix Brothers.They are the most infamous drug dealers in Mexico, and they all use the capital of Sinaroia, the capital of Khanan, as their hometown.How many drug dealers live on the hills of Kuliakan. The city with a population with a population of 600,000 is prosperous and modern compared to the village dominated by Saroa.The drug industry in Kuliakan is deeply ingrained that its souvenir store sells items commemorating the illegal cultural logo: marijuana leaf belt, machine gun buckle, aircraft embroidery is like those who are used for smuggling.One night, a robber Husus Malwder in the legend of the patron saint of drugs, his image was hung on the Neclass chain of many young Kuliakan young people.The Malwder Church in the center of Kuliakan is a glass brick building opposite the government Gong Street.On the day of the PBS frontline producer, a string band and a string Blad Ballad Songs Corridos praised the miracles of Mexican drug dealers and their guardians Jesus Malverde.He was an employee of the band. Until a late golden Ford pickup stopped, three people appeared, one of which was wearing a diamond snake -skinned denim and a huge flow crown.He put it under the feet of the church and Malverde SGE.The onlookers and local reporters told the Front Pen front that he was a prosperous drug dealer and thanked the harvest and successful north.His tribute added dozens of other people; the walls of the church are arranged on the plaque printed with the names of knowledge trafficking or the image of a man and a tribute.According to the legend, Jesus Malvid is a thief who stole things from the rich to the poor.It was the governor of Sinaoa in 1909, but the robber's resistance legend and justice were spread through Corridos. He helped the town saint.For example, a wedding party stops outside the church.The bride wearing a white dress entered the inner temple and kneeled on Malverde's glittering gypsum.Soon after, a short and dazzling midwife bought a necklace with her portrait on it, whispering in prayer.According to the US Drugs Anti -Agency, the Malverde S Believers of Ually and Van Vans took her portrait to Florida, Texas, although they believed in malicious, all things, and all things.The local parish said that MalverDe church is a shame.No one became a saint by stealing and killing;Many people traced the first drugs in Sanarroa to their first opium drugs to reach the second half of the 19th century.It is a very good agricultural land, generation after generation, people do this; they improved it, Edward Heis explained that he was the former national repairman of the Mexican DEA.Until the 1940s and World War II.Japan controlled Asia's opium supply, and the U.S. military needs to provide morphine for soldiers.So the United States turned to Mexico for help.We are worried about the supply of opium or morphine, and they are cut off because the world is in a state of war.So we need nearby supply.But that's one of those black boxes.Who knows when he thought of, who did it, why, Edward Heis said.During this government tolerance of the opium trade, many Nallians made a fortune.Everyone is planting it; this is institutional.Some officials use farmers' crops for export.Dr. Ley Domínguez, 77, explained that he is the lifelong resident of Mo Corito, one of the most infamous opium regions of Sinaoa.Sinaoa.But many farmers continue to produce opium and heroin; the operation has become more secret and has established a smuggling group.In the mid -1980s, marijuana and heroin smugglers turned to a new product: cocaine.Drug vendors from Colombia will find that it is becoming more and more difficult to radiate cocaine to the United States through South Florida, so they have begun to find a substitute route and have found partners.80

94CutoLo, Rosetta's relationship lasted for several years, until the Mexicans were tired of simply smuggling cocaine, and began to pay on cocaine.Mexicans quickly established their own distribution network in the United States and greatly increased their profits and power.GuillermogonzálezcalDeroni said that from that moment, the power of corruption must be improved from that moment.These organizations have become richer, stronger, and more controllable.It was 15, 20, 30, and 40 million US dollars, and you can pay a payment.Then, Culiacángangsters, with golden teeth, black shirts and a white tie with A.45, standing in a corner.They don't wear it.Like that.They have another idea.They cooperate with computers, the best technicians in each field.They have the best chemists in the world.The best lawyer.The best architect.They have the best and best chemist's Interpol, Juan Ponce Edmondson, organized by Interpol. In the 1970s, the violence forced the Mexican army to launch a bald eagle operation and drowned the streets and the soldiers.Village. The conflict between the traffickers and the army is the cruel Guadalajara, Mexican (Mexicali) or Tijuana, which is unknown and safe. It is also very young.A 15 or 16 -year -old boy in Sanroya is already a thug, an armed man, and a man. He said that the former police commander GuillermogonzcalDeroni. Online: Business/Place.html. 9. Copyright PBS Frontline was reprinted.(Also known as Ice Eyes), the Italian government suppresss organizational crimes. The crime has organized crimes, and countless members are placed in prisons.Damage, the role of women in the Black Hand Party has begun to change. Most men are qualified to be in prison, death or too young, women, women, women, women, and women are slowly placed on Kamora's power seats.It is the leader of Rosetta Ice Eyes Cutolo.cutol. Based on his leadership, drug transactions increased to a record height. When he was eventually arrested, he was convicted only for his contact with the Mandarin Party or the connection with the Mandarin Party.This was released nine times. Murder. David Amoruso.


96Dai Huen Jai saw the big circle boy.Wise guy, a boy; he also wants to belong to a family.De Lucchese.Related to it, D Arco is at the bottom of the food chain, and can only do his best, and hopes that one day he will become a man.He has spent some time in prisons in prisons in the prison in the 1960s as a colleague D ARCO.Until 1982, he was only 50 years old. Alphense D Arco became the family of the criminal family. Lucchese's family was a family of Lucchese.Corallo.It was assigned to the crew of Capo Paul Vario Vario (the movie "Goodfellas", Paul Sorvino played Vario.After becoming a boy, D Arco didn't have much time to enjoy it; in 1983, he was arrested by Haroin traffic and was sent to a prison until she was released, and the incident began to move to the little Alle in 1988.After the former was imprisoned, he used to be Anthony Corallo, a temporary boss.Darco has waited for many years before becoming a member, and now he is a member.In 1990, the head of Arco, Vic Amuso, and his BASS BOSTO, De Gaspipe, and Casso fled after the federal allegations.In 1991, Amuso appointed the daily operation of the criminal organization when the temporary person in charge of the Luxus criminal family was disappeared.Orad Arco is at the highest level: He: He: He:.D Arco controls one of the five families.After 30 years of participating in the criminal family of Luxeus, he has understood everything he knows how to manage the business.The Luxe family made money through various illegal activities, including random games, loans, loans and loans and sneaky property for treatment.More paranoid.After the tycoon attack, they were hooligans because they thought they turned or turned around.He was almost difficult to drive because Casso continued to ask money.To keep the currency records enter and send currency records to go to the cassava.I will do 83

97Dasti and Frank also maintained some copies by themselves.In 1991, D Arco received AMUSE news now in Lamuso. He was worried that ChioDo would turn around, so he told D Arco to take care of it.He has some stories to tell.In the end, D Arco thought he could have a relaxed time; he was wrong.When he was imprisoned, Amuso began to think of ARC and him as a temporary boss, and decided that he was dissatisfied with him.Amuso decides that D Arco must rule the streets on the street, which is formed by Steven Cream, Frank Lastorino and Sal Avellino (Frank Lastorino)Part of the four men.Darco is uncomfortable with these new changes., D Arco is not safe to his future in the Black Party, but D Arco decides to move forward.He has his own life.However, on September 18, 1991, when he attended a meeting at the New York Hotel, I was sure that this was not stress.Participating in the ARCO meeting arrived in the early morning.Bulletproof vests under his shirt, he also saw the lumps of the hips, just like a weapon.At this point, D Arco forgive and ran away.In the house, Arco packed his suitcase and brought his wife and children to a hiding place in Long Island.On September 21, he went to the Federal Investigation Agency (FBI) and decided the trial. The Prosecutor's Committee asked if Arco was worth it. D ARC answered: No, I have been sixty years old.What did I take me away?Nothing at all.Yes, I have my wife and son.But I was a person who brought my son to the black hand party.Do I do this?At the Béretbleu Club.He also directed the largest gaming game Victoria Sports Club in the organization. In 1955, Dasti was listed by the U.S. Anesthesiral Office (UU), UU.Police tracked Desty at the Sheraton Hotel in Park, New York on May 9, 1969, where he met with GUIDO with Bull BOL drug traffickers and had contact with Gandono's criminal family.The police carried out the movement closely. In 1970, they heard that he discussed the drug agreement with the telephone audience.The organization is about to complete a 12 -kilogram heroin transaction with Wiseguys in New York.The agreement will bring them $ 144,000 and $ 144,000, but due to the continuous pressure of the police, this is still postponed.At this moment, after Horvath exaggerated the weight of his heroine who sold to the Black Party of New York, Joseph Horvath heard Dusti in the telephone conversation.Desti explained that a man weighs 150 pounds, and you should not say that he weighs 180 pounds.Doyle Bully

98When DEMEO, Roy Courier, and Wiseguy Paul Oddo were in a drug trading at the Sheraton Park Hotel in New York, ten kilograms of heroin were found in the Madere car. Medee was sentenced to six years in prison, and ODDO received 10 kilograms.Dasti avoids arrest.Dasti's life is very good, and Qianyuan is constantly.He opened the Pizzeria Tower restaurant in Décarie Boulevard, and soon became a place where thugs gathered. He also became the object of close monitoring of the police.DASTI was arrested in the Binging Hotel Hall of New York City on December 19th and was accused of drug trafficking in 1972.On June 1, 1973, after the judge James A. Coolahan agreed to reduce his bail from $ 250,000 to $ 100,000, he was released on bail.His wife and nephew René Di Fruscia provided the money; since he was arrested, the two have been working with loyal associates Joehoven to raise the amount required from Montreal's underworld characters.Anthony Delvico testaled Desti that on October 11, 1974, Desty was convicted for three crimes and sentenced to 20 years in prison; he was fined $ 20,000.However, things have not ended.Just three weeks later, on November 8th, Dasti was accused of Frank Cotroni, GUIDO ORSINI, Paul Oddo, Jorge Asaf Y Bala and Claudio Martinez Sicily Kani Catanya, to testify.Organization, on March 24, 1974, Desti was sentenced to 15 years.Dusty, who has served the Cottoni brothers for 40 years, was released on parole in the early 1980s. After the years after death, year Later. Gary Fraancoeur.frank Dasti.wiseguywally.available Online.URL: Frankdasti.html., G.F.David, Christian, a smuggling of international assassins and heroin, David participated in the French contact group from France to Marseille to smuggle Opium to smuggle heroin.He claimed to have obtained a contract with the Cosetan black handborn Antwan Guerini to assassinate President John Kennedy.David is also an employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). In the end, he was convicted of smuggling through Latin America for taking opium and was extradited to France because he committed a crime of murdering a French police in Marseille.S Salvador was cunning.Opium lord: Israel, the Golden Triangle and Kennedy assassination case.Gasburg, Maryland: Dsharpwriter, Salvador Cunning.opium Lords: Israel, The Golden Triangle and the Assassination of Kennedy. Available online. EE BLACK TUNA GANG. Desfresos, C.The former chairman of the former chairman and other four former officials of the United States' largest maritime trade union Beneficial Association of Marine Engineers represent the first successful prosecution of the entire administrative agency of the union of the criminal group, and the union of the union of the union of the organization of the criminal group.The first prosecution has organized criminal plans.National voters performed by union officials fraud.Annual report submitted by Jennite Reno to the US Minister of Justice.US Department of Justice.Can be obtained online.Website: AR95/TC.HTM.Downloaded on July 29, Demeo Legendary Gambino Roy Demeo is the most afraid of mobs.The federal authorities estimate that he has killed nearly 200 people.He is easy to be one of the most cruel killers seen by mobs.Demeo is the number one killer of the Gambno family.New York is committed to his work.Because he may be called his assembly line method, he has creativity and efficiency.According to Carl Sifakis's black hand encyclopedia, a former colleague of Demeo explained that when the person came in, someone would shoot him with a muffler to fix him on his head.Someone will put him in his heart to prevent the blood from pumping out of the blood.85

99Demers, Marcel would drag him into the bathroom, put him in the shower, bleed, take him out, put him in the pool in the living room, dismantle him and pack him up. Demeo Once an apprentice butcher in his youth, Demeo was a trash compactor to further reduce the likelihood of victims. For these purposes Demeo maintained a special club Houses, a scrub bar turned into a stable, where the exact specifications of the Demeo can be successfully carried out. Killed, the Demeo crew loves to invite their girls to appointments, as they would at any other club. Murder the son of a Spaniard. This The road would lead to Gadge himself, who tried to get Demeo to ease his actions. But no one could slow Roy Demeo. He returned more erratically. Tried to sign a contract with Demeo, but he couldn't find a manufacturer. Musttain. Murder of Mane. NewYork: E.P. Dutton, Carl Sifakis. One of the most influential members of the club, Dems was a prime target for rival Hells Angels. On November 14, 1996, when he parked his car in a suburban Outside a corner store, a masked man shoots at least one shot at Dames. Quebec City. The attacker escaped in a car. The mayor was killed a second time on June 5, and he was shot several times later Hit, and left the arm while driving a car on a street in the Beauport suburb of the city. Quebec. Despite his injuries, he managed to make it to Jesuit's hospital and walk to the emergency room. Two Hells Angels colleagues died of the attack Arrested. Fired from the bar Le Bristo Plus on rue Saint-Jean, Quebec City. The owner called the police because he didn't love them in his establishment. Two twenty-five police officers in 2000 December 6 held 16 members of the Rock Machine when tracked down and arrested, related to transportation costs for the ring. Led by Dems and Quebec City Chapter President Fred Faucher, assigned monthly 2kg of cocaine and generated nearly $5 million in annual revenue, police said. Sentenced to nine years in prison on drug-trafficking charges.

100Desjardins, the Andrédemir family In January 1993, the OFFENBACH police officer in Germany demolished the network led by Abdulkudusi Demir.He acknowledged that PKK Fund Collection has paid PARTIYA Karkaren Krkaren Karkaren Kurdistan, or the Kurdish Workers) every year.In October 1994, the German weekly method regarded the Demir clan as one of the major heroin traffickers in Germany.According to this publication, Demirs controls a hotel chain in Istanbul, like garages and e -stores like Istanbul.Criminals and Cook Province.DisponOBABLINLINLINLLL: ne/ne33/ne357.html.html.Descargado, Descargado, Denaro, Matteo Messina, Matteo Messina (also known as SICCU), is currently the Second Sicilian Sicilian Don Don. This is Capterotive, Capteritive, Capteritive,Capteritive, Capteritive, Capteritive of Capteritive of Matteo inherited the cloak of Francesco Messina, his father.Matteo is a gift, like video games, beautiful women, designers' silk tie and Rolex watches.His new Porsche and often patronize his most popular night.The endless trend of Crystal Champagne.Matteo was forced to reduce the public image because he was one of Italy's most wanted criminals.Reading, but his most profitable profits were obtained as members of the underground world.He started his crime career.Under the guidance of Bernardo Provenzano, Bernardo Provenzano, Bernardo Provenzano, was called Matteo.The Advisors.u SICCU (El Delgado) he is trustworthy is ready to be responsible if he is not prison first.In the 1960s, the head of the Montreal Mandarin Party, Paolo Viali and Paul's Barto in the regio bar in the REGIO bar.The 1970s.He refused to testify using the eye -catching purple velvet suits and green and black shoes because he said that the committee had a difference in Italians and French Canadians.Judge Jeandutil did not buy it. He sentenced Desantis to Desantis to be contempt for one year for one year.He was in the news again, this time after Oscar on December 17, 1992 at Saint-Leonard night.Until the end, since then, Desantis avoided the police and the media and was still one of the most reliable colleagues in Cotroni's.Once claiming that he was an EXPOTRONIQUE employee, Expotronique was a Saint-Leonard company owned by Frank Cotroni and Nicodemus./vincenzodesantis.html.G.F.Desjardins, André (also known as Dedédédédesjardins) Andrédédédesjardins was born in 1931 and grew up near Montreal.He became one of the most successful loan sharks in the city.He participated in the Quebec Union and he was labeled by the king of architecture.He also established contact with some of the most difficult mobs in Montreal

101Unche, Sam started his architectural care évangéline coffee, and Desjardins established a considerable customer for its loan star business.Members of the hell angel Angel Paul FonTaine and Devils Demictcecle Motorcycle Gang joined the locals of Plomeros and Plomeros and Pipefitters.In 1957, Desjardins quickly promoted to the league team.In 1974, when he served as the chairman of the Alliance, he was accused of inciting violence during a battle between members of the Quebec Federation in a battle between a member of the Quebec Federation.Workers and national unions at the construction site of the construction site of the LG2 James Bay hydropower project in the project.In the second year, Desjardins appeared in front of the Conducting Committee of the Word, and the committee was investigating violent crimes in the construction industry.It is accused of using extortion.After the committee confirmed that he had a tissue crime, his strategy of resigning in 1976 should be paid as soon as possible.At this moment, he opened several legal enterprises, usually using the names of other people, including two jewelry, a furniture shop, a restaurant in Laval and a 25 -room car hotel. In Dominica, DominicaDominican Republic has passed most of the time.The 1980s.He was arrested for stealing the stance of car tires, and co -conspired with the Chief Executive of Raynal Bertrand to conspire members of the union to reject the work.It was released in 1983, and the US government and the Canadian authorities extradited Desjardins to Florida, which was related to the 50 million yuan drug ring of William Obront each year. The drug ring brought millions of errors.Degree.The network is responsible for the country's 70 % of the names of QuaAlude Market and Desjardins as possible suppliers.What surprised the public was that Desjardins was never collected by the police.Desjardins was shot and killed on April 27, 2000 at SAINT-Leonard's Metropolitan Boulevard's Shawn SRESTAURARANT in Sain-Leonard.When he was shot a few times, he walked towards his multifunctional car.He found a semi -automatic gun near his body.before.Garyfrancoeur.g.f.destefano, Sam (also known as the crazy Sam) crazy Mad Sam (Mad Sam) does not know the outside world, but one of his students is: Tony (Tony he has this problemA lot of understanding. Destefano grew up in southern Illinois, and moved to Chicago when he was a teenager. 42 gangs on the west side, a gang composed of various mobs and vicious smuggles. In the 1960s, his rhythm of drug trafficking from ChicagoThe rise of China, with his brother Mario Anthony, trafficking, weaning has brought Chicago as a juice loan: a kind of juice loan control operation, which uses violence to force the debtor's payment. Although of the 42 gangsMost of them are the best black -handed parties in Chicago, but weaning will never be upgraded. Chicago Mom Party, but they still have used him, especially the famous chief of the Mandarin Party Sam Momo Giancana and Paul (Paul).

102Destefano, Sam Destefano, known for its ruthless tweezers and unparalleled debtors.He collected various torture in the basement, but his favorite tool is ice cone.Destefano stabbed the victim's throat, testicles, and trunk with ice cone, either to squeeze compensation from them or to murder the foreplay.Crazy Sam is one of the craziest, most morbidity, most infamous, and most frightening saints in the history of the black hand.Chicago.Sam Destano lived in a good suburbs in Chicago and fighting side by side with his wife and three children.From the perspective of everyone at home, he seems to be a man, but that is because people cannot see his basement.Sam's basement Destefano was where he became crazy Sam and tortured and killed his victims.Sound insulation and all torture tools that killers may need.One of the victims of Destefano was Artie Adler, the local restaurant owner, and he paid the juice to pay late.For a week, Adler was unable to pay and was taken to SAM's basement.Sam went to work with the ice cone, Adler's heart attack.The corpse was dumped in a sewer near the North Sel and Harlem, which was distant, and it was lying in the winter water of the sewer frozen until it thawed in spring.The Ministry of Health received a call about the sewer block in spring, when it found Adele's intact corpse.Not all the victims of Sam died when they came out of the basement.People like Peter Cardiri were humiliated and tortured.Once Kubyetti tried to escape with a $ 25 of Sam.Carditi was caught and took to Mario Destefano in Sissero's restaurant.This poor guy was peeled out of his clothes and put on handcuffs on the boiling radiators, where he was beaten and tortured by Sam for three days.On the third day of the evening, Destefano called the family of Cappelletti and prepared a rich dinner for them in the restaurant.That Saturday, the Cappelletti family appeared in Mario S Place and enjoyed a Multicos Italian dinner.VIPs were not at the table, but Destvano promised that he would reunite with them soon.After the meal was eaten, the naked and severe burning man was taken in front of his family and threw it under his mother's feet.According to different stories, Destefano forced the Cappelletti family to pee on him, or he stood up to oppose them.He let Cappelletti survive, after Cappelletti promised to make things correct, and made him a role model for other people who thought they could rob him.When Sam Giancana ordered Sam Destefano's younger brother Michael, SAM did not care about it.When asked about the murder in 1955, Destefano refused to answer any questions, but laughed out of control.When investigators tried to repeat their problems, Destefano just laughed loudly.Maybe it is strange that Destefano's behavior after execution.Michael Destefano is a drug addict. This fact seems to hurt his brother without endless remorse.With the help of Mario Anthony Destefano, Sam Destefano made every effort to clean up any drug traces of his brother's body before pouring the body before the car trunk.Lue Foreman was then hit.Leo Foreman lives a dual life: he is a legal real estate agent, on the one hand, there is a debt collection on the other side.Formman collected fruit juice for Destvano.One day in November 1963, Destvano visited Formman's real estate office and began a quarrel.The dispute ended Destvano out of the foreman and ended.Formman was later seduced to Sam's brother Mario Destefano in Sam's home, directed by Tony Spilotro and Chuckie Crimaldi.Foreman went, because someone told him that Sam wanted to kiss and fabricate more arguments.As soon as he entered the house, Leo Foreman was coaxed out of the basement, where he was caught and tied up by Spilotro, Mario Destefano, and Crimaldi.Then the three of them began to beat Foreman and soften him a little before Sam Destefano arrived.He used his normal technology of ice ax to stab Lio 20 times.They tortured his head and injured him instead of killing him.When the worker was full of injuries, Destvano, wearing pajamas, slipped out of the nearby room and laughed at the injured person. According to Clemaldi, who later became a government witness, DestvanoHe shouted and laughed, and said, "I told you I will catch you!" Greed made you kill!In the hips.Destefano and his team watched Foreman bleed and groaned for a while, and then tortured him to death with a meat knife.Far without letting death destroy your 89

103Devil Party, Detefano and the boys turned from the arms of the workers to the flesh fragment.Finally, the crazy Sam's madness became too big and fell.bull.He often serves as his own lawyer, and his court clowns include appearing in pajamas, reaching the stretcher and growing, trying to discredit investigators, accusing them with Joseph Stalin partner.EssenceThe circus of this procedure is his own lawyer.Mario and Spilotro set up a plan to keep the Sam Silence plan, and they found the security room in the hands of the authorities in the hands of Chuckie Crimaldi.Sam is ecstatic.That Saturday's back, the three could hit Chuckie there, then hit Chuckie, and then everything was ready.Mario (Mario) three feet with each other, took out the double -type shot shotguns he had been hiding, and took out the double barrel shotguns he had been hiding.SPILOTRO quickly fired two consecutive gun tubes: the first shot removed the crazy Sam's arm, and the second one hit all his strength with him with him.Sam died before reaching the ground.On April 14, 1973, the crazy Sam is no longer, but his skills have been passed to the SPILOTRO Ant TONY (released by the murder in the foreman)Use them.Please refer to: Spilotro, Anthony.david Amorus On July 19, the court ordered to ban the color of the gang because they were giving another local Western District.In a short period of time, the two gangs had five murders, five murders, 91 intentional destruction cases, 56 attacks and 8 robbery.Members of Wellford, Connecticut, and James Gang were sentenced to 20 years in prison.The devil was also accused of criminal crimes.At the national level, the devil is famous for drug trafficking and transportation and robbery, extortion and other illegal activities.Diffronzo, John NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NONO, is famous for its adventure and other illegal activities.He is currently one of the current leaders.Joseph Joey of clothing and Lombardo: AIUPPA, Joseph; Andricchi, Joseph; Carlisi, Carlisi, CarlisiSamuel; Lapietra, Angelo; Joseph was born in Montreal in 1922, and was promoted under the leadership of Tutela, Jimmy Soccio, Jimmy Soccio.To Montreal Mats Party

104Di Maulo and his man went to Angelo Lanzo on the right to the right of Di Iorio.He also has a good political contact, including donation to Pierre Laporto.Di Iorio, the owner of the Victoria Sports Club and the cafe in St. Catherine, is a consultant to Vic Cotroni.Cotroni respects his views and seek his views on the most serious family affairs.They are called them because they are called them because they are called them.Eggs and small eggs caused a organized crime in Canada in Canada in the late 1970s due to their similarity. One day, a parking lot in the center of Montreal reached DI IORIO.Quietly.He didn't move, he didn't fall.This is very silent.ask me.Garyfraancoeur.nicola Cola Di Iorio.wissguywally.He also participated in the organizational campaign with the Canadian gang Richard Le Chat Blass and his small followers.On March 12, 1971, DI MAULO was charged in the three kills of the popular nightclub. He was accused of the House of Representatives of the House of Representatives, Joseph Tezzi, and Jean-Marc Morin (Jean-Marc Morin.On February 1, 1973, DI MAULO, Ciamarro, and Tezzi were not guilty. In another trial, Jean -MARC Morin was also murdered. Jos di Maulo advanced in the organization., Participate in Phil Rasttelli as the new person in charge of the Bonanno Crime family. According to the lineman Réalsimard. In the year of drug trafficking, in the local control of the hotel and restaurant workers in the center of Montreal, Di Mauul and COTRONI Claude FaberThe tension situation increased. Simard said that Cotroni finally solved the prison dispute Montelier newspaper La Presse in 1993 that the well -known family leaders Di Maulo and Vito Rizzuto tried to belong to the deceased Felipino Ferdinandam (Filipino Ferdinand Marcos) The Denior's Denior Clear 3 billion U.S. dollars Jos Di MAUL Canadian cycling (RCMP) 100,000 US dollars to destroy Jos's brother VincenzoEvidence, the latter faces challenges from cocaine and money laundering recruitment operations. When he told reporters that two (heaven) prisons, he joked with the police, 10 feet every 40 feet cells, which is not pleasant, but I like to abide by the law. Police arrested Di Maulo on September 22 when driving the Avenue of the Avenue of the Avenue, and on September 22, St. Lawrence in Montreal suspected that the car was stolen (not). When they asked him, they saidThey smell the smell of alcohol in their breath. Impact. Judge Pierre Gaston was innocent in April

105Vinson Police Di Maulo said Di Maulo continued to participate in the underworld of Montreal and received almost a dozen bus: Wiseguywally/Josdimaulo.html.Descargado, 7On the 19th, DI MAULO 67 and a nightclub, Le Petit Baril.di Maul S Henchmen Gilles Welcome and Albert Ouimet were shot in an armed personnel after leaving Jimmy NightClub.He promised to avenge his comrades, and I discussed a fierce discussion with Brothers Di Maulo at the Le Petit Baril Night Club.Maulo, Joseph Armini, and Nicola Leo drawn twelve bullets at Allard in front of the bar.After witnessing the murder, the three were arrested.Di Maulo, who had no criminal record, announced in April 1970 that he had committed a first -class murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment.18 companies, including an apartment complex and some property.Police said that through their business, they washed a lot of cash funds for many gangs (including members of the Dubo clan and influential members in the Western District).The profits of the Golf Championship went to a hospital in St. Loront.Dimauul is one of the 57 numbers of the triads arrested on August 30, 1994. This is the four -year -OD -OD -OD -OD -OD -OLD -OL 1990, on Pier Street (The currency exchange house at the corner of Peel Street successfully attracted some major criminals in Montreal.In the operation, it was also caught 158 kg cocaine.And promised to persuade the prosecutor to reduce his attention from 12 years to eight years.He struggled, pretending to pretend to be interesting and met Francesco and Ricardo Di Massimo several times.All meetings were taken by the police.negotiation.negotiation.On August 17, 1995, due to the allegations of bribery, he ended with Michelline Kemp's wife.Charges of Jos Di MAUL's bribery allegations.It also recognizes its role in the operation of 2,500 kg of Cocaine imported from Colombia.It was sentenced to 12 years.Garyfraancoeur. Vincenzo Jimmy di Maul.wisgeguywally.The executor and person on the right of William Billy Hill was the leader and London gangster leader in the 1940s and 1950s.

106DONMEZ, Osmandioniciomartínez, Ramón, Mexican marijuana in 1970, and distributed cannabis to American traffickers.From the case of selling these illegal drugs, Dionicio has received generous income.This large income often brings its income into real estate in real estate.Use analog or fraud to hide his participation.In December 1986, Dionicio (Dionicio) in Edinburg, Texas, completed his nickname more than 200,000 pounds of marijuana. The cannabis was transported by trailers.Load. Marijuana was obtained from the source of Colombia and Mexico. Dionicio cooperated with the US authorities and provided information, and provided information that led to the identity of Mexican suppliers.Merchant is also the owner of the Mexican currency exchange company for shuffling drug revenue. Mexican suppliers and eight other defendants were accused of importing more than 100,000 pounds of cannabis and 2.5 tons of Kain in the United States.12 million US dollars anesthesia income; he announced that he was charged with transportation by 240 months.Shang Sheriff paid a monthly fee of $ 5,000 per month and each visit to his family or girlfriend for $ 1,000. Other personnel were accused of extortion, bribery and money laundering positions. Resistance.· Cindy Gabbard Adams, also known as the famous Turkish criminal royal family of Turkish criminal royal family, is the son of Turkish Miscelonic Party, and the grandson of the most famous Turkish blackman Tang.Her son, Dundar Kilic.donmez, her father's former bodyguard is said to have adventure during the marriage. Some people suspect that she plans him with his father or some consultants in some way.Alatincakici has ended their relationship in the past. With their cakici, aging and famous black hands Mafia Dundar Kilic quickly dragged Donmez into his team.) Entrusted Donmez to provide suggestions on criminal business affairs. The two are loyal to each other. In 1999, Dundar Kilic left Donmez in 1999. His influence on the young gifts of the group, heThe new height in the gang also made him the target of Alaatin Cakici.donmez. A nephew of Alatin Cakici conducted a attack. He just asked to get revenge. The revenge was two high -profile attacks in the form of two high -profile attacks.Beginning: a life who claims to kill him almost kills him, and the brother of another man is responsible for his attack on his young man's mother. 93

107The control of Dundar Kilic's former empire of Dundar Kilic is currently making him the most fearful and powerful person in the Underground world of Turkey. He is also a powerful opponent of illegal competitors and government authorities.Please see: BASAK, HUSEYIN; Kilic, Dundar; OZBIZERDIK, ONUR; Ugurlu, Abuzer.drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Federal Drug Controlling Laws can be traced back to the turn of the century.Magic drug implementation restrictions and gradual control.In the second half of the year, the United States will continue to work hard to cope with the negative impact of drugs on society.Multiple government agencies will be responsible for supervising and implementing the American Drug Law.U.S.Over the past few decades, the Federal Government's role of government government has increased its efforts to fight drug war.As drug trading organizations become larger and more complicated, the United States has also increased its commitment and ability to crack down on these groups nationwide and worldwide.The tradition of long -term, proud and glorious federal anti -drug enforcement began in the IRS in 1915.In the next decades, the federal agencies of various institutions have the responsibilities of the anti -drug law.In the 1960s, the two institutions responsible for the anti -drug police were the Drug Abuse Control (BDAC) and the Federal Anesthesia Bureau (FBN).During this period, the United States has experienced major changes.The efforts to introduce drugs into American culture and make normalization of drugs began to cause terrible losses to the country.However, children in the United States can still go to school relatively safely, only to worry about transcripts or neighbors' bully.However, today, when the children approached the school, they saw the warning signs of the thorns, metal detectors and drug dealers, indicating that the school's property was a drug -free area.In too many communities, drug dealers and shootings forced decent legal citizens to hide behind the locked door.In 1960, only 4 million Americans tried drugs.Today, this number has increased to more than 74 million.Behind these statistical data is the story of countless families, communities and individuals being negatively affected by drug abuse and drug trafficking.Before the 1960s, Americans did not think that drug use was acceptable, nor did drug use as inevitable factual life.In fact, between the 1960s and the early 1960s and the 1990s, the tolerance of drug use caused a sharp increase in crime rate, and the appearance of the United States would always change.By the early 1970s, drug abuse has not reached the highest level of history, but the problem is so serious that it needs to be seriously cope.The United States Disasters (DEA) was established in 1973 to deal with the increasingly serious drug problem in the United States.At that time, the tightly organized international trade unions and Mexico, which were headquartered in Colombia, had not yet occupied the status of major drug supply countries on the world stage.All heroin and cocaine and most marijuana who enter the United States are legal information conducted by Anesthesia and Dangerous Pharmaceutical Bureau (BNDD), an international drug dealer that attacks the US town.The main investigation vividly illustrates the complexity and scope of the Harolin problem.By 1973, some important development development occurred, and these situation development will eventually have a significant impact on the Federal Drug Control Law Enforcement of DEA and the Federal Investigation Bureau in the next few years.At that time, DEA was created based on the administrative order in July 1973 to establish a unified institutional order. The United States began to see signs of the upcoming drugs and crimes.To understand how DEA becomes today's main law enforcement agencies, many projects of its projects originated from predecessor.On July 1, 1973, President Richardson merged his predecessor anesthesia and Dangerous Pharmaceutical Bureau (BNDD) with various law enforcement agencies and intelligence pilots to create a drug anti -drug bureau.DEA is responsible for implementing the country's federal legal drug law, and cooperates closely with local, state, federal, and international law enforcement organizations to find out, lock and put the world's most important drug dealers in the world.94

108Today, DEA has grown into institutions consisting of more than 9,000 employees. These employees are dedicated to more than 4,500 special agents in the United States and the world.Drug trafficking, DEA developed the latest generation of research tools and technologies. These tools and technologies were used in 22 on -site sectors, more than 50 foreign offices, and high -tech laboratories across the country.Dea's continuous commitment is to provide the best federal assistance for the United States to provide the drug law through the community surrounded by drugs and the communities related to the international community to attack the maximum drug gangster party.Fight with crime.He has achieved many success and cooperates with other branches of the US government to be the US police forces.Illegal utensils.Tiger trap; Act Fox II; Seizure of Silma.Management of American drugs.On July 28, 1982, Du Alt, Du Alt, Hese Ivan, Hesse Ivan Dulda, and his conspirator Renis Benitus was hired by Columbia drug traffickers, so as toAgent Charles Martinez and Kelly McCullough, a agent of the plan and execution and execution of the abduction drug control administration (DEA).These agents were taken away from their hotels in Cartagena, Colombia, and were transported to areas 15 miles away.It is still within the scope of the city.Then Duarte and Benítez fired for the third time. Tantomartínez departed from Panama. As Benite avoided the arrest. The arrest warrant was inPublished in June, Benitus was finally arrested in Colombia, extradition and imprisonment in Miami in Du Altt, and has been avoided by the authorities until August 1997 in Ecuador in Ecuador.The Asian government. The fugitive was expelled and then was transported to the United States for trial. His captive marks the end of the investigation and searched for 15 years. According to Constantine, Du Altt was expelled by the Ecuador government.Courage and courage and commitment to fight. With the struggle of anti -drug. On January 18, grew up on the poor streets of Saint Henry, Montreal's poor community.One of the sharks. In the 1960s, Di Francesco, an Adrien boxer, controlled a nightclub Harlem Paradise on San Anthn Street. The business soon became a prostitution center and brought AdrienA lot of effective results have been here. BlackProxnetas has been controlling sexual trade in the region for a long time. The area has been controlling Dubois, but was quickly treated.(Claude), he is the most prosperous brother Dubois. He was at Verdun's business base, and the police said he directed 95 loans.

109Dubois, Claude's operation and a large -scale pharmaceutical network, the network extends to the region's marijuana, marijuana, marijuana, benate, and cocaine.The criminals and friends of Richardésormiers were injured in the battle before Dubitius gangs.In the trial of his brother Claude in 1982, Adrien Dubois tried to prevent Donald Lavaie's former gangsters at the gangsters,As testimony, it is said that it is a brothers who arranged to kill the brothers.The coup, but the police understood the contract and took necessary prevention measures to protect the scheduled victims.Using the information about Claude Jodoin in the gang, the police attacked a house on the South Coast on March 3, 1982, and found a large number of hidden cannabis on the wall of the building.EssenceHe lost $ 350,000 in his seizures.Police arrested Adrien Dubois on June 29, 1982, and accused him of murdering Jacques Mcsween, murdered Jacques Mcsween) On October 5th, Edrian's brother Jean-Guy was shot and killed in Longueuil. He has been condemned to condemn the murder, ClaudeDubeau was also imprisoned for murder Richardésormiers, and he was also accused of trial.murder.This road began on February 1, 1983, and there were testimony from several linearrs.Donald Lavoie attended the meeting in McSween's murder and described the event with vivid details.harmful.But not all jury believes that what the liner is thrown and the trial that lasted for two and a half months was over at the dead point.A new trial.Aderian Dubitius's lawyer Léo-Renémaranda realized his client's liberation in bail until the second trial started.On June 1, 1983, Dubois was arrested at a hotel in Sherbroke Street and was accused of importing 480 kg marijuana.The second trial of McSween's murder began shortly, consisting of three government witnesses.The jury gave the jury.The reputation of the online person is very small, and there is almost no time to make a decision.When the jury of the class court defeated his verdict, the defendant's friends and his family applauded.His father is $ 25 in the dark horse tavern in the center of Montreal every week.Dubois's children basically grew up on the street and do their best to survive.During World War II, nearby children gathered outside the nearby railway station to fight for the Canadian soldiers.There he became a young man who cast a truck of Delinelle Street and was arrested.

110Claude appeared in court two years after two years.The judge decided to teach young, and Claude was sentenced to two years in prison at the age of 16.As the Maitre D of Jazz Hot Club, he met Harry Smith, a well -known loan shark from Montreal.Smith heard of the violent reputation of Dubois and provided him with a collector.The two soon became partners, with $ 75,000, and $ 75,000 divorced 250 customers on the street.When Smith died, Dubois took care of the entire operation.Dubois brothers and Claude's heads expanded the organization that affects the city.Police said that the two brothers had a large number of executors and participated in many drug trafficking, extortion and prostitution activities.They often cooperate with the city's blackmare party and king Frank Peter Dunie Ryan.Drugs of Western District Gang.In 1972, at several meetings with Cotroni, Richardadésormiers corrected this situation, but never did anything.Killed.But the coup did not happen that night, and Dubitius was very angry.He refused to postpone him for a longer time. Two nights, Donald Lavoie and Claude Dubeau entered Mon Pays Bar and pumped a few Déormiers.When Jacques, -andrébourssa, manager, tried to pray and was killed.In all these occurrences, Yvon Belzil's responsibility is considered more powerful than the city black hand party.On April 21, 1976, in an interview, this made them contact the manufacturer in Canada. The team Claude Dubois showed itThe only difference is COTRONIS, and when they saw the police and the police, they ran away.The real feelings of the world's true feelings of the black hand leader Paolo Violi: they put Violi on the great king; for me, I raped a punk.He tried to pick up a boy at a price of $ 100 a week, and his nose hit.You call that king.For me, he is a punk, right?The world of Claude Dubois was destroyed in 1980. At that time, Donald Lavoie's life contract. By providing Lavoie, Dubois, Yvon Belzil, and Claude Dubeau, he was accused of murdering murderIn 1982, Richardéordéors and Jacques-Andrébourasa. The Lawrence and Belzil were in his home in St. Lenad. The 40-year-old Claude Dubeau's degree murder. Lavoie's testimony is great.

111Dubois, Jean-Guy Claude Dubois (Montreal Bulletin) is also close to the gang, and he also testimony of his former friends.Dubois held positions in his defense.He denied a conflict with Frank Cotroni and described him as a friend.In 1982, after 10 weeks of trial, the three gangs were declared guilty.One month later, on December 8, Dubois, Dubeau, and Belzil were sentenced to life imprisonment.Three people, legs and wives' legs and wives, they did not show emotional their prayers through spread.The Quebec Court reduced its sentence to 10 years in March 1989 because they ruled that Jacques -Andrébourasa was killed.personal information.Dubois.wiscguyWally.Dubois (Dubois. With the development of the years, the reputation of Dubois Brothers has continued to increase in nearby. They are difficult, violent, and loyal to each other. Jean-Guy's brother Normand and Rosaire's girlfriend have performed.Adventure, this is the most difficult street overlord of a well -known hood neighbor. When forgiveness learned of this, he talked about how he would even arrive with Normand.Brothers Jean-GUY, Claude and Normand faced Robert's forgive Miron, Ti-MAND Auger and RogerProvençal.(Jean-Guy) issued a vicious beat. The battle improved his reputation on the street. The next day, they learned that Robert Miron told the people that he was going to demolish the community of Normand.In the incident, the Dubius brothers learned that the young audience Gilles Petit was by Jean-Guy, Claude, Normand and René,Scene. This is just to worry about the Dubois brothers. Jean-Guy was finally released by the shooting incident, but was sentenced to two years in prison for beating and having illegal weapons. After the launch, Jean-Guy Dubois found a job like a plum at the Sahara Club.Trey D. This position gives him the opportunity to use some of Montreal's most important triads to wipe his shoulders. He also successfully established the successful operation of the loan in Montreal Center and a loyal subordinate of a team. He contacted him contact.A member of the Montreal Mandarin Party, the latter brought tons of marijuana, and said that the favorable mesh of cannabis was established. These three people made a lot of money in this place and eventually sold it in the late 1970s in the late 1970s.. $ 40,000. By the early 1970s, the brothers of the big guy, Richarddésormiers, began to cause problems in bar and protected clubs.

112Dubois, Jean-Paul One night Désormiers encountered an unfortunate starting problem in a club. Jean-Guy.dubois was decided to "forced him to kneel and put the gun on her temple. The behavior caused Déormiers to cool down for a whileTime, but continued to cause the problem of Dubois Gang caused. Later, she was in the command of Claude Dubois by Claude Dubeau and TangDonald Lavoie shot. Finally, on October 22, 1975, the police saw Jean-Guy Dubois and Jacques Ouimet) Along the lachine channel. Without explanation of their existence in the river, the police took them to the station. They discovered the blood on the legs of Dubitius's pants. When the police returned to the scene, they found more dark red.Discovered the body of Jean-Guy Fournier, he was an employee of the Illow Hotel in Montreal. Dubois and OUIMET were accused of the first murder.The trial and led to the judgment of the two defendants. The BES men's permanent chain. On June 29, 1982, Dubiti received more bad news from the prison cell. He, his brother Adrien and theClaude Dubeau was accused of a first -level murder in 1974 Jacques Mcsween began in 1974 and began on February 1, 1983, and was subject to the media.The infamous and infamous. Liner Claude Jodoo, Donald Lavoie and Paul Pomerleau testify, but the jury did not believe in theirStory. The second trial was Jean-GUY, Adrien and Claude Dubeau held on June 14th. After the judge issued a decision, Jean-Guy stifled three defense lawyers. Jean-Guy Dubois and eight colleagues William Bykerdike, GérardBourque, Gilles Saint-AMAND, Gary Woolyy, Gary Woolyy, Israel Meyer Randolph, Stephen Maron, Michel Boisvert and Lauren HickMan were arrested in 1991 and June. Drug trafficking.Police confiscated 100 kilograms of cannabis, 400 cannabis plants and $ 500,000 in cash. Dubois surprised everyone on March 31, 1992, announcing the crime of committing transportation costs and 44 kg of marijuana.Sell to Bykerdike per kilogram, and later sold the product to Bourque for $ 6,500.Bourque subsequently distributed cannabis to other members of the ring at a price of $ 7,000 per kilogram.His son Alain followed his father's footsteps and became a member of the rock band's motorcycle gang.suspension.The two customers were dissatisfied with the loan.They fired, but fortunately, most bullets lost the brand for Dubois.This is a bit injured.Revenge quickly.Police found the body of Roger Bonenfant and Michel Marleau, suspicious people, this is a suspicious person Jean-Paul Dubois, Jean-Paul Dubois,In the early morning of February, the corpse took outpatient as an example.Bar de LOS MOUCHE Deux, fired a few shots to Dubois.For him, the bullet lost.His girlfriend 99

113Gang Dubois Marie Talbot.saint-Pierre is the partner of Claude Johnny Holliday Ellefsen, the leader of the motorcycle knight gang. His girlfriend was at a meeting at the Saint-Michel-de-DEWORTH PriorY from Dubois. Attracted him.He was interrogated and beaten for a few hours to extract the whereabouts of Elffson.In San Piel and Talbert's murder, he was one of the people present, and he decided to hide.Five years after the game, Jean-Paul Dubois disappeared in May 1988.EssenceIn Canada, the organization was promoted to the top of Montreal's underworld in the middle of 1960 and vigorously participated in shared loans, drug trafficking, ransom and prostitution.Those who refused to maintain consistent were threatened, abused, abused, and were eliminated when necessary.According to the police, when the organization took over their territory, the disciples of motorcycles and Maxwim Wimmed were unprepared and two feces.His most bloody massacre took place on February 14, 1975. At that time, the gang man broke into Lapinièrehotel. This was a popular MCSWeen conference place to fire.Four men were killed, and several others were injured.In 1980, Varios, the brothers and its main subordinates, accepted long -term imprisonment in Montreal, and its influence was greatly reduced.Please refer to: Dubois, Adrien; Dubois, Claude; Claude; Dubois, Dubois,Jean-Guy; Jean-Guy; Dubois, Jean-Paul, Jean-Paul.Gary Francoeur. Gary Francoeur.La dubois.wissguywally.Traditionally De Dennis (Stickman) Smith, this group is politically mixed, but there are many members who support the national people (PNP (PNP) (PNP)).From 1987 to 1988, Dunkerque Boys in New York City was in POSSE of Guerra and SPANGLER in New York City, but it was finally announced.Cocker is one of the largest pharmaceutical networks in the Atlantic State, and international traffickers are used for distribution.Some members and associates of the new Dunkek boy who did not want to participate in the new Dunkek boy moved to Engelwood in New Jersey in 1987 to sell cannabis, cocaine, cracks and weapons.However, because the Engel Wood Police Department arrested her street traffickers and medium -level street traffickers and suppliers, the organization was almost eliminated from the region.And the anesthesia work team in Bergen County.In 1989, in order to distribute cocaine's conspiracy.Other members of the cells are separated, some people transfer their business to Boston, and others transport it to Risan in Virginia.Intelligence information shows that in 1988, several members of New York left the Dunkirk boy in the city went to the New Biolun Rock province.According to reports, these people are only famous for their street names and participated in the distribution of drugs 100

114Dunkerk Boys Posse.In the change, they only use the new Niulun Rick as a safe area.Today in New Jersey, 29 members and employees who have been identified as the operation or control drug distribution network in New Jersey are actively operating in New Jersey.Clark, Francis Bates, Bruce C. Best and Debra.Sowney.Organized African crime.


116E -18 Street Gang 18th Street Gang was a member of the late 1960s.Ordinary tattoos include 666 (three times equal to 18).It can also be seen that 18 numbers are represented by Roman numerals (XVIII).Members also participated in the destruction of graffiti and used similar symbols to mark their territory.Although the 18th Street maintains intensity in several cities in Southern California, they continue to extend to many cities across the country and participate in all areas of criminal activities.Some members have even participated in the production of fraud immigration and naturalized identification cards and even food coupons.Compared with other gangs, they have become higher complexity and organizational levels.This progress is due to the close relationship between the gang and Carter Carter, Mexico and Colombian drugs.Know gang.18th street gang.On July 19th, Monya Monya Elson, Monya Monya Elson, is a group of Russian criminal leaders forged, drug trafficking and other criminal activities.He was involved in the murder case, from Elbrous Evdoev and Lyubarskys.They are spared.The first attempt was a murder on May 14, 1991 on the Brighton Beach (Brooklyn) in New York.When he was shot.He suspected that this attempt was to revenge on another Vyacheslav Lyubarsky.

117Elson is a member of Mengya on the 18th street of El Salvador to celebrate the signing of a peace agreement with competitors gangs.Another victim of Elson S was Alexander Slepinin.Slepinin (Monya Elson) and others were charged with this murder and other murders. They ordered Elbrous Evdoev, the Russian immigrant Elbrous EvdoevCrossing is also a known criminal. Cities. On November 6, Los Angeles was drove to the hospital by Leonyard Kanterkantetes, where he was treated and discharged.Two days later, an Armenians who tried to kill Elson planted his bomb under the bomb and bombs under the KANTERKANTETES car and was severely damaged. They shot three times in his mind.Boris Grigoriev's house in Brooklyn on July 26, three people stayed and discharged in a local hospital. Other criminal factions in Brighton Beach. 104

118English, Johnny, September 24, 1993, two months after trying to try Monya, her bodyguard Oleg Zapinakmine was shot and killed by an unknown attacker.At that time he was shot and Zapinakmine was checking the tire leak on the car in front of his Brooklyn's house.Elson also ordered the murder of Alexander Levitz, also known as Sasha Pingya.On the evening of January 17, 1994, Levititz was hit by three knives near the Albat restaurant in Blaneton Beach.But miraculous, he survived.He is said to be a close friend of Monya Elson.Elson was arrested in Farn, Italy in 1995, and was extradited to the United States for trial for three murders.He was convicted, and he is currently serving in the United States. He is serving in the United States: Evdoev, Elbrous; Russian Mom Party; Slepinin, Alexander.EssenceSoviet -Migré Tri -National organizational crime items can be obtained online.URL: Visit on November 24th, ENG, Johnny Johnny Eng was accused of operating heroin trafficking activities by the government. From 1987, he imported from Hong Kong to the United States.The airport's courier, packaging from Hong Kong, and jumping beans imported from Hong Kong are hidden in the washing machine.In early 1987, ENG paid Wah Tom Lee 50,000 US dollars from the courier from Kennedy Airport to pick up six batches of heroin. The total amount of heroin transported in each group of heroin in this way is 66 kg.Heroin, which is transported in Hong Kong.ENG was removed from allegations related to the washing machine import plan. The judge considered 78 kilograms of heroin when sentencing.The details of the mail smuggling plan are related to the evidence of this case.At some time in mid -1987, ENG asked Wah Tom Lee and Michael Yu to recruit individuals to receive parcel drugs transported from Hong Kong.YU and Lee got the names of the three people, Tina Wong, Cathy Leung, and a woman named Helen (or Ah Ling). They were willing to exchange for parcels at a price of $ 20,000.After Wong received the first package, ING instructed YU and Lee's apartment to check the apartments from Lee, and found that the package contains plush toys, peppers and countless boxes of tea.Seven kilograms of heroin in several boxes of tea.A few days later, ING instructed Lee to send heroin to him near Chinatown Bakery in New York City.Under the instructions of Lee, Wong took heroin to a party near the bakery. He met Wong and Eng there and then transferred the package to ENG.ENG paid Lee and YU $ 50,000, of which $ 20,000 was given to Wong.One week later, ENG called Lee to inform him that his second package would arrive.soon.Lee in turn, called Tina Wong, Tina Wong informed Liang Caisa.After Liang received the package, he brought it to Wang's apartment.Wang checked the inside and told Lee how much heroin contains.Lee calls to confirm the delivery.ENG instructed him to leave Wong apartment heroin.Later, at his party, ENG asked Lee to give the parcel to a person named LAP.Lee arranged Wong to send heroin to Lane the next day.ENG once again gave Lee and YU $ 50,000 Lee again to Leung $ 20,000 and Wong $ 10,000.After the second delivery, Lee and Yu accompanied Eng to Hong Kong, and the cost of ENG S was borne by ENG S.ENG introduced Lee and YU to the person who shipped Heroin parcels, and told ming that if he was not there, he contacted Yu and Lee.Lee provides ENG with a list of other four people who are willing to accept the package.Shortly after this group of people returned from Hong Kong, four more parcels were sent, and each package was seven kilograms of heroin.The third parcel was sent to Liang Caisy's residence.With the permission of ENG S, Lee sold some heroin to Ching-Yi Chen.At a certain time before and after the third package, Lee and YU started selling heroin under the allowableness of ENG.At this moment, Li He Yu went to Hong Kong again. This time, Tina Wong and the other two women were accompanied. The five of them hid more than 500,000 US dollars in their bodies to Ming. 105

119The fourth set of E Port Posse has been delivered to Helen and then transferred to the residence of Wong.lee.Lee once again sold some heroin to Ching-Yi Chen.The fifth package reached the residence of Agnes Chin and stored in Wong's home.Li gave a man named DAI GOW.The eighth ship arrived in Agnes Chin Residence in January or February 1988.The parcel was transferred to Lee, and the latter gave it to ENG and placed him in a jeep.Hong Kong boxes contain heroin and residences in the metropolitan area of New York to Customs in California.One of these parcels is marked as the address delivered to M HSIEH and guided by Gwendolyn Chan.This caused Chen (Chan) to arrest him during the delivery of the package.Chen agreed to cooperate, and the conspiracy began to disintegrate.Chen's cooperation and arrest of Leung, who also agreed to cooperate.Mr. Liang caused Li to be arrested in early March, YU and Tina Wong, and the government proposed some different events in the United States complaint.Michael yu et al., No. 88-CR-138 (S) (E.D.N.Y TOM Lee and Michael Yu, and four other, and distributing drugs, and importing and distribution of imports and distribution by imported Heroin by mail sent to the United States. From the sameTransport the first package to ENG (through Lee) and the second package (in the ENGS address) on the way back. Only when YU and Lee start to sell drugs by themselves later, the government explains the changes in the role of Chen.This is the re-evaluation of Tina Wong's authenticity. A polygraph test. After re-reviewing Huang's testimony, the government agreed to condemn the holiday of the time-yi chen during the trial of YU.The names, because Lee and YU are people in the conspiracy of heroin, are directly treated. In August 1989, until he was extradited to the United States on November 1st, he was all related to drug packages and drug import plans in the trial.The allegations were sentenced around, but he, but he, but he, but he, but he was released by the so-called Beans-SPROUP-MACHINE plan.. It is based on the continuous decision of the criminal company of the 1987 version of the sentence. By 151 months of prison, and then three years of supervision and liberation. In 292 months, there is a period of supervision.Since 1993, he believes that on October 15th, he decided: There is no document at the Public Hearing Committee of the Public Committee of the African Crime Committee of the New Jersey: New Jersey Public Committee.. In March 1988, in cooperation with the anesthesia strike for anesthesia in Union County and the state police station, the Police Division of Elizabeth began a series of inseparable anesthesia procurement on the streets near Elizabeth's pioneer housing projects.Pioneer action. 106

120After the search and arrest in November 1988, the detective Swan found a secret line man Mutah Sessoms.Part of the organization. After the arrest, the two groups merged under the leadership of the younger brother BILAL.The members of the organization call themselves Port Posts, Phase II, and use Elizabeth as the blueprint. They imitate the tooth buying and plus people. They often wear luxurious style, excellent weapons, and invest in expensive jewelry.Several valuable cars drove by members of the gang were hung under their acquaintances or relatives.Starting from a marijuana in high school, BILAL PREPlow eventually caught his organization and his brother Robert's drug transactions, and encountered a competitor Elizabeth gang, occasionally shotgling.Detective Swan testaled the magnificent style of Birahproopol's pursuit of expansion goals: Birar called a restaurant in central New Jersey in the center of New Jersey.He said there that he intended to control drug transactions in the Elizabeth region and threatened that those who could not go would face revenge.Detective Swan said that the Group's Cocyin supplied from a Dominica named Bensen, in New York City.Cocaine is generally shipped from taxi to Elizabeth.In 1989, the group distributed more kilograms of cocaine, resulting in a weekly income of up to $ 100,000.Police strengthened their determination to deal with Port Posse, because violence surrounded their actions to upgrade: Mutah Sessoms was murdered in June 1989; Robert Pretlow was killed by hostile gangs on July 9, 1989; the next day, Pretlow's No. 1Three brothers Thomas killed Bobby Ray Davis, a Newvac drug dealer Bobby Ray Davis to retaliate against the death of Robert Pretlow.The Federal Anti -Drug Administration, United County Public Security Officer Office, Newcast Police Department and Essex County Public Security Officer Office joined the Elizabeth County Prosecutor's Office.SESSOMS is seriously treated at all aspects of the description of organizers at all levels.Detective SWAN testified that BILAL PRETLOW continued to carry out business even during the imprisonment: During the November 1988 and subsequent arrest, BILAL PROPlow had paid bail fees and lawyers' fees for his team members.Due to the allegations of various drugs in United County Prison, he continued to operate his organization by dialing telephone, telephone and conference calls equipped with high -speed functions.The telephone fee is recorded in the apartment used by Sean Hartwell. From December 1988 to early February 1988, I received nearly 400 campaign calls in Lianxian Prison.More than an hour, one or two lasted for three and a half hours.Usually, prisoners allow public calls in the prison within 8 hours of designated prisons, and everyone can only call in about 5 to 10 minutes.However, Bilal Pretlow asked his subordinates to bail them for them to please other prisoners. He bought them gifts and promised to provide them with work after their release.These tasks are in his drug distribution business.In one case, he purchased $ 70 Reebok sneakers for prisoners over 35 years old.The prisoners returned the phone time they allocated to Pretlow by giving up their grace.However, this is not enough to explain the wide use of the phone.On January 18, 1991, Thomas Pretlow was convicted of losing homicide in Bobby Ray Davis's fatal shooting case.U.S. prosecutors filed a federal lawsuit in New Jersey in December 1990. Husamiddi Williams served in December 1990 in the federal prison. Husamiddi Williams had to distribute and owns weapons in 13 years in the federal prison.Williams operated the Port Police Team for more than a year on Elizabeth's Sixth Street and South Park Street, until he was arrested in August and hired at least four minors to help sell drugs.After Williams was detained after Detective Elizabeth's guns between Williams and hostile drug dealers.Detective Swan said that the police seized $ 270,000 cash, 19 weapons, five cars, and about $ 30,000 from BiLAL PRETLOW and his subordinates.Williams and PRET.107

121Escobar, Pablo (Pablo) is also: Dunkerk boy Posse; 5 %; Tel Aviv Posse; of the WATH HOUSE of WATER.Research in New Jersey, Robert J. Clark, Francis A. Betzler, Bruce C. Best and Debra.a.Sowney.African linear and organized crimes.On November 29, it can be obtained online.A small gangster scarf, almost no reaching the end of this month, snatched the car and reached Columbia's crime and international horror giant.In 1989, he listed him as seventh and richer in the world.He entered and then ruled Medelínpabloescobar (left), Medelíndrug Cartel, the poor and people with unfavorable situations. In 1983, he became him.Antiquia, a member of the motherland. In the late 1980s, the US government estimated that Escobar controlled 80 % of the cocaine from Colombia. However, in 1984, Escobar (Escobar) Everything began to collapse. The smallest exporter, but Escobar is still difficult to reach. Enemies, whether it is a competitor manufacturer, is no longer proven to be useful business partners, or special Escobar legal officialThey are cruel and cruel. The rewards are bribed on the heads of the local and federal police and the head of the judge.Escobar even killed several presidential candidates Escobar, whether he was extradited or it was said that he incited the acquisition of the Bobo Judicial Palace in 1986, which led to 11 judges and 79 people in the Supreme Court.Global terrorist kingdom, in November 1989, a bomb exploded a Avianca aircraft in Colombia and killed 110 passengers. At the end of the 1980s, the US government began remittance to the Colombian government to help the government pay for human hunting costs.In 1991, Escobar (Escobar) was a big problem for his government and people around the world. His posters and cocaine millions of dollars were transferred to the United States.

122Robert Bonner (center) Escobar, the Chief Executive of Roberto DeIn 1989, the horror bombing of Colombia, Avianca Airlines, which was killed in July 1992 in July 1992.He left the prison literally.The escape gave the US government a chance that he had been looking for, and the authorities insisted on participating in the occupation of Escobar.A group of vigilant citizens who were hurt by Escobar finally began to reduce the empire created by doctors.Death is demolished by murdering and bloody explosions and more and more victims.He was finally killed on December 2., 1993; he was 44 years old.Although he participated in countless murders and cruel violence, they cried in his hometown.Famous for its business insights.Therefore, he was entrusted to the money of the poster.This is the reason for cash flow, money laundering and investment.The first campaign of Peru's President Alberto Fujimori (Alberto Fujimori. Despicable and violent than his brother Roberto El Osito (Bear) surrendered to Columbia 109

123Juanjosé, the author of Juanjosé, received a letter in 1993 to make him part of his blindness in 1993.Recently, he published his memoir "My Broste Pablo", which compared his brother with Robin Hood.Esparragozamoreno.) Esparragaz he wrote a multinational corruption and Narco investment: a method of Mexico. In 1995, the front line of the PBS was Juanjoséesparraguzamoreno (blue) is now free and is a very important politician for Columbia/Mexican Mexico drugs.EssenceBleeding between competitors, transportation, other drug symbiosis in 50 Mexican and Mexican economies, the political system may occur.However, on February 27, 1998, Sam Dillon in the New York Times said that two different officials in the United States determined Rafaelmuñoztalavera, two different officials in the United States.The new leader of Hilist Carter, competitors Vicente Carrillo and Juanjoséespargoza (Blue Moreno), who has lost GermanyDelradar.,Mexico.They shot him four times in the head, and his body stayed in the busy center of the city (obviously he was killed elsewhere), which was the sign of Vincent and El Azerle to show that they were the drug worldA bloody civilian winner also operates with the Genovese Gigante's criminal family, with a bond cooperation of $ 100,000.It was appointed as one of the 100 best escape criminals in New Jersey.Research in New Jersey, Robert J.Sowney (Robert J.Sowney. Organized African linear crimes. On November 29th, available online: US/wdf/afro.pdf.consultation, on November 24, the European Criminal Police OrganizationEstablished by the EU Parliament Law (EU)) On July 26, 1995, the European Police Department (EUROPOLE Convention) was established, which will be located in Hague, Netherlands.The purpose is to improve police cooperation between member states to combat the form of international crimes in international crimes of terrorism, drugs and other serious drug traffic.The task of the European Interpol is to involve illegal transportation of secret immigration networks, illegal transportation of radioactivity and nuclear substances, traffic of illegal vehicles, compulsory euro and money laundering related to international criminal activities.Obtained, collected and analyzed information and intelligence to inform the authorities of the intelligent member states that do not delay information about their information and any connection determined by the criminal aid research of member states to maintain the computerized information system that is collected.The member states establish or designate national units to perform the above tasks.The national unit is the only connection between the European Interpol and the competent state authorities.It is at least a link official, and the national unit instruction represents your interests in the European Interpol.110

124Evdoev, Elbrous wants to perform its tasks, and EUROPOL maintains a computer -based information system.Enter the data into the system. The system can be directly accessed by national units, link officials, directors, attachments, directors, directors, and officially authorized EUROPOLOS officials.information.Systems can be used to store non -personal data and personal data.The Creation of the Personal Data File of Computers and Computers of European Criminal Police is approved by the management committee.The service of member states to prevent and cope with the criminal criminal organization and other serious criminal crimes.Give a person in charge of any member country you want.An independent joint supervision agency is responsible for monitoring the European criminal police activities to ensure that personal rights will not violate personal rights due to the storage and use of data storage and use held by European criminal police.The European monopoly institution is: the management committee, consisting of the representatives of each member country, hosted by the representative of the member states, the president of the country's council; the director appointed by the council can be renewed once for four years;Director and director of the council are fired.The budget is provided by a member country and other occasional income donations.Regarding all income and expense accounts entering together in the budget, the balance indicates that the assets and liabilities organized by the European Interpol will receive annual review.The audit is conducted by the Joint Audit Committee and consists of three members designated by the European Community Audit Court.Each member.Due to legal errors or any damage to individuals in data stored or processed in European criminal monopoly.Any damage may be compensated by the injured party.It is said that the Russian gangster, which is said to be involved in prostitution, except for other illegal activities, Elbrous Evdoev was shot in the jaw and returned to New York City on June 5th. He survived his life.One month later, on July 4, 1992, he was shot again, this time in Nueva York's shoulders and hands.On March 6, Snow Bank on a car on a car in Paenbrook, New Jersey shot three times on his head.The New York State Commission, Pennsylvania Criminal Committee, University of Rogers.The crime project organizes the Soviet Ogietmigrétri-State.


126FINBERG, Ludwig Tarzan Fainberg, Ludwig Tarzan, is the Russian leader of the black party in southern Florida.The market is faster than the rest of the market, and he has made good use of his cocaine money, providing Russians for Columbia helicopters, and even trying to compare with the Russian army.Fieneberg was born in the Russian family of the Russian Jewish family in 1958.His family moved to Tsjernovich he grew up.He was caught in a choir of a national child, and he was the boxer of the Russian army until he was 13 years old. This time his family moved to Israel again.When he jumped from the building to attract people's attention, he got the nickname.In the end, he joined the Israeli Marine Corps, and he tried to become Israel's US Navy seal.He met some of his Russian friends, joined a team, and joined a team involving fraud and extortion credit cards.The crew was led by the famous Effim Lashin. Effim Lashin was a criminal and sold weapons to the Red Brigade.Shaking Berlin bankers.Smoking, suddenly the four suddenly four people stopped by Mercedes Benzes. Now there are only two other people. The other group of Russian gangsters left the car and defeated two people. Like the west of the wild, soHe always holds a gun. The Russian Maval Party's princess, grandfather, former husband and brother-La La are a gangster of Russian. Everyone has no Nick and did not participate. His wife does not allow him to participate in the criminal event. She loves him at home fromShe ranssed her enema currency in the German prison for seven years of money to extort her money for her application. Fieneberg's wife bought her expensive clothing. When she took it to dinner, she watched soap operas with him.

127Falcon, Giovanni Roize spent three years in the Siberian prison because he hit a man hard to reopen scars during the recent operation.EssenceNew York, Italy and Russia's furniture stores are the frontier of the Heroin ring used by Gandonino's criminal family and Genovese.Fainberg's criminal family began to work in one of the stores.One day, an old woman was treated, intervened, and provided free furniture to the old woman.The next day, an Italian muscle man entered the store. She appeared as his mother as Frankie. If Fainberg had something to do, he should call him.Dead Frank Santora, who was dead, was a member of the Corporal Criminal Family.In 1990, Fainberg earned (Fainberg. The former Qianqibu agent and other former government officials were established there and bought the entire building with money with money when the Solo Special Trade Union collapsed. In southern Florida,Fenberg opened his club Porky S and became the place where the gangsters in Russia. Then, he was engaged in a drug business, and there were marijuana fields on the Grand Swamp.In Cocaine, I established a connection with Colombian drug Carter. The business has flourished, and this money has entered. That is the best dog in Florida. Fieneberg's favorite thing is to extort; his second favorite isWomen are humiliating women. They will hit her and allocate sexual allocation. Once he chased the strip dancer on the street, he beat her and asked her to eat stones, but he made a lot of money and could go out with him.The Russians' connection also served him well. In 1993, Fieneberg and his Columbia friends bought six Russian M18 helicopters at a price of $ 1 million per car.The space of the space is free to get out of space. It is passed from smuggling drugs. Later, they negotiated the Russian submarine. Everything, including crew, would spend them $ 5.5 million, but before reaching an agreement, it was in Florida.Arrested. Realize that and start investigating their past and his friends. The wanderer (winning Cannibal's nickname, because he bites the nose of insulting him) and decides to turn and help the Federal Investigation Bureau to leave the prison. Fainberg trusts trust. Fainberg trust.The highest measures and told him a lot about his business. He likes to brag; he made him feel difficult until the federal government arrested him. On October 17, 1999, he was convicted of Rico position and expelled to Israel.There is nothing wrong with this. The United States: I love the United States; it is too easy to steal things here. I think I am going to Cuba now, some of my Russian friends have hotels there, I will be rich in myself ... David amoruso.ludwigFAINBERG.GANGSTESTESTESTESTESTESTESTESTESTESTESTESTESTESTESTESTESTESETESTESTEIATERATED.There are many black -handed party chiefs in various places. Provencano, Bernardo; RIINA, SALVADO; Spera, benedetto.114

128FAUCHER at the federal research office of FrédéricFrédéricfaucher was born on December 16. Most of his early days were well known, but grew in the city of Quebec and his surrounding environment. In the early 1990Motorcycle gangs.On July 14, 1994, Fauch and four rock agencies assistant angels.Police confiscated two guns, three shots, three explosive radio bombs and 12 -pound explosives.FAUCHER was convicted and sentenced to a short imprisonment.Rock Association machine machine.Introduction to become one of the five large motorcycle gangs, hell angels, illegal people, Bangdis, pagan and silent son.It happened between the rock machine and the hell angel.Faucher, accompanied by Johnny Plescio and Robert Toutouléger, tried to enter Sweden on June 18, 1997, participated in HelinHelsingborg Bandits for Fallen Comrades.Police rejected their entrances for criminal records.The people riding a bicycle were arrested for 24 hours and then expelled back to Canada.However, Faucher is still ruled.He has been consistent with the hell angel, and Faucher participated in a bicycle performance in He saw the best meeting of Canada and Bandids Motorcycle Club.Nomadic, Hell Angel LouismélouroyRoy, at an attempt to murder on July 24, 1997.Ti -Luorvézina was arrested and Fauch became the leader of the Quebec Club.Police raid the Faucher's brother Jean -Jejes, and was also a member of Rock Machine, Jean -Jejes. In December, the police found the photo album full of photos.Members and colleagues of hell angels.When the police discussed the new laws of Antangang, Fuxue and Maurice Mom Boucher, the leader of hell angels, called the motorcycle driver's rest.Then reached an agreement at the modern Bleu Marin restaurant on S Crescent Street Montreal.At this moment, it was the photographer of the police officer of Allo A Allo's crime, and was done with the image of the infamous Fauchr and Boucher.Friendly handshake.The peace did not last for a long time. In less than two months, the gang members fired again on the streets on the street.Fredfaucher arrested Police 6, the founding member of the Rock Machine in December, Marcel Le Maire Demers. The police reported that Fauch was on the head of a drug ring.The person in charge of the hand can only win $ 250,000 from the cocaine traffic each year.He announced.There were 28 charges and were sentenced to 12 years in prison on May 11, 2001.Garyfranch.frédéricFaucher.cassguywally.He has a long history in solving international threats and rackets.The Attorney General Charles Bonaparte served as a agent founded during the Presidential period in Theodore Roosevelt.The two men met for the first time at a meeting of Baltimore.The Roosevelt Civil Service Reform Association, then civil servants, then civil servants, and then applied by the federal law of civil servants at that time.It was in 1892, and the police were often political, not professionals.Rosevelt Bonaparte responds to the program, the tongue on the cheek, the shooting target is 115

129The Federal Investigation Bureau is not a way to get the best candidates.Roosevelt should let these people shoot each other and then give the job to the survivors.Roosevelt and Bonaba are progressists.They are both convinced of efficiency and experience, not political relationships, and they should be sure who is most suitable for the government.Theodoro Roosevelt became the President of the United States in 1901; four years later, he appointed Bonaba as the Minister of Justice.In 1908, Bonaba applied this kind of progressive philosophy to the Ministry of Justice and created a special department agent team.Except for the chief prosecutor, it has no name or official leader.However, these former detectives and agents are the pioneers of the Federal Investigation Bureau.Today, most Americans believe that federal survey services are taken for granted, but in 1908, the establishment of such types in the national level caused a lot of controversy.The US Constitution is based on the federal system: a state government has jurisdiction over cross -border affairs, such as inter -state trade and foreign affairs, and all other powers are reserved to the states.In the 19th century, Americans usually expected cities, counties, and states to perform most government duties.However, by the 20th century, transportation and communications are more convenient, creating a strong tradition of the federal government that is conducive to the establishment of a government.The American people's promotion of the federal government with sensitive reactions and the spirit of idealism and reformism are the characteristics of the so -called progress of progress. A generation from about 1900 to progress believes that government intervention is necessary to realize justice in industrial society.In addition, it is also looking for experts at all stages of industry and government to create that fair society.President Roosevelt is the epitome of national progressism.A federal investigation unit consisting of a well -trained expert aims to combat corruption and crimes in line with the Roseford's progress plan.The chief prosecutor Po Na -shared the concept of his president.However, the Ministry of Justice under the leadership of Ponba did not have their own investigators except some agents who specialized in performing specific tasks.The chief prosecutor and reviewer of the federal court's financial transactions (trained by accountants).Since its establishment in 1870, the Ministry of Justice used funding to investigate federal crimes, first hired private detectives, and later hired other investigators federal agencies (federal crimes were considered to be inter -government crimes or crimes that happened in the federal government reserve).In 1907, the Ministry of Justice more frequently convened special agents to investigate.These people are trained, dedicated, and expensive.Moreover, they did not report to the Minister of Justice, but reported to the Director of the Agents.This situation made Bonaba frustrated, and he hoped to completely control the investigation within his jurisdiction.Congress provided Ponba with the motivation to gain its own strength.On May 27, 1908, he promulgated a law to prohibit the Ministry of Justice from hiring agents.In the next month, the chief prosecutor Bonaba appointed an agent for the Ministry of Justice.As a result, ten former special service bureau employees and several judicial investigators from Peonage (compulsory labor) became agents of the Ministry of Justice.judicial.On July 26, 1908, Bonba ordered them to report to the chief examiner Stanley Vinci.This action is considered to marked the beginning of the Federal Investigation Bureau.President Bonaba, the chief prosecutor of Bo Naipa and the President of the Edor Roosevelt, who expired in March 1909, suggested that the power of 34 agents on March 16. On March 16, the successor and judicial minister of Bonaba George Vikham appointed the Ministry of JusticeThe permanent department of the Ministry of Justice appointed the investigation bureau as the investigation team. At that time, the title of the chief examiner was changed to the director of the Investigation Bureau.In the early days of the bureau, there were very few federal crimes.The Investigation Bureau mainly investigated illegal acts involving national banks, bankruptcy, citizenship, anti -Torais, labor and land fraud.Because the early office did not provide regular training, the previous law enforcement experience or legal background was considered desirable.The first major expansion of the office's jurisdiction occurred in June 1910. At that time, the Mann (Bai Nu) bill was passed to transport women in a non -moral way to cross the state.

