How in the world is Starbucks? (2023)

Starbucks, a global chain headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is the largest coffee retailer in the world. Starbucks has many stores in countries all over the world, and the brand makes the coffee shop an internationally famous brand. Founded in 1971 by American businessman Howard Schultz, who was inspired byItalian Espresso CultureStarbucks currently operates 30,000 stores in more than 77 countries around the world.

While Starbucks is known for its standardized hot and cold coffee offerings, what you may not realize (unless you've visited a location during your international travels) is that the drinks menu is not the same in every country. The company conducts research on the unique cultures of the different countries in which it operates to offer beverages tailored to local tastes. This means that even if you memorize your local Starbucks menu, there are still plenty of (literally) Starbucks drinks you haven't tried.

We've surveyed the countries with the highest concentration of Starbucks stores to bring you details on amazing Starbucks beverages you won't find in the US.

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In Canada, the country of British origin, Starbucks caters to local tastes with caramel and caramel, as well as the famous True North maple syrup. Canada also has a large Asian population who prefer flavored beverages to tea.

mocha candy

With its rich buttery flavorDulceFlavor-wise, the Toffee Mocha brings an extra zing to the standard Starbucks Hot Mocha (a coffee-and-espresso blend).hot coco), which is a great way to keep warm in the cold winter.

Arce Macchiato

Canada loves herMaple sugarThis hot cup of coffee is covered with a little of the real thing. It sits atop a potent, delicious blend of hot espresso, warm milk, and sweet vainsyrup.

Latte tea with blooming roses

While Canada is known for its cold weather, it also experiences hot summers, and this sweet Starbucksiced milk teaIt's a popular way to beat the heat. The brewed tea is mixed with hot milk, sweet rose syrup and bright pink icing.

Black Sesame Latte Tea

This unusually delicious drink looks likelatte, but it is made with strong black tea. It's steamed with milk and mixed with a rich, nutty black sesame paste. Everything is sprinkled with decadent black sesame seeds.Praline Caramel ChunksProvides a sweet and crunchy taste.


Starbucks Mexico's signature drinks use local, indigenous ingredients.

Mango Yogurt Frappuccino

This Fruity Iced Frappuccino is coffee-free, perfect for kids or adults avoiding caffeine. This is a vibrant fresh yogurt smoothie,mangoMash and milk.

Christmas Punch

The name means "Christmas punch," and the tea drink was inspired by the drink served at Christmas parties in Mexican families. Drinks can be ordered hot or iced, including hibiscus tea,apple,guava, Cinnamon And Brown Sugar.

Fall is upon us, so stock up on the best maple syrup now.


In tea-loving China, Starbucks offers an extensive tea menu that includes teas made with local ingredients, as well as popular coffee drinks.

Green Tea Frappuccino with Red Beans

this drink changesgreen teaAcross China, the beverage is served as a creamy iced Frappuccino topped with a spoonful of sweet red bean kernels.

black tea latte

This hot, frothy drink looks very American.latte, but it is full of Chinese flavorblack teaMix with warm hot milk.

White Chocolate Apricot Mocha

Apricot notes add a fruity flavor to this white chocolate.MokaSpecially designed for the Chinese market. Rich in cocoa butter and cocoa powder, it's mixed with hot milk and finished with sweet sugar.whipped cream


Starbucks' Japanese menu includes custom coffee and tea beverages, some of which cater to the Japanese love of American food culture.

Sakura Latte

One of Starbucks' most iconic Japanese menu items, the Sakura Latte is inspired by the famous cherry blossoms that bloom each spring. It's a spicy, creamy, sweet, and pretty pink drink flavored with sakura petal paste and white bean paste. Topped with rice crackers and drizzled with strawberry chocolate sauce.

Green tea latte

MatchaIt has become synonymous with Japan. This delicious light green tea latte is made with matcha powder and milk foam for a unique flavor balance of sweetness and bitterness.

American Frappuccino with Cherry Pie

The American Cherry Pie Frappuccino is like a delicious dessert. This cold creamy blended coffee drink is filled with whipped cream and includescherrySyrup and cherry compote, topped with a real cake dome.

black tea recipe


Jelly, tropical fruit and sugary cold drinks are popular at Starbucks in tropical Thailand.

