11 Ways to Keep Your Dog Calm and Entertained After Spaying (2023)

"My vet told me the most important thing I can do right now is keep my dog ​​calm...Help!" (This is one of the greatestBenefits of Cage Training!

We've heard requests like this a time or two (or a thousand).

Whether recovering from an injury, neutering or other surgery, there are certain situations where it is best for our dogs to remain calm and collected...but we also know that sometimes this is next to impossible, especially with young dogs explain. .

The best way to keep your dog entertained, entertained, and happy during recovery is to offset physical activity withMind exercise.

Keeping your dog's brain busy after surgery can distract him from stitches or the injured area, leaving him tired and alert, which is important for recovery and continued development.

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Here Are 11 Ways to Stay With Your Dog After Spaying

Before we delve into each idea, an introduction toA quick overview of ways to soothe and entertain your dog after it has been neutered:

  1. brain game
  2. muffin mold set
  3. Cup
  4. long-lasting chewing
  5. lick pad
  6. snuff pad
  7. teach them a new trick
  8. pet stroller
  9. puppy
  10. enrichment activities
  11. Training work

Well, now let's look at each idea in detail! 👇

1. Educational toys for surgical rehabilitation

An abundance of toys, such as puzzles, that can be filled with sauces or treats to test your abilitiesdog noseand brain.

These anti-boredom treats will stimulate your dog's brain to figure out how to get the treat while also providing an appropriate outlet for chewing. This is a great way to entertain your pup while keeping him from running around!

check out some of ourFavorite enrichment toy here.

2. A set of coffins

muffin tin setHere is an easy and cheap waygames that can be played indoors It requires very little physical exertion from your dog.

In this game, you'll put lollipops into some holes in a muffin pan. Then cover each hole with a tennis ball. that's all!

Your dog's brain will go into problem-solving mode, figuring out where the treats are and how to get them.

3. Cup

Lack of tennis balls or need a muffin pan to bake? No problem - cup games are another great activity to keep your pup's brain busy.

Start by placing 3 to 5 cups upside down on the floor with some treats underneath. Show the treat to your dog and let him accept it.

As soon as your dog realizes there is a treat under the glasses, replace the treat, but only under some of the glasses.

Your dog will use his nose and brain to figure out which cup has a treat under it and how to get it out. Reset and repeat for post-sex fun!

4. Long-lasting chewing

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Did you know that nibbling and chewing can provide your dog with mental stimulation? Chews such as beef tendon, overlord stick, antler, etc., provide healthy chewing outlets, save your furniture,and sanity.

Be sure to choose a chew made with healthy, low-calorie ingredients that is appropriate for your dog's size and age.

check out our favoritesDogs chew here.

5. Carpet to Lamar

Lick pads are similar to chew pads in that they keep your dog's brain active, but by licking instead of chewing.

Deliver delicious blends (such as naturalPeanut Butter Without Xylitoland Greek yogurt), put it in the fridge for a while and let your dog lick it off.

Licking pads also help keep your dog calmdistracted in the shower, dressing change or wound care.

For more information on lick pads, including recipe inspiration, check out ourHere's a guide to licking the mat.

11 Ways to Keep Your Dog Calm and Entertained After Spaying (2)

6. Snuff food

ableTurn mealtime into a mind gameWith snuff pad.

snuff padExercise your dog's nose and brain while feeding it - everyone's a winner!

Find out more about snuff pads and buy your ownhere

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7. Teach them a new trick

Despite the old saying, it is definitely possible to teach an old dog new tricks. Any dog ​​can learn new things!

You can challenge your dog's brain by teaching it a fun trick. Be sure to choose one that matches the level of physical activity your dog can perform during the recovery phase. When in doubt, consult your veterinarian first!

Pupford'sDog Trick Training CourseIncludes instructions for teaching your puppy 40 fun tricks - building communication and strengthening your bond along the way!

8. Pet Stroller

Yes, you will be "that" dog parent. No, we're not judging.

Giving your dog some fresh air and a change of scenery will keep his brain going as he processes all the sights and smells. But unfortunately, the postoperative period is not a good time to recover.go hiking trailsOr take a long walk.

A dog stroller is a great way to let your dog enjoy the outdoors without burdening him with excess body weight.

This is also a good choiceold dogand dogs with arthritis or other joint problems that prevent them from walking long distances.

Check out some of the American Kennel Club's pet stroller recommendations

9. Puppy

Puppies are a great way to show your dog some more love with special treats after surgery. If the ingredients are right, they can also exercise your dog's brain. But don't worry, they'll enjoy the treat so much that they realize they're being put to work!

Freezing something attractive and solid inside the pupil will make your dog reach for it. For example, freezing berries in a plain yogurt base orchicken nuggetsUse low-sodium chicken broth as a base.

We have some great puppy recipes in our recent summer dog article.here

10. Enrichment activities

11 Ways to Keep Your Dog Calm and Entertained After Spaying (3)

The need for more mental work was a common theme for many of the puppy parents we interviewed, so we created a dedicated classenrichment activities

In this class, you'll receive step-by-step instructions for 20 activities to keep your dog entertained. The class will be yours, so it will be available long after your puppy recovers.

This is great because enrichment is one of the most underrated ways to keep your dog happy and busy after neutering!

Watch the Video Style Lessonhere

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11. Training work

While your dog is recovering, you can still do some training with him, such as impulse control orcrate training. Keep training time between 5 and 10 minutes to keep your dog busy.

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Access a growing library of quality dog ​​training courseshere

Additional tips for a smooth recovery

11 Ways to Keep Your Dog Calm and Entertained After Spaying (4)

While your veterinarian will give you specific steps for postoperative care of your dog, here are some tips that apply to all recovery situations:

  • Rotate toys, games, and activities often to keep them fun.
  • Keep your dog's environment stimulating but comfortable. This can be as simple as a new blanket or moving the box to the other side of the room to get a new view.
  • Keep playtime short and pleasant so you don't overwork your dog - he needs your energy to heal!
  • Limit alone time in the early stages of recovery to ensure your dog does not have any problems or lick or scratch areas. they can also be moreanxiety or stressthan usual after surgery.
  • Talk to your veterinarian: he's here to help! Don't be afraid to ask questions or check in with them to make sure your dog is recovering well.

Summary of methods for staying and calming dogs after neutering/neutering

After your dog has been neutered, it's crucial to keep him entertained without a lot of physical activity. We hope these 11 ideas, toys and games help your pup recover!

Here are 11 tips for staying with your dog after surgery:

  1. brain game
  2. muffin mold set
  3. Cup
  4. long-lasting chewing
  5. lick pad
  6. snuff pad
  7. teach them a new trick
  8. pet stroller
  9. puppy
  10. enrichment activities
  11. Training work

Do you have any other suggestions for keeping your dog's brain busy during surgery? Share it in the comments below!


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