130The Federal Investigation Bureau provides a tool that the federal government can investigate the law of the law who evades state law but does not have other federal illegal acts.Vinci became a specialist of white slavery in 1912. Former special reviewer A. Bruce Bielaski became the investigation bureau of the new person in charge.In the next few years, the number of agents increased to more than 300, and these people also supplemented with other 300 supporters.The on -site office existed since the establishment of the Investigation Bureau.Each on -site operation is controlled by a agent responsible for Washington.Most foreign offices are located in major cities.However, there are several near the Mexican border, where they focus on smuggling, violating neutrality and intelligence collection, and usually related to Mexico.In April 1917, the United States joined the First World War during the Woodrow Wilson government, and the work of the bureau increased again.Due to the war, the bureau assumed the responsibility of spy, compulsory military service and destruction, and assisted the Ministry of Labor to investigate enemy aliens.Over the years, agents with general investigation experience and certain language facilities have expanded the office.Former Special Service Director William J. Flynn became the director of the Investigation Bureau in July 1919, the first to use the name.In October 1919, the National Motor Vehicle theft Law provided another tool for the Investigation Bureau to sue the criminals who had previously evaded the law by crossing the state in the state.With the country's 1921, under the leadership of President Warren G. Harding, the Investigation Bureau restored the role of a few federal crimes before the war.In the era of heaven, from 1921 to 1933, it was sometimes known as the age of heaven. Because of the dissatisfaction of the gangster activities and the public's ban on the ban, sales or imported intoxicated beverages became illegal behavior.The ban has created a new federal crackdown criminal means, but the Ministry of Finance, rather than the Ministry of Justice, has jurisdiction over these illegal acts.Federal strike crimes are within the scope, but creative solutions need to be needed within the jurisdiction.The Investigation Bureau used its narrow jurisdiction to investigate some criminals in the gang era, and the success was limited.For example, it surveyed Al Capone as federal witnesses who were escaping.Federal survey of revival white supplements also requires creativity.The three -K party (KKK), which has been in a dormant state since the late 1800s, has been revived, partly because it offsets the economic benefits obtained by African Americans during the First World War.Through these investigations and more traditional neutral investigations violating and violating anti -Torais, the investigation bureau obtained prestige.Although the Harbin government suffers from unqualified and sometimes corrupt officials, the agent continues the tradition of reform in the era of progress.Special reports from the Professional Ministry of Justice.In the investigation of the new director, William J. Bernus, who had previously operated his own detective agency, appointed 26 -year -old J. Edgar Hoover as the assistant director.Hoover graduated from the Law School of George Washington University. He has been working in the Ministry of Justice since 1917. He led alien enemies during the First World War and assisted the General Administration of Intelligence led by the Minister of Justice A. Mitchell Palmer for investigation.Anarchist and communist.After Harbin died in 1923, his successor Karvin Ke Lizhi appointed the successor of Harbin Conscanium in the cabinet.On May 10, 1924, Harlan Fiske Stone, the new judicial minister, appointed by Kedezhi.Hoover's tendency and training reflect the tradition of progress.His appointment ensures that the investigation bureau will maintain this tradition.When Hoover took over, there were about 650 employees of the Investigation Bureau, including 441 agents, and they worked in foreign offices in nine cities.By the end of this century, there were about 30 foreign offices, and the branch headquarters was headquartered in New York, Baltimore, Atlanta, Cindinnati, Chicago, Kansas City, San Antonio, San Francisco and Portland.He immediately fired the agent he thought he thought it was unqualified and set out to make the organization professional.For example, Hoover abolished the rules of advanced promotion and introduced uniform performance evaluation.At the beginning of ten years, the Investigation Bureau set up a foreign offices in nine cities.He is also 117

131The Federal Investigation Bureau arranges regular inspections of all foreign offices.Then, in January 1928, Hoover set up a formal training course for the new agent, including requiring that the new agent must be within the scope of the application.He also resumed different preferences from agents with legal or accounting experience before.The new director is also very clear that without public support, the Investigation Bureau will not be able to fight crimes.In a speech prepared for the Minister of Justice in 1925, he wrote that the impressive fact of the investigation bureau was that the real problem of the police was trying to obtain public cooperation and sympathy, and they could not wait.To get this cooperation until they are worth public respect.Also in 1925, Edwin C. Shanahan was killed by the car robber and became the first agent to die due to public.In the early days of Hoover's leadership, a long -term goal of the US police was achieved: establishing a identification to track criminals through identity records was considered an important law enforcement tool since the 19th century, and comparison fingerprints were considered the most accurate way.By 1922, many big cities began to collect their fingerprints.In the era of providing assistance to the Federal Federation, the Ministry of Justice established the Criminal Appraisal Office in 1905 to provide centralized reference collection of fingerprint cards.In 1907, in order to save money, the collection was transferred to the Levin Walgs Federal Prison, which was equipped with criminals.The doubts about this are understandable.Therefore, the police department established its own central identification office and was maintained by the International Police Director Association.It refuses to share its data with the Criminal Investigation Bureau.In 1924, Congress was persuaded to merge two sets of Washington Special Economic Zone, which was affiliated to the investigation and management office.As a result, the national law enforcement agencies began to provide fingerprint cards to the Investigation Bureau before the end of the decade. Special offers of agents were institutionalized. The field office inspection system was firmly in place. The State identification and information departments were collecting and compiled unified criminal statistics of the United States.In addition, the ongoing research will lead to the creation of a technical laboratory and a unified crime report. The office is equipped with the years that endlessly end.In 1929, the stock market collapse and the Great Depression brought a difficult period to the United States.Conversely, they created more criminals and also allowed Americans to escape their problems and movies through newspapers and broadcasts.In order to combat the wave of crimes, President Franklin D. Roosevelt influenced Congress's expansion of jurisdiction in his first government.Homer Cummings, the federal government and his judicial minister, made a unremitting blow to rampant crimes.Oklahoma Oussech Indian tribal members were scammed and murdered to compete for their oil fields.Note that the media had extensive interest in this war against crimes, and Hoover conveyed the work information of the Federal Investigation Agency to the American people; for example, the part of the first FBI law enforcement bulletin in 1932 has been released.Want by the police.Hoover became as proficient as he managed when he promoted his work.Prior to 1933, agents of the Federal Investigation Bureau developed a team spirit, but the public believed that they could be with other federal investigators.Three years later, just the recognition with the FBI became the source of its special pride, and immediately received the public recognition and respect.By the end of this decade, the bureau had foreign offices in 42 cities and hired 654 special personnel agents.And 1,141 supporters.In the early 1930s and middle and middle period, several key decisions consolidated the status of the bureau as a major national law enforcement agency.In response to the abduction of Lindberg, Congress passed a federal abduction law in 1932.Then, in May and June 1934, as gangsters such as John Dillinger like John Dillinger escaped through the state of the state, it passed a series of federal crime lawsright.After the Kansas City Holocaust, Congress also gave the bureau's legal power to carry weapons on July 1, 118, and the Investigation Bureau was renamed the US Investigation Agency.

132The Federal Investigation Bureau then, starting on July 1, 1933, the Ministry of Justice conducted a test of nearly two years of the investigation department, including the Bartebility Bureau.The public confusion between the agent between the Investigation Bureau and the agent of the Bartebility Bureau caused permanently to be permanent. In 1935, the institution composed of investigators of the Ministry of Justice was renamed: the Federal Investigation Bureau was born.In order to give full play to its professional knowledge, the bureau has established a technical laboratory. Reporter Rex Collier calls it a new research laboratory. Government criminal scholars will fight with the underworld's cunning and wisdom here.EssenceInitially, this small laboratory was strictly operated as a research institution.However, it benefited from the expanded federal funding, and eventually accommodated specialized microscope and a large number of weapon reference materials, watermarks, fonts and car tire design.In 1935, the establishment of the FBI National College was to train police officers to master modern investigation methods, because only a few states and places at the time provided formal training for their peace officials.The National Academy investigated the technology with the national law enforcement officials and professors, and began in the 1940s. In all parts of the world, Congress gave the FBI legal tools and the FBI to improve its professional level and law enforcement level.The communism of Aduh Hitler's fascism, Benito Mussolini, Italy and the Soviet Joseph Stalin threatened the principles of democracy in the United States.As the war approaches, the FBI faces a series of new challenges.During World War II, Germany, Italy, and Japan began a series of unprecedented invasion in the late 1930s.Hitler and Mussolini supported the Spanish Guns against the loyal Spanish government () in their successful civil war.Although many Europeans and North Americans regard the Spanish civil war as an opportunity to maintain neutrality in the United States, Britain and France; only Russia supports loyalists.What shocked Russia's active opposition to fascism was that Stalin and Hitler signed a treaty of mutual non -invasion in August the following month, and Germany and Soviet Russia occupied Poland.Soon after that, Russia invaded the Baltic countries.While Finland's independence, it lost Sikaaja to Russia.Britain and France declared war in Germany, Germany and Japan and Italy formed axis, and World War II started.However, the United States continues to abide by the neutral bill passed in the mid -1930s.As these incidents started in Europe, the Great Depression continued.The Great Depression provides a fertile environment for American radicals because it is indeed in Europe.European fascists have the German -American Union, plateau shirts and similar groups in the United States.At the same time, labor riots, racial riots, and sympathy for Spanish loyalists provided an unparalleled opportunity to win followers for the Communist Party of the United States.The Federal Investigation Agency is alert to the threat of these fascism and communist groups to the security of the United States.The power to investigate these organizations was obtained in 1936 by President Roosevelt President Roosevelt's authorization of State Corderher.A 1939 Presidential instructions further strengthened the power of the Federal Investigation Agency to investigate subversive members in the United States. In 1940, Congress passed the Smith Act to prohibit the advocacy of violence to overthrow the government.With the actual outbreak of the 1939 war, the duties of the Federal Investigation Bureau increased. Subverting, destruction and espionage activities became the main concerns.Except for agents who have been trained in general intelligence work, 42 FBI S2 foreign offices have at least settled in a trained defense plant protector at least.The FBI also developed an information source network that usually uses members of the Brotherhood or Veterans.The clues developed with these intelligence networks and through their own work, agents investigated potential threats to national security.After France fell into the Germans in the World War, Britain almost fought against the II victory of the axis country alone.The axis of Europe and Asia will threaten democracy in North America.Due to the Nazi Soviet treaty, the Communist Party of China and its sympathy pose a double -edged threat to the interests of the United States.Under the leadership of Russia, the Communist Party of China vigorously defended democracy.The United States continues to be neutral.In 1940 and 1941, the United States was getting farther and farther from neutral, actively helping 119

133Allied Federal Investigation Bureau.At the end of 1940, Congress resumed the draft.The Federal Investigation Bureau is responsible for positioning the draft of the evasion and the rebels.On June 22, the Germans attacked Russia without warning. Since then, the Federal Investigation Bureau focuses on its internal security work on potential danger to Germany, Italian and Japanese citizens, as well as their faith and activities to help the axis heartAboriginal people in the country.The Federal Investigation Bureau also participated in intelligence collection.The technical laboratory played a pioneer here.Its high -skills and creative staff cooperate with engineers. Code scholars from scientists and other institutions allow the United States to penetrate and sometimes control the information flow from the western hemisphere.Destruction of the investigation is another responsibility of the FBI.In June 1942, a major but unsuccessful attempt was performed on the US territory. Two German submarines let four destroyers pass the Amakiste in Long Island (New York) and Pomodwra in Florida.The New York party wearing a German clothing met a coast guard sentry patrol on the beach, and he eventually allowed them to pass.However, due to the fear of being arrested, the destroyer George Daoshi surrendered and helped the Federal Investigation Agency to find and arrest other players.The capture of these Nazi destruction can help reduce the fear of the subversion of the axis country, and they have strengthened the Americans' confidence in the Federal Investigation Agency.In addition, before the United States participated in the war, the FBI discovered another major spy organization.This organization, Frederic Ducken Spy Organization, is the biggest spy member discovered so far.time.The Federal Investigation Agency was assisted by a loyal American, and his German relatives acted as dual spies.In the past two years, the Federal Investigation Agency has opened a radio station for him to learn about the information of German dispatching spies in the United States.The survey caused 33 spies to be arrested and convicted.The US war began on December 7, 1941, when the Japanese Air Force attacked ships and facilities in the Hawaiian Pearl Harbor.The United States immediately declared war on Japan. The next day, Germany and Italy declared war on the United States.At 9:30 pm on December 7th in the Eastern Standard time, the FBI entered the war mode.The FBI headquarters and 54 office were arranged for 24 hours on duty.On December 7th and 8th, the FBI arrested aliens who threatened national security that had been checked before and handed them to the military or immigration authorities.At this time, the FBI increased the aggressive strength of the graduates of the National Academy, and who participated in a short training course.As a result, the total number of FBI employees increased from 7,400 to more than 13,000, including about 4,000 agents. Traditional war -related investigations did not occupy FBI all the time.For example, the bureau continues to conduct civil rights investigations.Race isolation was legal at the time, but it was rules in the army and almost the entire industry.Defense in the 1940s.Under the pressure of African Americans, the President appointed the Fair Employment Practice Committee (FEPC).FEPC has no law enforcement; however, FBI can arrest people who prevent war from working hard.When the Philadelphia Transportation Workers' Union strike against the FEPC abolition of the racial isolation order, the bureau assisted FEPC.Strikes ended when the Federal Investigation Bureau seemed to be arrested by his leaders.During the Second World War, it was serious that they decided to evacuate from Japanese citizens and Japanese citizens from the West Coast and sent them to the detention camp.Because the Federal Investigation Bureau arrested their people to consider the security threat, the position of the Federal Investigation Bureau Hoover did not need to limit others.However, the president and the Minister of Justice choose to support the military's evaluation, that is, evacuation and detention are imperative.In the end, the Federal Investigation Bureau assumed the responsibility of detention and evacuation of violations.Although most FBI personnel are unique in dealing with war -related cases or criminal cases related to war during the war.These agents are separated from the FBI register. With the help of the FBI's legal attack, they formed the Special Intelligence Agency (SIS) in Latin America.Established in 1940 by President Roosevelt, SIS aims to provide information about the information about the axis country in South America and destroy their intelligence network.And propaganda.Hundreds of thousands of Germans or German descendants and many Japanese live in South America.They provide pro--axis pressure and 120

134The Federal Investigation Bureau provides a cover for the axis of the axis country.However, in all South American countries, SIS played an important role in such a situation. In this case, by 1944, the continued support for the Nazis became intolerable or almost unrealistic.Non -war behavior is not restricted by civil rights cases.In 1940, when the FBI identity identification department was required to identify some bureau employees on the crashed aircraft crashed near Locvitzville, Virginia, the FBI disaster team was established.In April 1945, President Roosevelt died, and Vice President Harry Truman became president. Before the end of the month, Hitler committed suicide, and the German commander in Italy was killed and surrendered.Although the surrender of Germany in May 1945 ended the European war, the Pacific War continued until August 14. The FBI faced by the world faced in September 1945 and the world at the beginning of the 1939 war was completely different from the actual practice of the United States.It has ended, and the United States has become the most powerful country in the world.In China, organized workers have stood firmly; African Americans and women have tasted equal taste during the shortage of war labor force, and they have the desire and means of realizing the goals that these groups lack before the war.The Communist Party of the United States has unparalleled confidence, and abroad, the Soviet Union has strengthened its country to understand its countries that have been seized in Germany, and the plan to expand the influence of communism has not weakened.Finally, the world of atomic weapons is shrouded in the world of peace again and peacefully.After the war in February 1946, Stalin publicly delivered a speech that the war in the future was inevitable, until communism replaced capitalism around the world.In Europe and North America, Congress believes Stalin is achieving their goals.Russia's veto has prevented the United Nations from preventing the Soviet Union from expanding under its aid.Americans worry that the expansion of communism is not limited to Europe.By 1947, there was sufficient evidence that the pro -Soviets had penetrated into the US government.In June 1945, the Federal Investigation Bureau raided the office of the magazine Amerasia related to the Far East and discovered a large number of confidential documents of the State Council.A few months later, Canadians arrested 22 people who tried to steal atomic secrets.In the past, Americans were safe behind the monopoly of the atomic bomb.The fear of the Russian bomb is now leading the idea of Americans.The Soviets detonated their bombs to fight the threat of communism, and they became the main concerns of governments at all levels and private sector.Although the focus of US foreign policy is to defeat the expansion of communism abroad, many American citizens seeks to defeat the threat of communism in China. The Communist Party of the United States organizes work or influences other Americans (Passenger) who agrees with the current propaganda.Since 1917, the Federal Investigation Bureau and its predecessor have investigated the behavior of suspected spies and destruction activities.In 1939 and 1943, the presidential instruction authorized the FBI to investigate national security threats.President Truman and President Dwatt D. Eisenhower have made it clear and expanded this duty.Any public or private institutions or individuals to master the information about subversive activities, please report to the FBI.The effect was distributed to the police department across the country.At the same time, it warned Americans to avoid reporting malicious gossip or nonsense.The power of the FBI's background investigation of the current and future government employees has also expanded sharply in the post -war period.The Energy Act of 1946 gave the Federal Investigation Agency to determine the responsibility of personal loyalty ... can access limited atomic energy data.Later, the administrative order of President Truman and President Eisenhower gave the federal investigation bureau to investigate the responsibility of federal employees' unfaithful charges.In these cases, the institution that requires the investigation to make the final decision is required; the Federal Investigation Bureau only conducts investigations and reports the results.Many suspected and convicted spies, such as Julieus and Etertrosonberg, were federal employees.Therefore, background surveys are considered as important major spy cases as cracking.Although the United States is facing the threat of subversion and espionage, the FBI has expanded its jurisdiction and the background investigation is consuming, the number of the bureau does not exceed 121

135Agent agent in the Federal Investigation Bureau continued to the Korean War in the early 1950s during World War II or their annual war budget.After the end of the Korean War, the number of agents stabilized at about 6,200, and the budget began to rise steadily because of a variety of factors that were intertwined in the 1950s to destroy domestic communism in the 1950s.In 1956, the Soviet Union defeated the Hungarian rebellion and so on led many members to leave the Communist Party of the United States.However, the Federal Investigation Agency has also played a role in weakening the influence of the party.The bureau is responsible for investigating and arresting people who suspected spies and violated the Smith Act, and most of them were convicted.Through Hoover's speech, articles, testimony, and books such as "Master Fraud", the Federal Investigation Bureau helps to remind the public to pay attention to the threat of communism.The Federal Investigation Agency's role in cracking down on crimes also expanded the scope through assistance to the implementation of state and local laws and the strengthening of judicial accountability systems during the war.On March 14, 1950, the Federal Investigation Bureau began its list of wanted criminals to improve the ability of law enforcement agencies to capture dangerous fugitives.The development of science and technology enables the Federal Investigation Agency to use a large part of its resources to assist states and local law enforcement agencies.A dramatic example that provided a assistance to the country took place after an aircraft exploded over the air over the air over Colorado.In the Laboratory of the Federal Investigation Bureau, he checked hundreds of aircraft parts, goods and passengers' personal items.He collected evidence of the bomb explosion from the passenger's luggage, and carefully inspected the funds of 44 victims.In the end, the agents identified the perpetrators and received his confession; then, they transferred the case to the Colorado authorities, and the latter successfully prosecuted in the state court.At the same time, Congress awarded new federal laws to the FBI to combat civil rights, success and gambling behaviors.These new laws include the 1960 Civil Rights Act and 1964; the aircraft law of the aircraft in 1961, the expanded federal fugitive law, and the latest sports bribery law.Crime, no matter how staped, is eligible to investigate the summer of 1964, Michael Schwerner, voter registration staff near Philadelphia, Mississippi.(James Chaney) was murdered, and the turning point of federal civil rights operations was from this.At the requirements of the Ministry of Justice, the Federal Investigation Bureau conducted investigations like racial events that were not very disclosed before.It takes a few years for the criminal case to pass the court trial.Only after 1966, the Supreme Court clearly stated that seven men could be sued by federal law to sue citizen's rights.In the late 1960s, the Federal Investigation Bureau's clear federal power and the support of local prosecutions on civil rights enabled the Federal Investigation Agency to play an important role in allowing African Americans to vote and serve as jurors peacefully.· Luther Kim was assassinated, James El Thunder was arrested, Mississippi National Colorful Person Association Secretary Meijie Evers was murdered, Byron Drabacks was arrested, and the latterIn the two absolute, the Federal Investigation Bureau, which was eventually convicted, was involved in organized criminal investigations. It was also blocked by the crime that lacked potential federal law covering criminals.After the prohibition, many mobs were carried out locally, or in other ways to constitute serious illegal acts within the jurisdiction of the bureau. In 1957, the Chinese New York Police Department of the New York Police Department found that many of the most infamous gangsters in the United States gathered in New York.State promotes federal legislation.The meeting confirmed the existence of organizing criminal networks across the country.However, it was not until the Federal Investigation Bureau agent persuaded the gangster lineman Joseph Varachi to testify that the public learned that the first -hand information of the American Black Party La Cosa Nostra.With the exposure of the Wallach incident, Congress passed two new laws to strengthen the federal extortion and gambling regulations passed in the 1950s and early 1960s to help the mobs in the bureau.The comprehensive crime and criminal control law in 1968 stipulated that the use of electronic surveillance to investigate the use of electronic surveillance on certain specific illegal acts.The regulations for extortion of corruption (RICO) allow organizational groups to be prosecuted for various criminal activities, and criminal behavior has nothing to do with criminals or all conspiracy.As more and more agents use agents to undercover work in the late 1970s, 122

136These regulations of the Federal Investigation Bureau helped the Federal Investigation Bureau to carry out cases, and in the 1980s, almost all the major traditional criminal leaders were put into prison.By the end of the 1960s, the bureau hired 6,703 agents and 9,320 supporters at 58 foreign offices and 12 offices to attack law firms.A national tragedy led to the expansion of the jurisdiction of the FBI.When President Kennedy was assassinated, crime was a local murder; no federal law involved the assassination of the president.However, President Linden Johnson accused the bureau for investigation.Congress subsequently adopted a new law to ensure that any future behavior was federal crime.President Kennedy was assassinated in the Vietnam War and introduced violence in the late 20th century.The characteristics of this period are idealism, but there are also rising urban crimes and some groups to resort to violent challenges.Most Americans oppose the United States' intervention in Vietnam or other policies to write a peace symbol to Congress or in organized rally.However, in 1970 alone, it is estimated that there were 3,000 explosions in the United States attack and a 50,000 bomb threat.Oppose the Vietnamese war to gather many anti -building groups and give them a common goal.The gathering of crimes, violence, civil rights, and potential national security issues ensure that the Federal Investigation Bureau played an important role during this turbulent period.President Johnson and President Nixon and President Hoover shared some people who opposed Vietnamese policies on the country's potential danger.As Hoover observed in the 1966 PTA magazine's article, the United States faces a new style of conspiracy. This conspiracy is extremely delicate and cunning, so it is difficult to understand ... A conspiracy reflects suspicious emotions andAttitude, unrestricted individualism, unsatisfactory clothes and words, or even obscene language, not formal member qualifications in specific organizations.The new relationship between the left wing and violence involves four young people living in Madison, Wisconsin.The anti -war emotions were raging at the University of Wisconsin (UW), two of which were students of the school.In the early morning of August 24, 1970, the four bombed the Sterling Hall of Wisconsin University with a powerful homemade bomb.A graduate student was killed and the other three were injured.The crime happened a few months after the National Guard soldiers killed four students in a anti -war demonstration in Kent State University and injured several other people.The Federal Investigation Bureau investigated these two incidents.In addition to a few new left hardcore revolutionaries, these incidents jointly helped to end the love of violence.For many anti -war sympathy for damage and property loss, death can tolerate death; but death is not.In 1971, in addition to a few exceptions, the more extreme members in the anti -war movement concentrated on a more peaceful but still radical strategy, such as the release of the Pentagon Document.However, until the 1980s, violent meteors and successor groups continued to challenge the Federal Investigation Bureau.The government or Congress did not formulate specific guidelines for the FBI agent to cover the national security survey; in fact, these guidelines were until the FBI solved the new left, just like the Communists in the 1950s and KKK in the 1960s.He used traditional investigation technology and anti -intelligence programs to combat domestic terrorism and investigated individuals and organizations that threaten terrorist violence.Hoover did not encourage telephone scheduling and other invasive technologies in the mid -1960s, and was eventually banned, unless they met the comprehensive criminal control law.Hoover officially terminated all CointelPro operations on April 28. The Federal Investigation Bureau Director J. Edgar Hoover died on May 2, 1972 and served as the Federal Investigation Bureau director for only 48 years.He is 77 years old.The next day, his body was placed in the circular hall of the Capitol, and only 21 Americans won this honor.Hoover's successor will have to deal with the complex turbulence of that turbulent period.Different in 1972 and 1924, the Minister of Justice Harlan Fiske chose Hoover, and the president appointed the Director of the Federal Investigation Bureau and was confirmed by the Senate.President Nixon appointed L. Patrick Gray as the acting director the next day after Hoover's death.After retiring from an outstanding naval career, Gray continued to act as the public service of the Ministry of Justice 123

137General Prosecutor of the Department of Civil Affairs of the Federal Investigation Bureau.As the director of the agent, Gray appointed the first female agent since the 1920s.Soon after Gray became the director of the agent, the five men were arrested in the Washington Special Administrative Region's theft in Washington, Democratic headquarters at the Democratic headquarters of the Democratic Party in the Watergate Office Building, and was authorized by Republican officials. After a few hours, the White House began to cover up.The director of the bureau was seduced by it, and the Agent of the Federal Investigation Bureau conducted a thorough investigation of the robbery and related incidents.However, when Gray's suspicious personal character was revealed, he withdrew from the list of directors of the Senate.After a few hours of resignation on April 27, 1973, William Ruker Shakos was replaced by former Congress and the first head of the Environmental Protection Bureau.Before he was appointed as the director, Kelly was the director of the Kansas City Police when he was appointed. From 1940, he was a agent of the Federal Investigation Bureau.Resign from charges that hinder judicial justice.Vice President Spiro T. Agnew resigned in October after being accused of tax evasion.Then, after playing the impeachment hearing to the US public television in 1974, President Nixon resigned on August 9th, and Vice President Jerald R. Ford swore to serve as president on the same day.A month later, he unconditionally pardoned the former President Nixon and vowed to heal the country.Director Kelly also tried to restore the public's confidence in the Federal Investigation Bureau and the Law.He has made many modifications on the policy, solving the priority of the training and selection of FBI and law enforcement leaders, investigating intelligence collection procedures, and criminal plans.All of these are completed while continuing to conduct public investigations.Patty is a case of such a case, Herst, a case.In 1974, Kelly established the Occupational Examination Committee and projects to identify and train potential managers.For senior managers in the entire law enforcement community, the FBI cooperates with the International Police Association and the Supreme Administrative Chief Executive of the International Police. He started the National Academy of Administration, providing senior administrative training and promoting future business cooperation.Kelly also responded to Congress and the media on the review of the Federal Investigation Agency to collect intelligence in national security and anti -intelligence surveys.The Federal Investigation Bureau traditionally uses its own intelligence collection standards, based on the general power granted by administrative orders and chief prosecutors.After the Congress hearing, the chief prosecutor Edward Levy formulated very detailed guidelines for the first time.The FBI foreign anti -intelligence survey guidelines took effect on March 10, and the national security survey on April 5, 1976 (the latter was replaced on March 21, 1983).However, Kelly's most important management innovation is the concept of quality survey.He instructed each foreign officer to establish the type of case based on priority and concentrated resources on these priority issues based on the type of case on the site.To strengthen the concept of quality-quantity, the Federal Investigation Bureau has identified three countries as a whole: foreign anti-spy, organized crimes and white-collar crimes.To deal with the last priority, the bureau has strengthened the recruitment of accountants and increased the secret operation of major cases.While Kelly was the director, the FBI vigorously developed a special team consisting of more women. This team can better reflect the ethnic composition of the FBI.U.S.By the late 1970s, nearly 8,000 agents and 11,000 supporters worked in 59 foreign offices and 13 law firms.In the rise of international crimes in 1978, Director Kelly resigned and was the former federal judge William H. Webster.When he was appointed, Webster served as judge of the Eighth Court of Appeals in the United States.He had previously served as Judge Missouri, the Eastern District Court of the Eastern District of the United States.It was also in 1978 that the Federal Investigation Bureau began using laser technology to detect potential criminal fingerprints in the identity recognition department.In 1982, after the outbreak of the global terrorist incident, Weber turned to counter -terrorism 124 124

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138The fourth national priority of the Federal Investigation Bureau.It also expanded the FBI's efforts in the other three aspects: foreign anti -spy, organized crimes and white -collar crimes.Part of this expansion is the establishment of a national violent crime analysis center.In the mid -1980s, the FBI resolved so many spy cases, so that the media called 1985 as the spy years.The worst spy destruction discovered by the FBI was committed by the spyman John Walker and former security institution employee William Pelton.Throughout the 1980s, illegal drug transactions seriously challenged US law enforcement resources.In order to alleviate this challenge, the Chief Prosecutor was awarded the common jurisdiction of the Federal Investigation Agency and the Drug Control Bureau to the United States in the United States in 1982.The Ministry of Justice has expanded the attention of drug crimes, which led to the confiscation of millions of dollars of controlling substances, arrested top drug characters, and destroyed the main drug groups.One of the most well -known and most famous pizza connection cases involved the trade in the United States and Italy.It caused 18 people to be convicted, including a former Sicilian black hand leader.On the other hand, Weibest strengthened the federal investigation bureau's response to the crime of white -collar workers.Public corruption is hit nationwide.The convictions caused by the Federal Investigation Bureau include parliamentary members (ABSCAM), judicial institutions (Graylord), and state legislature in California and South Carolina.A major survey in 1988 found corruption in defense procurement.Because the United States faced the financial crisis of the Savings and Loan Association in the 1980s, the Federal Investigation Agency (FBI) discovered fraud cases.This is the reason behind many failures.This may be the biggest survey of the FBI so far: Since the investigation of 10 banks in 1981, 282 banks have closed down in February to investigate fraud in the crisis of frugality and lounge.EssenceInstitutional reform, recovery and improvement bill.In 1984, the Federal Investigation Agency served as the security leading agency of the Los Angeles Olympics.In the process of predicting and preparing for their efforts to combat terrorism and street crimes, an important interaction and cooperation bridge has been established with local, state and other federal institutions and other countries.It also showed the FBI hostage rescue group as a domestic hostage incident that can cope with complex situations, as it happened tragic at the Munich Olympics in 1972.Perhaps because the bureau emphasized hybrid terrorism, such behaviors in the United States declined sharply in the 1980s.In 1986, Congress expanded the jurisdiction of the Federal Investigation Agency in order to cover the Federal Department of the Federal Investigation Bureau arrested terrorists, drug dealers, and other fugitives abroad without the consent of their lives.Expansion of resources is not limited to the established crimes, such as terrorism and violent crimes.In 1984, the Federal Investigation Agency established a computer analysis and reaction team (Cart) to restore evidence from the computer.On May 26, 1987, Judge Weibelster left the Federal Investigation Agency and became the head of the group Central Intelligence Agency. DepuTy Executive Director John E. OTTO BeCame Agent Director and Served On That Postd Unition Unod Til November 2, during his term of officeThe acting director Orto specifies the drug investigation as the fifth country priority of the Federal Investigation Bureau.On November 2, 1987, the former Federal Judge William Stur Senus vowed to be the director of the Federal Investigation Bureau.After being appointed as the Director of the Federal Investigation Agency, Sesses served as chief judge of the Western District Court of Western District, Texas.He has previously served as a regional judge and US prosecutor in the region. According to the director's meeting, since Director Kelly's term, the work of preventing crimes has expanded to plans including reducing drug demand.The FBI offices across the country began to work closely with local schools and civilian groups to educate young people to understand the dangerous drugs of drugs.Subsequently, the national community under the plan tried to develop and expand through AdoPT-A-SCHOOL/Junior G-Man program.The planned expansion requires the greatest labor force. In 1988, FBI hired 9,663 agents and 13,651 supporters in 58 foreign offices and 15 Legalattaché office.The end of the Cold War, the demolition of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 shocked the world and caused a sensation 125

139The iron curtain of the last scene of the Cold War of the Federal Investigation Bureau: The Soviet Union officially disintegrated on December 25. Leaders of countries around the world were eager to redefine their foreign policies and redefine security parameters nationwide.300 agents re -distributed a survey of violent crimes nationwide from their foreign intelligence agencies.This is an unprecedented opportunity. It can strengthen the efforts to strengthen domestic crime issues while reinterpreting and reorganizing the FBI in anti -intelligence and counter -terrorism.In order to cope with the increase in violent crimes in the past 10 years, the director's meeting designated a survey of violent crimes as the FBI's sixth national priority project in November 1991, and the FBI created a "safe street action" in Washington Special Economic Zone.The concept of fugitive and gangs' federal, state, and local police teams.Therefore, he is now ready to expand this action to police from all over the country.At the same time, the FBI laboratory helped change the appearance identification of violent criminals.His innovative use of DNA technology enables the genetic evidence of criminal scenes to actively identify or eliminate suspects by matching their specific DNA models.This unique identifier enables a national DNA index similar to a fingerprint index. The FBI has also been implemented and has strengthened its response to white crimes.These non -violent crimes are popular with suite crimes. As the industry's automation and relaxation control have created a new fraud environment, these non -violent crimes have steadily increased.Therefore, resources are re -assigned to a new wave fraud and financial crimes that combat large domestic banks; solving criminal punishment in the new federal environmental legislation; and a long -term threat to investigate complex medical care fraud.At the same time, the Federal Investigation Bureau re -evaluated its strategy to defend national security, and now it is no longer defined as to curb communism and prevent nuclear war.In 1991, the national security approved by the Chief Prosecutor shifted its focus from defending hostile intelligence agencies to protecting American information and technology.Therefore, it is determined that all countries are not just hostile intelligence agencies that continue to continue and threatened serious intelligence in the United States.It also defines the threat of expansion, including the diffusion of chemistry, biological and nuclear weapons; losses of key technologies; and inappropriate collection of secrets.Protective information.Just as President Clinton in 1994, with the sharp expansion of the global economy, national security now means economic security.Two things occurred at the end of 1992 and early 1993, which had a significant impact on the actions of the policy and federal investigation bureau.In August 1992, the Federal Investigation Agency died in response to the shooting in response to the shooting case. William Degan, the US Deputy Marshal, was involved in monitoring the fugitive Ruby Ridge at Ruby Ridge in Ruby Ridge, Edward.(RANDALL WEAVER) was killed.During the confrontation, Waver's wife was accidentally shot by the Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI) sniper.Eight months later, at a remote hospital outside the outskirts of Wakoko, Texas, agents of the Federal Investigation Bureau tried to end a 51 -day confrontation with a fully armed religious sect member.Officials of the bureau.On the contrary, when officials looked at it in horror, the large courtyard was burned by the fire ignited by members of the sectarian.80 people, including children, were killed in the fire.These two incidents laid the foundation for the public and Congress to investigate the ability of the FBI to respond to the crisis.On July 19, 1993, after the accusing the meeting of the chairman violated moral norms, President Clinton removed him and appointed Deputy Director Freud Clark as the director of the Federal Investigation Bureau.The rise of the cable world: Louis J. FreeH sworn at the director of the Federal Investigation Agency on September 1st.York, judge of the South District District Court in 1991, served in the court in 1991. Until he was nominated for the FBI director in the summer of FreeH, his term of office had a clear agenda to deal with the deepening and continuous crime of crime at home and abroad.EssenceIn the summer of 1994, in order to establish an international police partnership, FreeH led a 126 -member delegation.

140Senior diplomats and federal law enforcement officials will meet with senior officials from 11 European countries on international criminal issues.Earlier, the US Ambassador to Germany, Richard Holbrook, claimed that this was the evolution of US foreign policy.In the world, law enforcement is at the forefront of our country's interests.On July 4, 1994, Fri officially announced that the former Russian Communist headquarters Moscow opened the Legal Commissioner's Office of the Federal Investigation Bureau.The office subsequently strengthened the joint efforts to combat organizational crimes, drug trafficking and terrorism, and expanded the standardized training of the international police in the investigation process, morality, leadership ability and professional spirit.The International Law Enforcement College (Ilea) in Budapest, Hungary.The office also expanded its international influence by opening 21 new legal commissioner offices abroad.The office also carried out positive plans in a specific crime.From 1993 to 1996, these efforts were returned in a variety of successful investigations such as the explosion of the World Trade Center in New York City (1993);Case (1995); UNABOMBER, Theodore KacZynSki (1996); Mexican drug dealer Huan Garcia-Abraig (1996) and Russian criminal Micheeslav Ivankovov(1995) Arrested.In response to the public's strong protests against Empti Royal Relly and Sexas Wako, the office established an emergency response team (CIRG) to deal with the crisis more effectively.As computers and Internet access became commonplace in American families, the FBI began to take measures to deal with cyber space crimes.It has created computer survey and infrastructure threat evaluation centers (CITAC) to deal with physical and network attacks against US infrastructure.The Federal Investigation Bureau also played a vital role in investigating and preventing cyber crimes.In 1991, FBI's computer analysis and response team (CART) began to provide investigators with technical knowledge required to obtain evidence from the suspect's computers.In 1998, the FBI National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) was established to monitor the spread of computer viruses, worms and other malicious programs, and warned government and commercial computer users to pay attention to these dangers.In addition, from the FBI Balt Mo Division in 1995 and expanded to most FBI offices, the innocent image plan of the bureau has successfully identified and arrested a large number of female porn products that use the Internet to spread children's pornographic products and seduce children.In the case where they may be injured.From 1993 to 2001, the mission and resources of the FBI were expanded to solve the problem of increasingly international crimes in the United States.FBI's budget increased by more than 1.27 billion US dollars because the bureau hired 5,029 new agents and more than 4,000 new supporters.In order to allow the FBI to make a good preparations for the referendum at home and abroad in the 21st century, FreeH led the law enforcement department to ensure that it can conduct electronic monitoring of court recognition of major investigations affecting public security under telecommunications progress.The important legislation passed during this period includes the 1994 "Calea" (Calea), the "Health Insurance Circulation and Responsibility Law" and the Economic Spy Law in 1996.Friery resigned in June 2001 and went to the private sector to serve.Changes in the term of office: From September 4, 2001, 2001, the former US prosecutor Robert Muller III swore as the director of the Federal Investigation Bureau. The specific task was to upgrade the office's information technology infrastructure, solve record management issues, and improve federal investigationInning.Foreign anti -intelligence security and analysis after the convicted spy and former agent Robert Hansen.However, within a few days after service, the 9/11 terrorist attacks against New York and Washington occurred.Mueller led the Federal Investigation Bureau to cooperate with all US law enforcement agencies, federal governments and foreign allies to carry out large -scale investigations.On October 26, 2001, President George W. Bush signed the U.S. Patriot Act as a law. The bill provides new clauses to the threat of terrorism.Responsible for the future terrorist attack.On May 29, 2002, the Chief Prosecutor issued a revised investigation guide to assist the office's counter -terrorism work.In order to support the mission changes of the bureau and meet the strategic focus of the new formulation, Mueller has called for the redesign and operation of the FBI, so that the bureau is more focused on preventing 127

141Félixgallardo, a Félixgallardo of the Magger Angel, is offset foreign intelligence operation against the United States and resolves the attack in accordance with cyber crimes and other high -tech crimes.In addition, the office is still committed to protecting public rights, struggling with public corruption, and organizing crimes, organizational crimes, white -alliance crimes and violent crimes.The office has also strengthened the support of the Federal, county, municipal and international partners, and is committed to improving its technical infrastructure to successfully abide by each priority.At the beginning of the new millennium, the FBI is committed to its excellent boundaries and moral standards.The commitment to these values and standards to ensure that the Federal Investigation Agency can effectively implement its mission: protect and defend the United States' threat from terrorists and foreign infringement; defend and implement the criminal law of the United States;Institutions and investigations provide leaders and criminal judicial services.The San Diego Federation, July 9, 2000), 1989, due to kidnappers, torture and murder, Galado was imprisoned in Mexico in Mexico.The empire is allocated among his lieutenant.Ramon; Camarena, Enrique; Cartel de Tijuana.After three years of intense research, FIRST Street crew, the Drug Control Bureau and the local murderer of the Washington Special Administrative Region brought the most famous cocaine in the city of the leaders of the five cracks.After four months of testimony, the jury discovered the first four members of the first street occupant, including the head of Pandillas Antone White, and had accused the allegations of anesthesia and extortion.The murder in the region operated by the gang has been reduced from conviction, which marks evidence of successful investigation and trial.TOC.HTM. Five percentage was published at the public hearing in April. The New Jersey Investigation Commission heard a testimony of pretending to be pretended to be a five percentage in an electronic manner.testify.The late Malcocham X expected 13 times that of Clarenz (well -known black Muslims) in the Islamic State to adulte the belief in this movement.Black Muslims believe that blacks should respect themselves and their companions, and their humans and their humans and their humans and their humans and their humans and humans, and Clarence 13X (Clarent 13X) assume that blacks should be in society in societyOccupy the legal status, assuming that the black (not a woman) is God, the black man is the only creator and controller of the earth, and white is a demon.85 % of the world's population is black, like cows, and has been far away from real doctrine.Ten percent is a white devil and should not be trusted.5 % of the correct pure teachers or originals must take cattle back to the real way.Therefore, the group is called five percentage or gods.Some Spanish and Sicilians are allowed to use five percentage groups as units because they can be regarded as primitive mediums and tracked with their ancestors or black relationships.In the 1980s, five, five percentages from New York to New York to New Jersey and several other states.128128

142Flaming Eagles in Asbury Park, Long Branch, Red Bank, FreeHold Borough, Bradley Beach, Aberdeen, Lakewood, Matawan, Elizabeth, Linden, NEWARK, Jersey Cit, Jersey Cit Y, Camden, Atlantic City, Trenton, Paterson, PlainfieldActive, Mount Holly and PEMBERTON TOWNSHIP.They are currently concentrated in Monmouth and Ocean County, with about 14 branches. According to Detective Jordan, the total number of members in Montmomis County reached 300-400.In addition to developing cultural dogma, prejudice and degradation, Five Percentage has become a shelter for those who participate in criminal activities, mainly drug distribution.They have become a powerful organization for international drug dealers to depend on a large number of distribution.My experience since 1980, I know that two families have not been involved in any way, shape or fashion and negatives.However, the rest I found involved criminal activities ... Generally, the investigator Jordan said that this is usually a place where someone in the movement is set up. One of the key places for them to hold these assemblies is that they are about to hold these key places for the rally.New York City.We also followed them in a rally in Florida in the 1980s, in the Great Adventure [Amusement Park]] and several parks in New Jersey in Great Adventure in Jackson [New Jersey], such as the Shark River Park and Monmomis of the Neptune Star, Midelsex and several other parks in Ocean County.It is speculated that the purpose is to educate young men [and] young women to better understand their culture.We found that many of them participated in drug transactions ... that is, they are dating, not attending the meeting; for example, the bus will bring them from here to New York City;It is involved in a large amount of drugs and bring the drugs on the line.Some members will use rally for some things, such as establishing a connection for drugs, weapons or anything at that time.Five percent encountered some obstacles in the dissemination of their organization.When answering the question of members of the Committee, Kennis D. Merlin, the researcher Jordan testified that five percent of the first ... will enter and build their own existence in the place where they continue to deny it, just give them a leverage that they operate ...... He explained why they did not build well in some places, such as Newvac: [i] in Newvak, where Muslims belief, where it is very powerful, and in New York; theyWhat are condemning five percent of people also need to understand that it is a taboo in the Muslim belief, so these gentlemen here are called God, but the Muslim community does not want to hear this, so they condemn what they do.Researcher Jordan describes the role of women in the organization: women, in most cases, are basically assistants.In most cases, they are used for pregnancy, for children ... let the exercise continue.Playing the role ... [Come on] [Those who rely on welfare or state aid to transform it into] exercise.Some of them were given to them.Most of them have become drug transactions.Obviously, 5% of people have always responded to concentrated leadership.According to the researcher Jordan, the leaders in the movement may be known as the minister, Allah, father and teacher, and the father of Allah.[We look for the graffiti booths, folds around buildings, public places and telephones?We look for the negative attitude of members.At some point, they can easily identify.In the past, they often wore knitted skull hats and [Lens] without glasses ... Now we use half crescent and digital 7 stars. This is their symbol, representing 5 % of the country.Please refer to: Dunkirk Boys; E -Port Team; Tellaviv team; Water House Team.The New Jersey Investigation Committee, Robert Clark, Francis A Betzler, Bruce C. Best and Debra.a. Sowney.afro-Linear Organized Crime.november 29, Available Online.url: US/SCI/PDF /Afro.pdf.11Visit on the 24th, Flaming Eagles is one of the largest and most powerful Chinese gangs in the United States. This split group composed of 129 people

143Fong, Joe The Big Circle Gang is the infamous Johnny Kon.The burning eagle dominates the trade in the United States.Asians organized in Australia: discussion documents of the National Criminal Administration Joint Parliament Committee.Francisco was the leader of Joe Boys in the 1970s, the reason why he called this.Brother, Kit Fong, in Yao Lei, occupying Gary Pang, Bad Wayne Yee and others.Political activists require better living conditions for young people on Chinatown.Fong (Fong) participated in the shooting against competitors Wah DEFENSE and carried out several appeals ... He was sentenced to life because of a conspiracy criminal murder.His follower Joe Fong (Joe Fong's most violent and fearful street gang is the black country of P-Stone. The fortress has added more than 50 local street gang leaders in a organization.-Stone. The man controlled by the 21 committee, the well -known 21 major characters used the gang group as a social conscious self -service organization. In 1972, the castle was convicted to deceive the government $ 1.4 million. The fortress created a false organization.The organization designed a design plan. For children with unfavorable situations and former gang members. Subsequently, the organization received $ 1 million in funds from the Economic Opportunities Office. The fortress was sent to a prison but was sentenced to probation four years later.During his release, he moved to Milwaukee in Wisconsin, and after joining the Moore Temple in the United States, he was named after Prince Malik Prince Malik. In 1978, the fortress returned to Chicago and changed the name of his gang Rocks.Over the years, Rocks has been the main criminal group of the organization for many years. Chicago Black Community. This gang has become a huge force for drug smuggling on the south side of the city. In 1983, the fortress was convicted for sale cards and in TexasWhen the time in prison was reversed, he was tried due to the federal ransom position for the testimony of the former general of El Rukin, Trammel Davis, andThe horror behavior raises terrorist behaviors from the suspected of proposing horror with the Libyan government. Additional prison. Garyw.potter .unit # 9: There are organizational crimes in China, Africans-American OC, young gangs and motorcycles outside the law. They have organized criminal criminals. They are the second largest in Taiwan after Taiwan's largest gang Bamboo Alliance. Its members have more than 10,000 articles. The four sea areas are about 2,000 members and participated in the building.Under the guidance of gang, gang Yang Kuang-Nan, he was suspected of being shot and killed by Chen Yang, a former leader of the four marine gangs in 1997, searched by the Taiwan government because several crimes in Taiwan were suspected of committing murder to Taiwan. According to the crime in Taiwan. According to "The Taipei Times reported that Wu Ning fled to Macau. In 2001, Kong Nan was repatriated to Taiwan and was convicted for the laws of preventing crime on July 18.

14414K TRIADAS is Tsai Kuan Lun (center), a well -known leader of the four marine gangs, was arrested in 1996 as part of Taiwan's suppression of organizational crimes.(AP) For several months, this is an indulgent judgment.The court lists the time he lacks participation during the times.In mainland China.After the Second World War, nationalists fled the Communist Party of China.About 20,000 members, 14K originated from the struggle between the Guomintang struggle and communism.Chiangkai-Shek ordered that everyone established the alliance of the Trinity and was used to it.Use guerrillas to fight Communist forces.The more powerful three -in -laws internationally.

145Fraser, Frank fraud, computer equipment and vehicles theft, intellectual property and money laundering piracy.British piracy.Fraser participated in several parts of Charlie from Charlie from the end of 1930 to 1980. At that time, the children were still at school.According to MADFRANKIEFRASER.CO.UK, the executor and thief of the will are colleagues or mobile phones of the racecourse scammer, training thieves and shelves, firefighters and weird prisons, but first of all are difficult thieves.26 crimes.EssenceThe most prominent was that he joined the Richard gang and went to Cres.The illegal heroin laboratory was originally discovered near Marseille France. In these laboratories, they were managed by the legendary leader of Gang Gang Gang Gang Corso Paul Carbone.For many years, French triads have participated in illegal manufacturing and transportation abroad.U.S.This is the hostess network, which is eventually called French contact.Historically, the problem of most heroin in the United States comes from Turkey.Turkish farmers have obtained a permission to cultivate opium poppies to sell them to legal pharmaceutical companies, but many people sell excess to the underworld market. The market is manufactured and transported to the United States in heroin.The transportation points of all types of illegal goods, including Turkish farmers excess opium planted for profit purposes.The convenience of the port of Marseille and the frequent arrival vessels from opium, which promoted the smuggling of the morphine base from the distant east or near the east.France will send a large number of heroin from Marseille and even Manhattan, New York.The first major convulsions after World War II were held in New York on February 5, 1947. At that time, the seven -pound heroin heroin was confiscated from a ship just arrived in France.Soon, French soil not only increased its participation in illegal opium transactions, but also increased its experience and efficiency in heroin transportation.On March 17, 1947, a pound of heroin was discovered in the French lining of St.-Tropez in France.On January 7, 1949, a leader in Batista, a Batista in France, told a drug addict in Lebanon that Guatemara Ambassador Mauricio Rosa in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg), Morfinas Base of Beire, the Morfinas of Bear, smuggled to Lebanon's ocean. In the typical year, heroin pounds, but intelligence shows that the Cosca people of the Cosca people are traffickers.Suggesting at 200 pounds of 200 pounds every two weeks. Rosas used their diplomatic status a year to bring about 440 pounds. In 1960, the drug office estimated that from 2,600 to 5,000 pounds of heroin, from France every year from France to reach France each yearThe United States. French traffickers continued to use their demand for illegal products, and provided 80 % to 90 % of female heroes in 1969. For addicts. The hostess provided by about 85 % of the hostess provided.The Turkish government agrees to limit its opium yield in the harvest of 1968. After five years of discounts, the international cooperation with the international cooperation combined with the Turkish government's international cooperation finally reached a complete prohibition of Turkish opium growth in 1971. As of June,On the 30th, in these extended negotiations, the personnel of the law took action.

146On January 4, 1972, anesthesia and drug hazards and agents from French authorities detained 110 pounds of heroin at the Paris Airport.Marseille.In February 1972, French traffickers provided the American Army.$ 96,000 smuggled 240 pounds of heroin in the United States.From this survey, five men in New York and two heroin, 264 pounds of heroin arrested in Paris, are worth $ 50 million.In 14 months, as of February 1972, the French National Police cooperated with US drug agents to occupy six illegal heroin laboratories in the Marseille suburbs.The ship is placed near Marseille near Marseille near the sea, and the ship is targeted at Miami.Multi -person drug application agency.28, Fukiene the Fukienese is a emerging group headquartered in Asia, led by New York City's crime scene.Over the past 10 years, the population of Fukeeez Donalt has increased to 7,000 8,000, and the corresponding criminal activities have increased.Furiez's criminal criminals are 35,000 US dollars per head, smuggling from China to Canada and the United States from Fukang.These rates are rarely paid before bringing customers to Canada, and illegal immigrants often become victims of extortion.Immigration women can be raped or sold in prostitution.Recently, the Fusheng group in Toronto was also responsible for at least two invasion and murder at home and abducted once for rescue.Local residents in Fukushima Canada Criminal Intelligence Agency.Organized criminal leaders at the Asian headquarters.On November 24th, Fake Hing Fuk Yee Hing was one of the main groups since the 1930s.In Hong Kong, as we all know, they recruited women as prostitutes on the streets, working inside the villa or from the villa (brothel); women were recruited to engage in other jobs and were forced to prostitutes when they arrived in Hong Kong.They are recruited to work in the nightclub in Hong Kong and provide companion services.As we all know, they work with their opponents in Thailand and the Philippines, bring women to Hong Kong, and bring two weeks of tourist visas to work from villas based on sources of the Hong Kong government.1333


148G Galiffi, Agata (also known as FLOR de LA MAFIA) Agata Galiffi, was one of the most outstanding black -handed party Downs in the Western Hemisphere in the 1930s and 1940s.Aagata was born in Italy. Italy was the daughter of Juan Galiffi, and Juan Galiffi was a famous Italian gangster.For professional and health reasons, Galiffi moved to Buenos Aires when he moved to Agata.She grew up in society in Argentina high school, went to the most important school and dated smart suits.However, her father was expelled from the country in April 1935 and was sentenced to a prison in Milan for falsifying records and falsification of money.When this happened, Aga decided to guide his father's business in South America.Known as the flowers of the Black Party, it especially likes racing, and her gang sets many people.In addition to their own gaming operations, from the end of 1930 to 1944, Aga was one of the largest celebrities in South America.It is young, beautiful, beautiful and luxurious. It is a black -handed party Tang.His cruel action.It is an expert who ransom, forge, robbery and murder.It was arrested and sentenced to prison in 1944, but it is still a popular idol in South American culture.Carlo Carlo Gambino was born on August 24, 1902 in Palermo in Sicily.Later, he would help his two brothers when he arrived in the United States.Gandono participated in organizational crimes and was arrested for theft in 1930.In the 1930s, he was very involved in smuggling.Through the money that he made money through smuggling, he bought restaurants and other legal fronts.After the ban, in 1939, Carlo Gambino continued to smuggle. On May 23, 1939, he was sentenced to 22 months in prison and fined $ 2,500 to deceive the American wine tax.Gandonino was another free man.During the Second World War, Gandono manufactured millions of stamp stamps.SEALs left the first mobs of Gandono's first mobs from the price management office (O.P.A.).The government began to steal them.In order to hide them in the bank, it contacted the men of O.P.A., in general, at the end of the war, Gambano had already via stamps and smuggling, and Gandono also participated in anesthesia he moved.Manageon's criminal family became Bastos, Albert Anastasia.He also has a caring wife Catherine and three children (two children and one daughter).135

149Gambino, a criminal family, spent a pleasant year on October 24.With the disappearance of Anastasia, Gambino served as the leader of the Mangane family. This is his plan because he is Gambino, he is AhBehind the ANASTASIA coup.List of Gambino, Gambino, Gambino, etc., for Gambino, for the external world, for Gambno, life is very good. His health is not good, but because their two families work well wellI don't care about money. In the scene of the Matshane Party, the bass is not as common as the 1990s. The government knows who Gandono is and what he is doing to make a living, but it is impossible to ask him to help him.It is an illegal foreigner, but has not yet become a US citizen, and has released the allegations of immigration and naturalization services (INS). Since then, he has deteriorated rapidly. In 1975, Gandono felt that it was time to name his successor.Gandono's only error during the person in charge of the Mangano/Gambino family. Underboss. The decision to divide the Gambno family into two factions and create a power struggle ten years later. But in the end, Carlo Gambino was consideredHe is a great boss of a faction Nostra. In his home in Massopequa, New York. In the past few decades. In recent years, the Federal Research Office (FBI) has destroyed it, and all their bosses have been imprisoned or low -key.However, they are still very powerful. It is estimated that there are about 180 members. The first gift of the family is Vince Mangano. The main illegal activities of Gambinos include anesthesia trafficking, gamesAnd car theft. The number and strength of the stolen cars in Kuwait pointed out that Kuwait caused several newspapers to commemorate the Gambino Country (INC.).Gambino) and Paul Castellano's conductor, the Gambino family became the country's most powerful criminal family. The current chief has become Peter Gotti, the famous Tang John GottiBrother Don John Gotti. Arnold Zeke Squitieri. He was arrested in John Gotti, John Junior Gotti was the interim chiefs of Corrozo, Corrozo, Peter Gotti and Jackie D Amico.The official abandonment and being permanently replaced by people who are not primary or Peter Gotie. But before the official choice, he was restrained by the Federal Investigation Bureau.Soon after, he was accused of criminals over the new millennium, that is, the family was led by his brother DAPER, Peter, Peter.

150Garcia Abrego (Humberto CIA, Jr.) smuggled marijuana to the United States.At the same time, officials of the U.S. IRS learned that Garcias is using their company's Radio Pantera AM 1450 bank account to build cash deposits.Garcias obtained property from customs officers, and the IRS began to deal with the case together. As a result, 325 pounds of cannabis and $ 250,000 were seized on October 23, 1993 in Columbus, Ohio.The search is related to the Garcian organization.Therefore, a few weeks later, Pantera Radio and its owners were charged with the crime of selling marijuana and money laundering in March to perform search and arrest orders for Garcias, their residences and radio stations.The vehicle purchased with drugs was confiscated for a week.Criminal trials of Francisco Garcia, Sr. and Francisco Garcia, Jr. started in the Tunsen District Court on May 16th. The jury ruled that the defendant had a crime of money laundering.Currency transactions of income property.Specify that each charges are conspiracy to hold and intend to spread marijuana.Therefore, the confiscation of 3,130,500 US dollars of $ 3,130,500 in Francisco Garcia made him interested in Radio Pantera.He was sentenced to 300 months of imprisonment and then 60 -month supervision release.He also issued a confiscation order for Francisco Garcia (Jr.), asking for compensation for $ 1,450,500 and his interest in Radio Pantera.Year.In addition, in August 1994, the federal jury in Columbus, Ohio, sued 8 people and money laundering for a number of drug trafficking.The Garcia family supply and transport marijuana to the organization.By January 1995, all the defendants in the Columbus case had pleaded guilty.It is estimated that marijuana sales exceeded more than $ 5.6 million.Radio revealed that the owner deposited 750,000 yuan into the account in the form of cash and bank votes.During the interrogation, radio workers reported that the owner brought a large amount of cash at least once a month.The amount of employees purchased the bank ticket is less than 10,000 yuan.The cashier's check will be stored in the bank account of the radio station.An accountant testified that he had prepared and submitted the income tax declaration form to the Secretary of the HACIENDA (Mexico Treasury) on behalf of the owner of the Broadcasting Station.These declarations are to prove that the large cash received by the owner is the income of Mexico's legal economic activities, and has paid taxes.Accountants further testimony says that the bank records the files from him, and it is a presence of a representative of the Ministry of Finance as testimony and refuted the accountant's testimony.Mexican officials testified that accountants did not prepare and submit documents on behalf of the station owner.The official also found that the stamp tax ticket on the inheritance was fraudulent, and the bank record was not real.The accountant was arrested after testing and was accused of seven false statements.Ministry of Finance.International anesthesia control strategy report, on October 2nd, Washington, DC: U.S. State Department.García Abrego, Humberto Humberto García Abrego is the brother of Juan García Abrego, and it is also a suspected drug lord.He was arrested many times, but was inexplicably released.He is considered the key to the organizer and money laundering operations.In October 1994, he was arrested by the Mexican police because he was a well -known member of the Gulf Carter.After several hours of interrogation, he was released.Then, in February 1997, García Abrego was arrested and jailed again.He is notorious in the cell in the center of Mexico, because it is reported that this is a suite with six rooms with telephone and cable TV.However, on February 28, President Clinton approved the assistance to Mexico after the Mexican government was a trusted allies in the Anti -Disviation War, and García Abrego was released from his Mexican prison.See another: García Abrego, Juan; Cartel Del Golfo.137

151Juanjuangarcíaabregojuangarcíaabregogarcíaabrego, juanjuangarcíaabrego is known as the head of Gulf Cartel, and Mexico's headquarters has a strong drug ring.The flow of this film is based on its history.In cocaine and marijuana, he believes that he is paying many officials from the Mexican government.Documents from the Office of General Attorney General (PGR) and the National Institute of Anti -drug (ICND) revealed that Raul Salinas De Gotari (brother) Former President of Mexico) is related to drugs in Mexico in 1987He said that PBS SFRONTLINE was born in 1944, La Paloma, Texas, in 1944.The height of 1990 was 6 feet and 200 pounds, which was ten years in Hong Kong.U.S. officials estimate that he pays $ 50 million per month and is famous for his murder in the 17th Juangarcíaabrego in 1996 in Mexico Mexico in Mexico in 1996.Coupled by headquarters.(AP) and boss.Obar Par Par Par Claude de La O through the FBI agent (FBI) agents, which improved the rewards of up to $ 100,000 by using Claude's observation of O and tape observations.Police can establish a case for him.In 1990, he was charged with the United States in Dallas, Texas, and was once again accused of Houston in Texas. In early 1995, it was included in the list of the list.The Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI) was the first international drug trafficker.According to US officials, Mexican drug kingdoms or Mexican political corruption Mexicans are obviously so huge.Cocaine has been on the border between the United States and Mexico for several years.In October 1996, in the Houston Court of Texas, he was currently imprisoned in an 11th life in a drug trafficking prison in the United States.During the trial, it is estimated that the posters smuggled more than 15 tons of cocaine and 23 tons of cocaine and 23 tons from Mexico to the United States.It is also estimated that Garcia personally washed about $ 10.5 million in drugs in the United States.However, the US jury is only 350 million US dollars in the government's personal wealth.In addition: Garcíaabrego, Humberto; Gulf poster.

152Genyosha Gendler, Lev Lev Gendler's criminal records include fake, ransom, abduction and bank fraud arrests in the United States and Israel.-Migrétri-State has organizational crime projects the most powerful and richest black party in the United States. It is estimated that the members are about 200.The first gift of the family was Charles Lucky Luciano.New York, perhaps nationwide, the Genovese family is anesthesia, loan, ransom rackets, pornography, pornography, unions with organizational crimes, restaurants, seafood distribution and automatic vending machines.They are well known that they will remain silent and reserved, and people who do business.In December, when an undercover agent penetrated his organization, the Reinya's income was charged.The current person in charge is Vincent El Chin's 12 years at the Voggori Prison Hospital in Texas.He suffered many tasks, but still maintained the organization.The current leaders are Eric Muscarella and Dominick Sil Dom Cirillo.The family's group is allegedly James Jimmy IDA.D.A. Genyosha (also known as the Ocean Association) criminal name.Black Ocean Association) Genyosha's history can be traced back to 1881. At that time, several samurai society was abandoned outside the government or government of the boy Mutsuhito (Meiji). United.teos Ronin or Samurai did not master. There is no doubt that there is no doubt that the surrounding EMPERORRORROThe power that is too powerful is the power of the emperor, and is committed to the modernization of feudal Japan.The purpose is to invade South Korea (then China) and place it in the field of Japanese colonies.In the end, the palace canceled North Korea's invasion and asked the samurai.The samurai promised to be loyal to the emperor, but with the past year, there are more and more society, and often when the political opinions of society are not found in the political opinion of society, they often try to extort or extort government officials who have influential government officials accepting government acceptance.During the trend, the trend is when Genyosha is controlled.But avoiding or evading captives.Finally, Genoshas became a gang to use their ability to violently violent among the innocent people.He returned to the rich.Genyosha's members finally participated in the game, prostitution, extortion, extortion, opium smuggling and pornographic operations.In 1895, Genyosha, trained by the ninja, slipped to the Korean Palace and finally killed the Queen.This is the request of the Japanese War Minister.Japan's excitement, South Korea invaded while inciting, will stay there for 50 years.Genyosha finally ended/ Yakuza Hybrid, and the government will infiltrate other terrible plans in illegal politics or enterprises.139

153Ghost Shadow Ghost Shadow, New York Street in New York City, New York Street Port, New York Street, constitutes the entire ghost shadow: Mott Street Ghost Shadow, Baya De Street and Ghost Shadow run Baxter and Shang Matt Street.EssenceIn addition: Chan, Wing Young; in Leong; Tenazas.mark C. Gribben.He wandered on the street with his bath robe, murmured to talk to himself and talked with him.Some people say that the former boxer just hit the head too much, obviously losing reason.But he was also suspected to be forged, just like all behaviors, he also lost his audience. Since 1997, it is difficult for giants to believe that he is not the person in charge of Genovese crime in Genovese in the Village of GERTE in Greenwich in his life.Essence23 victory; however, only one is the knockout.After a bad battle, the giant stopped smoking and committed a crime.Due to anti -social behavior in 1950, he was classified as 4F military service. He married Olympia Grippa and had five children.He also managed to find a love man, Olympia Estozo, Costello (Costello, it is speculated that the giant's time has passed, or at least it will never reach the soldiers'Level. Tony Salerno (Tony Salerno. Gigante is as big as the chief. In 1970, he began to pretend to be a conspiracy rap. That year, he was accused of bribing the old Ta Pan of New Jersey.Police Force. Psychiatric doctor told the court that Giggt was a paranoid schizophrenia that suffered from hallucinations. The charges finally retired. The success of this crazy behavior encouraged the giant to use its spiritual fragility as confusing, OBFUSCAR and avoiding the law to avoid the law.Equipment. He voluntarily entered the Psychiatric Hospital of San Vincent, Harrison, New York from 1969 to 1969. He grew up with him and became a family perspective.Crazy crazy. They told him that his son was accused of being the person in charge of the largest and powerful nose family in the United States, his 88 -year -old mother shouted, Vincenzo?

