Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (2023)

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (1)

Fight against Mr. 2is the sequel to Taiwanese BL drama No. 1 For You, which continues a few years after the end of the first season. All characters are now working and the BL romance has turned into a tech office environment. However, the main couple does not have the best of relationships and after a few years they meet again. Their unresolved feelings for each other deepen as they mix romance with workplace politics.

Fans of the first series will want to continue the characters' romantic journey in Fighting Mr. 2nd. This BL sequel is full of loving conversations and shares many of the same strengths and weaknesses as its predecessor. The story remains flimsy and illogical, but is saved by the sizzling chemistry between the main actors.

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Counter in second place

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about 3 hours

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cute and sweet

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6 episodes + special

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about 30 minutes

building ground

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (2)

Five years ago, Shi De and Shu Yi broke up after their long-distance relationship failed. Shu Yi felt very betrayed after seeing Shi De with another woman and cut off all contact with him. Since then, Shu Yi has become the vice president of his father's organization. His company recently acquired a tech startup owned by none other than CEO Gao Shi De.

Shi De and Shu Yi clash right after their first meeting in five years. An emotional Shu Yi threatens to lay off half of the newly merged company's employees, including the CEO himself. Regrettable Shi De tries to apologize to his ex-boyfriend for the past. He is determined to win Shu Yi back over and mend their broken relationship.

However, Shu Yi feels vengeful and has no intention of making their working relationship any easier. He plans to mess with Shi De's feelings and hurt him with as much pain as Shu Yi felt during their breakup. These mind games overwhelm Shi De, who collapses on an emotional evening. As Shi De bares his heart, body, and soul, Shu Yi begins to wonder if he's still strong enough to hold that grudge.

Fighting Mr. 2do Trailer

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Battle against Mr. 2do Reparto



i am lin(Lin Zihong)

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (3)

Shi De is the CEO of Hua Cing, a tech company that was recently acquired by her ex-boyfriend's company. She wants to repair her relationship with Shi Yi and feels guilty about how their romance ended. Shi De lived in the United States for two years before returning to Taiwan. He seems to be keeping his stay abroad a secret, which weighs heavily on him.

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shu yi

YU(Yang Yuteng)

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (4)

Shu Yi is Vice President of Cheng Yi Group, a family company owned by his father. He is heartbroken after breaking up with Shi De years ago. Shu Yi is vengeful after reuniting with her ex-boyfriend and hits him at their business meetings. He is good friends with Zhe Yu and Bing Wei who work for his company.

Shou Yi

beam change(Zhang Ruijia)

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (5)

Shou Yi runs a cozy harbor restaurant. This is his new line of work after quitting his job as a doctor years ago. Shou Yi has a complicated relationship with Zhen Xuan, whom he has avoided for over a decade. He remains close to his cousin Shi De, who seeks his brotherly advice.

Zhen Xuan

Chih Tian Shih(Ishijida)

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (6)

Zhen Xuan is the CTO of Shi De's company and suffers from a variety of mental illnesses from autism. Zhen Xuan used to be mercilessly bullied in high school until Shou Yi stepped in and took care of him. Since then, Zhen Xuan has had an obsessive crush on Shou Yi for a decade.

supporting cast

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (7)

Zhe yu

Richard Lee

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (8)

bin wei

Evan Luo (Luo-Luo)

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (9)

Shu Yis Vater

Yoza Eriku (mit Zashige Riku)

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Battle against Mr. second revision


Drama Review Score:7.9


Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (10)

All in all, Fighting Mr. 2nd is a pretty good sequel to No. 1 For You. The story is so different from the first season that it feels unique and refreshing. At the same time, this series retains many of the same charms and joys of the original while building on the strong chemistry between the two leads.

In general, iI enjoyed fighting Mr. 2 more for you than No. 1. The workplace storylines become darker with a slightly more serious undertone, which in the first season was more interesting than the fuzz on the school campus. It helps that we're already familiar with these characters so it feels more personal as their backstories expand and their relationship dynamics develop. Both Shi De and Shu Yi are more well-rounded characters this season.

