I Tried 11 Chicken Sandwiches and This Was the Best (2023)

althoughfast food chicken sandwichn the market can feel crowded at times (a new chicken sandwich seems to be announced every two weeks), however, there is a long list of sandwiches that stand out from the crowd for their incredible taste and texture.mcdonald's,papayas, Burguer King, Chick-fil-A,KFC, and many more, make memorable chicken sandwiches that people keep coming back for.

Some have cemented themselves in the fast food spirit due to their long history. For example,Chick-fil-A's famous signature sandwichdatesgo back to the 1960s.Others are newcomers who quickly made their mark on fast food culture. It's hard to believe that the now legendary Popeyes chicken sandwich only appeared in 2019.

What makes the best chicken sandwich? ForChefJennifer Hill Bookereverything has to be balanced. Inyour perfect chicken sandwich, "Fortunately, the chicken to bread ratio is more chicken than bread. But most importantly, the chicken is moist, the breading is crisp, and the buns are warm." Most have something fresh like crispy pickles, ripe tomatoes, or shredded lettuce, and usually a tasty spread or quality mayonnaise. ties it all together.Soft bread.In the end, most of these chicken sandwiches are similar, and the twists that come with them are what make them unique.

Of chicken sandwiches they've been decoratingfast food menusFrom decades to modern creations that became viral sensations, these are America's 14 Best Fast Food Chicken Sandwiches.

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Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

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It's safe to say that no other fast food chicken sandwich in history has reached the pinnacle of popularity.Popeyes Chicken Sandwichachieved, especially in such a short time. This Popeyes menu item is often considered the "end all, be all" for fast food chicken sandwiches. And if you've ever been lucky enough to get your hands on this tasty sandwich, you'll know why.

Made with a succulent breaded chicken breast, a toasted brioche bun, barrel-cured pickle slices, and classic mayonnaise, this delectable sandwich has become something of a gold standard. Chains like McDonald's, Wingstop, and KFC (apparently) have tried to replicate it. But just as lightning never strikes the same place twice, no one has been able to recreate the magic of this sandwich.

Even better, Popeyes also offers in aspicy version. Released at the same time as the classic chicken sandwich, this epic menu item includes all of the same sides but has a twist: its bun is slathered in a tangy, spicy mayonnaise.

The Spicy Chicken Sandwich is also one for the books and is perfect for Popeyes purists who like a little zing. "The Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich is by far my favorite," shares the professional chef and recipe developer.General LaRocca, "It's got a chicken patty bigger and juicier than any other fast food sandwich, a creamy, tangy mayonnaise that packs a punch, and pickles to cut through the richness of the sandwich—it's reliably balanced, crunchy, and delicious."

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Since his arrival on the scene in the 1960s,Chick-Fil-A Original Chicken SandwichIt has been extremely popular, and for good reason. It features a boneless chicken breast that is breaded, seasoned, and then pressure-cooked (in peanut oil) to perfection. Spicy pickle chips help the sandwich achieve the perfect amount of bite, and their buttery bun adds a nice touch.

chef and restaurateurKC gulbroHe calls it "flavorful, moist, well-seasoned and consistent...You can always count on this chicken sandwich no matter which Chick-Fil-A location you visit," he adds.

Created by Chick-Fil-A founder Truett Cathy, it's hard to believe that this masterpiece was thought up, well, haphazardly. As the story goes, a local poultry supplier had extra chicken lying around and asked Cathy if she wanted it for her restaurant of hers at the time, The Dwarf Grill. Cathy said she did and started toying around with chicken sandwich ideas, and the iconic sandwich was born. The recipe remains unchanged to this day and is stored in a vault at Chick-fil-A's Corporate Support Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Yes, it's that good.


Shake Shack Chick'n Shack

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Although Shake Shack is famous for its burgers, people can't get enough of them.your Chick'n Shack sandwichesalso. After the fast casual restaurant chain filed a trademark application forthe phrase "chicken shack" in 2015, people started speculating that it would release a chicken sandwich soon after and, well, they were right.

Released in the winter of 2016, this sandwich is prized for its unique flavor. It features 100% natural, antibiotic-free chicken that is slow-cooked in a buttermilk marinade, hand-dipped in homemade batter, coated in seasoned flour, and then pan-fried. Layered with gherkins and shredded lettuce, their pièce de résistance is the undeniably delicious buttermilk herb mayonnaise made with parsley, thyme, and chives.



Wendy's Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich

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Wendy's may be known for its Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers, Whoppers, and chicken nuggets (how good is the sweet and sour sauce, though?), but what people are hooked on is theircrispy chicken sandwich. Made with lightly breaded chicken breast, crisp lettuce, thinly sliced ​​tomatoes, and pickles all piled on a toasted bun, this sandwich has been on Wendy's menu for years.received a recent update in 2020. The result? A crispier, juicier, flavorful chicken sandwich that definitely doesn't hold back on flavor.


Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich

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Make no mistake: While there are plenty of spicy chicken sandwiches on the market today, Wendy's was the first to do it. In 1995, the famous restaurant chain invented a spicy chicken sandwich as part of a promotion. The network soon learned that they had to givethis sandwich a permanent place on the menu- he was so popular.

Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich is different from the popular Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich in that hot seasonings are used in both the marinade and breading; Popeyes uses mayonnaise to add spice. If you haven't tried this one yet, what are you waiting for?


KFC classic pollo sandwich

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Since the 1930s, KFC has been making some of the best fried chicken on the planet, so it's no surprise that its classic chicken sandwich is considered one of the best. KFC's Must-Have Chicken Sandwichesemerged in the 1980s, when the restaurant began experimenting withwith variations likeyour classic chicken sandwich.