154The Golden Triangle of the toilet!However, Tony Salerno said that when he was arrested in a FBI movie (FBI), this was a better action.However, the Federal Investigation Bureau could not condemn him that when they arrested him in 1990, he was accused of 41 organizational crimes and conspiracy.He was convicted until he was 69 years old in 1997.His close control of the Federal Investigation Bureau, the guards sometimes stop performing.When talking to a prison guard, he was asked if other prisoners harassed him.This is not a huge shadow boxing or normal behavior: several bass gangsters gave the court to prove that the giant was not crazy. In fact, he was the head of the Genovese criminal family.On January 23, 2002, the giant's son Andrew and six were charged.He was his messenger and his main type in that giant's son, although he was not alone.Use his son and others to execute his instructions .com/giant.html.On July 19, D.A.GOGA, Irfan Irfan Goga, he is an internationally renowned criminal with violence and success.At the beginning, he was a protected criminal and then Mumbai Mencius Dawood Ibrahim's partners (headquarters in Karachi).GOGA from Azamgarh from North Pradesh, is also a local land of Dawood, and an ABU Salem criminal.Create with his home.GOGA is an executor and a killer hired; he is also a kid who abducts and extort.In Ibrahim's thoughts, I will quickly,, quickly, and effectively make Ibrahim's competitors become ruthless people, and his victims have never been his victim, and his victimsThe person has never surfaced again.In his early stage, Gega's colleagues were internationally renowned murderer Babloo Srivastava.Those who arrested Babloo eventually eventually were eventually in the prison in Naini, Alahabad.GOGA has a good connection in international challenges with organizational crimes.Chhota Rajan, located in Kuala Lumpur, is also a friend of BABLOO.Rajan sweed to Dawood.On November 9, 1998, GOGA organized a card party for 31 people. Together with Anis Abrahim, he left another man with Anis Abrahim, Dawood's brother and Dawood's Brother and and Dawood.He told his wife that he would come back.No one saw him again.Despite the eliminates of crop and crop replacement plans, Southwest Asia and Southeast Asia of Kim New Shim are still the main regions of illegal poppy culture in the world in these areas.The regions of Southwest Asia, including Afghanistan and Pakistan, are called Jinyue.In 1999, it is estimated that during the increase period, the total illegal production of opium was 4,000 tons, and it was attributed to the explosion of Southwest Asia in 4,000 tons due to 4,000 tons (estimated that it was 4,600 tons of 2,100 tons in 1998.Tryngle is still the main area of illegal poppy culture in the world, although the abolition of crops and crops replace 141

155Gómezbustamante, Luis Hernando Iranian armed villagers formed in June 2001 in a small town near the Afghan border.In the Golden Crescent of Drug Trafficking between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iran has become a good way for European drugs (APs) to plan in these areas.The region in Southeast Asia is called the Golden Triangle.It found it in Myanmar, Thailand and Laos.(It is estimated that the production is about 1,500 tons) in the area.In 1999, in most additional production, the total illegal output of opium was 6,600 tons, while the total production of opium was 4,000 tons, from the crescent moon.; Loterine.gómezbustamante, Luis Hernando Luis Hernandogómezbustamante (also known as Rasguno) is an important trafficker of Northern Valle Bustamete.It is hidden in their farms.It also participated in the smuggling to the United States on the plane and was sought by drug location.142 from Bolivia and Peru's cocaine base

156Gotti, John to Colombia for decades.From the arrest of the brothers of Rodríguezorejula, he was consistent with the Henao Montoya brothers, and he was an important trafficker with his own rights.Regarding the Karili Ford organization along the border, the Mexican army and officials in charge of the law can make it an important leader in the future operation of Carrillo Fuentes.Its influence on American drug control agencies.TEFLON DON) John Gotti was born on October 27, 1940 in Branks, New York.When Gotti was 12 years old, he and his family moved to a hard community in Brooklyn. Gotti went to the streets there, left the street, and left the school eighth grade.Gotti participated in the gang. He committed several small crimes and finally began to rise in the underworld.In 1966, he established contact with the Gambino Crime family.Gotti's major is the kidnapping truck; he has won a lot of money for Gambines to abduct from Kennedy Airport.When he moved into his figure among the Gambno family, he became close to the three years in prison for Neil DellaCroce Goriti.He took more steps before. In 1973, he bears James McBratney's contract, saying that Carlo Gambino's nephew murder was murdered. The murder. Getty again.In the murder case, there were two witnesses. Getty was arrested, but he killed him in the second grade in a certain way in some way, only two years of imprisonment. It happened in the Gambno family. This job.It is Spanish. Ira (Ira) will never die. It is one of the ingredients of Gotti to the food. When Gotti is released from prison, he returns to work. He died in a car accident.Frank's neighbors were attacked by Getty's wife again, and Getty's neighbor once again decided that during this murder, Getty and his wife were in Florida. The family finally became a hat. Gotti was still he still.Seeing a legal person in charge like the Gambno family Neil DellaCroce. Under the protection of Dellas, GOTTI directs his anesthesia transaction. Castellano knows this and hopes he will stop.But Darakros has always maintained peace. On the other hand, Gotiti hopes that Dellasteloce will strengthen and ask him as a boss's position, but Daracroce will maintain peace again and tell Gotti to be quiet.Boiling point. I was accused of using the committee in the Castilla mansion when the committee was accused. Gotti crew was accused of drug traffic. Castellano wanted 143

157Grajales Our evidence is about the trafficking of anesthesia, so it can kill or dissolve and degenerate in GOTTI, but DellaCroce continues to stagnate.The Federal Research Office (FBI) office should be killed.Capos of Gambino's criminal family.He also received the support of three families in other four families in New York.Gottigotti achieved a successful team, and was shot in front of the Spanish and his Tommy Bilotti in 1985 on December 16th in front of the Sparks Steak House in Manhattan.Since then, Gotti is not a low -key gangster. In his test, he did not refuse the media: it used a strike of $ 2,000 and smiled for the camera. A media idol. They nicknamed Teflon Don and Dapper Don.On the cover of time, this is strange, but some Italians gather together; this is our tradition. Then he continues. The entire Ravenite building and recorded the GOTTI dialogue), the federal government made a final blow in Gotti.He was accused and told him that they put him on a tape.When Gravano heard Gotti Gotti Bactosh on one of the tapes, it prompted him to testify.With errors, Grandic's fate was sealed in the evidence of photos and Gragano's evidence. On April 2, 1992, he was sentenced to a query of five murders and sentenced to life imprisonment.After being sentenced to cancer for a few years, he spent more than nine years, and he suffered from cancer.However, Gotie continued to fight cancer, systematically, and federal government.It was held in New York, and about 130 Gambino criminal families and his family and personal friends participated.EssenceThe Brothers Urdinola Grajales.Please refer to: Cartel of Cartel, Salvatore (also known as Sammy The Bull) Sammy ElToro Gravano has become the history of the Mandarin Party and is the history of the Mandarin Party in the federal witness protection plan.Sammy, but Gravano is in different directions. In school, Gravano encountered a huge problem of reading and learning materials. Later, it was determined that it was difficult to read. Because he was difficult.Slowly studying Gravano, he became a child in the class of the class, until he decided to use violence to make them silent. Once, when he fights with two children, there are two stews nearby.Children, so the clever person gave his bull's nickname because of his appearance and his fighting method. Soon, Grefno encountered a problem with the New York Police Department from the gang's life. 144

158Gravano, Salvatore's teenage Sammy joined the Rampers.He also learned boxing and fitness.Rampers committed a crime of robbery and car stealing.Over time, Gravano became more violent -he was involved in a gun battle, and soon he was arrested for beating the police.Thanks to a good lawyer Gravano, he quickly returned to court and was arrested for robbery.The judge gave Gravano a choice: joining the army or jail.Gravano chose the army and thought he would not be recruited to join the army, but he was wrong and was called to serve in Jackson Castle, South Carolina.After Gravano retired, he returned to his Rampers and encountered trouble again: when he stole a car with a friend, Gravano was caught by the boss, and he pulled a gun to shoot two gang members.Gravano's head was hit but spared.Gravano, 23, has proven his skills and Moxie. He has prepared to welcome the next stage of life to succeed in the crime, and he decided to join the Black Party.After a brief conversation with Thomas Shorty Spero, Gravano decided to work for the COLOMBO criminal family.He opened a club in BensonHurst and started a loan business shortly after.Some money was kicked to protect his family boss.Glavano did a good job. When he was ordered to assassinate the dwarf Spero crew member Joseph Kuluch, he made money for the Coronaph's criminal family.Gravano described the successful pass in his book: Joe Colucci is about to die.I plan to kill him because he conspired to kill me.I feel the anger in my heart ... Even if I am not in front, I feel that I am invisible from him.I pointed at the gun behind his head.Everything is slow.I can almost feel the bullet leave the gun into his skull.This is strange.I didn't hear the first sound.I didn't see any blood.His head didn't seem to move, just like it was a goal rather than a real bullet.I know I didn't miss it. The gun was only a few inches from his head, but I think it is one million miles away, as if all this is a dream ... Shake his head, his body twitches and slip backwardsI saw blood.Jokulucci died.He looked like sleeping.He looks calm.Are you going to kill me now?I think.This is Gravano's first murder; after some trouble with Colombos, Gravano was transferred to the Gambino's criminal family and placed under the wing of Salvatore Toddo Aurello.After working for a period of time for Gambinos, Gravano obtained the final life opportunity in a legal and honest way: he was engaged in the construction industry and did a good job until he was charged with the crime of murder.Gravano had nothing to do with the murder, but a person he knew kidnapped him, so Gravano was prosecuted.The lawyer's fee was too high for Gravano to pay for it. Gravano resigned from the construction work. He and a friend (also the defendant in the case) hit a half and a half years.He also re -established contact with the Gambino's criminal family.Non -guilty release, but his life must now point to a direction: becoming a hooligan.His Capo Aurello suggested that he became a member. About 1975, Gravano became a successful person.In Gambino's criminal family.Gravano quickly found that he was in a favorable position.As his participation in architecture, Arello told Gravano directly to the boss directly to the boss.At that time, the boss was Paul Castellano, and Castellano was always more interested in architecture.This gives Sammy a favorable position.With the passage of years, Gravano continued to become the agent CAPO of the Toddo Aurello crew.He did well, but he also saw that everything in the Gambino family was not good.Since Carlo Gambino appointed Castellano as the new boss to replace the street DellaCroce, the Gambino family has split.Castrano knew this, but he didn't care, he chose to ignore it.His subordinates have a complicated feeling for their bosses: he is very smart and runs the family economy, but he is not a gangster. He shows the soldiers who do not respect him to do this job.After a while, things boiled.Luo only asked Castrano to live as Neil Dracose, his subordinates.Neil Dracose has a disciple named John Gaoti.Gaoti has expressed his feelings about Castellano, but DellaCroce managed to keep him quiet.Until he died.Gotti has played CAPO for the crew.But the situation will change now.Castellano does not like GOTTI, and may be relegated or killed by drug transactions.Now DellaCroce is gone, Gotti has its own plan, 145

159Gravano, SALVATORE, when Castellano failed to appear in DellaCroce S Wake and expressed respect, his fate was doomed.Gotti has sought support for the entire family to assassinate Castellano and has sufficient support.When Gravano was asked to join, he decided to cooperate with the coup and help the plan.So the attack on Castrano, Castrano and his men were murdered on the streets of New York.Successfully made John Gotic the boss and Glavano approach power.During the Gaoti rule, Todo Oriro decided to resign, and Gravano became a formal Caro.Because the crackdown boss violated the rules of the black hand, the Genoa family was not involved in preparation, and Gao Ti and his friends had not seen their footsteps.Gigante, the boss of GenoveSese, is a friend of Castellano, and does not like the new boss.He would avenge his dead allies.Gotti Subboss and Gravano's friends Frank Decicco were killed by a car bomb.Gotti should have been killed, but he did not attend the meeting, so only Dercyko was blown up.Not long after the Investigation Bureau (FBI), Gaoti fell down.In September 1986, Gaoti fought and won with the federal government in court. This was not because of his lawyer, but because Gravano entered the jury and managed one of them.Over time, Gravano became more successful in his legal business.He can be a little jealous of John Gotti, although Sammy claims that he kicks him $ 2 million from a transaction with Teamsters each year. At this time, in 1986 or 1987, although GOTTI has been released in prison for several years, Gravano is being prison.The appointment is formal Consigliere, and Frank Locascio becomes a performer in the family.Under the leadership of GOTTI, Gravano's life is faster than ever.Before Gotti, Gravano murdered 8 people within 14 years.Under Gotti leadership, he killed 11 people within 6 years.Between November 30, 1989 and January 24, 1990, Gotti leaked enough family secrets and eventually pushed the wall.In January 1990, Getty was tried because he ordered the boss of the union John Cardine or Conner; on February 9, 1990, he was released innocently.Overnight, the Tang dressed Tang became iron fluson Tang, and his self would become greater.But the federal government has another case in the sleeve.The Federal Investigation Bureau made a mistake at the Gaoti headquarters that they recorded him to discuss successfully, and his people and his organization.They even put him on Gravano's tape.When Gravano heard his fucking Gaoti watching his recording, he almost surrendered to the Federal Investigation Bureau.But he thought about it again until he found that Gotti wanted to give up, because he claimed that Gravano had been mad and voluntarily killed.Then the Bulls decided to testify against GOTTI. He asked the FBI and told them everything.They want to know.He will sentence Gotti to life imprisonment.Dozens of other gangsters were imprisoned because of Gravano's testimony, and he received transactions that handed over evidence.He got a second life.After the shortest time to serve 19 murders, Gravano was released, entered the witness protection plan, and began his new life in Arizona.Most people in the law will pay a lot to get Sami's second chance, but Gravano doesn't think much.There is nothing, he is not satisfied.He wants more, so he is called a devil, his son, wife, daughter, and a local local.They ruled drug transactions in Arizona.For Gravano, life is beautiful. He escaped 19 murder and escaped Gotti's Scolear. His own drug organization earned more than $ 200,000 a year.But then the bubble was broken.On February 24th, Gravano Gravano and his wife, son, daughter, and son -in -law were arrested by Arizona authorities for drugs.Ten months later, Brooklyn's federal prosecutor accused Gravano and his son Gerard purchased thousands of shake balls at Brooklyn for May 25, 2001, that is, the first two weeks before the start of their federal drug trafficking trial, GravaNuo and Gerald acknowledged the crime of committing co -conscription. According to the Federal Torter Torter Guide, these allegations will be sentenced to about 12 years in prison.Their prison's sentence will occur at the same time as they are eventually sentenced at the same time because of their crimes in Arizona.Please refer to: Castellano, PAUL; D Arco, Alphonse; Gambino, Carlo; Gotti, John.David Amoruso.salvatore Sammy El Toro Gravano. Gangters INCORPORATED.Provide online.Website: on July 19, D.A.146

160Gripaldi (Gripaldi), Peter Great Circle Triad, is a great triple -in -three meeting in the circle. It is one of the six major triads in China.However, although most people are based on Hong Kong and Taiwan, the Circle of the Third Unit has always been for many years, and other society in other three associations have always troubled Shanghai.China city.Officials speculated that they settled in the port of Montreal early.The Sicilians rejected the laws and regulations of the new company and resorted to crimes to make a living.Armed robbery for 13 years.He was killed.In 1946, Sicilians took over many rackets.Then, he established a contact with the COTRONI organization, and soon instructed the group to the west side of the city.When you met with Charles Luky Luciano and New York, he visited Frank Costello, known as Frank Costello, known as the Prime Minister of Nostera.The Montreal hopes that the Sicilians will rise again in Montreal's underworld, and when the Bonanno family Carmine Lilo Galante, GRECO is the second place in the organization.Only Calabrian, Calabrian, eggs, eggs, and Cotroni have greater influence.The Command instructed his empire to perform many daily tasks from his Pizzeria.This is very active in the game, loans, ransom and drug trafficking, and has an impressive criminal person, including the future leader of Hamilton's mobs, Johnny, Papalia.This is an important financial sponsorship of the drug network of Giuseppe Peppe Cotroni.CARMINE GALANTE, members of Frank Petrola, Max Shapiro and Harry Ship's Alpha Investment Corporation.Luigi Greco and Giuseppe Cotroni participated in the Abbarachian meeting on November 14, 1957, representing Montreal's interests.When the police raid meeting, they are one of the lucky people who avoid shame.However, the sixty black hand party was caught, he was rushed, he drove away, it was driven by him, it was driven by him, which he drove.Unprecedented police pressure on American criminal families.In March 1972, the British customs officials confiscated 3,395 pounds of cannabis at the port of Manchester.According to reports, Greco (Greco) had 12 arrests.On July 19, his gangster of the old school.url: luigigreco.html.Descargado, the green puff went to Hong Kong Trinity Society.groin.After the battle, the liver was discharged a few days later.

161Guadalajara (Guadalajara) Carter Carter Carter Carter Caadalajara's brother Amezcua-Contreras operates in Guadalajara (Guadalajara) in Mexico. It is saidThe global level of production and transportation organizations.EFEDRINA's smugglers and secret producers of methamphetamine in the world today.Buyer of EFEDRINA organization.It is said that the AMEZCUA organization uses the contact of Thailand and India to obtain a methamphetamine laboratory in the contact of Thailand and India, thereby obtaining a large number of ephedrine foreheads.The U.S. authorities believe that the organization has awarded the trust of the Mexican methamphetamine operators operating in the United States in the United States.And Amiska's methyl Pyranopenhane traffickers are now in California, Georgia, George Asia, Oklahoma, Iowner, Akrust, Arkansas, Arkansas, and North Carolina, and North CarolinaState -related groups.AMEZCUAS CAME from Colima, Mexico. The Associations of the Amezcua Organization Al Ed in the Arrest of 101 DEFENDANTS, Seizure of 133 Pounds of Methamphetamine, DISMANTLING Three Methamphetamine Laboratories, Seizure of ofThe 90 gallon of methylphenyleneramine (pounds turned into a methamphetamine), 1,100 kg of cocaine and ASTIOS, totaling more than 2.25 billion US dollars.A laboratory operated in the center of Toru and a private school was less than 200 yards; the other was almost located in the Equestrian center of Akton, California.These laboratories estimate the production capacity of more than 300 pounds of methamphetamine.Those who named the naming contempt for public safety and were responsible for the production and manufacturing methamphetamine. They fled them to escape.But continue to carry out potentially dangerous cooking process.: Download on July 15th, Guerini, Antoine, and the head of the Corsican Mafia Clan, known as the Guerini Family, is known as the Guerini Family.It affects the heroin inside and outside Marseille. According to reports, it is reported that Antoine Guerini provides Antoine Guerini to provide a contract with Christian David (international killer and French heroin in France,Those who know illegal and some of different information agencies) kill President John F. Kennedy.EssenceThe country and Mexico are one of the most powerful drug trafficking organizations in Mexico, and have obtained power from violence and bribery.Once the drug crosses the border, the tissue has allocated cells throughout the United States, including San Antonio, Houston and the new York, which is 148

162The former leader of the Gulf Juangarcíaabrego (standing) and his former Juan Nepomuceno Guerra (left), Uncle Garcíaabregos (AP/Reforma), in Dallas, Chicago, New Orleans, Oklahma, OklahmaNew Orleans is known for its elements., Milwakia, and cities in California, California, Nevada, Arizona, Alabama, George Asia and Florida.The value of more than 30 metric tons was worth hundreds of millions of dollars in the streets led by Chief, Juangarcíaabrego, and was finally arrested by Oscar MalherBedeleón.

163Jacqual Jeep, Maria Celia Toro.

164Himel, normand (also known as BIFF) Normand Hamel, was called BIFF by the Criminal Association and was born in the 1950s.The north will be instructed by other Angels in Quebec. On March 24, 1985, he attended HAMEL and performed five members of the northern part at Lennoxville.His comrades were sacrificed inside.Like Maurice Boucher, like MARTIN HuatautAult, like Maurice Boucher, a few days later, he was at the Rawar Bar (on May 4th (on May 4th (Laval Bar was shot, and the police firmly believed that HAMEL and BOUCHER murdered in the back murder. Their rewards for this were all all colors.They will eventually become the godfather of death, nearly 10 years from the club.Murder Angel Scott Steinert, on November 4th, now supervises Laval and Bass Laurentians' drug network and the gang's prostitution network.His power and influence in the organization continued to grow. On June 24, 1995, HAMEL became a nine founding members of the Nomads Branch of Nomite de La Pandilla.People of Boucher.On April 17, 2000, BIFF HAMEL brought his wife and son to a pediatrician of St.-Martin Boulevard, Laval.When he left the building, the two armed personnel chased him through the parking lot and fired several times.He was announced to die when he arrived at the hospital.The Hamel machine has instructed the members of this chapter. I have the structure of 39 transactions in 44 years. It has been separated by nearly $ 5 million by using a company account using HAWALA or underground banking system. It is 37 months and 21 months, respectivelyIn prison, each person was fined $ 125,000 and ordered 151

165Heaven and earth will lose $ 135,772 to the government.The foundation of the HAWALA system is a global foreign worker remittance system. The system is recently used to avoid taxation, avoid currency exchange restrictions and illegal commercial funds.Suspicious currency deposits.The survey showed that the two defendants have been using a series of personal bank accounts to move currency.However, after their banking authorities questioned their banking business, they have recently changed to corporate accounts.The defendant will transfer funds between the United States and India without considering the source of funds.The unique aspect of the case is that the method of funds is transferred to India.The money to the defendant increased by more than $ 10,000.These funds were established at a price of less than $ 10,000 in their bank accounts.You must receive this money.Its homologous objects in India will provide the organization with the required rupees to designate personnel.Sometimes the defendant transferred regularly to one of the accounts in Hong Kong or Singapore.EssenceAccording to the Columbia Encyclopedia, in the area, the sixth edition.Taendi Hui is mainly formed by the samurai class in the 17th century.His goal is to eliminate or terminate the human dynasty and restore the local Chine Ming.The Trinity Society today claims that many members of the heaven and earth society and similar types of secret society have formed the original Sanhe Society.They think this is their inheritance.However, it is important to participate in it that the society is a shelter for many samurai or not grasped (Roning). They have similar political views. They are both patriotic and political members, nor involving organizational crimes.However, the organization, organization, and organization were considered disruptive by the Chinese bureaucrats because it was used to overthrow the current emperor's emperor.From this famous motorcycle gang, it is as sharp and violent as the American cousin.Many members of the members died of violence and were convicted by charges, from weapons to drug trafficking and murder.On December 5th, the choice of Satan and the disciples of the devil before the hell angel and the choice of the devil's disciples participated in a cruel war together. Montreal's chapter was mainly responsible for the current success of the Quebec organization.Hell angels expand their influence.In the early 1980s, in the province, there were several motorcycle gangs, and some would eventually become the chapter of hell angels, while others would stay under the control of the gang.Hell Angels continued to become a dominant force in Montreal's underworld with the help of their puppet clubs.The annual illegal activities of the gang are mainly drugs and prostitution.Hell Angel Nomads Chapter 99 Chapter 99 Hell Angels and Dedication Hill constitutes the nomadic chapter on June 24, 152.

166Hell Angel strengthened the bunker of the hell angel riding a bicycle. The founding member of the Trois-Rivières (AP/CP) of Quebec, Canada was composed of former members of the Montreal chapter, Trois-Rivières and Halifax.The gang's Quebec province considers the police consisting of the elite members of the club.The differences between other hell angels and nomadic people have nothing to do with the houses of any club, which makes it difficult for enemies and police to track their actions.Despite many convictions, the Canadian government failed to prevent the nomadic people from successfully invading Ontario and established many chapters of hell angels there.The chapter was eliminated in 2001, when the police imprisoned all members.The gang of the hell angel Shebruk Branch starts in the 1960s. At that time, it was a dirty empire and became a Gitans of the Gang to buy POPEYES drugs.Local local Empujadores Branch.Kill and fight frequently.Reaching the restless peace, these groups agreed with the atoms.A few months later, atomic Michel Baron Fox Fox Fox Ferler Fox, Jean Nole Roy, Ronald Big Sigin and Leo Jie GilbertFarmers were killed.The atomic gang disappeared, and the Gitter became the official branch of the hell angel on December 5th.

167Henao Montoya, Archangel Dejesús and Joséorlando's house clubs of Lennoxville. The influence of the organization has increased its influence, although the police have worked hard to close the club, but continue to control the drug and prostitution market in the region firmly controlling the region.Essence, Hell Angel Quebec Angel Quebec City was established on May 26. The gang is composed of members of the two old motorcycle clubs. Viking people, based on the southern coast of Quebec and coffin de IRON.Headquartered Lapocatière.From his house club in St. Nicholas, hell angels took over most of the drug trafficking and prostitution in Quebec and its surrounding environment.The main competition of the club is a chapter of the rock machine in the city of Bandidos Quebec involving their violent drafts for nearly ten years.Eight members and two prospects separated from Montreal Branch.The founder does not have a criminal record or a member of the recent conviction.The reason behind is to avoid classification under the federal government.As a legislation of criminal organization.Normand Billy Labelle is one of the original works of the Montreal Club's part of the meeting and became the first president of the South Fair.He is impressive that it is worth $ 167,500.In other Quebec chapters of the club, the south of hell angels managed to maintain low -key. It is said that it mainly participated in anesthesia, prostitution and extortion.In the 1960s or in the early 1970s, motorcycles, known as drug lawns: LACMAS, ConquatcherOS and Hondix.Disappeared.The mayor publicly announced that the citizens of the town where his missile club is located have always been afraid of the gang.After countless arrests, the missiles renamed their names to Satan's guard and moved to Chicoutimi.Later they moved to Trois.-Rivières, on June 14, 1991, they became the official chapter of hell angel.Most of their income comes from drug trafficking and prostitution. With their puppet gangs, the club has a firm control of Trois-Rivières and Surrowing Areas. Den Nis; Labelle, Normand; Lajoie-Smith, Michael; Langolis, Michel ; Lessard, réjeanIt is closely related to the quasi -military group guided by Carlos Castano, and Carlos Castano itself is an important cocaine trafficker.In the Western Hemisphere, the impact of international unions with organizational crimes and its impact on the US Congress hearing, the Paz Corps, anesthesia and terrorism and terrorism.(Also known as Pacho; H7) Herrera Buitrago is a senior member of Cali Cartel. It is one of the various KING-154 drugs

168Herrera Nevares, Jaime, Mr. Nail, the Clinton Administration in the Clinton Administration, Herrera Buitrago frozen in the United States in the United StatesThe impact of anesthesia traverser and its impact on the US Drug Control Administration.It is a huge criminal alliance, the chief of the criminal league and packaged Heroin in Mexico, and then transported it to Chicago.From the lowest point.U.S. law application agencies know the Herrera organization and its heroin highway, which is a drug trafficking network extending from Durango to Chicago.The family often smuggled heroin.Inventory, the axis of the Durandor gearbox is a sleeve device that revolves around the vehicle gearbox axis and contains several kilograms of heroin.In the United States, Kakin Transportation is also an important issue facing officials who are responsible for the law.In September 1977, the agent of the Drug Control Administration (DEA) of Kennedy International Airport at New York seized 85 pounds of cocaine, which were hidden in a 4,500 pound of chocolate rod.Special agent Michael J. Tobin showed how Kaain was hidden in caramel rods.Once, the application agency of the Chicago regional law application believes that blacksmith controls 90 % of the local heroin distribution.DEA estimates that Elera organization imports 746 pounds of pure heroin to the United States every year.When cutting, this is equivalent to 5 % 5 % of the pure female protagonist.About 1 % of the total cash of Mexico's total cash that are transferred to Mexico each year.In 1978, Chicago Herhas raised $ 60 million a year, and established branches in Denver, Los Angeles, Miami and Pittsburgh.A connection was established in South America and diversified in Kekaine.In the mid -1980s, the family's total entrance reached about $ 200 million per year.In 1979, the central tactical unit, a branch of DEA, initiated the operation of the Centac 19 (Centac 19) from the Herrera family to the traffic organization, which eventually led to 39 kg of heroin and the three main Herrera organizations during the Chicago period.Members arrest and arrest and have been strengthened for a long time.In the 1980s, the investigation of the blacksmith they continued.On July 23, 1985, due to the two -year survey called Durango operation, among the 450 to 500 officials in the Federal Federation of Chicago, Illinois, state and local law legislation, and Gary, Indiana, 120 traffickers were arrested, and 120 traffickers were arrested.(132 of the defendants) with Polyadrugas connected to the family of Herrera and Zambrana.The officer confiscated 10 pounds of heroin, 13 pounds of Cassin, 47 pounds of property and $ 300,000.In the organization, Jaime Herrera Nevares, Mr. and Jaime Herrera Nevares, JR.He was arrested in Mexico, was arrested for drug positions, and was still imprisoned in Mexico.Excellence, DEA's history online available: pubs/history/index.html.The armed forces were lifted on July 28th

169Herreravásquez, Hugoherreravásquez, Hugo Hugoherreravásquez guides a traffic organization in Kali, which transferred a large amount of Cocataine from Colombia to the United States, via Central America and Mexico.Bank transfers and currency tools are used to transfer drug income from the Southwest border area of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The committee is for the international unions that organize crimes in the Western Hemisphere, the Paz Corps, anesthesia and terrorism.Their influence on the US Congress and the U.S. Congress.On February 26, Hilly Henry Hill may be the most famous black -handed party turning, by Martin Scorsese's movie "Ray Liotta"Liotta) Immortal, Ray Liotta (Ray Liotta) played Henry Hill in this movie, and a series of criminal innovations, these innovations also returned more profits, including the entire Brooklyn'sA series of cars were purchased, and the stolen parts were sold to car providers and service centers, which was corrupt. Hey, Henry was Italian, but his father was fascinated. It was Irish: This is enough to make him lose his qualifications).However, it was not the Italians who did not stop Hill from becoming a colleague and friends near Paul Vario and his crew.Desimone continues to pay more crimes, such as truck abduction.Hill's wife Karen gave him two daughters.Henry and Karen (drink, celebrate, play cards, etc. at all times. He defeated a non -payment player (sister at the Federal Research Office (FBI) as a typing) and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. OnceEntering, once you enter, Hill Hill was sentenced to aware of the time that Whiteji's prison time was different from ordinary criminals, because they respected the daily and prison guards who were convicted (they got paid to make the gangster easier)And a room, thank you for Paul Vario; Vario created a fictional job for him. When Hill started the probation, it was also helpful. Before Hill started to use his anesthesia contactHe didn't spend a lot of time using his anesthesia from the prison, and began to turn the great Brooklyn Kakin into Pittsburgh, although Paul's labor prohibit any crew of his crew.It was, but with the development of the action, he soon needed to help, so he cut his two best friends Jimmy El Gent in the operation of his two best friends and Tommy De Simi (Tommy Desimone. All criminal rings were demolished in a rapidly effective raid. 156

170Hop Sing Tong Now Hill is in a difficult position: As the federal government imposed strong sanctions on drug issues, VARIO prohibits the use of or distributed drugs.He and his family are in the sight of the federal government and the Mionevian Party.Henry Hill became a government witness.He confirmed Burke and Vario, including the Grand Grand Prix, so Hill reached an agreement.Most of Hill's old colleagues died because they died in prison (Berke and Vario) or were shot dead on the street.In the finals, he made a good decision in his life.In the 1970s, a violent street gang in the San Francisco community in China and the 1980s dominated drug trafficking and extortion.Hop Sing Tong's troops, Hop Sing Boys Gang is headquartered on Chinatown, San Francisco.Attacked.No one died, injured 11 injuries in the shooting of 1977, and he wrote Li's editor in Asia Weekly.In June and July, in the war of selling illegal fireworks in San Francisco, according to Li, the weapons were pulled out and broke out. The gang ran away on the street, beaten behind the car and the door, threw each other on the street.He was killed in 1977, and he was the leader of the gang and one of his most attractive members.California: Rapsody Press, 1999.For important cities such as Chicago, New York and Baltimore.Leong tong; It is well known that they use CRIPS, CRIPS and Blood for business.Hopsing Tong originated from the first Chinese Patriotic Association at the end of the 19th century, helping immigrants adapt to the United States.At the beginning, the Wah Ching gang was smaller, some under the control of beer singing, but no longer.HONGORIGIN's triple -in -laws are now mainly Wah Ching.Beer singing depends on the way of making money, drugs, games and extortion as a means of making money.Other criminal activities include gambling, prostitution, housing invasion, drug smuggling, technical theft and alien smuggling.In terms of drug smuggling, they mainly deal with heroin.Through the Vietnamese gang.According to the annual report of the US General Prosecutor's 1994, 157 of the 48 positions

171Joseph's allegations of allegations of Horvath accused 19 members and colleagues of Wo Hop in Hong Kong, and Holp Singh (Tinga), who was affected by crime, was affected by the crime.Hop Sing Tong returned in San Francisco.This allegations marked the first time to be influenced by statistics, and the allegations were the first time to be influenced by statistics.Correct organizations are opposite to Asian characters with organizational crimes on the West Coast.In illegal activity, when he was a teenager, he was the most important name in Montreal's underworld, known as the Little Joe and Joe Valentine.When Hobas was arrested after a violent robbery.He scored before the trial and was finally sentenced to five years in prison when he was captured.At the time of launch, Hobas was associated with Montreal's Montreal Party through Nicola Cola Di Iorio.In the most favorable gambling Di Iorio sports club in the Mandarin Party, he was a robbery expert and later moved to drug trafficking to provide heroin to Vancouver's Palmer Brother gang.He moved to Pierrefonds in the northwest suburbs, claiming that he was traveling in Europe in July.Seeing him meet with people in London, Barcelona, Rome and Munich, and returned to Montreal on August 5.One week later, he and the chiefs black hand (VIC. Partner Frank Dasti). Although they used the code, it was obvious that these two discussed drug transportation. In the next few monthsAmong them, the anesthesia team recorded dozens of dialogues about drugs and conferences. It involves heroin and cocaine and is highly involved in imports. This drug is hundreds of kg of marijuana imported from Afghanistan.On March 1, the organization, the organization was arrested again. In the federal jury in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he accused him of making a anesthesia traffic. Joe Horvath Luc Hospital was in April 10th.The colleagues who were loyal to their own, until the end, planned to blame Milwaun's allegations, but died before he did it.: Wiseguywally/Joehorvath.html.

172Houle PEOPLE Transportation, Denis (also known as the factory) Denis Houle, was born in 1954 and became a member of the Montelier Branch of hell Angel Montelier in the early 1980s.Increased the attack.The allegations were abandoned.Zag Lessard, LUC SAM Michaud and Jean-Yves Boule Tremblay in Casa Club Sorel de Gang S.Coulombe's massacre, and also told the authorities that Houle and his classmate Angel Jacques The Pellet Pelletier provided it provided. Guns, finally used to killDead Laurent L Anglais Laurent L Anglais Viau, Jean-Pierre Matt Le Crosseur Mathieu, Jean-Guy Brutus Geoffrion, Michel Willie and Guy-Louis Pica Adam.houle, 198 On March 14, 8th, he announced that there were five positions,Including killing and guilty homicide in fact.On May 5, 1995, Holes was convicted for disability and anesthesia.One day, when he and his hell angel Richard Bob Hudon, he and his companion Richard Bob Hudon passed through the terrace of the prison, and the rock machine stopped near that person and shot them with a semi -automatic rifle.The nine frames in Los Angeles were damaged and the attacker fled the car.On June 24, 1995, he was still behind the bar. Houle left the branch of the Montreal Club to become one of the founders of the nomads.This new letter better understands the organization and will war with rock machines.Holes' wife was injured at a shot outside Pidmont's house on September 20. A militant hidden in the nearby forest house, fired a few bullets, and fled to a nearby road.On January 15, 2001, Houle and other members of the Normand Robitail Nomads were arrested together by Montreal. Eight men's images with guns and eight bandits were found rocks./Test machine. The pocket money of motorcycle drivers, totaling $ 39,197, was confiscated. In prison for one year. On March 28, 2001, when the Omeration Printemps 2001 was over.And accused him of occupying 13 murders in September 2003, gangs and anesthesia traffic, Houle and other eight members, including three other members, announced in the next week, announced that they had committed that they had committed in the next week.Murder, the conspiracy of drug trafficking and gangsters, suddenly ended 11 months of judgment, and the person riding a bicycle was sentenced to 15 to 20 years in prison. According to the Interpol report, the Denis Pas factory houle.cisc.Ganguywally. In the global crime network, more and more complicated people have higher profits than ever. Moreover, the global nature is not only transnational crime, but also a huge in the form of human rights and contemporary slavery.Invadation. In fact, economic discomfort seems to be the main reason for the global illegal immigration movement. Many arranged immigrants and criminal unions specializing in people who are engaged in people's smuggling are dangerous. These unions will repair everything for immigrants at a high cost. Generally, travel conditions, travel conditionsIt is inhumane, immigrants are narrow and narrow or ships on the truck, and the frequency of fatal accidents is high. 159

173Immigration was trafficking after arriving at the destination country, and the illegal identity allowed them to let the smugglers go. Smuggles often forced them to work in the illegal labor market for many years to repay the debt generated by transportation.If immigrants cannot pay, the trade union may threaten to torture or kill members of immigrants.The union of becoming the people benefits from weak legislation, huge profits, and relatively low risk of being discovered, prosecuted and arrested compared with other multinational organizational criminal activities.This creates a structure that requires the cooperation of police and other law enforcement agencies globally.The International Interpol has fulfilled this responsibility and is making considerable efforts to develop the services you can provide.It should be warned that potential victims are incredible in Europe or North America in Europe or North America.Ordinary public and criminal judicial professionals need to learn more about this increasing crime.In addition, the needs of demand for population trafficking need to be resolved, and inform the potential users of the possibility of the service provided by the use of the service of the victims of the population.The abolition of sale and sale of slavery and selling population in Los Angeles, California, said that 1.5 million Asian women work abroad as legal or illegal workers.According to reports, 800,000 peasant workers flow out each year, and this number is still increasing.Researchers have found that more and more women go out to work to support their families, and they often go out alone.Having parallel with legal immigrants, there are also strictly organized immigrants.Women with illegal entry or visas are particularly vulnerable to exploitation.These naive and desperate young women who are sold as sex slaves are often too scared and dare not dare to help their rape, beatings and drugs they have received in the hands of the kidnappers.These violations of human rights are often normal.The United Nations reports that 4 million people are negotiated with one or other -form slavery every year in violation of their wishes each year.The survey shows that most Asian women are now provided by sex workers to enter sex transactions at first.A survey of sex workers found that 3%of sex workers were sold by her boyfriend.4%of them were raped and sold.5%of the people were raped and sold by stepfather.32%of them were deceived and sold.Non -family members.8% of people were sold by their parents to repay their debts.4% of people went to the city to find a job and were later sold.Recently, the case of being trafficking in the store and Westminster's brothel in El Monte was considered a tip of the tip of the iceberg.There are 4,000 to 5,000 women of the People's Republic of China engaged in prostitution in Los Angeles; even not most, many women have been sold.A large number of women from South Korea, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries work in a brothel or sweat factories in Los Angeles.It is unclear how many people are sold and are in a state of labor or slavery.The United Nations Global Fighting Population Trafficking Plan. The global crackdown on population trafficking plans are collaborated by the International Crime Prevention Center (CICP) with the United Nations Crime and Judicial Investigation Team (UNICRI) in March. The plan assists member states to strive to crack down on population trafficking.It emphasizes organizational participation in criminal groups to participate in population trafficking and promote the formulation of effective ways to combat perpetrators.The overall goal of the global plan is to put the criminal group participating in population trafficking activities first, and promote the formulation of effective measures related to criminal activities.As the only entity focusing on criminal judicial elements, the solution has carried out work through CICP, bringing special advantages to cracking down on population trafficking.The key component of the plan outline is data collection, evaluation and technical cooperation.The evaluation part of the scheme was carried out in cooperation with the Criminal Justice Institute, including the collection of data about various smuggling routes and methods used by organizational criminal groups in traffic.160

174The United Nations also collects the best practice for cracking down on traffic and organizing crimes.A database has been established, which includes trends and traffic routes, as well as information about victims and traffickers, so that those responsible politicians, professionals, researchers, and researchers can use collected data for non -governmental organizations.The country involved in the plan was selected from Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. It will be evaluated according to the following ways: the law of smuggling lines and forms of the cooperation between the traffickers, the laws and efforts of the judicial government responded, the judicial government made a response,Including the recent legislation.reform.According to the evaluation, seven countries are now participating in technical cooperation projects.Specific intervention measures are being introduced to strengthen the aimed at strengthening the ability to crack down on traffic in the country and international levels.These measures will help the origin, transportation and destination countries to formulate common strategies and practical actions.At the national level, the goal of the plan is to increase awareness (such as through public movements) to traffic human beings, especially in order to strengthen the institutional ability of legal agents, prosecutors and judges provide suggestions for drafting and reviewing legislation to provide suggestions and assistance to assistance and assistanceIn order to establish and strengthen anti -technology elements; and strengthen the support of victims and witnesses.The international level aims to provide assistance for institutions, institutions, and governments. This is part of the efforts of interdisciplinary efforts to design effective human transport measures.This plan is closely related to other government and non -governmental organizations when implementing its activities, even in terms of increasing consciousness.The prohibited route of changing the method of smuggling networks, such as response to legislation and application activities, is necessary for the survival of the network.Therefore, this is the case., One of the main characteristics of transportation and the choice of route.This means that people's smuggles can sometimes be simple and direct, but in other cases, the time between departure and arrival may be due to several days to several months or even years.Smuggling is carried out from land, air or ocean.Immigration in Asia mainly uses the route of the Federal Federation (Shun style, a Soviet Union with 12 former Republic Federation).Immigration from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Taigistan and Turkmenistan to Russia, from there to there, from there to there, from Ukraine, Slovak and the Czech Republic to Western European gangs to smuggle asylum as Britain as British.Name of asylum applicants), earned millions of pounds of pounds before Pressphoto, Personia

175The alliance is hung in the Balkans to Western Europe, for smuggling immigrants, as well as smuggling of all other types of illegal goods (such as drugs and guns).Especially in summer, Spain faces illegal immigrants from Sahara regions of Africa in Africa.Many people drowned them in a small and excessive vessels to try to reach Europe desperately.In the past few years, Australia has faced more and more illegal immigrants. It is mainly illegal immigrants in the central and central parts of Delsul, Asia, and landing on its western coast, especially on Christmas Island. The island is relatively close to the Indonesian Islands.EssenceFerry to south to south to Indonesia.Immigration smuggling has been determined recently, and people's smuggles are obtaining more profits to smuggle more and more immigrants at the same time.This is an exception. The media's attention only increased the attention of the media a year ago.In February 2001, 894 illegal immigrants have become a sad reality in the ocean of the ship on the southern coast of France.Daily news reports are often close to hundreds of immigrants on board.Health is because there are no bath facilities, and it is usually impossible on these ships.These containers are mainly the equipment is not enough to drink water and food.The crew and guard's treatment of immigrants may be very violent, and patients can throw them on the boat.There are more and more routes through South Africa and South Africa, but it is also the main destination country of Asian immigrants, especially for Chinese citizens.They gave part of some immigrants, which seemed to be related to the smuggling network in Southeast Asia.Many citizens Chinese travel to the country through fraudulent documents or contact countries such as Sverland, Lesso or Mozambique.In South Africa, immigrants arranged often go to the United States and plane to European countries.From South Africa, it has existed for several years, and this route seems to be testing again.With the permission of the United Nations, please also see: sunflower.s operation.s to cancel slavery and transportation.According to several sources, the hanging alliance is the first famous society, and the hanging alliance is the first society.Most of these secret society eventually became more involved in the catastrophic buses; triple.162

176Ibrahim, Dawood Ibrahim, Dawood, headquarters in Karachi, Pakistan, Ibrahim and its gangs installed in Karachi.Residents immediately stirred with local citizens.Bridhm is installed on a elegant 5,000 square foot plot in the Karaggylfton area, equipped with a swimming pool, gym and tennis court.Ibrahim's most violent will of the will, Abdul Razzak Memon (Abdul Razzak Memon), renamed Tiger Memon, and got the same spread.The second commander Shakeel Ahmad Babu, well -known Chhota Shakel, got a similar position in the flying place of the national defense housing authorities.The three were strongly protected, and they were told that unstable citizens should deal with their affairs.It is believed that all these people benefit from generous and protecting the Pakistani government because India demands that they extradite, but Pakistan must not find men.EssenceFor many years, colleagues have been operating in Dubai and Mumbai, where they have practiced murder and extortion, as well as various smuggling.Iibrahim has been able to trust the wide employee network of Asia as a whole to implement its highly organized and violent plans.Starting one day from the tennis or billiard game, and then ending the night with a black label, the game and women's performance night.He liked the party until dawn, prayed for the first time, and then completed the carnival that night.On September 15, 2000, Ibrahim tried to steal money before departure.No one can be sure if this is true. No one can endure each other, and several colleagues of them were killed in these two aspects. Iibrahim established an attacker in four countries. 163

177Ichiwa-kai just wants to find out where Chhota Rajan is.Ibrahim fired from the balcony.Libertad.iibhim is firmly established to be the largest king on the mountain and conveys a message to other parts of the world, which can kill anyone on anyone to kill anyone.It's time.Even so, there are many opponents in the underworld. Once they see that Ibrahim eliminated from the competition, Laran was committed to revenge.Pakistan officials are believed to be in the salary of Pakistan officials in Ibrahim because it provides funds for several terrorist organizations and will not extradite in the short term.There is no doubt that Pakistan has made him an economic citizen said by experts in the underworld, or a person who pays for asylum.India's research Central Office believes that if anyone will get Ibrahim, this will be the current Pakistani government and/or competitors.In many circles, Ibrahim and the Pakistani government have become so close, so that the Pakistani government cannot let Ibrahim lose control.I just know many wrong details.Chhota; Shakel, chhota; Singh, Sanjay.praveen Swami.Disappear draft.Frontline 19, No. 3, No. 3 (February 2, 2002).In November, twelve bombs exploded through Mumbai on March 12, 1993, including the explosion in Mumbai bags to kill hundreds of people.The attack is attributed to Dawood (AP) Ichiwa-Kai, which is a clan of Japanese criminal crime built by former Yamaguchi-Gumi leader Hiroshi Yamamoto at Yamamot Yamamot Ichiwa-Kai.Men were killed in Japanese drama and famous shooting, including Susumu Akasaka.stage.Akasaka was hit by five bullets in his head and body.According to Ed Jacob, a Japanese criminal expert, in the blood bath of Yakuza, no killer was 164 years old.

178Empire's blood brothers and blood brothers unified the country, IQBAL Kaskar (covered with faces), Indian brother, the most desired gangster member Dawood Ibrahim, was being quilt.After the federal investigators and police (AP) were interrogated, the police were accompanied by the police. The murder had been interrogated as one of the most unusual history in Yakuza.ed New York.It is planned to establish a chapter nationwide and accept men and women.Female members are called blood sisters, but diamonds are nicknamed nicknames.Gang makeup is mainly African Americans, Asians, Spanish and Spanish, and some white people.Establish a hierarchical structure and strictly abide by organizational and laws.Members use red and black.Red represents blood; black represents African Americans (or other small groups).The meaning of the color is between endless blood overflow cycling (red) colored race (black).Another meaning is knowledge (red) and ignorance (black).New immigrants are wearing all black accounts, all black accounts, death agents, six blacks, then six reds, and then six reds of members.President's executors use two account games: each episode has six reds

179INAGAWA of Kakuji Black.President can use any or all account sequences and up to 20 sets.The tattoo or gang logo can include three pointed crowns, fight with monks, a sword, and move with soldiers with soldiers with scholars; letters IBB, BBUN or BB;Drop the blood underwater.These groups have maintained alliances with the folk nation and CK (police Killas) and are opponents with the people.Criminal activities include anesthesia, weapons, ransom, attack and intimidation.C.O.D. (convicted child) is a family gang, starting in Windsor, Connecticut in the mid -1980s.Sometimes, fighting with others to protect yourself.In these battles, C.O.D. Lead the group.poison.The members quickly won respect, although the family name was not well known.In 1992, most members of the power that C.O.D. lost.Other groups.Nuge, the primitive member, is interested in continuing to carry out the blood brothers, except two people.One leading blood brothers, and the other want to do something more positive, leading to a division.The structure of the blood brothers has changed, and there are several aspects of several families in a more positive way.In January 1993, he founded the blood brothers underground country in Hartford, Connecticut.However, the creation of this version is more positive; this does not mean the end of the original blood.Although two families have different faith, they have served as a big family.As we all know, members of the blood brothers defeated and killed members who were trying to try to the family.Non -member lack of respect for families and was beaten and killed.National members of the unified brothers and blood brothers United Nations show violence in the streets of Correals and Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, New Jersey, George Asia, and other states.Not based on the rules of gangs.The members of the Brotherhood also attacked prisoners who refused to join the gang.The sale of the blood brothers is the sale of drugs.The unity of the Imperial Brothers, Brothers, and Brothers has a highly organized and formalized scope structure, including an old man, an executor, a security personnel, a communication secretary, a regional commander, a branch leader and a national defense team.Most members of the Empire Blood Brothers and Blood Blood.Murder criminals use knives, poison and explosives.Those who are interested to become members must complete the requirements of the Chief Executive.Personnel; they must get the final recognition of the elderly.The underground nation of the blood brothers, the blood brothers joined the country with the blood of the blood brothers of the unified empire.There are fewer and fewer accounts, but some members and some members have met with them.Connecticut Southeast Gangs (SEG).He came to power in the 1940s and has been a key figure in the Japanese underworld until the mid -1980s.In 1945, Ingawakai competed with his old teacher in 1945 to compete for his main source of income from the game casino, but his gang also adventure prostitution, loan and extortion participation and drug distribution.His main operational base is Kanamawa.INAGAWA is in a good status in conservative politics. In the world, in 1960, the Democratic Liberal Party governed in Japan.

180The Interpol has recruited many Yakuza and fan nationalists to oppose the security treaty in the United States and Japan.In Japan, although there are many prison prayers, Ibagawa is considered one of Japan's ecstasy after living in a mature elderly in Japan.INAGAWA-KAI INAGAWA-KAI is said to be the largest Tokyo gang with more than 8,000 gangs, which is the second largest gang in Japan.Boryakudan, a well -known business scam for Boryakudan, has created most wealth with mature wealth with mature wealth.Asian councilors are on the National Criminal Bureau.Discussion documents of the joint parliament committee held in Australia.International Interpol Interpol Interpol, established in 1923 in Vienna in 1923, was disbanded in 1938, and then reorganized in Paris in the name of Interpol. It was once the name of the Criminal Police International Organization.It was officially passed as the name of the organization in 1956. Since then, it has become synonymous with cooperation and investigation. International Police International Organization pointed out that its creation is to improve global and promote cross -border criminal police cooperation.The response of global police cooperation has never been so serious.The main task of the Interpol Organization is to improve the help of the International Police International Police Organization, coordinate and cooperate to help officials responsible for the implementation of laws of different police forces, countries, and 167 languages and culture.It is an international organization that must be maintained above the policy.His letter does not allow organizations or employees to investigate or coordinate the investigation or coordination of politics, military, religious or racial characteristics.The organization said: The International Interpol Organization only handles international crimes rather than a national crime, that is, crimes overlapped with one or more member states ...There are organizational crimes, illegal crimes, production and transportation are mainly related to drugs, weapons smuggling, human transportation, money laundering, crime and financial corruption, and high -tech.What makes it the largest international criminal database, you can visit the world anywhere through the police forces of the member states during the day or night.The International Interpol Organization provides the following services to its member states: it visits its required international databases in 24 hours to notify the danger or expectation of the public public notice or expected public public public notice of danger or expectations.Statistics have notified notifications about drug trafficking, fake foreign exchange, sexual criminals, murderers, etc.Among the hosts of the International Police Symposium, they are information exchanges to improve the survey technology, that is, the highest government agencies of the Interpol Organization once a year, and make all the main decisions that affect the policy general. This is specified by the member state government designated.The composition of the representative.Once voted for voting.Executive Committee Supervision Conference and

181Secretary -General's Organization of Interpol.Secretary -General is the executive director of the organization and a complete senior official.Interpol is funded by its 181 member states, and its government pays annual donations.These are their national GDP (PNB) calculated based on sliding scale.In 2001, the International Interpol Organization helped or participated in the arrest of 1,400 people or determined the whereabouts of people who participated in the international criminal police organization. There was an office called the Central State Office.The office provides a connection point for international cooperation with offices in other countries.At any time, the International Interpol has issued 6,000 to 7,000 expected notifications worldwide, and the database conducts more than 6,000 searches per month.In 2000, Interpol trafficking 2.5.For millions of people who prevent crimes and crimes, international criminal police officials will not investigate the world around the world around the world.Each member country hires their officials to act on their own territory, and in accordance with their national action laws as the International Organization of Interpol and International Interpol Organization.Facts/general descriptions.In the facts/general descriptions of Denmark, a agreement was signed in December 2002, which authorized the exchange of personal data from the personal data of terrorism between the United States and Europe.The European Interpol also signed a cooperation agreement with the Interpol Organization.(AP) 168

182Ivankov, Vyacheslav Ishii, Susumu Susumu Ishii is the famous boss of INAGAWA-KAI. Inagawa-Kai is the largest Yakuza organization in Asia and the largest Yakuza organization in Japan.In 1989, Ishii participated in his scam, and later he was sold, and the scam was sold to the scam.Become a public golf course.It received $ 27.4 million in the scam, sold these actions to major companies and went out with him.There are many important companies in Japan.His actions in major Japanese companies exceeded more than 330 billion yen (US $ 250 billion), including the reputation name.In 1992, after arriving in the United States in 1992, he was arrested for the Federal Research Office (FBI) in 1995. This is a mysterious and even mythical figure.The speculation created the image extortion of the image of the father and the most influential Soviet Union (Russia is equivalent to one of the Italian Mom Party -Stadouns).It is the main criminal chief of the distant Russia, and reports in Russian newspapers in Russia's largest newspapers.As a red sponsor, York was sent to New York by his partner Vory to organize and control Russian criminal activities there.The US authorities, especially the Federal Investigation Office, must be an important person in charge of Ivankov.Who is this Mrs. Iwanco, also known as Yaponchik?What does he do here?Is this really the head of Russian crime?How can the Iwankov/ Yaponchik case and why they need to create a black -handed party illustration.Born in the Soviet Republic of Georgia, grew up in Moscow.When he was young, he was a champion amateur warrior. He was the first time he was in prison after fighting in the bar. He (according to his lawyer of Moscow), he defended this honor that a woman was released, and he started to be stolen in the black market.When many other people are raising the stairs of Soviet crimes like many others.In its activities, the group used false police documents to search for the rich houses and steal money, while others attached importance to the object.In 1982, Yaponchik was arrested and condemned theft, with guns, forgery and drug trafficking.The annual imprisonment has been in the past ten years.During the imprisonment, he was said to be announced as a Vor V Zakone or a person in the Russian Matter Party.According to Ivankov himself, his prison event during this period expects that the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs will subsequently conspire and murder the FBI.In an interview with Moscow correspondent in 1995, Ivankov said that the ministry could not forgive its efforts to modify the Soviet prison system in the Soviet Union's prison system that lock Siberia, which supported their resistance to communism.Authorities of Russian criminal countries.Vyacheslav Ivankov may not be an ordinary Russian criminal, and may be subject to the assumptions of his knowing, that is, Yuri Churbanov, he is Blaznif toThe son of Brezhnev, the son of Brezhnev, participated in the cotton scandal of Uzbek.According to reports, Ivankov was released from prison in 1991 due to the intervention of a powerful politician and bribery from the Russian Supreme Court.Ivankov arrived in the United States in March 1992 and I will work in the film industry.How about a man who was sentenced to severe crimes, was sentenced to ten years in prison, 169

183Ivankov, Via Chestlav, can easily obtain a visa to the United States as one of Russia's most powerful criminals?US immigrants and naturalized officials said that immigration officials in Moscow were overwhelmed and had no time or resource investigation of the criminal records of all visa applicants.U.S. officials have to rely on incompetent and corrupt Russian authorities to obtain these background information.The real reason why Ivankov came here is questionable.In January 1993, the Russian Ministry of the Interior notified the Federal Investigation Agency that Iwankov came to the United States to manage and control ROC [Russia's organizational crimes] in the United States.However, Handerman said that his US law enforcement sources initially denied any such warnings.However, this suggestion was finally treated seriously by the FBI.The news editor of NOOVOYE RUSSKOYE Slovo, Alexander Grant, told us in 1994 that Ivankov is indeed the highest -level Russian criminal in the United States, but there is no criminal event here.Grant said Ivankov had to leave Russia because new criminal entrepreneurs did not respect people like Yaponchik, which was too dangerous for him.No matter what the original reason he came to the United States, Yaponchik had been engaged in criminal activities after arriving in the United States, but as many of his other aspects, his criminal activity was controversial.One point of view is that Ivankov has about 100 members in Solntsevskaya gangsters in New York. It is recognized as the main Russian criminal group of Brooklyn on the street, and Ivankov is the country's most powerful Russian organization.criminal gang.Similarly, according to the source of the FBI, Sterling concluded that, just like Lucky Luciano dealing with American mobs more than sixty years ago, Ivankov is transforming the various loose Russian hooligans on the US territory into a nationwideModern criminal group.However, if there is any evidence to support such an assessment, it is not self -confident.When he was arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency in June 1995, Ivankov was accused of ransoming millions of dollars in investment consulting companies operated by two Russian merchants.He and the three criminals were sentenced to extortion in July.At first glance, this crime is not particularly complicated; in fact, some people want to know that if Ivankov is actually the leader of a large criminal organization and the most powerful Russian gangster in the United States, why would he directly participate inThe victims of extortion were negotiated with it.Organic criminal leaders are usually not affected by this direct participation.In addition, in the arrest complaint of the Federal Investigation Bureau, one of the victims' father was murdered in Moscow is part of the threat to promote extortion.However, in a telephone conversation about the murder, Ivankov, who was said to have planned this conspiracy, seemed to know nothing about the murder.Finally, if Ivankov is a new Lucky Luciano, before the start of the specific extortion event in November 1994, people may expect from other allegations from his senior criminal activities for more than two years?Ivankov is obviously a serious criminal.Information from Russian authorities, his experience in prison, and even his tattoos indicate that he is a VOR.He may be the most fierce Russian criminal in the United States, but is it or not the leader or gang leader of the major criminal organization.There is no evidence that he tries to obtain monopoly control of any criminal activity, or he systematically resorts to violence or corruption.With this single criminal act, it is difficult to evaluate the economic, physical, psychological and social damage caused by its criminal behavior.However, the description of the crime itself shows that this is a very clumsy effort.Finally, returning to our black -handed party organization's destruction ability standards. It is said that Iwankov has only a loose group of about 10 people instead of a huge and complex criminal organization.At the same time, Ivankov was sentenced to ninety -seven months of serving the Federal Prison.In a recent prison interview, Ivankov accused the Federal Investigation Bureau of spreading the myth of the Russian black hand to prove the use of its Russian sector.He said that they were just dumping with windmills.According to Ivankov, Russia does not have a myth about organizational crime, because everyone knows that Russia is a constant crime swamp.In the Kremlin palace and Duma (legislature), anyone who believes that people like him are all the bandits of all these bandits.David Amuso.Viacuslav Ivankov.Gangsters Inc. is provided online.Website: ivankov.html download on July 16th,

184As we all know, Jamaican Posse operates Jamaican Posse in New York City and its surrounding areas (such as Connecticut and New Jersey).Member qualifications are mainly composed of Jamaica men, but there is almost no evidence that the official layer of POSSE in different POSSE branches.It is the self -recognition of the tooth shopping and Canadian people with similar values (tendency to crime and anti -social behavior), which leads to the appearance of formal physical body.However, in all posture, there are strong personal leaders, especially those who participate in terrorist or complex criminal activities among those people.Columbians, Nostra, as we all know, they are related to 20 love, Yby and brother friendship.Competitive ethnic groups include blacks, Spanish descent from the Caribbean, Paragang, Puerto Rico, white and Rastafaria and Rastafaria.The main cities in Connecticut are the secondary allocation points (Hartford, New Hrth I, Britt Potter).Posse members have nothing to do with Rastafarios, and there are some basic ideological differences between the two.In the 1970s, Rastafarios controlled a large part.New York Pharmaceutical Market.The same market in the 1980s and the 1990s seemed to control members of POSSE.Recent information shows that the huge cracks between the two groups occur in the production of Kasalen's cocaine.The group is for the production of cocaine and the Lasthar, but it is opposed to cocaine, but for the production and sales of tooth nathals.According to reports, there are rumors that they are consistent with Fidel Castro or the Jamaic Processing Party (JLP). According to reports, the US Central Intelligence Institution and the US Central Intelligence Institution involved in the United States Central Intelligence Institution ...SPANGLER's POSSE and PNP and shower are consistent with POSSE and JLP.Posse members are famous for the shooting of competitors on the drug grass and murders of the rituals of drugs in drugs.In the chest, one person is to the end.Posse members have almost no consideration for public safety or human life.

185The gang of Jheri-Curl.Escape in any possible way.As we all know, members of POSSE forged documents and tried to obtain false certificates from police, federal agents, military officers and military and intelligence.Gangjheri-Curl Jheri-Curl gang is a CARRERA criminal organizer Rafaelmartínez.martínez), and his brother Augusto, Loren (Loren).Daniel) and Pepin Martínez and other gang leaders wear hair. Although extortion and intimidation are his demonstration card, his source of income is to treat drugs.They are known for their special random violent brands and often shoot or intimidate local civilians without other reasons. Deintitrés members were arrested in 1991, paralyzed effectively, and then closed the gang, which is still the main force.In the Asian crime of Chinatown. At first, Children Joe Fong (Joe Fong) was Joe Fong, who was sentenced to Joe Fong and was sent to Joe Fong (Joe Fong)After the prison, he became Joe's boy. The gang was called Chung Ching Yee on July 4th. In 1977, the long -term disputes between Chinatown Qiao Boys and Waha Gangs led to the failure of the murder of the Golden Dragon Restaurant at 841 Washington Street in Washington Street.Murder. Reporter Hank Donat wrote. The Dragon Massacre. The Massacre eventually Francisco. Other members. This is described as a natural leader and mentor. Unlike most criminals, Joping is regardedFor the negotiator, it is considered that violence is the last resort. This is why when the gang leader Salvatore Cazzetta was imprisoned, Jomphe was considered to be a leader as a leader.The ideal choice of a person's position. When the 11 -year -old Daniel predator became the victim of the Garrier war machine/hell angel, he told "Michel Agre Journal" that we do not attackOf course we will not kill the children. Jombhe was shot and fired by competitors. Store managers were injured and killed a customer. No victims were linked with rock machines. The rock machine and member Christian (ChristianSitting together, colleagues, Raymond Laureau, in a cottage behind the golden HOA restaurant at Wellington Street. At that time, a person was close to the table, shot a few shots, and escaped the back door.

186The members of the rock machine of Juarez Cartel have become a lineman Peter Paradis. He was also in the restaurant when he was murdered in Jomphe. Later, he was in court in court.He said that Jomphe's cousin was responsible for ambush.They came to the enemy of his hell angel.Renaud Jombhe's funeral was held on October 24th. The night before, the police arrested a member of the Roddi crew's motorcycle driver club to get around GRO near the FUN meason, so the family was the family.The service of the family was the change, Jimp's body, followed by five luxury cars and 11 Cadillac. These Cadillac transported yellow and black flowers and were brought to the extreme crematorium. This is also the bandit.Garyfraancoeur.Gary Jomphe.wissguyWally.Because he was called the king of the sky in terms of transporting cocaine aircraft for Columbia traffickers.Acredcarrillo Fuenter is widely related to the former commissioner of the Police and the military and the former National Research Institute.In order to fight drugs (Nicd), General Jesus Gutelres Rebelo.Before his death in July 1997, in March, after General Gutires Robelo was arrested, Amado Carrillo Fuentes was at the pressure of police in Manchester United and Mexico states in Manchester United and Mexico.EssenceEfforts to cover up the appearance through cosmetic surgery and relocate some of its actions to Chile.Not arrested.Carrillofuentes organization is located in Juárez, which is related to the Ochoa Brothers of Calirodríguezorejula and Medellín.The organization also participated in the transportation of heroin and marijuana and handled large cocaine goods from Colombia.Guadalajara (Guadalajara), Hermosillo and Torreon bases are the storage location and generate billions of dollars per week.In 1997, two important investigations on the Drug Control Administration showed that the influence of CARRILLLO Fuentes on American citizens.The first survey showed that only a Juárez -based criminal cell will be sent to the US community in less than 30 tons of cocaaa in less than two years, and returned more than $ 100 million in profits to Mexico.The distribution of Domton Cocaine, led by drug traffickers in Carli, is now controlled by Mexico, such as Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle.The Cariolor Lane Teste's organization also adventure has entered the East Coast, especially New York City, especially the coca Carter on the East Coast, and Cali drugs Carter's traditional power.In April 1997, two agents assigned to the newly organized criminal sector in Mexico were abducted and killed.A special agent conducted a survey of Carrillo Fuentes was abducted on April 4 and abducted on April 25.A car in Mexico City.The bar was tied to the face, blocked, beating and opening fire.According to two agents, the two agents were killed because they invaded the house of Carrillo Fuentes's son.Mainly mainly.The function of OCU is to implement modern research technology provided by organizational criminal laws in 1997 issued in the 1997 in the United States and Mexico.The second survey was to go to the Chicago transport and distribution unit organized by Carrillo Fuentes.The unit is responsible for from Mexico to the United States every month, with at least one ton of cocaine of cocaine.The survey led to a Mexican distribution pool operating in New York. The Mexican distribution pool transported hundreds of kilograms of cocaine to Dominica and Columbia traffickers in New York.The survey eventually led to more than 1,600 kilograms of Cocaine and $ 1.3 million in more than 1,600 kilograms of the Mexican organization in New York.These surveys reveal 173 ways to establish new drug trafficking routes.

187Jungle boy Carrillo Fuentes in the United States.This trend is constantly developing and changing.Despite increasing command and control intelligence work, and determining the leaders of Carrillo Fuentes, the main lieutenant was not detained in Mexico.For example, Eduardo González Quirarte has been identified as the main person in charge of the border Carrillo Fuentes.He is responsible for organizing cross -border transportation cocaine and ensuring that money is transferred back to Mexico.He has contact with the Mexican military and law enforcement officials, making him an important leader in the future Carrillo Fuentes.Like their Columbia, Carillo Fuentes traverser uses advanced technology and counterattack methods.The group uses cutting -edge communication equipment to carry out business.Carrillo Fuentes organization tried to expand its business into the traditionally profitable East Coast market led by Columbia traffickers has been recorded in the case.Since AMADO Carrillo Fuuentes died in July 1997, a fierce power struggle has followed. Competitors and colleagues have formulated business arrangements and sites to control the profitable JUárez smuggling corridor.Muloz Talavera is obviously trying to use the disadvantaged state organized by Amado Carrillo Fuentes.After the death of Amado Carrillo Fuentes, the power struggle has led to nearly 50 drug -related murders in the Juárez area.The victims of these murders include four doctors, two lawyers and a federal commander.The violence related to these murders has never been as obvious as a gang -type machine gun shooting incident that occurred in the MAX FIN restaurant in August. This shooting has led to the acquaintances of six drug dealers and two innocent surrounding people.Vicente Carrillo Fuentes is now considered the leader of the organization and successfully marginalized the Muñoz-Talavera organization.Thomas A. Constantine.Internationally organized criminal groups and its influence on the anti -drug bureau can be available for online.url: downloaded on July 15th, Jungle Boys The Jungle Boys originally came from New British Britain, Connecticut, since 1976, or recently appeared in Numerigwen, Connectica.In a facility, this is due to the various arrests of drug depression and homicide in the New Hacery region in the past two years.On June 22, 1992, 18 members were arrested in a major drug operation in New Horsis, involving federal, state and federal law enforcement agencies.Place.At the Adult Education Center of Connecticut, jungle boys and other New Hacetari gangs often gather together to form Yushu Street gangs.At the Massen Youth College (Myi), the combination of jungle boys and Kenxin Street gangs (KSI) is called Yushu Street Gang.Members are mainly composed of black people.The established level system and command chain include the boss, deputy boss, lieutenant and soldier.There are no known representatives or regulations of the son of the jungle.As the custom of the company's drug trafficking gang, the jungle boy does not show the gang color.Handbar Zhi is stretched by all fingers except the bending ring finger; however, the members of the jungle boy like to show off their jewelry as a sign.They have no special alliance on the street.Jungle Boys and other New Hacery-Based Gangs Will Align with 20 LOV Inside Correctional Facilities. Rivals are the Island Brothers and Bridgeport (NATION and BROTHORD). Trafficking and distribution, andIt is an effective tool for long-term-drug sales and distribution.Over the years, they have cooperated with many different drugs.In addition to drugs, the jungle boy is also related to the killing cases related to drugs.As we all know, the members of the jungle boy also carried guns and were related to many shootings.The recent historical history has been dominated by the jungle boy in the Jungle Boys in the Southern Housing Project of the Church Street, which is considered to be the gang's territory.The jungle boy is considered to be one of the five major drug trafficking gangs in New Horses. It is related to an important part of the city's drug trading activities and gang members.The main source of income from the jungle boy is the funds that sold cocaine and cannabis.174

188The junior high school black -handed party jungle boy was responsible for six murders in New Heiqi, and it was related to countless shootings.In punishment facilities, they participated in several incidents, including Rock Potter (Brotherhood and State) competitors involving competitors.Children in the jungle are currently imprisoned.When they are imprisoned, the children of the jungle will tend to be consistent with other gangs based on New Hewen to obtain a numerical power base.A group of gang activities (SEG) in southeast Connecticut.Services.jbm cooperates with Bruno-SCARFO's colleagues of the criminal family of black hand. It seems to establish a model of criminal methods after the organization, which largely trusts violence and extort on its pharmaceutical company after the organization.JBM appeared in 1985, in order to offset the sudden migration of New York headquarters at the Philadelphia's drug scene.Restore Philadelphia to affect regional teeth and drug distribution.It is estimated that JBM has about 100 members on the street and about 300 members.The members are expensive, and they often use gold jewelry and rings and jbm first letters to embed diamonds.Philadelphia, trying to expand its drug trafficking profits by providing independent anesthesia merchants in JBM.The Pensylvania Criminal Committee recorded two 1989 incidents, of which JBM went to the dead businessman and they rejected such a quotation.Among the local gangs, JBM provides sales and distribution services for international drug management posters in the sixth largest cities in the United States, which has increased these posters.The influence of JBM in New Jersey or activity is limited.Due to the lack of coordinated efforts to collect intelligence.The committee can record at least two members and eight employees living in Kamden and Berlidon County.On February 20, 1991, five employees of the Philadelphia JBM were arrested.Camden (Camden) is considered an ancient black black hand party in Philadelphia, and finally extended to Kamden, Berlinkon, Glosster, Camplan County and Atlantic County.made.Best and Debra A. Sowney.


190In September 1992, the Kaya clan in Duisburg, Germany, was found 20.3 kilograms of heroin.The two drivers were Nezir Kaya. They were born in 1966 in 1966. Nusaybin and Hasib Kaya, Turkey, were born in 1969 and were born in the same city in 1969.The vehicle belongs to the truck company of Osman Kaya, the brothers of Nezir and the Hasib (Ilel PKK; Clan Senar.The Kaya clan of the old website of the contemporary crime crime center, part of the research center, CriminoLogie Institut de Criminology, Pantheon-Assasuniversitépantheon UNIVERSITUNTHéon, Panthéon, PLACE DUPANTHéon, PLACE DUPANTH éon, Links in eastern and foreign in eastern Canada. The ring is to OttawaIt provided marijuana and the connection between the Montreal region with the Outaouais area. During the investigation, the police seized 45 kg of hash and hash island, and 36,000 US dollars were detained among 36,000 US dollars. During the raid, the police confiscated $ 173,000Cash, 48 kg hash, 1 kg marijuana, 45 grams of cocaine, five cars and guns, including guns, one assault rifle, one gun and several hunting, seven properties, seven properties, seven properties and ships.Restricted. The total number of items confiscated and restricted exceeds $ 1,200,000. The survey is the climax of the project perspective. This is the joint task of the comprehensive department of the Royal Canadian Royal Madon Police of Ottawa.The 47 -year -old leader of Ottawa James Kenny and his brothers 52 -year -old Brian Kenny.Imported, one of them was suspicious. The land was sent to the area of Ottawa and Outaouais, and sometimes they sold them to Montreal.

