Do puppies feel calm after neutering? - can be cut (2023)

This is one of the most common questions pet owners ask; will the puppy be at peace after being neutered?

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It's commonplace to hear "oh let her finish, it'll calm her down quickly"have toMake a difference.

Neutering puppies is a common practice to prevent unwanted pups and we all debate how many months he should be, or if it's worth the risk, but one of the big questions is whether doing so will affect his Dog behavior, and many dog ​​owners will agree that their dog is much calmer after surgery. So how does this line up?

While it is important to consider all factors and consult a veterinarian before making the decision to spay or neute a puppy, there is no clear consensus on whether puppies can be scientifically calmed down after neutering; however, canine professionals Things have their own views. Why is there such a consensus? So let's talk about it?

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Will my puppy calm down after neutering?

The shortest answer is no.

An energetic dog is always an energetic dog, and neutering will not resolve behavioral issues (eg aggression issues, fear, etc.).

Spaying pretty much just removes your dog's ability to reproduce and the sexual behavior they may exhibit.

So when we hear "Sterilize her, it will calm her down" where does it come from? (As if neutering her would correct bad behavior as well as medical benefits...)

While there is no scientific relationship between the dramatic hormonal changes caused by neutering and dogs being more relaxed, there is some logic to it. Come! Let's discuss it.

what research shows

There are several studies on the effects of neutering on canine behavior. according toVCA HospitalHowever, neutering male dogs can lead to reduced sexual behavior such as breeding attempts, masturbation, and urine marking, which can be dangerous and can lead to dog fights, strays, and injuries. Additionally, published inVeterinary Practice NewsThe effects of neutering on behavior can vary by dog ​​breed, sex and age, the study found. However, it is worth noting that sterilization also has some negative behavioral effects, such as increased risk of fear and aggression. In some breeds, according to a study published in the journalnutrition research review

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Do the effects of neutering or neutering vary by age?

according to aResearch published in 2019Spaying and neutering can affect some dogs' behavior and development. The researchers found that when they compared adult male dogs to intact female dogs, there were no differences in behavior or development between the two groups. However, when they looked at puppies that were neutered six months earlier versus those that were neutered after their first birthday, they found that the early-neutered puppies displayed more aggressive behavior toward humans than the early-neutered puppies.

What the coaches say...

I completely agree (and as a professional dog trainer too) that much of the "calm" our pups see after neutering is actually due to us finally successfully teaching our excitable to close

This is hugely overlooked in puppy training, so when we spay them and stay in bed for 10-14 days post-surgery, because going back to the dog park would be a good way to assign points...  

As pet parents, we had to find different ways to lower their energy levels so they didn't get hurt, and while they initially turned into feral dogs, over time they seemed to calm down...leading to Long-lasting behavioral changes as your neutered dog finally learns to relax. Recovery time and your desire to keep your dog calm to prevent further injury bring peace.

However, this was either a false positive or a side effect of the procedure.

Happily, this long-term effect can be achieved without neutering surgery, it all depends on controlling the energy they have.

The best way to calm a dog is to train it, and it's very easy to add "calm" to your dog's personality.

Workout Tip: Reward Calm

Whenever you see your dog relaxing or shaking naturally, it's a good idea to praise and reward him for self-regulating energy and anxiety. When they see that relaxing is beneficial and rewarding for them, they learn to relax more.

The tone here is going to be very important, we need calming bedtime stories of praise and rewards, not genuine excitement. Because we try to encourage relaxation.

What is sterilization?

Sterilization is a type of castration. Spaying is the removal of a bitch's reproductive organs, traditionally including the uterus and ovaries. This is a surgical procedure that requires general anesthesia. The incision site will be stitched or taped and will require a different recovery period depending on whether your child had keyhole surgery or a more traditional small incision.

Your dog will come home with an Elizabethan collar and possible pain medication, and your veterinarian will advise your daughter not to get much exercise for the next 7-14 days as the healing process progresses. This is the very important part.

Your dog will no longer have reproductive cycles, will no longer be able to get breast cancer, and will no longer be at risk for ovarian cancer or pyometra (which is very evil, I've seen that surgery firsthand).

Keep in mind that sterilized women can still experience false or phantom pregnancies.

Health Benefits of Spaying Puppies

Spaying a puppy can reduce certain health risks for both dogs. Spaying or neutering can reduce the risk of certain cancers, such as breast tumors, according to research. It can also reduce the risk of certain infections, such as uterine infections and STIs, but this depends largely on the breed. In addition, neutering reduces the risk of certain sexual behavior problems, such as sexual behaviors such as strays and branding, and it also helps control overpopulation and minimize unwanted animals.

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The Behavioral Effects of Spaying a Puppy

Spaying a puppy can also have some behavioral effects. According to a study published in Psychology Today, spayed and neutered dogs showed about an 8 percent increase in excitability. However, another study suggests that neutered females may display more consistent behavior and be less aggressive. They may exhibit aggressive behavior when competing for male attention or when they are pregnant.

Additionally, some caretakers of neutered dogs have reported significant behavioral changes, such as nervousness, aggression, and anxiety, after their dogs fully recovered from neutering surgery.

It's important to note that every dog ​​is different, and the effects of neutering or neutering may also vary from one dog to another. Factors such as breed, age, and temperament can affect how a dog responds to surgery.

You can read more about it hereBut again...we still haven't seen puppies let loose after being neutered.

Spaying or Spaying Alternatives

For those who are hesitant about neutering their puppies, there are a few options to consider. One option is to delay surgery until the dog is a bit older, as some studies have shown that there may be fewer behavioral effects if the surgery is performed after the dog is sexually mature.

Another option is to seek nonsurgical birth control methods, such as hormone injections or oral contraceptives. However, it's important to discuss these options with your veterinarian to determine if they're right for your dog's individual needs.

but you can find more information about it on our websiteSterilization Information Center

do your research

Talk to your vet, talk to your trainer or behaviorist, talk to me if needed!

The important factor in these discussions is how knowledgeable your "expert" is, for example, when both are true, simply say "let them do this to prevent testicular cancer" or "let them do this to prevent redundant garbage" is not acceptable. , is much more complicated than that and should be recognized. Your veterinarian, trainer or behaviorist should be able to judiciously analyze your bitch's risks now, before and after her first cycle. If they can't, send them this article! Because we do need to raise a generation of dog parents who know what's best for their dogs, even if the professionals don't.

It is very important to consult a veterinarian when deciding to spay or neuter a puppy. A veterinarian can discuss the benefits and risks of the procedure, as well as any alternatives that may suit your dog's individual needs.

If there is problematic behavior (even due to your neutered dog's behavior), seek professionally trained help from a positive reinforcement dog trainer before resorting to medical procedures.

Your pet's energy level has nothing to do with neutering

In conclusion, while neutering a puppy may have some behavioral effects, it does not guarantee that he will calm down after the procedure; it is a taught behavior. Fortunately? You don't need surgery to alter your dog.

I am very passionate about making you aware of these factors and discussing them with you because no one will stand up for your dog like you do.

It is important to consider all factors, including health benefits and potential behavioral effects, and to consult a veterinarian who is aware of the latest research before deciding to neuter a puppy.

If you want to talk about neutering your dog and what is best and you want to touch my brain,why not get in touch, or check outSterilization Information Center

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