The plot is still the weakest part of Fighting Mr. 2nd. Stepping into this drama, he knew they couldn't come up with a satisfactory explanation as to why Shi De and Shu Yi broke up. The showrunners backed into a corner, making the circumstances too absurd and complicated. Shi De's actions are completely out of line and his reason for leaving Shu Yi is ridiculously bad. Any conflict between them feels artificial, fueled by an artificial need to keep the pair apart early in the series.

That said, Fighting Mr. 2nd is still fun if you can.Focus on the passionate romance between Shi De and Shu Yi.. By adding tension to their relationship dynamic, their scenes have become more intimate and provocative. There's one particularly memorable exchange in Episode 2 that really impressed me. 😲 The main characters already shared in No. 1 For You a great relationship that was further strengthened in Fighting Mr. 2nd. Shi De and Shu Yi fans will be delighted to see many passionate scenes between them.

While I don't think Fighting Mr. 2nd made any significant improvements over its predecessor, this is a solid sequel that builds on its existing strengths. If they actually do a season 3 (preferably starring the sexy doctor 😍) I would definitely be interested. Bring the upcoming sequel Threesomes with Mr. 3rd in this ongoing trilogy!


the breaking

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (11)

When I was younger I remember watching an episode of BL anime Junjou Romantica where the story started with the couple breaking up. At the time, the easily impressed BL Watcher thought this concept was very innovative. I was used to seeing romances where the couple meet, develop feelings, and then end up together. Any BL story that deviates from the norm feels like a godsend and I'm excited to see what happens next.

That's the same feeling I get when I watch Fighting Mr. 2nd. All these years later, I still enjoy a story about the couple trying to salvage a failed relationship. I liked the premise of Fighting Mr. 2nd, and for the first two episodes I dealt with the volatile tension between the two. Added the breaka new level of complexity for your dynamic relationship. As they fought, some of their scenes got pretty serious and steamy, which was captivating to watch.

stupid act

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (12)

Unfortunately, the stupidity in the plot pulled me out of the dive. I always thought the reason for the breakup wasn't believable, and that was more or less the case.

Shi De broke up with Shu Yi due to her father's interference.. The problem is, why would Shi De be so stupid as to trust Shu Yi's father and agree to his ridiculous terms? For someone as smart and in love as Shi De, I can't believe he would ever agree to this arrangement. That goes against everything we know about this character and I can't stop looking at it.

I also don't understand all the drama with his mother's pregnancy or this American woman whose presence has never been adequately explained. I assumed the woman was probably his sister-in-law, but it would have been nice to get actual confirmation during the series considering she played a big part in the storyline.

All of these issues were fairly trivial and could have been resolved with simple communication between the couple. Why didn't Shi De Shu tell Yi about his mother's pregnancy? Or why didn't Shu Yi Shi De ask about the woman and the baby? None of these scenarios would result in a normal couple breaking up. However, shewas inflated disproportionately for made-up plot reasons.

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Shi De und Shu Yi

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (13)

The strength of the relationship between Shi De and Shu Yi carries this series. The two form a versatile couple. They can be cute and cuddly or sexy and hot. This is a fun and dynamic couple where the two characters interact well.

His journey was fun to watch. At first I liked the sizzling sexual tension between them. later iI enjoyed watching them reconcile, restore trust and grow together as a couple. In the last episode they seemed so happy together and I'm glad we have a lot of scenes where they are adorable.

My favorite scenes are when they recall the events of the first series. I laugh out loud every time Shi De Shu impersonates Yi on the bridge or in the pool. 😆 The two have built many treasured memories over these last twelve episodes and I will look back fondly on this BL drama every time I look back on it.