191Kheri, Chilla, July 16th, Kheri, Chilla Chilla Kheri from Jaffna, India.It is said to be the kingdom of international drug hand frame operating in different regions of India.Elam is a violent separation of Sri Lanka, led by Velupillai Pirapaharan.He lived in Bhopal in the name of Ravi Kumar, and participated in the illegal drug trafficking poppy nursing illegal drug trafficking of PRO raised by Madhya Pradesh.chilla Kheri.In Derry and Qin Nai, they made two trials of murder.Stolen brown sugar (heroin) for other points of Chin Nai and southern India.Rajastan.chillakheri has admitted that this is part of the international drug from southern India.The history of the underground world of that country.In some circles, it is called the godfather's godfather.He has covered 40 years as a career with organizational crime, which illustrates his power and speaks for so long in the business that is engaged in early retirement plans when creating and creating and cunning.The Turkish authorities noticed it for the first time when they were arrested for the first time at the age of 14; since then, it has become more and more.EssenceKiric is a complicated person.He helped many senior Turks succeed before his death at the age of 64.There are several notes, the most noteworthy is Alaatin Cakici.cakici is Deng Da's son -girl.In his wife, in front of Cakici Onur.The real reason is that Ugur speaks too much; if you want to be with Dons or Dons or Dons or Dons, or he has never been really clear.But one thing is clear: Dundar did not avenge the murder.He didn't know if he refused to make his grandson a complete orphan misappropriation of public funds.Many people expect Dundar and Alaatin to participate in the war, but this bleeding has never been achieved.For the elderly, Dundar was severely frustrated. The only purpose in his life began to educate and establish his grandson as the new supervisor of the Turkish black hand.Organic crimes and Montez, Dundar played a role in the appearance of ONUR.The two were very loyal to each other, and Barcelona brought ONU to his wings in a very sincere way.Young ONUR is arrested and is serving his sentence.Barcelona now silently executes Türkiye's largest criminal empire.Heart, Don died in August 1999 at the age of 64. The crime and MENDES continued in the years of the press.EssenceHelp Yakuza's position.His friend, recommended it to POSI-178 people

192Kodama, Yoshi Tion, formerly known as Yoshi Kodama, one of the largest Yakuza bosses in history.Kimura used his position for the detained Yakuza prisoners to be released as soon as possible.Kitay Clan Hakki Kitay was arrested at the Turkish border checkpoint on September 1, 1993 at the way from Bulgaria. According to the tips from the Netherlands, Germany, and British police, 14.8 kilograms of heroes were embedded in Turkey.On October 29, ICEL City was sentenced to 10 years in prison in Turkey on October 19, 1993. Hakki was related to his family that imported 1.2 tons of heroin to Germany in 1990 and his family.There is also a correlation.On October 23, 1992, when he was monitored during his trip to Germany, Hakki contacted Eminsal and Selim Curukkaya, also known as Tilki Selim (Selim The Fox), PARTIYA KARKAREN KURDISTAN or Kurdistein Workers (PKK).Essence) Financial business in Germany.Hakki is the brother of Vahdettin Kitay. It is also known as the person in charge of the guerrillas in the Kurdish Workers' Party area. He was killed in the conflict with the Turkish police in October 1989. During this period, a policeman was murdered.Lebanon College, a cadre of the PKK guerrillas in Binger, is led by Mahmut CurukKaya and is also known as Dr. Slyman, the brother of Tilki Selim.From May to November 1993, the German police demolished the network between Hamburg and 22 political refugees in Bacheme, or seeking shelter holding 16 kilograms of heroin.This includes IHSAN and Senol Kitay; the latter is the son of Hakki and was murdered in Germany soon.In the case, the former PKK head Sehabettin and two other known political parties were armed.In this case, another Kitay has drug trafficking records in several European countries.Please refer to: Baybasin Clan; Demir Clan; Kaya Clan; Konuklu-Ay Clan; Kurdish Criminal Clans and PKK; SAKIK CLAN; Senar Clan.Contemporary criminal threat research department.Two typical fallen guerrilla organizations: Emil Elam's liberation tiger organization and the Kurdish worker party.Notes and practice songs (Topics and political violence) 32 (June) 1996) .avaiLeable Online.url: Consulted on December 16, Kodama, Yoshio Yoshi Kodama was born in 1911 and grew up in a poor family.Interested in politics, at the age of 21, he began his own right -wing political group.The main goal of this group is to assassinate Prime Minister and Senior Cabinet Minister.However, before his group was able to do this, after his plan was exposed, he was arrested and imprisoned for three and a half years.After Er Yu was released from prison, he began to work for the government he wanted to destroy, served as a spy agent, and maintained a wide range of spy networks as Asia.Countless goods filled with nickel, cobalt, copper and radium have entered Japan to support the war.However, Eryu did not fully abide by the rules: in addition to normal goods, it also includes heroin.For his work Kodama, the Japanese government was awarded the title of General Navy.At the end of the war, Kodama's value was estimated to be $ 175 million.Despite so much money, Kodama encountered big trouble.After the war, the Allied forces were listed as a Class A war criminal, and he was sentenced to two years in prison.Later, he was released in amnesty.After being released from prison, Eryu began to work for the Allied forces and served as the Allied G-2 departments and Yakuza.Kodama provides Yakuza muscles to obtain orders from political parties and allies.Kodama has a branch in Japan and Asia; he has huge power.Yakuza during the war.He alliance with Kazuo Taoka, Yamaguchi Gumi and Korean boss Hisayuki Machii, who is responsible for Tosei Kai.After the truce, Kodama was regarded as the visionary godfather of the underworld and realized peace between several other people.Battle Yakuza clan.In the mid -1970s, Kodama used his power to enter the Japanese market with Lockheed.In order to exchange for $ 1.1 million in bribes, Kodamo slandered a all -day airline president who resigned and gave Lockheid.When the truth is white, this becomes a huge scandal, 179

193The good name of Johnny Kodama was dragged into the mud.Although the trial expected, the stroke of Kodama suffered a stroke and died peacefully in January 1984.Amoruso.yshiokodama.gangtersters Inc.Johnny Johnny Kon is a former colleague and criminal carin dealer in a large circle.Among a group of strict organization and discipline, the large circle gang is known as the "Flame Eagle". The gang has expanded from the robbery of the jewelry store in Hong Kong to the global heroin distribution network.authorities.Asian crimes held in Australia: discussion documents by the National Criminal Administration Joint Parliament Committee.Online: APTIRS_INQUIRIES/Pre 1996/NCOAOC/NCOAOC/Report/Report.htm.Consultado, on March 8, 1995, 1995, a few months of surveillance, the police found two two of Saray villages in Tekirdag, Turkey Province.Heroin exquisite laboratory and arrested Konuklu and AY.14 members or allies workers (PK) of Karkarenkurdistan or Kurdistan.One of the farms belongs to Konuklu, especially Mrs. Gulistan Konuklu, Mrs. Konuklu, the daughter of Nasrullah Ay, a Kuerbon grocery store.In the Konuklu family.It is believed that the management of heroin is to manage, and Yusuf Konuklu manages foreign sales and marketing.The second laboratory is owned by Nusrettin.For the other two children, some members of the clan of Heybet and Ali are also active in the Kurdish workers' party logistics department: injured and injured; radio, runners, propaganda distribution, etc.Contemporary crime threat.Two typical fallen guerrilla groups: Tigers and Kurdistan Workers' Party of Emilam ELAM.Notes and Erz (special terrorism and political violence) 32 (June 1996).On January 12, 1994, near Arbat Restaurant at the Blameton Beach, Brooklyn, New York.A party was held in the restaurant, shot at the head, and took the sunlight at the same time.York, Pennsylvania Criminal Committee, University of Roger.Their violent brand.They are famous for theft, professional applications, ransom and murder.In the well -known club owner, Cres is directly interested in more than 30 clubs and bars.

194Kuang-Nan, the yang funeral march was a form of fire in the Reggie Kray (AP) in London on October 11, 2000. This was because Krays bought these places beforeThe fire caused.They were born on October 24th, and REGGIE is always the smartest and most friendly people of the two.Ronnie is more lonely and likes animals.Share rooms with other people to share with other people.Fraser, Frank; McVite; Jack; Richardson, Charlie; Richardson, Eddie;Richardson).Yang involved two murders in the two murders, but did not resolve the former murder of the four marine gangs Chen Yang in 1996. Later, Yunta Securities.kuang-Nan fled Macau in 1997 and escaped from Macau to escape from Macau to escapeProsecution of the Taiwanese government.Four Gane Pandilla is called an extremely violent gang: they suspect ransom, murder and other terrible activities.In December 2000, December 2000, December 2000, Yang was repatriated to Taiwan.According to the Taipei Times, the Taiwan -Europe District Court condemned him and sentenced to two years of criminal law for joining a crime of crime gang.Taiwan's judgment based on preventive crime 181

195The Kurds Criminal Clan and Kurdish Workers' Bank (PKK PKK) Abdullah Ocalan (AP/Hurriyet) Osman Ocalan (left), PKK LAW's commander and PKK ABDullah Ocalan's brother, in 1998.In a camp in northern Iraq (AP/Hurriyet (AP/Hurriyet) (AP/Hurriyet) (AP/Hurriyet) (AP/Hurriyet) in 2001, he was sentenced to 22 months in prison.The High Court believed that Yang could not guide his organization from Macao, so he did not pray, which was easy to become stricter.In addition: four marine gangs; yung; yung -ho, Chen.fee's boarding gang was sentenced to 22 months.Secrets and the opaqueity of the mix of biological ties and criminals.There are about a dozen clans: Aksoy, Aydinli, Baybasin, Canturk, Guven, Kitay, KOCAKAYA, Koylan, Koylan, Koylan, OZDEMIR, OZDEMIR, POLAT, POLAT, POLAT, TOPRA, TOPRA, TOPRA K, Ugur and YILTIL, others.In Europe, some of them are sold at about 800,000 FF800,000 per kilogram. The heroine they purchased with gold is always a lot.Please refer to: Baybasin clan; Demir Clan; Demir Clan; Kay's typical fallen guerrillas: Emil Elam's' '' ''With Russia's travelers.After the 21st century, the war between Mattzba -Card and Kyokuto -KAI was killed in gang territory, and several senior classes were killed.182

196LABELLE, Normand (also known as Billy; Dog) Normand Labelle, is called Billy or Dog by Associates. He was born in the 1950s and joined the Popeyes motorcycle gang on September 14, 1974, September 14, 1974.He and his partner Popeye Gilles Le Nez Lachance entered the driver's Disco Ballroom. According to reports, he cruelly defeated Brian Levitt and shot his brother Gary.The two brothers committed a mistake in making traffic disputes with two bicycles.However, Lanhans was convicted for seven years for the crime of murder.Three years later, on December 5, 1977, Labelle became the founding member of the first chapter of the first chapter of the hell angel in Canada, and the Big Red Machine absorbed the Montreal Club because the hell Hell is sometimes well known.This is one of the 15 members of the club that I have purchased at Sorel.Animal Lajoie-Smith has obtained uncommon characteristics between clubs: maintaining low-key ability.His name rarely produces papers.Police arrested the members of Dark Circle Salvatore Brunetti, NormandParé, Jean-Jacques Roy, members of the DARK CIRCLE SALVATORE BRUNETTI, André Déstoreaux, Michel Duclos, Louis-Jacques Dec Osnes, Franco Fondacaro, Serge Bruneau, Michel Posa, Jean-Drené Roy, AndréBureau, Marcel Gauthier, Claude Joannette, Roger Lavigne, Jean Rosa and Pierre Bastien In November 1995 and Accused THEM, from August 15th to September 30th, 1995, kill Billy La Belle.Dark Circle is a successful rockThe team's motorcycle club, the machine motorcycle club competed in Montreal to distribute it with the drugs of hell angels.In 1997, eight members and two prospects were separated from the Montreal Branch, and formed the Southern Branch.It is said that the southern branch of the traffic anesthesia in the entire region.They met the new patch of Austrian Veraberg, and all the clubs were mainly active in Laval and Laurentians Saint-Basile-Le-Grand.labelle.wisguywally.disponible on Line.url: WiseguyWally/NormandLabelle.html.BAM, BAM, born in 1959, is one of the founding members of the Rock Machine of the Cazzetta Brothers. It describes 1 8333

197Lajoie-Smith, Michael Lanaudiere of the noisy crew, and supporters of hell angels on December 7, 1995, and accused them of murdering Lagacé, Lagacé,Louis-Jacques Dehenes.On October 28, 1998, the police arrested 25 members and associates suspected of rock machine during dinner at a hotel restaurant in the center.These men were forced to sleep on the ground.Registered, and then they were handcuffed.He and his rock partner Denis Belleau were arrested and released the day after he was sworn in, and was far away from others collected by the police.Lagacé was shot shot on July 30, 1999.When he left the Benid Health Club north of Montreal.Then, the two murderers entered a house, opened a woman to the muzzle, stole her car key at the same time, and then moved their Nissan red later, and found that the car was abandoned in Saint-Sophie in a cemetery.Police also discovered the guns used during murder.A few days later, these people were full of the Holy Church and paid tribute to a primitive member of the motorcycle.Lajoie-Smith in the early 1980s, nicknames of Montreal, in 1987, according to the sponsor of Laval's puppet club, according to Laval, Death Knight.The scared bar owner allows Gang Mille-'Drug Salesman in cities such as Terrebonne, Lachenai and Mascouche.On July 22, 1995, Lajoie-Smith cruelly defeated the innocent audience Alain Cadieux, Le Marsolais Bar in Cartierville.The 32 -year -old man was hit a lot, so that he was in a permanent plant state.One month later, on October 13, 1995, Lajoie-Smith was arrested outside a bar at the northern end of Montreal and was equipped with a 9mm loaded gun.This is condemned due to the property of the weapons restricted and sentenced.Only the things that have deteriorated about animals.Martin Satan Lacroix, Martin Satan Lacroix, was arrested on October 26, 1995, and told the police and told the police.The name of Lajoie-Smith crew.He also said that Lajoie-Smith paid $ 400 in Striptease Club Le Gascon, Terrebonne.On August 30, 1996, Lajoie-Smith announced that he had made a conspiracy to fly to the flying Le Gascon Bar and December 5, 1996, about three months, and he acknowledged that he had maliciously abused Alain Cadieux.In the product of crime, he seized the two houses, jewelry, Cadillac and two Harley Davidson motorcycles.His bank account was also frozen.On November 27, 1998, Lajoie-Smith Laval's luxury houses were fire.House has 13 rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, and a garage for two cars and safety cameras.The government was listed shortly before it was sold.In August 2001, his request was also rejected.Born in 1946, when he was 20 years old, he joined Montreal's Popeyes Baker to ride a bicycle.On December 7, 1977, he became an angel hell, when Popeyes became the first hell angel in Canada.

198Lanzo, Angelo Sky, was named pilot licensed and had a plane.When the club chairman Yves Less Buteau was shot shot on September 8, 1983, Langlois (March 24, 1985, the passive character was the northern part of the Lennoxwell Club.Five members. When the police withdrew from the arrest warrant, Langlis disappeared. He disappeared in Morocco, and he lived there for two years. Prospects left Montreal's chapter on March 1, 1997 and createdThe Southern Branch. In the past five years, no members have been convicted; this has prevented them from being classified by federal legislation as criminal organizations. On January 18, 1998, Robert Savard, 44, is now 44 years old.) He was arrested at the La Keller border in southern Quebec. Police found 178 kg cocaine, which is estimated to be $ 71 million, hidden on the wall of the trailer and dragged behind his truck. From Mexico. Savad was finally sentenced to seven and a half years in prison. Langeros was arrested at his Longueuil's house on October 14, 1998, and was accused of importing and conspiracy to import Cocaine of Cocaine. Police occupied in January.The efforts of a double agent, which are said to have provided 15 % of the funds for drug operations. A Lamgroe named Le Manitong provided funds for the remaining funds. His lawyer Langlois went toThe court introduced four witnesses, including Micheline Blanchard, the girlfriend of a motorcycle, and Micheline Blanchard is the bride of Hell's President of Hell.. Police said that the person riding a bicycle killed her, and they were worried that she would turn or testify. Opposing Lan Glos' evidence, they were just one of the three founding members of the Canadian hell angel. They were still Canada, they were still stillLife includes a conference recorded in the video. The meeting was convicted and was sentenced to five years in prison and fines $ 20,000 on July 9th. Please refer to: GaryfraanCoeur.michel Sky Langlois.wissguyWally.The goalkeeper of the club led by Jimmy Orlando, and at Giuseppe Cocolicchio at Giuseppe Cocolicchio at Giuseppe Cocolicchio, pays loan kettles, pays the loan kettles. Model. He left a deep impression on his boss and was responsible for being responsibleSeveral joints of MAFIA. Bullion Street's club is one of the largest game courses in the city and has been sentenced to two months in prison. Dior High Ranking's closest confidante may meet, and several clubs (Including métropolecafémétropole, Little Club and La Casa Del Sol Sol).Police arrested 20 people in a attack at Lanzo S Apartment of NretredAmedoriger.In November.In January 1970, the police observed how to travel to Miami, Florida in Lanzo, Di IORIO and Frank Dasti. Here they had several meetings with Gambino Wiseguy Wisto Guido Pones.Drug transportation in the city.29,1972, the police observed an important meeting of Setsu Milo's barn among the leaders of the organization.The gift is Launz, Vic Cotroni, Paolo Violi, Nicola Di Iorio, William Obront and Irving Goldstein.

199Lapietra, Angelo Quebec has organizational criminal research (CECO) (CECO), I and Vic and Frank Cotroni, Paolo Violi, Nicola Di Iorio, L UIGI GRCO and Michel Pozza invented the gangs to hide in front of them.Lanzo.htm.On July 15th, Angelo (also known as El Hook) Angelo, Angelo, and Lapietra Hook is a major criminal alliance consultant.Before he died, see: Aiuppa, Joseph; Andricchi, Joseph; Carlisi, Samuel; Duverlazo(Dufronzo); John; Joseph (Joseph in the 1970s. As a loyal soldier of Claude Dubois, Leblanc, he participated in the armed forces.Hand's strong arm, extortion and robbery. Claude Lesage was sent to teach him a lesson. It is speculated that the two should defeat Déormiers Dubitius and did not follow them.Order, rebuked Liflanc and Lesage. He thought the two executives would kill him and disappear his body. Calcé was a reservation agency protected by Claude Dubois who was protected by Claude Dubois. Adam's Giusitini meat house (Giusitini Meat House) and Dubitius gang members of Giusitini, Leblanc, were charged and attacked at the restaurant and attackedThe group. Leblanc's former employee and Dubois Michel Bernard soldiers were shot in L -on -on -on -on -on -on -on -on -on -on -on -on -on -on on March 12. The gang was very angry and looked for blood. GaryfraanCoeur.gilles leblanc.Gilles Leblanc.wissguywally. Riva is a worshipers such as Ernesto Che Guevara and Adolf Hitler. Like the way to smuggle marijuana. He will beIn his motherland Colombia, it is a brutal financing for his own politics.

200Lessard, Réjean purchased a considerable part of the Norman S Cay, Norman S Cay is about 225 miles southeast of Miami.On this island, he built an aircraft runway to supplement the fuel supplement of fuel, and transported it to the secret landing clue to clue the United States with a secret landing clue in the United States.Lehder-Riva's idea of sending a large number of cocaine from Columbia to the United States.In 1981, he was accused of the federal government's formal submissions of the government's Election to the government at that moment, and the application was officially submitted to the government.The Columbia government has not fulfilled any extradition request.Important Kakin trafficker Lehder-Riva country also refers to this substance as an atomic bomb. Elehder-Riva also said that he and Colombian guerrilla M-19 are allies to protect Columbia's sovereignty. He tends to tendThe tendency to use violence and eventually discovered that he was suspected when he was suspected. In 1984, the Murder of Columbia's Attorney General Rodrigo Lara Bonilla.Federal Prison sentenced to 135 years in prison. Panama dictator Manuel Noriega was sentenced to reduce his testimony in exchange for his testimony.Growth is a primitive member of the Gang of Dragans of Quebec.EssenceThe continuous behavior of the northern part of the CK behavior, Lusida, Luc Sam Michaud, and Robert Tiny Richard, and joined the summer, and joined in the summer.The Montreal Branch, at the time, was shot shot on September 8th, Yves Leboss Buteau, became the new president of this chapter.Lessard will continue to be dissatisfied with the north, and he thinks he has become merciless.The bag was abandoned on St. Lawrence.Sorel. Ghilbault stopped Lisad and Richard Dick Mayrand on September 1, 1985, and they found illegally left on the sneaky motorcycle.Two stolen guns and silently underestimated pistols. Observer was figured out before entering the court and pushed it with metal detectors. Opposing the evidence against the defendant was overwhelming. After 16 days of review, the jury condemned the jury condemnedLessard, the first murder of Pelletier and Michaud. Richard was also released from innocence: hell angel. 187. 187

201Liberation Tamille Elam Tigers (LTTE) Tamil Iram Tiger Liberation Organization (LTTE) was established in 1976. It is the most powerful Tamir organization in Sri Lanka., Obtain weapons and promote and publicize.Promote and publicize the cause of the establishment of an independent Tamil country.Tiger organizations began armed conflicts with the Sri Lankan government in 1983, and based on guerrilla strategies including terrorist tactics.The Tiger Organization will not only target the key personnel in the field, but also the political and military leaders of Sri Lanka in the center of Colombo and other urban centers.The tiger organization is famous for its suicide bomb attacker.Assassination and political bombing are common.The Tiger Organization has not attacked foreign diplomacy and business institutions.The specific number is unknown, but it is estimated that the Tiger Organization has 8,000 to 10,000 armed personnel in Sri Lanka, of which about 3,000 to 6,000 are trained at the core personnel.The Tiger Organization also has important overseas support structures in fundraising, weapon procurement and publicity activities.The tiger organization controls most of the northern coastal areas and eastern Sri Lanka, but conducts operations across the island.Tiger organization leader Velupillai Prabhakaran has established a wide range of inspection stations and lines networks based on northern Sri Lanka to track any stranger entering the group control area.The open tiger organization supports Tamil separationism by putting pressure on foreign governments and the United Nations.The Tiger Organization also uses its international connection to obtain weapons, communication, and any other equipment and supplies it needs.Tiger organizations use large Tamil communities in North America, Europe, and Asia to obtain funds and materials for their fighters in Sri Lanka through false claims and even extortion.Other well -known frontline organizations include: World Tamilian Association (WTA); World Tamilian Movement (WTM); the Canadian Tamilian Association Federation (Hech); Eraland power; and Sanjiland power.See another: Kheri, Chilla.US State Department.Global terrorism model may be provided online.URL: Visit on November 24, LICCIARDI, Maria (also known as La Piccolina) When people are asked about their views on Maria Licciati, they said a few.Things. She is very attractive, calm, very clever, and ruthless. The most important thing is that she will say that she is the owner of the owner of Camorra's Capo Di Tutti, and the owner of the owner of Naples black hand.Maria Licciaardi was born on March 24, 1951 in Naples, Italy.Naples is the third largest city in Italy and the hometown of Kamora.Carmora is Naples's response to the Sicily's black hand.Camorra began to control the city in the years after World War II, when she controlled gun workers and cigarettes.Over the years, she has expanded to real estate and drug transactions.Maria Licciaardi knew what Camorra was and who operated it.She was in a assassin family and Kmora.All her brothers and sisters were active members of Kmora; one of them, her brother Licciaardi monkey Gennaro became the leader and ruled the supreme.Her husband Antonio Teghemié is also a member.Growing but the Italian government's organized crimes on the organization caused countless members and bosses to be trapped, and the bloody war destroyed the clan and family.The role of a woman has begun to change.As most of the qualified men were imprisoned, they died or too young, and women slowly took over Kmora's power seat.Maria's life as a Capo di Tutti Capo is not easy.In 1993, the assassin killed her brother Gennaro Licciardi in prison. Soon after, her two brothers Pietro and Vincenzo and her husband Antonio Teghemié were also killed.Maria's road is clearly obtained.She lost her brother and husband, and now she must to other leaders. The most important thing is to prove her ability to her soldiers.She arranged to meet with the hostile Camorra tribe and told them that the struggle for territory and power had stopped.War means that they lose money.LICCIARDI proposes to divide all clan cities to jointly expand cigarette smuggling, drug trafficking and organizational crimes.Other bosses agreed to work together to achieve peace.Maria Licciaard's first victory behind her, now she completely controlled.As her next step, LICCIARDI established her family in the prostitution industry, 188

202Lombardo, Joseph, until then they had always avoided them from a sense of honor.They brought girls from the Albania Matrix, put them on the street and collect money.Many girls are drug addicts, so they will not be a liner or they escape. When they are too old, they are killed.Maria also expanded drug transactions.Carmora ruled the suburbs of Naples and used young drug dealers to sell heroin and cocaine.A police officer described it as a large network, and they continued to change personnel and place. Police encountered a lot of trouble when disintegrating the Camorra organization.Many people living in these suburbs support Camorra.The unemployment rate is very high, one of the main employers is Camorra.They provide funds to the community, and some are afraid of them.Licciaardi's rule is relatively calm, and there is no trouble until a Camorra family who is dissatisfied with LICCIARDI decides to reject orders.Differential appears on a group of pure, unpaid heroin.LICCIARDI said heroin will kill all people and customers to bring the public and police popularity.She ordered not to be sold.Behind her, a Camorra clan named Lo Russo made a different decision and was ready to sell these goods on the street.A few days later, LICCIARDI's predictions were true, and drug users began to die in heroin.Public opinion and law enforcement agencies have slammed the Kimora tribe.Licciaardi collapsed in his early achievements in his career.War broke out between the tribes.The company was taken over or destroyed, and more than a hundred mobs were killed.The war forced the agent of the legal struggle to find leaders.Licciaardi is currently under pressure from opponents and police, and has won a place on the 30 wanted criminals in Italy.She went to hide, but continued to run Kamora and fight them.When Maria felt that the prosecutor Louji Bobby and his team were too close to her family soldiers and her own, she decided to take action.In January 2001, she bombed Bobio's office building as a warning, but it was not helpful for her.Bobio continued his battle and began to break through the wall around Licciaardi under a large amount of protection.His 70 men were arrested, but everyone kept silent and accepted his imprisonment.LICCIARDI seems to be unshakable. The Italian authorities have only one photo of her.Although they were worried that LICCIARDI might undergo cosmetic surgery or changed her hair color, they distributed photos.They continued to pressure, and Licciaardi's breakup incident was known.Established a group to arrest her.LICCIARDI hid in the suburbs of Naples.Police, but on June 14, 2001, the Naples Motor Team and Police Special Action Team rushed into the hiding place of LICCIARDI and arrested her.She did not resist.When she was arrested, the police realized that she was similar to the photo and was released a few years ago.At the age of 50, Maria Licciati ended her rule as a boss.Although it is still unpopular in Sicily and the United States, the female black -handed party boss in Italy is rising.Statistics show that in 1990, a woman was charged with contact with the Mandarin Party, and in 1995, there were 89 such allegations.The situation of women's bosses is more obvious in Naples Sicily.Police attribute it to cultural differences.The family relationship here is very close. Women have always played a more important role, Giuseppe Donno, a spokesman for the Police Department of the Provincial Police Department of Naples, said the family is more family than Sicily.They said that there was a strong woman behind each great man, as is the criminal family.. You can get. Url: com/Marialicciaardi.html. Downloaded on July 16th, He Linbi (also known as Sikho) He Lindi was born in mainland China.N for the small celebrities in the early and 1970s.Extremely violent and cunning, he became a well -known leader in 14K triads, with the gorgeous leader Ma Xiyu.He is engaged in extortion, prostitution and drug trafficking.He was arrested in 1974 and he was sentenced to 30 years in prison.In prison, he was asked to pay the money he earned from the illegal activities he is still ongoing.He died in prison.Please refer to: Trinity.Lombardo, Joseph (also known as Joe Padula, Joey Clown) Joseph Joy Jiaojun Baldo is a long -term lieutenant.Captain in the Western District of Chicago, he participated in loan sharing, extortion and

203Lotus helped arson, and it is said to be murdered dozens of men.Import and trafficking, credit card fraud, ransom and mobile phones.clone.Drug traverser and headquarters headquarters in Asia and Aborigen have also cooperated in Winnie's drug trafficking, and there are signs that the Vancouver Lotus Gang Winnip is interested in the market.Canadian criminal intelligence service.Criminal organization based on Asian organizations.Louie (Louie) is a branch branch of Hop Sing Tong. It is a well -known wills executor and is famous for violence and extortion.Louie was shot outside his house on May 31, 1977. At that time, the murderer shot his car while trying to escape.According to Bill Lee, a writer and book author of "Asia Weekly" magazine, in his article "Golden Dragon Holocaust" (January 28, 1999), his murderer approached and drove the car from the passengerEssenceDestroyed through the window and continued to fly.Most of the dozen shots from Walther were imprinted by Walther.It was announced at the crime scene.Memories of underworld.California San Francisco, California: Murdered News: Lucas, Charles, many people like many African Americans like many people and Americans. Charles Lucas began his professionalCareer, but it is the opportunity for the Vietnamese war to give Lucas a chance to become an important person.They are not only reliable to certain emotional friendship or attachment to children; they have established labor division of labor between employees, so that they only know what they need; art technology is used for transportation, processing and packaging.Lucas and his Alphonso brothers were arrested in 1991, imprisoned and sentenced to obey prison.His conviction was in Gary W.Potter.Init # 9 is revoked: domestic organizational crimes, OC Africa -Africans -American -youth gangs and motorcycle gangs.:, on November 24, the Lucchese Family of Lucis's criminal family was the family behind Luthansa in 1978.But now this family is torn.Many members are being treated by prison psychologists at prison or witness protection center.The current members are estimated to be about 100.The family's first Tang was Tom Gagliano.His main activities include anesthesia, games, loan participation, waste management, construction and clothing industries.At present, the person in charge of imprisonment is Louis Louie Bagels Daidone.The current person in charge of action is Steven Crea.

204Lyubarsky (Lyubarsky) at Vyacheslav Crea was imprisoned by Rickers, waiting for bail, but continued to host a more and more family of families.When Daidone was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2004, the family was sentenced to greater illness.In four courts on January 23, 2004.Online.He has four groups.EssenceLater in the Lubarsky Brothers.This is just one of the many attempts that Elson failed in his life.Lyubarsky and his son Vadim were shot shot on the corridor outside the Brighton Beach apartment on January 12, 1992.During dinner with Slava's wife Nellie, a murderer ambushed. He left the shadow of the hall and fired the two men, but Monia Elson (Monya Elson) and others were not accused of accusing these and other murders in 1995, and were accused of being convicted after Monya was extradited from Italy.He was hidden.Studies in New Jersey, New York has organized criminal work group, New York State Investigation Commission, Pennsylvania Criminal Committee, and Rogers University.The Soviet Union was available for organizational crime projects on Sanzhou.URL: Visit on November 24th,


206M MACHII, Hisayuki Hisayuki Machii was born in Ching Gwon Yong in 1923 and grew up in South Korea, controlled by the Japanese.Machii was established as a recognized leader in the Japanese underworld, especially when Yakuza's Japanese leaders were arrested by US officials among Japanese leaders in Yakuza.The godfather of the Japanese was released, and the Maqi co -troops fighting them with them as competitors.This is a pioneer, because no Koreans have made such progress on Yakuza, Japan.Coming with the powerful Yamaguchi-Gumi, they were forced to consent from COMMUMM UMMMM, not this century's battle.Time to spend time in Japan and Hawaii.When they were young, they joined and became a very powerful couple, known for cunning and violence.They are painful competitors and compete in the same food field, namely architecture, movies and local companies.Strange and violence.Published in the same year.Since his release, crime reports, especially extortion, have been growing.He waited until the police approached the shot A.38.The police returned to the fire and killed him.He is the most desired gangster for Tatana.He had been 42 years when he died.It involved his crime life so that the Indian government had processed a 72 -year -old mother on the grounds that they participated in a murder in 1998.Rajan, chhota; SACEM, Guru; Shakel, Chhota; Singh, Sanjay.mar Salvatruchacha (also known as MS-13) Mara Salvatrucha Gang (usually called MS-13)

(Video) Origins of Sicilian Mafia

207Markowitz, Michael Gang is divided into groups, divided into groups.Members are ranging from the age of 12 to adults.MS-13 now includes members of Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico.Public logo includes No. 13 and SURESñOO, which is a Spanish word, which means that the southern brand includes more or Salvado pride., Colombia Special Economic Zone has influenced many American cities.All aspects of criminal activities.In connection with their former land, they can use complex military weapons, which makes them one of its main criminal companies.LAW reports that MS-13 members are going to South America and almost all street gangs. The MS-13 also participates in drugs, murdering and other ordinary gang crimes sold.EssenceFollow the law and organize central elements, worrying that it will cooperate with the police.His friend and former colleague Philip Moskowitz (also an expert in Gas Gas Draud Shemes) discovered on December 5th in North Brunnswick, New Jersey that Moskowitz, Moskowitz, showed that the body showed that before his death, he died.Signs to torture.Michael Markowitz Police. Pennsylvania, together with Rogers University. The Soviet Union migrated the Sanzhou organized crime project is the owner of the other four families in New York crime. Masino did not satisfy time in prison.It is very special for the Mandarin Party. The chiefs have been recently. It is said that Massino has received the support of the family. Since he has served as the chief position, Bonanno Crime's family has been returning.The party family is second only to the Genovese family. Galante means that the Bonanno family must choose a new boss. This decision reduces the two factions: one supports the new boss Philip Rusty Rasttelli, and the other opposes him. Massino supports Rusty Rasttelli, Massino, Massino supports Rusty Rasttelli.Keep him consistent with him and join him. Contemporaries of the Bonnano Family As Capo Sonny Sonny Black Napolitano, Sally Farrugia and presentVliervlier Steve Cannone. d Capos César Bonventre, Philip Philip Lucky Giaccoone, Dominick BigTrin Trinca and Alphense Sonny Red Indelicato. Killing Three Bosses from the A shotgun was hit by another faction. There are rumors that Masino is one of the shooters. F.B.I. He visited Sonny Black. Bonna.Bonanno, a member of Bonanno realized what happened and was accused of being overwhelmed. Black, accused Donnie 194

208Juanramónbrascomatta Ballesteros is too close to the family and is found to be cut to death.Massino survived to face allegations, and was sentenced to a union that was sentenced to 814 in 1986 due to the crime related to the local team's Bonannos control, representing the furniture.During his verdict, the opponent looked at each other when pistols and Masino went to testimony to testify on the way to pass his passage.Am I in the movie?Unfortunately, for Massino, this movie, Donnie Brasco and Al Pacino and Johnny Depp are more important to be the crew members of Sonny Black, not his staff.In prison, the Bonanno family is extinct.His members are considered to be the offenders of the Mandarin Party, and there is no seat in the Black Party Legend Council. This is a council responsible for supervising the five criminal families in the city.The war left a few deceased.Unlimited drug trafficking in the family exerts the tremendous pressure on the Drug Control Bureau and the Federal Research Office.When Massino was released in prison in 1993, he did a lot of work.The Bonanno family and his brother -in -in -Law Salvatore A. Vitale as UnderBoss and 73 -year -old Anthony Spero.Smart guy said that a detective in the New York Police Department in Massino said that wise surveillance and lived according to the rules of the old school.He believes that he believes to keep our secrets.The horizontal leadership of Massino prevented the erosion of the erosion of the erosion of the erosion of the family, which can become Bonanno's social club and avoid other situations that may invite surveillance.Massino denied any participation in Nostra and accused the federal government of prejudice against our Italians.His main source of income is legitimate source of income.According to the authorities, King Caterers, a company in Fuming, New York, provides food for street hawkers.It is also the owner of the Casablanca restaurant in Maspet District, although he likes to enjoy Italian cuisine.Tension, Massino's rule was successful, his fists were tight and his lips were tight.The Bonanno family restored the seats in the committee. The staff's interest in anesthesia, trade unions, loans, games and illegal vending machines strengthened for a long time.EssenceHowever, things around Massino began to collapse.His UnderBoss and Consiglieri were arrested, convicted and sentenced to prison.He was guilty in 2001 and sentenced to life imprisonment.Italy.For Massino, Grazian has no allegations in these cases.When their government, their bosses and soldiers were imprisoned, Masino was still the boss and continued to guide his empire.Joe Massino is still the so -called person in charge in the criminal family of Bonanno, and he lives in freedom and managing his actions.The family of Bonanno's crime has proved that the black hand party will not only die.Car smuggling.Just after the 21st century, the war between Matsuba-Kai and Gyokuto-Kai broke out.Several senior classes were killed.Mattaballesteros, juanramónjuanramónmattaMatta Ballesteros attracted people in 1970. When the US government was arrested for the first time at Dulles Airport for transporting drugs for the first time, he was sentenced to five years in prison.

209Frank's Matthews one day.In 1978, Matta supported Honduras' government coup.Go to Hondeus, then go to Mexico, and then reach the United States.The Drug Control Bureau (DEA) for the first time in 1985, it was determined that Handuras drug dealer Juanramónmattaballesteros was one of South America's largest cocaine posters.It is now believed that Matta's group is responsible for transporting one -third of the cocaine of the United States from Colombia.However, the central intelligence agency is working with Matta that Matta is a traffic weapon for disadvantages, so it has speculated that it helps to help it.After a period of time, any action to him.It is said that Matthews is responsible for importing and selling a large number of heroin and cocaine in the United States, and he is said to have ordered several colleagues to murder.-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn in the 1960s.Matthews was distributed in heroin in the United States at the time. Police accepted an anonymous council, which was arrested in December, and the deposit was set by Federal Security Judge to $ 2.5 million. Matthews last time.It appeared in the Brooklyn Court of $ 325,000 in cash and property, and then continued to bail. It is said that it escaped $ 5 million in cash and has a strong friend network.The award provides any information that leads to his arrest and arrest. Merland, Richard Richard Dick Mayrand.Michel Willie Mayrand, at the Hell Angel North Branch, and received his color in the early or middle period of the muzzle, while the members of the organization of Montreal and Halfax chapter fired five members in the north. Michel, the brother of Mayrand, is one of the victims. After the hell Angel North Branch was annihilated, Mayrand participated in his funeral at the asbestos and chairman Réjeanzig-Zag Lessard at the Montreal Branch Réjeanzig-Zag LessardAt the funeral, the streets of the stolen motorcycle were robbed at the same time. Two guns and a muffler were found, all stolen. They found that they had their own motorcycles. In 52,500 LSD capsules, Mayrand was 3rd in 1987 3rd.On the 6th, it was announced that he had committed drug trafficking, but after the judge concluded that the evidence of the royal family was based on the testimony of Clermont Paquet and Gerryel Cat, it was condemned in June 1989.Avoid headline holders, he was arrested with Gils Trooper Mathieu, Denis Pas Fial Houle, Normand Robitalle and Michel Rose, and the prospects on February 16, 2001, as well as the prospects.

210Medelíncartelbroke Street has a few rock machines.building.In order to avoid strong allegations, the group announced on February 21, 2000 that they were charged with illegal guns, and everyone was sentenced to one year in prison.In 2001, Mayrand was the national chairman of the club. After being accused of murdering, anesthesia and gangsters in March, after the transportation of drugs and gangsters, it was learned from the bar that the OPration OPration and Eight Eighth were printed in March.The name is guilty.Hell angel.Gary Francoeur.richard Dick Mayrand.cassguywally.Matteo Messina Denaro is controlled by her son, and she is famous for hiding her bald scalp with an elegant hat.In the 1960s, he was a drug dealer and user, and a heavy drinkingist.For the Kray twins, unpleasant forms have proven too much, and the KRAY twins' colleagues and business contact Mcves were harassed.After countless warnings to Krays, McVite was invited to a party.In addition: Cornell, George; Fraser, Frank; Charlie Richard; Richardson, Eddie; Rich Alson Gann Gann Mandist Model, headquarters in Medalin, ColumbiaThis poster was established by Pablo Escobar.Escobar (Escobar Medalin and Columbia's cocaine. When he grows up, many people in the city benefit from his generous or salary. Madelelin has become many places in South America.Cocaine was performed. Then, the officials in the salary list of the poster turned a blind eye to the plane. The fishing boat was full of Coca -Cola. These fishing boats are destined to be for Columbia. Many money on the poster is important. All posters are the most fatal.(Escobar) has caused too much responsibility for the Columbia government, and sentenced them to the outbreak period of many countries (especially the United States).The arrest and detention was given to the Colombian government, but his life had hardly wearing his style. There was only anything in prison held by Escobar, but it was equipped with TV and a food chef. Beautiful woman. EscoEscobar told the government that he seized his biggest problem and he had cocaine trade. But many people knew that this was a farce, because Bobaro and his brother Roberts continued to guide them Escoba(Escobar) In July 1992, the desire for blood left the fear of the international community. I didn't even change the desire of Columbia and the US government in 1992. They are now working hard to capture Paul and occupy Paul. The local defender movement caused the fall of the poster and the death of Paul. See another: Escobar

211Mejíamunera, Miguel and Victorfábioochoa, the person in charge of MeedellínMedellín drug Carter, police were arrested (AP) MEJíamuner, Miguel and Victor Miguel and Victormejíamu on October 13 NERA (AP) Mejíamunera (A.K.a.o Los Twins) is VictorMiguel) (AP) Mejíamuner (AP) Mejíamuner (AP) is said to guide an important cocaine traffic organization that transports Kakin to the United States and Europe.Brothers of the Megia are trafficking, and they will try to fill the emptiness caused by the arrest of Rodríguezorejula brothers.Thomas A. THOMAS A. In the United States Drug Control Administration (UU. For decades, her power is as powerful as the African continent or any Sicilian party in the Africa or the United States.One factor is that the British authorities were occupied to defend, and then the after -war was rebuilt the cruel bombing of the capital. At that time, 198

212Mexican brothers (Messeina Brothers) have one hand in almost all of the trading in the black market.In the history of industry and war.Since the beginning of 1900, his father was related to the trade prostitution of white slaves who was forced to prostitute. The brothers finally fascinated towards the ball and deceived the local women. They thought they had received promise and more opportunities.Women were eventually forced to sell their bodies in the famous Western District of London.The brothers will eventually move to London to declare the king of the British underworld and raise the eyebrows of the Scottish yard.John Alexander Falconer, John Alexander Falconr, published in West End Central, which is the busiest station in the UK, 400 PC.At that time, prostitution was booming in the application of ordinary streets. At that time, the famous ladies were two ladies directed by the famous Messina Brothers. As we all know, they paid many local agents in Bond., The opposite way of the queen and Stafford Streets. However, the Scottish yard entered the photo, and the brothers began to escape from the country before the late 1950s. EUGENE and Carmelo appeared in Belgium, where they were due to prostitution because of prostitution.He was arrested and arrested in 1955. Both were sentenced to prison for variable lengths. Carmelo was expelled from the country. This country. Alfredo was arrested in England and was accused of performing prostitution rings.. Brother Atleio (obviously the most outstanding person) tried to return to the country, was sentenced to four years in prison, and was sentenced to four years in prison. Except for the Salvato Mexi, who had never appeared after escaping,(Salvatore Messina), all brothers were beaten by the British judicial system. After liberation, Mexi will never restore his power with his brothers and believe that everyone has died since then;, Edie. They heard a few prisoners and complained about the abuse and racism of the California prison system. At that time, white prisons such as Blue Bird Gang controlled all the activities in the prison wall. Prisoners created a gangCome to protect themselves from the violations of other prisoners. They have become the most powerful organization in the California prison system and control all illegal activities after the bar. The Mexican MispermiaThe family has established our family. Due to the direct result of the Mexican Mom Party's increasing control and threat, the family of the black guerrillas and the Aria Brotherhood also appeared (Shoulther's Spanish).It will also join the Mexican Mom Party. The members of thestarreño Street Gang and XIII, X3, 13 symbols, 13 and 3 points for recognition. This refers to the alphabet M of Mexico Mispermia, the letter is the Mexican Mom Party. The gang and the blue are blue.The color of the color and the southern words, the south and the south. Other symbols include hackers, EME (M) and MM (Mexican Misperlie).. The Mexican Misked Party has been determined in all state criminal agencies in the United States, and the organization has maintained a lot of contacts throughout Mexico. Weapon lanes and other illegal activities.Mexican Mispermiah Party.

213Michailov, Yevgeni, the tattoo in the hands of the prisoner indicates that he is a member of the southern gang, also known as the Mexican Mom Party.In robbery and jewelry fraud.He was abducted at Brooklyn on July 8, 1991. His body discovered a lot near August 27 at the Kennedy Airport in New York City, and they shot him four times on his head.Mafiya.Studies in New Jersey, New York has organized criminal work group, New York State Investigation Commission, Pennsylvania Criminal Committee, and Rogers University.Online.url: On November 24, Sergei Sergei Mikhailov Mikhailov is one of the most powerful Russian gangsters.It is a 5,000 member of Moscow's Solsnetskya organization.Mikhailov's power from Moscow to Miami arrived in Geneva and reached the Middle East and other regions.Sergei Anatoliavic Mikhailov was born on February 7, 1958 in Moscow, Russia.The real criminals are police and politicians. They murder and torture anyone who dares to sing a melody different from the Communist government.They called and he was not immediately immersed in criminal life: in several restaurants in Moscow, but the salary was not good, and his luck soon ended.In 1984, Mikhailov was accused of robbery and fraud, and was sentenced to six months in the Russian prison, 200

214Mikhailov, Sergei or Gulag.In Gulag Mikhailov, he had a good connection with other Russian gangs (including Vory V Zakone, a member of the Russian Mom Party).The connection established in prison will make Mikhailov serve Mikhailov well.Mikhailov is a criminal and enjoys a terrible reputation.He was ready to start on stage.Forgery, drug trafficking and extortion.Del Camino, Mikhailov, was completely controlled.Pronto (Pronto. Mikhas came out of a free man that day, anxious to expand his criminal empire. When the Soviet Union collapsed and the iron curtain fell, Russia fell into chaos.The control of government politicians and resources. Nothing can prevent the Russian Mom Party from fully controlling everything left by the government. Soon, Mikhailov's organization has a bank, a casino, a car dealer and a Vnoekovo airport.Its new headquarters operation, along the elegant building along the Leninsky Prospect, Mikhailov organizes prostitution, games and weapons to transport. Go to Israel to allow Jews from all over the world to return there without rejection, even if they escape the law. Therefore, many, manyThe gang Russians Jewish lived in Israel, and many non -Jewish Russians used false passports. One. Among these people, Mikhailov lived in Israel, Mikhailov observed that he wantedExpanding his empire. His organization is now active globally. He has business with other criminal organizations (including Columbia posters and Italy MAFIAS) in the United States and Italy. Mikhailov has great power.Killing. The team took care of the coup, and then returned to Miami to wait to move to Switzerland. Starting to build a bank account network and a respectable director company. According to the Swiss court documents, the Russian gangster washed the Swiss Bank 60 billion US dollars. MahaIlov was very good, and it showed that until the Swiss authorities decided to put pressure on the Russian black hand party to Switzerland. In October 1996, Mikhailov was arrested and accused of being the head of the criminal organization.) Arrive in Switzerland, Switzerland, Switzerland, Nos, Switzerland. On December 3, (AP) (AP) (AP) (AP) (AP)

215Use false documents to laugh at Saiyi and violate Switzerland's laws to restrict foreigners' purchase of real estate.Police found the Israeli military injection equipment listening to the Swiss Secret Police Radio Broadcasting in his mansion.He also found many documents to list the names of fake companies for money laundering from drugs and gun sales.Detective also found that Mikhailov invested millions of dollars in the United States. He bought a nightclub at New York and Los Angeles and bought a car dealer at Houston.Mikhailov denied that he was a criminal and said that he was just an ordinary businessman. The Swiss authorities did not believe him and put him in prison and waited for trial.He was found to die with Mikhailov.In the Netherlands, a pair of father and son were murdered: his father was stabbed to his eyes and died.Another man in Amsterdam was shot.Soon after, the director of the Moscow Police fled to Switzerland, claiming that some Mihalov's subordinates threatened him.Even the media was frightened: the local police warned a Belgian journalist that he wrote several column articles about Mikhailov, saying that his life had a contract; in the end, the police arrested a corrupt BelgianPolice, stopped this conspiracy.Finally, after two years, the trial was held on November 30, and 80 witnesses in the bullet -proof vest in court appeared in court to testify.The results of the trial are a huge success for Mikhailov and a major blow to the Swiss authorities.Although all evidence was found in Mikhailov's home and 80 witnesses were found, the Swiss prosecutor was still unable to convict.The biggest obstacle is the Russian government.When it was required to provide certain documents to indicate that Mikhailov was the head of a criminal empire, they refused.As a result, Mikhailov was sentenced to innocence in the most serious allegations and was sentenced to lighter charges. He was not sentenced because he had served as a sentence for two years to wait for his trial.Mikhailov immediately thanked the jury and cried and said: My heart is grateful ... I love you, I love you, I love you.Later, in a statement, he added: You have demonstrated to the world the country's existence of democracy, law, and justice.After being released in December, in July 1998, Mikhailov returned to Russia and sued in Geneva to ask for compensation for the two -year income loss he spent in prison.He won the lawsuit.In July 1999, although the authorities appealed to the decision, Mikhailov had obtained all the amount he requested.Living in freedom is alleged that Mikhailov leads his criminal empire, extended from Asia to Canada, and then to Moscow and Western Europe.There is no safe place in this world and is not affected by his organization. He continues to earn billions of dollars and continues to expand his power.Please refer to: Russia Mom Party.David Amuro.Sergei Mihash Mihalov.Gangbang company is provided online.Website: COM/Mikas.html.Downloaded on July 16th, Mock Sai Wing (also known as Mock Duck, Clay Pigeon) Hip Sing Leader, one of the most famous gangsters in New York.In the first thirty years of Mock Duck, Mock Duck ruled the Manhattan Chinatown with Chinatown as the base.Heping Dragon) is a legend.In the 1930s, simulated ducks retired and moved to Brooklyn, where he died of natural reasons.Before arriving at Chinatown, Anlongtang and his boss Tom Li conflict were only symbolic opposition.Anlongtang, headquartered at No. 15, Pell Street, adopted on Chee Kung to help Chinese immigrants adapt to the United States and control the Opium Pavilion of Chinatown. The most important thing is that gambling games.From 1885 to 1900, they were not disturbed.In 1900, local reformers led by Dr. Charles Pachest began to propagate corruption in Chinatown.At the same time, a fake duck, once a person, appeared at leong, a naive, unswerving, always smiling, round -faced Makiaville looked at Tom Lee's bonus, determined that Tom was an evil person, and told ParkerhDr. Ster.For a miracle simulation duck, he escaped his life and became the father of the tide of Sing Tong, and competed with On Leongs for the control of Chinatown Gaming Privilege.He used to explain Organization in the past, which means plospelo.

216Mogilevich, Semion, in an irresistible way, only his Chinese politics is the Christ of China.However, his eyes had a desperate light, even if the smell in China could not shoot.In the device of their Chinese enemies.Starting with the patriarch of the goat he proposed.Through all the shots, the simulation duck was hit only once in 1904, so he stayed in the hospital for three weeks.Two great ducks.From 1904 to 1906, under its surveillance, from 1909 to this sentence, this is the people of these fighting.Leong's sister -in -law and hips are buried in the evergreen cemetery. The cemetery is limited to Brooklyn and Queen's district.Eyes, disagree with their own safety. The two sides closed their eyes, closed their eyes, closed their eyes, closed their eyes, and scored in the circle of surrounding him.Agent duck in the New York Prevent of Cruel Children's Association surveyed a report adopted by her daughter, which was a white girl.The court found that she was the daughter of Lizzie Smith, who was married to Chinean.Then, in order to flood his sadness, he started Lu CK gambling. When he hovered at Tachulas, the target of the diamond, these diamonds ignited the front of the shirt with $ 30,000 in his pocket.The old pliers gun began to open, and the ax glowed again.A policy game.When he left the prison, he announced that he ended with his old life and intended to be a citizen of Brooklyn.Please refer to: hop sing tong; leong tong.Eagle, February 29th, Mogilevich, conference Seion Mogilevich was born on June 30, 1946 Kiev in Ukraine.This was not many early, and the police did not meet him until the 1970s.In Lyubertskaya Group in Moscow.This is a small infringement, trying to maintain the leading position of the Communist Party government and survive in theft and fraud.In his crime career, he was trapped in a prison for three years and four years of monetary traffic crimes in the black market.All these minor crimes have hardly made Moglevich become money.His first great achievement arrived in the 1980s. At that time, dozens of Russian Jews immigrated to Israel. The property he provided was to buy his own property and sold them to pay good money from the offer, but in factHe didn't send anything and made a lot of money with the Jews trying to leave.In the 1990s, Mogilevich made millions of refugees and created more through smuggling weapons, prostitution, games, drugs, and black markets.In the 1990s, the Soviet Union collapsed, and organized criminal groups were stronger than ever. The war between these gangs exploded. Mogilevich, with their major employees along Mogilevich, decided to leave Moscow to Israel.

217Empire of the Mohock Warrior Association.Production of anti -weapons, missiles and mortars.In 1991, Mogilevich married his Hungarian girlfriend Katalin Papp.The marriage enabled him to move to Hungary and live there.Once he arrived in Budapest, he established his criminal organization, purchased his criminal organization, and bought nightclubs and restaurants.In the recording of the Federal Investigation Office (FBI), he established an organization with the Italian Miscilage as a simulation of 250 members.Budapest looks like the Hungarian government in the paradise needed by Moglevic, and he decided to show to Mogilevich that he and his criminal friends were unpopular.On May 31, 1995, the police raid a restaurant called U Holubu, a company owned by Mogilevich.Two criminal organizations speaking from Moscow, a criminal organization from Ukraine gathered there.Everyone present was arrested, arrested and released.When he was asked if he was going to participate, Mogovic said yes.In the restaurant at 9:30 pm, this is our consent through the phone.At 10:45 pm, I arrived at U Holubu, and the raid was full.This is the government's desperate police operation.It is necessary to do something to maintain its authority and power to the increasingly powerful criminals.Mogilevich's criminal empire is currently in the European continent (including Italy, the Republic of the Czech Republic and Switzerland), the United States, Ukraine, Israel and the United Kingdom.F.B.I.I has established a joint labor with Hungarian police to combat organizational crimes in the region and Eastern Europe.However, even if he continued to insist on selling only grain and wheat society, F.B.I. It is likely that F.B.I. is the prototype of the Canadian aboriginal.In less than 25 years, the society appeared and armed, and it was corrupted and collapsed. This almost provided a perfect example, showing that a rebel group could subvert the McKinny College.It is a created organization to promote the indigenous people in the United States and exaggerate its tradition.Many people come from the Mohocks, Oneta, Taskarora and Seneca.However, Black Panther in the United States also assumes that it is a more aggressive attitude and decides to armed themselves to protect themselves from harassment and cruel effects in the hands of the Canadian government and Canadian authorities.There are 50 calibers, grenades pitcher, plastic explosives, and are said to be anti -tank rockets Mohok people feel uncomfortable with the new company of Grairo society.The tension between the Mohok national and the War Association has finally increased, because the Warrior Association shows so 204

218Motorcycle gang technology, such as ransom and violence for their own people to protect their illegal bus and the Chinese three -in -laws, the Russian Mom Party, Jamaica Pose and East India Islands.The process made his community fear, promoted the smuggling industry of millions of dollars, and announced the report of the McKenzi Research Institute.Mackenzie Institute (Mackenzie Institute. Production of multi -core coccaline hydrochloride is used to export to the United States and Europe.· Houston. We are back now. In order to build a rare hierarchical structure and establish an international drug network. The organization has been a branch of the Bonanno criminal family in New York City for many years.The leadership of EGG COTRONI shows huge game rings, corrupt politicians and millions of anesthesia in the US market. The profits of these illegal activities have been washed through legal enterprises and further expanded the influence of the organization. KarabuThe struggle between the Rians and the Sicily between the family faction broke out in the late 1970s. The black -handed party Mafiosos Varios was killed before the end of the war and murdered the murder of Paolo Viali.vito Rizzuto, from the Sicily.Vito Rizzuto is controlled by Sicilian Wide. Who is the drug, imports, and sale to. Rizzuto is still in control and led a group of very powerful, secret and disciplinary sanctions .GaryfranCoeur.montrealmafia.caseguy inline.url: Download on July 19, Morfina View Opiopoppy.g.f.g.f.pandillas of Pandillas of Pandillas of Pandillas of Pandillas of Pandillas of Pandillas of Pandillas of Pandillas 1945, and with and withTogether with the motorcycles of World War II, thousands of veterans returned home and died again. The motorcycle gangs began in the 1950s, and the free -woven and noisy groups began. They were very popular in the 1960s, their status, their status, their statusNow they are recognized as a dangerous criminal group. According to the US Motorcycle Association (A.M.. The huge country influence ensures the Federal 205 investigation

219Motorcycle gang rackets affect and affect the regulations of corruption organizations (RICO).They are hell angels, illegal people, payment and bandits, usually called four great men.These four motorcycle clubs have chapters in several states.Hell Angels also have various chapters throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand.A pagans have a branch in Australia.The legend insisted that the origin of motorcycle gangs outside the law was held on the weekend Holyst, California. On the weekend, a large number of A.M. participating in the American Motorcycle Association (A.M. P.O.B.O.B.) was angry and bastard and bastard and bastard, andIn the market street command at night, the game and the street battle are very common. He gathered together and asked to release his release. When the local authorities denied, the estimated crowds of the crowd 750 separated the small communities.Perfect the photos of chaos. And call anyone who does not belong to the motorcycle knight culture, citizen. They choose hell angels. Although there are many different motorcycles gangs, many of them have similar organizational structures. Many gangs.There are various chapters in several cities and states across the country. Some people have chapters in several countries/regions. Typical organizations include: President of the State, usually the founders of the club.Or regional representatives are known as the Vice President of the State and are responsible for specific regions or states. The State/Treasure Secretary is responsible for the money of the club and collects local chapters and time to collect fees.Profitting this position or voting. It has the ultimate authority for all business and members of this chapter. The person is the second place's vice president. He hosted the best writing skills and may be the greatest education member of education.It will keep this chapter list and accounting system. It is also responsible for collecting quotas, reserving for a few minutes and paying any invoices accumulated in this chapter. At the club meeting. Due to the violence of the executor of the Pandila Club.Captain Fuel, Food and Maintenance. The club's funds are used for bail when necessary. They swore to work next to the club regulations. They made the heirs and other members offend serious crimes. They observed to eliminate the weak.Transport weapons for members of other clubs and keep the guards alerting the club. The will does not use color and has no voting right. 206

220Motorcycle gang employees or honorary members have an individual who shows the value or usefulness of the gang.These people can help professionals in the club in some way.Some are the most noticeable.Club's behavior and administrative procedure standards.The regulations cover issues such as sanctions and acceptable behaviors such as members' requests and acceptable behaviors during running or meeting.If the regulations are different from one club to another club, the following is an example of ordinary regulations: all members must be men, at least 18 years old.All possible new members must be sponsored by the current members.All possible new members must complete the probation period.All members have to pay the monthly fee. All new members will pay the payment without the permission of the two presidents. No member will transfer from one chapter to another and will pay the transfer rate to the national treasure.When a member is in another jurisdiction, he will abide by his laws and presidents.Any trapped members who use intravenous drugs will lose everything and accompanying everything.Women are usually forced to prostitution or drug trafficking at the street level, and they are often in physical and sexual abuse.Men can pay, they let women be prostitutes.In a violent and guided society, they are hungry. Some people need a warm place to stay, while others feel safe among the gangs.If we all know, people who are riding bicycles outside the lawyer and violate women, most women voluntarily abide by clubs and representatives of drugs, alcohol, gathering, fast bicycles and cars, cheap emotions and sex.The rebels, boring companies, women who do not educate, and homeless people are fascinated by the lifestyle of motorcycles, whether they are emotional or out of security.In addition to providing sexual massage, naked photos, cocktails and clubs, women's main value is in the collection of undressing intelligence.They can enter the community and find a working city in the community. The county and prefecture offices can use a white certificate, driving license and other useful documents.Women will also seek jobs as employees recorded by the police, telephone operators, employees and prison institutions of the Social Aid Office.It will sleep with the police to compromise or collect information.Women of motorcycle gang clubs are generally all members and are expected to agree with anyone's sexual desire at any time.A registered property (club name) is embroidered later.An old woman is not a member of the club and is not allowed to attend club meetings.However, she will also use color properties in some clubs, but there are 207

221Moshov said that the names of the bicycles they belong to the club replace the name of the club.A vast woman who is used in time to be sexually satisfied, a night's location or rape victim, and then excludes it.Women help people riding bicycles to cancel progress.For example, several hell angels make their old ladies a naked -photo bar in North Carolina and South Carolina.The bar is close to the military base. Old women use their connections to obtain all weapons to obtain the needs of all weapon clubs.Cleveland's chapter has obtained three light tank weapon Rockets Rockets large FUN burial gangs, claiming that it will not adapt to 1 % of social law and moral motorcycles.EssenceThese four great men are guided by their scope of horror.They strive to maintain their reputation by instilling people they respect and respect.The party's online members have maintained respect., Rarely, illegal, black pagan shirts and bandits nomadic chapters.These four large drugs have won most of the drugs to win and sell drugs.They control 75 % of the North American methylenezylene market.The fire, robbery, bomb and contract murder are one of the crimes of millions of times.Most of the four are quasi -military operations encouraged by greedy and are executed with fear.Members have the latest military technology and are subject to the best protection lawyers.Two of the four large motorcycles gangs were locked in the battle of death, because hell angels and offenders killed members of others on each opportunity.They also encouraged smaller clubs to expand territorial territories and enhance their strength.The resistance of resistance will not last for a long time; they are supplied by dry or destroyed drugs.Amin said that Amin Mussotov was a high -end and worried Russian gangster Namikkarafov. Mussotov himself was shot by two militants in the hall of his house in Palisades Park, New Jersey on May 8, 1992.New York State Investigation Commission, Pennsylvania Criminal Committee, University of Rogers. Soviet -style organizational crime projects Sanzhou online available: November 24, Mey, Wilson, Milo, Wilson, is the center of Chinatown community center in Chicago in Chicago Street.On the 22nd street, this magnificent Terra-Cotta designed on the streets designed in the building tower of Leone. Over the years, Chinese immigrants have found temporary accommodation here and helped by On Leong Armit.Gangs, the gang has slowly evolved into a custom that gradually developed a brother -like corpse deeply rooted in the Chinese Empire. Recently, the upper level of this historic building has become a gaming casino, sponsoring fans tan, Bung (Bung-LO) and other games that attracted Chinese residents in the community. The operation received a dangerous income of the league with a million income of more than $ 11.5.It will get $ 1,500.SCHWEIHS 208

222Moy (MOY), MOY, the first set of clothing operations led by James Jimmy L. Lapietra to raise $ 4,000 a month, and later described it as the Chinatown market.Long, one of the 11 people who were accused of supervising this interesting interest operation were allegedly protected by several senior police officers in Chicago.During the trial in 1991, Yu Lip Moy testified in the federal court that Chicago police Joseph Carone was considered to be authorities in the Asian street crime, and was underway by the guards outside the 2216 businessman building.Later, he was transferred to the garden area of Chicago and was never accused of cases related to the case of Liang.This set of clothing will obviously not shrink on the beam.According to John's direction, the head of Elmwood Park's nose Difronzo, the responsible crew of ELMWOOD PARK, is planned to be held in the fall of 1989 to establish Parker in a private club in the suburbs, 21 games and a sports book for Asian players.EssenceHelping advertisements did not appear in Sunday classification, but the word was quickly on the street: people on the Asian Front are looking for.They should be ready to relocate at any time.News from Illinois and Sheriff.Pandoras on the streets of Asia and the focus of organized crimes: threats from the East.


