7 places to search for fleas in your house (and how you are hidden there) (2023)

If you believe that there is fleas in your home, you would like to know where you can find these pests and how you can make sure that it is fleas and not something else.But where do fleas spend time inside?

Fleas live in hot, dark and damp areas of a house, especially where the temperatures are in between70 E 85°F (21 E 29°C) If there is no rush animal to feed, fleas live on carpets, furniture, beds, bed linen or cracks on the floor, as they expect a landlord to approach to jump.

Knowing what signs you should look for, where to search and how fleas should be identified can drastically accelerate the process of finding fleas and get rid of your home.

At the end of this article you have a list of7 Places where you are looking for fleas in your home and know exactly how to find them.


Before you look for fleas, you need to knowWasYou are looking for.Fleas leave signs, as:

  • Small, white and oval eggs
  • Larvae that look like white worms
  • White, yellow or brown dolls (cocons)
  • Brown or black adult fleas with 6 legs
  • Flea dirt, which is a flea droppings, mixed with blood that gets red when it gets wet
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TOP: Floheier, larvae, dolls and adults are big enough to be seen with the naked eye when they look very carefully, but it is easier to identify them with onePortable magnification glass that has a lightin him -Like this from Amazon.

Click here to get more detailed information and photos of all flea signals to look at your home.

Where you are looking for fleas in a house

It is more likely that you will find fleas in rooms or areas in your house whereIt's not too much sunlight, Where is itwarmeboringAnd where fleas can hide without worrying or fear of being crushed.

7 places to search for fleas in your house (and how you are hidden there) (2)

Below you will find a list of places where you can search for fleas if you think you may be hidden in your house:

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In carpets, carpets and carpets

If fleas are at home, you will rather find themBetween as fibrasof carpets, carpets, bathrooms and carpets.Floers usually fall from a pet on the carpet when the animal moves around the house.from care.

Flohlarven canHide carpets for many monthsEat dead skin, food crumbs and adult flea droppings (also known as flea dirt).

Start looking for fleas in carpets, carpets or carpetson the one handFrom the area or where you suspect that the fleas are hidden.

When the carpet has onelarge(Long fibers), create an opening on the fibers with your hands so that you can see until the carpet is lined on the floor.It is more likely that the fleas will find along the edges of a carpet, where the carpet finds the footer.

NowVery closeTo see if you can see egg, larvae, dolls, fleas or flea dirt.If you don't get signals at this starting point, do not give up.

Move slowly and searchCover all into the area, without losing points.Sugar pass from left to right in the room, starting at the corner from the entrance and move to the door.

Inside or in padded furniture

Upholstered furniture is furniture with oneRoofwhat is usually material or leather.

Fleas can live and hide in padded furniture.So it is a good idea to check these flea furniture.One of the biggest signs you have with fleas on your furniture is when you arebittenWhenever you sit or near this piece of furniture.

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Start overLiftThe furniture or the journey from your usual place.When the fleas have infected the piece, it is very likely that they are fleas hidden under the furniture, where it is dark and they can live without the effort.

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Look for flea signs in padded furnitureTo the individual seatsWhere people sit down and along all the seams of the pillow covers, weapons supports and main frames.

Fleas, eggs, larvae and dolls usually slide outBetween furniture pillowsThen pick up the pillows and look at the pillows and the frame in which the pillows are located.

Next,SauberThe padded furniture with a damp, light cloth.It hits on one side and wipes the furniture in long lines to ensure that the furniture cleans from top to bottom and every corner and corners.

Check the cloth for each fraud to determine if you have accepted flea signal.If you seeRed stainThere is a good chance in the cloth that it is flea dirt and that fleas live in the furniture.

In wooden furniture

Fleas sometimes live in existing cracks, dark corners and wooden furniture if you don't have an animal host to live.

Fleas cannotEat wood or tunnels in wood.If something destroys your wooden furniture, it is probably not a fleas, but butSome other wood -destroying insects.