Shou Yi und Zhen Xuan

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (14)

Hmm, I really don't know how I feel about this couple. Am I fascinated or am I upset? That sums up what I think of Zhen Xuan's character throughout the series. I go back and forth on whether I like this relationship or not. Sometimes yes, sometimes no and sometimes I don't know.

Their romance suffers from being told in a choppy manner.. We do get occasional flashbacks and a few scenes inserted into the main story, but the flow doesn't feel cohesive. I didn't feel like I got the full picture of their relationship, just the abridged version with a few moments. Ultimately, Shou Yi and Zhen Xuan aren't the focus of Fighting Mr. 2nd, and it shows in the lackluster development of their romance.

Bing Wei und Zhe Yu

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (15)

Nothing to say about Bing Wei and Zhe YuTheir relationship takes place almost entirely off-screen. Fighting Mr. 2nd is really determined not to give this couple any development and you can count on one hand the number of their scenes together.

I didn't like how Zhe Yu described their relationship by treating Bing Wei like the donkey and him like the precious carrot. It's okay that her character is a little bit pretentious, but there had to be a scene where she really showed some vulnerability. Get him excited about the suggestion or give him a scene where he responds positively to something Bing Wei is doing. Show us why this couple is really together.

The engagement ended up seemingly out of nowhere. We didn't even know they were living together, and now they're engaged? I would be happy for these two if I could actually see thatnoneMoments of relationship between them, howeverThis proposal might actually be their only scene together. Bing Wei and Zhe Yu's relationship is similar to asking if a tree falling in a forest makes a sound? In this case, it's like a non-existent BL couple got engaged, should I be happy for them? 🤷🏻‍♀️


great chemistry

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (16)

Overall, the spectacle in No. 1 For You pretty decent. There's a very challenging scene in Episode 2, and while I don't think the Shi De (Sam Lin) actor brought out all the emotion needed, his acting was good enough to make me feel immersed. Shu Yi (YU)'s actor was a bit reluctant, and I think he held back in some scenes, but his acting is still passable for the most part.

I would like to give a special shout out to the actor who plays the character of Zhen Xuan (Chih Tian Shih). His self-talk in Episode 6 was a difficult scene, but he did a great job with the footage. Tears came out of her eyes, snot came out of her nose and saliva came out of her mouth. It wasn't always pretty, but it made the emotions in that scene feel so raw and real.

For me, the strongest part of No. 1 For You and Fighting Mr. 2ndthe chemistry between the two actors. The leads are very comfortable with each other, especially when it comes to kissing, and their connection is perfect.

best character

Shou Yi

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (17)

Anyone reading my review of No. 1 For You reads, it knowsmy obsession with the character of Shou Yi. I fell in love with him when he was the HOT DOCTOR. My feelings have not abated even after he underwent an inexplicable career change due to his midlife crisis. When men reach a certain age, they face an existential crisis. Some of them buy a luxury sports car, while others choose a younger romantic partner. And then there are men like Shou Yi, who quit his job as a doctor and suddenly opened a new restaurant.

As I mentioned earlier, my reasons for liking Shou Yi are purely superficial. To be honest, I can understand why Zhen Xuan has been so fond of the boy for twelve years. I mean alonelook at it. fromGot it. If this big beefcake came to my rescue, it would be love at first sight for me too.

I can't say that Shou Yi is a particularly well-written character. Out of respect, I won't comment too much on his mood disorder, which I know very little about. However, it seemed like her condition appeared out of the blue in the final episode. Well, did I miss something or was his character always like that?Was he blinded by her heat?and you didn't know you had this disorder all along?

Shou Yi und Shi De

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (18)

One small detail I love about Shou Yi's character is his relationship with Shi De. I love how there's a recurring running gag where someone mistakenly assumes these two cousins ​​are romantically involved. It happened to Shu Yi in Fighting for No. 1, and it happened again with Zhen Xuan in this series. What about these two makes people automatically assume they're a couple? 😂

It makes me reject this taboo relationship just for shit and laughs. I amamongfor this gay fantasy romance between cousins. CONTINUE. 😝

skin and nudity

shirtless scenes

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (19)

yes there issome shirtless scenesscattered throughout Fighting Mr. 2nd. Shu Yi remains shirtless in the opening moments of the series. There are also plenty of opportunities for Shi De to wake up shirtless or accidentally take a shower in the middle of the episode.