224NAKAJIMA-KAI is known for its cooperation with other gangs in Kyoto.Nakajima-Kai is one of the famous gangs in Kyoto.In the middle of the bloody gang war with iChiwa-KAI.One hundred black hands were killed during the war, and thousands of people were arrested.He ruled Yamaguchi-Gumi for five years and finally resigned and resigned. He will control the control with Yoshinori Watanabe.kazuo.kazuo Nakanishi to become Saiko Saiko Komon or main consultant, located in Watanabe.Nakanishi now lives in Osaka.He ruled more than 439 members and was divided into 15 Subgangs.His gang was accused of everything, from murder and attacked to Ho Chi Minh City, fraud and bribery, and everything in Vietnam.) Before Qui Nhon had a long legal history of legal rupture, he settled in Saigon after he was discharged, where he improved his connection among Vietnamese in the underworld, and established a large number of people with a good contact with the governmentEssenceIn the 1980s, CAM NAM was very rich and was a great donor of Communist Party officials.He is considered a citizen in a good position.In the 1980s and 1990s, CAM established a huge organizational criminal empire extending from Saigon to Hanoi.When he won a few million dollars in 1995, he continued his currency operation after he was released in South Cam.It was sent to Vietnam to restore the field of education.In 1998, I returned to the street.Soon after, he was arrested for murder, joint organization, drug trafficking, prostitution and extortion.Bay SY, one of Namcam's most reliable lieutenant, is also his brother -in -law.Chi Minh, Mang cannot stop gang activities, including protecting rackets, organizing game companies and other criminal companies.211

225Nasser David, Julius Caesar In August 2002, the scandal shocked Vietnam.The extensive corruption caused the Vietnamese police forces from street police to police forces and two government cabinet members Vietnamese were arrested and fired.Vietnamese President Tran Duc Luong signed a statement to avoid the position of deputy prosecutor and prosecutor of the Supreme People's Procuratorate for the Supreme People's Procuratorate.He is the chief prosecutor of the state.Minh City Police Bureau was also fired.Due to several members of the NAM CAM organized criminal gangs, both were expelled from the Vietnamese Communist Party (CPV).The two leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party were also fired.The two members of the Central Committee are the CEO of Vietnam's official radio station, Tran Mai Hanh, and the Deputy Minister of the Police Department, Bui Quoc Huy.I endure a lot of pain and risks life, but yield to illegal money and the temptation in other life ... and even help criminals, Vietnam's official news agency (VNA) quoted the Vietnamese Communist Party's wordsAfter the scandal was exposed, the trial of the internationally eye -catching trial of Nanyan and its gangs began in Ho Chi Minh City in December. 156 suspects were prosecuted and faced 24 allegations, including murder, extortion, bribes, and arranging illegal immigrants., Abuse of energy, drug trafficking, high loans, ransom, assistance and instability, and irresponsibility cause serious consequences. The defendant list includes 20 former state and government officials: 108 people were detained during the trial, and 48 were released from prison.CAM himself faces seven crimes of murder, as well as charges such as blackmailing, fighting, organizing illegal immigration, assisting and instigating crimes, bribery and usury.. Indian Times. Online available. URL: /msg00802.html. Downloaded on July 16th, Nasser David, Julio César Nasser David, leading a major drug trafficking and money laundering organization headquarters in Colombia. His organization passed conventional shipping through conventional shipping.Channel and container smuggling tons of cocaine and marijuana. In August 1997, Julio Cesar Nasser David was arrested by the Columbia National Police. Thomas A. Constantine. Drug interception and other national matters related to drug control policies.On September 12th, the Hearing of the Coast Guard of the Transport and Infrastructure Committee and the Shipping Group Committee, and the joint hearing of the core group of the Senate on the issue of international anesthesia control issues.1997, natale, Ralph Ralph Natale proved that Philadelphia's criminal family had come to an end and fell into a deep trouble. Natale would become the first of the gangsters of his former employee in court to prove his former employee. But he reallyIs it the best, or is it just that the federal investigation bureau can aim at the high -profile scapegoat of his weapons? Ralph Natale was absolutely unknown at first.Smart people on the streets. Ralph Natale is a person who is mixed with rogue but never really becomes crew.One of the members of the crew was Philadelphia's criminal boss Angelo, gentleman Tang Bruno, who started Natale as a bartender at the Human Vehicle Hotel in Cherry Mountain.Tending Bar, Natale came into contact with many lower -level people, but never joined.action.A few years later, Natale's first major breakthrough was the Local 170 of his service employee, Local 170 fell into chaos.The three union leaders were controlled by Angelo Bruno and were arrested and sentenced to extortion.Broono decided to make Natale a person who was listening to him in the union.In his new position, Natale took hundreds of thousands of dollars from the trade union health welfare plan to Bruno.For Natale, he finally became a person with some kind of power, and he would not let anyone take him away from him.Therefore, when the current 170 local official Joey McGreal was released from prison and wanted Natale, Natale ordered his 212

226Natale, Ralph first killed and maintained the leader as the group's leader.The murder further expanded his self, and he began to participate in other businesses.One day, a lawyer at a furniture shop in Malton, New Jersey found Natali, who worked in Mr. Living Room, in MA. Living Room, hoping to help him solve a insurance scam.Natali was asked to burn this place. In turn, he will receive 25%of million US dollars insurance compensation.Natale bombarded this place, but was already thinking about a plot that allowed her to complete 100%.Natali contacted a killer named Charlie Allen and asked him to help him kill a business partner owed to him.Natali told Allen that I was going to take him to the wooden road ... I was leaving him.The guy was stealing my ... money ... however, Charlie Allen is a policeman who uses an eavesdropper in each meeting with Natali.Natale knew nothing and told Allen about her rackets, the help she needed, and so on.Natale talked about how he became Philadelphia's largest beer distributor without employees.In 1978, Natali was arrested for arson in the case of the living room and was convicted a year later.During the bail, Natali used Allen (he wearing a wire again) to sell 4,000 sleeping pills, and arranged a meeting between his cocaine supplier and Allen's buyer (they are undercover federal agents)EssenceAs a result, Natali was arrested again in January 1979 and was convicted of cocaine smuggling in July.It is difficult to say how Natale handles prison.He told his colleague's story that he was the people there, and all groups were afraid of him.But all these seem to be to impress his colleagues, not the truth.He talked about his life in prison and said: It's like in the X -ray machine.The prison shows you who is the real man and how they handle themselves.You will see that they perform at Christmas without family or friends, just like that.You see how they pass the time.You see who broke, who bent, who is the person standing up.INSIDE NATALE finally lived in a cell with Philadelphia's young gangster member Joseph Merlino in Illi County, Pennsylvania.Natale found that the two had a lot in common, because they both hated the way the former boss Nicky Scarfo and his way of managing Philadelphia's criminal family.Merlino hated Scarfo, because Scarfo reduced his father Salvatore Chuckie Merlino from a young boss as a soldier, and when Scarfo took his illegal income in prison and never took care of his family, Natale was angry.Natale found that he was authoritative and qualified. With the help of Merlino and his young team, he could become a boss.A few years later, Merino came out and found that Scarker had replaced Sicilians John Stanfa.After all leadership talks with Natale, Merlino would not let this old Sicilian outsiders stop his plan.Merlino is ready for the war.When Merrino and his group of young people fought against Stanfa, Natali was safe in prison. Sometimes he called Merrino to cheer him and promised that things would be great when they were in power.After several thugs were killed, the Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI) decided to end the war and drive Stanfa and his team out of the street.Now Natale and Merlino can occupy the first position.In 1995, Natale was released from prison and appeared on the top after Merlino.At present, Natali, who has never done any real mobs in his gangster career, immediately became the leader of the Philadelphia's criminal family after becoming famous, and was supported by the New York family.Natali was a happy person, but soon things began to be wrong.Merlino continued to act like under STANFA, and did a lot of activities without talking with Natale first.People were beaten without Natali, and more and more evidence showed that Merino was running his own organization.A former colleague of Natale said: They tried to reject Ralph, but he knew this.People left money or other things for Joey, but Joey was not there, and Ralph was here.So Ralph would say that I would stick to it.Then he will check and find money or other things from a plan that no one tells him.About 1995, in less than a year, Natali began to suspect that Merrino and his friends were very unfaithful.They were stopping him from trading and making money on his back.Natale makes them feel comfortable and buried themselves.His former colleague also said that Stanfa plans to kill the entire Merlino team with the help of the North Zezawa team led by Pete Caprio.Because he was shut down, Natali might need more money for his girlfriend (except his wife), and he decided to sell some medicines to make up for Merlino's detention.Due to the separate operation and disconnecting the current affairs, the Federal Investigation Bureau arrested Natali not long ago.Looking at the life of 20, only hatred 213

227Navarro-LARA, Alfredo to Merlino and his crew, Natale decided to save his skin and burn his skin by becoming a government witness and testimony to his former family. He became the first gangster boss to open his family.It is reported that Natale has been reversed. People began to leak the story that Natale knew nothing to the media. It was just a line -lifting puppet and was excluded from all major businesses.They also said that he never officially joined the job, but spent money to enter the Los Angeles Cosa Nostra.All this may be to discredit Natali, but when he let them fight for his war, he first fooled them.When he turned around, he seemed to fool them again because he escaped the revenge of prisons and mobs.Please refer to: Stanfa, John.navarro-LARA, Alfredo Mexican National Army General Alfredo Navarro-LARA was arrested by the Mexican authorities on March 17, 1997. The charges were the representative ARELLANO Félix organized bribery.The ARELLANO Félix organization provides a monthly bribery of $ 1.5 million or $ 18 million per year.He was sentenced to 15 years in prison in the Mexican Prison.Please refer to: Tijuana Organization.thomas A. Constantine.Drug InterDiction and Other Matters is related to national drug control policies.On September 12, the 104th Parliament, the second meeting, the 104th Congress, the 104th Congress, and the core group of the Senate held a joint hearing on the issue of international anesthesia control.D.c.: U.S. Government Printing Agency, 1997, "Nazi Low Cavaliers".Although the Nazi Low Riders (NLR) originated in the California prison system and still obtains most of the power from indoor punishment facilities, the organization has also become a vicious street gang in various parts of California.LOW RIDERS NAZIS first was recognized in the early 1990s' street gangs in Costamesa.Since then, NLR street units have sprung up in other cities and regions of Southern California.Recently, most of the NLR members were in their early teens and in their early twenties. They began to move to the Central and Northern California, and slowly moved eastward when they were parole.Today, NLR may be the fastest -growing white gang growth in California, and the organization has surpassed the state.Although the organization is still considered to be in the formation stage of 1996, NLR has only 28 confirmed members.By 1998, this number had risen to 331, and it was estimated that there were 1,000 members.The explosive growth of the gang is worrying, there are several reasons.First of all, as we all know, some members participate in the production and trade of methamphetamine in large quantities. This is a highly addictive substance that promotes the user's violent tendency.Secondly, gang members are also notorious due to cruel violence.Finally, the Nazi low -end rider is a vicious white supremacy.NLR members showed extremely violent criminal acts in prisons and streets.They have established a strong network in their team and with other white gangs.Unlike the previous affiliated racist bald party, the organization and motivation of NLR are profits.In the past seven years, NLR's strict criminal actions have helped it become the main force of gangs and the west coast criminal underworld in the supremeist.The root cause of Nazi Low Cavaliers can be traced back to the Yalian Brotherhood (AB), a infamous violent white supremacy prison gang.AB member John Stinson played an important role in the formation of NLR.At the end of the 1970s or in the early 1980s, looking for a middleman who was looking for people acting as AB S criminal activities, Stinsen turned to the young bald party that was detained by the California Youth Administration in Preston facilities and Chinuo's detention in youth training schools.At that time, NLR had just started to establish itself as a white gang against prisoners, and AB was still the leading white prison gang.The term Nazi Low Rider is an abnormal distortion of the usage of Low Riders. This is a common slang of Spanish gang members.Due to the limited number of members, NLR has been quietly existed for several years, and has been avoiding police surveillance until 214

228The role of NLR, as an AB S criminal operation, allows them to start filling the position of AB S in the prison system and give NLR opportunities to become the main white gang in prison.Several members of NLR come from families with gang history. The father of NLR members is not uncommon to become a member of a motorcycle gang.In addition, many NLR members grew up among families who preached paranoia and white first.Although some observers believe that the NLR actions are more based on criminal motivation rather than racist ideology, the two play an important role in the image of the gang.The two basic requirements for joining the NLR are that one is a proven criminal and is willing to be loyal to whites.The information of the gang is an indispensable factor that promotes members to participate in violence.As a member of NLR said, hatred is the way of survival.NLR members usually tend to concentrate their hatred on black and race traitors. These people are defined as those involving cross -race relations. They also express hatred of Jews, Asians, and other ethnic minorities.There seems to be an unusual paradox inside the NLR. Some NLR members include Spanish surnames, and members of the Spanish girlfriend or wife are also accepted into the ranks.However, this is only applicable to Spain.Can't tolerate black and other non -white people.Some authorities attribute this alliance between white and Spanish descent to common hatred for blacks.Others concluded that due to the competition of criminal gangs, NLR only targets Northern California Spanish.A former NLR member explained that you must have at least half of the white blood, but there is no black blood.Like most gangs, members NLR members have created an independent culture, including graffiti, gestures, tattoos, dressing requirements and language.Most of them are based on Nazi symbolism and icons, but the exact symbol of the gang varies from place to place.For example, the NLR members of Huntington Beach may be different from Lamaster.NLR tattoos can be found in almost any part of the gang member's body, including the back of the head.Low -level Nazi knights do not adhere to specific tattoos or dressing rules, making it more difficult for law enforcement to identify gang members.Although NLR members do not need unique tattoos, symbols such as Wan characters, SS Lightning, and other Nazi -related images (including Hitler's images) such as NLR prefer eagles, skulls and devils.Tattoos or patch and WP (white power) with digital 88 (the eighth letter of the alphabet is Hh or Heil Hitler) is also very popular.The abbreviations representing the BMTP phrases such as WSU (White Student Union) and A and M (Movement Juvenile Aryan) are also common.Your own version.Tattoos consisting of letters NLR are common, and often appear in small letters on the abdomen, back and neck or above the eyebrows.Some people prefer the complete words of Nazi low -level pilots, and usually write scripts in ancient English.For some people, the Rune Alphabet (any character in various alphabet watches used from the 13th century to the 13th century) is becoming a popular coding method for coding to encode the whitening gangs related to their whitewashing gangs.Information information.Recently, members of NLR have become more cautious when they admit their NLR associations and realize that this may be a responsibility.Some people claim that NLR means never lose respect or no longer racism.Although most members tend to wear their tattoos proudly in conspicuous places, some people now choose smaller and less conspicuous in less conspicuous places.Regarding dressing, members of NLR often wear white supremacy or Nazi utensils, such as T -shirts with white power band logos, but they become smart enough to conceal these clothes to law enforcement officers and the public.The Anti-Defamation Alliance was reproduced in the ñEta Carlos Torres-Iriarte, also known as La Sombra, and created ñEta during the Puerto Riles Río Piedras prison, and he began to detain the gang in prison.In Rico, Puerto, when a baby is born, the traditional Puerto Ricans will cheer for Enta!ÑEta!La Sombra uses the names of their newly established organization.Some people think that ñEta means never tolerate abuse.多Eeta emphasizes the national pride of the Puerto Ricans.215

229Nibiki-kai members use red, white and blue to identify themselves.Black sometimes replaces blue.These colors can be seen on their heads, necklaces and clothes.Test members wear all white beads until they think they are loyal; they can then wear black beads in white beads and add a red.Members usually show the Puerto Rico flag, and as we are well known to bring Nerada ID cards.The Neita logo is a heart, pierced by the Puerto Rico flag on both sides, and the right hand is crossing the middle chain and the index finger.Members greet each other by focusing on their right -handed fingers.This gesture means n in the sign language; it also means union and unity.大Eeta has a stronghold in a large city in the United States.Their existence can be found in most of the national and Puerto Rico.Although members usually participate in criminal activities for the interests of gangs, they use their groups to be the facade of a cultural organization.They have a strong connection with several other street gangs, and many members also claim that they are loyal to the Los Macheteros, a revolutionary organization that is loyal to Puerto Rico.Members think they are oppressed and they are unwilling to be ruled by the United States.Any disrespect for individual members is usually treated violently.Members need to recruit 20 possible recruits, and they unite to commemorate their fallen members on the 30th of each online.url: Downloaded on July 16th, Nibiki-Kai, Nibiki-KAI is headquartered in the eight princes of Japan.They held a very ugly, violent and open war with Yamaguchi Group in western Tokyo in 1990, thus giving international reputation.This conflict is of great significance, because the Yamaguchi group and INAGAWA-KAI reached a long-term agreement, that is, not setting up a gang office in Tokyo, and Tokyo Police is particularly interested in maintaining this situation. Peter Hill Peter Hill, Society of Oxford University, is in Pingcheng.Yakuza: Burn Bubble and Botaiho.See another: INAGAWA-KAI; Yamaguchi-Gumi. Nigeria letter fraud July 10, 2001, the Royal Canadian Royal Police (RCMP) Toronto Western Division's commercial criminal department announced the results of one three investigations-the annual investigation was successfully destroyed.A highly complicated international criminal organization, controlled by three people, operated in the Greater Toronto region and harmed all over the world.This charged criminal group has been conducting large -scale international fraud, called organized prepaid fraud, headquartered in Western Africa, or usually Nigerian letter fraud.The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said the criminal group was part of a larger criminal organization headquartered in Nigeria.At that time, the Royal Royal Madage had identified more than 300 victims, most of which were Nigerian citizens.The victims include successful merchants from all walks of life, including ranch owners, insurance agents, chain hotel owners, beer consultants, importer operators and leisure cars.In 1998, when investigating a complaint together, the common clues about various problems RCMP RCMP in Canada and the FBI and the United States Special Service were conducting investigations in the United States.The three institutions coordinated the investigation and exchange information, and conducted a survey for the groups they believed to conduct fraud cross -border telephone marketing activities.Headquartered in West African Nigerian letter fraud, it usually occurs in two stages.Generally, in the first stage of such fraud, the victim will receive an email or fax letter from officials from Nigerian institutions, such as Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation or the Bank of the Central Bank Nigeria Bank.Most of the emails received by the victims are the emails intercepted from a highly propagated corporate list, professional groups (unions, guilds, etc.) or trade publications.The first stage of this fraud is to convince potential victims to let an unknown but trusted Nigerian officials hidden or stored in a simple account under the name of the victim.The money can be hidden within the unspecified period of time.As a exchange, the remittr was hidden in the victim's account, and finally provided a certain percentage of the amount to the recipient to the amount transferred to your account.This letter requires the recipient 216

230The Nigerians call back or call to transfer important account information, and sometimes the cost of about $ 10,000 will be attached, which is said to be to ensure the legal costs and management costs of business transactions.In the second stage of the scam, the victim received a call from members of the organized criminal group who posted Nigerian bankers.The victim was mistakenly informed that all contract funds have been destroyed Nigeria, and now they are now in an imaginary bill exchange house or commercial bank in North America.Fake banks or bill exchange areas, Toronto, Detroit, New York, Chicago, and Bahamas, are recognized by the calls.Although the number provided by the recovery or bill exchange is unique to their city, they are all called to the boiler room in the Greater Toronto area.After the victims dial these numbers, they were told more legal expenses and expenditures (sometimes as high as $ 50,000). These expenses and expenses were large amounts. They were not discouraged until they went bankrupt and fraudulent transactions never occurred.This trust scam uses fictional companies and false documents.Telephone contacts are knowledgeable in the international banking industry, and they are clever and professional in dialogue and behavior with the victims.The Royal Montreal Police Department of Canada, the Communications Department of Canada, the Royal Canadian Mandarin, the Federal Investigation Agency and the United States Special Service Bureau.Rubbing Nigerian Nigerians fraud.The Canadian government posted an address.On July 10th, the special agent in charge of the Newvack Federal Investigation Bureau, Nigerian J. Murphy, participated in the organizational scam bank and other financial institutions plans at the public hearing of the committee.The highly flowing Nigerian criminals testimony to the agent Murphy in detail the examples of several Nigerians using high -quality forgery identity proof to engage in complex fraud in New Jersey: In early 1987, a group of New Jersey bankers requested the Federal Investigation Bureau to assist in investigating the investigation by the opponents committed to commit committed by the offenders to commit committed by the offenders committed committed by the opponents.A series of fraud cases.New Jersey financial institution.In the preliminary investigation, these criminal acts seemed to be common and isolated; however, the careful inspection of individual fraudulent inspections revealed a complex plan that adopts similar styles, all of which are related to each other.A careful inspection of one of the fraudulent behaviors showed that one person opened an account with four banks named alias on Wanbao Road, Old Bridge and Frost in New Jersey.All accounts are opened with minimum cash deposits, usually $ 50 and $ 100. Each bank has a family address, a working place, and a driving license with a photo with a photo of New Jersey as the identity certificate.The customer also applied for each bank account and received an ATM card.The bank verified the new account in accordance with normal procedures and found no invalid information. Therefore, shortly after opening an account, a series of checks issued by banks issued by Florida, Georgia, Maryland and New York State were stored in these accounts through automatic withdrawal machines.After opening an account, the Nigerians visited many branches of various banks in two or three days and withdrew most of the funds.In the end, all the checks in the deposit were later returned, causing banks to suffer losses.The survey shows that Nigerian customers are actually a self -service warehousing. The self -service warehouse also provides private email reception services. The work provided by him has been contacted by the bank and determined as an answer service.Social security numbers and social security numbers used by aliases can be traced back to executives of a financial institution in New York.In another case, in May 1988, a person tried to open a bank account in Mideldon, New Jersey.The alert customer service representative asked the person, and the person then fled the bank.The service representative received his license plate and contacted the local police. The police then arrested the suspects in several neighborhoods from the bank.Although the person was alone when he left the bank, there was a passenger on the car when he was arrested.Later, through fingerprint recognition, the passenger was Nigerian citizen and a federal fugitive.At the beginning, the charges of the passenger were also fraud.217 driver

231The Nigerian vehicle paid a $ 10,000 bail and was released on the same day.The name provided by the driver is actually a pseudonym of another Nigerian national.The pseudonym of the Mideldon Police Station in Montmomis County is the same as another bank in Melstong, New Jersey.Further investigation and determining that all the pseudonyms were stolen by the New York City Bank's employees.The in -depth investigation by the Federal Investigation Bureau showed that he used nine different pseudonym in Jersey City, Passic, Belville, and North Arlington, PERTH Amboy, Bellmawr, Edison, Iseelin, Haddon Township, And Blackwood, New Jersey, New JerseyAnd deceived 225,000 US dollars in these areas.Received from a local department store with pseudonym and credit records.He received more than $ 60,000 cash and used these credit cards to buy goods.In more than a year, the driver received nearly $ 300,000 in cash and goods from the businessmen in New Jersey.It is impossible to calculate the general economic income obtained by the driver from the fraud, but he has a wide range of travel coasts in the east and a record far from California.As we all know, the checks in the driver are used by other Nigerians for similar fraud.Another person was released on bail for a $ 40,000 fraud against the New Jersey Ministry of Labor. In the eight -month fraud frenzy, he made more than 100,000 US dollars in the real name of his social security account and the real name of New Jersey residents.Similarly, one of the victims is a senior manager of a financial institution in New Jersey.These and similar investigations show a wide range of fraud activities, including bank fraud, credit card fraud, student loan fraud, unemployment fraud, insurance fraud, car rental fraud, etc.All these fraud have a common thing in common, that is, false ID cards.It is a prerequisite for all fraud activities.Nigeria's criminals will try to penetrate into large companies to obtain resume data from the company's legal employees.They usually apply for a security or cleaner position or a temporary occupation introduction position.Of course, they will include resume data about the company's legal employees.If they fail to succeed in infiltrating these areas of the company, they will seek information about individual employees, usually supervisors or job management employees, which will also enable them to obtain resume data and credit quotas based on the actual employee's resume data.In March 1990, two banks in Princeton, New Jersey opened an account in the name of Investment Money Line.A series of checks issued on Georgian lawyers' trust accounts were deposited into the account, but they were extracted before the check was paid, causing losses to $ 25,000.One month ago, a person's West Windsor at New Jersey tried to obtain $ 3,000 in cash pre -savings through a credit card.At this time, an alert called the Credit Card company to authorize, and the customer spoke to the security department of the credit card company.The customer was asked a series of questions. One of the questions was fictional and designed as this. When he answered, the security department told the bank to confiscate the card.The bank also confiscated a credit card license.Drives used to identify identity.The person fled to the bank, and the police got the John DOE arrest order for it.A few months later, in September 1990, the Plainsboro Police Department of New Jersey arrested an account opened by a woman who tried to open a bank with aliases.The woman was later confirmed to be Nigerians from Maryland.She holds a check, which is issued on the trust account of the same Georgia lawyer. The account uses the account under the name of the MoneyLine investment account in Princeton.It is believed that the woman has always cooperated with John DOE in Siemusa, New Jersey.Once the connection between Simonha and Plainsboro incidents, further investigations determined that the customer of the John DOE client obtained a safe bank in the New Jersey State in the same branch in the same branch.Similarly, in September, the customer of John Doe went to East Oram Bank to close his safe.This is the local authorization of John Doe, attempting to pre -cash.Two local officials accepted another 218 report at the bank's parking lot

232Noriega, Manuel incident, this person was detained.The same parking space used in Plainsboro Bank is a parking lot.In May 1990, a set of interceptors was placed on the car, and the American Express credit card was obtained with fraud. When the tire was installed on the car, the mileage was 56,000 miles.When arrested in mid -September, the mileage exceeded 90,000 miles.He has installed the car with 35,000 mile more for more than four months in a short time.How could this person run so many miles in the car within four months?The result of this arrest was that the email was discovered to the Jersey Island in Virginia Alexander City, the Columbia Special Administrative Region in Maryland, and other five regions in NSW.In addition, this person was determined to be a temporary bookkeeping service for a company in New Jersey.During his work for the company, he stole 10 blank checks from the subsidiary from the back of the checkbook and the legal account.A check -up check with a amount of $ 28,000.This check was negotiated at a bank in Virginia, which has established a fraud account.One of the blank checks was also negotiated in Massachusetts.The additional deposit is Prandsburg, Maryland, with the account of a federal credit cooperative in Massachusetts.In the Paladdenburg, Maryland, the credit cooperative was identified as the victim, and a series of 700 checks of the agency were stolen.Maryland's credit cooperatives suffered most of the losses of $ 100,000.Agent Murphy describes his situation called the control unit and operates in different areas of the country, which shows that there are centralized leadership in Nigeria's organizational crime: the information obtained by the unit staff under similar circumstances is provided to the control access and distribution of control visits and distribution in similar circumstances.Unit leader.Unit leaders to interact and exchange information with leaders in other states.Information exchange, inspection and identity proof provides these groups with constant sources of new information, so that they can implement new fraud behavior without being found.Special agent Murphy said that the Nigerians have proposed a unique issue law enforcement on the law, because their fraud activities are performed by government agencies, financial institutions, department stores, credit card companies and insurance companies to earn profits.They also seriously affect the public, and the higher fraud costs are passed on to them and taxes at higher interest rates.Personal credit records who have been damaged are facing a long -term battle. They must restore their personal credit records to normal, and fraud charges are revoked.The committee learned that the Nigerians also participated in organizational heroin smuggled to the United States. In this country, a man named the Father controlled four to six mules to transport drugs and money.The typical smuggling process began in Nigeria. Usually, female or underage mules went to the Dark Magic House to receive instructions for swallowing prohibited drugs and were sealed in condoms to the United States.Most of the Nigerian heroin comes from Southeast Asia, and 70% of heroin in the United States is produced in Southeast Asia.Three -fifth of the courier arrested in Thailand for heroin is from Nigeria.Historically, the source of heroin in the black community has always been Nostra Nostra Southwest Asia Heroin trade.Today, the main source is the organized ethnic minority extortioner to sell heroin from Southeast Asia.Of course, the evidence of smuggling Nigeria reports clearly that Chinese criminals are not the only supplier to provide the United States with Heroin in Southeast Asia.The New Jersey Investigation Committee, Robert J. Clark, Francis A. Betzler, Bruce C. Best and Debra.a.Sowney.African linearly organized crimes.On November 29, you can get it online.URL: US/sci/PDF/Afro.pdf.Visiting on November 24th, Noriega, Manuel, on February 4, 1989, Manuel A. Noriega and 15 defendants were sued in the jury of Miami, Florida.The law influenced the corruption structure of the organization, and the laws of laws claimed that Norrea was a drug assistant in Madling Carter.Norcega used his position as the commander of the Panama Defense Force and the ruler of Panama to assist in Madling Carter to surround the cocaine; procurement of precursor chemicals for manufacturing cocaine; on April 30, 1984After the assassination of Lamani, he provided a safe haven for members of Carter; and sponsored the money laundering activities of Bank of Panama's drug revenue.Invaded Panama on December 20, 1989, Noriega escaped 219

233For the organization in the northern valley, drug posters have paid $ 1.25 million to witnesses to testify with false testimony. The government must be responsible for the so -called bribery.The US Supreme Court did not comment, allowing it to last decide Noriega to get a fair judgment.Noriega's case is the most infamous drug papers in American history to control the control of American drugs and the US Department of Justice.AP) For the organization of the northern valley, please refer to Diego's Sánchez.The Montaa chart of the US Army.It was taken to Miami to respond to allegations.In the next 21 months, Miami's ninth group concluded hundreds of individuals in Miami and reviewed the reset of the documents.Occupation in the United States and Panama.In September 1991, this century of drug papers.In the next eight months, the former executives including Carlos Lehder-Riva, including Bensinger, Mullen and Lawn Drug Control, including more than 100 prosecutors, the leaders and other leaders of PEPE poster Cabrera, PEPE Poster Cabrera, and other PEPE poster Cabrera.People testify in trials.With the support of the prosecutor's office, DEA deployed special agents Luxembourg, Germany, France and Cuba in 15 countries /regions around the world.Finally, on April 9, 1992, 8 of the 10 positions of the 10 positions in the jury's charges.Together with Kakin transportation to protect the Cocalin traffic, to protect Columbia smugglers who defeat the drugs through Panama to defeat the drugs.In 1992, Manuel Noriega was sentenced to 40 years in a federal prison.On April 6, 1998, he was unable to terminate his sentence sentence to sentence, and he was sentenced to 40 years of prison sentence., Or our family) is North California, a Robert Babo Sosa in Sosa, in Sosa.When NF and MF participated in a painful prison war, the new prisoners were recruited in NF, and prisoners in Southern California also joined the Mexican Mom Party.Prison is the official division between the gangsters of Delano, California.People living north of the place are called northern.Our family was the first prison gang organization and corruption (rich) accused of the federal government charged by the "Corruption Law" in the early 1990s.The gang has a written constitution, rules (called 14 bonds) and organizational leadership structure.Almost all Spanish gangs in California are determined to be northern (north) or southern (southern), indicating who will join whom when they enter prison.North Ci, North 220

234Our family/northern northern part.Other symbols include five o'clock stars, symbolizing Arctic Star or Bird Strike, which is a symbol used by the United Farm Workers' Alliance.These two tattoos, stars and birds, they must commit a victory enemy, the attack or murder of the people of the south.Our family has a series of command chains to supervise every northern gang in Northern California.Almost all states and European countries in the United States have identified the north.In the speech of our family, a group of gangsters sing Pro-Norteño, which compiled two CD music entitled Gun (Northern United) and Quete (Spanish guns).Street gangs.According to the federal authorities, the purpose of CD is to promote the unity between the street gangs in the north for the gang and promote the gang.Mexican Misked Party's Prison Gang and Southern Street Gangs.


236Oh, Obert, William Obi, William William Willie Will Obie Obie Obie Obie, has been appointed as organized crime consultation, such as Mayer LancesMeyer Lansky, etc., was born in Montreal on March 27 when he was 20 years old. At the age of 20, he was first born in Montreal.It is almost impossible: Jews on the top of the Montreal Mandarin Party.Opport became the main money of Vic Cotroni.Create more income.A survey of Quebec's crime in 1977 showed that Obert washed more than $ 89 million for the 89 million US dollars for the organization through multiple plans.He also instructed a prosperous loan business, which is said to have caused millions of dollars to revenue.EssenceTogether with the two employees, they also try to have the only meat storage facilities at the 67th century, as well as the 500 automatic vending machines on the property.Willieobie has become so rich that he is known for $ 50,000 in American Football.A joint investigation from the Royal Canadian Royal Investigation of the Police, the Drug Control Administration and the Federal Investigation Office.Millions of fake QUAALUDES to the United States.The network is huge.It is estimated that 35 to 40 kg of Cocaine was between 1981 and occupied the day when he was arrested in Canada.

237According to Miami Herald, Ochoa Restrepo, FábioochoarestRepo, Fábiofabioocho Restrepo is one of Colombia's most important drug trafficking families. According to Miami Herald, his three children are MEDELLB trucks.The most successful and most successful drug action in the history of a major Lieutenant American bus, until the moment he died, defended the reputation of his children and his family.Ochoaremotepo is a famous breeder in South America and Malaysia, and believes that he is a very, very rich.He and his family lived in a large pasture called Loma.He was very healthy for most of his adults, and died in the 78 -year -old kidney insufficient kidney on February 18th. S Fabio Ochoa Restrepo, the ancestors of the drug family.Colombian drug logo directed by Pablo Escobar.Jorge Luis and Fabioochoavásquez reached an agreement to reach an agreement to reach an agreement. These three brothers finally followed the time in Colombian prison for five years.Participate in Medalin Carter. The three brothers released in 1996 to participate in the Cocyin business again. However, for Fabio, the temptation of family business is too great.. Fabby was accused of and was extradited to the United States by the federal court. It was condemned on May 27, 2003 and was sentenced in time in a prison in Florida. Fabábáochoaemotepo was the famous horse breedinger and the most important Colombia.Ochoavásquez, Ochoavásquez, Ochoavásquez, Jorge Luis, Fábioochoaemotepo, Fábioluis, Jorge Luis. It is said that an important drug trafficking and drug trafficking supplier.

238Ogawa, Kaoru, the son of Kaoru, Fábioochoaremotepo and the brother of Fábioochoavásquez and Jorge Luis Ochoavásquez.juanochoa seeking the United States in the United States in 1986 to murder Colombia and Columbia reporters in the United States. Murder.The government has not yet determined to participate in any current drug business.Pabloescobar (left) and Jorge Luis Ochoa (right with a hat), the two leaders of the Medellíncocaine poster participated in a fighting in 1984 in the organization of the organization in the organization of Medellín (1984) AP).Lieutenant classification.Jorge Luis was found by drug trafficking and murder. According to Miami Herald, on February 19, 2002, [Fábio] Ochoavásquezvásquez, he was the first great trafficking.For promise, he will not be extradited for past crimes.His surrender was also sent to his two brothers.The Columbia agreement subsequently canceled the agreement and was replaced by a new agreement after Pablo Escobar in December 1997, and was replaced by a new agreement in the Constitution in December 1997.The extradition was restored, and Perosolo (Perosolo. The three brothers finally spent a period of time in the Colombian prison, each participating in Medelíncartel each five years. The three brothers were released in 1996 and guaranteed thatThey will never participate in the cocaine business again. Louis has been staying in Colombia without any other drug trafficking business for seeking. Five months in prison in seven years starts from prison. History. They are corporate extortCooperation has accumulated negative information about the company's illegal behavior and the personal illegal acts of the company's executives. Use the company that created and harvested poorly by legal companies. Among most large and large companies.Socya is far away. If Sokaiya (Sokaiya) has rejected these interrupted executives at the shareholders' meeting, these interruptions have been transmitted in public.Fleeing. Many people are sentenced to prison. All of these are prohibited from the meeting of shareholders. The government has done its best to discredit the sources of these people and their information.Characters. He encouraged shareholders to force shareholders to obtain business from Japan.

239Non -governmental organization, Benny non -governmental organization, Benny Og (also known as 7 uncle), is known as the godfather of the Chinese criminal world organized in New York City.This is the head of Hop Sing Tong Gang from 1974 to his death from 1974 to his death.He was tried and convicted by Edward J. Kuriansky.It should be the most successful field of influence.However, some members are involved in organized crimes.On Leong, in San Francisco, Boston, New York and Chicago, and other cities have a strong position.It is said that the factions have guided one of the best underground casinos, especially in the early 1990s, he saw a federal ransom trial, explaining the strict relationship between Liang and Chicago black hands or clothing.New York, New York, New York, New York, New York in New York, is directed by young Young Wing Chan. He is the head of the LEONG businessman and the leaders of the underworld.Murder and drug trafficking are young; ghost shadow; tenazas.s richard C. Lindberg.Asia has organized firms.Permit.Among the eight people in the United States, among the 10 foreign members of a private Internet group member, 10 of the 10 people who exchange and download children's pornographic content on the Internet, foreign countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Canada, France, Germany,Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Finland, Austria and Sweden.He was arrested in the United States, but took additional allegations.With the assistance of the state and federal agencies, the US Customs Service began to conduct a search order in the early days.In the morning on the east coast.The arrest warrant finally executed in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, Nevada, Oregon and Alask, and several other people.U.S. Customs agent, 12 computers, more than 600 CDs, soft disks, soft disks and external units, more than 200 videos, digital cameras and a book about how to seduce children.Among these people, these people were determined to be an unknown member of the famous children's pornographic club. They were demolished during the investigation and operation. ATU started in November 2001. At that time, the German national police in Germany in Munerser, Germany.The police assisted human cooperation, and the German national police received the nickname of some members of the group.The common goal of the German national police and the United States determined that the common goal of members is to find and exchange children's pornographic products DVD quality movie file formats.As a requirement, members have to provide new children's pornographic materials from time to time to maintain a part of the group.This has aroused the application of legal law, that is, members participate in real production of children's porn products.Due to the results of the German survey, the police from 10 countries determined 46 targets 226

240Orchid Blue operation, including eight in the United States.The customs smuggling center is combined with the exploitation department of the Children's Ministry of Justice.URL: Published on March 20, Banco Ver Black Tuna Gange Action.The Drug Control Administration (DEA) launched a joint operation Blastace operation, and the staff of the DEA and Boliva's anesthesia strike conducted a series of raids on the Cocaine laboratory in Bolivia.This application is supported by Dea.The specifically instructed Coca sauce and cocaine in Bolivia (Bolivia), one of the main countries in the world.A strategic intelligence report.In addition, the analysis of accounting books found in the three laboratory sites help determine several Bolivia criminals.On the day of applying for the law, the six US military black Falcon Harry Harry Copper transported the strike team to the so -called laboratory location.Cocaine laboratory and transportation locations are positioned and destroyed.Some destroyed laboratories can produce 1,000 kg cocaine per week.At least one laboratory has been operating since the operation of the operation.Alto explained that the production of cocaine was placed at Bolivia's virtual stop point.The traffickers fled the country, and the Coca -Cola buyers in Colombia left.The Coca -Cola of the Yezi market collapsed, which used to replace the amount of crops for the $ 1.50 law.The service of the US and Moscow policemen managed this operation.Because of their work, 5 were arrested in Russia, and 4 of them were arrested in the United States.In addition, the US authorities have executed 15 commands in the United States.Others were arrested throughout Europe.The survey is still ongoing.$ 100,000 to help the Moscow police abide by children's pornographic products on the Internet.This cooperation has strengthened mutual assistance to combat production, distribution and distribution and distribution and obtain children's pornographic products.The project will provide training and negotiation at the Ferfax's network information center in Virginia. According to data from the US State Department, in July 2000, the Internet of the Moscow Police Department in the network propaganda center in Virginia.Subsequent demolition, please refer to: ARTUS operation; Candyland operation; mineral operation; twin operations; Wonder Land Club.Richard Boucher., Available 227

241Candyman Online.url Action: HTM. -Consultation Action on November 24th, Candyman Action. On March 18, 2002, the Federal Research Office (FBI) announced that it had dismantled a computer -based porn ring and arrested its members' scores.Ashcroft reports that John Ashcroft announced in Washington that Candyman's operation began in January 2001.In 14 months, the on -site office of the 56 National Federal Investigation Bureau investigated hundreds of subscribers from Candyman Electronics Group.According to Ashcroft people, hundreds of subscribers have investigated hundreds of subscribers in the United States.Parents, such as bus drivers, teachers, or other educational roles.Kurtenta in 20 states is now detained, and other 50 expectations on the weekend, Executive Director Bruce Gebhardt.They include members of the clergy, the agency of the law, the nurse, a teacher assistant, the school bus driver, and other confidence protection, cultivating and educating young Americans.This country uses the Internet to use young people in the United States to create groups to promote and exchange image exploitation and abuse of children.Obviously, a new children's porn market appeared in the dark corner of the network space.Ashcroft.The FBI (FBI In the DEA of this survey, the U.S. government successfully operated a financial institution in Anguilla.Transportation eyelashes. Create these services is legal. Cali's Mom Party hired three paintings for banks, Rubens and Reynolds. These paintings, it is estimated that their total value is $ 15 million, theyCaptured by DEA, and IRS occupied 116 people in the United States, Spain, Italy and Canada in the United States, and 116 people were arrested. And 9 tons of Cocaine and Elkada of more than 90 million US dollars cash and other properties.The joint application operation of the year is by DEA, IRS, IRS, IRS, Immigration and Return Services (INS) and Federal Coordinated Research Office (FBI) and the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Spain, and Spain.The bureau investigated the relationship between Chicken, Illinois and Durandor, Mexico. The investigation is called Durango operation. The six -month survey of Durandor Drug Trafficking Organization in Mexico causes 228

242The Green Ice Action arrested 120 defendants and $ 25 million in assets, cocaine, marijuana and 25 million US dollars.EE Drug Control Administration.UU., US Department of Justice.The excellent tradition, DEA's history online.url: On July 28, Foxhunt operation (also known as Zorro) under FoxHunt operations (also known as Zorro), when investigating the national operations organized by Helmer Herrera Buitrago, Foshunt (also known as Zorro Action operation) Decoration, DEA (DEA)) developed a series of studies during the interception of the entire wire.The attacking organization is part of the country and international organizations of multi -faceted Cocaine and international organizations.This study has touched several research work of many UUs in the American city.Nineteen defendants were arrested, and more than 6.5 tons of cocaine and more than $ 13.5 million were detained.In September 1994, Dea ended Foxhunt's operation and conducted two years of investigation on important transportation of Cali Mafia.Headquarters in Los Angeles.The investigation attacked the two Coco in charge of the number of multi -nuclear acid dollars from the main distribution points of Los Angeles to the center of New York, New York City, San Francisco and Chicago wholesale.Then move to the consumer distribution points in the city, such as San Louis, Missouri; New Swick, New Jersey; San Antonio, Texas; Washington, DC; Diego Fernando Salazar-Lizquierdo), UN director Decélulasde Cali de Cali En Lossángeles, Conocido Como Zorro, Queesepañolparafox.The second cell director, about Arturo Acun, Arturo Acun, is called Arturo, known as Arturo, and directs the parallel drug of Los Angeles.Tanto Zorro directly informs the drug dealer of Colombia Cali as an Arturo.It is necessary to conduct 31 concurrency investigations. Zorro has been identified and arrested in the past two years, because Cali Agents uses a complex system of fax lines and honeycomb communication to frustrate the phone hearing.Several tons of cocaine and more than $ 13.5 million have been seized, and 191 suspects were arrested.U.S. Attorney General of the Year.U.S..url: GOV/PUBS/History/Index.html.The armed forces were lifted on July 28. In the late 1980s, the research skills of the Drug Control Administration had developed to a high degree, so that the agency established its own bank to attract drug traffickers who tried to launder money.In 1989, the research team created Trans American Ventures Associates and established its certificate in the financial community.As a result, it was convincing that the Spanish Corporate Weekly was listed as one of the 500 major Spanish companies in the United States.Undercover agent appeared as a money laundering machine and proposed to collect funds anywhere in the world.They use lineors to identify the drug corridor in Colombia. These drug corridors are the business between the agencies between Mafia de Cali and money laundering in the United States.Undercover to Houston, FT.lauderdale, Miami, Chicago, and New York, raised funds in these cities and established front lines such as leather stores.During the investigation, DEA's agents washed more than $ 20 million in Colombian headquarters.Coordinated "International Law", involving Canada, Kaman Islands, Colombia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Italy, Spain, Britain and the United States.

243In September 1992, the Green II Action Company finally organized a meeting with senior financial managers in the United States, Italy, Spain, and Costa Rica.Drug traffickers arrived, hoping to discuss their plans to discuss their commercial crimes, but they were arrested.The green ice action is an unprecedented cooperation with talent and financial experience, and successfully formed the first international work team to attack the Cali Malcid Party Money Network.The Green Ice Action leaders arrested seven major financial manager Kali Mom Party to the world with more than 50 million US dollars in assets and arrested 177 people, including 44 annual reports of the US Minister of Justice in the United States.An excellent tradition, online available DEA history.In 1992, a successful investigation of Bingwu Bing, in April 1995, 109 people were arrested, epilepsy, 13,882 pounds of Cocaine, 16 pounds of heroin and $ 15.6 million in cash.The second stage of operations are concentrated on the Currency Corridor of the U.S. Matrix and the cocaine distribution network in Mexico to the United States.Third, the Drug Control Administration (DEA) has established banks and bank account operations worldwide, and then is convinced that undercover agents for drug dealers have contact to wash their drugs.Most of the arrested people are senior cell leaders or currency corridors in the United States.Green II II has three different stages. This is the first exchange house and check along the southwest border at the stage of some institutions.Change of vehicles is a legitimate and unusual house for currency exchanges and operated by banks.These organizations have transferred a large amount of funds, and there is no record of the source of funds or owners.Secondly, the agents who work in DEA and DEA in this case have created their own currency exchange houses, and also penetrated existing houses to determine the main anesthesia traffickers, currency washing machines and financial institutions used by traffickers.The third part of the survey followed the currency in Colombia, and associated a specific member of the poster with anesthesia income.In the last instance, more than 200 federal agencies, federal agents who struggle with foreign laws help more than 80, the history of DEA, the history of the online available.No suggestions were accepted before this operation, nor was he invited or invited to participate in the so -called police officer's subsequent interview with Harrysto.Under the questioning of the Mexican police, the police in Harryko stated to themselves and others among the special agents.Camarena.A suspect died during the interrogation.MFJP involves CARO-QUINE's statement that abducted the abduction of Agent Camarena and issued an arrest warrant against seven international drug dealers, including abduction and murder..230

244The Mercure La Dea operation later discovered that Caroquinero was in Costa Rica.On April 4, 1985, the DEA office of Santa San Jose, together with the local authorities in Costa Rica, was located in Caro-Quinero and seven colleagues.After persuading, the government sent MFJP officials to Costa Rica, leaving Costa Rica on two planes in the Mexican government.-Huinero denied any knowledge that killed the agent Camarena or how he died.He also denied any knowledge of the abduction and death of Mexican pilot ALFREDO ZAVALA. He is also part of anti -drug research.April 7.In 1985, the drug traveler Ernesto Fonsecorillo and several of his bodyguards arrested the Mexican police and military forces Camarena's MFJP in Puerto Rose Valata.However, no one admitted to knowing that Camarena's death or kidnapping Captain Zavala.Rafaelcaro-Quinero participated in the death of special agent Camarena.EssenceAnnounced that these crimes may be another job of anesthesia, that is, Miguel Angelfélixgallardo.Although in April 1985, DEA learned that some members of the Mexican government had a series of torture tapes and trials for Camarena.The Mexican military authorities were said to be caught when he was arrested in Vesica's Mexican military authorities at Puerto Rose Valata.These five video tapes.On April 12, 1985, a team of one and four agents consisting of the Federal Research Office (FBI) arrived at Gwadalahara, Halisco, Mexico.Agent Camarena later took away from his abduction and was taken away by MFJP in Guadalajara.Legend.Through cooperation with personal and searching for ruthless research, the team can determine that five people abduct the agent Camarena and bring him to the 881 Lope de Vega house on February 7th, and finally finally ensured that the agent successfully guaranteed the agentSuccess.Several crimes related to kidnapping and murder.Hard work, long hours and all the commitments of agency agencies have achieved positive results.In retrospect, legendary operations are a long and complex operation survey, because the crime is committed in foreign soil, involving the main drug trafficking and officials of the Mexican government.judicial.index.The headquarters of the European Interpol in Hague.Participating in the link officials of the country work together and equipped with 231

245SARY Communication tool action.European Interpol supports the operation.Aviation travel from Europe to the United States, Canada and Australia.The purpose of this operation is to determine and arrest emails that smuggle synthetic drugs (especially ecstatic).After success, about 335,000 pills were seized and 13 people were arrested.Epilepsy occurs at many different airports: Amsterdam-Cephol (89,000) (89,000), Frankfurt/ Main (83,000), Zurich (40,000), Madrid (27,000), Brussels (27,000), Brussels (10,000), ParisCharles De Gaul (26,500) and Miami (59,000).The street value of Tauqueton is about 23 euros.The value of all the pills occupied by the United States is about 7.75 million euros.Mercure operations are provided during the operation coordination unit (OCU) led by Dutch customs officials, including all the necessary equipment and communications of the day.In the winter of transportation, 335,000 XTC pills were detained.Action Oceano de HAGUE is the first time that he and the National Police of Nicaragua in Nicaragua to cooperate with the National Police of Nicaragua in the Nicaragua territory.990 pounds of Kakaine near the Nicaragua Pacific Coast provided evidence, indicating that DEA needs to confirm the use of this smuggling route to the Columbia poster.Era.The United States Coast Guard and state departments, the army, the army, the customs, the customs, the southern and the Atlantic Military Command actively supported the Royal Police Force of Bahamas, as well as the Royal Turkish and the Kaike Police Force, to fight the square miles of drug trafficking 100,000 times.Around the open waters of 700 islands, the ground mass is 5,382 square miles.Along the Mexican border, it is more and more effective to smuggle in the Caribbean region.Quick high power, global positioning systems, mobile phones and air, and fast -moving high -venues in Cuban territory, such as the coverage of its trade.All these factors make the application operation of OPBAT S Wraw very difficult.They are very successful in this field.OPBAT officials fought against the crime in 2001, arrested 133 people, confiscated 2.4 tons of cocaine and 13 tons of marijuana.(SCG) (SCG) performed 45 arrest warrants in the suspect's house, which is part of the ore of the United Nations -person ore -access to the children's pornographic website Unidoreino.After several weeks of compilation and intelligence analysis in each case, SCG officials entered the instructions of the entire city and arrested 35 people.Grasp a lot of computer equipment and other evidence.Number of suspicious users 232

246Operation Piscess pays for children's pornographic websites.The list of suspects was compiled by the National Criminal Intelligence Agency (Britain) and further improved by the National Criminal Service, and then transferred to police forces from all over the UK for further investigation.It is the most promoting operation of children's protection capabilities to date, and shows its continuous commitment to children's protection.In order to support this action and other actions, the Children's Protection Command has improved its computer evidence collection capabilities and has obtained assistance technologies and equipment of several other institutions with the required professional knowledge.In January 2003, this forensic ability was further strengthened. The initial stage was to set up children's high -tech criminal departments in the Scottish field as part of the expert action group (SO5).The department focuses on online surveys, including officials who belong to the MET S club and Vice Unit.See another: ARTUS action; Orchid Blue Action; Candyland operation; twin operations; wonderland club.Scotland Yard.35 was arrested in pornographic attacks on Internet children.Announcement 2002/0246. December 17. Pipeline operations established the network with drug dealers in the United States. They began to seriously rely on the highway system to transport their products from the entry point to distribution centers across the country.Since the early 1980s, the New Mexican soldiers began to suspect that when they noticed the number of vehicles' violations increase sharply, the soldiers in New Jersey began to occur at the highway from the 95 -State Drug Corridor from Florida to the northeast.Similar seizures, and new Mexican soldiers did not know.New Mexico and New Jersey soldiers have established their own highway stall plan.Over time, with the increase in the amount of arrest, law enforcement officers have found that high -speed road poisoners have many common characteristics, trends, and methods.The highway law enforcement officers began to propose key issues to help the driver who stopped for traffic violations of traffic also carried drugs.These interview technologies have proven to be very effective.The highway patrol team also found that sharing their observations and experience in highway law enforcement are beneficial.The success of the New Jersey and New Mexican Expressway Law Enforcement Plan has led to the creation of operating channels in the training plan funded by the Highway Administration.The characteristics of the Drugs (DEA) are the state police and road patrol staff with highway interception experience, and they provide training for other officials in the country.Pipeline, a national highway interception plan, is one of the most effective operations of DEA, and continues to provide necessary cooperation between DEA law enforcement agencies and prefecture and local law enforcement departments.The operation consists of three elements: training, real -time communication and analysis support.Every year, state and local highway officials have opened dozens of training schools for other road officials across the country.These aims to let officials understand intercepting laws and policies, develop their understanding of traffic drugs, and increase your understanding of highway courier.The focus of training courses is: (1) the laws, political and moral norms that manage highway interception and drug prosecution; and (2) the trend and characteristics of drug trafficking shared by drug travers.In addition, through the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), the state and local institutions shared real -time information with other institutions, immediately obtained the results from their records, and received detailed analysis of drugs to support their surveys.Operation Pipeline has achieved great success in the United States.Since 1986, EPIC began to closely record the achievements of Operations Pipeline. In August 1998, Operation Pipeline has obtained more than 34,000 times.As a result, 350 kg of heroin, 105,000 kg cocaine, 460,000 kg methamphetamine, 815,000 kg cannabis and 471 million US dollars were in drug returns.American Anti -Drug Administration.US Department of Justice.Excellent tradition, DEA history is provided online.URL: GOV/PUBS/History/Index.html.Downloaded on July 28. In 1984, Pisces Action, the Law Enforcement Department of the Drug Administration (DEA) established a secret money laundering operation 233

247Nentac 19 uses Pisces operation with the IRS (IRS) and several states and local institutions.In the past two years, undercover intelligence research successfully revealed the direct contact between the Columbia posters and negotiating agreements in Denmark and Italy.During the operation, Agent DEA, who washed money, also found that drug traversedrs transferred a large amount of cocaine through cocaine and received nearly $ 4 million per month.These organizations use cash and assets and 11,000 pounds of cocaine in Southern California.Research is another evidence that drugs and money between Columbia and the United States flow.Cartel DeMedellín (Cartel DeMedell. On March 19th, see Jaime, Mr. Herrera Nevares, SnowCap Operaticap operation: 1. 1. Through diplomatic effortsDestroy the destruction of the secret cocaine laboratory and the precursor chemical substance of epilepsy, coca sauce, cocaine and oxydroxacin;Provide timely information; 5. Add employees and technical assistance specifically for foreign cocaine applications; 6. Through training to improve the skills of officials of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical legislation.The implementation of the execution lays the foundation. This initiative was formulated by DEA and the office. In 1987, international anesthesia (INM) (INM) aims to interrupt the support of the cocaine industry, processing and transportation systems.The team also participated in the operation. Most of the activities were concentrated in Bolivia, Peru and Ex Island, so the popularity of Coca -Cola in these countries.Month. When the operation was launched in 1987, a transition occurred, and there was no problem in the air operation. The US Army., The training team provided by the US Army to INM, as well as the US Army vehicle and marine interception operations, the concept of legal. The application of marine law and vehicle interception reflects the successful plan in the United States.The guard's close coordination and growth, and the vehicle interception author originated in the operation of DEA operation, and the "National Interception Plan for Electronic Privacy Information" (EPIC S).Agent. These special agents have left the temporary service distribution service at the national field division to work closely with the law and law of the host country. As I imagined, the snow sticker aims to become a temporary plan to help training for trainingAnd research work in Latin America wrestling entity. The American Drug Control of the Administrative Department of the US Department of Justice, the Ministry of Justice of the Outstanding Ministry of Justice, and the history of DEA are available.

248The Tiger Trap operation of sunflowers. On February 10, the international criminal network involving women's trafficking women's trafficking was broken in international operations. It was coordinated by EUROPOL and ITALIAN Carabinieri to arrest them at the same time in several European countries at the same time.The action is named after the action.Sunfire code or sunflower is directed by the Italian authorities and gradually cooperates with other countries.The action focused on the demolition of a organized crime network, and was used for young women who mainly from Eastern European participants. EUROPOL conducted operation analysis.Use complex methods.These technologies support the Italian judicial survey and determine a highly active criminal network. A large number of Ukrainian tourism companies cooperate with travel agencies and related hotels, mainly located in Austria, Italy, Germany, Germany, France and Spain.The analysis also determines the main connection between travel companies, hotels, executives and their crimes.Tour performances and other international organizations are in the struggle with this devastating crime.Participating countries are Austria, Belgium, France, France, Germany, Italy, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, the Netherlands, Albania, the Republic of the Czech Republic, the Republic of Poland, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Russia and Ukraine, Russia and Ukraine.In 1980, the Drug Control Bureau (DEA) conducted an important investigation in Miami, an international drug organization.The operation is called swordfish operation because it intends to capture big fish in drug trafficking.DEA established a false MoneyLAUNDINGINGING CORPORATION in the suburbs called Miami Lake to call Dean International Investments (Inc. -brokers. Agent can collect sufficient evidence to accuse the federal jury accusing 67 US and Columbia citizens.In order to end the operation, they confiscated the drug agent of 100 kilograms of Cocaine, 250,000 Metaqualona pills, marijuana and $ $ Miami's cash, cars, land and bank accounts of 800,000. The action of swordfish is the prosperous drug trafficking of southern FloridaMajor attacks. Excellence, DEA's history online available:, July 28th, Tiger Tiger Operation Tiger Tiger Tiger at the DEA S AngkokDuring the Bangkok Bangkok period, I conceived the Tiger Tiger Tiger. The purpose of June 1994 was to determine and attack the main heroin trafficker who attacked the region. "Tiger Trap Action" was the first similar action.Interrupted the trafficking activities of the world's largest heroin transportation organization, that is, SHAN United Army (SUA). He is also known as Mong Tai Army, which mainly found Myanmar in the northern border province of Thailand.

249The twin operations (SUA) controlled the planting, production and transportation of Bangbang heroin.Although other rebellion in Myanmar also traveled heroin, SUA has always been the dominant force of global distribution.Prior to the tiger trap operation, Dea Heroin's signature plan planned to increase from 9%in 1977 to 58%in December 3, 1993, and law enforcement authorities seized 315 kg of heroin in Peicheng, Thailand.The tiger trap is targeted at major officials.On November 27, 1994, the Royal Police Department, Official Office of Drugs, and the Royal Army Special Forces soldiers cooperated with DEA agents to seduce Myanmar's goals to Thailand and was arrested there.This action seriously damaged the ability of SUA to distribute heroin.The Royal Army of Thailand cooperated with the Thai border patrol police to close the Burmese border and prohibit the number of commercials from entering the Bangbang.When the police authorities completed the operation, 13 senior SUA smugglers were arrested and demanded all extradition/move to the United States.The 13 main defendants of the Tiger Action include some of the stubborn and highest -level heroin traffickers who move outside Thailand.Khun Sa's men include Chang Tetsa, Liu Fangte, Meedian Pathummee, Kuo Fa Mou, MA TSAI Kuei, and Chao Fusheng are the objects of the United States in the East of East New York.The defendant is three types of different mixtures: people who meet the repatriation conditions (illegal foreigners in Thailand); those who are forgery for their identities; and real people.Thai citizen.U.S. Disas -Drug Administration, US Department of Justice.Excellent tradition and DEA history can be obtained online.URL: GOV/PUBS/History/Index.html.Downloaded on July 28th, twin operations, a major Internet -based pedophilia gang on July 2, 2002, the international police operation suppressed it.The operation was led by the British National High -tech Crime Department (NHTCU), initiated by the Swedish National Criminal Intelligence Agency, and was fully supported and coordinated by the European criminal police.Countries participating in twin operations include Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States and the United Kingdom.The operation is the result of the 12 -month intelligence leading efforts. It focuses on a criminal organization. Its activities include the production and dissemination of children's porn products and the abuse of children at that time.The global dawn raid in seven countries at the same time, the goal is to be a member of a more childhood gang.About 50 places have been searched, and in all cases, residents are suspected of abuse of crimes of children and children's pornographic products.A large number of equipment was seized, including computers and laptops containing children's images, videos and CDs.The main focus of action measures was conducted in Germany, with 31 of the 50 suspects.The German Federal Criminal Police Department (BKA) set up special information and coordination points, and the Prosecutor Committee of Frankfurt/Mein was led to investigate.The European Interpol has played a core support and coordination role in action.A special intelligence analysis team, who work in the security operating room equipped with the latest technology, handle the information received from different participating states every day.Hundreds of data reviewed during the investigation and thousands of images and thousands of videos depicting hundreds of child victims, most of which are unknown.Gilsleclaire, deputy director of the European Interpol Organization and the head of the serious criminal department, said: Children's porn products are a humiliation of dignity. Criminal groups use high -tech to attack our principles and values of our democratic system, but international law enforcement cooperation has once again proved that it is very effective, And made a strong and decisive response to organizational crime.The European Interpol Organization will continue to consider children's pornographic products and population trafficking. According to the decision of the JHA committee, within the scope of their priority priority, and quickly exchange information to support the investigation of national law enforcement authorities 236 236 236

250Opium, as well as the height and exquisite level of intellectual analysis.Detective chief president, Len Hynds, head of NHTCU, said: twin operations have been exposed, complicated, and organized. This structure is an online pedophile group. They are they are their lovers for their lover.Protect themselves, including their identity and the cruel activities they are involved, are usually the application of law.He added that today's results illustrate how the application of applications work in international law joint law, identify and ride the law through multi -English jurisdiction, and participate in sexual abuses of children.Re -refine it under the license organized by the Interpol, please see: Artus action; Operation; Orchid Blue operation; Candyman Action Candyman; Wonderland Club.Gang Based on Pedestrian -based people, crashed on the Internet on the Internet on the Internet.EssenceThe audience authorized by the court involved 10 federal institutions, 42 states and local institutions, and 14 on -site partitions of the National Drug Control Administration.Due to the results of the research, more than 17 million US dollars were detained, nearly 5,600 kg of cocaine and 156 people were arrested.The second room confirms that the traffickers who have headquarters in Mexico are not only transporters, but they also have their own distribution networks throughout the United States.Please refer to: Foxhunt operation.US Department of Justice.Excellent tradition, DEA's history online available: GOV/PUBS/History/Index.html.Downloaded on July 28. As a part of Zorro II, which was initiated in the southwest of the border launched in 1994, Zorro II's research attacked the distribution and smuggling organization of the cocaine in Mexico and the Columbia association groups.Work together, these organizations are responsible for importing and distributing nearly six tons of cocaine throughout the United States.Zorro II is an inappropriate name because the operation is officially called Foxhunt's operation.Zorro mentioned Carlo Ledher, known as Fox allies.From the jungle in South America to the transit areas such as Mexico, to the cities and communities in the United States.Ruestoii is particularly important, because this song is for the first time to demolish Columbia organizations produced Cocaine for the first time without interruption.The origin of opium and the history of opium poppy.Opium sources are poppies and pepper powder. They are one of the few Papa Buddha who produce opium.It is the Greek of Poppy.This species Somniferum is Latin induced sleep.The psychological impact of opium may be plants of the ancient Sumel (about 4000 BC (JOY) and GIL (plants). The plant was known in Europe. At least 4,000 years agoIt is also well known by the Greeks. White poppy is mixed with Orthiga SEED. Opium poppy may arrive in China around the 7th century. C. By advocating the efforts of Arabic merchants who use medicinal 237.

251Purple purpose.However, in Chinese literature, there are references before use.Outstanding Chinese surgeon pointed out before the three kingdoms (A.D) enabled patients to swallow opium and marijuana preparations before conducting major surgery.In China, some historians are associated with tobacco introduced tobacco in the country in the 17th century.According to reports, Chinese hybrid opium is mixed with tobacco.This approach is adopted throughout the region and eventually leads to opium.Smoking in tobacco in 1803, German pharmacist F. W. Sercurner isolated and described the main alkaloids in opium. After Morpheus, he called Morpheus as Morpheus. This is the god of dream of Greek dream.And other discovery discovery.Opium alkaloids quickly followed: the need to be treated in 1832 and Papoverine in the 1850s in Europe is commonly used in pure alkaloids in Europe, not opium preparations.During the civil war, it was widely used as analgesic drugs for injured soldiers.The inevitable result is opium addiction. Contemporary is known as the Army or soldiers.These problems of opium and morphine cause scientific poppy bubbles containing syrup (AP) for performing for performance to seek powerful but not other analgesic drugs.In the 1870s, chemicals developed an opium -based alternative, which is said to be non -attribute morphine.EssenceFierce controversy.Poppy poppy poppy is a plant with pepper cream and a one -year plant; that is, the plant matures once and no longer regenerates.New seeds must be planted every season.Only once with fruit (pod) once.Most of the growing cycles of the plant lasted about 120 days.Small seeds (such as the seeds in the violent seed roll) quickly germinate in the warm air, and enough water in the soil.Six weeks, young plants appear from the ground, and the four menu suits grow up and similar to the appearance of cabbage.The leaves, dew leaf (irregular edges) are Glauco green with gray dyes, with gray dyes or blue.Within two months, the plant will be one to two feet on the long and smooth primary stems.There is no sheets on the upper part of the stem, called flower stems.One or more people are called planting, and they can grow from the main stem into the plants.Individual poppies in Southeast Asia often have multiple rudder.The main stems of the completely mature Somniferum Papa protrude and change from four to 15 inches to mature.During the development of the epidemic, some stem stem stems were extended and a unique hook was formed to make the socket inverted.One or two days after the outbreak, the first point, the two external fragments that broke out, called sepals, dropped, dropped, and exposed the petals of the petals.At the beginning, the exposed flowers are crushed and wrinkled, 238

252The AntarMarcotic soldiers in Pakistan Opium protected 1,430 pounds of marshin and 550 pounds of morphine. In early January 2002, it was occupied in Tobart in Pakistan.It can be simple or twice, it is white, rose, red purple, dark red or motley.Opium poppies usually grow for about 90 days, continue to flourish, and last two to three weeks.The petals finally dropped a small round green capsule.These pods (also known as seed pods, capsules, bulbs, or poppy heads) are obligations, elongated or spherical, and mature with eggs and eggs about the size of eggs and eggs.More common on the ovaries.On the ovarian.It consists of three layers: external, middle and internal layers.Plant latex (opium rubber) occurs inside the ovarian wall, and is ranked in the middle layer through containers and tube subsystems inside the capsule.When the pods are qualified and harvested, the intermediate cells secrete more than 95 % of plant opium.Farmers harvest opium for each capsule, and when plants are retained in plants, they use specially designed special tools for vertical incisions.After collecting opium, after collecting opium, the pods can be dried in the stem.After drying, cut off the maximum and most productive pod pods, remove the seeds and dry them in the sun, and then store the following year.The alternative method of collecting seeds is to collect seeds that they deliberately do not need to choose pods, because scores can reduce the quality of the seeds.In addition to being used for planting seeds, you can also press poppy seeds to produce edible oil.Poppole plaques can also be used to make painting and perfume in manufacturing.Poppy plaque oil is yellow, toilet, and has a pleasant almond flavor.239

253Opium opium poppy opium planting zone grows strong in the warm temperate climate and low humidity. It only needs appropriate water in the early stages of growth and growth.Poppy plants can grow clay, sandy edges, sandy and sandy clay in various soils, but the best growing in sandy loam soil.This soil has good water nutrients to maintain and maintain performance, easy to cultivate, and has a structure that is conducive to root development.The clay type is tough and difficult to shatter into a good soil texture.The roots of young poppy plants are not easy to penetrate clay, and growth is suppressed.Instead, sandy soil cannot retain enough water or nutrients for the normal growth of plants.Excessive water or extreme drought conditions will have a negative impact on the growth of poppy plants, thereby reducing the alkali content.In the soil with poor drainage, the poppy plants will be drowned after the heavy rain.The second and third month of the growth of the growth will immerse the alkaloid from the plants to destroy the harvest.In this growth stage, gloomy, rainy or cloudy weather will reduce the number and quality of alkaloid content.The main regions of legal opium in the world today are opium farms, Turkey and Tasmania (Australia) supervised by Indian government.The main areas of illegal cultivation are their highlands (Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand), which are distributed in Southwest Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran), commonly known as the Golden Triangle.Colombia, Mexico and Lebanon also planted opium poppies.Poppye containing micro opium alkaloids was once widely planted in the United States as ornamental plants and seed plants.With this plant, according to the Opium Poppie control method, the highlands of the Southeast Asian mainland, above 800 meters above sea level, are the main poppy planting areas.Generally speaking, these poppy planting areas do not require irrigation, fertilizer and pesticides to produce opium poppies.Most poppies in Southeast Asia are produced in Myanmar, especially in the Western Australia and Guokang area located in Northeast Elephant Limits in Burma.Laos is the second largest illegal poppy producer in Southeast Asia, second only to Afghanistan and Myanmar, ranking third in the world.In Laos, in addition to the six northern provinces of Bloger, Langnan Tower, Langnan Tower, Langprabon, Udims, Fengshali, and Sagnabri, poppies are also widely planted in Huapan and Sichuan Province.Poppies are also planted in many remote mountainous areas in northern Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai, Qinglai, Ye Fengsong, Nanfu, and Laixingfu.The successful eradication plan and the agricultural development plan and crop replacement in northern Thailand have reduced the poppy planting to the minimum to the minimum Laizhou province is located between China and Laos. It is the main opium planting area in Vietnam and a province in the border area with Laos.The mountain border areas in Yunnan Province, especially in the border areas bordering the Buroda and Myanmar.It is worth noting that the main ethnic groups in the Southeast Asia are not poppy growers.Burmese in Myanmar and Laos, Laos in Laos, Thai people in Thailand, Han in Yunnan, China, and Vietnamese in Vietnam. They are lowlands and traditionally do not grow poppies.On the contrary, it is a highland group of ethnic minorities, such as the La, Babu, Balong, La Ling, Lang, Miao, and Aka.A typical high -land family in mainland Southeast Asia has an average of 5 to 10 people, including 2 to 5 adults.Such a poppy farmer can grow and harvest about 1 acre of the annual poppy output.Most of the most fertile fields can support poppy planting for 10 years or more before the soil is exhausted and must be reclaimed by the new field.Conclusion Opium can be used in various forms.It can be consumed, suck or drink in alcohol or water.Opium can also be used to make heroin, morphine and other powerful drugs, which can be injected or orally.In many areas operating in many illegal opium farms in the world, the laboratory is also processed to process opium into a drug form that is suitable for selling in the global illegal drug market.Most of the difficulties in eliminating illegal opium trade may be 240

254Because of a large amount of income, the illegal opium producers can be achieved in relatively small crops.For example, Caracol Alberto Orlanez Gamboa (also known as Caracol) guides the transportation organization of the more powerful drugs on the northern coast of Colombia.It is said that Gamboa has been exploited to the Maritime and Air routes on the Maritime and Caribbean Islands on the Maritime and Airlines (Thomas A. Gulf Poster, which has been operated in Mexico and distributed cocaine and marijuana in Mexica 10Years of many years. He confirmed that in a few years, he transported more than 10 tons of cocaine to the United States. In 1996, he testified his former boss in Abrego S Houston's trial. Kakuei Tanaka was a legendary Japanese politicalLeader, contact the underworld. Illinois. The club has about 34 chapters in the United States and Canada, about 900 members, this is not a national association.The color is affectionately called Charlie, which is a cross -piston with a black background with a black background. Modern Roger. The skull has red eyes and should find problems on the back of the user. They are described by red. God.Forgive, cancel Don T. National officials control drug trafficking, the relationship with other motorcycles gangs and the distribution of club profits. In addition to drug trafficking and prostitution, extortion, contract murder, contract murder, murder, weapons and explosives, armed hands, rape rape, rape, rapeAnd postal fraud. Members of Outlaws must sell drugs and have at least one gun. Membership is pairing to avoid being messy and avoiding clubs that can be humiliated or humiliated.. It is the main source of income from the offenders. Canada Blue, EPAM (Valium) is manufactured in the secret Ontario laboratory, usually smuggled to Chicago on the border. Then assigned to different chapters. Some Pays 241 241

255Ozbizerdik, on drug cash, others exchange weapons, women or methamphetamine.Florida's chapters purchase cocaa from Colombia and Cuban supplier clubs.Foreign countries are also produced and distributed in Florida and Florida in the Lawdeburg region to produce and distribute cocaine and methylbhenyline in the Floreburg region in southern Florida.Milwellia's vessel chapter controls the methyl phenide market of Wisconsin.The offenders also control the methyl Pyramia laboratory of Georgia.A motorcycle club, a motorcycle club, is interested in motorcycle conferences. In these meetings, I found enthusiasts and enjoyed the friendliness of other motorcycle members, but Outlaws members were Outlaws.According to the "St. Petersburg Times", it is related to violence in the United States and other places, including extortion, drug distribution and even murder.The club chairman James Frank Wheeler faced six positions to accuse him of extortion, murder, extorting, drug trafficking, and obstructing justice.Drug conspiracy.Another president of the main classification of illegal Harry Joseph Bowman, Harry Joseph Bowman, won the top ten of the Federal Investigation Office (Federal Investigation Bureau) on March 14, 1998.Corruption (RICO); Rico conspiracy; conspiracy to distribute controlled substances; use violent crimes in organizational crimes; allocation and ownership, the purpose is to distribute controlled substances;His hunting poster.Bowman was arrested and arrested by Federal Agency officials on June 8, 1999 on June 8, 1999 and was arrested on June 8, 1999.In Ontario, the Royal Canadian ransom police arrived at the Outlaws Branch before the reduction of the raid.According to Canadian news reports, Canadian news reports on the same day, by the end of the day, Ontario's second largest bicycle gang and other second largest bicycle gangs and other second largest largest major members of members were allegations.National President Mario Parente was included in that detention.Kilic saw that Keskin was a driver of Cakici before, and she asked him what he was doing at the hotel.The answer appeared in the form of the Caskin bullet. He was still 12 years old, and he looked horriblely that his mother was cut.The wife said she was talking too much.At the age of 14, he stabbed an unwilling passenger with his grandfather.He later opened a baron and hurt him in the genitals.A social pervert and promising social pervert.According to the crime and situation, three months after his death, his grandfather Onur died, marked his rising shooting Gencay Cakici and his wife in a attack on Alaatin.This attack is destined to solve the score, not only to solve the score onur and Alaatin, but also the new instructor of Cakici and Onur, Osman Donmez.donmez, was shot by Cakici's nephew Kenan Ali Gursel, and was commanded by the powerful Mafia Don Alaatin Cakici.onur.Arrest, accused, arrested, arrested, charged, accused, accused of surviving Kakich and his wife's attacks were condemned.Onul should not consider the black hand party now, and the Turkish underworld has 242

256Ozu, Kinosuke's breathing, watching some of his elders Dons died, his youngest Donsaspend.VER: Basak, Huseyin; DONMEZ, OSMAN; Osman; Kilic, Dundar; Ugurlu, Abducer.ozu, Kinosuk, KinoSuke, Kinosuke, Kinosuke, Kinosuke, he has experienced his Japanese crime.After experiencing his golden age during the U.S. occupation after World War II.He was famous for its establishment of a series of secret bars because he was known as Harmonic Alley at the time. It was near the Shinjuku area of Tokyo, not far from the Red Lubz area.They did not survive today.After a World War, once Ozulini leaders, Ozu controlled 45,000 outdoor stalls in Tokyo and its surrounding environment, using nearly 500,000 people.243


258The pagan gang of Pagan is a bicycle who is the most intense law in the United States. There are about 900 members of 44 chapters between New York and Florida.They are the only important gangs without international chapters, although they have contact Canada with gangs in the gang.Most chapters are found in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Travo and Maryland.Pagano is more nomadic than other clubs.As we all know, the chapter moves at night.The club does not have a geographical fixed mother's chapter, just like hell angels.In Oakland, Detroit's illegal and bandit of Corpus Christi.In the change, the pagan action is guided by the mother club of 13 to 20 former presidents of this chapter. The club uses black numbers 13 in part of the chapter.Its color represents its special status.The mother club held a meeting between Safakic and Laosao County in Long Island in New York.Members meet each other or elsewhere instead of in the club's house.Although the president has determined the price of drugs sold for gangs., About 200,000 US dollars per year.Prostitution is an extremely favorable action.Many women or deputy brides are fugitives.The motorcycle gang raped them and called them training.Sometimes, pagans shoot ransom for them.Some girls were abused and allowed allowed.It went; some people stayed in the club; others never found it.The pagan's tendency to violent behavior and its grass close to the black hands have made the club win the best connection with organizational crimes in four large motorcycle gangs.Pagan method.As a black -handed party's drug email, executor, bodyguard and men's snacks, mainly in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.They are related to Genovese and Gambino family.The speed of cooperation between the two groups is slow.When he does not vote as a black -handed party, he hopes that the trade unionists and baseball bats they do.The pagan and black -handed party gradually collaborated on extortion, forgery, theft and drug trafficking.The number of pagan manufacturing and distribution of most methamphetamine and PCP is about $ 15 million in northeast of the United States each year.They have their own chemicals and laboratories that can be providers in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Maryland and Ohio.They also process PCP with cocaine, marijuana, marijuana, and Killerweed (PARSLEY SPORGED SPORGED).Knowing that they bring drugs from the West Coast.In 1997, sources stated that 245

259Palazzolo, GiusePpe, most of the nationwide PCP supply is manufactured and distributed by the Los Angeles street gang.If the use of well -run buses, trains and airlines are used to transport PCPs of California manufacturers, it is believed that private cars are the main means of transporting PCPs nationwide.Women's emails are also used with US email systems.Hidden PCP and other drugs include tires, behind the radio, antenna, and wrapped in plastic in the gasoline tank.Pagancompliance device is a group of 13 members and black T shirt gangs.When a problem occurs, the members are loaded into two trucks. It is said that they are TCB (take care of business). The retaliation of pagans is usually composed of the two shots behind the head in the A.38 automatic double quasi -foal.This is a sign of a pagan blow.In June 1998, a group of pagans were arrested in Pennsylvania due to their sales and distribution of drugs to members of the Amish community.The violence confrontation between hell angels and pagans has led to national holders, and confirmed that the two gangs are still closely related to the traditional outside of the law: Rocky, Kisi Edward, and southeast of Connecticut.Download on July 16: Download on July 16th, the Josepe Police believes that Giuseppe's arrest palace will bring them to the head of Bernardo Provennano, andHe believes that he guides the Sicilians's Matrix and Broadcasting Corporation (BBC on March 13, British Broadcasting Corporation also reported that the letter from Provenano's wife gave her a clue to her hidden place. The Broadcasting Corporation continued,Mr. Parazolo was accused of being an intermediary of the Mionevian Party. Its so -called papers include purchasing real estate on behalf of Mr. Provenzano. It is the most powerful and most avoided black -handed party in Italy. The country has escaped for more than 40 years. At a certain time, colleagues in underworld colleagues at underworld, colleagues in triads,Make the Italian authorities believe that it can even die, but the rumors were arrested and this rumor abandoned the rest. The palace is his financial connection with the outside world.Provencano invested with Salvatore BionDo and Toto RIINA and invested in agricultural business with Provencano. (Also known as Buddy) Peter Paradis, nicknamed Buddy, was born in the mid -1960s and was in the mid -1960s and inAt the age of 16, he began to dance in the Montreal Band Club. At the age of 18, Paradis participated in a more favorable contest: drug trafficking. In 1994, Renaud Jomphe was close to Paradis.. Since the potential of obtaining huge profits, the former stripper dancer has become the consent of drug travers. On October 18, 1996, when the war between the rock machine and the hell angel broke out, Renaud Jomphe) He was killed. He was beaten on his shoulders. After JOMPHE's death, heaven took over his drug distribution network. This allowed him to allow him to rock machine. As a member, Paradis was everyThe month must pay $ 1,000 for the cost of the gang's lawyer, but it is easy to afford it. Organization, his salary is shot 2,000 US dollars per week to $ 7,000. 246.