The easiest way to check whether your wooden furniture has fleascleanthe furnitureWith a light and damp color towelLay from top to bottom, including armrests, under the seats, in hard places and in cracks in the wood.

Take a look at the cloth regularlyTo see if there is fleas, white eggs or red black flea dirt on the cloth.

Click here to find out how to catch fleas on wooden furniture, how to kill them and how to prevent them from getting back.

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In curtains or fabric curtains

FleasI don't like to live in the material for a long timeBut when curtains and curtains are the only protection that she receives during the growth of adult larvae or expect that an animal host will pass, the fleas hide there.

Fleas prefer thedarker, Like this,heisserPlaces in curtains and fabric curtains.

If you suspect that fleas are hidden in your curtains or curtains, look closely at thego backthe material that lies on the wall and all areasin the ground.The fabric will also be inspectedSeamshow this is another hiding place for fleas.

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In cracks and gaps on the floor

Cuffs and gaps in baseboards (footer), floor seques and floor boards form the perfect place for fleas to live and hide, especially when the floor area is moisture or is exposed to moisture.Fleas can live on these dark hiding places and are about two or hot and hot and hot to drink blood for two or hot for three or hot.

There areTHree Opportunities to find fleas on their soils:

1. Search for fleas on the floor

If you think that fleas live on your fleas, you approach the floor and try to see on the floor or cracks and cracks between the floor, baseboards and in the corners of the room.

2. Try to catch fleas with white socks

Place a few long white socks that cover your ankles and calves and then spend a few hours in the room where you believe that there is fleas.

If the fleas are in the area, there is a good chance that some will jump on their socks that they are the legs of an animal.

3. Get a sample of soil powder

Wet a cotton cotton or use it and clean it to clean a dusty area of the floor or a crack or gaps to which you can access.

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Check what you have: Is there a black reddish flea dirt there?What about flea or doll eggs (cocoons)?

7 places to search for fleas in your house (and how you are hidden there) (5)

Click here to get all the details to find fleas on the boards and how to get rid of them.

In areas where your pet spends a lot of time

Most of the fleas are brought to a house on pets (althoughThis is just one of the possibilities for entry).If you have a pet with flea that is allowed in your home, there is a good chance of youFind signs of fleas wherever the animal spends timeFor two reasons:

  1. Fleas lay eggs on the host (your pet).These eggs are not sticky for one reason: while the animal moves around their home, this is notLot the loose and dry eggsSince more time spends an animal in a certain area and eggs falls there.
  2. Fleas are usually more activeAnd tend to lay eggs at night.A pet usually sleeps at night and gets out when fleas are in it.That is why it usually has many floh eggs in the sleeping area of the sleeping animal.
7 places to search for fleas in your house (and how you are hidden there) (6)

Search for flea signs on your pet's bed,Especially FlohlzeierIf you don't come, try to rub the pet with a damp, light cloth to see if the cloth captures a sign of fleas.

Another way to find fleas is availablewide adhesive tapeasIs Amazon.

Check the adhesive tape for all pairs to see what it needed.Prover fleas, eggs, larvae, dolls or flea dirt on the adhesive tape.It is fresh adhesive tape when the adhesive tape wrapped in your hand is no longer sticky.

On your bed and bed

Sometimes flo eggs of pets fall in human beds and bed linen.These eggs hatch through a short life cycle to become adults and then live in bed and bed and wait for a jumping host.

If you thinkFleas live in your bed or bed, Like this,look closelyThe water promenade, folds, seams and around the mattress and the box label.You can also check the corners and the bottom of the headboard and the bed structure for fleas, especially if they are made of wood.

7 places to search for fleas in your house (and how you are hidden there) (7)

When inspecting the mattress or bed linen,Take a bank card and a piece of white paperSwitch the card over the mattress or bed linen and let the white paper fall.Take a look at what you are looking at on paper - you are looking for eggs, larvae, dolls, flea dirt for adults or flea dirt.

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If you find insects in your bed, there is a good chance that it is insects and no fleas.Click here to find out how you say the difference between the two.


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