Jelly Frappuccino with Triple Coffee

If you've tried bubble tea, you can imagine this iced coffee drink with chewy jelly popsicles suspended in liquid. Chunks of coffee jelly are layered on the bottom of the cup, then topped with Frappuccino coffee, espresso whipped cream, ice cubes, and ground coffee "ground."

Peach Cloud Jelly

This sweet iced tea drink is made with Diyunwu special green tea blended with sweetened iced tea.peach juiceIt's filled with floating chunks of peach jelly.

Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

What could make a classic Frappuccino even better? This mixed drink has sweetened strawberry puree added as a garnishcheesecake- inspiration and crumbled whipped creamgaletas graham

South Korea

In Korea, Starbucks offers hot and cold creamy coffee drinks that contain ingredients that may be unfamiliar to the American public.

Jeju Honey Peanut Latte

This popular, nutty hot coffee drink starts with a rich, dark espresso shot from Starbucks. This is mixed with local conditions.Honeyand steamed peanut milk from Jeju Island, a popular Korean beach resort.

Mocha White Cheese Joy

This special Starbucks Christmas drink, available in South Korea during the Lunar New Year period, complements the standard hot mocha, cheese whipped cream and mini cheeseRedondo.

oat milk

hot or cold, thisAvenaCrunchy granola and berry lattes are popular healthy Starbucks menu items here.


Tea drinks are the norm in Starbucks stores in Taiwan. Subtropical climates also call for plenty of iced drinks.

Iced Tea with Ruby Grapefruit and Honey

This popular iced tea drink combines traditional black tea with sour black tea.pomelojuice. Honey is added for extra sweetness.

Chilled Green Tea with Aloe Vera and Cactus

Sounds like something for sunburn relief, this combinesiced teaThese drinks are paired with green tea, refreshing diced aloe vera and sweet cactus syrup.

Iced blend of matcha and espresso

Matching tea half matcha halfStrong coffeeBlended with a dash of milk, this cold drink is packed with caffeine for an energizing boost on hot days. It also has a gloomy look, which makes it perfect for Instagram.


Indonesians love coffee, and the Indonesian Starbucks menu reflects the country's penchant for sweet and crunchy treats.

Salted Caramel Mocha Crumble

Served hot or iced, this delicious drink is made with espresso mocha mixed with toffee pecan syrup and topped with sweetened whipped cream.caramel sauceAnd a crunchy mix of turbinate sugar and sea salt.

Crunchy Orange Honeycomb Frappuccino

This Frappuccino doesn't use coffee and is said to taste like runny cream. Real cream is blended with sweet orange syrup and topped with fluffy, crunchy orange whipped cream.honeycomb candyand a drizzle of citrus.

Chestnut Montblanc Latte

This delicious, dark and nutty hot coffee drink will make a warming Christmas drink. Start with a classic latte (made with espresso and steamed milk) and addChestnutSyrup flavored and topped with espresso cream.


Black lattes and sweet mixed drinks are popular menu items here.

limit target

In this coffee-loving country, the Ristretto Bianco is a standard menu item at Starbucks. This hot espresso with steamed milk is similar to an Italian latte, but with a shot of ristretto (a stronger espresso) added for extra flavor.

Frappuccino with Chocolate Cream Chips

For chocolate lovers who prefer to drink dessert rather than eat it, this sweet and creamy Frappuccino is a great choice. It's a lot like an American mocha, but with added chocolate chips. Topped with a dollop of whipped cream and drizzled with mocha syrup.


Dessert-style drinks are popular in Starbucks coffee shops in rainy, cold Britain.

Macchiato Creme Brulee

Inspired by luxury restaurants.dessert, this delicious hot drink has a creamy custard base mixed with sweetened whipped cream and topped with ribbons of sugar caramel.

Creme Brulee Latte

This luxurious blend of espresso, hot milk and caramel is smooth and comforting on the palate.ButterscotchSalsa dancing sounds like a comforting way to beat the cold weather.

Deciphering the Different Types of Espresso on Coffee Shop Menus


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