260Pedrioli, Richard, on April 11, 1997, when Paradis and colleagues and colleagues drove to Montreal when they drove to Montreal when they drove to Montreal, the three of them were on the street.More later, Paradis said that Langbert wore a ski panel mask and got off the car with Vincent three shots. Vincent later died of injuries.A pusher of Paradis approached him, complaining that the supporter of the hell angel Erik Pelvanino grabbed his business.Rock machine suggested what Perfechino was murdered on January 3, 1998 and August 10, 1998. He was left in front of his Lasalle's house by a bodyguard Daniel Poutine Leclerc. Paradis was fired four shots by Hells Angels Associations.He barely escaped, but lived in the hospital for eight days.In March 1999, the situation of Paradis became worse, and he and eight colleagues were arrested for drug trafficking.In July 2000, Paradis became the first member of the rock machine and turned to government witnesses when he testified for his coding eight.Everyone was convicted, and four were in the first prosecution of the Canadian anti -gang.Paradis was a safe witness and was sentenced to 12 years in prison for his crimes.Since then, he wrote an experience about his motorcycle gang.See another: bandidos.Gary Francoeur.peter Buddy Paradis.wiseguywally.Website: WiseguyWally/PeterParadis.html.Downloaded on July 16th, G.F.PATINO-FOMEQUE, Victor Victor Patino-Fomeque, surrendered to the Columbia authorities in June 1995, and drove the Kali black-handed party ’s sea drug operation in Colombia.In May 1996, Patinofomeque was sentenced to 12 years in prison.However, due to Colombia's loose criminal law, Patinofomeque is likely to not be forced to serve a complete sentence.In addition, Patino-Fomeque continues to run to his prison organization.David amoruso.Victor Patino-FOCE.GANGSETESTESTESINC..URL: // FOCE.Downloaded on July 16th, the word D.A. PECKERWOODS was originally used to laugh at the white racists in the south. Today, Peckerwoods also refers to the organizational racist activity inside and outside the national prison.In the late 1980s, many prisons across the country recruited young men and women to help the rise of white street gangs similar to the New Nazi Bald Party, but there is a big difference: many new Nazi Bald Party rejected any form of drug use.Like most gangs, PECKERWOODS makes money from drug trading, secret drug laboratory and guns.Women involved in this movement are called featherwoods.There are about 5 to 20 members of the typical PECKERWOOD gangs, ranging from teens to 20 years old.Most of these gangs lack leadership and structure.Common tattoos include PECKERWOOD, Pride White, White Power, WP, Wood, SWP (supreme white power) and other Nazi -related badges.PECKERWOOD style is derived from the Latin -American gangsters (PENDELTON shirts and loose pants) and the DOC Marten boots, flying jackets, in some cases, shaving their heads).PECKERWOODS's criminal activities include robbery, entry theft, vehicle theft, weapon charges, and holding and selling drugs.As we all know, PeckerWoods also participated in many attacks and murders for racial motivation.Knowledge.peckerwoods .available online.url: Download on July 16th, Richard Pedrioli (also known as Alvin Penning) Richard Pedrioli was a gun -smugplified firefarers who have the international weapons that are linked to the Japanese Matrix. FabricManila handed over to the Deputy Sheriff Pedrioli, a California, Auckland, California, and stayed on the LAM for nearly five years. He had been convicted for illegally exported ammunition.247

261Perafan, Reza, was called a sheriff service when he left the United States to violate his supervision liberation to find him.Representatives coordinated the search work from the Philippine National Police and the State Council's Foreign Security Bureau.He sells weapons in the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia.When he used false forms and falsehoods abroad, he sold weapon passports at will.Agent (ATF) of alcoholism, tobacco and gun office can arrest him in the document to arrest him.Another person tried to fulfill his federal judgment.However, he was said to continue operating in the prison in prison.Later, he was released by LOMPOC in 1994. Hiebert said that when he learned that ATF would put forward new allegations to him, he fled the country.It has been promoted for 15 years. Hiebert said that because of its extensive contact with weapons and criminal companies with weapons and criminal companies (such as Yakuza or Japanese Mispermiars).In the name of Alvin Penning, Pedrioli tried to raise funds in the name of Alvin Penning, asking for a large number of new world hotel administrative management in Makati, Philippines. When he and MakaWhen the city police worked together, the ransomman felt frustrated and participated in the trial. Hiebert and other deputy Gary Yandell, the deputy of other California, and the authorities applied for the Philippine law to work hard to close the support of Pedrioli in the United States and the Philippines.Base. The help of the second person under the Philippine Immigration Bureau. This person, ten years ago; he participated in the training course of the headquarters headquarters of Louisiana Marshal Service Special Combat Group. Hiebert was one of the unique coaches. Connect, HebrewIt can resort to this official to get valuable help. Researchers describe it as the best scammer, and Pedrio quickly burned all his bridges while crossing and angry close colleagues. Every day, we have researchers.After all their aliases, all their aliases, Hibel said, their family and friends. I am very angry and tired of him succumbed to Manila's scam without any accidents.According to the Drug Control Administration, PERAFAN is the person in charge of the disappeared Bogotácar-248

262Persico, Carmine Tel and his personal wealth are about $ 10 billion.PERAFAN's trafficking organization smuggled multiple tons of cocaine to the United States and Europe through the container shipping goods.PERAFAN is a fugitive that dates back to 1994.At that time, the US jury sued him in May 1996. The Interpol Organizing Agent and Columbia National Police detained PERAFAN in a shopping mall in Venezuela, but until November 1997, after a long period of extradition with political sensitivity, he did not.Similar prosecution escaped from his motherland Colombia.In 1988, more than 30 tons of cocaine arrived in the United States for trial and was tried in New York City.Perrafan, who likes to be called "Big Boss", was convicted on June 21. He was considered the last major drug dealer's lifestyle and cruel violence.Perafan is a short, thick, black -haired person. During his trial, his 10 children visited him.In 1998, he was 51 years old and PERAFAN was sentenced to a prison for not more than 30 years. This was the longest prose of prosecution under the extradition agreement signed with Venezuela.See separately: Bernal-Madrigal, Alejandro; Bogota Cartel.persico, Carmine (also known as Junior, The Snake) Carmine Persico, Jr. was born in Brooklyn in 1937.His father, Carmine, Sr. was a soldier of the Genoa's criminal family.For his friends, Carmine Persico is called Junior on the street, and for his enemies, he is called a snake.In his teens, he became a group of young thugs and terrorists named Garfield.It is said that when he was 17 years old, he killed his first victim, but as a blue angel before he was convicted by the testimony of a national witness, his brother Al Fengs acknowledged the murder18 years in prison.Camen Person is one of the main law enforcers of the Colombo family.When he was still a change, he had a team composed of many heavyweight personnel-like Alphonse Ally Boy Persico (Carmine S BROTHER), Gennaro Langella, Anthony AbbateMarco, Joey Brancato, and Associate Hugh Apple Mcintosh Such duty men.Although Apple cannot be a successful person, he is still a very successful family executor and eventually became a bodyguard of Kamane Person., Thin and ugly, one hand was injured and sprained. In Gallo's first war, his face also bounced.It is famous in the gang legend. Let him and the criminal partner Alphonse D Ambrosia sit in a car and pass by a group of Gallo hoods.Gallos fired with M-1 Cabers.Ambrosia bounced on his chest. Snake landed on his face, but he spit out bullets and then took them to the hospital.Person became the chief at the end of the Second Garlo War.Although it has not been confirmed, most people think that he has been prison and Thomas Dibella is appointed as an agent boss.When Persico was released from prison, Dibella resigned and transferred the seat to Persico.His term of office as the leader of the Crown Crime Family is marked by violating the law.In the first 13 years, he spent 10 years in prison.After he was released from prison, he operated his family on the third avenue of the Carlier Garden neighborhood and the corner of Carol Street.This is the Persico faction of the main Colombo family: Carmine, after being released, his brothers Ally Boy, Jerry Langella, Hugh Macintosh, Carmine Franzese (brother of Sonny), Greg Scarpa and Anthony, the son of Joseph Incenty Joe, JR. Colombo.Throughout the 1980s, the Colombo family was under tremendous pressure, because the Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI) and the city and state organized crime strike forces attacked them and four other families.In 1986, Anthony, Joseph and Vincet Colombo were sentenced to extortion, crime of giving up, and drug trafficking.CarMine, Alphonse Persico and Jerry Langella were arrested and sentenced to extortion and workers and building extortion. They were sentenced to 39, 12, and 65 years in prison. Carmine and Langella were sentenced to 100 years in prison for Rico crimes.This is known as the trial of the committee and effectively removes them from the streets of New York forever.But by removing snakes from its stronghold, the government is helping to laid the foundation for the third war in the family.Being in California's LOMPOC prison, Carmine Persico still impacts his family control and strong impact on his family.He appointed Vic Orena as the acting boss, and triggered the third family war. 249

263After the Third War, Pharaon, Gaith Rashad, completely destroyed Alphense Allie, the son of the Carmine family, was responsible for the interim chief.However, he was quickly arrested by the FBI.The family may be glad to be prison, because the Colombo family is wrong.Gaith Rashad Phaaraon is a white man, 175 cm tall, and weighs 113 kg. The building of the building has black hair and a coma in the temple.Travels in Saudi Arabia and Saudi passports.Speaking in Arabic, French, English and Greek.Fuma cigarettes and traditional Arabic clothing when they were in Saudi Arabia.Although there are no signs that this is a yacht in this world.His son competes for international competitions in the international competition Falun sometimes observed credit and fast ship competitions in international trade banks or British Columbia. It took nearly $ 12 billion in funds from the depositor, leaving a contract worldwide to leave a contract worldwide.250,000 unpaid creditors.Several miles of miles wereted savings in the bank's closure .b.c.c.i. Officials and agents were accused of being accused of in Pakistan, Nigeria, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, including the International Monetary Fund, including the International Monetary Fund.Washington, DC, issued an arrest warrant to Farang, accusing him of fraud, conspiracy and extortion.The search for Pharaoh continues.The estimated number of members is about 100.The first gift of the family was Salvatore Sabella, who ruled Sabella, who ruled 1911 in 1911, began this family in 1911; with the increase in Italian immigrants in the region,He has no problem to convince men to convince them to be the first leg.Even in the family's main illegal activities, he was deported, including extortion, drug trafficking and loan participation.The current honorary person in charge is Joseph Skinny Joey Merlino on December 3, 2001 for ransom.The family is George Borgesi (also sentenced to 14 years in prison for extortion). David Amoruso.He is a typical member of Chinese street gangs.He announced guilty 250

264In 2001, federal criminal charges were unbearable, including kidnapping, violating and robbery.GOW was born in Fuzhou, Fuji, Fuji, Fuji, China on March 11, 1968. He is the fourth son of Li Ying and ZHANG HO HUA.SUS parents are former teachers who still live in China.Entering the United States illegally, telling the suspended official that he no longer contacted his family too much.Once he was treated with non -infected tuberculosis and told the suspended officials that his reading and writing skills were limited, and he would not speak English report said that the biggest money to win throughout the year is that the taxable income is $ 8,400. In addition to crimes, AH GOW may change anywhere and accept his new occupation.About 20 people gathered together.This is a day of payment for the workers of Chinatown Restaurant. These people know that the apartment will be effective.Feilong escaped about 1,200 US dollars.The same month, ah, ah, Huang Yang and the other two men stole a Malaysian house near the Confucius Plaza in Chinatown, and hit one of them again.The gangster escaped more than $ 12,000, some jewelry, and some jewelry weapons.Directed by competitors Tung in Division Street, TUNG, where they received $ 40,000.At the same time, the government was charged with money to a Chinese dentist on Chinatown.A apartment in New Jersey stole an apartment in New Jersey, AH GOW stole the immigration document Lin Bo between 5,000 and $ 6,000.In the fall of 1994, AH GOW S Dailo (senior member of Chinese gangs) abducted a group of five illegal foreigners and asked Ah Gow to keep them muzzle to prepare for a rogue day.Aliens were arrested until their snake head paid $ 20,000 with ransom.In the scam, AH GOW received $ 1,000.When he informed the prison began to follow his 135 months in prison, he included English as a second language and vocational training, and AH GOW left his wife and six -year -old son in Brooklyn.When AH GOW entered his plea, he felt painful to the United States and the government, and they thought they were chasing him.He believes that after everything, he was accused of rape girls, one of the illegal foreigners who had protected, and did not protest so much, and thought she had to come.Internationally trade, it warned to warn the two professional transportation companies and the real and threatening pleasure in the open sea.The current hot spots in the world are the waters of India, the east coast of Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Indonesia and China.The State Council warned that Americans warned that Americans said that according to the US State Department, Guatemala may have special violence.Through the planned safety status of the local agent and conduct special care in the waters and Kaliman Kathleen MCK-251 north of the Malaca Strait in Riau and Singapore.

265Pirate Oon-Hennick wrote in the modern face of pirates.See how common pirated piracy is released by the International Chamber of Commerce.Even the American Merchant School, located in Kingsopo, began to train students to deal with pirates.Pirate behavior is defined as any crime committed by others in the international waters.Although hackers seem to be an outdated way to make a living, for those who push hackers to the front desk, this is a growing and favorable business.This is a big business now, and many countries are taking this threat seriously, especially the United States and the United Kingdom.Michael Richardson wrote in an article entitled "Maritime Pirates" that with the decline of Southeast Asia and the reduction of naval patrol expenses in many countries including Indonesia, the owner of the commercial ship in the region complainedFrequent and violence.They warned that unless the governments of various countries take more effective and coordinated actions, pirate attacks may cause major disasters to crowded international channels, such as the Malacca Strait or the Singapore Strait, and they are one of the busiest channels.A report published by the Singapore Shipping Association Chairman Lua Cheng English recently said at the Asian Ship Else Conference held in Tokyo that pirate behavior can be said to be the biggest single threat to the modern shipping industry today.Asia has been widely considered to be pirated hotspots.This is a very concerned about our shipping and trade community.Pirates usually come by speedboat under the cover of the night.When the boat slows down to avoid accidents, they climb the boat with a hook.In 2001, when the famous athlete Peter Black was murdered at the Amazon River Estuary, the necessity of solving the increasing wave of pirates became obvious.Blake is a brave and heroic sailor that won the American Cup Sailing Race for New Zealand.On December 6, the pirates boarded the 119 -foot long vertical sailing of Black.After threatening the life of the crew, the pirates began to evacuate from Black's ship with unfair wealth.Blake fired with a pirate with a pistol, but was hit and committed suicide.The assassination incident has aroused international concern, and the more meaningful government and world policies have quickly become the topic of many political institutions around the world.MCKoon-Hendrick wrote that pirates continue to move in the world in the world due to poverty, political turmoil and war.According to reports, the pirate incident did not disappear from the sea with the machete and sailing. Instead, it was increasing, and pirates were more equipped and news than ever.Like the pirate activities of the past, merchant ships are the favorite goals of organizational criminal activities, but small criminals, known as river mice, may also be extremely dangerous.In 1999, people noticed that pirates became more and more violent.The Associated Press reported in 1999 that according to statistics from the International Maritime Affairs Bureau of London, pirates killed 67 people in 1998 and 51 in 1997.The office said in an earlier report that the actual number of pirates reported worldwide from the historical highest point in 1997 dropped from 247 to 198 in 1998.It seems that there is a strong commitment to solve the problem of pirates ... You must do more work at the country, region and global levels to curb this modern threat of international peace and security.O. WALKER Vice Minister of the State Council told the United Nations on May 10: We believe that we can do this in three ways.First of all, governments of various countries should consider establishing inter -ministerial agencies to formulate plans to prevent such attacks and plans to take measures when attacking.The second is to increase supervision.Third, it is necessary to improve the safety of ports by strengthening the ability of law enforcement training and identifying the ghost ship.In terms of definition, not all these attacks that occur in the Gonghai or EEZ [exclusive economic zone] can be classified as traditional pirates that can exercise jurisdictions in all countries.When they occur at ports or anchors, they are more likely to be banned and should be punished according to local criminal law.When a ship hanging from foreign flags occurs when the sea, the international strait or the public sea, occurs that endangered the safety of navigation, these actions are often not banned or punished by the coastal national criminal law.On March 10, 1988, he passed the Maritime Organization of the "Convention on Stopping the Safety of Maritime Safety and illegal Behavior" and its "Stoping the Safety and illegal Behavior of the Mainland Fixed Platform" in Rome.These instruments 252

266When a behavior of nationwide or foreign flags hanging on the nationwide or foreign flags, Pizza Connections can fill many prominent jurisdictions.The Convention requires that the contracting parties set such acts as criminal criminals in accordance with domestic law and cooperate in investigating and prosecuted perpetrators ... Although we recognize the urgency of taking action, the United States also recognizes that developing countries cannot solve this problem.You ... bilateral and multilateral assistance must start to solve these needs.We believe that this purpose is to promote coordination and cooperation between United Nations agencies to promote the use of the ocean to promote peaceful use of the ocean. They can play a role in reminding the donor agencies to pay attention to this issue and improving the understanding of developing countries. They should give priority to such requests.The Development Planning Department [United Nations Development Planning Department] and other institutions must start to recognize such a fact, that is, developing countries need to support two problems: strengthen law enforcement capabilities and implement port security measures.The donation agency shall encourage dialogue with developing countries to evaluate the demand for solving pirate problems that has been determined and report to the secretary general.By strengthening the protection and improvement of local law enforcement, it can improve the maritime law of developing countries to crack down on pirates and maritime robbery at sea.The cooperative navy and maritime law enforcement vessels in these locations may be a necessary condition for supplementing these efforts.In this regard, countries that shared the border in the pirate threat region should give status to establish bilateral/regional cooperation agreements ... Because pirates and maritime armed robbery are only one aspect of international crimes, including multinational organizational crimes, and the US Federal Investigation Bureau(FBI) coordination can strengthen regional training.The FBI expanded its police cooperation projects with as many as 44 countries.This includes an important training part.In the past five years, more than 3,000 international trainees have received FBI training in the United States, and nearly 15,000 people have received training in other countries.Pay more attention to paying the tracking boat according to the current technology.It should also be studied by the parent port.Article 110 of the Sea Law Convention provides a basis for ships with problems with problems.Increase the responsibility of the ship of the ship to ensure that they should not pay attention to registering the stolen ship.There are several ways to improve the safety of the port so that officials can prevent armed robbery on paroxysis or port ships, identify the stolen ships and help arrest criminals.Brazil's experience is of guiding significance, and we recommend the success of the Brazilian authorities.Port staff need to train from Hong Kong Captain to Wharf workers.The most comprehensive training for Captain Port is the World Maritime University in Malmo, Sweden.The agency provides a two -year curriculum worldwide.The US International Development Agency reports that if the application is determined as a priority, it can fund developing countries' assistance to the university.The Coast Guard can teach and guide law enforcement strategies as well as port security measures and improvement to member states.This can be used to reduce and reduce pirate threats.Member states can send them to the United States for training, or the Coast Guard can send an international training team to the member states.Associated Press.Co -maritime patrol as a pirate behavior Surges. Hong Kong Standard.Can be obtained online.URL: TM.Download on July 15, BBC.Call for pirate activities to crack down on Asian waters.Can be obtained online.URL: ASIA/ STM.Published on February 16th, Kathleen mckoon-Hennick.Modern face of online.url: Download on July 15th, Maureen Walker.According to the statement of the open informal procedures of the Ocean and Ocean Law, according to the decision of the Conference No. 54/33.United Nations.Provide. Url: ee.uu./00_066.htm.Downloaded on July 15th, marine atlas.Pirates and maritime armed available.URL: HTM.Downloaded on July 15th. In the 1960s, the Besters of the United States and women in the United States and Sicily found that Besa shops were ideal places to establish a heroin distribution center.Opium in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey is processed in Sicily, and then shipped to the United States.Pisa stores the homepage trafficking of the previously -visited homepage, and the cash flow of Pisa also 253

267Johnny, Johnny provided a simple way to clean cash for distributors.The connection has a great impact, because the ring can Gaetano Badalamanti, which is CIUCULLL De Palermo in Sicily.In the case.The trial continued for 17 months and saw hundreds of witnesses, for several hours and thousands of documents.The remarkable Sicily Heroin has been trade for a while, but it has not completely destroyed it.Some historical teachers believe that the central agency believes that the central institution's Intelligence (CIA) allows the main person in charge of Gaetano Badalamanti, the principals of the main leader of CIUCULLLLLE PALERMO in Sicily.The intervention against the Communist Party of Russia ... In 1997, Professor Alfred, Professor Alfred.McCoy published the Heroin policy: the Central Intelligence Bureau's conspiracy in the world's drug trafficking.The Afghanistan Charles Cogan acknowledged that he sacrificed the war against the drug war against the Cold War.The main task is to cause huge damage to the Soviet Union.We have no resources, resources or time to conduct drug trafficking surveys, and he told Australian TV.In 1960, he became the founding member of the rock machine motorcycle gang in the 1980s.He is famous for his strong arm tactics and is widely respected in the gang.Police that threatened Montreal.The trial was delayed until February 18, 1994, because Gary Martin, a lawyer of Plescio, also defended the witness of the case. Eric Toupin, a colleague of the rock machine, became a line person after being arrested for drug trafficking.Getr Michel Chartrand testified that he testified in July.Volume 7, in 1993, he heard Plescio and told two assistants that he would let officer Jeffrey Stern.Between the three members of Plescio, Rock Machine and two members of Jakers, hell angel puppet clubs.In 1997, Johnny Plescio and his rock member machine machine Frederic Faucher and Robert Tout Toutléger flew to Helsinsborg, Sweden(Helsingborg), participating in the late members of the commemorative bandit Professional Canadians entered their country.They were detained for 24 hours and returned to Canada.254

268Porter, Paul Plescio and Fred Faucher less than one month later, July 14, 1997, this time with rock music machine Paul Saskch ·Paul Sasquity Porter headed to Europe together.The three participated in Luxembourg's bicycle performance and saw at high school at the motorcycle club -ranking members.In September, he was 34 years old.A burned car was found, and there were two machine guns nearby.After sending, the five participated in his funeral on September 15th and paid tribute to the rock motorcycle driver who fell down the machine.The police protected the entry.Police said that Loreto and everyone who entered in Saint Leonard must provide ID cards.EssenceIt mainly focuses on illegal drug transactions with cities on the East Coast and to a small degree to other cities in the country.In 1997, the authorities successfully handled the poison.They were condemned for committing more than 10 homicide in Virginia.Paul (also known as Sasquatch) Paul Porter was born in Canada in the early 1960s, and was nicknamed Sasquatch because of its size and circles.Smart, he maintained a low -key and moved to one of the most powerful members of the gang in the federal court in July.EssenceFred Faucher and Johnny Plescio met to Luxembourg to meet with Texas Bandit International President, European President and the President of the Australian and French chapters.In the rock machine.The person in charge of the Quebec chapter, Solo Fred Faucher and the head of Montreal, Serge Merlin Cyr, have greater influence.Porter has been respected among members and often seek serious problems.He became his first problem.President Porter also played an important role in the six -year cycling war in Flogkqiong, which caused more than 150 people to die, but peace would not continue.Test bandit on December 1, 255

269POSADAS-OCAMPO, Bishop of Red Juanjesús, at the same time, congratulations on bandits from the rock machine websites from all over the world, the news of the Porter is just the opposite: Hello all then defeated the hell angel, and the bicycle Johnny MINI-ME-ME-me-me-me-me met Steve Burn with him.He is a key player of Patcover and recruited 168 bicycles from Ontario.HTML.Descargado On July 15th, the G.F. POSADAS-OCAMPO of Titiana poster, Cardinal Juanjesús was one of the most violent Mexico organizations. Mexican officials and Cardinal Juanjesús-OCOCAMPO were killed violently.Competitors' Drug Gangs.The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 26th in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Constantine official Constantine in the summer of summer in the summer of summer, one summer in the summer, one summer in the summer, in the summer of summer, in the summer of summer.One summer, twenty murderers.While competitive rival competes for traffic areas.In the Mass held on January 25, 1999, in the church of the new apostle in Mexico City, Pope John Paul II all sacrificed the compatriot Juanjesús-OCAMPO.As far as the cause of the murder is concerned, several different reasons for murder have been proposed.CardinalPOSADAS-OCAMPO plays the main character Catholic Church in the new negotiation agreement in the new negotiation agreement.His Guadalahara Diocese is one of the main centers of Mexican's international drug trafficking and was condemned several times by the Mexican and Mexican bishops.According to reports, the bishop of Red himself has dangerous information and may be exposed to government officials suspected of drug trafficking.decree.People who arrived from the city of Mexico.When the Bishop of the Red Clothing left from the car, the two men ran around and opened the cardinal and their drivers; both died immediately.The shooting continued to park in the airport, and the other five were killed.In the case, Bishop Red was the victim of the firefire in the airport confrontation between the two competitors.However, a few days after the murder, a corpse confirmed that the bullets of the cardinal and the driver's bullets were shot and killed.Obviously, the murderer pointed out their goals and had the opportunity to see their faces.Before these results changed, the government changed its history and announced that the bishop of Red and the head of a gang of drugs confused Loraguzmán, nicknamed El Chapo.It is said that the murderer is ARELLANO FELIX Brothers, a armed person in San Diego, California.Mexico church leaders continued to doubt: how does the gunman make Cardinal Posadas confused -Ocampo is a public figure famous for drug dealers?In addition, they pointed out that in terms of appearance, the sizes of red, tall, robust, have huge breasts, and cannot be confused with the young Joaquin Loera Guzman, short and Delga.Then Cardinal Juan Sandovaliníguez 256

270Pozza, Michel Killing is a intentional attack on the Cardinal.The Mexican bishop meeting replied that witnesses observed strange movements at the airport on the day of the murder: they brought weapons and mobilized troops and police officers, as if weapons and policemen had occurred.However, the gunman escaped, drove to another plane, flew all over the country, and when they landed on Mexico soil, they were not intercepted.However, the church refused to identify the witnesses, the reason was that they were worried about their security, as well as their officials and these officials instructed the government's investigation to refuse to accept the secret testimony.The ARELLANOFélixbrothers, and even the main suspects of the government have denied the murder and murder participated in a separate interview with the press and the apostle of Mexico.The case itself was confused now.On May 24, 1998, it was established by a committee between an institution and composed of representatives of the Harry State Government and Bishop of Gwadarahara.On November 30, 1998, the committee collected 46 personal evidence, 14 psychiatric reports and 14 psychiatric reports and 14 psychiatric reports and 11 judicial reports.The consultation at the location uses a laser beam to determine the trajectory of the bullet.He took the test at the bullet position in the victim's body to determine the exact location of the criminals.The researchers did their best to accurately reproduce the murder.The survey produced a series of related actions.There are 18 local and federal judgments and 81 research reports.Criminal charges for 73 people; 36 people have been arrested and now seek 35 (two suspects died).Fill in 47 volumes in the current complete investigation procedures.Possible evidence reached the final conclusion before November 30, but when the date arrived, the committee decided to extend its work only a few weeks before he wanted to find the final resolution.For the Mexican government, the case was first determined to be on January 22, and finally arrived before the Pope on November 15, 2002.The Federal Court of Mexico rejected these allegations, claiming that it was not enough to be sentenced to the criminal Arellanofélix, and the latter was sentenced to imprisonment for other allegations.This confirms that Santodoval's eyes publicly stated that the federal government involves a murder in some way.Other positions.Other positions.Other positions.The case has not been mentioned.He could not solve it forever.RECNUM = 9477. On July 15th, Thomas A. He recently immigrated to Russian immigrants across the country, and he told the victim's pope that they were sold for a bag of gold coins because the money was illegally obtained.Well. When the victims bought bags with real cash, they found that the wallets were everywhere. Pozza, Michel Michel Corrado Corrado Corado Celestino Pozza was born in Trent, northern Italy, and moved to Canada from an early age.University and excellent wisdom, Pozza is not an ordinary gangster. He saw the potential of Pozza and brought him to his wings. In the family of 1960. On July 10, 1965, Paolo Violi was in Hamilton and Hamilton.When Grazia Luppino got married, Pozza accompanied Luigi GRECO to participate in the ceremony. He also participated in Montreal's trip. He was Vic Cotroni. He was Vic Cotroni. His behavior was Viali's best man and Jos di di di di Maulo.

271For the first time, Pozza had met Salvatore Catalan's Salvatore Catalan in the Bonanno family, and Pozza met with Palermo's former mayor Vito Ciancimino for the first time. He was held at Palermo's Mondello. Pozza met Vito Ciancimino for the first time. Pozza first met Pozza for the first time. For the first time in Palermo's Mondello.It is said that we gather together to discuss drug trafficking.At the end of the 1970s, such as the Sicilians and Karabridians of Montreal Mandarin, they struggled to control in order to control, and more and more were seeing Pozza around Rhizzutos, while Del Cotronis became less and less.Nick Rizzuto and Joe Lopresti are one of the guests at the Sicilian Mafia Giuseppe Bono's wedding at Pierre Hotel.At that time, the bone was the leader of the Milan Bolonita family.In early 1980, he met with Vic Cotroni, and then he became a leader, and it was said that he should do something to him.Crimes organized in the clothing industry.Because of his relationship with international ladies candy workers, Pozza is one of the people who are asked to testify.But Pozza has never had to be carried out before the committee.On the evening of September 17, 1982, he met a cup of Réalsimard.The next morning, the two spoke in front of Pozza S Mont-Rolland's house. Simard produced a gun A.22 caliber and opened several times to the currency laundry machine, even for 57 years.Pozza has been monitored by the police, but due to the shortage of labor, the clock that night was canceled.In their homes, the police discovered the phone number and address in Palermo and carried out the value of $ 5 million and the company of Vito Ciancimino, one of Sicily, one of Sicily, one of Sicily.According to the police, money is the product of anesthesia trafficking.Garyfraancoeur.michel Pozza.michel.wissguywally.html.Descargado, July 15th, SEE, SEE, See of g.f.f.f.f. -f. -Gulum of. -Gulum of g. -f. -F. -F. . -flumEssenceJames Kenny Gang (James Kenny GANG. Family. In a short time, Proveskano and another young man named SalvatototòRIINA was later known as one of the most vicious black -handed party bosses in the story. He became Li.Gegio's most reliable executor. They are worried and enjoyed. Navarra's threat. It was hit by Liggio. At a meeting, a group of young murderers accumulated Navara(Navarra) sitting with a bullet; in the end, the car was pumped by 112 bullets, and Navarra and another person who were traveling died. Liggio became the new godfather. Navarra (Navarra) The death was not only because they lost the ally, but also because of the violation of the password of the black hands who were not given to the boss. The followers of these black hands and Navara wanted to avenge their bosses to make him Liggio and Liggio (Liggio) and Liggio (Liggio) andHis two executors Provenzano and RIINA became very dangerous. In the early 1960s, the calories of Provenzano became too great. Singing, he would soon be arrested or beaten, he took off and disappeared in Sicily.When he fled, he had two children, but spent his days looking at his shoulders. Italian writer 258

272Bernardo's Provenzano announced that he was a missing person, and eventually thought he was beaten, and his body would be discovered soon, but they could not stay away from the facts.When his old friend TOTòRiina became the new boss, RIINA took care of the violence of the black hand business and entered the front line, and Provenzano was hidden.When drugs arrived, the drug struggle began, and who should control it.In the war, RIINA was a fuss, which would cause 800 deaths.Two senior prosecutors were killed by bombs, and anyone who opposed the blacks party was found to die.The terrorist movement should have scared Care. The government's effect is the opposite: the government continues, and the public is now on him.Enfair.People saw the brutal image of the Mandarin Party and became sick from her.As searching for RIINA became more intense, Provencano was still hidden and blown by everyone.His wives and children returned the criminal empire that he put Provenzano in the top country at the top of the top of the top of the country.Bajo Provenzano, the Sicily Mandarin Party once again became an invisible power, expanded his interests, and was far away from the police.Provenzano ordered its troops through mysterious notes and the main members.Most of his time in the center of Sicily and Sicily, from a safe house to a fugitive Benaldo Prove Prove Prove Prove Prove Prove· Parazolo's brother-brother-, was arrested for suspected contact with the Mandarin Party (Associated Press/Police Lecture).Essence

273Puzyretsky, Emil Puzyretsky, Emil Emil Puzyretsky is the executor of the Brooklyn Russian Mom Party, and he is known for using a knife.He also participated in the prohibited gas scams, except for others.National restaurant in Brighton Beach.The gun was equipped with a gun with a muffler. A armed personnel fell on the floor twice. New York had a jersey organized by the criminal work group, a new investigation committee, and a new armed man shot twice.York, Pennsylvania Criminal Council, University of Rogers.

274Q Quintero-Payan Emilio Emilio is the brother of Juanjoséquintero-Payan, and the leader of the Mexican poster Juárez.ambosquintero-Pagos.Salazar is an agent of the Drug Control Administration.After three main leaders of Hilist Carter, after the death of Amado Carrillo Fuenter, he and his brother Emilio also Wreis ClereThe leader of Juárezcareltel is the uncle of the racing uncle -quora, and he was convicted.Murdered Enrique Camarena Salazar, a agent of Mexican Drug Control Agency, is one of the oldest drug trafficking in Mexico.According to the Los Angeles Times on October 31, 1999, he had served as the guardian of other notary, such as Juanjoséespargoza.According to the Times, news reports said that in the United States in 1985, marijuana smuggled cannabis with his brother Emilio because he was not Pasta at the time.It is worth nearly $ 20 million, and is still responsible for shooting a line person who is collecting information.Quintero -Payan was arrested in Halisco in Mexico on October 29, 1999, and the Mexican Police Department., Rafael;


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276In 1970, the Organizational Criminal Control Law amended the corruption and influence of the Organization Law (RICO) of the federal ransom regulations at the time.To this end, the influence and corruption of the Rico Law (RICO) have become laws.According to prosecution.Crime company: K.CARLSON and P. Finn (ABT Associates Inc.) in 1993 federal crimes and criminals were prohibited from four activities: (A) Income of the investment standard activity model (defined below)) A company involved in the company's affairs or foreign companies in foreign countries or foreign companies; Or (d) skewers (a), (B), or 27 activities in (B) or (C) can also be regarded as laws formulated in violation of regulations, including eight serious crimes.Obstructing judicial justice, cigarette legs and violations of labor law.The national prediction of the association believes that it can be cited in these procedures.Rico's law enables prosecutors to seek preventive measures for the defendant who tried to act to avoid any types of assets of the government.RICO's regulations also provide American citizens with a person who requires people who have the damage caused by the damage caused by the Rico regulations during power rule.Caused by mode.Finn continues to point out that in the legal profession, many plaintiffs are in the divorce procedure, religious disputes and religious disputes and contract disputes between entrepreneurs.Said and sentence, many citizens use these regulations to sue the company's corruption executives. It is not safe to act on the operation, and even the company's lawyer and promoter Jeff E., based on's lawyer and promoter,

277Rajan's legal Chhota has applied to the situation that was originally considered to be beyond the legal scope.The law is not only successfully aimed at the organized criminal organizations (such as the Mattivator), but also for legal business people.In the divorce case, the confrontation spouses of lawyers, bankers, counters, and protest organizations only appointed some surprising individuals or groups. These individuals or groups were the defendants appointed in rich cases.The wealthy regulations announced illegal. Generally speaking, they have not succeeded. Over the years, many amendments have been added to the regulations to make them more fair and tolerant.K.Carlson and P. Finn.Electric law.After Dawood Ibrahim put great pressure on the people who worked before.Lieutenant and former friends of Iibrahim, he told Rediff's Sherbart we want some jobs.So we hired him ... when his mentor Rajan Nair died in 1983, we gave evacuation and money.This is not before anyone joins us.But soon became someone.At the end of 1999, Rajan was the largest and more powerful competitors of Ibrahim.He went to Thailand in the name of Vijay Daman.He is looking for a business visa in order to stay and operate the dried fish export business he has established, which is probably used as the forefront of his other evil activities.However, despite their tight and long -lasting directions, Ibrahim's men discovered Rajan.outside.The Sais men accused their armed houses with 10 self -active weapons.Wild shooting occurred.No elsewhere, La Yang jumped out of his palace apartment suite and broke him from him in the fall.Who organized the murder and talked freely with the newspapers where there were no places where there was no way to track the mobile phone.We didn't intend to kill him so easily, he sang Chhota Shakel.It is acknowledged that the plan was abducted Rajan, took him to a boat in the water in Bangkok, and took him to Karachi, where he would be tortured and killed.It turns out that this is just a little bit.Very good.marvelous.After changing more than $ 1 million, Raja came out.He finally fled from Thailand, and his whereabouts were unclear.This happened when the satellite and his gang decided to form an independent dishonest gang.Get up from Chhota Shakel, Chhota Shakel was thrown on the Granada bomb thrown by an open window.The explosion killed two people, Shakel, who was seriously injured, but he survived.Although Rajan (Rajan

278Richard, Robert organized a trial of rolling from Bollywood manufacturer (Indian Film Photography Capital), and urged smuggle operations and other companies.He is easy.Abadia (also known as soothing pacifier) surrendered to the Colombian authorities.It is believed that Chupeta was sentenced to a more indulgent prison sentence because of worrying about personal safety.By 24 years, it can actually serve as long as seven and a half years.Control the daily operations of Chupeta.However, Ramírez-Abadia continued to participate in the main decision involving the organization.DEA also reported that Chupeta's net heritage was about $ 2.6 billion.Davidamoruso.. Gangsters Incorporated.This is a vicious criminal.One of his known loopholes is to murder Rachmel Insanev.On January 1, 1981, he fired at DementedEV until Dementev mentioned Reznikov claimed Reznikov called Informant.reznikikov.Ilya Zeltzer's Platinum Energy Gas distribution office in Brooklyn, New York.On June 13, 1986, when he got on the car.He is said to be killed by Nostra at the request of several other Russian criminals.These Russian Richard SCAMS, Russia, also participated in piracy. Robert (also known as Tiny, also known as Tiny) Robert Tiny Richard was a member of the Montreal motorcycle motorcycle gang.In Richard in Richard in Richard in Richard in Richard in Richard in in Richard of Richard Scams SCAMS.Richard is very dedicated and loyal to the club.He raised 11 tattoos, including very little dirty. According to reports, members used members of the club.The Montreal Branch became so large. On September 14th, the north will be founded based on Laval, Richard, and most members of the club.Unreliable and unreliable drugs.And obtained profits.They were invited to participate in the club meeting held at the Sherbroke Club Casa in Lennoxoville on March 24. The northern faction was liquidated, the victim was wrapped in a sleeping bag, and threw into St. Lawrence.Richard River, and Hell Angel Jacques Pelletier, Luc Sam Michaud and Reggie Saga Sag Lede Laig, Luc Sam Michaud(Réjeanzig-Zag Lessard) was charged with the murder of the gang companion first.The four hell angels were imprisoned at the cage behind the glass $ 40,000. Observer was injected and pushed the metal detector before being allowed to enter the court.Among the national leaders of the organization, when I released a TV in September 1995, I encountered legal trouble again

279Charlie's reporter Richardson, a reporter of Angel Louis Ti -oui Lapierre, a reporter at the hell funeral., 46 -year -old motorcycle driver is more than 6 feet in height, weighing 300 pounds at a time.Angel Hells weighed 230 pounds.On February 28, 1996, 350 people and friends riding bicycles attended the Richard funeral, which showed clearly that the man was highly respected in the gang.Html.In 1960, together with Eddie, Eddie, he was a waste dealer and infamous gang leader.Richard Gang is the greatest competitor of Kray twins in England.The gangs of competitors have many skiing on the community in southern London.The enthusiasm of the London police and Crester was effectively completed at the end of the businessman and criminals. Richardson had a legal business series, including five scrape codes and one metal, and part of South African diamonds with South African diamonds., Eddie (EDDIE) Federal Criminal accusation claimed at 4:30 pm that Rocks is a club consultant at the four chapters of the pagan Long Island. The complaint stated that a testimony who was completely familiar with the pagans suggested that the researchers said that the difference was different.The paddle introduced the owner and artist of the dance venue of the nude photos of the long island. The witnesses did not successfully extort the Carousel. This is the club of the nude photos of Huntington, because they are the club's McCarthy, the manager and the goalkeeper, not only if they are not only if they are not only if they are not only if they are not only if they are not only if they are not only if they are not only if they are not only if they are not only if they are not only if they are not only if they areHe refused to attempt to intimidate him, but defeated or injured several pagans. In October 1996, Richter, also known as Conan, can be performed according to the position proposed.The pagan proposes to talk to McCarthy to resolve this controversy, but Richter told the members that unless he had to see McCarthy, he held nine mm in his hand. He also participated in Rocky's arrest.Joeph Spring, also known as Joey Dogs, a pagan and Richter nearby. He was arrested on July 29. He claimed that he was arrested when he was arrested.Records of ransom payment. Exotic dancers; a vehicle search shows two documents, which contains personal information about McCarthy, describing 266

280Rivard, Lucien's car and his house, as well as the map and instructions of the house.Richter is currently in prison in the federal prison in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, complied with 16 years of judgment.It will testify his spring in spring in spring.Trial.In addition: pagan.Rich saw the organizational law affected by the racer., Judie's judge and the black hand fight, until May 23, RIINA is now the Italian Misper) The person in charge, Lucien Lucien Rivard, became Canadian Canadian drug trade leader in Canada and Canada.It is considered a senior organizer and has won great respect in the world of Montreal's crime.Rivard is the number one in heroin transportation across the country.He expanded his business when he became a partner of Giuseppe Peppe Peppe Peppe Peppe Cotroni in 1954.If Rivard (Rivard), he had a better contact with heroin at that time, and the Mandarin Party had a better connection in American, he continues to guide his empire.He has seen Jean-Baptiste CROCE and Paul Mondolini with Kosaja vendors and Paul Mondolini. When they were forced to return to France, Rivard (Rivard) Take over their interests.Rivard also ran a large -scale game ring and rode thousands of guns in Canada.They often followed him. At that time, he was an influential leader of influential people, including the Salvatore Little Sala Giglio of the Bonanno Criminal Family in New York, even in New York.On March 22, 1957 with Florence Anderson's wedding.The next morning, after providing a registered certificate for its weapons.Billon announced his guilty and paid a fine of $ 50,267

281Rivard is a Canadian drug trafficking in Lucien, Lucien Rivard, and Rivard's accommodation at Cuba was over.Fidel Castro was imprisoned.Castro asked him to execute him, but Montreal's lawyer Raymond Daoust contacted the Foreign Minister of Ottawa and intervened.Rivard was released on June 24 and was sent to Montreal on June 24. Previously, Giuseppe Cotroni, partner of Rivard, was sentenced to 10 years.imprisonment.In November 1959, Rivard completely assumed the import of heroin in Canada.Huge profits.In 1960, Rivard and Gerry Turrenne were in Ateuil, Dance Hall, Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Bar and Playa. Rivard directed the business, Rivard.He even carried out many maintenance. The Quebec provincial police arrested Rivard and assistant Heroin traffickers. The gangster Réjeanlavoie was led by Réjeanlavoie. It is said that he ambushed him before the police intervened and hit him seriously.It was killed in four days. Caron accused the French Canadian black hand party was arrested for allegations of international hero trafficking. The charges were arrested and placed in a BORDEAUX prison in Montreal.He was accused of committing a similar position. On March 2, 1965, Rivard was still at him and his prisoner AndréduroCher than a black carved wood with shoes). The two gangsters tied everyone up.. The guards behind them published and held it on the west wall. The ladders of the two French crawls were climbed up to the small inner wall with ladders, and the hose could survive in a large outside.Before the tariffs of the car, they did not know that he called him half an hour and told him where he could find his car. Livade's affairs, well -known prison escape, will follow.Captives and Captives of the Royal Canadian Police and Federal Investigation Office, International Interpol, Interpol, and US Anesthesiologist Office in Florida, Florida, Florida, USA won huge rewards.Located in Trois Rivls, even in Montreal. Rivad enjoyed attention and sent a few letters to the authorities, including the interesting position of Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. PearsonEssence

282Rizzuto, Vito.Rivard Apartment was finally arrested in the forest land hut near Chateauguay.é on July 16, 1965. Colleagues Fred Cadieux and Sébastienboucher sat on the swimsuit, and the police broke into the hut.He was brought back to Montreal, where the three coercion that agreed with him had been imprisoned.The trial lasted for only 7 days. After three hours of review, the jury announced that Rivad was guilty.The crime was 20 years of imprisonment and was fined $ $ $.20,000.Lucien Rivard was released on January 17, and he returned to Montreal. According to the police, he continued to guide his empire.He kept his low -key until he died on February 3, and he was 86 years old.Lucas Rivard.cassguywally.Established in Montreal, Quebe North.Instead of entering legal work, Vito followed his father's footsteps and was a respectable person.Rizzuto married Giovanna Cammalleni and had three children.His eldest son Nicolo followed behind Leonardo and his liberal daughter.In 1965, Rizzuto was convicted of $ 25 for disturbing peace.This time he was convicted in 1972. This time, it was committed with her brother -in -in -in -Law Law Paolo Renda because they murdered the fire.Caused.It was sentenced to two years in prison.Renda was sentenced to four years.In the 1970s, war between Calabrian and Sicilian factions and Nicolo Rizzut, Montreal and Italy's Nicolo Rizzut, and Italy.) More than 20 casualties.It is said that his son is the leader of Montreal Mandarin Party.marijuana.The value of the drug is estimated to be $ 350 million and is arrested on an island near the northeast coast of Newfoundland.Newfoundland's highest from Newfoundland, Leo Barry, ruled that it has obtained illegal evidence against the black hand sponsor.After the bust, the other five men were accused; the four were convicted and sentenced to five to nine years.In 1988, Rizzuto was arrested again when he was arrested in 1987.He was accused again.Conspling 32 -ton Lebanon marijuana in the country.Non -guilty release on December 18, 1989, when the liner Normand Dupuis refused to testify.Dupuis's family began to be threatened by death. For 32 months to prevent judicial justice. On May 23, 1993, Vito Rizzuto and two dozen friends and family greeted their father at a airport in Montreal.In the prison of transportation, in the bribery of Venezuela officials in Domenic Tezzi Montanic Tezzi Montanic Tezzi, many people are more powerful in Canada and are one of the 30 suspects of the blacks arrested on January 20.It was the main men of Philip GiaccoNe, the main man of PHILIP GIACCONE in May 1981, Alphense Indelicato and Dominick Trinchera. He is currently in prison and is waiting to extradite to the United States.

283ROCK MACHINE ROCK MACHINE VIEW BANDIDOS/ROCKMACHINE.RODRíguezgacha, Joségonzalo at Madrinch in early 1980.The manufacturing, distribution and commercialization of these triads in the manufacturing, distribution and commercialization of these triads coordinated Klein.On May 27, 1990, the Palm Beach Sunday Post reported that according to the Colombian intelligence report, Rodríguezgacha arranged a Barco's weapon in early January 1989, andThrough Panama as Colombia.The difficulty is because everything is organized with some Israeli authorities.But the problem soon appeared.According to the document, the first selected container is obviously too full to collect additional loads. The second container subsequently occurs in engine problems. It must also be discarded in the evidence obtained by the liner Barry seal of the Drug Control Administration Barry Seal.Lied on February 15, 1989, the Colombian police raid Rodríguezgacha in Toru's pasture.He was killed in the raid.In the 1970s, with Josésantacruz Londono, Hese.These two groups.Nevertheless, the Kali poster is based on bribery and funny opponents.However, the two main posters from time to time are facing bleeding battles.Medalin was persecuted by the Columbia government for bribery and high -level government officials, and Cali's Carter was still low in radar.It is said that since 1990, the Drug Control Bureau (DEA) estimates that Rodriríguez estimates that Orejula Brother has merged the richness of $ 205 billion and has gained 10 years from drug profits.At present, DEA estimates that only 20 % of cocaine in the United States has not been imported in the United States by Kali posters, and is cleaning almost $ $.At $ 8 billion each year, but the U.S. government and Government Colombian focus on Cali and two brothers outside the road.Gilberto (Gilberto, found that he was found hidden in a closet. The United States and Colombia cooperated closely to attack and capture the leaders of the Kali Mom Party. In a corner, because of the Columbia government, he did not move. Although ColombiaProfessor AlvarouriBe protested by the US Department of Justice.

284Roy, Louisrodríguezorejula, Miguel Angel (also known as a teacher), Cali Cartel international chess is a visionary person, heWith the main foundation for the organization, Miguel is famous for handling daily operations.The goods are transferred and organized.Cali, Cali, Miguel is engaged in drug trafficking because he is responsible for smuggling the amount of Multititon Cocaine from Colombia to the United States, Canada and Europe, using various exquisite transportation and smuggling technologies.70 % of the cocaine sent to the US market is smuggling in Mexico.Drug administrator Thomas A. On July 9th, JosésantaCruz-Londono, Josésantacruz-London, on July 5th.The unhappy trinity caused a bragging. This is Corners Cali; Cartel DeMedellín; Mejía-Munera; Mejía-Munera, Miguel and Victor; Rodríguezore-Jula, Gilberto; Santa Cruz Londono, José.romerodededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededed IO, Flavio, former Mexican Jalisco,Governor of Mexico, Flavio Romero de Velasco was imprisoned on January 24, 1998. To CAGOBERTO CAXIOLA CAGOBORTO CAGOBORTO CAGOBERA WENTERSIN MachelThe Mexican government has ordered the arrest of Abrego Reyna, the Mexican government has ordered the charges of the Crime Association and Money Laundering, involving Harryisco.Former governor, Jalisco Flavio Romero de Velasco, asked him to extradite. The allegations and released, and fought for three years with the prosecutor of Mexico City. Thomas A. Constantine. Internationally organized criminal unions and its influence on the US Department of Justice. Louisméluroy believes that the police are the second powerful and influential Quebec angels.After Maurice Mom Boucher. He got color in 1991 and before the establishment of an elite nomadic chapter in Roy.The contact believes that this is the richest hell angel in the province. Police estimate that he is responsible for importing at least 5,200 kg of Jamaica, India, South Africa, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.Richard Rick Vallee, Roy was accused of coca Cassin traffic.When the police together with them promoted Rock Machine Assistant Roger Hardy, with them, they murdered the great days of Roy.él and Thiffult. They are going to court to study their judgmentEssenceHell angels severely defeated men and they were released innocently.The jury believes that Quesnel is not a reliable witness.In August 1997, Mercedes stayed in the parking lot 271

285The Royal Canadian established a father's hotel police in Jonquiere, and Roy was obtained four times for masked attackers.A member of Angel Trois-Rivières and Blatnois Puppet Gang agreed to convince them that he was ordered to not announce any income of $ 20,000 in 1990 that Roy did not report $ 190,000 during that period of time.income.Roy (Roy a few weeks later, Montreal Center. A few days before he disappeared, he appeared in Trois-Rivières.Angel's club. Police believe that hell angel disappeared behind Roy, murdering him because he wanted to reduce the price of drugs. I have 41 years. Online: Wiseguywally/Louisroy.html.descargado, July 15th, G.F., Royal, RoyalThe police contained the Canadian Royal Police (RCMP) Canadian Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Sir John A. The imitation of the Canadian in Canadians and several different police forces at the time, including the Royal Irish police and the United States, and the United StatesThe horsepower of the famous legislators, the most famous legislator is to force this field to establish general laws on all grasslands on the field of parliamentary law on May 23, and a patrol system is established on all grasslands, and a patrol system is established to establish a patrol system forEffectively monitor the entire region ... They have established friendly relations with the indigenous people, which contains whiskey trade and mandatory trade prohibitions. A supervisory treaty between the Aboriginal people and the federal government passed the well.Police's own history to ensure that immigrants' wells, cracking down blood, diseases and poverty. From the reorganization of the famous Northwest region, it extends from Alberta and Saskatchewen to the farthest range of Yukón, and then extends to the North Pole to the ArcticCoast. World. He has developed a naval branch to patrol the coastal waters. The Royal Mading Police is famous for its uniform uniform, including its red military robes (black and golden decorations) and wide forest hats.It is called a mortar police on the top of the ride -ride. In the ten years of 1930, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is developing the perfect technologies of legal institutions in other countries in other places, such as fingerprints, criminal indexes, photos of photos, forensic medicine, information, information, information, information, informationCommunication and transportation modification, this is its. Become an elite police department. In 1950, after surviving many re -configuration, the Royal Canadian Madrid reduced the average metropolis and desert throughout Canada. In the 1970s, the Royal Canadian police policemanIt is also responsible for monitoring airports, VIPs, drugs, drugs, economic applications, economic applications, economic applications, etc., and criminals, etc., Namibia, western Sahara Desert and Yugoslavia. The Royal Canadian Royal Police is considered one of the best troops in the world elite police.Under the permission of the Royal Canadian police, the Royal Canadian police appeared on the Royal Canadian police.

286Russian Russian Mafiya (also known as Russian Mob) gangsters from the former Soviet Union have established a strong and permanent existence in New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania, and engaged in a wide range of criminal activities.Drug trafficking, selling for murder.Evidence also shows that members of the Russian immigration criminal group who have been shot here may become one of the most terrible organizational crime challenges to the police since the emergence of LA COSA Nostra.The Russian-immigration crime network has grown from their headquarters in Brooklyn's Blaneton Beach area to the current scope of New York Metropolitan Area.New York in central New Jersey and the county of Philadelphia.One of the most disturbing aspects is the evidence that people contacted here and the criminals of the former Soviet Union. This phenomenon has made it an disturbing international level.It is complicated for this new domestic law enforcement issue.The scope of crimes related to these groups is amazing.In the 20th century in the first two decades, more than 2.5 million Russians and millions of other European immigrants entered this country together.However, after the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, the first wave of Russian immigrants declined sharply.Since then, Russian immigrants enter the United States to a large extent on the political relationship between the two countries.When the United States and the Soviet Union fought against Germany during World War II, many Russians could leave the Soviet Union.However, after the Wars of the Cold War, after the end of the war, when the Soviet leaders closed the iron curtain and allowed a few people to leave the country, Russia's immigrants were strangled again.Until the early 1970s, the Soviet government relaxed the immigration policy and allowed some citizens to leave the country, and Russian immigrants had been at a low level.Leave the country.The first batch of immigrants were mainly Soviet Jews who had escaped religious persecution, most of them immigrated to Israel or the United States.Since then, as the Soviet Union endangered, the number of immigrants allowed the number of immigrants to steadily increase, and it began to relax travel and immigration restrictions.Russian immigrants from New York are mainly settled in the Breeton Beach. This is the oldest and most famous Russian communities in the United States.The long -term worker class Jewish community near the southern Kony Island of Brooklyn, Brighton Beach, currently lives in about 30,000 Russian immigrants.The Russian community of Philadelphia is located in the northeast of the city, close to Bustleton Avenue.In the mid -1980s, when the Russian communities in New York and Philadelphia began to be fulfilled, Russian immigrants began to move out of cities and enter surrounding areas.They migrated east to Nagao County from New York to Nagao and Sayakak, and westward to Essex, Bergen, Midelsex and Montmomis County, New Jersey.At the same time, Russians immigrants began to live in several counties outside Philadelphia, including Bucks and Moncore Mary County in Pennsylvania, and Kamden and Berlidon County, New Jersey.At the same time, the agent of the legal struggle began to see more and more Russian immigration criminal evidence in these communities.The nature and severity of this crime activity, and the degree of its organization, was basically unknown at the time.By the 1980s, there were almost no law enforcement agencies in the three states realized that Russia's increasingly serious issues prompted crimes.The information available in the records saved by these institutions is rare, reflecting that they lack serious investment in this issue.The institutions trying to solve this problem can hardly associate a detective to track Russia-exile criminals.Those who are assigned are often not helpful, and at the same time face huge investigation obstacles.Most of the information available at that time was that he refers to the number and scale of the local organizational criminal group.Various federal institutions reported that 12 Russian exile criminal groups and estimated individual members in New York City were estimated, and the New York Police Department listed about 500 Russian immigrants as suspected criminal activities.At the same time, the Philadelphia Police Department has determined about 50 Russian immigrants, and many of them regularly travel between New York City and Philadelphia. Russian immigrants are rarely attracted here-273.

287The Russian Mom Party has attracted widespread attention.Before 1992, he only conducted a serious study of the Russian immigration crime in the United States.In 1986, Lydia Rosier, a professor at the School of Criminal Justice at New York City, Lydia Rosier published a four -year crime of Brighton Beach, published a book on Russian immigration crimes.EssenceRosel claims in his book that at least there are a large number of organized criminal activities in Brighton Beach.She attributed this crime to the interrelated crime network.However, Rosier did not try to determine whether the crime he found was part of the structured network of domestic or international criminal activities, or whether it was controlled by the US or the Soviet Union.With the increase of Russian immigration crimes, law enforcement agencies in the three states and across the country realized that they need to evaluate this increasingly serious issue.Although the criminal activities attributed to Russian immigrants include common plunder street crimes such as robbery, robbery, robbery, arson, prostitution, and low -level drug trafficking, they also include murder and a series of more complex and more complicated crimes.Russian immigration criminals are related to falsification, forgery, tax and insurance fraud, trust plans and complex extortion.Some people have connected with members of La Cosa Nostra.Russian immigration criminals have different associations with Colombo, Gandono, Ginovis, and Luxeus in New York and New Jersey.There are relatively few US law enforcement agencies focusing on this issue, and various explanations have been made on the rise of Russian immigration criminal activities.First, Soviet officials deliberately released criminals from prison and mixed them with Jewish immigrants who were allowed to leave the Soviet Union in the mid -1970s.The state assumes the identity of the Soviet Jews who are dead or jail.Another explanation is that the Soviet intelligence agency KGB allows criminal immigrants to destroy the legal Russian community in other countries and make them not attractive to Soviet citizens.For various reasons, all these explanations have proven to be inadequate.First of all, everyone assumes that Russian immigration crimes in the United States are mainly the product of professional criminal groups, and they introduce their criminal methods into our coast.Some of the criminals who are known in the Brighton Beach in the 1980s and 1990s, such as Evsei Agron, Maraat Balagula, Emil Puzyretsky, and Boris Nayfeld, all support this, because they are actually the products of the Soviet prison system.However, in the 1970s and 1980s, whether or not they were consent from Soviet officials, the number of people known to enter the United States was relatively small, and their criminal activities were generally highly localized.No matter how aggressive or cruel they are, they do not have enough scale or criminal old conspiracy to cause a large or regional threat, let alone national or international threats.Secondly, neither of these explanations considers the impact of the disintegration of the Soviet Union on the United States.History shows that the growth of organizational crime in any community is always related to the migration of the migration of weak ethnic groups recently in mainstream political and cultural relations.In the past few years before and after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the number of people who were allowed to join the Republic of the Soviet Union to the United States increased sharply.For example, in 1992, 129,500 non -immigrant visas were issued to people from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.In 1988, four years ago, only 3,000 such visas were issued.There are currently about 350,000 Russian immigrants living in the United States, compared with 75,000 people 10 years ago.Most of the growing population is concentrated in a few cities such as New York and Philadelphia.In addition, it is estimated that a large number of visitors to Russian immigrants are illegally living in the United States.As a result, the increase in criminal crimes in Russia is more likely to be due to the increase in the number of Russians living in the country, not a few violent criminals.Finally, the defenders of these explanations do not recognize or understand the particularity of the Soviet social environment.Just as in all society, people are restricted by the morality, social and economic environment they live.The Soviet citizen was raised by a government. Although the government could not fully meet the basic needs of the people, they generously rewarded their senior and loyal members of their leading political parties.Therefore, for survival, 274

288Many Soviet citizens of Russia were forced to find ways to defeat the system without being caught.Bringing officials to provide help, pay premiums to obtain the required goods or buy necessities from the market supplier.Black becomes a commonly acceptable approach. Generally, the population is necessary for survival.As a result, many Russian immigrants have received good education in this behavior.Lydia Rosel observed that many people from the Soviet Union to the United States coast believed that crimes [yes] were just ordinary behaviors.According to Rosier, some Russian immigrants are criminals. Out of the need, they manipulate the system to survive.They don't think they are criminals, even if they often violate the law.Others are professional criminals, and they have identified the crime of core Russia in the United States.Both types know how to avoid bureaucracy and customized government services to seek private interest.This is not to say that all Russian immigrants come to the United States for crimes or become criminals after arriving.However, it shows that the potential of crime should not be regarded as a professional criminal.General crimes, especially organizational crimes, have traditionally provided upward flow for immigrants in the United States.Migrants who turn to crimes often feel frustrated by the obstruction of other promotion paths.However, Russian immigrants are very different from early immigrant groups in their ability to succeed in using legal and illegal channels.Unlike farmers and non -skilled workers who immigrated to this country, Russian immigrants are generally born in cities. They have been educated well and have industrial and technical skills.Although there are language barriers, it has the skills to market the road, and it has not been excluded from the legal ladder that flows upward.In short, Russian immigration crimes did not get rid of the same cultural alienation and economic differences that other immigrant groups experienced.migrant.The crime of Russian immigration criminals is not like Irish, Italians, Jews, African Americans, Latin Americans, and recent Chinese and Vietnamese criminals.On the contrary, they participated in various fraud, scams and fraud, because these types of crimes depended more on their previous experience in the former Soviet Union.Unlike their criminal predecessors, Russian immigrants can enter the criminal world of this country without having to develop or learn.They can act almost immediately after arriving.One of the main challenges to crack down on the Russian Matrix is understanding the basic nature of the type of crime of Russian immigrants.Authorities' analysis of information shows that Russian immigrants have participated in various criminal activities, from simple theft to complex fraud and murder.Some of these crimes were committed by individual criminals; leading to some Indians engaged in organized criminal activities.As shown in the following example, Russian immigration crimes usually involve extensive plans within different personal networks.The most common type of crime of Russian immigrants is those crimes involving some form of deception.Many of these crimes, such as jewelry exchange, are simple scams implemented by low -level street criminals.Other crimes, such as insurance fraud, are much more complicated.In order to succeed, complex criminals require extensive coordination between criminals and penetration of legal economic fields.Consumption tax required.In the past ten years, these fraudctions have made the government's annual tax revenue of $ 1 billion.Most of the funds have been transferred to The Thing Nostra and its Russian immigration partners.Before 1982, New York State requested that individual gas stations were responsible for levying fuel tax.However, many gas stations sold their fuel and could not pay the prescribed taxes, and then the tax officials had no business before receiving tax arrears, or the company ownership was changed.After this approach, New York transferred taxation responsibilities from retail to wholesale.As the unscrupulous criminals quickly found the method of using new laws, tax revenue continued to lose.275

289Russia's national average Federal Federal Federation, State and gasoline sales tax is estimated to be 0.35 cents per gallon.The permitted fuel company began to purchase a large number of fuels and transferred it to a series of fictional wholesale companies through false sales.This creates the so -called chrysanthemum chain.The fuel has never been moved.The empty shell company only submits invoices to the government, together with the company's fraudulent duty -free form for buying and selling fuel.One of the fictitious companies on the chrysanthemum chain is a exhausted company, which is responsible for taxation on the surface, but in fact, it is closed without doing this.The tax personnel left a complex written record, resulting in dead end.In New Jersey, the most important car fuel tax fraud involves the sale of diesel fuel, and diesel is used to drive trucks and other vehicles diesel engines.The chemical composition of diesel fuel is almost the same as that of home heating oil.In the refinery, diesel and heating oil are specified as No. 2 fuel.When buying as a home heating oil, fuel does not need to pay taxes.However, when buying in the form of diesel, the state and federal car fuel consumption tax is required.Russian immigration criminals and other frauds have found various methods to use this.Tax evacuers usually purchase No. 2 fuel and sell them as diesel fuels to retailers, including state and federal taxes without paying taxes to the government.Sometimes the chrysanthemum chain is used for fraud, and the fuel is sold to various shell companies. All of or some of the shell companies will show a forgery invoice, indicating that the required taxes have been paid.At other times, scammers simply purchase tax -free heating oil and sell it as diesel.In any way, the chance of illegal income is excellent.In New Jersey, the total amount of diesel fuel sales is 41.9 cents per gallon.New Jersey has recently acknowledged that its car fuel tax law needs to be modified.Before July 1, 1992, state law requested wholesalers to levy consumption tax on automobile fuel.However, New Jersey's legislature made a change based on the suggestion of the New Jersey Investigation Commission in the public hearing meeting in the fall, which has now required diesel fuel retailers to collect taxes.The chrysanthemum chain scam not only caused the government to lose a lot of money, but also caused many legal fuel wholesalers and retailers to close.This is because the perpetrator of this fraud did not include all the unpaid federal and state taxes.Instead, these illegal profits are passed on to retailers participating in scams in a lower wholesale price.Legal fuel retailers cannot compete with lower prices provided by smuggles.The original creator of the self -considering chain fraud is Lawrence Iorizzo, a long island businessman.In the early 1980s, Iorizo began to sell duty -free vehicle fuels through its wholesale and retail business.In 1981, Iorizzo's company was threatened by a local mob. He contacted Michael Franzese, a member of the Colombo's criminal family for help.As the exchange of LA COSA Nostra, Iorizzo provided Franzese with a partnership to sell tax -free gasoline.While the development of IORIZZO/Franzesey partnership, Romanian Michael Markowitz runs its own chain shop in Brooklyn.In addition, some Russian immigrants have also carried out fuel fraud.When the Markowitz operation was reviewed by the authorities, Markowitz found that it is necessary to keep his network consistent with the Iorizzo/Franzese operation.In the end, all chain stores in New York (many of them involved Russian immigrants) were controlled by LA COSA Nostra. It supervised and operated like Carter, mediate disputes between members and misappropriated a certain percentage of profits.The fuel tax scam gradually expanded from the New York and New Jersey market to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, California, Georgia and Florida.In the past few years, the IRS, the Federal Investigation Agency, and the state agencies have carried out a series of joint investigations, focusing on the tax evasion behavior of motor vehicle fuel tax.These surveys have led to many Russian immigrants from the three states.In April 1993, the federal jury sued 15 individuals and two companies to participate in $ 15 million in tax fraud in Pennsylvania.In the same year, New Jersey also proposed similar allegations. The federal government sued six members of Russian immigrants and La Cosa Nostra in New York.Including 5 Russians émigrés was sued for $ 34 million in gasoline tax scams.276

290In 1995, the Russian Momplaid Party, 25 defendants, including 15 Russian immigrants, was accused of more than $ 140 million in fuel taxes in the federal prosecution submitted by New Jersey.Russian immigration criminals.In the mid -to -late 1980s, a group of Russian immigrants planned one of the largest medical insurance fraud in the United States in California.Under the conductor of Michael Smushkevich, the group set up a commitment to recruit patients with pseudo -medical clinics and mobile phone laboratories and recruit patients with free physical examination and diagnostic testing.Then, the organization submitted a fraudulent bill to the insurance company based on the forged medical reports and treatment forms, claiming that the clinic they provided was a medical service issued by the doctor.In 1991, the gang was deceived by Federal Agents by more than 50 million US dollars.The most impressive insurance scam is the huge scale.The gang has established more than 250 medical clinics and laboratories; dozens of doctors, technical personnel, administrative personnel and administrators were hired; thousands of claims were proposed, with a total of more than 1 billion US dollars;The empty shell company and foreign banks cleaned illegal income.The group is so shameless that when the claim is rejected, they usually follow different clinics names.In 1991, Smushkevich, his wife, brother and 10 others were charged with extortion, mail fraud and money laundering.Russian immigration insurance fraud plans are not limited to health insurance.In the early 1990s, a group of Russian immigrants in a group of Pennsylvania committed a insurance scam that made a car accident and submitted more than $ 1 million of false claims to multiple insurance companies.This scam was planned by Alexander Zaverukha. He and his business partner Victor Tsan owned a medical clinic in Barks County, Pennsylvania. Zaverukha recruited other Russian immigrants.Participated in the scams, and then created eight different traffic accidents, and brought the injured to his clinic, where they received the treatment that did not exist at all.Zaverukha, TSAN, and seven other people, including a doctor who worked at the clinic in 1995 by the Federal Jury in 1995.Government welfare plans, such as medical insurance and medical subsidy plans, have also become the goal of Russia's Memigré criminals.These plans have reported many frauds involved in submitting service bills or products they have never provided.The scope of submission from physical examination to ambulance transportation to purchasing medical equipment.In 1986, 13 Russian immigrants sold low -cost shoes by selling low -cost shoes to Medicare, and deceived thousands of dollars, and then charged MEDICare to buy expensive appliances. A Russian immigrant in Pennsylvania tried to deceive American food coupons in New Jersey.State Person, a grocery store with a grocery store Peter Binzki, purchased a fraud coupon worth $ 45,000 at a discount, and then deposited the coupon into his business check account.Cherepinsky is accused of this scam in the trust plan.Cities across the United States have also occurred in many incidents involving Russian immigration criminals to participate in various types of trust plans.In many cases, the victims of these plans are also Russians.Most plans are common scams, such as jewelry exchange, criminals propose to check or evaluate the jewelry of the victims, and then use cheap jewelry instead of authenticity during the inspection.According to the intelligence document of the Philadelphia Police Department, in 1981, the district city jewelry center suffered jewelry rash, which is said to have a group of scams made by a group of Russian immigrants.The most shocking scam involves $ 80,000 diamond theft, which is said to be replaced with diamonds similar to real gemstones.The victim later withdrew the complaint, the case was never prosecuted.The recent discovered scam emphasized the ability to identify and use the safety system of Russian immigration criminals.In September 1995, Bella Jakubovicz and Asya Drubich were sued by Brooklyn's federal jury, the crime was suspected of participating in the jewelry worth more than $ 35 million, the Manhattan jewelry manufacturer Ngi Precious Metals.The indictment stated, 277

291In the early 1980s, the Russian Mom Party Women from the Soviet Union to the United States would reach the work place before the company's metal detector sounded, stole bracelets and other jewelry, hidden them in the company's locker room, and then returned to the stolen items and were finally being stolen.Sold the fence in exchange for cash, and these cash deposit in various bank accounts in Switzerland.Although the NGI precious metal company was closed in 1990, due to the difficulties involved, the authorities could not collect the money from these two women until recently to obtain a Swiss bank record.Many Russian immigration trust plans are international.A popular plan is to arrange contract agreements between the US parties and the governments or private companies from the former Soviet Union.The contract involves a multi -million dollar to buy American goods or technology.Procurement is carried out from the representative of the American or American companies.In any case, a large part of the U.S. companies that are affected by Russian immigrants or influence are before production or delivery of products.Once the payment is paid, the company then defaults or disappears before fulfilling the contract, making foreign entities unable to buy and almost no pursuit.One of the investigations have recently led a group of Russian immigrants to be sued. They are allegedly stole more than $ 5.7 million from a charitable agency established from 24 Russian companies and a charity of the victims of the Celeno nuclear accident in 1986.In March 1996, LEV Breskin and Alexander Korogodsky in New Jersey and Yakov Portnov and George Yosifian in New York were the defendant's prosecution of conspiracy, telegram fraud and money laundering.The indictment stated that in January 1992, these people established a false wholesale company in Manhattan, and then participated in the trade exhibition held in Russia, where they met with customers who wanted to buy various American products, such as computers, medicines andCoffee, these things are not easy to buy in that country.These people require full payment before leaving.Buy, but promise to transport goods at a very low price.It is said that after receiving the money, the goods have never been sent to forgery and forgery. It is another kind of deceitful criminal behavior that Russian immigrants have always been active, and other types of identity documents.The survey shows that these products have established a good market in the Russian local community, and Russian immigrants are now providing their products to other criminals.Forgery credit cards usually involve the magnetic bar counterfeiter on the back, first obtain information from the legal credit card account by stealing legal credit cards, obtaining credit card receipts or copying accounts from dishonesty suppliers, and at the same time, at the same timeAppearing.The legal account information is encrypted to the magnetic bar on another card.This may be a stolen card, a card that has exceeded its credit limit, or a fake card made of forgery.The card was then used to buy a commodity crime from an unwilling supplier or a supplier that colluded with the supplier.When the supplier swipes the card through the magnetic reader, the legal account information encoded on the magnetic bar is transmitted to a credit card issuer.Without aware of the use of fake cards in the transaction, the card issuer authorized the purchase and goods to be recorded in the legal credit card holder's account.Although the issuing bank also transmits the account number of the deducted time when purchasing, even if the supplier is not part of the scam, the possibility of being caught by counterfeiters is very small.ATM rarely matches the account number transmitted by the issuing line with the account number on the credit card.As long as the card is authorized to purchase, most suppliers will only verify whether the card and the receipt signature match.In August 1989, four Russian immigrants were prosecuted for manufacturing, holding and sales of US $ 17 million fake coins and $ 4 million fake travel checks, and were later convicted.The fifth place is currently fled.These money and checks have been circulating in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Poland.Another case involves a group of Russian immigrants selling counterfeit credit cards.These credit cards printed in Israel, pressed flowers in the United States, and sold to Russian immigrants 278 in Byton

292Russian Momplaid Party Beach.Although the operation was successful for a while, it did not generate high -quality cards.For example, the visa card manufactured by the group shows the eagle holographic diagram instead of a visa pigeon, and the card contains wrong words, which are printed with wrong words.Reverse.The members of the group were arrested by the US Special Service Office in the applicable legal database. This was to determine the Israeli group printer, which was arrested by the Israeli police in the early 1990s.Credit needs to purchase more than $ 120,000 products in New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Illinois and California.After being arrested for the US Special Service in 1993, Semenov tried to cover up his true identity by changing the spelling, but the officials of the legislators could associate it with the credit card with other fraud events.Russian immigrants' criminals such as other violent crimes operating in triads such as violent crimes have used violence to promote their criminal activities or as a means of resolving disputes.Immigration of Russian criminals involved many murders, murder attempts, attacks and extort.In most cases, the police who investigated the incident could not witness the crimes.Victims often refuse to cooperate.Investigators collected information about more than 70 murders and murder attempts, involving Russians who involved Russian immigrants, because everyone suggested the victims, the author or two people participated in continuous criminal activities.Criminal activity of the victim.Known criminals and criminals who attacked them or those who ordered the attack had criminal relationships.In some cases, the information information obtained from the confidential source shows that due to the dispute between the two criminals or individuals, the victim was attacked by the attack gang or retaliated with the previous violence.Many homicide seemed to have planned, in some cases, the murderer or SC consultant was used to commit crimes.They often use interference to attack, bait or other crimes to obtain techniques for the victims, including automatic, semi -automatic and silent guns.Victims are usually shot at a short distance, usually in heads or chests or moving vehicles.Until death, it was found to be floating in Yangtou Bay in New York.Another rigid rigidity was found in the snow library in the rescue circle of Morris County, and the gunshot injury was found in various places of the dead body, which showed that he was the shooting of the victims of the victim.Russian immigration abduction and abduction of Russian immigrants who have succeeded in legal or illegal commerce are another practice in Russian criminals. The ransom target has been attacked until death, and after Ivankov's request and his associates have not been met.The two merchants agreed to be arrested with the US police after cooperating with the Blaton Beach. The Russian thief of Russian immigrants was the extortion of Alexander Levichitz (also known as Sasha Pinya) of Alexander Levichitz (also known as Sasha Pinya).The victim is a particularly violent Russian immigrant criminal.Discussing Pinya's infidelity based on the information provided to Pinya's girlfriend, this is a thief of the store.The names of other low -level criminals of Pinya provided by the store at the name of other low -level criminals at the Brighton Beach can successfully extort the money.In September 1993, Pinya was arrested and arrested Pinya's Office of Prosecutor's Office in the Safak County District.In March 1995, four Russian immigrants from Brooklyn threatened and physical violence, trying to extort 25,000 US dollars from Russian Auto Maintenance Studio, New Jersey.The four announced that they were guilty in May 1992, a group of Russian immigrants in Philadelphia sponsored the arrival of the old 279 women.