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Is there a trigger?


Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (20)

You may not feel entirely comfortable watching itShi De's drunken behavior around Shu Yi in Episode 2.At some point he even becomes very aggressivebeatShu Yi's small body on the sofa. The more Shu Yi tries to oppose him, the more aggressive Shi De becomes. His actions are shocking, provocative, and the character definitely crosses some lines of decency.

This scene is designed to get you going and evoke a wide mix of emotions in the audience. If you felt a little aroused during this scene, then the show probably got what it wanted.


she is drunk

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (21)

Although Shi De's drunken daze can be triggering, it isemotional climax of Fighting Mr. 2nd. The tension between the two is at an all-time high, making their showdown very explosive. Shi De begins this scene in a vulnerable state, crawling and crying in front of Shu Yi's door. When Shu Yi rejects him again, there is something in himsnaps. Suddenly, Shi De's carnal desires take over and he becomes a whole different person, following his most primitive impulses.

As a character, Shi De is always very balanced and collected. He's a man with a plan, who stays completely private and doesn't always show his feelings openly. It's amazing to see how aggressive and animalistic he is in this scene. We had never seen such behavior before. You really get the feeling that Shi De was pushed to the limit, went mad with passion and lost complete control of himself.

This scene was very convincing. I was completely on the edge of my seatfascinated by how far Shi De would go and how Shu Yi will react. The energy pulsed with all sorts of wild emotions, from anger to confusion, despair to passion. I don't think any other scene in Fighting Mr. 2nd reaches the same emotional heights as this drunken confrontation.

return message

secondary character

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (22)

The fight against Mr. 2nd only feels appealing when it focuses on Shou Yi and Shi De, whose relationship runs throughout the show. Unfortunately this dramaHe still doesn't know what to do with his supporting characters. Bing Wei and Zhe Yu have appeared in a total of 12 episodes and I still know very little about them. You get more character development in the opening theme than in the actual content of the episode.

To be fair, I noticed that they made an effort to give Zhe Yu more personality in this series, which I appreciate. Mind you, his cheekiness isn't very endearing, but at least there's some sort of characterization. Poor Bing Wei gets leftovers in this series. I can't believe he's in No. 1 For You had better character development where it barely existed, but at least it had a stronger presence there.

As for the clerks, they were only there to move the property forward. The spy plot in Episode 5 felt weak because we hardly know or care who works at the company. Who cares if the corporate thief is the suspicious looking guy or the friendly girl? They're just props for the day's storyline, or at least that's how Fighting Mr. 2nd treats its characters.


Happy End

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (23)

The fight against Mr. 2nd has a happy ending. Actually,Shu Yi and Shi De got back together a few episodes ago., so there is no more drama or interpersonal conflict between them. They just spend the second half of the series as happy lovers, which is a nice feeling after going through so much drama through the two shows. Even though their relationship feels like it's settled in these final episodes, I've enjoyed the time of happiness and ease between the two.

There was also a decent scene in the last episode between Shu Yi and his father, in which they talked about their feelings in a reasonable way as they came to a mutual understanding. I didn't like how they handled the story with Shu Yi's eccentric father, which caused a lot of silly drama, but at least the plot was very well connected. I am satisfied with the conclusion we got between Shu Yi and her father.

Shou Yi and Zhen Xuan's relationship ended up being somewhat ambiguous after receiving a lot of attention in this episode. That romantic arc feels unresolved and I don't care too much where they ended their relationship. Maybe they kept that relationship open to milk a season 3 of this series?