Made with crispy breaded chicken breast, zesty pickles, brioche buns and mayonnaise or hot sauce, this sandwich tastes wonderful on its own or pairs well with one of the chain's delicious sides like mashed potatoes or corn. In addition to a classic chicken option, KFC also offers theHen, a slider version of their classic chicken sandwich, and the limited-time Double Down sandwich, a breadless sandwich with double the crispy chicken.


McDonald's McCrispy

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No list is complete without the incomparableMcCrispy a McDonald's. This upscale sandwich is made with juicy all-white chicken fillet, diced pickle puree, and a potato roll topped with salted butter and isavailable in classic, spicy and deluxe options. Its deluxe version is filled with sliced ​​Italian tomatoes and mayonnaise, which gives it a special touch. Though it's only been on the menu since 2021, it's instantly become a hit upon its release and has already joined the ranks of some of the other iconic offerings on the McDonald's menu.

By the way, the chain only gave this sandwich the respect it deserves when it changed its name in America earlier this year.The chain honored the fan-favorite sandwich by changing its name to "McCrispy," elevating it to the heights of iconic menu items like Chicken McNuggets and McFlurry that carry the "Mc" badge of honor.

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Burger King's classic pollo sandwich

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Don't be fooled by the name of this network: it doesFantastic Chicken Sandwiches, also. Though BK has had many chicken sandwiches come and go over the years (we're still confused as to why they thought this was a good idea).discontinue the incredibly popular Ch'King), one that has stood the test of time is the classic chicken sandwich. Made with lightly breaded chicken, fresh lettuce, and creamy mayonnaise all encased in a sesame seed bun, this sandwich might be less fancy than the chain's more hyped sandwiches (BK Royal Crispy Sandwich, anyone?), but how do you added to the mix? The menu in the 1970's has always been delicious.


Culver's Crispy Chicken Sandwich

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Founded in Sauk City, Wisconsin, in the 1980s as a hamburger and frozen yogurt joint, Culver's has grown into a national chain with nearly 1,000 locations across the United States. Although many of his restaurants are located in the Midwest, the deliciousness of his crispy chicken sandwich transcends state lines.

Made with southern-style fried chickenWith hints of garlic, onion and cayenne pepper in its breading, sliced ​​ripe tomatoes and zesty pickles, on a Kaiser bun, this sandwich strikes the perfect balance of flavor and texture. "The crispy exterior has the perfect bite and mouthfeel, while the chicken itself tastes fresh and is always juicy," he says.Bryan Q. Le, PhD, food scientist and food industry consultant. "My favorite part is how well the butter buns pair with the flavor of the crispy chicken patty, with the perfect amount of pickles to lighten the flavor of the chicken."


Zaxby's Signature Chicken Sandwich

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Two words: Zax. Dip. Zaxby's, the Georgia-founded chain, is not only famous for its burgers, sandwiches, and chicken wings, but also for its incredible Zax sauce, which, as you probably guessed, is found everywhere.your signature chicken sandwich. This sandwich, which wasadded to each location's menu in 2021, is made with breaded white brisket meat, chunky pickle chips, a split potato bun, and lots of homemade garlic sauce.


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Arby's classic crujiente chicken sandwich

I Tried 11 Chicken Sandwiches and This Was the Best (12)

First class roast beef, fries and chicken sandwiches. Arby's, a fast-food sandwich chain with thousands of locations across the country, has become synonymous with roast beef sandwiches, but itsClassic Crispy Chicken Sandwichdoes not disappoint Launched in 2016, this tasty sandwich is made with breaded chicken, shredded lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and toasted bread. Enjoyed with a side of fries or a chocolate milkshake, this menu item is a must if you haven't tried it yet.


Jack In The Box Homestyle Ranch Pollo Club

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what's good about itJack in the Box's Homestyle Ranch Chicken ClubIt's not that it tastes delicious, but it's also highly customizable. Its basic ingredients include a crispy chicken tenderloin, hot bacon, Swiss cheese, ranch dressing, lettuce, and tomatoes, but American cheese, pickles, sliced ​​onions, ketchup, mustard, jalapenos, and sriracha sauce can be added or substituted for a small fee. . .


Pollo Raising Cane Sandwich Combo

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If you're a chicken sandwich enthusiast but haven't orderedRaising Cane Chicken Sandwich Combostill, you're missing out. The chain, which started in 1996, offers a do-it-yourself sandwich combo with three crispy breaded chicken strips, soft toasted bread, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, fries and your choice of beverage. While the Louisiana-founded chain has fewer locations compared to other places on the list,some reviewers saythat the Raising Cane chicken is so good that they actually prefer it to Chick-fil-A's.

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McDonald's McFrango

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Although McDonald's has released its share of chicken sandwich variations over the years (they even sold a mozzarella-filled sandwich at one point), one has tried it and the true classic is gone.or Chicken. Made with a perfectly seasoned chicken patty, shredded lettuce, creamy herb mayonnaise, and soft toasted bread, this portable dish has 400 calories per serving, also making it a good option for those looking for a lower-calorie option.

The sandwich was first introduced in 1980, then again in 1988, and finally for good in 1997; after it was discontinued in 1996, people started calling for its return. It now has a fixed place on McDonald's menus and in our hearts. Reliably delicious and easy to find, this timeless sandwich is the pinnacle of delicious fast food and proof that sometimes classic is the only way to go.

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