293The Russian Matrix and the Soviet Union, the independent national consortium will be hired as a servant.These women were later expelled and threatened, if they did not divide part of the weekly income to the sponsor.In other cases, Russian immigrants living in the United States were ransomed by abducted the victims and asked the victim's family for ransom or forced the victim to withdraw funds from the bank account or purchase exchange bills for the kidnappers.After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI), and the Drug Report reported that many new republics were used to transport Columbia Kakin to Western Europe.In 1993, the Russian authorities intercepted a batch of cocaine that weighed one ton in St. Petersburg, which was wrapped in canned corn -grained beef. It is believed to be the product of the cooperation agreement between Russia's criminal group and Columbia Carter.Russian immigrants also participated in drugs that Cart in Colombia Cart in the United States.In the late 1980s and the early 1990s, Russia immigrated to Vladimir Beigelman, which was well known that Brooklyn and Cali Cartel transported cocaine.On December 1, 1993, when Beigelman came down from a pickup truck in Queen's area, his face was shot dead.Witnesses call the murderer two Spanish.Evidence shows that Beigelman was prosecuted in 1992 that prosecutors in the South of New York were prosecuted for selling heroin and cocaine, including the Russian immigrants David Podro Gudelg and Alexander Moissev.24 people headed by four Russian immigrants were accused of making small bottles in factories in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.During the arrest, the authorities confiscated more than $ 1 million in cash, as well as multiple cars, stock investment portfolios and other property.In 1994, another indictment against Russian immigrants.In this prosecution, BORIS NAYFELD, Shalva Ukleba, Alexander Mikhailov, Simon Elishakov and Valery Krutiy were charged with Harloin Asia, which originated from the southeast.It also subsided in the United States through Poland.The disintegration of the Soviet Union and its transformation to the market economy have triggered a large number of currency trade activities between Russia and other former Soviet Unions to join the Republic of the United States and Western Europe.In the past few years, a large amount of influx of ruble funds converted into US dollars through their own and European financial institutions and aiments, and then returned to the bench.Worried about funds for supporting criminal organizations, terrorist organizations and drug trafficking groups, law enforcement officials are trying to determine how much in this activity is legal.There are some evidence that the activity is related to organized criminal activities.The Federal Investigation Bureau reports that a large part of these funds come from other criminal activities from fraud, theft, and CIS.In addition, many private banks that have risen throughout the Soviet Union and have traded many transactions through these banks have organized criminal institutions in Russia.In addition, in the past year, more than 30 people involved in the Russian banking system have been murdered.The Russian authorities believe that these incidents are the result of organizing criminal activities to control the banking industry.On the contrary, there is evidence that a large part of the increase in activities is legal.Many transactions involve Russian investment companies, financial institutions, and other companies engaged in international trade. These companies need to use US dollars and Germany to exchange currency for transactions.In addition, Russian companies seeking upgrade or expansion facilities are forced to deal with the United States and other Western countries due to Russia's lack of modern technology.These companies also use rubles to exchange US dollars and brands to buy equipment.It is difficult to determine which currency exchange is legal business and which are illegal money laundering plans.First of all, it is legal to transfer money from one account to another, unless it is illegal.Secondly, most currency exchange leaves the United States by banks before and after the entry of funds.This does track 280

294It is almost impossible for the Russian Misked Party to completely transfer funds.Finally, any crime related to transactions usually occurs in the country where the transfer is initiated.Therefore, even if the U.S. police can prove that funds are illegal, and tracking their path through financial institutions participating in the transaction may not be able to establish jurisdiction over crime.A case illustrates the high -tech sophistication of Russian criminals.In 1994, Vladimir Levin, who carried out business in St. Petersburg, Russia, stole a 10 million US dollar transfer system from Citi Bank through the electronic currency of Citibank.He was able to bypass the bank's security system and transfer the misappropriated funds to Finland, Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, Switzerland, and the United States.Other money laundering plans are not so complicated.Russian immigrants participating in fuel tax fraud use illegal income to buy vehicles in the United States, then shipped to the CIS and resold at a price of three to four times in the US retail price. At other times, the Russians only hide their money in their clothes or body cavity.In 1994, in 1994, Yuri Anatoliyevich Desyatov admitted to smuggling 1.2 million US dollars to the United States.Desyatov participated in ransom and arms purchases, and smuggled.Russian immigrants have also carried out various money laundering plans in hotels and casinos in Atlantic City.Casino operators said a considerable number of Russian immigrants often patronize casinos.Many of them are gamblers and are considered their favorite customers. Therefore, they have obtained the advantages of luxury cars, luxury hotel luxury goods, food and alcohol allowances, and major event seats.One of the plans observed by the various law enforcement agencies, including the US Special Service and the New Jersey Police, involves using or attempting to use fake currency and travel checks.Russian immigrant criminals use forgery currency below the federal currency transaction report threshold to obtain cash and/or play chips.In New York City and other financial centers, Russia's money laundering potential cannot be underestimated.At the recent hearing of the Bank of the House of Representatives, Edward W. Kelly, the president of the Federal Reserve Committee, estimated that nearly $ 500 billion per year passed the Bank of America.With the growth of international electronic banking business, these institutions are vulnerable to the influence of fraudulent transactions have become the most concerned on law enforcement departments in various places.Manipulating these institutions may seriously affect the country's economic stability.The staff of the crime project have almost no data on fraud transactions.Russian immigration crime.Although gambling gangs and prostitution do exist, they are mainly small -scale activities for Breaton Beach and other Russian communities.The project did not find any evidence that the Russian immigration criminal organization was carrying out activities that were widely carried out by activities to control these types of activities.However, the recent case of New Jersey revealed the willingness and ability to maximize profits by transporting criminals by transporting criminal activities.Earlier this year, the police in Beimen Richam investigated them as prostitution gangs, and he arrested several female dancers in a local GO-GO bar.One of the women was a Russian minor. Police later learned that she was an exotic dancer brought from Brooklyn and several other young Russian women.Massage homes work.A hired driver drove a dancer to and from New Jersey.Some people in law enforcement departments and media are easy to accept simplification and stereotypes on organizational crimes.This must have a crime for Russia. The situation is indeed the case. The application of terms such as Russian mobs is not strict.The description of other known criminal groups in Russian immigration criminals overlapped the ability to identify and solve real problems in law enforcement agencies.In Russia, criminals are usually divided into three main types: (1) Vory V Zakone; (2) young businessmen; and (3) authoritative thieves.Vory V Zakone is said to be a member of Vory V Zakone or thieves. It is the type closest to Ex-Soviet that must be made of LA COSA Nostra. Top Vory is depicted as a godfather-like character.Vory is the most complicated in 281

295Professional Russian Mafiya criminal.Their roots can usually be traced back to the Soviet prison system, and more specifically, they can be traced back to Standalin's Gurgeda prison network established in the 1930s.Most Vory spent most of his life in prison, and they claimed that they fully succumbed to crime life. They safeguarded their laws and rules and refused to have any implication or obligations with the legal world.According to Russian experts, the Welse Association is a very loose structure. There is almost no difference between members. Elite is only the first former Soviet Union in equality. It is estimated to have 600 Vory, of which about 200 are in Russia.Elite formed the Vory Politburo headquarters in Moscow to rule the criminal triad through its representative.Vyacheslav Ivankov is said to be one of the 200 Vory in Russia and may even be among the Supreme Leadership Group.Vory and La Cosa Nostra members have many common features: a set of rules, codes, nicknames, and their own dialects.They also have system disputes that mediate and solve problems.It is unclear whether there are any execution mechanisms to support the solution of these meditation.However, it is necessary to reiterate that Vory rules and behavior rules are mainly implemented in the closed environment of the Soviet prison system where they live.Among the three main types of Russian criminals, Vory closest to members of La Cosa Nostra.Therefore, it can be said that they constitute the biggest criminal threats that Russians are currently constituted in the United States.However, the existence of the threat of credibility depends on many factors. For example, how close the number of Vory people in the United States, the criminal leader and the Moscow headquarters, and how they successfully organize and control the Russian volume of many criminal companies in MoscowI entered the United States.The Federal Investigation Agency estimates that there are more than five VORY prison fences in the United States.As criminal activities are now located thousands of miles from Moscow, this control will become complicated.Some experts question the primary position of Vory, whether it is now or in the future.It is said that the traditional Vory's entry has been corroded by the title.If so, this will affect whether the internal discipline can be maintained.The experience of Vory criminals is also more likely to involve common crimes such as theft, robbery and extortion.More complicated crimes, such as international banking and commodity fraud, money laundering and strategic metal transactions, may exceed their scope of criminal experience.Vory is the most cunning criminal today, but in the long run, some experts believe that although the Welse still dominates the traditional criminal world of Russia, especially prisons and gangsters, it has inextricable connections with the government, but theyIt will soon dominate the social, economic and political structure of the former Soviet Union. Russia is currently very attractive to criminal activities.With the increase of the scale and complexity of these activities, these criminals are expected to seek international interests internationally.Young entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs regard crimes as a shortcut to get rich.These people are in their teens to thirty years old and before the disintegration of the Soviet Union, but for the sake of the Soviet Union, they have experienced the experience of the Soviet Union's black market and shadow economy.Some are college students or higher education graduates; some are in the army.There are almost no one (if so), there are seductive work prospects in the legal department.They formed a group to recruit Russian criminal organizations or move in their small groups.Unlike professionals, their criminal behavior is not very ingrained.They are the first generation of criminals, and their crimes are often opportunities to sin.Thieves, thieves, or AVTOORADA, appeared in the last decades of the Soviet Union, starting from the Brezhnev era.Some are part of the Communist Party and/or Soviet bureaucrats.They are part of the so -called Soviet Matrix.Some are deputy directors or former managers of factories and other commercial enterprises.Others operated cooperatives in Gorbachev, or members of national security and military institutions.Regardless of their background, almost everyone is well -educated and internationally connected.These gangsters bureaucratic business 282

296Former Soviet crime, capitalism, and the governments at the intersection of the government.They have knowledge, experience, sophisticated and connections to operate international banking plans and major commodity transactions.They are also the most suitable for human materials to engage in black market nuclear transactions.For these reasons, they are most likely to cause harm inside and outside the intelligence agency in the future.Our career and Russian immigrants criminals believe that the organizational structure of Russian immigration criminals has continued to carry out various criminal activities. It has been reported that there are currently three to five Russian criminal families in New York.Viacuslav Ivankov arrived in the United States by many evidence that many people were regarded as a Russian concentrated criminal organization.When he was arrested in 1995, Ivankov was labeled with "our headline", Capo Di Tutticapi, or the boss in the boss, was Russia's criminal event in the United States.The opposition point is that Russian immigration criminals do not have a clear organizational structure or hierarchical system.This view is that Russian criminals are individuals who do not follow strict authoritarian structures.On the contrary, according to an article published by "New York Daily News" (June 9, 1995), they are like liquid mercury on the counter, and they mainly work together in the form of personal experts or mobile groups.According to their review and evaluation of Russian immigration crimes, law enforcement officials believe that reality is between these two positions.In addition to Vory V Zakone, it is believed that the Russian immigration criminal organization is generally not like the La Cosa Nostra family.There is no evidence that a central committee supervises various Russian immigration criminal activities, and there is no evidence that some level groups are engaged in special criminal activities.Although Russian criminals show extreme tendency violence and corruption capabilities, except for fuel fraud operated by LA COSA Nostra's associates, they have not claimed monopoly power in any American criminal activity.Professional criminals and opportunists are currently characterized by Russian immigration crimes.In general, there are few personal loyalty based on the common race or cultural background at all, although some criminals are well known in the former Soviet Union.The most common network structure is usually a specialized expert group. They meet with specific criminal companies that are usually related to fraud.These experts form an opportunist association, sometimes based on the recommendation of other Russian criminals.After achieving the criminal goal, experts may split, or they may transfer to other criminal companies together.However, professional networks are not the only way for Russian immigrant criminals to organize themselves.Professional criminals who claim to have violence have formed a small criminal group for extortion or engaging in drug trafficking.These groups usually focus on one or more individuals who dominate, and the group constitution often changes.A way of comparing La Cosa Nostra and Russian immigration criminal organizations is to regard the former as a unique and defined criminal family structure, which is supported by criminal activities.This structure is continuous, and crimes are used to achieve their goals and maintain their strength and vitality.However, the Russians build a floating structure when necessary, allowing them to implement specific crimes.The chance of crime is first, and the necessary structure is to continue to use those opportunities to continue.Generally speaking, La Cosa Nostra is structural orientation; members use criminal activities to support the structure.Russian immigrant criminals are commercially guided; they use structure to support their criminal activities.The difference between destruction ability is that other crimes between organizational crimes and all crimes lies in their ability to cause damage.Therefore, evaluating the potential damage of Russian immigrants is essential to understand Russia's criminal threat.Damage occurs in many ways: economy, body, psychology and society.Economic losses include money loss victims, injustice of criminals, and adverse effects on the market.Physical damage refers to the use of violence to achieve and maintain monopoly control over criminal companies.Psychological damage involves creating fear and intimidation atmosphere, and cognitive concerns that can be avoided by the crime network 283

297Law Enforcement Russian Momplaid Party.Social harm is the destruction of the system, the compromise of the political process, and the corruption of law enforcement and other institutions.The fuel tax scam shows the greatest damage caused by organizational crimes.First of all, economic damage is due to the reserved tax owed by the conspirator and selling discount fuels to automobile fuel retailers.This makes retailers who buy products from the same conspirators emphasizing their competitors, increasing their profits and gaining greater market share.The price advantages enjoyed by these retailers have undergone the competition of the retail market over time.In this way, plunder pricing will disturb the entire distribution system.Second, it causes physical damage.Car fuel smuggler Carter executes Carter's rules by threats and violence.Third, psychological when retailers are intimidated to purchase car fuels that have not been treated without Carter, they will cause damage.Finally, if Carter's power continues to grow and accumulate wealth, it will cause social damage.This may eventually consolidate their status and political structure through corruption of established institutions.The ability to cause damage depends on the scale, scope, and complexity of the criminal network involved, especially its continuity.When a criminal organization tries to monopolize the specific fields of the market and uses violence and corruption to achieve criminal goals.Monopoly power is like a market monopoly desire exists in the legal market, so it also exists in the illegal market and optimizes wealth and power for the same reason.Monopoly of power is achieved by forced and preventing competition.This is the advantages of obtaining relative to competitors through the threat and use of force and violence, and through other criminal activities, such as the ability to cover up the facts.Market monopoly allows the accumulation of wealth and power, and then can be used to corrupt laws and politics in turn and further consolidate the criminal organizations that they are positioned in the market.This is the essence of organizational crime.It is the worst and most hidden form caused by organizational crimes.COSA Nostra monopolized many different fields.Over the past few decades, the country's law enforcement agencies have been striving to eliminate the impact of LA COSA Nostros on these regions.In contrast, Russian immigrant criminals have not yet established monopoly control on any criminal activity in the United States.Although Russian immigrants were one of the earliest people who participated in mobile vehicle fuel tax fraud, they did not achieve monopoly control over this activity until members of La Cosa Nostra participated.Inspeal witnesses are also one of the signs of organizational crime.It is systemic and functional because it promotes the interests of criminal organizations.COSA Nostra uses violence as a tool for calculating commercial interests to implement intermediary protocols and organizational markets.On the other hand, the criminal violence of Russian immigrants seems to be a planned and temporary mixture.Russian immigrants have shown the willingness to use violence to achieve their criminal goals.Russian immigrants have occurred many attempts to murder and murder in Russia.Many of the problems in distressed areas have not been resolved.However, in general, these crimes do not seem to be systemic, nor designed to protect any specific criminal enterprises; on the contrary, they seem to be greedy or personal revenge.For example, in 1995, Monya Eson and an organization called Monya Squad were sued by the Federal Jury. In addition to other crimes, they also committed three murder and attempted murder.According to reports, this violence stems from Elson's desire for recognition and status.Two of the victims were attacked by Elson because he was jealous of their position in the crime.There are also many extortion of extortion of Russian immigrants in the region.Many of them are implemented by law enforcers and criminals. They specialize in extorting Breaton Beach and Russian companies in other places. Who pays?Although there may be disputes between some ransom victims between individuals or groups, most ransomware seems to be opportunism, rather than systematic methods to obtain power or control.Russia's violence is different from the significance of street gangs.Russian exile criminal seems to be very careful when choosing victims and avoiding damage to Inno-284

298Mafiya Center's Russian audience.In addition, several Russian exiles murdered and assassinated attempts to establish hegemony in all areas of the market, such as smuggling automobile fuel business or settlement between criminal groups.However, there is a view that some of the law enforcement agencies believe that the violent reputation of the Russians exceeds the degree of actual use of violence, at least in the United States.Just as the drug market in the United States, most of the violence of Russian immigrants attributed to the use of non -regulatory competition to use corruption in their criminal companies.Russian immigration criminals threatened more of the use of corruption as a means of further criminal activity than actual harm.La Cosa Nostra uses corruption to facilitate the criminal activities, eliminate competition, and get a foothold in the market.At present, Russian immigrants in the United States have not trained appropriate political connections to imitate LA COSA Nostra.Perhaps they do not think that it is necessary to maintain corruption for more criminal purposes.However, if the trend is reversed, Russian immigrants have the ability to corrupt.They are the products of a system of bribe politicians and government officials. Under this system, corruption is a lifestyle.At the same time, the problems facing American law enforcement agencies that cooperate with these countries in the former Soviet Republic government in the former Soviet Republican government.For example, it is risky to determine whether there is a criminal record in the United States or whether there is a criminal record or whether it is currently joining the Republic of the former Soviet Union, because the goal may be informed of the investigation.The U.S. Immigration and Retainable Administration said it is generally impossible to find whether the US visa applicant from one of the former Soviet Republic has a criminal record.Through these and other ways, the corruption of the former Soviet Union can promote the Russian immigration crime of the United States.Russian immigration criminals are the threat of the serious and continuous development of US crimes.Russian immigration criminals currently do not have organizational ability or destructive power, and cannot prove that this threat is as serious as the Carter drug gang of South America or Costa Costa Nostra.However, in view of the complexity of their criminal activities and the extensive planning and coordination of these activities, immigration threats may be only a matter of time.The Russian immigration group lacks the structure and persistence of other criminal groups.On the contrary, which roles of Russian immigration criminal group are not clearly defined, and the relationship between members is not as seamless as other criminal organizations.In addition, in addition to car fuel tax fraud, Russian immigrant criminals do not use or try to use violence and corruption to achieve monopoly power or organize their markets.Russian immigration crimes were committed by personal opportunist or temporary criminal group.Despite these differences, Russian immigrants criminals may be more successful than other countries and more successful criminal groups in this country.Although in the past, maintaining a permanent and continuous organization was proven to be very favorable in the crime world, it also partially led to the decline of many criminal groups.It is this structure that makes criminal organizations possible. For example, La Cosa Nostra, despite losing one or more members, continues to survive, and also provides a window that can attack the organization.Therefore, although evidence has shown that some Russian immigrant criminals have begun to develop more structured hierarchical organizations. At present, the lack of structures within exile criminal groups, under any circumstances, the Russian exile criminals in the United States have brought huge problems to law enforcement agencies.Generally speaking, they are smarter and older than most criminals.They are full of rare business minds in organized criminal groups.Russian immigrant criminals who have trained under the dark market economy and the shadow of the former Soviet Union are good at discovering the weakness of law, business and financial systems and using these weaknesses 285

299The weaknesses of the Russian Mom Party brought to their economic interests.The evolution of Russian immigration crimes will be constrained by the social environment operated by criminal groups.Consumers' needs of consumers and services of private goods and services, their ability to expand, and their attention, will be dedicated to the ability of police and other criminal organizations to affect the internal growth of Russian immigration crimes.The task of US law is to shape the social environment and cause obstacles to prevent Russian criminals from developing more damage.It is also realized that Russia may have organized crime issues that may have nothing to do with Russian immigrants, not common inheritance; however, it may cause serious damage in the United States.At present, in the CEI, there are many organizers, showing great capabilities.These organizations have obtained and maintained their monopoly control for businessmen, reporters and government staff and legal violence, and participated in large -scale corruption to promote their criminal activities.It has hindered the comprehensive participation of the Soviet global economy, and the convenience of travel and improved global communication will continue to expand international business, law and illegal obstacles.To promote their political power and wealth, their business/criminal activities will continue to expand internationally.The evidence of the chief executives and the flood of money laundering between the CEO and the United States show that this expansion is already ongoing.The task of US police officers is to offset these threatening Russian crimes.The application of federal law must bear the main responsibility of offset international threats to organize crimes.Fruit juice, these efforts can prevent the Russian Mom Party from becoming Nostro in the 21st century.; Mark-wigitz, michael; Mikhailov, Sergei; Michailov, Yevgeni; Zapinakmine, Oleg; Zilbersteyn, vladimir.The University of Rogers.Suwei Sanzhou Organic Crime Project is available online: Visit November 24th, visit

300SA, Khun's period between the world and the Second World War, Charles Darby Sabini led the Sabini gang.A group of judges, politicians and major police officers at his salary high.The muscles imported in Sicily have to deal with grass disputes when they cannot recruit.In terms of establishing international connections, real English participates in horse racing, especially in southern England.At the end of World War II, Sabini influenced on June 16, 1994, Servet Ipek in Germany.It is Sirri Sakik, DEP (Turkish Turkish Democratic Party) DEP (Turkish Democratic Party) and Semdin Sakik, until GUERRILLAS, recently in Tunceli, until the recent PKK (PARTIYA Karkaren Kurdistan or Kurdistan) Workers), until it is recently considered to be considered to be considered to be. Tunceli and TuncelGuerrillas, two political leaders of the Kurdish International Committee.In Germany, the first two of the primitive Idriss Sakikis is responsible for wholesale hero sales.In Turkey, the Sakician clan is famous for its Pro-PKK armedism.In 1993, Sakik was killed by the Turkish elite forces.Semdinsakik was arrested in April 1998, but suffered severe kidney problems.It was announced that he was armed betrayal and was sentenced to death in 2002.Essence; KONUKLU-AY clan; Kurdish criminal family and Kurdish worker party; clan, Metehan Demir.sakik, in intensive care.Turkish daily life.On July 15, the reform of the European Union will be brought.Türkiye is promoted daily.

301Salazar-Lizquierdo, Diego Fernando Download on July 15th, Salazar-lizquierdo, Diego Fernando (also known as Zorro) see the fox hunting operation.Salcido Uzeta, Manuel (also known as El Cochiloco, Crazy Pig)) well -known Sanroya drug dealer Manuel Salcido Uzeta lives in Kuliakan, the capital of Sinao, Sina, Mexico.During the post -war, Sinaroa drug dealers were undoubtedly the most important in the country.They started from opium smuggling, and then continued to go to marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine. According to the lawsuit, the famous Mexican scholar and reporter LUIS Astroga wrote on the problem of drug trafficking.Mexico drugs: the first comprehensive evaluation.In the 1970s, Pedro (Pedro) Avilés, Manuel Salcido Uzeta, especially Miguel Angel Félix Gallardo, is the most common name.ASTROG pointed out that the authorities seized more than 875 tons of cocaine and marijuana, and intercepted more than 671 kg of opium. Among all these cases, the information and tissue names of the drug were not disclosed.Hector Salinas Guerra, a key witnesses of a major trial in Macararon, a Dharknas, Mexican cannabis drug trafficking organization, which was abducted by a member of the organization with a gun at the business location of Macarlan, Texas.On July 22, 1997, people discovered his body on a open space in Renaosa, Tarlipa, Mexico. His body was tortured.In the test, on July 25, 1997, the jury in Macararon, Texas made a judgment of seven defendants in the case.The violence of drug trafficking in the US -Mexico border and the threat to the United States and Mexican law enforcement officials, but also threatened to cooperate sources and witnesses.Thomas A. Constantine.Dea Congress testimony.American Anti -Drug Administration.Provide online.URL: CT HTM.Downloaded on July 28th, Santa Cruz Londono, José José Santa Cruz Londono, the third party of TriUmvete Rule of Cali Cartel, and led the organization with Gilberto and Miguel Angeel Rodríguez Orejula.The record shows that the two people are known to be arrested Santa Cruz Londono. The first time was in 1976. At that time, he took a US passport to New York to Costa Rica. The second was in 1977. At that time, he was arrested by the New York City police in Queens of New York.Weapon charges.No jail.Santa Cruz London has been a fugitive of the Drugs (DEA) since April 1980, and has been accused of four times in the United States, including in the cornerstone operation of Miami.Santa Cruz London's cocaine distribution business and money laundering activities are concentrated in the New York Metropolitan area.In 1992, DEA seized two cocaine transformation laboratories in Brooklyn, New York, which was directly related to St. Cruise London.He is considered one of the most violent members of the Kali Mattivore. It is a distribution expert, production, and money laundering in the world.The Kali Malf Party is responsible for the 80%of the world's Cocyin supply, and it is estimated that the annual income is $ 7 billion.Financial records show that San Cruise London's net assets during the heyday of Carter were billions of dollars.Santa Cruz London is not one of the major drug dealers in the world; since the Santa Cruz organization is mainly in the United States in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Las Vegas and Chicago.DEA's investigation also associates the money laundering activities of drug money in many cities in many cities in Europe and the United States.In addition to drug trafficking, St. Cruise was wanted Betancur because of the murder of Anti Ouyia (Colombia) before 1989, and was related to murdering reporter Manuel de Dios UNANUE in New York in 1992.288

302SASAKAWA, Ryoichi Santa Cruz Londono was arrested by the Columbia National Police at 8:00 pm on July 4, but the main leaders of the Mandarin Party, such as San Cruise London, Soon and Rodriguez Eric, mustAccording to its evil criminal criminal behavior, it is prosecuted and punished, and it cannot be allowed to manage its actions from prison.arrest.Last night, Santa Cruz London, Santa Cruz London, Posa, Colombia, was another paralyzed coup in the Carli Mattivator.Last month, Gilbertorodríguez-ORJUELA was arrested. This Columbia National Police's actions showed that the Kali's black party was not invincible.Please also see: Cari of Cali; Miguel and Victor's Mejía-Munerra;JosésantaCruz-Londono) Kali Mattrop leader.Santapaola (Santapaola), Benedetto Nitto Benedetto Santapaola is a black -handed party.Toto RIINA is one of the most powerful Italian Misquare Party in the past 40 years. It has been faithfully serving in three times and thirty years since 1970, but Nitto has only five months.EssenceIt was due to the establishment of a working relationship with the Columbia poster, which led to the emergence of the superb party family in the 1990s.The foundation of criminal judicial policy (news introduction in June 1999) also involved in Santapaola, describing it as an author of intellectuals participating in international drug trafficking, including the recent efforts of establishing a global alliance with the Columbia Kakin poster. It is said that the alliance involves Columbians as Colombians.Killing Columbians were slaughtered in Colombians.EssenceThis is a key connection with the control and management of preferential and public contracts with economic activities.This is a fatal blow in continuous operations after prison.Please refer to: see: Aglieri, PIETRO; Bargarella; Bargarella, Leoluca, Leoluca; Sudca.International drug trafficking and murderer David confirmed that SARTI and two other armed staff killed the president of John F. Kennedy in Sarti, who was the Koso Mom PartyPart of the part.He was also killed by the Mexican police:; France contacted, El.sasakawa, Ryoichi Ryoichi Sasakawa was a political repairman, an expert of coercion and extortion.In Japanese politics, Ryoichi is closely related to Yakuza of his time.Contemporary Ryoichioichi Kodama Yoshioichi Kodama As Yoshio Kodama As Yoshio Kodama is Sasakawa's Racing Association (SASAKAWA) most of the time with Yakuz with Yakuz, A high roll becomes richer when spent together.

303As a political fixed, SASAKAWA, as a political fixed, replaced Yakuza's money with political power and reputation. At the same time, this period of reporter Michael McDonagh was in the "Tokyo Magazine)."TOKYO JOURNAL" Sasakowa Ryoichi "(Sasakowa Ryoichi" greeted him, he led Sasakowa Ryoichi. After the war, he led the post -war.After the war, the production game ball racket became the world's richest fascist, and managed the SASAKAWA Peace Foundation named SASAKAWA, called SASAKAWA.In addition,: Kodama, YOSHIO .s Michael McDonagh.Say the ghost of the death war.Today in Tokyo Daily.Url: July 15th, Suta, Guru Guru satellite is the infamous gangsters of Mumbai, India and from drug distribution and extorting.It is famous for winning most of his money.EssenceThe name is to threaten Indian film stars and try to extort the name of the Indian film industry.dey.The tremor from the underworld and Chota Rajangang.Indianexpress NewSpapers (bombay) LTD.EninlineonLine.url:'s.He was arrested 1.6 kilograms of heroin in Fan Province and accused.In September 1989, Police on Istanbul found nearly 40 kilograms of heroin in a car.It was arrested in Fan (VAN) in September 1991 and participated in the Armed Force Karkaren Kurdistan (or the Kurdeistan Workers).The revolutionary tax income of the Kurdish workers has a total of 30 million Turkish seven -leaf grass.In October 1992, he was arrested in Izmir, when he hid 81 kg of heroin on a flower boat and tied to Italy.Turkey's terrorist organization, separate terrorist organization Kadek and drug trafficking: drug/traffic.Html.Published on June 30, John Serpico, John Serpico and Maria Busillo have a significant impact on their operations and financial problems., But sometimes there are about 20,000 workers; three welfare programs related to employees related to CSJB; International Workers' Alliances; in the news and production allies (IUANPW), sometimes about 30,000 members, and merged with CSJB in 1995 in 1995, merged with CSJB in 1995, merged with CSJB in 1995. CSJB merged with CSJB in 290

304Serpico, John Ment claimed that the CSJB entity did not regularly hold controversial elections, and Serpico and Busillo selected or controlled the choice of unjust candidates.The separate attachment lists the local unions of CSJB members, and the position of Serpico and Busillo, Busillo, has been held with CSJB, local members, and welfare and pension plans.In addition, Serpico is the president of the international port area of Illinois. The appointment position has nothing to do with the position of the prosecutor, and Cataldo is the port area.Gilbert Cataldo was accused of conspiring 333,850 US dollars for a conspiracy with Serpico in exchange for 650 provided by the pension plan controlled by Selpieko to a hotel in a hotel in Shangpene, Illinois.Wan dollar loan commitment.Busko and Busillo was charged with a charges of extortion, conspiring extortion, bank fraud, and false statements in bank applications.In addition, Serpico was accused of seven email fraud, Busillo was accused of having two email fraud, and Cataldo was charged with three email fraud.From May 1979 to 1991, Serpico and Busillo recruited and accepted banks (including Chicago Gryston-Nowood Bank and former Congress Bank and trust banks) with more preferential conditions).And corporate loans, thereby scamming CSJB entities.Loans provided by banks with similar financial qualifications are more favorable to exchange for physical CSJB deposits in these banks and maintain a lot of funds.From July 1989 to April 1991, Serpico deceived the pension plan of the Midwest, CSJB employee pension plan, IUANPW requirements and obtained considerable returns in exchange for the impact on these entities to provide speculative mortgage loans. Initially,It is $ 6.5 million to build a hotel at the South Comprehensive Building of the Southern Comprehensive Building of Shangpen, Illinois.In 1990, Serpico led about $ 100,000 cash bribes to Busillo to help her buy a $ 900,000 house at Glenview.From August to December 1990, BUSILLO and Serpico scammed Banco Capitolio through false statements, and obtained a loan of $ 800,000 from Busillo to purchase GlenView houses.They lied that the purchase price was $ 800,000, and it was actually $ 900,000, and concealed the number of US $ 100,000 cash as the purchase price that has never been disclosed to the bank as the purchase price.Buy.In May 1988, Serpico and Busillo engaged in a series of illegal financial transactions, including funds with more than $ 10,000 of money laundering and other transactions with more than $ 10,000.Regarding preferential loans, prosecutors said that special terms, Serpico and Busillo, the conditions requested and received from the bank include: the loan is not mortgaged; the loan is not fully insured in accordance with the loan policy;Pay interest; they are used to pay 100% of the real estate purchase price or the cost of corporate startup; temporary payment of construction loans is carried out without permanent financing; the amortization period of principal payment is longer than usual, reducing monthly payment; They are used to pay interest on existing loans; they provide commercial development loans and directors have little experience or experience in such enterprises; and they will reduce and exempt us from usual fees and fees.The indictment lists several suspected corruption loans: A May 1979, Gladstone-Norwood Bank provided a loan of about $ 210,000 to Serpico to purchase 59 apartment buildings located at No. 3708, North Shefield, Chicago; 1986 8. At 886On the month, Capitol Bank provided about $ 240,000 loans to busillo and his relatives, which is equivalent to 100%of the purchase price of the Six -Units Apartment Building of Chicago North Mobil 3158; in January 1987, Westmont Congress Bank provided about 125,000 to BusilloThe US dollar loan is used to re -financing the mortgage loans located in Marka, Florida; in May 1987 and September 1987, from Capitol Bank to the company Studio Network, Inc., the company owned by Serpico and Individual A, thenProvide about $ 150,000 and $ 1.8 million to provide financing related to the 1058 West Washington. Chicago; Capitol Bank provides a loan of about $ 195,000 to Serpico and Personal B. The price is 291

305Shakel, Chhota In November 1988, it provided start -financing for Protective Service Systems, Inc., including 100%of the purchase price of illegal foreigners detained by the US immigration bureau; the total loan was about 5 in 1989.5 in 1989 5th 5th 5th in 1989 5. 5 in 1989 5. 5 in 1989 5. 5 in 1989 5. 5 in 1989 5th 5th in 1989 5. 5 in 1989 5th 5th in 1989 5th 5th 5th in 1989 5th 5th in 1989 5th 5th 5th in 1989 5From the month to December 1990, Capitol Bank provided $ 1.4 million to Serpico and two partners, Gilbert Cataldo and INDIVIDUAL C to provide 100% financing for building a building at 1101 Sitler Street, Chicago; from CapitolIn June 1989, BANK provided loans to Busillo and Personal D for the purchase of real estate in Chicago South Lisin. The property used to be used as a fuel bank for a bus; in December 1989, to Capitol Bank,The total amount was about 540,000 US dollars in June 1990, and a nine -units apartment building was built on 702, South Leitel Street, Chicago.In November 1996, Capitol Bank was fined $ 800,000, and the bank had previously acknowledged the implementation of the shared with employee welfare plan.In addition, Capitol Bank's controlling shareholder was ready to sell its rights and interests at the bank holding company.Regarding the bribes of hotel companies, the indictment stated that SaPico affected the Midwest Pension Plan. At that time, the plan's assets were about $ 39,000, as a loan principal of $ 6.5 million mortgage loan, as well as the CSJB personal pension plan and IUANPW each person per person perEveryone in individuals, each of each of them, everyone.To buy a $ 1 million loan interest, when their assets were $ 4 million and $ 3 million, their assets were $ 4 and $ 3 million, respectively.The prosecution charges the following extra details related to bribery with 333,850 US dollars: On April 27, 1990, 51 Associates Limited Partnership, a partnership involved in company A's development hotel, issued a check of $ 133,850 to Taylor West and Company, a onePeople, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, a consulting company that develops business in the name of Cataldo.Payment of construction supervision services that Cataldo or Taylor West never provided.On June 11, 1990, 51 Associates issued a $ 100,000 check to the Taylor West to pay for construction and engineering services that are said to have never provided CATALDO and Taylor West.Cataldo deposits a check in the Taylor West Bank account and uses some funds to pay the Cicero real estate development costs collaborated by Cataldo and Serpico.From May 9th to July 24th, 1990, Cataldo received $ 126,000 in cash withdrawal, with a total amount of less than $ 10,000.Serpico handed the $ 100,000 of the money to Busillo, and Busillo paid the money to buy a GlenView residence in August 1990.When purchasing this house, Serpico provided advice to Busillo to help her on April 15, 1991, 51 Associates issued another $ 100,000 check to Taylor West. It is said that it is said to be used for construction and consulting services. It is saidThrough these services.Before the President ’s Criminal Crime Commission in 1985, Matt wrote OR Connor in the Chicago Forum on July 17, 2001. Serpico acknowledged the friendship with the virtual Chicago gangster, including the former boss Joseph EpepaJoseph Feriola, Joseph Feriola and Onest Rocco Infelice.But Serpico insisted that they were just friends as childhood.Serpico was convicted for six of the 11 crimes, and his associates were convicted in July for various crimes S Matt O Connor.The person in charge of the former laboratory was guilty in the fraud case.The Chicago Tribunal, 17 July, the former union owner, Serpico, and the deposit loan plan was guilty.Chicago Tribunal, July 16th, Shakel, Chhota (also known as Shakeel Ahmad Babu), the infamous Indian secondary mainland black hand Dawood Ibrahim, Chhota Shakeel is one of the most exciting organizers in the world.Shakel met Ibrahim on the street in Mumbai (Mumbai) in his twenties.Since then, the two have become the most powerful criminal figures in the region.They rely on a group of international and diversified partners to provide violence and direct pressure to let them choose the victims.Whether it's gambling, movies, real estate, or anything else, Ibrahim and Shakill have gained what they want, and it is mercilessly efficient .292

306Alberto Shakel (Sicily-Falcon) organized the second powerful murder of the region. This is also a jury of Dawood Ibrahim.The enemy.We soldiers in four or five Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Thailand, India, Dubai, Dubai, Dubai, and our soldiers have our soldiers everywhere ... I have conducted many interviews on the Indian media.The Indian media became a hero, Shakel told Rediff's Sheel Bhatt.Before joining us, it was not anyone., Former Ibrahim colleague.The shooting occurred, and Layan tried to jump into a safe place from the window on the second floor.In autumn, his back was seriously injured.The man in Schor shot him from the window.The hospital also believed his nine guards and then caught him in a significant leak.I tried Schor's life.I was seriously injured, but survived.Ibrahim sweed revenge.Essence2,2002).Drugs from the Shanlian Army (DEA) and the Thai police. In 1995, the king of the United Shan Army (SUA) and its infamous leaders, fugitives and fugitives, and drug CHI Chi FU achieved great success (also known as KHun Sa)EssenceIn December 1994, and continued in 1995, in an unprecedented operation called Tiger Trap, DEA's agent and Thai military and police elements arrested 11 KHUN SA Key Associations, from the Thai border area/Midon eveningThe headquarters of the Philadelphia Police Department is about 3.6 million US dollars per week.Sometimes it is an employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).SICILIA-FALCON is also another friend of a famous freelancer from CIA. From CIA, the famous Mexican Bullonin Santos (Gaston Santos. Drug agents acknowledge the drug and weapon operation of the Central Intelligence Agency aims to destroy LatinStability of the country.

307Mexican officials, Georgiy, Mexico, Sidropululo, was subsequently identified as the most important source of Mexico and Central America.Sidropulo sitting on his jaw, chest and shoulders three times, chest and shoulders sitting in front of Brighton's beach, Brooklyn, October 20, 1993.These shots were taken from the truck.Russia.Studies in New Jersey, New York has organized criminal work team, New York State Investigation Commission, Pennsylvania Criminal Committee, University of Rogers.Abduction, kidnapping, ransom and multiple murders, including murdering Ballatbul, Jai Prakash.He also smuggled cars and weapons.In more than 40 cases in India, he sought more than 40 cases.In 1997, he escaped from the Rajastan Police Station from Rajastan, and the authorities sought him.On January 18, but in Dehli on March 26, two observer Chander Shoba (alias Pappu) and Hari OM, they saw the police arrive and warned Singh to arrest attempts.Dinehgujjar and Subhash went to the house and used the AK-56 rifle.Military associates were killed.There are at least 43 murders across the country, and most of them have happened because most of their murder victims are members of a few groups: Spanish, black and Asians.Some deaths are caused by the violent incident of bread plates, and some deaths have killed other gang members.Thousands of other crimes were also committed: balls, stabbing, shooting, robbery, blasphemy of the Jewish Church and other forms of confusion and intimidation.In recent years, the number of bald heads of this country is still static and still static, between 2,500 to 3,500 members of 40 states., Including Ku Klux Klan and other old series of hatred groups, such as Arias Nations, The Creator Church, and Tom Metzgerrestencia Aryan White.They also started using the Internet to recruit young people and spread their new Nazi propaganda in ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania. They were captured and they were captured in a bald shot in Dallas. They were armed in the assault rifle, onePut A shotgun and a projectile gun.Ventura in California, although he and a white woman sitting on the dock, despite her static figures, the tendency to issue a certificate of light must be a priority of legal and communities nationwide.The arrest and imprisonment many primitives in the past decade, the bald hair involving violent incidents indicates the validity of the police 294

308Sonora posters in Sonora's violence in Sonora suppressed it and disappeared in certain communities.Re -improved with the permission of the anti -defamation alliance.Slave prisons saw population trafficking.EFRIM OSTROVSky murder.In 1992, and his elastic luxury sedan in Queens of New York.The motivation against OSTROVSky is still unknown.A few months later, Slepinin himself was the goal.In 1992, he shot many times on the head and back and killed him.Jersey County, the organization of the New York Organization Crime Working Group, the New York State Investigation Commission, the Pennsylvania Criminal Committee, the University of Rogers., Jerome, a criminal in Philadelphia, testified in the court and aimed at Nicodemo Scarfo and SCARFO partners.: Russia's's investigation of New Jersey, New Jersey, New York has organized criminal work group, New York's organizational criminal work group, New Jersey Investigation Commission, New Jersey New Jersey York, Pennsylvania Criminal Committee, Roger University.Or the three -in -meeting operation in Macau.The other is 14K.The Soviet Fang said the water room.According to the "China Morning Post" report, in an article entitled "The Gangster who forgot the Rules", Hallard Bruceon wrote, and some of the criminals believe that this is the local branch.Among the area WO in the Social Enterprise Group, other Macau SSOLO believes that it is an indigenous three -in -law, which is obviously created by the local gangster of the Macau peripheral islands in the 1930s.The name of the water can refer to the water carriers used in Macau in Macau many years ago. The gang can be used to transport goods and money, or pass through water airlines, but how much they are, they are gang members.Before the attack, he confiscated the police's mobile phone because he was afraid to refuse the gangster.Migel was arrested in 1992, and the US and the Mexican government cooperated in bilateral prosecutions. When Migel could use a combination of threats and bribery, this effort was frustrated. Since then, he has been free to operate freely.EssenceThe expensive organizations are mainly engaged in marijuana crops, production and distribution, which is an important cash culture of the Mexican drug group.Although it specializes in the planting and distribution of marijuana, for example, other major 295

309Speer, Mexico, a Klaus drug organization, has a political nature.It also transports and distributes cocaine and methylbhenyate.Caro-Quinero (Caro-Quinero) drug transport marijuana and cocaine from Sonora from the north to Sonora (Sonora. Repeated information shows that various municipalities in Mexico, state and federal officials have bribed expensive leather.The organization can enter the airport of the entire Sonora vast desert. Once anesthesia is stored in North Sonoala, the organization, the organization, uses the background of horses and human beings to steal more every month on the desolate part of the international border per month.Room, which covers the 23rd Volume 23 of San Luis Rio, Sonora and Arizona, in 1997, in 1997, a shot of the entry port of Nogales, Mexico,The incident contains a box of $ 123,000. A companion appeared, joined the passengers, and they grabbed the box together and ran away. The subject was subject and was taken to the Mexican Customs Office for processing. About 20 minutes later, eight, eight places later, eight places laterGunners, equipped with AK47 rifles, armed gunners, and 9 mm and 45 -caliber guns, reached the customs office, the shooting occurred. On July 31, 1997, one of the direct relatives of Miguel was being one of the direct relatives of Miguel.It is determined to be the ultimate destination of the Mexican Gulf Coast to the United States. According to the organizational German expert Klaus Von Von Von Lampe, he can reach a series of legal business. He has become the owner of the gym, and he alsoHe was promoted to boxers and boxing competitions. Although his lawyer and his former prisoners showed severe defense, the game has illegal weapons and corruption (condemned by terrorist positions), although there are illegal weapons and corruption, Hoster· Horst Mahler, he was sentenced. The biggest blow was to bring Bernardo Provezano (Bernardo, which was hidden in the past 40 years, Mafia Don)The biggest blow. He is the cruel and murderer of his godfather, and a trustworthy consultant and confidante. Through the talent of people like Spera, Provencano has restored the Corolian clan.After the terrorist movement was obtained and maintained the control of the Sicily's underworld, the Promencano case was the church of the Promencano cases who voted to kill the judge Giovanni Falcon and Paolo Borsellino,. 296

310SPILOTRO, Anthony also see: Aglieri, PIETRO; Bargarella, Leoluca; Brusca, Giovanni; Clan Corleone; FALCONE, GIOVANNI; Palazzolo, Giuseppe; Provenzano, Bernardo; Ilotro, Anthony (also known as ant) Anthony Spilotro was 1938Born in Chicago on May 19th, grew up in a loving family, seemed to be moving towards a better life, but soon he decided to want more.In the second grade of Stanmez High School, he dropped out and turned to a crime career.With other SteinMetz drop -off students, they are engaged in criminal activities to the stolen and baggage in the store.On January 11, 1955, SPILOTRO was arrested for the first time because a shirt was stolen.He was fined $ 10 and he was released.But after being arrested many times, Spilotro has received special attention from the police.By 1960, SPILOTRO had been arrested 13 times; at that time he felt that he had prepared for the next step of his crime career.Chicago, he must be connected with the Chicago family of La Cosa Nostra, which is exactly what Spilotro did.He is linked to Mad Sam Destefano's clothing.SPILOTRO was originally a Destefano debt. He participated in the mobs in 1962. Spilotro rose in the M & M murder: with the MOB Heavies Destefano, Felix Alderisio, and Chuckie Nicoletti, Spilotro torture the criminal Bill McCartNey and the IA.McCartney's head was placed in a title screw until his eyes popped up.After this terrible murder, Spilotro was considered the golden material of the Chicago royal power.After the M & M murder, in 1963, Spilotro became the manufacturer of Chicago clothing, leaving Destefano's protective wing and joining the Felix Alderisio crew.Now as a member of the Chicago team, SPILOTRO is assigned to a gambling area in northwestern Chicago.In this area, he controls dozens of gaming companies.In 1964, Spilotro was sent to Miami to work with Frank Lefty Rosenthal, the latter in sports gaming.Rosenthal was sent to the benefit of Chicago Outfit there in Miami.Spilotro was sent there to ensure that things were going smoothly and no one interfered.In 1967, Spilotro returned to Chicago with full -time.In 1971, Spilotro was sent to Las Vegas to replace Marshall Caifano.From Anthony Stuart, his wife's surname before marriage.When SPILOTRO arrived in LaS Vegas, he began to do nothing.There were five murders, and the victim suffered torture before being killed.Several casino employees were found to be buried in the desert.However, in September 1972, Speiroto had to return to Chicago, when he was charged in the first case.Become a government line person and star witness.The situation of Spilotro looks bad, especially considering the crazy funny action of Crazy Sum S Crazy.SPILOTRO and Mario Destefano believed that if they could separate his case from Crazy Sam S in some way, they had the opportunity to defeat the case, so they decided to destroy Crazy Sam.In May 1973, Mario Destano and Speelotro set up crazy Sam in his home and killed him with a shot gun.On the 22nd, on May 1, 1973, Mario Destvano was convicted, and Speelotlo was released innocently.He returned to Las Vegas.But his trouble has not ended; the new prosecution is coming.This is not a problem for Spilotro and Lombardo.In September 1974, the witness was discovered and hit the head.There are no cases without witnesses, and Spilotro and Lombardo have been washed out of all crimes.Spilotro returned to Las Vegas for the last time.In Las Vegas, Spilotro is all smooth.He guarantees that the pickups of the casino are planned as planned. No other thugs enter SPILOTRO to cooperate closely with his old partner Frank Rosenthal, which is the head of Stardust Casino.But a few years later, Spilotro began to have problems.In 1979, Spilotro was included in the Las Vegas Black Book, which was prohibited from the exclusion list of people involved in any Las Vegas casino.Spilotro was angry, but this did not prevent him from running his Las Vegas business.In addition to the casino, Spilotro also set up its own gang named The Wall Cave Gang. This gang 297

311Fran瓦ois Spirito is composed of Spilotro and his brothers and his colleagues.Spilotro keeps low -key.His gang was considered an dishonesty by his clothing employees.Spilotro is over.On June 14, 1986, a few months after Spilotro and his brothers, Michael was summoned to a clothing meeting.In addition: Weanfano, SAM.DAVID AMORUSO.ANTHONY, and Ant Spilotro. Gangsters Incorpolet.Modern France.The last few years of the French Black Party of Marseille.Bona's venture capital died on the main source of income from extortion and prostitution, and they entered a new business.With all the speed of the Spanish civil war, the two Marseille smuggles became weapons traffickers and smuggled the highest price in both sides.During the Second World War, their fascists' contact was the eternal gratitude of the local and German government directors even in their positions in their positions.However, Carbone was killed in 1943. After the war, Spirito hid in Spain.But at the end of 1940, he was the first drug scene to bring heroin to the French gangsters in the United States and the energy corridor of the Cosca Black Party.It was Meyer Lansky purchased Turkish opium and violated Marseille's laboratory, where it would become heroin, and then transported to the United States from SPIRIT.However, Spirito was arrested in New York to condemn and satisfy time.Then he was extradited to France, where he was sued as a war criminal.After shortening the French prison, he was released and retired to France Riviera, where he retired in 1967 and was an old politician of the French triad.Heroin policy.It was once a grass cutting machine, and the family lived at the northern end of the Hamilton worker class.Just like a quiet child, he spent a lot of time in the car shop that has been missing now.The gang is located in a club house in Hamilton, West Avenue, and sold drugs and is often used as an executor by the Italian Misks Party.In 1978, Stidnick and another wild savage went to Montreal to introduce that he was a new chapter of Montreal Hell Angel, but the club of illegal riding a bicycle, Master Hell Angel learned this meeting and sent a successful succession.Team.The agency also criticized the two barbarians.Stad Nick was intact, but their friends were killed.Three barbarians were killed within three months, and the other barbarians were seriously injured, and the gangster 298

312Stanfa, John disbanded.They picked up their bicycles from the angel.A pastor, running, saw the Pope's visit to Montreal, sent a high signal and hit the shepherd.Angel Daniel Matthieu was killed, Stadnick received severe burns, lost a few fingers, and priests were not harmed.Stad Nick recovered in San Joseph S in Hamilton, and the 13th Halfax rode a bicycle by bicycle flying.Stidnick's Hamilton Branch of the Motorcycle Cavaliers selected by Satan in Douglas FreeBree on August 23, 1988.Angos personally accused of about 11 ounces of cannabis, the purpose is to transport.He was released in innocence in all his positions in November 1989, when Freeeborn admitted that the hash people he caught belonged to him.He was released by innocence during the trial.In 1993, when Stadnick and some colleagues drank in Winnipeg STONE BAR, two police officers participated in the service.It is said that the two began to laugh at the group verbally until the manager was expelled from the agency.Nine members of the nomadic nomadic nomads led by Maurice Mom Boucher, including the elite members of the club, are the chapters of the establishment of hell angels in Ontario.A humble red brick bungalow living in a quiet community, still living in Sorel in Quebec.He assisted the church on Sunday and worked regularly.Customized clothing and custom jewelry.He was arrested at Jamaica at Jamaica at the swimming pool at the Ritz -Calton Hotel in Montgoria.He faced 13 murder.Wolodumyer Stadnick.wissguywally.From the age of the scarf, the family of Philadelphia crime was paralyzed. The police and the gangs were agreed that if someone could reorganize the Philadelphia Mom Party, John Stanfa was the only one.Of course, the situation of the game will be very different in the game.mafia.Stanfa is the smallest of the four children.He has two brothers and a member of Sisicilian Mafia.Four years later, Joseph and Stanfa's Maria (Maria) was not ignored in her early days.The research office saw his business in his friend Carlo Gambino (Mafia de New York Mafia de New York).Stanfa on his seat next to him.There are rumors that Stanfa is in the plot; but he never admits this.When asked, he was not surprised, he said nothing.299

313Stanfa, John, on May 14, 1980, was sued for perjury.Stanfa got away and hid.With the help of his Gambno connection, he arranged a girlfriend for himself, leaving his wife and three children living food vouchers alone.8 months after LAM's detention, Stanfa appeared.On April 21, 1981, he was sentenced to 8 years in prison for lying a jury.At the same time, another boss Testa was assassinated, and the new boss took over: Nicodemo Scarfo to the end of the administration of Scarfo, that is, around 1987, the family was in trouble.Scarfo brought tremendous pressure on the police. In the end, his subordinates began to fall down, causing Scarfo to be prison in 1987 for a long time. Stanfa was released from prison. In the next few years, he kept low -key.He stayed with New York for a while, and then returned to Philadelphia at the end of 1989 or earlier. At the time, Anthony Piccolo was performing and did not like his job. He wanted to resign.With the support of the Gambno family and the Ginovis family, Stanfa became a new boss.Picolo became his consultant.In the end, Joseph Joy's 33 -year -old Chang Ciancaglini (SCARFO CAPO of a family)) was said to be Grants.As a boss, Stanfa always talks about Scarfo's shortcomings; however, he does the same thing in many aspects.Stanfa initiated street tax again.This means that every criminal must pay taxes on their activities.This has caused tensions and threats of violence on the streets of Philadelphia.This implements an environment that is unfavorable to business.Stanfa sent Felix Bocchino to collect street taxes.Stanfa was progressing smoothly at first; street taxes were easy to make money.Felix Bocchino was then murdered.The media is crazy.Stanfa and the Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI) do not know who is behind the scenes of the murder, but soon it is clear.There is a group of young thugs, brothers, and Philadelphia gangsters in South Philadelphia. They do not feel that they are connected with new management.These young people are led by Joseph Skinny Joey Merlino. He is a young and unrealistic young thugs and held a grand Christmas party.Merlino is the son of former Scarfo UnderBoss Salvatore Merlino.Members of other young people of Merlino include: Steven Mazzone, Marty Angelina, George Borgesi (his father is a prison scarf killer), Gaetano Tommy Horsehead Scaffidi, and Vince Iannece (his father is a imprisoned scarf. SoldierTo.Merlino and his friends have started to operate and do well.They have levied street taxes, so when Bocchino collects their money, he has to leave.The success of Bocchino will become Nostra, the first victim of the war between the young gangsters and the old Gosa Black Gang.Stanfa soon discovered the Young Turkish Party. As the media later said, they would take action.Michael Ciancaglini, the deputy of Merlino, had a failure of a failure.At the age of 29, Michael was a Scarfo Capo using some fresh blood and recruited some Sicilian soldiers. The two young people named Biagio Adornetto and Rosario Bellocchi.In the fall of 1992, Stanfa began to conspire to destroy the Merlino faction.Stanfa's business philosophy is: let your friends get closer, but let your enemies get closer, which is why he and Merlino appear together in social occasions and mobs.In September, Stanfa held a secret ceremony, Michael Ciancaglini and Adornetto were introduced into the Philadelphia family as formal members.The people around Stanfa warned him that these young people were not good and would defeat the entire operation, but Stanfa said he knew that he would take care of him.Stanfa seduced the two Siciri gangsters at his house and began to show his daughter Sara. When Sara rejected Adornetto, the stage was prepared for another failure of failure.Adonito began to accept bad management and Bellocchi after being rejected.He had to do something, so Bellocchi took a shotgun to see his friends.The shotgun was not fired, and Adonoto fled.Soon Steinfa decided to get rid of Merrino, who was angry again to anger his young Turkish.Merino likes gambling, but he will not bet when he loses.Stanfa started war with Merrino, but Merrino was far ahead of Stanfa.On March 2, 1992, at his STANFA S Social Club, his subordinates, Joey Chang's head, neck and chest.He is spared, but the injury is too heavy 300

314Steinert, Scott has never become a gangster activist.At the age of 35, Zhang Zuer retired.Stanfa is crazy.It turns out that Merlino divisions have made some connections from Joe Ciancaglini, Sr., (Zhang Zuer's father) and his father, Salvatore Merlino. Merlino. His prisoners are Ralph Natale, a 64 -year -old BRUNO family member (due to fires and airspace and he canDrug trafficking), two years later Natale will get parole, and will become a powerful competitor for Stanfa.What is even more worrying is that Natale contacted the political parties in New York who wanted to see Stanfa: Merlino was supported by the Genovese family.Stanfa moved rapidly and succeeded in Merlino and his two main partners, but by the summer of 1993, Merlino and his friends were still alive.They were on the verge of death and attempted to attempted at once, because several bombs did not explode as planned.Stanfa had to wait until August 5th. In the crossfire, Merlino and deputy Michael Charlini were shot and killed Charlini, but Merlino left Merlino soon, soHe became careless.On August 31, 1993, he and his son Joe and a driver drove to work.He was blocked on the road in the Stanfa car. A van stopped with him. The side door opened and the bullet poured out.STANFA's son was hit on the face.Stanfa's driver left the truck and managed to escape with Stanfa and his injured son.Joe Stanfa is spared, but this means war for Stanfa.FBI agreed.The murder of murder in the dark back alley is one thing, but the murder that occurs on the busy highway is another matter. Therefore, the Federal Investigation Bureau and other government agencies have strengthened their crackdown on gangsters in Philadelphia.Stanfa hopes that the entire Melino faction will be eliminated.For a few weeks, the successful teams have closely paid attention to the goals from both factions.Two Merlino associates were killed, Merlino and his senior associates turned to the ground, and a associate even changed the position Tommy Horsehead Scafidi to provide information to Stanfa.On November 15, 1993, Merlino was arrested by the Federal Investigation Bureau and was prosecuted to violate the provisions of the probation.On November 23, 1993, he was imprisoned again.At this time, Stanfa encountered more problems: he found a wired person among his family.Stanfa ordered a flying thief, but the liner escaped the two bullets and hit his head!Stanfa knows that he is in trouble.On March 17, 1994, STANFA and 23 senior colleagues were sued for extortion. The charges include murder, murder, extortion, arson, kidnapping, and obstructing judicial justice.Stanfa has been harassed by the Federal Investigation Agency in the first few weeks of his office, and the entire war and gangsters have been recorded.Zhang Zuer's success was even recorded.The situation of Stanfa and his associates became worse, because several associates turned into lines, the most famous is Bellocchi; they would do it after the verdict.This collapsed the entire family.Stanfa knows his time is.In November 1995, John Stanfa was sentenced to five life imprisonment.Please refer to: natale, ralph.David amoruso. John Stanfa. Gangtersters Incorporated.Website: Johnstanfa.htm. Download on July 15th, D.A.Steinert, Scott Scott Steinert was born in Wisconsin in the early 1960s and moved to Quebec, Canada with his family at the age of 8.People didn't know much about him in their early years, but by the early 1990s, Stannat had become a fearful member of the Hell Angel Montelier Branch.He is now very influential and has three strip dance brokerage companies and one three -companion service.Hell Angel became the godfather of hell angel at Michael L Animal Lajoie-Smith on August 30, 1996 for being convicted after placing a bomb in Lachenaie's Le Gascon Dance Club in Lachenaie.The gang's activities in Rawal and Laurentian.Later that year, Stannat moved to the luxurious Lavigeur luxury mansion on îLe-Jésus.He placed an eight -foot -high fence around the property and installed a safe camera.The safety of the manor.Stannat even asked his bodyguard Donald Magnusen to move into a house in the real estate. LaviGueur Manor became his business base. Schtenite often did business with other members of other hell angels and his puppet club death.EssenceHe also directed and starred in several pornographic movies in the estate, the most famous of which was baby S Angel.301

315At the end of August 1997, Roberto (Suárezgómez, November 4, 1997, only a few weeks after his marriage in Stante, he called the bodyguard Donald Magnaton (Donald Magnusen) and explained that they had a meeting. Magnusen made his house cry, and the two never returned. Steinert hidden the escape from the exit.It was also accused of the goods obtained by the product with crimes, and confiscated FINCA LAVIGUEUR, Sorel's two houses, and the truth behind Steinert's disappearance was on May 23, 1998.The body of Magnusen was discovered. Steinert's body was nearly a year later, and the water surfaced on April 15th.The reason why it has not been disclosed behind. His wealth is more than a year's national production. Suárezgómez is so rich and powerful that he sometimes calls the coup as a coup in the cocaine coup in Bolivia. Suárezgómez supports his cousin Bolivia Colonel Louis· Asa Arcegómez, a Bolivian colonel luis Arcegómez. This year, he invested a wealth for Sujirezgómez on the American front. At the timeA agent, who lost two agents and more than 850 pounds of cocaine at the time. At that time, the May Drug Control Bureau confiscated him in a outbreak of Miami. However, his personal wealth was huge: Suarez Gomez(Suárezgómez's traditional Japanese Yakuza organization. Sumiyoshi-Kai has been established and is an operating company called Hori Enterprises. It has more than 7,000 gangs; some estimates up to 15,000 members. His file is Yamaguchi-Gumi.Sumiyioshihi-KAI participates in various illegal activities including illegal games, prostitution, drug distribution and smuggling, extorting and murder. Boryokudan; INAGAWA-KAI; YAM-AGUCHI-GUMI.Comments./report/report5.htm.Consult discussion file. This file is Sumiyoshirengo of Sumiyoshirengo. It is the criminal organization of Sumiyoshi-Renggo Tokyo.Crime and more crimes.They are relatively small, only members.According to an article in the Taiwan Trinity Association, the article appeared in the Asian Magazine in April 1997, mainly consisting of the second and third -generation mainland immigrants.small company.