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Fighting Mr. 2nd Episodes

episode guide

Fighting Mr. 2nd has a total of 6 episodes. Each episode lasts about 30 minutes. The last episode lasts about 40 minutes. This is a medium length BL drama and you can complete the entire series in just over 3 hours. There is also a special, about 30 minutes long, that takes place after the events of Episode 6.

Fighting Mr. 2nd is the second series in the We Best Love franchise, as a sequel to no. 1 For You, which also runs for three hours.

Episode 1


Episode 2


episode 3


Episode 4

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episode 5


episode 6


💕 most romantic episode

episode 6

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (24)

Episode 6 is the episode where we see Shu Yi and Shi De behaving like lovers without drama. We see scenes of them in very everyday situations, like Shi De falling asleep on Shu Yi's lap. There's also a fun parent meet chat as well as a nice pool kiss callback in episode 1 of #1 for you.

😭 Follow the tears

episode 6

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (25)

Episode 6 contains a lengthy sequence in which Zhen Xuan becomes emotional as he accepts that a relationship with Shou Yi will never materialize. She puts on a brave face and smiles through tears, but it's hard to beat twelve years of love. The Zhen Xuan actor delivers a great performance here and tugs at your heart as he bids farewell to Shou Yi.

😡 The most triggering episode

Episode 2

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (26)

The pair have a drunken fight in Episode 2, with Shi De Shu literally throwing Yi's body onto the sofa. I actually gasped when that happened because I didn't think the scene would escalate that far.

This fight gets very heated as Shu Yi tries to fend off Shi De's advances. It's a very hot and passionate scene, but not everyone will react to Shi De's aggression with the same tolerance.

💋 First kiss sequence

Episode 1

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (27)

The first kiss actually happened in a flashback during Episode 1 where Shi De Shu steals a quick kiss from Yi while they are cooking in the kitchen. In later episodes, there were many more kisses between them. You don't have to wait too long to see the couple kiss in every episode or two.

As for the other two couples, Shou Yi and Zhen Xuan kiss for the first time in Episode 3, but it's said to lack passion. In episode 6 they kiss again, but this kiss only happens in a fantasy sequence. Zhe Yu and Bing Wei kiss once at the end of Episode 6 after their marriage proposal. I think this is actually the couple's first kiss between the two shows.

👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Episodes with intimacy

every episode

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (28)

I think every episode of Fighting Mr. 2nd has some kind of physical intimacy between Shi De and Shu Yi. Even when these two fell out, they still find a way to be somehow intimate with each other. You can't separate them! 😅

💪🏻 Episodes with skin

Episode 1, 2, 5

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (29)

Is it just me or will the shirtless scenes be incorporated more clearly this season? Not that I'm complaining. We see Shu Yi and Shi De shower indiscriminately in Episode 1 and Episode 5, respectively. We also see a shirtless Shi De in Episode 2 after a night of drunken passion with Shu Yi.

👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏻 Episodes for couples

Episode 4, 5, 6

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (30)

You'll be happy to hear that Shu Yi and Shi De reconcile midway through the series, allowing them to get back together in Episode 4 and remain a couple for the rest of the episodes. Zhe Yu and Bing Wei have also been together since the beginning, but their relationship takes place completely off-screen, so we don't see them as a couple at all.

Fight against Mr. 2. Temporada 1


#1 for you Serie 2021 drama review

Fighting Mr. 2nd - BL Drama Review | Plot, cast, episode guide (31)

Before you watch Fighting Mr. 2nd you mustCatch up on the first season, #1 for you. This series will help you understand how the relationship dynamics between Shi De and Shu Yi began.

Fighting Mr. 2nd takes place years after No. 1 For You takes place and continues the existing storyline established in the first season. In general, the quality of both series is more or less similar. Perhaps Fighting for Mr. 2nd is a bit more mature than No. 1 For You, but there aren't too many drastic changes between the two seasons.

Fighting Mr. Second Interview

none▲ Episode Guide

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Fight against Mr. 2. Information



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