316Sylmar Sugure S Las Triadas Detaiwá, INC.Online available: download on July 15th, lantern distribution.On July 15th, the sun was the greatest and most powerful person in the Hong Kong Trinity Association. It has many sub -groups in Asia and the world.In Los Angeles, Miami, new and new branches have very powerful branches York and San Francisco.The main competitors are the three -in -three meeting of 14K.KONG to LUEN-Shun, the sun Emperor of the Sun on Ontrid, a commander of a private army of more than 50,000 thugs.According to the Royal Hong Kong Police, Sun Ye is controlled by the nightclub, prostitution ring, seller, disguised media network and drug processing facilities, and smuggle through each variety of the Republic of China.U.S. Federal Government.Create with New York gangs.The report continues to explain that the three -in -law meeting based on Hong Kong was invested in Canada in 1990 in 1990). One of the most popular companies in Hong Kong and Hong Kong's most popular companies is the bus night club in the Sanhe Society societyIn the series of Sun Ye, the Public Protection Office runs several upper -class prostitution houses (including the secret club of protection), which is similar to similar to 20 years of similarities.EssenceSun Ye is Heung Wah-Yim.Now, an old man has retired from retirement, leaving most of the large Charles Heung.He is one -tenth of Heung.Now, this is a great dragon and a person with the greatest power, but many of its brothers are still busy.According to, Jimmy Heung is a famous senior member of Sun Yee, the largest three -in -meeting meeting in Hong Kong.The Senate's committee of organized crimes in Asia is the head of the Sun Dragon.Wahsing and Wah Keung entered the Hong Kong photography business to penetrate legal film industry and try to make their business legalized.This is to promote their business interests or for self -reasons.They said it was for two reasons.This is safe: With the support of the sun, there are many capital behind them that can be successfully promoted.crime.Located in the warehouse in Silma, California, and was embedded.poison.The Mexican Group continued to transport caisers to the warehouse, but refused to release it to Colombia distributors until they obtained transportation services.In the history of the United States.303

317The drug trafficking of Sylma raised drug traffickers to respond to the amazing seizures of Silma by changing the way from Mexico's compensation transportation group; they began to pay to Mexico's smuggling organization to 50 % of each cocaine, andNot cash.With the compensation for transportation services, the impact and domains of Mexican trafficking organizations in the Cocaine trade in the United States.Mexico's criminal group has become a transporter, but also becomes a cocaine distributor.justice.An excellent tradition, online available DEA history.Download on July 28

318TAKAGI, TAKESHI TAKESHI TAKAGI, Japanese citizens and TOYO TANSO, the United States in 2001, waiting for static graphite is a high -quality grain carbon product with great resistance and resistance to heat and chemical reactions.It is usually used for production, as well as other products, electrical impact mechanical electrodes, dying metal continuous smelting and semiconductor industry.Winning Gao Jihe's lawsuit.The company was fined $ 4.5 million and Gauoga fined $ 10,000.This case is the first time that Japanese business executives agreed to face possible imprisonment for violating US opposition lawsuits.A lawyer said a multinational monitor.Decide.In this way, Yamamoto took about 12,000 13,000 members and set up a new organization called Ichiwa-KAI.Followed by a painful grass battle, it extended to the streets and previous pages of the country.This bloody and violent street war Yakuza is very unusual.When the four milestones broke into Osaka's lover's house, they were brutally murdered and they started shooting.His bodyguard was immediately killed, tookka to a hospital, and was later appointed Kazuo Nakanishi. Kazuo Nakanishi was appointed new Oyabun.Yamaguchi-Gumi from Japan.Under his rule, Yakuza owned by Japan is the most difficult and difficult leader than ever.Kazuo is considered to be the most successful Yakuza CEO in history, but he likes, but he likes most criminal boss Kazuo Taoka.Kobe quickly turned to crime life.

319Tel Aviv Posse, Tel Aviv Yamaguchi.Taoka shows that he is suitable for crime life during the fighting in the streets: one of his special movements is to put British bears in 1936, 23 years old in 1936, and Taoka was sentenced to eight years in prison.He was in prison for killing a competitor of Yaka.He was released in prison in 1943 and added his friend in the 1946 Yamaguchi-Gumi clan, and his boss Yamaguchi died.Taoka is 33 years old at the age of 33.Yamaguchi-Gumi was arrested and military draft at the time, and reduced to estimated 25 Kobun (they became men or soldiers).But the bass will improve a lot.In the power of Yamaguchi-Gumi, they are Honda KAI Group.They are a large number of gambling in Kobe.The following is the backpack of Meiyu Kai.taoka of Osaka.taoka. He is not satisfied and ordered his soldiers to order his soldiers to face Miyamoto Mu; under the threat, the latter decided to join the Yamagong Mu clan.He became more powerful.The greatest Yakuza Oyabun Kodama.kodama is one of Japan's most respected Yakuza Oyabun and negotiates between Yamaguchi-Gumi and TOKYO's powerful clan.This alliance created a Yakuza Monopoly, only four Yakuza Monopoly in Japan, while Japan has only four free control.In 1978, Taoka was 65 years old and lived.Sit and enjoy.But this is not long.In July 1978, Taoka Taoka fired him with a caliber weapon A.38. He managed to escape and injured the giant on his neck. He was killed by Yamaguchi-Gumi.(Gloria) is Yakuza. Within twenty years, the situation will become worse, just as they are traveling in Italy in the United States. But this is not in the mind of Taoka;Living like an emperor and enjoying his own strength and wealth. In 1981, Kazuo Taoka died of a heart attack. His funeral was Yamaguchigumi High, and several well -known celebrity artists were ranked.During the mourning period, the police took advantage of the police and arrested 900 members of Yamaguchi-Gumi, hoping to change some of them (maybe to break the clan).In prison, it is impossible to lead the clan. It is said that Tocca's remains decided to avoid internal war at that time. It was selected as. The Tyleville District from Kingson was originally called the skull on the street. His members supported Jamaica.The main party, the National People's Party (PNP), is well known that they are closely related to them and members. Spanglerposse has been operating several drug distribution networks in Paterson for a long time, and it seems that they are operating independently and with this.A new property has no conflict.

320PNP's Titiana porter organization may be working together.Under the leadership of the Mandarin Party Paolo Violi, like Picciotto or Soldiers, in the career of Montreal Mandarin Party.According to police, Teoli often directly sells directly from Violi's headquarters Reggio Bar, and in the summer of 1973, he sold loot.Giovanni Proetti restaurant for VIALI for help.Pierrelafleur is a companion who fired, showed up, and made problems in his institution.ProETTI provides Violi $ 500 to solve his problem.Teoli was sent to another soldier to talk to another soldier.Lafleur.The two have no productivity because they have not brought money in the past three days.In the restaurants and bars in Villeray and Parc-EXTENSION.Teoli and scoppa, distributing cocaine and heroine.He was arrested in Rawar's home, and his drug messenger Ciancio was collected in his home in Montreal's home.therefore.Cocin's estimated value is 32 million Canadian dollars, which is confiscated in the chest statue.The police have confiscated the 9mm left wheels, equipped with a muffler, and $ 115,000 in Canada and the United States investigating the three people for more than a year.Teoli was arrested at the eastern end of Montreal in December 2003 and had a large cash bag of $ 100,000. Police said he and Andrew SCIoppa, including Andrew SCIOPPA, used as a deposit of 91 kg of Cocaine.Garyfraancoeur.antonio Tony Teoli.caseguyWallywallly.On July 15th, G.F. Tian Dao Man, a three -in -meeting meeting of Tian Diach in Taiwan, Tian Dao Man, about 200 to 300 members.The event revolves around prostitution, collective debt, and some small legal companies and illegal activities.In the application system of Mexican law and justice, its tentacles are expanded directly from high -level scanning levels to street people in the United States.Arellanofélix is responsible for the transportation, import and distribution of multi -nucleic acid and marijuana, as well as a large number of heroin and methamphetamine in the United States.Arellanofélix is responsible for murdering several officials, reporters, reporters, and the threats of agents of Mexican law and agents of Drug Control Management (DEA) and Federal Investigation Office (FBI) and the threat of prosecutors from the United States.They are a very powerful and radical street gangs in San Diego and Tyjona are murderers and executors.Use a complex communication team to build a consultant and maintain a complete and well -trained security force.It has traditionally considered the ARELLANOFélix organization, which controls the ARELLANOFélix tissue, which controls the distribution of drug distribution in the west of the United States.The demander also shows that the ARELLANOFélix organization is responsible for the import and distribution of multi -volume cocaine to these fields each year.However, Dea's latest research shows that the ARELLANOFélix organization has expanded the control field, and now they are transporting 307

321Small scraping gangsters and dealer organizations to Chicago, Kentucky, Ohio and New York distribute drugs.ARELLANOFéLIX organized huge bribes to officials in Mexican law.Witnesses stated that the ARELLANOFélix organization paid $ 1 million a week to the Federal Federation of Mexico. State and local officials paid tribute to ensure that they would not interfere with the organization's drug abuse activities.On November 14, 1997, two Mexican officers were assigned to the Titsert Federal Justice Police in Northern California, Northern California.Two officials work.In charge of the same office on November 8, 1997, he was a senior class member of the drug trafficking organization.It exercises absolutely controlled protection details.On September 11, 1997, it was accused of adding it to the list in San Diego, California instead of the allegations of importing and conspiracy to import cocaine and marijuana. It was accused of 10 in San Diego, California.A joint working group, consisting of DEA, FBI of San Diego, California, and state officials, continued to study the chairman of the board of directors Benjamínarellanofélix, including the Cocaine trafficking Benjamínarellanofélix.It is to investigate and deal with the entire ARELLANOFélix organization. This is a continuous criminal company. In the past ten years, multiple tons of cocaine has been sent from Mexico.Test the murderer test of Tijuana Cartel.In San Diego.The two fled to the United States and tried to frustrate Mexican justice.He announced his arms allegations and was sentenced on February 19th on April 30. Waldz announced that he announced in San Diego that he was guilty of Cocoma A. Constantine, who was guilty of Cocaine.Internationally organized criminal groups and its influence on the larger Asian Asians of the United States in the United States.They initially started with Cambodian street gangs in the mid-1980s, but now the organization includes in the Long Beach (Long Beach and the attack on these two gangs, which leads to 9 people.Yinzhou, Vermont, Vermont and Massachusetts have solid existence in the east coast of many cities in Massachusetts. They are also very strong in the prison system of New Hippan County. Two sets of gangsters on the east coast are called rag gray and blue.The color rag. From TOKHTAKOUNOV, he died, and he took care of his brother when he was only 13 years old.He participated in the game and enthusiastically. Finally, he participated in Pakhtakor, the first team of Uzbekkkk. As a football player Tokhtakounov, he won TAIWANCHIK NICK to win TAIWANCHIK NICK to win his brother.

322Diezi decided to try to try luck on the cards and other actions in big cities: Moscow.Moscow.Moscow, Tokhtakounov started driving a football team during the day and played a card at night.Money playback card; error during the holidays: Tokhtakounov was arrested only because of unemployment.In Communist Russia, these arrests are often carried out.Working at the XXI Century Company Association, the company is owned by the powerful Otari KVANTISHVILY MAFISM.TOKHTAKHOUNOV's work in this company is a debtor who takes care of refusal to pay.In 1989, he decided to leave Russia, plan to establish a bus, establish a bus, and establish a bus.The police asked him.He involves $ 70 million.The French police also asked him about a trial related to murdering Russian men because they believed that he had contact with the man behind the murder.After the entire interrogation, Tokhtakhounov was enough, and decided to move to Israel again this time. He did not stay for a long time. After a while, he returned to France. He was there again with celebrities, athletes and other senior social classes again.mixed together.EssenceTOKHTAKHOUNOV has made it obvious in Italy: he arranged the skating Olympic Games.Competitive French couples, Marina Anissina and Gwendal Peizerat, won their victory by pressing the Russian jury to vote for them; at the same time, he, he, hePress the French jury.Voted to the Russian couple Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze.According to the Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI) obtained a French visa., But so far, Tokhtakhounov seems to stay in Italian prison.If the ice smoothing solution is real, this is another example of the power of Russia's Mafiya.As a charitable merchant association, it aims to use ransom street taxes to exchange for protection.Starting for a century.Support and physical protection commercial competitors and numbers to apply laws.It has become a form of organizational crime. In this crime, leaders extorted the funds of protecting members and obtained profits from the distribution of opium, prostitution and illegal game rackets.It is believed that the first Tinga in American history

323Treat the bad treatment they receive in the United States.The violent persecution of the Chinese, as well as the failure of the strikes of railways (many of them as employees), which were railled in the mainland in 1867, and the completion of the 1869 railway caused the outflow to the east of the country.In 1870, there were less than 100 Chinese in New York.Population census numbers are 25, instead of the official time estimated number is close to 75.Despite the persecution of the Chinese, the rampant media and newspaper reports showed that because of the horror of Chinatown, including the white women who were confused with opium, there were only three opium denominations at the time.By 1880, the Chinese population in New York had increased to 800, and it continued to rise until the 1890s. It is estimated that the number of Chinese immigrants in New York was 13,000.With such amazing growth, the population is completely isolated due to language, culture and language, and prejudice. Some kind of exploitation force inevitably involved in controlling the immigration community.By 1880, the first Tinga in New York had been established.Tom Lee and The on Leong TONG TOM Lee appeared in New York around 1870. They almost controlled all the Opium denominations of Chinatown, and most of the fanatic gambling activities, Pigow and Loteries.Known as a non -official mayor, Lee leader Leong Tong.In Leong Tong, it quickly became an organization, and its business diversification was amazingly similar to that of later mobs.Lee and on Leong not only ransomed protection fees from the community, but also controlled more and more Opium Tobacco Halls of Chinatown, monopolizing illegal gambling and prostitution activities.In exchange for the privilege of continuing its criminal activities.Sexual slavery and prostitution affected Chinatown, but they could not know how large the Liang family participated in prostitution activities.Although the history of Chinatown is full of horror stories of Chinese women being prostitutioned, slavery Chinese women can hardly be a continuous cause, because it is impossible to have new Chinese women's supply for this effort; it was not until 1942 that it was not lifted in 1942 that it was not canceled until 1942 that it was lifted.The Chinese Lifting Act in 1896 prohibited the Chinese from entering the United States, unless they were proven scholars, high -skilled professionals, or extremely rich people.In any case, a survey in 1890 showed that 800 Chinese New York Chinese were engaged in laundry female workers, and three Chinese women were registered as prostitutes or sex slaves.The most favorable is the extortion and gambling person.Tong Gambling Group, transliterated as Bing Ching Union, levied 7% tax on all profit of TAN-TAN and PI-GOW business controlled by Tong.The tax increases for all bonuses of more than 25 US dollars and charges 14%.Overdue payment will be fined over 10 US dollars at that time.Li also controlled six votes assigned to the Chinese community in the election.He is a master of political wrist and will vote collectively to eliminate them as what his political customers want.Lee is proficient in grafting, so that he is even appointed as the deputy sheriff in New York County.By the 1890s, he had established a second hall, relatively calm and weak hip eulogy (prosperous trade union) hall.Hip -hop songs are not considered a threat. Li's only opposition from a brief escape from a person named Wong Get, which failed to win the respect of the community or any power generated by it.Tom Lee until the turn of the 20th century, Mock Duck and HIP Sing Tong have been controlling Chinatown, but around 1900, a person named Mock Duck appeared on Chinatown and was later known as Chinatown Mud pigeons because he had countless countless pigeons because he had countless countless countless pigeons.The incredible ability to survive in the assassination attempt.Like Tom Lee, Mock Duck began to wear a chain cane shirt and walk around with a bodyguard.Mock Duck also carried two .45 left wheel pistols and a ax, and soon became famous for his favorite combat method. He would squat on Mock Duck to want Tom Lee's stock and quickly quickly with Wong Get and silence.HIP Sing Tong Alliance, also known as Scarface Charley, is also known as Scarface Charley.Mock Duck requires half of Lee S's income.Broadly 310

324Opium spokesman, gambling and prostitution actions.Li refused. Two days later, they laughed at a duck, and the hips sang and burned Long's pension, killing two members of the soup.By publishing a $ 1,000 duck simulation and revenge on the hip singing.Honest business, I hope to help ParkHursst save the Chinese from the form of corruption, which gives Moss list the address list of all game homework on Pel and Deyer Street.Define the instructions of the LEONG operation of Mott Street, where the real money there must be reserved on the impact on Lee.Although so many, Leongs paid tribute to LEONGS's respect to the local police. These two tweezers used their customers to harass us.Responsible for almost all Pell Street, there is a public war.Ax soldiers in the war, also known as Boo Doy for the Chinese.The news of the press is so prejudiced, and the sensational story of high facts or beer of Chinese -American is ignorant, just like sometimes called tight -fitting corset, they are painted with almost useless.The facts still exist in the tong war. The war continued until the early 1930s had only a few brief peaceful remarks to break the operation.In 1904, Moker duck was found a new ally.Opposed Lennes, in the New Year of the Lunar New Year in 1905, several hip -hop executives entered a full -manary theater, and shot and shooting his beheading of Judge Warren W. Ax of the general court in New York.. A few months later, SEIS signed another treaty. This continued until 1909. This was the bloodpiest year in the history of Tombs war. At this moment, the power of singing solids in the hips is better than it.It is much bigger a year. Leongs continues to increase to control the control of the Chinese racket. Bowkum and Tong Wars climb on April 15, 1909, Leongs kidnapped and killed Bow Kum (Sweet Little Flower), which belongs to slaves.Low -hip Tinga (tinga. To execute the policy game. When he was released in 1914, he moved to a remote area of Brooklyn and enjoyed a peaceful and peaceful life. The lasting peace finally ended Thoms (Tong Wars), although there are two different stories, one theory believes that American and Chinese officials intervene in intervention and the court requires simulation ducks to intervene and peace between the fixtures of the war. Another theory believes that when the United States' health and health and the health andWhen immigration officials threatened to expel the country, the soup war stopped if the murder continued, there were more than 200 Chinese people. The simulated ducks were killed in Brooklyn, and Twist extended nationwide, flying in China across the country, flying.More than 350 people were killed in the middle, and it was finally over, and the pliers continued to exert their strength and influence. This country in the game has important interests, money laundering, extortion, prostitution, technical theft, and heroin distribution.It is mainly an alliance with the infamous ghost shadow gangs, while the hip cans are contacted by the Chinese Trinity Association and China Trinity Association and China.

325Another gang war broke out in Chinatown, Chinatown.Although the cleaning movement of the Chiefs of White successfully cleared the last trace of the Barbari coastline, these gangs continued to run brothels, casinos and opium denimonasia, and even sold Chinese slaves.O Brien) Jack to take over the Chinatown Police Force.Manion's tough personality has inspired most of the inspiration of vulgar detective novels in the 1920s and the 1930s. He was praised by Chinatown for soothing.He developed a line -tier network and used them to conclude a ceasefire agreement between the Tang people.Dan Mcrym joined the police in 1925 and completed his first task on Chinatown.As Mclaim recalled, Manian was a child's childhood partner, and after O Brien made some success in the black hands of the North Beach, he chose him to take over Chinatown.Same.The two of us will work in the northern part of Washington, and the two will work in the south. There are two straw bosses, named John Nikeli and Jack Oina.Their efficiency depends on their contact with the Chinese.They must treat themselves kindly, otherwise they will not give you a day.Even some things will not tell you in some things.Mcklem continued: I remember that in the last Tang war, there was a man named Wong Quong. He was killed on Ross Alley on January 20, 1926.On April 20, JU Shuck was murdered behind the Chinese Theater [420].Who does it.In any case, the Chinese are largely a secret group, but no one can talk about such murder.They could have broken the password.Although the nature of the Donett and the secret veil (not to mention language barriers) over the streets of Chinatown, this period has brought difficulties. Manion can still unite the Tang family leaders to hold a meeting, and eventually reached a peace treaty.MANION's lineance slowly but certainly provided him with enough materials to close slave trade and reduce illegal gambling and drug activities.Ten years after Chinatown, Manion has become an institution, so the Chinese community has resolutely refused to let him return to Chinatown.Supervision Bureau.At the request of Volkswagen, Manion asked him that the department asked him to stay on Chinatown until he retired in May. In the 1990s in Chicago, Leong Merchants Association became the focus of federal extortion trials. The trial revealed The THE.CHICAGO OUTFIT is connected with a 22nd Street -based gambling group.EN Leong's history dates back to Chicago in the 19th century, when it was a social charity organization that instills Chinese lifestyle to immigrants.In 1991, the Federation's trial of 11 Chinese businessmen's extortion, they were accused of operating gambling games in Leong's casino. This was a continuously operated company.Wilson Moy's taxation is allegedly convicted, and he is usually described as an unofficial mayor of the Chinatown community.Former gangster lawyer and federal lineman Robert Cooley testified during the trial that Moy and another man received $ 100,000 and passed to the former first election member Fredrodi and Patmazi.The secretary of the dilemma of democratic organizations in the first constituency was the result of affecting the murder of the U.S. Tour Court in 1981.Cook County.The jury was unable to reach an agreement on the five -month extortion trial to make a judgment on the specific allegations.Xiexing has a store office in the town.EN Leong is still a vibrant power near the southern district of Chinatown.Some people think that these organizations still have not separated from their crimes, which has hardly changed.It is said that a safe place not far from the Leong Building on the Wentow Avenue continues to be manipulated. The place where the initial arrest was there.After the door was locked on the police seized records, LEONG has been converted into the PUI TAK Center in the religious and cultural gathering venue.Pay the street tax to the staff of Chinatown 26th Street, and they are responsible for supervising the city's clothing interests.312

326Tousignant, André's singing in Chicago and the existence of Leong HIP can be traced back to the first year of this century. At that timeThere are more and more deputys.-Nemented, gambling, opportunity to play.Boss, the skills and devils of drugs from the city center to the south side of the wasteland.The University of Illinois implemented the development plan and international criminal publishing judicial training of Chicago police.We saw a lot of funds. These funds were washed through Chicago Bank of Chicago's companies. These companies explained that they used international words Brown Gangs in their treatment.Such a complex criminal organization is closely linked. They have participated in illegal foreigners of the country's stolen and theft of computer software.Manchester United, in Maryland, Los Angeles and New York City are particularly active.Houston's Asian community, especially in 1996, was attacked by Chinese street gangs organized in 1966 to control most criminal habits of Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco Chinatown.In Wah Ching on the West Coast, until 1989, a new criminal organization began to move to the San Francisco Bay Area.The evolution of these two groups and Asian Super Gang.Considering the benefits of applying structure and organization to their criminal efforts, some Vietnamese gangs and Chinese are recruited in CRIPS Gangs and Bloods.It was discovered in the Atlantic Media, especially in the central part of Minnes, San Paul and Wisconsin, where young Miao people have formed a dozen CRIP GANG and at least five bloody gangs.Please refer to: Mock Sai Wing; in Leong Tong.And sheriff's news.Asian Street Pandelas and organized focus crimes: Eastern is increasingly threatened.Chinese Chinatown Chinese.Ten years of 1920.Online Internet.unline.url: Download on July 15th, Tousignant, André, André (also known as toots) Andrétootstousignant was born in 1964 and eventually became an important player of the Canadian hell angel organization.He joined the Rock Music Club in the early 1990 bodyguard Tousignant. He is a fearful 5 -foot and 220 -pound terror, and it is an ideal choice.He is responsible for the security of Canada's most powerful angel hell.On March 24, 1995, the police arrested Tousignant and Boucher, when the two led Sherbroke to perform motorcycles.Arrested.The prison guard was because Boucher wanted to destroy the stability of the judicial system.The assistant of rock singers followed 42 -year -OELD -OOLD DIANE LAVIGNE prison when driving at home.

327Triadas was abandoned in a parking lot, and the murderer fled to Ford escort.Other prison guards Pierre Rondeau will be shot shot on September 8th. There is no problem with the murder, and the police have no potential customers.Hell Angel is satisfied with Tousignant's work and obtained a view at the club's nomadic elite branch.Gagné killed two prison guards.Two days later, Gagné was arrested. Before the long -term imprisonment, he acknowledged the crime and chose to cooperate.With the police's information, the police attacked on December 18, and Maurice Boucher was arrested.He was charged with two number of murders.They arrested the arrest warrant for Andrétousignant and Paul Fontaine, but they hid them after learning that Boucher was arrested.He has been looking for fugitives in the next two months, but they have not succeeded.I saw reports in Alberta Province that TOOTS and FON FON are said to be hidden by members of the hell angel Edmonton Branch.The suspense ended in February 1998. At that time, the body of the Andre Tosnien Galan was found near Broson and north of Bloom.Montreal.They shot several times before his body was burned.Wiseguywally.society.The symbol is hanging in Chinese characters, hanging in the triangle, representing the union of heaven, the earth and people.Therefore, even today, the three -in -law is also known as the purpose of these society to overthrow the clear (slope) empire and the clear recovery.The auspicious and lucky red also implies that Wu.bido, the founder of the founder of the Ming Dynasty, hangs in the dangerous nature of his company, developing secret communication and exquisite launching ceremony, so that the absolute loyalty of new members to move the new members' absolute loyaltyneed.And secret.Trinity has a very complicated history, which is based on the reality, partly in mythology.It not only means the struggle with the Qing Dynasty, but also the struggle for retirement. These are the five ancestors of the Modern Trinity.Reason, reason.In the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty was finally defeated.This is the reason why the collapse is clear. Any participation of the three -in -laws finally falls. The three -in -society society is no longer dedicated. Therefore, therefore, they are aware of their purpose.Some people (in fact they have already) are strictly committed to criminal activities.Other martial arts associations are unions and associations.Many people are a combination of everyone.Many of the advantages of membership qualifications and the biggest advantages are that when joining the Trinity, the International Brotherhood can provide assistance and protection when necessary.It is important to remember that the three -in -one will be the synonyms of the Chinese criminal union; that is,, that is, not all members of the union or criminals are members of the Trinity.On the other hand, all the members of the three -in -law are criminals. Even if only members are regarded as criminal criminals alone, the criminal crime is in accordance with the regulations of organizational and serious Hong Kong criminals in 1994.It can be estimated that there are 20,000 membership of the three -in -laws, but only 2,000 of them are designated as assets to participate in criminal activities.On the other hand, a small gang on the street may not have the affiliation of the three -in -law 314

328Trinity.Children joining the street gangs usually have some contacts with the underworld, and may be added due to the protection and status provided by the status of members.Well, Trinity is completely different from the black hand party.The mob is famous for its solid family relationship and strict pyramid level system.On the other hand, the three -in -one is extremely loose.Although the leadership of the Trinity has a hierarchical system: the more people who reunite have more horizontal movement freedom.In fact, the actions and activities of small gangs are rarely directed by the triad leader.Members of the triple -in -one can usually engage in criminal activities without having to obtain the permission of the leaders of the three -in -law. Even if the activity involves contact with the members of the Trinity or a member of the Trinity, the event is contacted.Underworld.For those who want to participate in criminal activities, joining the underworld may be a great advantage.After joining the underworld, a person can get more resources, and it is easier to unite with other underworld members to make money.When the victims of the ransom are supported by strong and mysterious underworlds, they are more likely to protesting much less. These underworlds have affected all over the world, rather than just feeling the annoyance of criminals.Street punk finds greater self -esteem in their ideas that they belong to a history that can be traced back to the noble warrior brothers of the noble warriors hundreds of years ago.Although the behavior of primary members may not bring direct benefits to senior members of the Three Clubs, the advantage is that the benefits are increased, especially the money and other members of the senior members of the senior members on special occasions (such as the Lunar New Year) through the junior three -in -one members (such as the Lunar New Year)Gift.And other holidays.Although the underworld originated in mainland China, Hong Kong is an indisputable capital.The triad activities are more concentrated there.However, the scope of the Sanhe Society is international, and its members are almost across every country in the world, but they are especially powerful in China, Southeast Asia and the United States.The criminal activities of the Sanhe Club include street crimes such as gambling, extortion and prostitution, as well as international activities such as drug trafficking, forgery and smuggling goods and population.In Hong Kong, there are estimates that there are 50 Sanhe Clubs, and the total number of members is at least 80,000.About 15 of these communities engaged in criminal activities.The following is Hong Kong's largest three -in -list list: Xinyi'an: Hong Kong's largest three -in -meeting meeting, estimated to be 25,000 members.In addition to the activities in Hong Kong, the intelligence report since 1994 seems to show that they control the Guangdong Provincial Government of the mainland.Wo Group -There are about nine sub -groups in this three -in -three meeting, and the total member is about 20,000.As we all know, different sub -groups are engaged in different activities: and Shengyi Control Wharf workers, and Anle specializes in usury loans, and harmonious business protection business.The original three -in -one consequences of He's Group are He Shenghe, and it is the oldest three session in Hong Kong.14K Trinity: 14K also has about 20,000 members, which originated from the Kuomintang's anti -communist struggle.Chiang Kai -shek ordered to establish a alliance of all Trinity and used guerrilla tactics to fight communist forces.The 14 in the name refers to the original headquarters address of this job.There are more than 30 sub -groups in 14K, which is still one of the most powerful triads in the world.Big Circle Gang -The former Red Army Guard and the People's Liberation Army soldiers formed a kind of informal gang relationship, although strictly speaking, it was not an underworld.They illegally entered Hong Kong and were known for robbery jewelry shops, banks and gold dealers with weapon violence.They are usually equipped with military weapons such as assault rifles and grenade launchers.The name may originate from the re -education detention camp sent by the Chinese Red Guards. They have escaped from there and marked with a large circle on the map.At the most basic level, the organization of the three-in-one organization is irrelevant to the level system of the members of the three-in-one. Except for each personal relationship between the two members, everyone is based on the DAI-LO or brother and SAI-LO or brother.Inter -connection.Brothers provide work, protection and 315

329The three -in -meeting suggestion for his younger brother provides loyalty, support and money to return.Analysts agree that the lowest scope still exists, but there are also numbers of how many groups of three -in -laws and three -in -laws. All of them are represented by 4. This means that it is said that the four oceans around China in ancient times means that the entire universe is the entire universe.Essence489: At the upper part of the hierarchical structure of the three -in -law, it is the person known as Montain Lord, the first route marshal or leader.Dragon Head is a choice position. The person in this position is ultimately responsible for the ultimate responsibility of the entire Trinity organization, including arbitration conflicts within several branches, and guiding the overall direction of the organization.His words are laws.Sometimes it is called 21 (4+8+9), which reflects the symbol of suspension to represent the symbol of the entire society.438: On the head of the dragon, there is a series of levels: mountain assistant, incense teacher and Avat Garder.The assistant acts as the power of the dragon when he is absent, and the head of the dragon often makes important decisions.The masters and avant -garde -Garde -Garde are hosted at the ceremony of the Trinity; in this regard, they are very important for the retention ceremony and ensuring that they are still a powerful symbol of the history and strength of the triple.In this sense, the number 438 becomes 15 (4+3+8), which will break more symbols and five symbols of life span in 35 and 3.Of course, all these massage science are suspicious in the best situation.Although these are common interpretations of scope numbers, these numbers are more likely to be part of the ancient mysterious ritual and are significant. Triadas has been developed long ago.Explanation is forgotten and replaced: If it is a white paper or a necessary fan of administrative personnel, it is a white paper or a executive.Paper fans are responsible for maintaining strategies.432: Straw sandals in the Trinity Organization as the red post and fan of the white paper in the same range, the Triad Messenger.Do you know the rescue notice?It also provides a branch of branches and gang combat conferences to 36 (49). The number of recruits must swear before joining the Trinity Society.According to recent police reports, many three -in -laws organized many triads and 49 in the red post.Leader of branches.A red postal commission presided over the entire triple meeting, one of which was selected as president and the other was the Treasury.Most other areas are abandoned.The start of the three -in -one.They originated from the three -in -three element of the Trinity, these elements come from all aspects of the three -in -society social history.Part of the ritualization aspect is part of the three -in -three conjunction.Absolutely vowed from the anti -magazine of their traditional activities.The start rate is paid in the current practice that the Sanhe Club is more similar to the Commercial or Cooperation Association.The element of the starting ceremony represents some aspects of mythology, and sometimes the origin of the three -in -law.Since it practiced 20 years ago, it may take six hours to complete.However, in these days, there are almost no time to perform such elaborate rituals, and fewer people even know the correct method to perform one.Change, the new recruit will get a fast 316

330The 15 -minute ceremony must be performed in 36 oaths.The ceremony can still be promoted occasionally.The ceremony can be in the basement of someone and even on the street.His chest entered.Fragrant teacher and avant -garde -Geide hosting ceremony.By entering the shelter, you must pass through three arches or doors.When entering the door, a warning will be issued. If so, please do not continue to use more infidelity and start the ritual dance after passing.However, of course, the written records are not maintained.The second door is called loyalty and judicial Hall.The startup rate was launched and delivered it within a small range of red.The third door is the circle of heaven and earth. In the arc, the arc established through the circle of heaven and earth, the hanging hero was born.On the side, observe the progress of the launch of the ceremony.At the end, starting at the end of the triple altar at the end of the corridor, the senior triple -in -leaders there recite some triple poems.Carefully protected and was protected by some members of the Three Conference.Trinity.For the altar, he vowed 36 vows and added blood with blood. Generally speaking, pollen and his blood dripped in a bowl of wine.Then, the yellow paper burned, added the ashes to the blood wine, then added it to the blood wine, and then started to know this.The bowl was broken to explain what to become a traitor.At present, the recruits are 49. The ritual is ended to celebrate the party's restaurant travel.The carefully planned ritual instills the respect and fear of the three -in -one recruits ... Although the surprising and respectful feeling is full of your heart, it will be loyal.However, due to the suppression of the Sanhe in Hong Kong, the carefully produced launching ceremony is a dying variety.Although Gun Yu Kong, he did not really appear at the original launching ceremony. The ritual strictly obeyed the myth of the origin of the three -in -law and did not play any role.However, this list can be regarded as a list of traditional three -in -law oaths, which will follow SO men. 1. After entering the door, I must regard the parents and relatives of the jurors as my own relatives.I don't keep this vow, I will suffer the pain of five shots. 2. I will help my brothers in the jurisdiction of the districts of my parents and brothers to provide financial or physical assistance. If I plan to know their problem, I will be killed by five rays.Dead. When the brothers hanging my brothers visit my house, I will provide them with board and accommodation. When I recognize my brother, I will always recognize them. If I ignore them, they will kill my countless swords.5. I won't disclose the secrets of hanging the family, not even my parents, brothers or wives. I will never disclose the secrets of money. If I do this, I will be killed by countless swords. 317.317

331Triadas 6. I will never betray my jurisdiction.I will provide economic assistance to the trouble jepts, they can pay the approval rate, and so on.If I break the vow, they will be killed by five lightning.8.I should never cause damage or brothers or my spice teacher in my jurisdiction.If this is done, I will be killed by countless swords.9.I should never have indecent attacks on my jury's wife, sisters or daughters.If I break this vow, I will be killed by five rays.I will never hide the effectiveness or ownership of my jury brother.If this vow, I will be killed by countless swords.11.I will take care of my wife or jury brothers with confidence in my maintenance.If I don't do this, they will kill me five rays.12.If I provide my false details to join the hanging family, then the five -rays will kill me.13.If I change my mind and deny my membership of the Hong family, they will kill countless swords.14.If I rob the jury brother or help a stranger do so, they will kill me five rays.15.If I use the jury's brothers or forcing him to have an unfair business to him, they will kill me countless swords.16.If I know how to know the cash owned by my brother jury or the cash I used by myself, then five rays will kill me.17.If I took the cash by mistake during the robbery or owned by the jury brother, I had to return them to him.If I don't do this, they will kill me five rays.18.If I was arrested after the crime, I had to accept punishment without trying to blame the brothers I was sworn in.If this is done, they will kill me five rays.If any of my jury brothers be killed, arrested or went to another place, I will help their wives and possible children.If I don't know their difficulties, they will be killed by five rays.When any jury brother was attacked or blamed by others, I must introduce him, if he has the right to or suggest that he gives up him wrong.The organization said he helped him in his body or economy.If I do not maintain this oath, they will be killed by five rays.If the government is looking for any jury brother from other provinces or abroad, I will immediately inform you so that you can escape.If you break this oath, they will be killed by five rays.22. 22.I can't conspire my jury brother with strangers.If this is done, I will be killed by countless swords.twenty three.I will not cause the discord of the jury by spreading any false reports about it.If I do this, I will be killed by countless swords.twenty four.I will not specify myself as a incense teacher without authority.After entering the door for three years, the incense teacher can promote loyalty and loyalty with the support of his jurisdiction.I promoted 25 by myself.If my natural brother involves controversy or legal requirements for my jurisdiction, I should not help any other party, but I must try to solve the friendship and friendship of this matter.If they are sworn in, they will be killed to five rays.26.After entering the hanging door, I must forget any resentment I may take to my jury brothers.I must not transfer the territory occupied by my jury brothers.If I intend to understand the rights of my brother on such issues, I will be killed by five lightning.28.I must not covet or seek to share any property or an effective property or an effective property I have taken office.If I have these ideas, they will kill me.29.I must not disclose any direction of my jury brothers to maintain wealth, nor should I use this knowledge wrongly.If this is done, I will be killed by countless swords.318

332TRIDES 30. If a stranger does this, it violates the interests of any jury brother.I must never use the unreasonable friendship to oppress the violence or unreasonable others.If I am in the young child of my family, my family is 33.If my jury brothers have a major crime, I must never inform the government to get rewards.If I break this vow, I will murder the five rays.34.I shouldn't take me to vowed my brother's wife and Conc or adulter them with them.If this is done, I will be killed by countless swords.35.When talking to strangers, I should never disclose secrets or signs.If this is done, I will be killed by countless swords.36.After entering the door, I will be loyal and loyal, although the fact is that my brothers and I cannot be in the same profession.Our common goal, I will work hard to overthrow and restore the efforts of ming and the oath brothers to coordinate my efforts.This avenge our five ancestors.Hong Kong's P.Morgan.TRIADA Society: Government Press, Peter Nempstead 319


334Ugurlu, Abuzer Abuzer Ugurlu stole weapons, alcohol and cigarettes in Turkey in the 1980s.UGURLU (Ugurlu) was captured at home in the four years of escape from the drug team yesterday.The fake ID in Ugurlu was found in the name of Mehmet Yavuz Altinsir, but could not find any other sin evidence.Abuzer has always been a professional crime since the 1960s.It has always been related to a difficult incident or all major crimes smuggling in Turkey. As we all know, it is related to some government officials.It is also known that it is associated with the terrorist network, including a tissue or gray wolf called Ulkucuer (it contradictions that contradictions with weapons and drugs).Gulur is closely related to the well -known Abdullah Catli.Turkish Mat Party.Through the thug through the infamous route through Bulgaria, this is the low-key love of the smugglers for the low-key party of the Turkish-underground world. This approach was worthwhile in 1981 that he reported that the murder of 1.7 million killed 1.7 millionIn the US dollar, he reported criminal behavior.EssenceClenk was out of control, causing a large number of senior criminals in the country. Although he was willing to maintain as low as possible, Ugel was eventually said in its illegal activity that it was the benefactor of 321

335Ulkucler is the leader and terrorists of the underworld, as Abdullah Catli, oral Celik, Mehmut Ali-Agca and Mehmut Ser.International criminal compensation sharing information in an electronic manner.The special initiative was sponsored by the US Drug Control Bureau (DEA).Specific specific crimes include money laundering plans and illegal drugs of suspicious drugs, especially cocaine and heroin.36 Latin America and the Caribbean countries participated in this United company.DEA includes providing surveillance equipment to help monitor suspects who tried to be self -proud, which is an increasingly successful evidence of independent people.The emergence of unicorn ... The increase in exchanges between countries involved show that the level of cooperation can be attributed to unicorn.The biggest is the largest of the four major groups in Taiwan. It has more than 10,000 members worldwide.They have strong businesses in central and South America and the United States., California.They are one of the most worried people in the three sessions. As we all know, they are particularly violent.But the combination of bamboo continues to expand.A report entitled "Three -in -Society and China Organizational Crime", which is reported by the Peter · Stomach Police Administration of organizational crimes in Taiwan that the corruption plan is a report of Taiwan.EssenceThe most famous and the largest of the two is the United Bamboo Gang, also known as Chu Lien Pang. It is estimated that more membership is 20,000.The organization was established as the Woods Bamboo Alliance from 17 founding members, one of which was Chen Dry Duck Chi-Li.chi-Li in the organization of the organization.EssenceCHI-LI is still architecture after being expelled from Taiwan.It uses its legion to attack, extort or interfere with competitive construction companies, even though the company is working hard on its broad construction projects, but the slate is under construction.However, Lianzhu has participated in a lot of time ransom and prostitution.One of the largest smuggles in the world is considered to be Asian ancestry, not only Canada, but also the United States.According to a report from the Canadian Immigration Reform Commission (October 1993, 1993, "Migrant: Sleep theme of Election" 93)."Moral Code of Morality of Bamboo Members" (provided by Los Angeles County Sheriff) 1.Harmony with man is the first priority.We must establish a good society and personal contact to avoid creating enemies.We must find special grace and help unnecessary gang members emphasize our relationship with foreign people.They publicize us.322

336US Customs Services 3. Games are our main financial source.We must handle it carefully.4.Do not take care of the beginning and make decisions that have not been authorized.Show and plan everything with the group and brother.5.Everyone has a designated responsibility.Don't believe in confusion.6.For example, we will not disclose our plans and problems to strangers, such as our wives, brides, etc.This is for our own safety.7.We must unite with all our brothers and abide by our brother's order.8.All the money earned outside the group must be delivered to the group.You should not keep any money for you.Let my brother decide.9.By attacking rich views, you will not take action in a hurry.If an accident occurs, don't give up your brother.If you are arrested, attack all responsibilities and internal GUI.Don't let your brother, Jairo Ivan Jairo Ivan Urdinola Grajales and his brother Julio Fabio Urdinola Grajales, Urdinolas, and Henao Montoya, the marriage organization, and Hena,EssenceThe Grajales Brothers (Grajales Brothers), although his organization is still active in drug trafficking.Thomas A. 20,000 U.S. service employees from THOMAS A. US Customs Service Company. UU. It is the main agency responsible for protecting the US border. UU.Institutions can perform their main tasks: control all carrier, personnel and items that enter and leave the United States. The US customs service department was established in 1789 to save the new country in the difficulty of financial collapse.ADuana gave the first source of income in the United States and became 323

337As its first federal law enforcement agency, US Customs has been affected and influenced by national history from the earliest.After the independence was announced in 1776, the United States soon was on the verge of bankruptcy.During the short period of the "Federal Terms", each state imposed tariffs on its neighboring countries. Congress learned that the Ministry of Finance cannot rely on states to provide funds.In 1789, the first meeting of Congress in New York City determined that the United States had the most important question on its correct road: money -where to find it, how to collect it, and how to keep it.Fighting A Revolution Had Leave the National Closet Bare. Virginia's James Madison Proposed the Plan that Would Eventual Make The Solvent States Imim Posed a duty on imageThe Parliament passed the President of Washington and signed the Tariff Law on July 4 to establish a system of tariffs and improving tasks.The bill was considered very important, so that the press at that time was known as the second independent declaration.According to the customs area, the port on July 31, 1789, the day before the "Tariff Law" came into effect, established a mechanism for the appointment of customs officials and the mechanism of appointment of customs officials and stipulated their responsibilities.President Washington then appointed 59 customs recruiters and more than 40 officials to customize new customs services. The entire service was placed under the Ministry of Finance and led by Alexander Hamilton, 32.Hamilton's tireless and focused commitment to the new service has established early standards for customs officials.U.S. border regulators and protectors to prevent smuggling have always been the primary task customs service and one of the most dangerous services since its establishment.In 1808, when customs officials tried to prevent smuggling clothing products along the border along the Fermont and Canada, the businessman threatened to kill any customs tax collector who tried to execute the law.Become a smuggling ship, driven by desperate crew members, contempt for customs officials, and the potassium fertilizer of one car from Canada from Canada, spanning Lake Shang Pulan.In order to end this kind of transportation, US officials sent flies, a 12 -year -old speedboat, and were drove by Lieutenant Lienton, Lieutenant Johnson and 12 infantry who were sent to hunted the Black Snake.On August 2, 1808, the Lieutenant Farlingon and his men boarded the pirate ship. In the melee, the three infantry was killed and Lieutenant Flinton was seriously injured.Bernardon, who was detained in Fermont and charged with three government officials.Three of them were convicted; a Cyrus B. Dean was hanged two weeks later.When the US pioneers moved west, customs inspectors accompanied the early settlers to implement US laws and territorial regulations related to income, immigration and smuggling.In all states in the northern border, the original law enforcement conditions continued until the 1920s, and it was not eased until the emergence of cars and later air surveillance.Cavalry officials on the southwestern border are facing difficult terrain and desperate smugglers.Police officer Robert Rumsey is one of many people who sacrificed for public.In 1853, the Minister of Finance authorized Norte, a newly established Cavaliers Customs inspector of the Pasoder District.The horse -riding patrol team is responsible for the border of 1,900 miles along the Bay of Mexico, the United States and Mexico and the Pacific Ocean.Among these early -ridden customs officials, there are members of the United States, the first member of the United States, and the wider well -known is Teddy Roosevelt Rough Riders.During the devastating earthquake in 1920, officials managed to retain their customs flags. The eighteenth amendment of 1920 prohibited imports, owned, and sold smuggling wine in the United States.Creating a new high.Smuggles work on the edge of ships, trucks and planes.After the customs searched the smuggling wine, the customs counterattacked.When the rum smugglers were arrested, customs officials often confiscated their transport vehicles together with the wine they carried with them.During the ban, in fact, US Customs Airlines 324

338The U.S. Customs General Administration's intercepting fleet is completely composed of aircraft detained by smuggling alcohol.Today's General Administration of Customs was in the early 21st century.In terms of, there are more opportunities.Today, the General Administration of Customs is still an important part of the security of the United States. It assumes extensive responsibilities, including the implementation of more than 400 laws and treaties, usually representing other federal institutions.At the forefront of customs, customs adjust their ability to deal with the changing world test, and modify their law enforcement skills, technologies and resources to cope with the current and future threats to the United States.Anesthesia interception has disappeared with the abolition of the ban in 1933, and the market for pirated wines has disappeared. However, with the development of the economy, smuggling has caused a different form of smuggling to penetrate into the US coastline.Since the 1960s, customs officials have been struggling with the influx of opium, heroin, marijuana, marijuana, and amphibious, and other illegal anesthesia products have entered the United States.The number of transportation, goods and passengers in the United States is amazing and increasing each year, which brings complex target positioning and interception challenges, and requires various smart, investigating and operable methods.Trying to prevent the attack of illegal drugs is a difficult task; however, the customs gave a good explanation through diligent and strict inspection, cutting -edge technology and sacrifice of life.Fighting the flow of illegal drugs in the United States.The General Administration of Customs of the United States is an anti -drug agency with the largest number of illegal drugs and suspects of arrests in the United States.In the past year alone, the customs has obtained 1.4 million pounds of drugs transported to domestic distribution.The interception of customs and its unique position on the front line of the United States often provides the agency with clear signs of the use of specific drugs.In recent years, Cocaine and the updated cocaine obtained volume is quite considerable, such as Tauqueton, which has provided the latest preferred drugs and criminals for smuggling their technologies to law enforcement authorities.A unique high -profile tool of Arsenal Customs is its security forces.Drug investigators, their handler, customs officials working with them.Customs anti -drug dogs were used for the first time in 1970. They located drugs in vehicles, emails and transport ships that were not accompanied by luggage, cargo and all customs facilities on vehicles, and transportation.A dog and its dog tamer can check 500 parcels within 30 minutes.Checking so many packages requires customs email inspectors for a few days.At the border point, a dog can check the vehicle within about two minutes, and the customs inspector will take at least 20 minutes to conduct the same search. Technical progress, such as mobile trucks and fixed truck X -ray systems, will also help customs search illegal substances. At the same timeAccelerate the movement of cargo.These devices can be accurately and detailed within the required time to check the cargo for manual search, allowing more transportation tools to search and continue to move forward.Customs anti -drug work often extends outside the US coastline.The customs aircraft fleet is equipped with advanced surveillance and tracking equipment to coordinate with their high -speed ships to prevent smuggling aircraft while removing effective loads of drugs outside the United States.Customs also coordinate and participate in anti -reality tasks in the Caribbean and some South American countries.Customs money laundering agent is a survey of Carter, a expert who is designed by complex international money laundering plans to hide their criminal benefits.With the passing of the Bank's Secret Law, the law requires individuals and companies to disclose certain assets and transactions. Those participating in illegal activities find it increasingly difficult to transform their wealth into legal trade.Customs investigators are professional and often solve intricate clues related to illegal profits, which are related to the illegal income of evasion of censorship.Global money laundering has disrupted the flow of legal trade, introduced billions of non -regulatory US dollars into the world economy, and at the same time deprives the government's income and tariffs collected by taxes.Customs Money Laundering -325

339The DERING Coordination Center of the General Administration of Customs is one of the main institutions of the government to stop money laundering activities. It is engaged in continuous secret financial surveys. During the past three years, the customs conducted 12,000 investigations, arrested 3,150 people, arrested and arrested and arrested nearly 11 11.One hundred million U.S. dollars.Customs trade fraud agents are recognized as one of the best criminal investigators in the world.Their professional knowledge in border survey methods and technical knowledge enables them to effectively crack many complex types of crimes.Customs investigated each type of criminal activity.Smuggling activities from drugs to migrants and endangered animals; Painting of Rembrandt; illegal export arms; international money laundering plans; currency underestimation; cargo theft and international conspiracy; violation of neutral and children's porn products.Another measure formulated by the Customs is the forced child labor command center to monitor the import of prohibited goods manufactured by forced or contract children.Strategic investigations are rarely criminals that are more terrible or destructive than importing crimes that involve imports to harm the United States and their citizens or explosives.It is the customs of customs to stop the trafficking of sensitive and controlled products, including large -scale lethal weapons (WMD) and related technologies, ammunition and guns.When these items enter the United States, the threat will not end because of preventing these items.Customs also tasks to prevent exports of technical products and military purposes to spread countries, terrorist organizations and criminal organizations.Recently, the items seized by the customs include military aircraft, missile components, night vision systems, bomb manufacturing devices, square array missiles, and stealth technology. Customs also law enforcement violations of economic embargo and sanctions, and the entry and exports of stolen property.Criminal smuggling customs is assigned leaders to crack down on crimes implemented through the Internet and other electronic methods.One of the worst areas of customs computer surveys is children's pornographic products.In addition to formulating and implementing strategies for tracking network porn producers, customs investigators also regularly provide training and experience for prosecutors and law enforcement officials in the United States and abroad.Although this type is relatively new, the customs has arrested hundreds of people in children's pornographic cases.In the media related crime cases, customs investigators also include telephone marketing fraud (that is, false investment, charity, prize, tourism package).Intellectual property protection creators and people who have vested interests to their works. Customs protection of intellectual property trademarks is a design, slogan, marker or configuration, and used to identify products from specific sources; patents are to protect novelty or novel or novel orThe useful invention is issued; or the name of the product is used to identify the each year of specific enterprises and infringe on intellectual property rights or pirated commodity trade to cause the industry to lose billions of dollars and nearly 750,000 jobs.Scientific and analysis and research assisted customs officials to work hard to stop these illegal and fraud activities.The General Administration of Customs has maintained eight laboratories in the United States and Puerto Rico, with some imports of precision equipment analysis to determine its correct classification.These scientific discoveries provide key and accurate evidence for the efforts of prosecution of intellectual property infringers.Trade and more numbers are imminent. Customs currently handle more than 1 trillion US dollars (total imports) trade each year.In addition to human resources and policy measures designed to help this work, technology also protects public income in services.Technology is essential for customs' business effects because it is used for law enforcement.The new automatic trading environment (ACE) in the work will rely on account management to simplify the trade import process, thereby reducing the cost of trade compliance and increasing customer service in the trade community.The inspector will use this system to clearly load paperless loading: 326

340US customs services.UU.Aspes and targets do not comply with instances. Users perform various functions. The scope ranges from evaluation and collecting user rate until you get instant information about new or change import quotas, and monitor the implementation and exchange of high -level risks across the country.In addition, computer technology has increased and accelerated customs paper. As an important statistical book for trade, trade and security of the United States, it is equivalent to millions as passenger cars, trucks, private and commercial aircraft, and boats and ships.Among these people, vehicles and transportation companies, customs officers were arrested with 23,670 people.1999, The Officeers of the United States Customs Service Interrupted A Terrorist plan coincided with the Millennium Celebration of the United States in the United States.The border between the United States and Canada arrested Customs officials arrested Ahmed Restam by Algerians, with time equipment and a large number of explosive materials.He was later condemned for his role in him in him.The horror plot aims to bomb the Los Angeles International Airport.The customs arrested 302 people, related to the smuggling of WMD components and other sensitive military technology, controlled ammunition and cargo.ADuana also seized 736 ammunition and ammunition transportation.The value of technology and articles is worth $ 50.7 million.In August 2000, the US customs service announced the results of the action journey, which was a large -scale two -year investigation involving 12 corporate institutions.Investigation, the survey involved the global maritime drug transportation organization that led 25 tons of cocaine and arrested 43 people, including the US defendant's US currency.Fight with illegal drug Tale (MDMA).9.3 million in the fiscal year from the 1999 fiscal year to 2001, which led to many arrests, including those who tried to be self -proud and spy camera to Pakistan.In March 2001, the US Customs Service Department and the Russian Police Department withdrew a website of children's pornographic pornographic pornographic pornographic websites. The website caused four searches in the United States and arrested 5 times in Russia.Compliance operations, known as the blue orchid operation after the Russian website, are people associated with people.The Russian website sells children's porn videos through the Internet and emails.Moscow City Police and US Customs identified a group of Russian children's blue. The National Police Organization Association chose three special customs agents from the United States.Among the dangerous products of commercial aircraft transportation

341US customs services.UU.A total of 1,811 international commercial flights were checked, and a total of 268 types of hazardous materials were intercepted.There are three seizures and 3 seizure, and it has not been announced that a total of $ 218,555 is announced.Customs statistics, US Customs Services, Department of Finance.

342Valée, Richard (also known as Rick) RickVallée's leader LouismélouroyRoy, the leader of the organization, was soon in 1988.The location of illegal drugs. In the mid -1990s, Vallée (Vallée wants to make some money. What he wants to do is a large number of cocaine from New York to Montreal. The waiter forged his interest, but later contacted the police and agreed to become a line.People. Due to Carter's cooperation, they were arrested and arrested, and they caught 57 kg cocaine. Police suspected that the drug was destined to be sent to Wali and Roy. Two hell angels were arrested in Quebec and accused of drug trafficking. Carter.It should be the main witness. This road, but never had the opportunity to be killed on July 23, 1993. At that time, a pump planted under Porsche was exploded. The explosion started from his body and started from his body.His right leg; he was found three cars under another car. His witness star, his witness star, prosecutor had not enough evidence and withdrew the position in Serge Quesnel from Angel's Hell.He was arrested on April 1, 1995, and Duduc.quene, the leader of the motorcycle helped the government witness Robert Duduc, said that the task was more than Richardvallée more thanConvincing, the jury does not believe what he said. The godfather of hell angel is 329

343Vanverberghe revealed that Francis.Francis will be killed on April 30, and hell angels have not left the forest.U.S. Marshal issued an arrest warrant, the arrest warrant murdered with the 1993 bomb in 1993.And returned to prison without bail.On January 21, 1997, in the prison in the Rivière unit, Vallée was treated, and angel hells often escorted from prison to the hospital. He told him the accompanying person he wanted, the couple jumped jumpingThe escort and restricted it with his wife. Vallée and his associates escaped a door and ran out of the outside. The other two guys waited on the motorcycle.Car. By bicycles and quickly moved away. The spectacular escape caused the entire Canada to hunt from human hunting. The American Marshal Store has changed its appearance and represented Guy Turner.Released, the latter promised to return to the court to show up. The police agreed to his digital footprint to reveal his true identity. Francis (also known as Belgium) Francis VanverbergheControlling the struggle of illegal drugs imported illegal drugs. These battles are part of the famous French contact and lead to the reputation of the gangsters. It is a cruel and cunning operator. In 1977, he was sentenced to sentence in the famous underworld operation and sentenced12 years of imprisonment. He was arrested in Belgium four years after four years and was extradited to France as a drug position. He spent four years of guardianship in four years, and he has never been dealt with.The French government was forced to pay $ 20,000 for his civil rights. On September 28, 2000, two murderers riding motorcycles led Paris betting. The store was in Tony District in the eighth district, and at the age of 54, Fan, Fan, at the age of 54, Fan, Fan, in Fan, Fan, in Fan, Fan, Fan, Fan,Vanverberghe was killed.Brighton Beach) A social club shot Shaya Kalikman. Russian black. Online available: Visit on November 24th, visit

344Vice Lords of Vietnam, Vice Lords, is the second old black street gang in Chicago and the second old gang in Chicago.It was originally established in the late 1950s, when it was a club of the Illinois Men's Training School in St. Chanlus, Illinois.After the members were released, several people moved to the Langard area of Chicago, where they were recognized by gangs.Their main power areas are still developing green spaces and development of Golden Gate in the Altgeld Garden and Eden of the west side of Chicago.Since its initial formation, countless independent factions have been formed.These factions are now active in Chicago and peripheral areas.Each faction has its own unique name and leader.According to the drug of the Chicago National Intelligence Center, the deputy leader is a major group that controls the sales and distribution and distribution of cocaine, heroin and marijuana in Illinois and surrounding states.Since they only provide retail and distribution, the authorities know that they are constantly dealing with various international drug dealers who seek to distribute in major markets. The deputy leaders are gold, black, and red as colors.The US dollar symbol and the staff are marked. Different factions use specific graffiti to distinguish themselves. Their common gestures are one -handed thumb, index finger, and middle finger lifting to form VL.It also uses the raised hand, all fingers stretch, and the middle finger and ring finger are separated.The deputy leader said that other members were human and used the word "everything is good".You can see the members of the Vicejectory wearing the University of Elevilia, Pittsburgh Steel, Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Penguin Team, University of Texas's long -horned bull team, and Chicago Bulls' sweatshots, jerseys and baseball capsEssenceThe members also wore Louis Vuitton, (Vl Reversed) and the University of Nevada Las Vegas Jackets and Caps (Reverseed Unlv Vlnu, Vice Lord National).They continue to occupy the strongholds in many Chicago communities.The deputy leader has a hierarchical structure in each faction, including soldiers, ministers, lieutenant and feet.This structure is similar in all vice presidential factions; however, the leadership of each faction is unique, and there is no right to other factions to members.According to the statistics of Vietnam ’s Drug Control in Vietnam, Vietnam’ s scope and model of Vietnam ’s drug use is being transferred from rural elderly groups to low -aged groups in urban areas.Vietnam's pyramia stimulants may also have an impact on the younger generation.Penaline stimulants are supplied in major cities and some larger provincial centers.The increase in intravenous drugs and the continuous co -use of needle encouraged the popularity of AIDS/AIDS.At the same time, with the increase in the number of drug addicts, Vietnam's crime rate is also increasing.These two phenomena are interrelated, because according to existing statistics, 90%of those who participate in the killing, robbery, and robbery have determined that they are drug users, most of which are young people.Drug -related crimes are rising worldwide.Unemployment is one of the reasons for drug use.In rural areas, the employment insufficient rate is still higher than that of urban centers, and active employment accounts for only 74%of the total working time of one country.Year.Vietnam is still considered a small drug producer, although it has achieved significant success in eradicating poppy plants.The area of opium planting for 2000 is estimated to be hectare, and the hectares have been destroyed, accounting for 99.5%of the total planting area.The potential opium yield in 2000 was 4 metric tons.Southern provinces also have a small number of cannabis output Vietnam.No confirmation, but anecdotal evidence shows that certain prefaces may occur in Vietnam.In Vietnam, the number of sections and the number of participants in drug trafficking has increased, indicating that the country's drug problems are being upgraded.Drug smuggling is developing in an increasingly complicated way.This development may be the result of Vietnam's approaching the Golden Triangle, recently implemented open policies, and high profits involved in drug business.In addition, some reasons for the fact that the Vietnamese law enforcement department faces difficulties to solve the dense situation is that the facts have proved that the long border and coastline are extremely difficult to patrol.331

(Video) Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Affairs Of The Heart (Closed-Captioned)

345Vietnamese gang also: Nam Carm; Vietnamese gang.UN drug and criminal office.Vietnam National Office.After Vietnam and Vietnam, Vietnam is behind -1970 -mid -1970s, a small community.As a crew, the media also reached the United States coast after about five years.They also settled in Orange County.These Vietnamese immigrants have formed a solid and very clear community, and they are called Xiao Xigong in Southern California.About 1,000 members of Vietnam in South California.Producer Ahrin Mishan and the impressive documentary of Nick Rothenberg in 1994, BUI Doi: Life like dust, this is a good exhibition of Vietnamese gang life, and for Vietnam, it is for Vietnam.Gang's understanding made great contributions.Organizational crimes.Organizational crimes.The most famous Vietnamese gangs include Natoma Boyz, Santa Ana Boyz, the selected brothers and Japle and midnight flowers.However, the scope of Vietnamese gangs has nothing to do with the community. A good example is Santa Ana Boyz. They also have members San Diego, Los Angeles, Westminster, Kadgrov, Ana SeaMur, riverside and Pomona.Family tradition, Francesco participated in the criminal activity of Francesco Violi.When Paolo Violi moved to Montreal and participated in Cotroni, he brought Francesco to his main executive and suitable person.It is said to be worried in the underworld.Sicily attacked PAOLO VIOLI, and they knew that smart people were to let his brother first.On February 9, 1977, Francesco entered, waving the weapon of Fuego. It was leaned on the wall and fired on the face with A shotgun. Another attacker took a few bullets on Violi,To ensure that he is really dead. He has been 38 years. Most of the people in this city participated in the funeral of Francesco Violi, which consists of 26 cars with flowers.

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What are the four types of organized crime? ›

The six prominent forms of organized crime identified are:
  • Money-laundering.
  • Asset misappropriation.
  • Counterfeiting and contraband.
  • Fraud and extortion.
  • Human trafficking.
  • Cybercrime.

What is the largest organized crime group ever? ›

Top 10 Biggest Crime Organizations in the World
  • #8: D-Company. ...
  • #7: Hells Angels. ...
  • #6: Triad. ...
  • #5: Russian Mafia. ...
  • #4: Cali Cartel. ...
  • #3: Mexican Cartels. ...
  • #2: Yakuza. ...
  • #1: Sicilian Mafia. Immortalized on film and in the media, the Sicilian Mafia is one of the most infamous criminal groups in history.

What is the most powerful Organised crime USA? ›

Historically, the largest organized crime force in the United States has been La Cosa Nostra (Italian-American Mafia), but other transnational criminal organizations have also risen in prominence in recent decades.

What are the three types of international organized crime? ›

Transnational Organized Crime: Let's put them out of business
  • Organized crime.
  • Counterfeit goods.
  • Human trafficking.
  • Environmental crime.
  • Migrant smuggling.

What is the encyclopedia of organized crime in the United States? ›

Encyclopedia of Organized Crime in the United States: From Capone's Chicago to the New Urban Underworld. This volume describes the many new ethnic and racial criminal organizations in American society while providing systematic, detailed coverage of traditional crime families, individuals, significant events and terms.

What country has the most organized crime? ›

As the birthplace of the original mafia, Italy is home to some of the world's most powerful organized crime groups, operating domestically and abroad.

What were the 5 families of organized crime? ›

Five Families, moniker given to the five major Italian American Mafia families in New York City: Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese, and Lucchese. The families and their inner workings were publicly revealed in 1963, when a Mafia soldier testified at a congressional hearing.

What city has the most organized crime? ›

The Mafia is currently most active in the Northeastern United States, with the heaviest activity in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and New England, in areas such as Boston, Providence, and Hartford.

Who is the biggest gangster today? ›

Dawood Ibrahim (/ɪbrəˈhiːm/ ( listen) (born 26 December 1955) is an Indian mafia gangster, drug kingpin, and a wanted terrorist from Dongri, Mumbai. He reportedly heads the Indian organised crime syndicate D-Company, which he founded in Mumbai in the 1970s.
Dawood Ibrahim
Wanted since1993
10 more rows

Who was the most famous member of organized crime? ›

In the “roaring twenties,” Al Capone ruled an empire of crime in the Windy City: gambling, prostitution, bootlegging, bribery, narcotics trafficking, robbery, “protection” rackets, and murder. And it seemed that law enforcement couldn't touch him.

Who is the most ruthless organized crime? ›

United States. The Albanian mafia in the United States has been thought to greatly increase their dominant power and is one of the most violent criminal organisations in operation, particularly with their strong connections in the European Union.

What is the #1 growing crime in America? ›

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the country. It occurs when someone obtains credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, bank account information or other personal identification information and uses them to commit fraud or deception.

What is the number 1 type of crime? ›

1. Larceny / Theft. Larceny-theft hits the top of the crime list, far outweighing any other crime.

What is the most serious international crimes? ›

They include murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation or forcible transfer of population, torture, acts of sexual violence or enforced disappearance of persons. Some but not all of them are criminal offences in national legal systems. They were banned internationally because of their cruelty and barbarity.

What is the largest crime industry in the world? ›

What Are the Biggest Illicit Industries?
Transnational CrimeEstimated Annual Value (US$)
Crude Oil Theft$5.2 billion to $11.9 billion
Small Arms & Light Weapons Trafficking$1.7 billion to $3.5 billion
Organ Trafficking$840 million to $1.7 billion
Total$1.6 trillion to $2.2 trillion
7 more rows

What are the 4 major international crimes? ›

During the 2005 United Nations World Summit, heads of state and government accepted the responsibility of every state to protect its population from four crimes: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing.

What are the biggest Organised crime groups in America? ›

United States
  • National Crime Syndicate. Seven Group. Murder, Inc.
  • Prohibition-era gangs. Galveston. Downtown Gang. ...
  • Polish Mob. Saltis-McErlane Gang. Kielbasa Posse. ...
  • Dixie Mafia. Cornbread Mafia. State Line Mob.
  • Wall gang.
  • Greek-American organized crime. Philadelphia Greek Mob. ...
  • Hispanic-American. Marielitos. ...
  • Assyrian/Chaldean mafia.

Who is the father of organized crime? ›

Lucky Luciano

When was organized crime at its peak in the US? ›

The Italian American Cosa Nostra crime families are the longest-lived and most successful organized crime organizations in US history, achieving their pinnacle of power in the 1970s and 1980s.

Which country has lowest crime rate? ›

Countries Ranked by Safety
#CountryGlobal Peace Index
2New Zealand1.27
75 more rows

Are the 5 crime families still active? ›

They also maintain a strong presence in the state of New Jersey. The Five Families are also active in South Florida, Connecticut, Las Vegas, and Massachusetts. The Bonanno crime family operates mainly in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island.

What country has the lowest crime right? ›

1. Iceland. Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is also the safest country in the world according to the Global Peace Index. With a low homicide rate, low level of violent crime, and limited access to small arms, Iceland is truly a peaceful country for its residents and visitors.

What is the most feared crime family? ›

It also estimated that the Genovese family consists of about 270 "made" members. The family maintains power and influence in New York, New Jersey, Atlantic City and Florida. It is recognized as the most powerful Mafia family in the U.S., a distinction brought about by their continued devotion to secrecy.

Who is the most powerful gangster in New York? ›

Charles "Lucky" Luciano was an Italian-American mobster, considered the founder and father of organized crime in America and the most powerful Mafia boss of all time.

Are any famous mobsters still alive? ›

Longtime Colombo under-boss John “Sonny” Franzese is the living embodiment of the ultimate mob rule — bragging in an interview about refusing to rat despite it making him the oldest federal prisoner at the age of 100.

Which city has the most gangster in USA? ›

Los Angeles. Los Angeles has held the nickname "gang capital America" since 1930 because approximately 120,000 gang members reside in the city, and tens of thousands more in surrounding Los Angeles County.

What is the most crime filled city in America? ›

Most Dangerous Cities in the US
3Little RockArkansas
64 more rows

What state is known for the most crime? ›

1. Alaska. The most dangerous state in the USA is Alaska, as it has the highest combined violent and property crime rate out of any state. Out of a population of 736,081, Alaska's crime rate was 32.14 per 1,000 people in 2022, making it the state with the highest crime rate.

Who was the smartest gangster ever? ›

The US Treasury official Elmer Irey considered him "the biggest gangster in America" and wrote, "He was the smartest and, I dare say, the best of all the hoodlums.
Johnny Torrio
BornDonato TorrioJanuary 20, 1882 Montepeloso, Basilicata, Kingdom of Italy
DiedApril 16, 1957 (aged 75) New York City, U.S.
13 more rows

Who was the most brutal gangster? ›

Anastasia was one of the most ruthless and feared organized crime figures in American history; his reputation earned him the nicknames The Earthquake, The One-Man Army, Mad Hatter and Lord High Executioner.
Albert Anastasia
Resting placeGreen-Wood Cemetery, New York City, New York, U.S.
24 more rows

Who is the biggest female gangster? ›

10 Most Famous Female Gangsters of All Time
  • Ma Barker. Kate Barker, also known as Ma Barker, was a prominent and influential figure during the notorious “public enemy era” of the 1930s. ...
  • Bonnie Elizabeth Parker. ...
  • Sara Aldrete. ...
  • Tilly Devine. ...
  • Kate Leigh. ...
  • Bessie Starkman. ...
  • Lola la Chata. ...
  • Renae Lawrence.
Feb 27, 2023

What state has the most murders? ›

Homicide Rate by State
#StateHomicide Rate
1District of Columbia49.2 per 100k
2Louisiana22.9 per 100k
3Missouri18 per 100k
4South Carolina17.4 per 100k
47 more rows

What is the most common crime committed USA? ›

Theft or larceny is the most common type of property crime. It's estimated that someone is a victim of theft every 5.5 seconds. The next most common crime is burglary, which involves breaking and entering.

What is the fastest growing crime in the US today? ›

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the country. It occurs when someone obtains credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, bank account information or other personal identification information and uses them to commit fraud or deception.

What is the least serious crime? ›

Infractions. Infractions, which can also be called violations, are the least serious crimes and include minor offenses such as jaywalking and motor vehicle offenses that result in a simple traffic ticket. Infractions are generally punishable by a fine or alternative sentencing such as traffic school.